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Secret Space Programs,

& “Cosmic Disclosure”
Vol. III

Michael E. Salla Ph.D.

Justin Deschamps
& David Wilcock
w/ Secret Space Program Whistleblower Corey Goode


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Operation Highjump And The German UFO Connection -
Mid 20th Century Secret Space Program History
By Justin Deschamps
Monday, January 25, 2016

disclosing information that rewrites some of

modern history. One of the more
sensational items of importance described
by Goode is the infiltration of the American
military industrial complex by a faction of
this advanced German group during a 20
year period after the end of World War II.

This same German group formed its own

secret space program prior to the start of
the war. They accomplished this via a
series of contacts made with at least two
separate races. One was the Draco, a race
of advanced reptilian extraterrestrial
humanoids that have a long history of
activity in our solar system, that are in a
service to self-orientation. And the
Agarthans, a race of Nordic-like humanoids
which at one time claimed to be
extraterrestrial but are in fact an ancient
The official history of the 20th century tells breakaway civilization of the Earth.
us that the Allies defeated the Axis powers
in a grand coordinated effort. Nazi Related Ancient Earth Break-Away-
Germany in particular, we are told, was Civilization Subterranean Council
completely dismantled so that it could Meeting & SSP Alliance Debrief Part I -
never again rise to power and wreak havoc "Honeycomb Earth"
on the planet.
When a sect of a society advances to the
But according to declassified documents point where it gains material and logistical
and several high-level whistleblowers, a independence from the main population,
secret group within the German then that group has the potential to form a
government broke away for the official breakaway civilization. According to
body, developing incredibly advanced Goode, there are countless examples in
technology that allowed them to eventually Earth's deep history of groups on the
settle in Antarctica as well as venture out surface forming breakaway civilizations,
into the solar system. often settling within the Inner Earth or
venturing out into the stars. The German
Related Cosmic Disclosure Season 2 - group which settled in Antarctica is one
Episode 1: Contact Is Made - Summary such example.
and Analysis | Corey Goode and David
Wilcock The Agartha Network, as it is called by
some of these groups, live in incredibly
Corey Goode is a secret space program ancient underground cities. This group,
whistleblower and insider that has been along with the Draco, possess advanced
technology and high-level mental abilities, could have easily settled in the southern
which they used to contact the Germans in pole, and even on the Moon and
the early part of the 20th century. elsewhere. According to Corey Goode, this
is exactly what transpired.
Related The Black Sun and the
Luminous Lodge The Vril Society, the The American military industrial complex,
Luminous Lodge and the Realization of during this time, was developing their own
the Great Work secret space program. Unlike the
Germans, they were far behind their
The Germans, via occult societies known German counterparts as World War II
as the Vril and Thule, established contact raged. But by the end of the war, the
with these two groups, which helped Americans learned of some of the German
advanced the German secret space advances, and in an effort to bolster their
program to the point where they had own program, moved many high level
developed craft capable of traversing the German scientists to the states during
globe, pole to pole, in minutes. When the Operation Paperclip.
Germans began to realize that they would
lose the overt war with the Allies, they Related Cosmic Disclosure Season 2 -
began developing contingency plans, one Episode 4: Breakaway Begins -
of which was to expand the settlement Summary and Analysis | Corey Goode
program of Antarctica, which according to and David Wilcock
their Agarthan allies, was well suited for
secret underground military bases. This The Germans managed to hide most of
program was already well underway before their best technology from the Americans,
the war started. but to satisfy the Americans, the Germans
provided their lower level technology to the
Related Antarctic Tunnels as Tall as the Americans, which they developed prior to
Eiffel Tower Found | Connections to making greater advances through their
Operation Highjump and Secret German Agarthan and Draco contacts. Alien
Bases? Reproduction Vehicles, as they are called,
were based off ancient vimana reverse
Related Are there really Pyramids in engineered by the Germans during the
Antarctica? 1920's and 30s.

When the Germans arrived there, they Related Cosmic Disclosure Season 2 -
found huge abandoned cities under the ice, Episode 2: Agarthans: Advancing the
some of which were apparently from the Frontier - Summary and Analysis |
distant past. The Germans built several Corey Goode and David Wilcock
large bases, and by the end of World War
II, a group had settled there. The corporate interests backing the
American military industrial complex bit off
Here is a passage from the below-linked more than they could chew, as shortly after
article that seems to confirm that a group of Operation Paperclip was completed, the
Germans did in fact escape the Allies. Germans now in the states, began to
infiltrate the American group. The
It is interesting to note that at the end of the Americans must have discovered that the
war the Allies determined that there Germans were in contact with their
were 250,000 Germans unaccounted for, comrades in Antarctica, and as a result
even taking into account casualties and Admiral Bird was sent to Antarctica to
deaths. This would be quite a population invade the icy continent and put an end to
base for a fledgling colony, and provide the the German problem.
essential degree of skill, expertise, and
pure manpower for an industrial base of By the beginning of the 1960s, after
any sort, let alone the production of, even Operation Highjump had ended, the
by today’s standards, extremely high American group had been completely taken
technology. (Emphasis added) over by the Germans. Apparently the
famous UFO flyover of Washington DC in
If this number is accurate, a 250,000 strong 1952 was actually this German group
force with the aid of advanced technology threatening to dismantle the delicate

secrecy program of the Americans, as it
related to extraterrestrials, unless they
signed treaties with the Germans, allowing
the industrial might of the United States to
be exploited for their space conquest plans
in the solar system.

Related Agarthans or ETs? |

Eisenhower's 1954 Meeting With
Extraterrestrials or Ancient Breakaway
Civilization Humans From Inner Earth?
This aspect of the story was pushed forward, again, a few
President Dwight D Eisenhower made his years ago, when a retired Rear Admiral, allegedly living in
famous speech in the early 1960's shortly Texas, who had been involved in the “invasion”, said he
after a series of treaties were signed with was “shocked” when he read material from a documentary,
various groups, one of which was entitled "Rire from the Sky".
apparently the Germans.
He allegedly claimed that he knew there had been “a lot of
Related Agarthans or ETs? | aircraft and rocket shoot-downs”, but did not realize the
Eisenhower's 1954 Meeting With situation was as serious as the documentary presented it.
Extraterrestrials or Ancient Breakaway
Civilization Humans From Inner Earth? Operation “High Jump”, which was, basically an invasion
of the Antarctic, consisted of three Naval battle groups,
The following article details much of the which departed Norfolk, VA, on 2 December 1946. They
history after World War II and what Admiral were led by Admiral Richard E. Byrd’s command ship, the
Bird encountered as he traveled to ice-breaker “Northwind,” and consisted of the catapult
Antarctica in an effort to deal with the ship “Pine Island,” the destroyer “Brownsen,” the aircraft-
German force there. What is suggested by carrier “Phillipines Sea,” the U.S. submarine “Sennet,” two
all this historical data is that the Germans support vessels “Yankee” and “Merrick,” and two tankers
didn't actually lose the war, as the official “Canisted” and “Capacan,” the destroyer “Henderson” and
history books would tell us. Instead, it a floatplane ship “Currituck.”
appears that the US and its allies have
become part of a hidden fourth Reich, one A British-Norwegian force and a Russian force, and I
that continues to dominate the planet, and believe some Australian and Canadian forces were also
beyond, to this day. involved.

- Justin Interestingly, the Pine Island (AV-12), one of the seaplane

tenders involved in the expedition, has a rather colorful
Source - Biblioteca Pleyades history. The USS Pine Island, a Currituck Class Seaplane
Tender, was laid down, 16 November 1942, at Todd
By Erich J. Choron
Shipyard Corporation, in San Pedro, California. It was
From Greyfalcon Website
launched, 26 February 1944, and given the commissioned
name, USS Pine Island on 26 April 1945.
In 1947, Admiral Richard E. Byrd led 4,000 military
troops from the U.S., Britain and Australia in an invasion
of Antarctica called “Operation Highjump”, and at least The ship served through the final months of the Second
one follow-up expedition. World War, and the immediate post-war period, but was
decommissioned on 1 May 1950 When the Korean War
broke out, the ship was re-commissioned, on 7 October
That is fact. It is undeniable. But... the part of the story that
1950, at Alameda, California. She was finally
is seldom told, at least in “official” circles, is that Byrd and
decommissioned, for good, on 16 June 1967 and laid up in
his forces encountered heavy resistance to their Antarctic
the Reserve Fleet.
venture from “flying saucers” and had to call off the
But... here’s where the story gets interesting... The USS
Pine Island was struck from the Naval Register, on an
unknown date... Her title was transferred to the Maritime
Administration for lay up in the National Defense Reserve
Fleet... on an unknown date... and... the ship’s final
disposition is unknown... Now... how does one go about
“losing” a major surface ship, over 640 feet long, almost

seventy feet wide, with a displacement of over 15,000 immediate defense measures against
tons? [see Rejoinder below] hostile regions. Furthermore, Byrd stated
that he “didn’t want to frighten anyone
Rejoinder: unduly” but that it was “a bitter reality that
in case of a new war the continental United
As a federal employee with immediate States would be attacked by flying objects
access to the NDRF (National Defense which could fly from pole to pole at
Reserve Fleet) archives, which are all incredible speeds”.
unclassified, let me provide additional
information as it relates to the subject story Interestingly, not long before he made these comments, the
of 3/15. Admiral had recommended defense bases AT the North
Mr. Choron states:
These were not “isolated” remarks... Admiral Byrd later
“The USS Pine Island was struck from the repeated the each of these points of view, resulting from he
Naval Register, on an unknown date... Her described as his “personal knowledge” gathered both at the
title was transferred to the Maritime north and south poles, before a news conference held for
Administration for lay up in the National International News Service.
Defense Reserve Fleet... on an unknown
date... and... the ship’s final disposition is He was hospitalized and was not allowed to hold any more
unknown... “ press conferences. Still, in March 1955, he was placed in
charge of Operation Deepfreeze which was part of the
Here’s what I can tell you: PINE International Geophysical Year, 1957-1958, exploration of
ISLAND was delivered to Zidell the Antarctic. He died, shortly thereafter... in 1957... many
Explorations in Portland, OR (now Zidell have suggested he was murdered...
Marine) on 3/7/72 under a standard
scrapping contract. Zidell paid $166K for So... who was the enemy that owned or flew these flying
the ship, which would be typical. In 1971 objects? Germany was apparently defeated, and there was
PINE ISLAND was towed to Bremerton to no evidence that the new emerging enemy, Russia,
be stripped out by the Navy, which is not certainly had such superior technologies. They were, like
uncommon for a ship to be scrapped. The the United States, only on the verge of the “rocket age”,
fact that she (nor the other AVs) is not and totally dependent upon technology, and expertise
listed on the Naval Vessel Register is captured from Germany at the end of the War. There was
strange, but probably just an oversight on no other known threat could that could account for the
the Navy’s part (as is not uncommon). United States’ invasion of Antarctica nor for the
Should you E-mail the nice folks running development of any craft that could fly “fly from Pole to
the NVR today, they would probably thank pole with incredible speeds.”
you for pointing out the ommission and add
the missing ships. Of course, the Roswell Incident had been in the news the
past summer, but... it had been “officially” explained, and
Now, all this is not a refutation of hushed up by the time Highjump began.
OPERATION HIGHJUMP; that will be left
up to others.

The story, of course, gets stranger, still. The Pine Island is

not the only ship involved in “Antarctic Research” or
“exploration” to have disappeared. There were numerous
others. The question is not so much “how many”, that is
fairly well established.

The question is “how and why”... particularly “why”...

