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36 THEME FROM NEW YORK, NEW YORK Words by Music by FRED EBB JOHN KANDER Duet with Tony Bennett Moderate swing 4-104 (JJ-J J) D Em? A? Em? AT D TB. Start spread-ing the news, you're leav-ing to- Em? AT Em? A7 GMBATICH D D6 FS: T want tbe New York, New York. ‘Theme from New York, New York -6 1 Prasoe (©1977 EMI UNART CATALOG INC. on behalf of UNITED ARTISTS CORPORATION ‘A Rigs Reserved 37 Em AT Em7 AB Ag D TB.: Your vag-a-bond shoes, they are Iong-ing to 3 7 Emo Al Em? A7 G/B AICHE D Dmaj7 _D6 FS: And step a round the heart of it, wan-na_wake up in that cit-y that does-n't j 3 = DIA Dmaj7 D6 Em? Fm? Fim? BIS Bats) TB.: And find you're king of the hill,- ‘Teme from New York, New York- 6-2 F950 38 Em? A138 D D6 —s Your small town blues, Em? FT Em? AT GB AICHE OD Hm gon-na make Ds And DB Gmaj7 in old New York. — TB.: You al - ways— make it — there, Gm6 DIA B769) 3 Em Fimo ‘you make it y- where FS: W's up to you, New 3S ‘Theme from New York, New York - 6-3 Pass