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Entity Relationship Diagram

Dept. of Industrial Engineering

Enterprise Information Systems

Burger Franchise
Project and Research

Problem Given the following narrative description of entities and their relationship, prepare a draft entity relationship diagram (ERD). Be sure to state any reasonable assumptions that you are making. Burger World Distribution Center serves as a supplier to 45 Burger World franchises. You are involved with a project to build a database system for distribution. Each franchise submits a day-by-day projection of sales for each of Burger Worlds menu products (the products listed on the menu at each restaurant) for the coming month. All menu products require ingredients and/or packaging items. Based on projected sales for the store, the system must generate a day-by-day ingredients need and then collapse those needs into one-per-week purchase requisitions and shipments.

Entity Relationship Diagram



ORDERED MENU ID Ordere Menu d (PK) ID Fra nchis (FK) e Jum h Orde d Me la re nu Me butuhka m n

Te rdiri da ri MENU ID Menu(PK) ID Orde d Me (FK) re nu Na a Me m nu Je Me nis nu Ha a Me rg nu Unit Pe ukura Ing die ng n re nts

Te rdiri da ri INGREDIENTS ID Ing die (PK) re nts Na a Ing die m re nts Je Ing die nis re nts Unit Pe ukura Ing dients ng n re Jum Ing lah redie nts

US INGREDIENTS ED ID Us d Ing die (PK) e re nts ID Ing die (FK) re nts ID Me (FK) nu Jum h Us Ing la ed redie nts Terdiri da ri

Te rdiri da ri

DAILY ORDER QTY ID Daily Orde QtyPK) r ( ID Us d Ing die (FK e re nts ) ID Orde d Pa g re cka hingItem(FK) s Tg Da Orde Qty l. ily r Jum h Order Qty la

ORDERED PACKAGING ITEMS Te rdiri dari ID Ordere Pa g Ite s d cka ing m(PK) ID Pa g Ite s cka ing m (FK) ID Fra nchis (FK) e Jum h Orde d Pa la re ckag Ite s ing m Me butuhka m n

FRANCHIS E ID Fra nchis (PK) e Nam Fra a nchis e Ala a Fra mt nchis e Te Fra lp. nchis e E-m il Fra a nchis e

Te rdiri da ri

Te rdiri da ri

WEEKLY ORDER QTY Dipro ks n ye ika ID We kly Orde Qty e r (PK) ID Da Orde Qty ily r (FK) Tg We kly Orde Qty l. e r Jum h We kly Orde Qty la e r Te rdiri da ri S ALESFORECAS T ID S le Fo ca t(PK) a s re s ID We kly Order Qty e (FK) Na a S le Fo m a s reca t s Je Orde d Pro nis re duct Jum h Orde la r Me pro ks n m ye ika PURCHAS REQUIS E ITION ID Purcha e Re itio (PK) s quis n ID S les Fo a reca t(FK) s ID We kly Orde (FK) e r Na a Purchas Re m e quis n itio Jum h Orde la r

PACKAGING ITEMS ID Pa ckag Ite s ing m (PK) Na a Pa g Ite s m cka ing m Jum h Pa g Ite s la cka ing m Ha a Pa g Ite s rg cka ing m Dikirim n s ba a ka e g i

Te rdiri da ri S HIPMENT ID S hipm (PK) ent ID Purcha e Re s quis n itio Na a S m hipm nt e Jum h S la hipm nt e Ha a S rg hipm nt e Te rdiri da ri

S HIPPED PRODUCT ID S hippe Pro d duct(PK) ID S hipm nt(FK) e ID Fra nchis (FK) e Jum h S la hippe Pro d duct

Entity Relationship Diagram