On 5 March, 1947 the “El Mercurio” newspaper of

Santiago, Chile, had a headline article “On Board the
Mount Olympus on the High Seas” which quoted Byrd in
an interview with Lee van Atta:

“Adm. Byrd declared today that it was Rumors began to circulate that even though Germany had
imperative for the United States to initiate been defeated, a selection of military personnel and
scientists had fled the fatherland as Allied troops swept Since they had access to top secret information, and, at that
across mainland Europe and established themselves at a point, no reason to lie, what was it, exactly, that they
base on Antarctica from where they continued to develop meant?
advanced aircraft based on extraterrestrial technologies.
So... now we get to the point...
It is interesting to note that at the end of the war the Allies
determined that there were 250,000 Germans unaccounted In late 1947, only months after the famous Roswell
for, even taking into account casualties and deaths. This Incident, then Secretary of the Navy James Forrestal sent
would be quite a population base for a fledgling colony, a naval task force to Antarctic including Admiral Nimitz,
and provide the essential degree of skill, expertise, and Admiral Krusen and Admiral Byrd, called “Operation
pure manpower for an industrial base of any sort, let alone Highjump”. It was touted to be an expedition to find “coal
the production of, even by today’s standards, extremely deposits” and other valuable resources, but... the facts
high technology. indicate otherwise... In actuality they were apparently
trying to locate an immense underground base constructed
All Unidentified Flying Object researchers are, of course, by the Germans, before, during and immediately after the
aware of the multitude of reports concerning sightings of Second World War, with the aid of Alien Entities, which
‘flying saucers’ with swastikas or iron crosses on them, were described as “Aryans”.
‘aliens’ speaking German, etc. Most have also heard of
abductees who have been taken to underground bases with This base was allegedly located in Neuschwabenland, an
swastika emblems on the walls, or as in the case of noted area of Antarctica which Germany explored, and claimed,
abductee Alex Christopher, have seen “Reptiloids” and before the outbreak of the Second World War... In fact,
“Nazis” working together aboard antigravity craft or Germany had done a very detailed study of Antarctic and
within underground bases. were alleged to have built a small underground base there
before the War.
Barney Hill was apparently, not the only one to describe
the so-called “Nazi” connection to Unidentified Flying At this point, one must ask why, exactly, the United States,
Object abductions. However, reports such as Christopher’s and, in fact, her allies, suspected that German activity at
and Hill’s must be taken with a rather large grain of salt... the pole was continuing, after the conclusion of the Second
There is a far more plausible explanation than the so-called World War... The answer, quite honestly, has nothing at all
“reptiloids”. to do with Unidentified Flying Objects... That part of the
story came to light from a completely different set of
Another noted example is the American Reinhold Schmidt, sources...
a man whose father was born in Germany, and who tells in
his book “Incident At Kearney”, that he was taken on a The fact is that there was plenty of evidence, at the time, to
‘flying saucer’ on several occasions. Schmidt states that indicate that as late as 1947, elements of the Kriegsmarine,
“the crew spoke German and acted like German soldiers”. or German Navy, were still very much active in the South
He also stated that they took him to the “Polar” region. Atlantic, operating either out of South America, or some
base, previously unsuspected, in the Antarctic. Many
Now, one must admit that if a person were making up such stories were circulating at the time...
a story, why would they claim to be taken, of all places, to
the pole? Of course, one must also realize that at the time One of which even has a German U-boat stopping an
of Schmidt’s comments, the rumors of “secret Nazi bases” Icelandic whaler named Juliana in Antarctic waters, in
at the poles were already fairly common... After returning 1947 and insisting that its captain, named Hekla, sell the
he was allegedly subjected to persecution by the U.S. U-boat crew supplies from her available stores. In
Government. In his defense, it must be noted that his exchange for the supplies (which had been paid for in U.S.
description of the aerial discs, as he called them, matched dollars, along with a ten dollar bonus to each member of
pictures captured from the Germans in the final days of the Juliana’s crew... ) the U-boat commander told the whaler
Second World War. where a large school of whales were to be found. Hekla
and his crew later found the whales in the exact position
In 1959, three large newspapers in Chile reported front- claimed by the U-boat commander.
page articles about Unidentified Flying Object encounters
in which the crew members appeared to be German The presence of such boats, all late construction Type XXI
soldiers. In the early 1960s there were reports in New and Type XXIII U-Boats, with the “snorkel” that allowed
York, and New Jersey, of flying saucer ‘aliens’ who spoke them to make the entire passage from Germany
German, or English with a German accent. Nor, can it be submerged... was no secret.
neglected to mention that in one of the most spectacular
legal cases of the Twentieth Century... the “atomic Many were thought to be operating out of Argentina,
espionage” trials... Julius and Ethel Rosenberg spoke of possibly under the Argentine flag, but crewed by German
“warships of space.” crew.

The fact that in the dying moments of the Second World
War, ten U-Boats, based in Oslofjord, Hamburg and
Flensburg, were made available to transport several
hundred German officers and officials to Argentina to
found a new Reich is widely accepted. These officers,
mostly involved in “secret” projects, and many of whom
were members of the SS and Kriegsmarine, itself, sought
to escape the “vengeance” of the Allies, and continue their
work, abroad.

The U-boats were filled with their luggage, documents

and, more than likely, gold bullion, to finance their efforts.
All the U-boats departed their home ports between 3 and 8
May 1945. They were to proceed to Argentina where they
would be welcomed by the friendly regime of Juan Peron
and his charismatic wife Eva Peron. Seven of the ten of the
U-Boats, based on the German/Danish border, set off for
Argentina through the Kattegat and Skagerrak. None were
ever seen again... “officially”.

It has been, however, documented that three of the boats

did, in fact, arrive in Argentina... These were U-530, U-
977 and U-1238. U-530 and U-977 surrendered to the
Argentine Navy at Mar del Plata in early July and August,
1945... U-1238 was scuttled, by her crew, in the waters of
San Matias Gulf, off Northern Patagonia.
To understand this dedication, it is necessary to go back,
Seven boats are as yet unaccounted for... and... before the outbreak of the Second World War, to an
Kriegsmarine archives, recently discovered, indicate that a isolated section of the Bavarian Alps, It was there, in the
total of more than forty boats are completely unaccounted summer of 1938, that an Unidentified Flying Object,
for... all of which were late construction, state-of-the-art crewed by a distinctly human, and Aryan appearing race,
craft, and could have made either Argentina or Antarctica, made a forced landing, very similar to the one which was
completely submerged... and completely unnoticed by to occur, some ten years later, in the desert, near Roswell,
existing “allied” technology of the time... for the entire New Mexico, in the United States.
duration of their crossing.
While the occupants of the two craft were completely
The question arises, of course, why these men would make unrelated, the technology involved, seems to have been
such a perilous crossing. It must surely be seen as a act of strikingly similar. Also, the outcome of the recovery effort,
either desperation or fanaticism, or both... and such men as undertaken by Germany, just as a similar recovery effort
crewed U-Boats were neither. Nor, were the scientists and was undertaken by the United States, had strikingly
military officers who were their passengers. The fact is, it different results.
would seem that most of those who fled the ruin of
Germany to the far South, were scientists and engineers, The Bavarian crash of 1938, seems to have yielded an
and their dedication sprang from the project on which they functioning, or almost functioning and repairable (with the
were working... technology of the time) power plant, and a nearly
completely destroyed, or unrepairable airframe. The
Roswell crash resulted in exactly the opposite... a nearly
intact airframe and a ruined power plant. Because of this,
the German research, which was to follow, took a vastly
different turn from that which was undertaken in the
United States, some ten years later... Germany needed an
airframe which was capable of supporting the “engine”
(for lack of a better term), while the United States would
eventually need an “engine” capable of giving maximum
performance to the airframe.

This, of course, would explain the vast array of

“experimental” aircraft... of extremely “unique” design...
to literally pour out of the design bureaus of

Messerschmidt, Focke Wulf, Fokker and a multitude of “Pine Sea”, the submarine “Senate”, the destroyer
smaller firms in the period between 1939 and 1945. The “Bronson”, the ice breaker “Northwind”, and other tanker
most notable, of course, is the Sänger “Flying Wing” and supply ships. An armed contingent of 1400 sailors, and
which was later copied by the United States, and is, of three dog sled teams were also on board.
course, the ancestor of today’s “stealth” bomber and
fighter designs... notably, the B-2 Heavy Bomber. The expedition was filmed by the Navy and brought to
Hollywood to be made into a commercial film called “The
It is also beyond doubt that both Unidentified Flying Secret Land”.
Object recoveries are the initial impetus for the long
standing and ongoing research in “anti-gravity” propulsion It was narrated by Hollywood actor Robert Montgomery,
seen in work of current aircraft manufacturers such as father of “Bewitched” star, Elizabeth Montgomery, who
Boeing and Lockheed in the United States, and PanAvia in was, himself, an officer in the Naval Reserve.
It seems incredible that so shortly after a war that had
In any case, it was the work on “reverse engineering” the decimated most of Europe and crippled global economies,
downed Bavarian Unidentified Flying Object that was the an expedition to Antarctica was undertaken with so much
catalyst for the “exodus” to the South in the final days of haste (it took advantage of the first available Antarctic
the Second World War. Germany was in ruins, and the summer after the war), at such cost, and with so much
research was viewed, by those conducting it, as vital... military hardware - unless the operation was absolutely
vital enough to risk packing up all that they had and essential to the security of the United States.
risking a perilous submerged crossing of the Atlantic.. to
an isolated experimental and research base on a frozen At the time of the operation, the US Navy itself was being
continent... taken apart piece by piece as the battle-tested fleet was
decommissioned with its mostly civilian crew bidding
Granted, by modern standards... even by the standards of farewell to the seas forever. The Navy was even reduced to
the day... U-Boats were small and cramped. They had very further recruitment to man the few remaining ships in
little cargo capacity. Still, a tiny fleet of them... ten to service.
twelve boats... could easily transport the essential
equipment, making several “runs”, and serve to supply Tensions across the globe were also mounting as Russia
and, later re-supply the Antarctic bastion of the research. and America edged into a Cold War, possibly a Third
World War that the US would have to fight with
Speculation exists, with much to support it, that at least “tragically few ships and tragically half trained men.” This
one of the boats in the valiant little fleet contained the made the sending of nearly 5,000 residual Navy personnel
biggest prize of all... at least one living survivor of the to a remote part of the planet where so much danger lurked
1938 crash... an Extraterrestrial... a literal Human Being... in the form of icebergs, blizzards and sub-zero
not a “Grey”... born on a distant planet. The best evidence temperatures even more of a puzzle. The operation was
indicates that there were several survivors of the crash, and also launched with incredible speed, “a matter of weeks.”
that they worked, and are most likely still working, with
the original German scientists and engineers, or their Perhaps it would not be uncharitable to conclude that the
descendants, in an effort to construct a viable “flying disc”. Americans had some unfinished business connected with
the war in the polar region. Indeed this was later confirmed
These are not the “Grey Aliens” of Roswell. These beings, by other events and the operation’s leader,
biologically, completely human, are described as “Aryan” Admiral Richard Byrd, himself.
in appearance, and completely human, although at least
two to three generations more advanced, technologically The official instructions issued by the then Chief of Naval
than Earth born Human Beings. While their technology is Operations, Chester W. Nimitz were:
similar to that of the Grays in general theory, it is
somewhat different, apparently, in application. a. to train personnel and test material in the
frigid zones
This would tend to indicate that Earth technology and
science is, at most, only one “major breakthrough” away b. to consolidate and extend American
from parity with the extraterrestrial cultures in question, sovereignty over the largest practical area of
and also explain the “urgency” of the project, as viewed by the Antarctic continent
the German (and undoubtedly United States, as well...)
scientists and engineers involved in such research. c. to determine the feasibility of establishing
and maintaining bases in the Antarctic and to
In any case, Operation Highjump, began... The task force investigate possible base sites
of over 40 ships, included the flagship “Mount Olympus”,
the aircraft carrier “Philippine Sea”, the seaplane tender

d. to develop techniques for establishing and Admiral Byrd’s team of six R4-D’s were fitted with the,
maintaining air bases on the ice, (with then, super secret “Trimetricon” spy cameras and each
particular attention to the later applicability of plane was trailing a magnetometer.
such techniques to Greenland)
The aircraft flew over as much of the continent as they
e. to amplify existing knowledge of hydro could in the short three month “summer” period, mapping
graphic, geographic, geological, and recording magnetic data. They also carried
meteorological and electromagnetic magnetometers show anomalies in the Earth’s magnetism,
conditions in the area i.e. if there is a “hollow” place under the surface ice or
ground, it will show up on the meter. On the last of many
Little other information was released to the media about “mapping” flights where all six planes went out, each on
the mission, although most journalists were suspicious of certain pre-ordained paths to film and “measure” with
its true purpose given the huge amount of military magnetometers, Admiral Byrd’s plane returned three hours
hardware involved. late...

