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HOW TO REACH GOD THROUGH PROPER EXERCISING HOW TO REACH GOD THROUGH PROPER EXERCISING CAST Roger - Juliusz, Chrzastowski Victor - Jacek Zdrojewski Dorota - Anna Modrzejewska Klaude - Oliver Kriiger ‘Tymur — Patrik Eriksson Kobieta — Monika Kemblowska Mezezyzna — Slawomir Woiniak Sebastian — Dariusz Przybyl Meéczyma 2 — Marek Olezyk REW Directing / Script - Gabriel Herrera Cinematography - Stefanie Reinhard Production Manager - Patryeja Pieszack - Klara Kaminska Montage - Tamahin Mehanini Sound Design - Bogdan Klat Production Polish National Film School (PWSFTviT) ul.Targowa 61, 90-323, Lodz, Poland Tel. +48 42 634 58 00 SYNOPSIS: Ina local sports center, a man with a great need to talk but little to say, recounts a recent dream to a nearby colleague, with deeply confusing and unexpected results. ABOUT THE FILM: The film tries to work as a minimal, self-contained, comedy of manners, exploring the divisory line between Inside and Outside. A moral cunnundrum to play with the contradictions of seeing one’s Self as exterior and opposed to The Other, to any “other”, as well as the everyday absurdities result from that idea. With this in mind, we tried to create a story where dreams, vanity, and male beauty, play a founding part of a social structure, as a quiet “exchange currency”, that shapes the ever changing and unpredictable figure made by people’s affairs. And in this context a man that is desperatedly desiring recognition, be taken away the last and only tool he had to reach it. Like a chapter of Goofy in the olympics as filmed by Robert Bresson, we try to help in creating a series of new, nonsensical moral dilemmas— like promoting pitty for daily objects as beings with a dignity of their own— while at the same time making a small love letter to male beauty, suggesting that a Gym could be the place in which The Suprenatural may still prevale, and true loneliness could be confronted and dealed-with through supehuman strength. All of if, with no other intention but that of awakening what was there of genuine, ethical and necessary, in the beautifully irrational fear to the Gods. About the director Gabriel Herrera Torres Biography: Gabriel Herrera is a Mexican filmmaker, videoartist and animator, born in 1986, As a director he has realized several shortfilms and installations that have been shown in multiple ternational film festivals and have earned several awards and nominations. He studied directing in the Universitary Center of Cinematographic Studies (CUEC), in Mexico, and a Masters degree in the National Polish Film School (PWSFT¥iT) In Poland. He is a former participant of the 2008 Berlinale Talent Campus, in Germany, the Guadalajara Talent Campus in ‘Mexico and the Generation Campus in Russia. He was holder for two years of the grant for international studies from the ‘Mexican National Art and Culture Fund (FONCA), and was nominated for a mexican academy award (Ariel) on fiction short film. He edited the multiawarded documentary feature film Kings of Nowhere, from Betzabé Garcia, and has, as well, worked as director and editor of several short documentaries, including one for the FAO in the International Seed Vault in Svalbard, in the Arctic Circle. He is a founding member of the production company Black ‘Maria together with Santiago Torres and Susana Bernal, and currently lives and works between Mexico and Poland. Filmography Shorfilms and installations (selection) 2016 2016 ‘How to Reach God Through Proper exercising- 20 min. Fiction film. Lodz, Poland. PWSFTviT. Collective hysteria. Animated music video for song “The bow” by Rita Par. 4Min. Poland (In production). Backyard’s Topology Animation piece for museum, 3 minute video loop. Polando / Mexico A Boat (to be released). 15 min. Video HD. Mixed genres. Lodz, Poland. PWSFTwiT-. ‘Holes.- Animation for segment “the no-city” from the museum of Cultural Diversity in Ixtapalapa (Mexico city). Video / animation. 3 minutes. Mexico/Poland. Stubborn people (Postproduction).- Ficcién, 15 min., 16mm. Color. CUEC / UNAM. Mexico. Word puzzle for an empty house. Documentary, 11 min., 16mm. Color. CUEC/UNAM, México. First movement for 20 men in an empty room. 16 min. Black and white. 16 mm. CUEC/UNAM. Mexico. Fiction L- 6 min. 16mm. Color. CUEC/UNAM. Mexico. DATA SHEET Title: HOW TO REACH GOD THROUGH PROPER EXERCISING Year of Production: 2016 Country: Poland Genre: Fiction Duration: 20 MINUTES Format: 4:3 High definition Video (Shot with Arri ALEXA Camera COLOR Projection Format: DCP 2K, A\ Sound: 5.1 PWSFTviT +48 42 634 58 00 Gabriel Herrera: 6 04 94 58 im. Leona Sehilera w todzi |} — Poristwowa Wyisza Szkota (—/ Filmowo, Telewizyina i Teatroina I | f