The US Navy also strongly emphasized that Operation “Officially”, it was stated that he had “lost
Highjump was going to be a navy show; Admiral an engine” and had had to throw everything
Ramsey’s preliminary orders of 26th August 1946 stated overboard except the films themselves and
that “the Chief of Naval Operations only will deal with the results of magnetometer readings in
other governmental agencies” and that “no diplomatic order to maintain altitude long enough to
negotiations are required. No foreign observers will be return to Little America. If we are to believe
accepted.” Not exactly an invitation to scrutiny, even from the published and private accounts of what
other arms of the government. actually took place, this is almost certainly
the time when he met with representatives
Some facts, however, are well known... There were three of the “Aryan” Extraterrestrials, and a
divisions of Operation High Jump: one land group with contingent of the German scientists
tractors, explosives, and plenty of equipment to refurbish working on the reverse engineering and
“Little America”, and make an airstrip to land the six R- construction of “flying discs”...
4D’s (DC-3’s), and two seaplane groups. The R4-D’s were
fitted with jet-assist takeoff bottles (JATO) in order to Over the next four weeks the planes spent 220 hours in the
takeoff from the short runway of the aircraft carrier air, flying a total of 22,700 miles and taking some 70,000
“Philippine Sea”. aerial photographs. Then the mission that had been
expected to last for between six to eight months came to an
They also were fitted with large skis for landing on the ice early and faltering end. The Chilean press reported that the
field prepared for them. The skis were specially fitted at mission had “run into trouble” and that there had been
three inches above the surface of the carrier deck. When “many fatalities”.
landing on the ice at “Little America” the three inches of
tire in contact with the snow and ice provided just enough (However... the official record, states that one plane
and not too much drag for a smooth landing. crashed killing three men; a fourth man had perished on
the ice; two helicopters had gone down although their
Following its arrival at Antarctica, the force began a crews had been rescued and a task force commander was
reconnaissance of the continent. Byrd himself was onboard nearly lost.)
the first of the planes to take off on 29 January 1947.
It is an indisputable fact that the Central Group of
Rocket propulsion tubes (JATO bottles) had been attached Operation Highjump were evacuated by the Burton Island
to the side of the aircraft and the carrier was maneuvered ice-breaker from the Bay of Whales on 22 February 1947;
for a 35mph run to help get the planes airborne. the Western Group headed home on 1st of March 1947 and
the Eastern Group did likewise on 4 March, a mere eight
“From the vibration of the great carrier”, weeks after arrival.
Byrd later wrote, “I knew when the captain
had got the ship up to about 30 knots (35 In the end, the task force came steaming back to the United
mph... maximum, full emergency speed for Sates with their data, which then, immediately became
such a vessel). classified “top secret”. Secretary of the Navy (by this time,
Secretary of Defense)James Forrestal retired... and
We seemed to creep along the deck at first and it looked as started to “talk”.... not only about Highjump, but about
if we would never make it but when our four JATO bottles other things, as well... He was put in Bethesda Naval
went off along the sides of the plane with a terrific, Hospital psychiatric ward where he was prevented from
deafening noise I could see the deck fall away. I knew we seeing or talking to anyone, including his wife... and...
had made it."

after a short while he was thrown out the window while mail deliveries by special flightboats, the famous 10 ton
trying to hang himself with a bed sheet. Dornier Super Wals since 1934.

So the story goes... It was, of course, ruled a suicide, case These Wals were launched by catapult from the
closed. However, some of what he knew... about Schwabenland and had to be accelerated to 93mph before
Highjump... about Roswell... and other things... did they could become airborne. At the end of each flight a
manage to “leak”... How much is truth, how much is crane on the ship lifted the aircraft back on board after they
speculation is difficult to tell. However, in every “myth” landed in the sea.
there is a grain of truth...
The ship was refitted for the expedition in the shipyards of
This much is certain... As incredible as it may sound, there Hamburg, and around one million Reichsmark, nearly a
is considerable supporting evidence for these claims about third of the entire expedition budget - was spent on this
a German base in Antarctica... On the very eve of the refit alone.
Second World War, the Germans themselves had invaded
part of Antarctica and claimed it for the Third Reich. The crew was prepared for the mission by the German
Society of Polar Research and as these preparations neared
In fact Hitler had authorized several expeditions to the completion, the organization invited Admiral Byrd to
poles shortly before WWII. Their stated objective was to address them, which he did.
either to rebuild and enlarge Germany’s whaling fleet or
test out weaponry in severely hostile conditions. Yet, if The Schwabenland left the port of Hamburg on 17
true, all of this could have been achieved at the North Pole December 1938 and followed a precisely planned and
rather than at both poles and been much closer to home. determined route towards the southern continent. In little
over a month the ship arrived at the ice covered Antarctica,
For some reason, however, the Germans had long held an dropping anchor at 4B0 30B” W and 69B0 14B” S on
interest in the South Polar region of Antarctica with the January 201939..
first Germanic research of that area being undertaken in
1873 when Sir Eduard Dallman(1830-1896) discovered The expedition then spent three weeks off Princess Astrid
new Antarctic routes and the "Kaiser-Wilhelm-Inseln" at Coast and Princess Martha Coast off Queen Maud Land.
the western entrance of the Biskmarkstrasse along the During these weeks, the two Schwabenland aircraft, the
Biscoue Islands with his ship Grönland during his Passat and Boreas, flew 15 missions across some 600,000
expedition for the German polar Navigation Company of square kilometers of Antarctica, taking more than 11,000
Hamburg. The Grönland also achieved the distinction of pictures of the area with their specially designed Zeiss
being the first steamer to operate in the southern ocean. Reihenmess-Bildkameras RMK 38b.

A further expedition took place in the early years of the Nearly one fifth of Antarctica was reconnoitered in this
twentieth century in the ship the Gauss (which became way and, for the first time, ice-free areas with lakes and
embedded in the ice for 12 months), and then a further signs of vegetation were discovered. This area was then
expedition took place in 1911 under the command of declared to be under the control of the German expedition,
Wilhelm Filchner with his ship the Deutschland. renamed Neu-Schwabenland and hundreds of small stakes,
carrying the swastika, were dumped on the snow-covered
Between the wars, the Germans made a further voyage in ground from the Wals to signal the new ownership.
1925 with a specially designed ship for the Polar Regions, Ritscher and the Schwabenland left their newly claimed
the Meteor under the command of Dr. Albert Merz. territory in the middle of February 1939 and returned to
Hamburg two months later, complete with photographs
Then, in the years directly preceding the Second World and maps of the new German acquisition.
War, the Germans laid claim to parts of Antarctica in order
to set up a permanent base there. Given that no country Now bear in mind that all of this took place before the
actually owned the continent and it could not exactly be recovery of the Unidentified Flying Object, in the Bavarian
conquered as no-one lived there during the winter months Alps, in 1938... There is no conceivable reason, at least on
at least, it appeared to the Germans that the most effective the surface, for such an intense interest in the South Polar
way to conquer part of the continent was to physically regions... unless something else had already transpired to
travel there, claim it, let others know of their actions and make such an investigation worthwhile... The true purpose
await any disagreements. of this expedition has never been satisfactorily explained;
there is merely a series of puzzles, related reports and
Captain Alfred Ritscher was chosen to lead the proposed snippets of information that are no longer open to
strike. He had already led expeditions to the North Pole verification. What is not open to doubt however, is that in
and had proved himself in adverse and critical situations. the decade preceding the Second World War, the Germans
For the mission Ritscher was given the Schwabenland; a did almost nothing that did not put the entire structure of
German aircraft carrier that had been used for transatlantic the country on a war footing.

This activity affected all aspects of German life; military, (the Atlantis was also known as Hilfskreuzer 16 and was,
civilian, economic, social and foreign policies, at various times, disguised as Kasii-Maru or Abbekerk.)
engineering, industry etc. Given that the seizing of Neu-
Schwabenland occurred on the very eve of the war, it can Although the activities of the German ship Erlangen, under
only be concluded that that the polar expedition was of the captaincy of Alfred Grams, do not appear to be of
major importance and significance to the goals and consequence during 1939-40, the same cannot be said of
development of the German nation. the Komet which was commanded by Captain Robert
Nor did activity end with the outbreak of the war... In fact,
it intensified... The South Atlantic, including South Polar Following her passage along the Northern Sea Route in
waters became quite active... 1940, this commerce raider operated in the Pacific and
Indian oceans, including a voyage along the Antarctic
Between 1939 and 1941, well after the outbreak of war in coastline from Cape Adare to the Shackleton Ice Shelf in
Europe, Captain Bernhard Rogge of the commerce raider search of whaling vessels during February 1941. There she
Atlantis made an extended voyage in the South Atlantic, met the Pinguin and supply vessels Alstertor andAdjutant.
Indian and South Pacific Oceans, and visited the Iles (Komet was sunk off Cherbourg in 1942.)
Kerguelen between December 1940 to January 1941.
The Pinguin itself under the command of Captain Ernst-
Felix Kruder was a commerce raider that operated chiefly
in the Indian Ocean. In January 1941 she captured a
Norwegian whaling fleet (factory ships Ole
Wegger and Pelagos, supply ship Solglimt and eleven
whale catchers) in about 59B0 S, 02B0 30W. One of these
catchers (renamed Adjutant) remained as a tender and the
rest were sent to France. This ship also made anchorages at
the Iles Kerguelen and may have landed a party on Marion
The Atlantis is known to have been visited by an RFZ-2 Island.
(the UFO style craft which had served as a reconnaissance
aircraft since late 1940.) The ship then adopted a new Pinguin was sunk off the Persian Gulf by HMS Cornwall
disguise as Tamesis before being sunk by HMS on 8 May 1941 after she had captured 136,550 tons of
Devonshire near Ascension Island, on 22 November 1941 British and allied shipping.

The Kerguelen Archipelago – ideal for secret supply For example, in 1942 the German Navy planned to
bases establish a meteorological station there. In May of that
year the ship Michel transferred a meteorologist and two
This island of Kerguelen (named the Most Useless Island radio operators with full equipment to a supply
In the World in 1995) continued to feature prominently in vessel Charlotte Schlieman that went on to the island,
Nazi plans. however the orders for the station were later counter-
manned. It is interesting to note that Kerguelen Island was German submarine fleet had rebuilt “in another part of the
also the centre of a mid 19th Century mystery. world a Shangri-La land... an impregnable fortress.”

Then entirely uninhabited, except for seals and seabirds, Could he have been referring to the alleged base in
British Captain Sir James Clark Ross landed there in May Antarctica?
1840. He found in the snow unidentifiable “traces of the
singular footprints of a pony, or ass, being 3 inches in Certainly there are records of continued German naval
length and 2 inches in breadth, having a small deeper activity in the area after the war had apparently ended. For
depression in either side, and shaped like a horseshoe.” example, on 10 July 1945, more than two months after the
Similar markings appeared overnight in the Devon area of cessation of known hostilities, the German submarine U-
England fifteen years later and have also defied adequate 530 surrendered to Argentine authorities. The background
explanation. to this event is puzzling. It is known that the boat had left
Lorient in France on 22nd May 1944 under the captaincy
Then in 1942 Captain Gerlach in his ship the Stier ofOtto Wermuth for operations in the Trinidad area, and
investigated nearby Gough Island as a possible temporary after successfully rendezvousing with the incoming
base for raiders and a camp for prisoners. Japanese submarine I-52, it headed for Trinidad before
finally returning to base after 133 days at sea.
This ship activity does not appear considerable, however
the level of U-boat activity in the South Atlantic was much The boat’s official record states that between October 1944
higher. The exact nature and extent of how high will and May 1945 it formed part of the 33rd Flotilla and on
probably never be known, however some insight might be Germany’s surrender Otto Wermuth’s captaincy and the
gleaned from the fact that between October 1942 and submarine’s career came to an end. Yet two months later it
September 1944 16 German U-boats were sunk in the arrived in Rio de la Plata in Argentina and surrendered to
South Atlantic area. And... some of these submarines did the authorities there on 10 July 1945.
appear to be engaged in covert activities.
The future may well reveal that fate of more of these
A fine example of this would be that of U-859 which, on 4 submarines; however given the French and South
April 1944 at 04.40hrs, left on a mission carrying 67 men American reports, and the number of missing U-boats, it
and 33 tons of mercury sealed in glass bottles in watertight may not be unreasonable to conclude that at least some of
tin crates. The submarine was later sunk on 23 September them relocated to the South Polar area.
by a British submarine (HMS Trenchant) in the Straits of
Malacca and although 47 of the crew died, 20 survived. History also gives us further clues as to a German-
Antarctica connection, for it records that Hans-Ulrich
Some 30 years later one of these survivors spoke openly Rudel of the German Luftwaffe was being groomed by
about the cargo and divers later confirmed the story on Hitler to be his successor. It is known that Rudel made
rediscovering the mercury. The significance being that frequent trips to Tierra del Fuego at the tip of South
mercury is usable as a fuel source for certain types of America nearest Antarctica. of Martin
aerospace propulsion. Why would a German submarine be Bormann’s last messages from the bunker in Berlin to
transporting such a cargo so far from home? Dönitz also mentioned Tierra del Fuego.

It is not odd, at all, if one considers the fact that Then there are also claims about Rudolf Hess, Hitler’s best
aviation/avionics construction is what the Polar Base friend who went to England and was arrested as a war
seems to be all about... criminal on 10 May 1941. Following his arrest, Hess was
held in Spandau Prison in isolation until his death. Such
Although Germany surrendered unconditionally to the unique treatment is suggestive that he had information that
Allies, on 8 May 1945, events after that date suggested the Allies considered dangerous.
something was happening that did not form a part of
recognized world history. Something fuelled by a Indeed, in his book Secret Nazi Polar
statement made by German Grand Admiral Karl Dönitz... Expeditions Christof Friedrich states Hess,

Dönitz (16 September 1891 b 24 December 1980) had “was entrusted with the all-important
become Commander of the German Kriegsmarine (Navy), Antarctic file. Hess, himself, kept the Polar
on 31 January 1943 and he led the German U-Boat fleet file.”
until the end of the Second World War. He also has the
distinction of briefly becoming head of the German state Now, granted, such information as Hess possessed, if any,
for 20 days after Hitler’s death until his own capture by the would have been complete only to the time that he took off
Allies on 23 May 1945. His contribution to the mystery of on his solo flight to England... but... that period... prior to
post-war Antarctic activity came in a statement he made in 1941... would have covered the initial recovery of the
1943 when he declared that a substantial portion of the Bavarian “flying disc”, and at the very least, the early

stages of any project or projects arising from such a At the end of January 1947 a PBM piloted by Lieutenant
recovery. It would also contain any information with Commander David Bunger of Coronado, California, flew
regard to any survivors of the crash, and their eventual from his ship, the Currituck and headed towards the
fate(s). continent’s Queen Mary Coast.

Many believe that Hess, who had no part in any of the so- On reaching land, Bunger flew west for a time, then,
called “war crimes” was deliberately kept in Spandau coming up over the featureless, white horizon, he saw a
Prison, for life, in an attempt to keep him quiet. It has also dark, bare area which Byrd later described as,
been speculated that the man who died, in Spandau Prison,
was, in fact, not Hess at all... that Hess had been murdered, “a land of blue and green lakes and brown
years before, in an effort to keep the truth... on several hills in an otherwise limitless expanse of
highly embarrassing matters... from getting out. ice”.

For the moment, however, let’s return to Operation Bunger and his men carefully reconnoitered the area
Highjump... which seems to have been an attempt to ferret before racing back to the Currituck with news of their find.
out a remaining German base on the Antarctic continent, The oasis they had discovered covered an area of some
and perhaps, to determine where, exactly the sudden rash three hundred square miles of the continent and contained
of Unidentified Flying Object activity of the past eighteen three large, open water lakes along with a number of
months, had originated, and, exactly who/what was behind smaller lakes. These lakes were separated by masses of
it... There would have, of necessity, been two prerequisites barren, reddish-brown rocks possibly indicating the
for a mission of this type. presence of iron ore.

Firstly, Operation Highjump would have to provide Several days later, Bunger returned to the area, and found
evidence that the mission included a reconnaissance that the water was warm to the touch and the lake itself
of Neu-Swabenland and secondly, there would have to be was filled with red, blue and green algae giving it a
an area of the frozen continent that could allow such a base distinctive color. Bunger filled a bottle with the water
to exist throughout the year. which later “turned out to be brackish, a clue to the fact
that the lake was actually an arm of the open sea”.
Both of these criteria were met...
This is important for two reasons; warm, inland lakes
Both the Eastern and Western Groups of Operation connected to the surrounding oceans would be perfect for
Highjump had been active around Neu-Schwabenland. So submarines to hide within, and similar lakes have been
was a Russian boat that “proved to be unfriendly”. The noted in Neu-Schwabenland, the site of the alleged
Eastern group were frustrated in their efforts to make a German (and suspected Alien) base.
reconnaissance of the area, despite incredible efforts to
secure photographs for later examination. While there is, still, no conclusive evidence of a
German/Alien base on Antarctica, It is beyond doubt that
However by then, something highly unusual was happening on, or around,
the frozen continent. In general, it appears that the
“it was very late in the season ... The sun probability for such a base to have existed... and perhaps
had only been briefly glimpsed in the past continue to exist, to this day, are rather high...
few weeks, but everyone could tell that the
continually grey skies and clouds were The evidence, a large volume of it, is there for all to see...
darkening daily. In another month all light
would be gone from Antarctica. The waters 1. The Germans explored and claimed part of
girdling the continent would begin to freeze Antarctica on the very eve of the war when the
rapidly, binding unwary ships in a crushing vast majority of their activity was geared towards
embrace. the rebuilding of the German economy and
military infrastructure. This activity began shortly
Dufek [the commander] was loath to before the recovery of the Bavarian “flying disc”,
surrender. He ordered his ships northwards in 1938, but picked up pace immediately
away from the pack. Perhaps one or two afterward.
more flights might be possible. But on the
morning of 3 March virgin ice was seen to 2. There was ongoing ship and submarine activity in
be forming on the water’s surface [and the] the South Atlantic and polar regions throughout
Eastern group steamed out of Antarctica.” and after the war had apparently ended. This
activity continued well into the 1950s, and if
The Western Group, however, were to make a remarkable some accounts are to be believed, continues to
discovery. this day, with what can only be considered U-

Boat sightings, and a very high incidence of in little doubt. The publication itself advocated that flying
Unidentified Flying Object sightings in the South saucers were spacecraft of extraterrestrial origin.
Atlantic and South Polar regions, including the
Southern portions of South America. However... in the October 1953 edition of Space Review,
there were two major announcements.
3. The US literally invaded the continent of
Antarctica, itself, with considerable naval The first was headed Late Bulletin and stated:
resources leaving mainland America exposed
and vulnerable as the world edged into the Cold A source which the IFSB considers very
War. The task force limped home as if defeated reliable has informed us that the
only weeks later, and the local South American investigation of the flying saucer mystery
press wrote of such a defeat. This coincided with and the solution is approaching final
a substantial increase in Unidentified Flying stages. This same source to whom we had
Object activity... generally attributed to the first referred data, which had come into our
major “wave” of such activity in modern times, possession, suggested that it was not the
with an inordinate amount of this activity taking proper method and time to publish the data
place in the Southern Hemisphere, particularly in in 'Space Review'.
South America.
The second announcement read “Statement of
4. Admiral Byrd spoke of objects that could fly from Importance":
pole to pole at incredible speeds being based on
Antarctica. The mystery of the flying saucers is no
longer a mystery. The source is already
5. Hundreds of thousands of Germans and a known, but any information about this is
minimum of forty (40) U-boats were missing at being withheld by order from a higher
the end of the war. Documentation and source. We would like to print the full story
eyewitness accounts prove that at least a portion in Space Review, but because of the
of these craft made it as far as South America, in nature of the information we are very sorry
some cases, several months after the end of the that we have been advised in the negative.
war in Europe.
The statement ended in the sentence :

We advise those engaged in saucer work

to please be very cautious.

These announcements were of little

significance in and of themselves.

Bender’s publication was considered “fringe”, at best, even

at the time... However... what gained them wider attention
was the fact that immediately after publishing this October
1953 issue, Bender suspended further publication of the
magazine and closed the IFSB down without any further
The connection between Antarctica and the
UFO phenomenon was sealed with claims This is completely consistent with the “prudent” approach,
made by one Albert K. Bender who stated shown by many who have been “gently” warned to “cease
that he “went into the fantastic and came operations” by the Majestic 12 Group and other agencies
up with an answer and I know what the involved in “keeping a lid” on any real investigation into
saucers are.” the Unidentified Flying Object phenomenon.
Bender ran an organization called the International Flying Related The Ultimate Secret: Majestic-12 | Secret
Saucer Bureau (IFSB) a small UFO organization based in Space Programs, ET Contacts, UFO's, Above Top
Connecticut, USA and he also edited a publication known Secret
as the Space Review which was committed to the
dissemination of news about UFOs. In truth, the Bender might very well have known “what the flying
organization had only a small membership and the saucers” were, at least a portion of them... but he later
publication circulated amongst hundreds rather than revealed in a local newspaper interview that he was
thousands, but that its members and readers valued it was keeping his knowledge a secret following a visit by three
men who apparently confirmed he was right about were alleged to have committed... at the end of the war and
his Unidentified Flying Object theory, but put him in who worked at Wright Field (later Wright Patterson AFB
sufficient fear to immediately close down his organization where the Roswell debris were eventually housed), also
and cease publication of the journal. made claims about the nature of the activity in Antarctica.

It has been argued that the story of being visited by three In the 1970s Zündel’s book UFOs: Nazi Secret
strangers and being warned off was a front to close a Weapons? made the claim that at least some Unidentified
publication that was losing money, however the fact that Flying Objects were German secret Weapons which were
Bender had been “scared to death” and “actually couldn’t developed during the Second World War, and that some of
eat for a couple of days” was verified by his friends and them had been shipped out towards the end of the war and
associates. It is also widely known that such “stories” are hidden at the poles.
often spread by the United States, and other governments
to discredit those who might just have the truth, or at least Publication of the book coincided with a tidal wave of
a portion of it. renewed interest in all things paranormal... coming on the
heel of what was to be the last major Unidentified Flying
In 1963, a full decade after his visit from the three Object “wave” of the Twentieth Century, and Zündel was
strangers, Bender was seemingly prepared to reveal more a guest on to countless talk shows where he shared his
of his story in a largely unreadable book entitled Flying views on spaceships, free energies, electromagnetism,
Saucers and the Three Men in Black. The book was scant emergent technologies and some of the positive
on facts, however, it described extraterrestrial spacecraft contributions made by the Germans in these fields.
that had bases in Antarctica.
Zündel, who was one of the first of the “revisionist”
This was apparently the truth Bender was terrorized into historians of the Second World War, was actually only
not revealing. really interested in promoting his holocaust theory,
described in his book Did Six Million Really
Bender also provided images of the saucers he was aware Die? However, he found that his Unidentified Flying
of. He produced drawings of Unidentified Flying Objects Object and Hollow Earth ideas proved a greater attraction
that he was aware of... not saucers, as were the common to television producers. The idea seized hold of the popular
depictions of the time, but rather “flying wings” which imagination and took on a life of its own. Zündel’s
showed three bubble-like protrusions on the underside, publishing company, Samisdat, started to make a name for
reminiscent of the German designed Haunebu II (which itself by issuing newsletters and books on the subject. An
was allegedly only in the “design stage” at the end of the expedition to Antarctica itself was even proposed to seek
Second World War) alongside a cylindrical, cigar shaped out Hitler’s UFO bases there.
The fact is that such claims would have died out had they
Ernst Zündel was NOT a 'Paperclip not been based on at least some real events...
Now, keep in mind that South America has always been a
I realized that North Americans were not “hotbed” of Unidentified Flying Object activity. Many of
interested in being educated. They want to the reports coming out of the area are unverified, and
be entertained. The book was for fun. With unverifiable... However, many have credence. The claims
a picture of the Führer on the cover that something extremely unusual was taking place around
andflying saucers coming out of the foreboding reaches of the frozen continent took a major
Antarctica it was a chance to get on radio leap forward in the 1960s when the Argentine Navy was
and TV talk shows. For about 15 minutes of charged with the official investigation into strange
an hour program I'd talk about that esoteric sightings in the sky.
A 1965 official report prepared by Captain Sanchez
Then I would start talking about all those Moreno of the Naval Air Station Comandante Espora in
Jewish scientists in concentration camps, Bahia Blanca stated that,
working on these secret weapons. And that
was my chance to talk about what I wanted “Between 1950 and 1965, personnel of
to talk about. Argentina’s Navy alone made 22 sightings
of Unidentified Flying Objects that were not
Ernst Zündel, a German scientist turned author (known airplanes, satellites, weather balloons or
for his internet “ZGrams”) who had entered the US any type of known (aerial) vehicles. These
under Operation Paperclip, a United States Army/CIA 22 cases served as precedents for
program to bring German scientific talent into the United intensifying that investigation of the subject
States in spite of any so-called “war crimes” which they by the Navy.”

Following a series of sightings at Argentine and Chilean hovered over and maneuvered about in the frigid skies
meteorological stations on Deception Island, Antarctica, in above the Chilean Antarctic.
June and July 1965, Captain Engineer Omar
Pagani disclosed at a press conference that, The photos and the report of Orrego’s sighting have, quite
literally, been seen by millions over the half century since
“Unidentified Flying Objects do exist. Their he saw, and photographed the objects. Orrego stated,
presence in Argentine airspace is proven”.
“during the bright Antarctic night, we saw
The report went on to state, however, flying saucers, one above the other, turning
at tremendous speeds. We have
“their nature and origin are unknown and photographs to prove what we saw .”
no judgment is made about them”.
There have, of course, been numerous other Chilean
More details of these UFO sightings were given in a report sightings.
in the Brazilian newspaper O Estado de Sao Paulo in its
8th July 1965 edition. During January 1956 another major Unidentified Flying
Object “event” was witnessed by a group of Chilean
“For the first time in history, an official scientists who had been flown by helicopter to Robertson
communiqué has been published by a Island in the Wendell Sea to study geology, fauna and
government about the flying saucers. It is a other features.
document from the Argentine Navy, based
on the statements of a large number of This experience was the subject of a later article entitled A
Argentine, Chilean and British sailors Cigar-Shaped UFO over Antarctica.
stationed in the naval base in Antarctica.
“At the beginning of January 1956, during a
The communiqué declared that the period of stormy weather, the party
personnel of Deception Island (left) naval suddenly became aware of something
base saw, at nineteen hours forty minutes which, in other circumstances, could have
on 3 July, a flying object of lenticular been very grave for them. This was that
shape, with a solid appearance and a their radio had mysteriously ceased to
coloring in which red and green prevailed function. This was not too worrying a
and, for a few moments, yellow. The disaster in so much as it was firmly settled
machine was flying in a zig-zag fashion, that the helicopter would return to take
and in a generally western direction, but it them off again on January 20.”
changed course several times and
changed speed, having an inclination of One of the scientists, a doctor, was in the habit of getting
about forty-five degrees above the horizon. up in the night to observe anything of meteorological
The craft also remained stationary for interest, but another of the group, a professor, did not like
about twenty minutes at a height of to be disturbed. However on the night of 8 January 1956,
approximately 5,000 meters, producing no the Doctor decided to wake the professor.
He pointed upwards, almost overhead. Still
The communiqué states moreover that the in a bad temper due to being disturbed, the
prevailing meteorological conditions when professor looked as directed, and beheld
the phenomenon was observed can be two,
considered excellent for the region in
question and the time of year. The sky was “metallic, cigar-shaped objects in verticular
clear and quite a lot of stars were visible. positions, perfectly still and silent, and
The Secretariat of the Argentine Navy also flashing vividly the reflected rays of the
states in its communiqué that the sun”.
occurrence was witnessed by scientists of
the three naval bases and that the facts Just after 7.00am, two other members of the party, an
described by these people agree assistant and a medical orderly joined the two men.
The group watched the two craft.
Practically everyone in the “UFO Community” is aware
that in March 1950 Commodore Augusto Vars Orrego of “At about 9.00am object No. 1 (the nearest to the zenith)
the Chilean Navy shot still pictures and 8mm movie suddenly assumed a horizontal posture and shot away like
footage of a very large cigar shaped flying object that a flash towards the west. It had now lost its metallic
brightness and had taken on the whole gamut of visible So many of the witnesses being cited would be, with
colors of the spectrum, from infrared to ultra-violet. reference to their stated credentials, credible sources, but
because of the practice of expunging names from records
The report of the sighting went on to say... which might fall into “public hands” are practically
impossible to trace. The absence of names... in many, if
“Without slowing down it performed an incredible acute- not most cases deliberately expunged from official
angle change of direction, shot off across another section reports... simply lends to an aura of “unbelievability”, even
of the sky and then did another sharp turn as before. These though it is a common practice, especially in most
vertiginous maneuvers, the zig-zagging, abrupt stopping, countries.
instantaneous accelerating, went on for some time right
overhead, the object always following tangential Yet another documented account of a UFO sighting over
trajectories in respect to the Earth and all in the most Antarctica is by Rubens Junqueira Villela, a meteorologist
absolute silence”. and the first Brazilian scientist to participate in an
expedition to the South Polar region, and now, a veteran of
The demonstration lasted about five minutes. eleven expeditions to Antarctica (two with the US Navy,
eight with the Brazilian Antarctic Program and another on
Then, according to the witnesses, the object returned and the sailing ship Rapa Nui).
took up position beside its companion in almost the same
area of the sky as before. While on board the US Navy icebreaker Glacier, which
had set sail from New Zealand at the end of January 1961,
Then, it was the turn of No. 2 to show its paces and do a Villela claims that he witnessed a UFO event in the skies
convoluted, zigzagging dance across the sky. Shooting off over Antarctica which he immediately recorded in his
towards the east, it performed a series of ten disjointed diary, even including the emotions felt by all those
bursts of flight, broken by abrupt changes of direction, and involved. On 16 March 1961, after a fierce storm had
marked by the pronounced color changes when forced the expedition to retreat to Admiralty Bay in the
accelerating or stopping. After about three minutes, object King George Isles, “a strange light suddenly crossed the
No. 2 was observed to resume its station near its sky, and everyone started to shout”.
companion, and return to its original solid and metallic
appearance. Speculation went wild. Some thought the object to be an
incoming missile. Others thought it to be a meteor.
Due to the nature of their mission, the group had with them
two Geiger-Miller counters of high sensitivity, one of the The excitement was widespread and growing.
auditory and the other of the flash-type. When the two
objects had finished their dance and reassumed their “Trying to describe the light which
stations in the sky, someone discovered that the flash-type appeared over Almirantado Bay” he told
Geiger counter now showed that radioactivity around them interviewers, later, “wasn’t easy b& I wrote
had suddenly increased 40 times... far more than enough to in my diary: Positively the colors, the
kill any organism subjected long enough to it. The configuration and contours of the object, as
discovery greatly increased the anxiety felt by the four a bodied light, with geometric forms, did not
men. seem to be from this world, and I did not
know what could possibly reproduce it”.
Although they had no telescopic lens, they did have
cameras with them, and managed to take numerous The object, he went on to report, was
photographs of the objects, both in color and black and “multi-colored”, and had a luminous, oval-
white. The report does not state what became of these shaped body. It left, behind it, a “long tube-
photographs, but it is safe to assume that they are in the like orange/red trail”.
possession of the Chilean Government, and there is no
reason to assume that they have not been shared with that Allegedly, it split into two pieces, as if it had exploded.
of the United States, as well as others. Then, each part shone even more intensively, with white,
blue and red colors projecting V shaped rays behind it.
Of course... no names are given in this report, but... it has They quickly moved away and could be seen 200 meters
the ring of truth, and is consistent with any number of above the ground b& According to the witnesses, the
similar sightings... Would that we knew their names! It is entire display was completely silent.
one of the exasperating facts of Unidentified Flying Object
research that so many of the South American and South The US Navy officially registered the incident as “a
Atlantic sightings are attributed to “anonymous sources” or meteor or some other natural luminous phenomenon”
the names of the witnesses involved, have been expunged according to the report submitted by the Glacier’s captain,
from the “official” records. Captain Porter. However, this is a common practice, and
has been, ever since the inception of the Unidentified

Flying Object cover-up, under the auspices of the Majestic an area of Antarctica which Germany explored, and
12 group. claimed, before the outbreak of the Second World War...
was thought to hold
This policy of “official denial” and “logical explanation”
no matter how far fetched, would seem, has been followed “flying objects which could fly from Pole to
by all branches of the United States Government since the Pole in a matter of minutes”...
first days after the Roswell Incident, in July 1947. It
certainly applies to any sightings or alleged sightings in For years, rumors have circulated as to why German
and around Antarctica... submarines... U-Boats... would operate in South American
and Antarctic waters long after the end of the Second
Villela, on the other hand, easily dismissed the official World War, in Europe.
Some have said that the boats spirited away such notables
“How could they mistake a meteor with an as Adolf Hitler and Martin Bormannn... both of whom can
object carrying antennae, completely be demonstrated to have died in Berlin at the end of the
symmetrical and followed by a tail without war. the death... and physical remains of both men have
any sight of atmospheric disturbance?” been verified beyond doubt, the latter with very recent
DNA testing. Thus neither of them escaped via U-boats to
According to most “official” sources... and certainly South America. The fact is, Wolfgang Eisenmenger, a
according to world renowned skeptic and self-styled forensic science professor at Munich University,
debunker, Phillip Klaus, this particular episode is a classic conducted the DNA testing of Bormann’s remains. He
example of plasma, however the late meteorologist, James seems to have done the work for the Frankfurt justice
McDonald argued that the highly structured nature of the officials.
object and the low cloud overcast present at about 1500
feet were not compatible with Klaus’s hypothesis. He also had Bormann’s dental, medical, and fingerprint
records. Bormann’s children (or a distant family member,
The list of sightings in the South Atlantic area is details a bit fuzzy) provided the blood for the DNA match
practically endless. It is, and has been, particularly since which was proven conclusive, i.e. that the body was of
the end of the Second World War, one of the most active Martin Bormann. The cause of death was deemed to be
areas on earth with respect to Unidentified Flying Object self inflicted poisoning. Adolf Hitler, of course, died in his
activity. Another classic sighting took place on 16 January Bunker in Berlin, of poison... and a self inflicted gunshot.
1958 when the Brazilian naval vessel Almirante Salddanha
was escorting a team of scientists to a weather station on Everyone has heard stories of vast amounts of gold or
Trindade Island. As the ship approached the island (or other valuables being “smuggled” out of Germany in the
rather an outcrop of rock) an Unidentified Flying Object last days of the war... secreted away to South America... to
reportedly flew low, over the water, past the ship, circled support so-called “criminals” abroad. So far, none of those
the island, then flew off in front of dozens of witnesses. stories has shown any sign of merit. If they were so, then
men such as Eichman would not have worked on the
One of the witnesses to this particular event, the expedition assembly line in a Volkswagen plant. Müller would not
photographer, took a number of photographs of the object. have run a chicken farm, and Mengele would not have
Later, the film was handed over to the military by the been dependent upon the generosity of his wealthy family.
Captain. Amazingly, after the initial analysis, the Brazilian
government released the film stating that they were unable There is a story floating around that this said U-boat
to account for the images. commander worked on some highly classified US National
Secrets after the war, and that his boat was operating in the
Why did the United States Government, in late 1947, only far South... He was reported to have been a commander of
months after the famous Roswell Incident, send a naval a VIIC or IXC U-boat in the Atlantic during the war,
task force to Antarctic including Admiral Nimitz, named Otto Schneider. This theory is also easy to
Admiral Krusen and Admiral Byrd, called “Operation disprove...
Highjump”. As we observed earlier, the operation was said
to be an expedition to find “coal deposits” and other There simply was no U-Boat commander by that name in
valuable resources, but... the facts indicate otherwise... the Kriegsmarine (German Navy). Only two commanders
with that last name saw service in the war; Herbert
In actuality, there seems to be no doubt that they were Schneider who died while in command of U-522,
trying to locate an immense underground base constructed and Manfred Schneider only commander the small XXIII
by the Germans, before, during and immediately after the boat U-4706 for the last 3 months of the war, and never
Second World War, with the aid of Alien Entities which left his home port. This story is just that, a story.
were described as “Aryans”. This base, allegedly located
in an area that the Germans called “Neuschwabenlandt”...

The fact is, Unidentified Flying Object researchers are well  Did an unrecorded, three hour long meeting with a
aware of strange sightings of ‘flying saucers’ with group of German scientists and engineers and “Aryan”
swastikas or iron crosses displayed on them. Extraterrestrials in the frozen wastelands near the
South Pole cost Admiral Byrd his life?
They are also well aware of ‘aliens’ speaking German, and
have also heard of abductees who have been taken to  Is this the origin of the “warships of space”, that the
underground bases with swastika emblems on the walls, or Rosenberg’s mentioned in the very shadow of the
as in the case of one abductee... Alex Christopher... who electric chair?
claims to have seen “Reptiloids” and Germans working
together aboard antigravity craft or within underground One thing is certain... The United States did not “invade”
bases. Antarctica, at the end of a World War and the very
beginning of a Cold War... using a disproportionate share
 Is this what America feared? of it’s diminishing fleet... for “exploration” purposes.

 Is it a secret Antarctic facility where these experiments If they were looking for something, they surely knew what
and developments continued? it was they were looking for... and... a “scientific”
expedition does not go forth prepared for WAR...
 What Operation Highjump was actually looking for?
The map of Neu Schwabenland that cannot be exhibited in
 Is this secret, among others, the one that cost James Germany, on penalty of imprisonment...
Forrestall his life?

A Secret U.S. Post Office operated in Antarctica 1946- important results of this expedition was a showing that the
1948 causing speculation about the real reason behind two Antarctic Peninsula was connected to the rest of
concurrent U.S. expeditions... Antarctica, thus solving one of the last great public
mysteries of the continent.
Finn Ronne was a Norwegian immigrant who later joined
the United States Navy and was a member and officer in Writing in his book entitled "Antarctic Conquest", he
Admiral Byrd's earlier expeditions to Antarctica. In 1946- stated:
8, he led a privately-financed expedition to Antarctica,
following upon the heels of Operation Highjump. Although no one knew it, I had been
operating a United States Post office too,
Ronne's expedition was to the Marguerite Bay area, where but for reasons of state (emphasis added)
he reoccupied Byrd's 1939 Base. One of the most had been compelled to keep it secret.
Secrecy seems to be in no scarcity as it relates to several of personnel and equipment. The official
Antarctic expeditions; perhaps in no small way due to a record only sets forth a limited loss of life
continued concern that the Nazis had a remnant left in and aircraft, but conspiracists feel the
Antarctica from their infamous 1938-9 "New record has been doctored or we are not
Schwabenland" colonization of Antarctica. being told the full story.
Contrast this lack of public accessibility after Operation
The web is abundant with sites setting forth information Highjump, to the previous well-known availability of
about suspected and actual German involvement in Admiral Byrd in the period following his first two
Antarctica possibly dating back even to the late 1800's. It Antarctic Expeditions, where there are documented
does make one wonder if there were in fact, covert or as philatelic items from cities all over the country serving as
they say today, "black-ops" reasons for one or more of the commemorations of where Byrd visited lecturing to the
Byrd Expeditions (including Operation Highjump for this public about his travels in Antarctica. That Byrd loved to
discussion) as well as the private expedition of Captain travel and lecture about his polar explorations is quite
Ronne. evident.
Many online sources are available with information The polar regions and his expeditions were his very reason
concerning what I have dubbed the "Byrd Conspiracy", for existence; he had said from the time he was a child that
which was not a conspiracy by Admiral Byrd, rather what he felt destined to be a polar explorer. He had a passion for
may have been an apparent conspiracy by the government all things polar, especially exploration, that could scarcely
to keep particular information that he had uncovered be contained.
during Operation Highjump as a secret. I am not passing
judgment at this time, as I am still investigating the whole Operation Highjump was at least as important in many
thing to my satisfaction. respects, it would appear, as his previous expeditions... so,
However, lending credence to this conspiracy theory is the
observation that Admiral Byrd does in effect seem to  Where was he after his return?
"disappear" from public view shortly after his return from  Where did he go?
Operation Highjump in 1947-- until approximately 1955  Was he locked away so he couldn't share the story of
when he organized Operation Deep Freeze I, and he was what he really had found in Antarctica?
reported to have been hospitalized (in a mental ward)  As some theorists suggest, during Operation Highjump,
shortly after his return in 1947. did he encounter and engage Nazi forces operating
from bases that lodged advanced aircraft with
This forced hospitalization is said to have came upon the advanced propulsion systems?
tails of Byrd having made some remarkably candid
comments (which included what smacked of being a Many think so, and I am beginning to see some curiosities
description of a UFO) to a South American newspaper about many aspects of Operation Highjump and now,
about what he had found during Operation Highjump. His perhaps even with Ronne's Expedition.
disappearance from the scene after his arrival back in the
states, would make it appear he may have been promptly The little tidbit mentioned above that Ronne forked us in
squelched! Remember that this time period coincided his book, only begins to tell us why the Oleana Base,
roughly with the Roswell UFO sightings. Antarctica postmark is one of the rarest polar cancels that
exist. With this being the first American post office
Operation Highjump would have been first, early in 1947, established on the Antarctic continent, it is a shame that
and then Roswell to follow in the summer of 1947. the cancel was not used more often. Is there perhaps a
larger reason why this post office was kept secret? We do
This was a situation that was the last thing the government know that many countries, including Britain, had
would have wanted, another military official (in this case a concurrent secret bases and or expeditions in the same
quite prominent and popular man who had spent years general time period, notably Port Lockroy on the Antarctic
criss-crossing the United States giving lectures and whose peninsula.
word would have been quite respected and accepted) who
apparently reported having seen/and or believing in Port Lockroy was part of a top secret World War II British
UFOs!! expedition called Operation Tabarin.

NOTE: If Op HJ had continued to its full Operation Tabarin was the beginning of Britain's
expected duration of six to eight months, permanent presence on the Antarctic continent, and was
they would have still been in Antarctica at built to serve as a southern outpost and to keep an eye on
the time of Roswell. The expedition headed suspected Nazi presence on the ice. In a 2001 BBC
back to the U.S. in early 1947, well short of interview, one of the last remaining survivors of that secret
its expected ending. Some would say expedition, Gwion Davies, noted that the posting of mail
"limped back", after suffering great losses
from their secret base was a way of their laying claim to, The full story about the existence of the post office (as
or establishing that section of Antarctica as British well as even greater secrets?) may have passed with
sovereign territory. Captain Ronne.

In other words, just as the Nazis are known to have

dropped metal dart/markers with the Third Reich swastika
emblem over a large area of Antarctica during their
expedition in 1939, to act as a laying of a claim; for any
country (such as Britain) to have a post office that actually
accepted and postmarked mail definitely shows an
intention on their part of not only establishing a base, but
of staying.

While the United States did not then, and does not now, The "Holy Grail" of Antarctic Covers
recognize any country as having specific territorial claims
upon Antarctica, for Ronne to have allowed his expedition The Oleana Bay covers are most commonly seen with a
members to have open mailing of letters from Oleana date of March 12, 1947, which was the date the expedition
Base would have served a similar purpose as with Port arrived at Marguerite Bay, Antarctica.
Lockroy, but for some reason, he would not allow that to
be done. In this instance, the cover illustrated above is extraordinary
in that it is on a printed envelope from the Byrd II
Why? Antarctic Expedition, postmarked with the less common
hand cancellation from that mission; then repost marked
Some mail did escape, and other mail from members of at Oleana Base in 1947, with the addition of Captain
the Ronne Expedition is known to have been posted from Ronne's "corner card" and the IGY Ellsworth Station
nearby British bases. The posting of mail often serves a octagonal cachet, and the best part of all, Ronne's signature
geo-political purpose in addition to the simple fact it in which he adds the word "Postmaster", rounding it out to
carries mail back home to loved ones; and it is a great make a splendid cover!
curiosity to many polar philatelists and followers of
Antarctic history that it was not done in this instance. A cover like this would fare extremely well in a polar
auction. I would go so far to term it as the "Holy Grail" of
a polar collection; only very few covers I can think of
would be more collectable, in my opinion.

Top Aerospace Designer Blows Whistle
On Secret US Navy Space Battle Fleets
Written by Dr. Michael Salla
January 26, 2016

Over his four years with Navy Intelligence, Tompkins

helped in the covert distribution of data from Nazi
Germany’s two distinct secret space programs to Douglas
Aircraft Company, along with other select aerospace
companies and universities that had the scientific expertise
to understand what the Nazis were doing.

When Tompkins joined Douglas Aircraft Company in

1950, it had already formed its Advanced Design think
tank to design antigravity space craft. Once Tompkins
moved over to Advanced Design in 1951, he was
Over a 12 year period beginning in 1951, William specifically tasked to design a variety of antigravity space
Tompkins worked for an above Top Secret think tank vehicles, using his knowledge of Naval Intelligence
within the Douglas Aircraft Company designing kilometer- gathered from Nazi Germany and his own talent for
long antigravity spacecraft covertly requested by the U.S. technical detailing.
Navy. Now aged 92, Tompkins becomes an important
whistleblower by exposing the secret projects he worked
on in his newly released autobiography, Selected By Tompkins describes his two superiors at the Advanced
Extraterrestrials: My Life In The Top Secret World Of Design Think Tank:
UFOs, Think-Tanks And Nordic Secretaries.
I reported directly to Dr. [Wolfgang]
Tompkins supports his claims with numerous documents Klemperer and Elmer Wheaton, the V.P. of
including two designs he completed for space battle engineering who wore two hats. He was
cruisers and space carriers that would decades later V.P. of all the classified missile and space-
become the backbone of U.S. Navy Space Battle Groups. systems programs. Unknown to 99.9%,
Wheaton was V.P. of the above top secret
compartmentalized extraterrestrial threats
Tompkins was given the job at the “Advanced Design” research Think Tank, too, sometimes
Douglas think tank, due to exceptional skills he exhibited referred to as Advanced Design. (p. 48)
in his war time service with Navy Intelligence from 1942-
1945. Significantly, during his service at San Diego’s
Naval Air Station, Tompkins directly participated in Further, Tompkins relates the covert way in which the
intelligence debriefings of Navy agents embedded within Navy went about making design requests to Advanced
Nazi Germany’s most secret aerospace facilities during Design:
and immediately after World War II.
After receiving our unsolicited proposal for
In his autobiography, Tompkins describes what the Navy star ships [the Navy put out a sole source
spies had found: request for a proposal for exploratory star
mission vehicles…]. Actually we didn’t even
get an RFP (Request for Proposal); it was
The Navy agents (spies) in Germany just slipped in under the floor door to our
discovered what all those “out of this world” Advanced Design…. on the envelope it
aliens gave Hitler: UFOs, antigravity only said: “To Whom it may concern.” [p.
propulsion, beam weapons, extended life 68]
and plenty of mind-controlled willing girls
programs. The reptilians made a deal with
the Third Reich SS giving them this big box Tompkins says that he approached his work by studying
full of toys in exchange for letting Hitler the mission parameters for the requested future space
enslave the rest of the planet. (pp. 70-71) battle groups. He then was able to come up with designs

that would allow the Navy to fulfill its future space ships, and two 2k space personal
missions. transports. (p. 80)

Creating the configuration of a Naval Space Battle Group Tompkins writes about two Navy star ship designs
comprising kilometer-long vehicles from the mission completed at the Douglas think tank, and includes the
parameters he had been given, Tompkins explains: documents in his autobiography:

I redefined a standard Naval space battle The figures following show two original
group complement, stating that it would drawings of Naval spacecraft carriers and
consist of one 2.5 kilometer spacecraft battle cruisers that were visualized in
carrier, with a two-star on board as flag, Advanced Design, in 1954, from dozens of
three to four 1.4k heavy space cruisers, alternate configurations. Scale modes of
four to five 1k space destroyers, two 2k these kilometer-long craft were
space landing assault ships for drop subsequently made. (p. 67)
missions, two 2k space logistic support
The first design is for the 1.4 km battle cruiser.

The second design is for the 2.5 km long spacecraft carrier.

Tompkins later worked for TRC, General Dynamics and under a highly classified space program called Solar
other aerospace companies that were working on different Warden.
classified aspects of the space battle cruisers and carriers
being secretly built by the U.S. Navy. More of this Tompkins’ claim corroborates the testimony of other secret
information will be released in future volumes of his space program whistleblowers who state that the Solar
autobiographical accounts. Warden Program became operational in the 1980’s under
President Reagan.
After his initial designs of the space carriers were
completed in the early 1960s, Tompkins claims that it took Eventually, there were eight space carrier battle groups
nearly a decade for detailed architectural plans to be that were built for the U.S. Navy in the 1980’s and 1990’s,
developed, enabling official construction to begin. according to Tompkins.
Consequently, building began in the 1970’s and the first
operational space carriers were deployed in the 1980’s,
How credible is Tompkins extraordinary testimony?

To support his claims, Tompkins includes several
documents in his autobiography. These include copies of
two separate passes he received to enter and leave the San
Diego Naval Air Station with up to three packages. These
packages contained the alleged secret data provided by the
Navy agents that was being distributed by Tompkins to
select corporations.

The passes were signed by the head of Naval Intelligence

at the Naval Air Station, Admiral Rick Obatta. These
documents provide hard evidence that Tompkins was
indeed acting as a courier for Naval Intelligence during
World War II, as he claimed.

As for what was in the packages that Tompkins was

carrying, he has supplied a copy of his mission statement
that provides an answer.

His mission orders confirm that he was authorized to work made statements to the national press about his highly
as a “Disseminator of Aircraft Research and Information.” detailed models of previously classified naval battle
This is compelling documentary evidence that the groups. This led to Tompkins being recruited into Navy
packages Tompkins was carrying contained classified Intelligence in 1942.
Naval intelligence on advanced aircraft designs, which
include those developed in Nazi Germany. The documents that Tompkins has supplied in support of
his testimony, confirm that he had the skills, background
In addition to the documents presented in his book, there is and employment history to have worked on large
further confirmation of Tompkins’ background in antigravity spacecraft that were secretly designed under
advanced aerospace programs. Tompkins employment, at contract to the U.S. Navy, while he was employed at
Douglas Aircraft from 1950 to 1963, has been verified by Douglas Aviation from 1950 to 1963.
another former Douglas Aircraft Company employee, Dr.
Robert Wood. Tompkins testimony impressively corroborates the core
claims made by Corey Goode and other independent
Dr. Wood worked for 43 years at Douglas Aircraft (which whistleblowers about the secret space programs examined
later merged to form McDonnell Douglas), and was able to in the book, Insiders Reveal Secret Space Programs and
confirm Tompkins thorough knowledge of senior company Extraterrestrial Alliances (2015).
officials such as Elmer Wheaton and Dr. Klemperer. Dr.
Wood was so impressed with Tompkins detailed testimony After the publication of Selected by Extraterrestrials in
that he decided to assist him by becoming the editor of his December 2015, Tompkins received a copy of Insiders
autobiography. Reveal Secret Space Programs from Dr. Robert Wood. In
subsequent phone conversations, Tompkins stated that
much of information that he read in Insiders Reveal Secret
Space Programs, which is substantially based on
disclosures made by Corey Goode, is accurate.

During Tompkins long career with U.S. Navy Intelligence

and the aerospace industry, he compiled an impressive
collection of documents that substantiate his testimony and
background. Some of these can be found in his book,
Selected by Extraterrestrials.

According to Tompkins to support the U.S. Navy had

corporate contractors design kilometer-long antigravity
spacecraft in the 1950s to early 1960s, with construction
beginning in the 1970s, leading to their deployment in the
A March 26, 1941 article in the Evening Outlook 1980s. His documentary support of these claims is
newspaper of Santa Monica shows Tompkins explaining substantive and compelling.
his ship models to Navy Captain G.C. Gearing,
Commandant of the 11th Naval District in San Diego. Tompkins testimony and documents provide powerful
evidence that in the 1980’s and 1990’s, the U.S. Navy did
Finally, Tompkins phenomenal design abilities were indeed covertly deploy eight space carrier battle groups in
publicly recognized by Navy officials back in 1941, who a top secret space program called Solar Warden.

A Complete Disconnect
By Preston James, Ph.D
January 28, 2016

The American people have become typical answer you get is that it is not
completely disconnected from their own responsive to their needs.
government which is supposed to be
"Of the People By the People". The And many will also state further that they believe that
visible government comprised of instead of serving the needs of the common man the
Congress, the Administration and the government appears to be more concerned with serving its
Judiciary are merely ceremonial and are own needs, that is the needs of the elected politicians
used as tools to keep the masses in line themselves and wealthy, powerful, elite special interests
by those who give them orders and set they represent.
policy. The real government that runs
everything from behind closed doors in
You will also often hear resentment expressed about the
abject secrecy is the Secret Shadow
USG continuing to embark on expensive foreign wars and
Government (SSG).
its doling out billions of dollars to the leaders of foreign
[ Note: This article builds on past articles nations as foreign aid while not adequately providing for
on this subject. For those who haven’t read the American taxpayers who provide the funds used in the
those, reading this article is likely a waste first place.
of time and it will be difficult to fit this
information into their heads. Politicians are elected by social
This is a long article and is written as a contract, a sacred trust that is best
two-tiered piece. Those short of time can summarized as this:
read the bold print and pass over the rest, “If we entrust you with power to rule over
and then finish with the conclusion. Many us and lead us, we expect you to represent
thanks to my sources, some still living but our interests and obey your Oath to the
most passed. None of the novel information Constitution. You need to make laws which
included is associated with Veterans Today represent our interests as We The People
in any way. I do not enjoy writing this type and not on the behalf of special interest
of article for a number of reasons not groups or the wealthy elites.”
appropriate to be discussed here. But I do
feel an obligation to get this information
Right now if you ask, most middle-aged Americans will
respond that their government is failing them at all levels
and has not fulfilled this basic social contract they have
been entrusted with when they are elected and allowed to
assume political office.

And you will frequently be told that there seems to be no

more Rule of Law in America for the wealthy, powerful
elites but only to restrict and keep the common man down
and take away his basic freedoms which are supposed to
be guaranteed by the US Constitution.

Many will tell you that there appears no

way for the common man to adequately
address grievances to the government
When you stop and ask what the at any level, nor any reason to believe
average American man or woman what that government officials even give a
they think about their government, the damn about the common man at all.

Second, outside income for elected officials would have
to be severely restricted as well as revolving door jobs
after leaving office at least for an extended period of time..

Third, Major TV networks would have to

be required to provide at no charge
blocks of time for all of the candidates
who reach a certain threshold in local
political party caucuses.

This would be fair too because the airwaves are licensed to

the Major Mass Media as a privilege. And this licensing is
Roman God Janus which symbolized skillful political lying and good because the airways give enormous power to these
manipulation and the ability to be secretly two-faced media because of the access it provides to the American
mass-mind. Certain standards of behavior must be met.
Many view most elected officials as blatant two-faced liars
and sociopaths that have become more concerned with But the current standards required are insufficient,
feathering their own beds. especially for the network news because the FCC allows
all kinds of purchased corporate and government
Some political researchers will tell you that many propaganda and outright lies, false-narratives and
Members of Congress are very motivated to play to special deceptions which are used to mind-kontrol We The People
interests in order to obtain “outside income” from lucrative and keep them satiated as the USG steals them blind and
corporate director appointments, fat honorariums, and fattens their own pockets and and the wealthy powerful
revolving door jobs including the typical fat K-Street elite special interest groups they really represent.
lobbying positions they can get upon leaving office.
Fourth, those running the Major Mass
Once they are elected, take their Oath of Media must be sanctioned and
Office, and are sworn and seated, they prevented from used it to mind-kontrol
abandon We The People that elected the American Masses anymore.
The Major Mass Media is a powerful force in American
The course they take after being seated is best described a Society and must be carefully regulated and forced to
“Complete Disconnect” from We The People who elected accurately present the major news stories in a balanced and
them that they are obligated to represent. honest fashion. Normally competition between various
media would attract users to the most honest and the one
What happens instead of keeping their social contract with promoting big lies, false-narratives and propaganda would
We The People, is that they proceed to serve the wealthy, be discredited, ignored and marginalized.
powerful special interest groups that provided vast sums of
money for their campaigns and who pulled strings to get But this normal market process has been disrupted because
them elected. Often these strings pulled involve expensive the Major Mass Media in America has been hijacked by
covert operations, smear jobs, fake news, and electronic the same entity that hijacked our monetary creation and
vote fraud. distribution system in 1913, the Khazarian Mafia (KM)
private central Banksters from the City of London.
What would have to be changed to
prevent this disconnect that has gripped Let’s take a quick snapshot of what this
the American Political process ever Complete Disconnect between the
since 1913 when the foreign City of American people and their Government
London KM private Central Banksters has allowed to evolve, some describe as
hijacked the American money creation an evil secret hierarchy, but best
and distribution system? described as the Secret Shadow
Government (SSG).
First, large political contributions from special interest 1-We have an unresponsive USG and
groups and PACs would have to be made illegal. Congress that generally ignores the
Donations would have to be limited to small amounts and interests of the American common man.
allowed only by individual citizens. During their election process they
“play” to the public and seem oh so
concerned about their needs, but this
abruptly ends after the get elected and
seated (unless you are rich, powerful or But extremely lucrative revolving door positions await the
represent a large special interest Members of Congress who play this game well.
group). Loopholes, vacuous regulations and lack of proper
enforcement allows these incredibly large bribes which are
This sad reality is made clear with the fact that all sitting often made to foreign numbered accounts as “set-aside
Members of Congress except one signed the AIPAC allocations”. And the KM and its various Intel factions and
Loyalty Oath to place Israel’s interest first even before espionage fronts inside America like AIPAC have crafty
America’s own interests. This “American betrayal” ways to human compromise elected politicians and coerce
technically constitutes Treason because when Israel them to conform to their wishes if the usual incentives and
attacked America on 9-11-01 to manipulate Americans bribes don’t work.
into fighting more Mideast wars for Israel this was an act
of war. Therefore Israel is now America’s secret enemy 4-We have the use of factions within
and a secret state of war exists between Israel and its Intel Agencies that use custom-
“owned” members of Congress and versus We The People. engineered terror consisting of Gladio-
style, inside-job False-flag attacks
2-We have a Congress which uses initiated to create enemies from which
secret “Executive Sessions” when the USG must defends Americans from.
handling any sensitive committee
matters and this process is claimed to This could mean a major foreign war to get these terrorists
be necessary to protect “National there before they come here, or to oppress and abuse
Security” when the real reason it is to American dissidents and patriots after labeling them as
protect the illegal acts of our elected domestic Terrorists. It’s hard work and expensive to create
officials on behalf of special interest a faux enemy that Americans will believe in order to start
groups who they serve as puppets for. wars and manipulate the American people to support them.
Staged, synthetic terror works great to attain this end.
Key leaders of Congressional Committees become vetted
and “read in” on national security matters after receiving
proper clearances, which means that they can be trusted to
keep serious USG, Banking, Intel, military and corporate
crimes covered up. What do you think is wrong with the
minds of the folks behind FEMA and DHS? Could they
prove they have souls and are still human?

Once the shooting starts, the folks the US Military attacks

will certainly fight back and then it becomes “kill or be
killed”. This is so for foreign wars and will be true here if
the USG is dumb enough or criminally insane enough to
deploy DHS against the American gun owners, dissidents
and patriots. And of course we now know for certain that
DHS is nothing more than a secret KM/Zio/Israeli run
police state army inside America.

Another well guarded secret are the special agreements

that allow foreign Intel agencies to operate inside each
others turf, obtain stand-downs from the federal type LE
agencies and local police in order to conduct operations to
3-We have an out of control Military protect their own national security. Sometimes these stand-
Industrial Complex and foreign downs are used for sanctions with extreme prejudice, aka
espionage groups allowed to operate terminations. Most local police are trained by the ADL and
inside America that provide large are so impressed by the feds and DHS officers that they
hidden bribes to Members of Congress would jump out the window from an upper floor on their
for what is called “sweetheart special heads if told to do so in order to help protect US National
defense contracts. Security.

5-The US Department of Justice has
become the US Department of Just-Us
and has been transformed into a cover
up mechanism which serves the needs
of the Secret Shadow Government.

Instead of prosecuting the most corrupt government

officials, it ignores them (under National Security” of
course) and occasionally goes after the “little ones” as
token symbols of good enforcement. The FBI has become
known as the Federal Blackmail Agency thanks to the
patterns of behavior started by J. Edgar Hoover, a known Richard Dolan, well known and highly respected researcher, speaker
pedophile who victims were supplied by notorious attorney and writer on UFOs.
Roy Cohn. One investigator filed a secret police Intel 6-We have a Secret Space War Program
report that these little boys who were pedophiled at parties that has evolved so far that the essence
by J. Edgar were murdered afterwards and buried on of it is best described as a “breakaway
Cohn’s personal upstate farm to keep things covered up. It society”.
is unknown if Hoover knew these little boys were
murdered after his encounters with them.
The private researcher and author that probably knows the
most about this is Richard Dolan who is highly respected
for his balanced fact based approach to this whole issue.
His books and presentations are excellent and the best
available on this subject. One of his videotaped death bed
confessions is staggering in its implications.

The Disclosure Project of Steven Greer, M.D. is an

interesting source of good documentation about the USG’s
handling of real Alien ET, crashed and recovered UFOs.
And another source of information is the very interesting
web site run by former academic Michael
Salla, Ph.D. who has a record of rational and balanced
presentations of these matters (I like the way he
Unfortunately after Hoover was assassinated by two well- approaches these controversial issues).
known CIA men with shellfish toxin in his toothpaste, the
FBI has never been cleaned up. It still serves as a cover up Michael Salla, Ph.D. of is a respected
agency for KM and RICO USG crimes. And the FBI has researcher with impeccable academic credentials. He is no
now morphed into a new role, that of creating, arming and lightweight in the field of exopolitics and has done some
entrapping “domestic terrorists” in America using very excellent, balanced work.
retarded/and or mentally ill patsies. Their favorite trick
lately is to advertise to new Somali immigrants for a free
round trip ticket for jihad training to become a man.

When the mentally deficient ones respond they are

arrested, charged with terrorism under the Patriot Act, and
manipulated into horrid plea bargains by compromised
attorneys and given exceedingly long prison sentences.
This is all part of the Terror Theater started by former
DHS Director Mr. Janet Napolitano and her infamous
paranoid wet-dream which was rolled out first at Walmart,
“If You See Something Say Something”.

True to J. Edgar’s ways, she allowed a culture of

perversion and sexual abuse of her male DHS managers to
evolve. Some of the male managers had their offices The average American has no clue of just how much
moved into the men’s lavatory. Lawsuits for sexual abuse information has been withheld about crashed, recovered
resulted and are likely still being litigated. and back engineered anti-gravity craft (AGCs). Everyone
must examine the facts, testimonies and information
available and then consider their sources for credibility and
support of the facts. Very strong evidence that this Secret the whole world and a quick end to the oil cartel. They
Space War Program exists are the numerous documented know that most of the oil goes to plastics manufacturing
testimonies of well vetted witness with high security and more necessary things.
clearances who either worked for the US Military or a
contractor in deep-black, special access or Insider leaks suggest that the unenforced borders of the
unacknowledged programs. southern USA and Europe and the massive immigrations
are part of a sinister NWO plan to Globalize the USA and
Other strong and convincing evidence this Secret Space Europe in order to breakdown national sovereignty is
War Program exists. Consider the frequent past use of being enacted by KM Cutout who are being directed by
“national security suppression units” set up around the Alien ET controllers according to their Alien Agenda.
Secret Space War Programs using private security
contractors like Whackem’out World Services and the use The so-called Alien Agenda which is incredibly parasitical
of special Men in Black (MIBS). These national security and evil requires globalizing the whole Earth and setting
suppression units are used to suppress reports, seize up one central police state government under the Alien top
evidence and sometime assassinate those from the inside command by using a Hierarchy of Cutouts. This is
who have chosen to speak out despite threats against them. necessary to be able to assert the degree of control
necessary over the masses in order to thin the human herd
Men like Philip Schneider was one such person murdered by 90% and prevent any serious organized resistance,
by MIBS. He was a man of great courage who showed rebellion or revolution while doing so. Some top
significant evidence at his presentations before he was researchers believe that the top Alien ETs in charge of the
murdered that his story was real. You can access some of City of London and the Select few who run the Khazarian
his presentations on mafia (KM) and the SSG are “insect types”, others claim
praying mantis types, while others claim it is large
Some insiders have reported that MIBS have taken over dragon/lizard type Dracos.
parts of the Pentagon and the Administration and are
actually soulless alien ET/human hybrids that occasionally Alien ET groups have their own websites and are required
murder those who leak USG and SSG secrets. Come to to use an identifying logo usually based on the head
your own conclusions about this, but take time to do some profile. In fact the official USAF logo is based on the
detailed internet and searches before you just group that runs it at the top, the same group running the
reject this out of hand. Are MIBS part of an evil Alien BCC and has notably consistent Luciferian beliefs and
Agenda to seed Planet earth with a transitory hybrid race practices.
along the way to a new World completely depopulated by
humans and repopulated by soulless, completely hived, Many believe that the Little greys and are the worker bee
predatory alien creations? androids and large greys are the lieutenants and henchmen.
All are soulless. The Tall White or Nordics seems to be
The existence of the Secret Space War peaceful and defense oriented only and have secret
Program has taken America down a working arrangements with a small faction in “four
sinister path. corners” SW America with one American Defense
Contractor and with a certain faction inside the Russian
And this path has allowed a certain incredibly evil Alien Federation.
ET group to assume control over the USG and manipulate
it into deploying several nasty eugenics and terra-forming
programs, including the most notorious one, one the
atmospheric toxic chemical and biological spraying
program, commonly referred to as “Chem-trails”. The old
boy core of the SSG greatly fears the disclosure of the
public ever finding out crashed, recovered, back
engineered Alien ET anti-gravity craft (AGCs) and the
presence of Alien ETs and treaties with them. They believe
this would quickly erode the absolute power of the SSG
because it requires abject secrecy to operate and keep the
American masses suppressed and neutralized.

Despite this, the Aliens have told the top SSG leaders they
must disclose and if they don’t it will be done for them
after a certain time limit. And the younger MJs and those The emergence of the Secret Shadow Government (SSG)
new ones who have been “read in” want disclosure as as well as the Secret Space War Program could have never
soon as possible along with zero point aka free energy for

occurred without the gradual emergence of a complete It has been reported and I tend to believe it that some
disconnect between the American People and the USG. select defense contractor officials were so hungry for
advanced alien technology that they became “parasitically
And this was all forcefully and unjustifiably imposed on infected” (taken over) by the alien mindset and now appear
We The People by the imposition of so-called “National to be hived to the alien ETs and their master goal. And
Security” as a false cloak for every kind of unimaginable what is their master goal?
USG and major defense contractor evil.
Apparently if leaked reports are
The USG’s power to create and enforce National Security accurate the Alien Agenda includes
was solidified and enhanced by the Pentagon’s war terra-forming the Earth, making it
machine that emerged during WW2 and was solidified by uninhabitable for humans, thus
winning the war. But it also gained major traction by the prepping it for Alien ET mining
notorious Roswell Crash and recovery of an Alien ET anti- operations and for their colonization.
gravity craft with dead alien ETs and at least one surviving
alien ET.

The most difficult part of the Secret

Space War Program narrative that we do
have good evidence for are the
“Exchange Treaties” that have been
entered into independently between
certain Alien ET groups and the leaders
of certain nations of the World.

The Draco guarding over the City of London Financial

District. Is the Draco a “Fallen One” and the secret ruler of
the Khazarian Mafia and its world’s largest Organized
crime Syndicate which includes all private Central Fiat
Banking which lends counterfeit money out for use at
pernicious usury to create worldwide debt-slavery?

This Alien Agenda appears to be an age-old one that has

taken many centuries to roll out and follows a rigid plan of
industrializing the World through war and then
Under these treaties, certain Alien ET groups are allowed centralizing control through a process of Globalization.
to abduct humans in exchange for access to Alien ET high
technology including anti-gravity, zero point “free Insiders have claimed that despite all the apparent Alien
energy”, advanced psychotronic mind-kontrol systems, ET high technology and power that would allow them to
biological warfare to thin the human herd, and advanced just take over publicly and do whatever they want, they are
weapon systems. constricted under “Cosmic Rules of Play” by a single
Creator of all which many view as Almighty God.
The treaty the USG made with a certain group referred to
as “Tall Greys” supposedly required the Greys to return Therefore as this narrative goes, these
humans after they were abducted with their memories Alien ETs must gain the consent of
erased and no negative consequences. But soon several of humans one at a time.
Alien ET AGCs that crashed showed they were breaking
this agreement by butchering humans. Allegedly in the past on at least two occasions these
Dracos which are male only descended (Nephilim) and
One later treaty in particular has allegedly allowed a bred with female humans to create hybrids. they were so
certain group of Alien ETs to work in an underground base evil that God Almighty destroyed them and forbade them
with humans doing genetic experiments ranging from to ever walk around freely above ground. Allegedly the
creating alien/human hybrids, to make androids, to blend Draco leaders believe that if they gain the consent of each
electronic devices with human genetics, to clone, to make human that is alive they can take over without God’s
human/animal chimeras, and to attempt to synthesize the destruction. So the less humans left to gain consent with,
human soul. the easier it is.

So they do it the most efficient way, they do whatever is
necessary to gain the consent of the World’s leaders, the
leaders of the largest and most powerful nations of the And we already see evidence that consent is now in the
World. process of being withdrawn. What is that evidence?

And then these leaders who have become major Cutouts It is the massive worldwide wave of nuggets of truth which
(aka the “Select Few”) then use advanced mind-kontrol are emerging all over the Internet and which the masses
technology provided by the Aliens to influence the public are connecting and coming to their own conclusions about
using the Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM) and to reality and these view appears to now be quite populist and
gain mass consent to the various societal changes that directly against the USG’s big lies, false-narratives and
erode the soul and make it much easier for folks to lose propaganda dispensed by the CMMM. Yes, it is apparent
their very soul. that the CMMM’s spell of mind control is now being
broken by the Internet, the World’s New Gutenberg Press.
And it is believed by some insiders that one must lose
their soul before they will ever cooperate with the And as the US economy worsens as
major parts of the Evil Alien Agenda which involves more and more US jobs are exported
eugenics to thin the human herd by 90% and massive under all the illegal, unConstitutional
chem-trail spraying to terra-form the Earth and alter the Free-Trade Agreements, coupled with
climate according to the Draco’s needs. the mass influx of millions of
immigrants, legal and illegal, Americans
It is strongly suspected that the Khazarian Mafia (KM) are being squeezed financially as never
formed an secret alliance with an evil Alien ET group before and are waking up by the
known as the Dracos and received the secret knowledge of millions.
Babylonian Talmudism to make money from nothing and
create worldwide debt-slavery through the use of Fiat How long do you think the average American middle class
counterfeit money and pernicious usury for renting it out person who is now in the process of losing everything they
for use to the commoners. ever worked for will sit back and do nothing?

So here is the situation We The People And especially so once they figure out that the RICO
in America find ourselves in. criminals who hijacked the USG make their money by
Without our continued consent to this printing and issuing it, that is by distributing it or renting it
criminal USG that has been hijacked by out for pernicious usury in return, while the average
a foreign power in 1913, the Alien American has to work for it at least five days a week?
Agenda cannot continue. So each of us
must withdraw consent in any When mass dissent reaches a certain
reasonable way we can. critical mass, a tipping point will be
reached and the ability of the criminal
And those on the forefront of denying consent are labeled USG to maintain power will erode like
as Domestic Terrorists by DHS and placed on Terror snow melting on the first hot, sunny
Watch, No Work and No Fly lists and treated as Enemies spring day.
of the State.
Their RICO criminal system will crumble from all sides
like a sand castle collapsing in a hard rain.

Yes the forces arrayed against us are foreboding, but do

not get discouraged or give up hope. We are making
serious progress every day. Never before has the truth
emerged and been diffused to the degree it has the last
year, thanks to the Worldwide Internet. New facts and An interesting development in the issue of disclosure of
important reports and testimonies are now communicated crashed, recovered and back-engineered UFO and
around the World at the speed of light instead of the speed exchange treaties with Alien ETs is the recent large
of paper. number or programs on TV such as Hanger One, featuring
MUFON recovered documents and the Ancient Aliens
One of the biggest immediate threats to Series.
the USG’s system of big lies, false-
narratives and propaganda dispensed The recent production and broadcast of the X-files in a
by the CMMM right now is the truth six episode series has many wondering if the official USG
about Sandy Hook that there were no disclosure that has been predicted by insiders for many
dead kids. years is now approaching. And the X-files and other TV
shows and movies have been disclosing more and more
You can download this banned book for free which ideas illustrating staged false-flag terror operations. Stay
documents how Nobody Died at Sandy Hook. Share this tuned because this is likely to get very interesting soon.
book with your family and friends and tell everyone that is
interested in hearing the truth. How interesting that Wayne Note: Special thanks and much gratitude to the Directors
Carver M.D., the official coroner who spoke and appeared of VT who have allowed this type of disclosure article and
strangely at the Sandy Hook News Conference when he all the various Intel Cowboys who are supportive of this
stated that he hoped this whole thing didn’t come down on kind of work. You know who you are.
their heads, referring to the residents of Sandy Hook.

Apollo Missions Ended Because Extraterrestrials
Prevented US Navy Bases on Moon
Written by Dr. Michael Salla
January 29, 2016

TRW employee from July 1967 to March 1971, and

describes his role in helping design the Launch Operations
Center at Cape Canaveral, Florida.

Earlier, during the final two years of his 12 year

employment at the Douglas Aviation Company (1950-
1963), Tompkins’ innovative designs for planned Apollo
missions had greatly impressed Dr. Kurt H. Debus. In July
1962, Debus had become the first Director of NASA’s
Launch Operation Center (renamed the Kennedy Space
Center after the JFK Assassination), a position he held
until his retirement in November 1974.

In 1963, Debus appointed Tompkins to a Working Group

The U.S. Navy planned to put 10,000 people on the Moon for the future Launch Operations Center. The two held
in the early 1970’s as part of a secret lunar bases program many confidential meetings over the future of the Apollo
that was to be established through the NASA Apollo program, and discussed its real mission as part of an
program. According to William Tompkins, a top aerospace ambitious Navy space program called “NOVA” for
designer who worked for major NASA corporate secretly establishing military garrisons on the Moon, Mars
contractors during the Apollo era, the covert Navy plan and nearby star systems.
came to a crushing end during the Apollo 11 mission when
Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin were met by a fleet of The Apollo Moon landings were only the first stage of an
menacing extraterrestrial spacecraft. ambitious four stage plan for NOVA. Stage 2 of NOVA
was to put 10,000 people on the Moon. Stage 3 was to
Tompkins’ account of what really happened on the Moon place bases on Mars and other planetary bodies in the
is explained in his recently published autobiography, Solar System. Finally, Stage 4 was to place manned Navy
Selected By Extraterrestrials. At the time of the Moon bases in 12 adjoining star systems.
landing, Tompkins worked for TRW, a leading aerospace
corporation that built the first NASA satellite, Pioneer 1. To support his radical claims, Tompkins provided several
documents in his autobiography. The first is a 1963
TRW was responsible for a range of critical components Douglas Aviation Company study of the launch vehicles to
used in Apollo spacecraft, and its personnel were in the be used in the covert NOVA program.
operations center for Apollo missions. Tompkins was a

The second is an April 15, 1963 Memorandum from the Douglas Aviation Company. It confirms Tompkins’ appointment by
Dr. Debus to the Launch Operations Center and the designs he was working on for NASA.

Tompkins describes what he designed for the Apollo Tompkins explains how Armstrong and Aldrin were met
Missions and NOVA: by a fleet of extraterrestrial spaceships that were
ominously close to the Apollo Lunar Lander:
As Engineering Section Chief, I conceived
dozens of missions and spaceships The Landing Module (LEM) actually
designed for exploratory operations to the impacted the Moon surface in the Sea of
planets that orbit our nearest stars. I Tranquility Crater, which had tremendous
designed a station to be built on Mars, size vehicles parked around part of its rim.
massive NOVA vehicles and equatorial When astronaut Neil Armstrong made that
launching facilities. I also designed multiple First Step for Man on the Moon he looked
2,000-man military bases for our Moon… I up to the edge of the crater and said to
designed the checkout and launch-test mission control: “There are other ships
systems for the Apollo Moon Saturn V, SIV- here, they are enormous. The public did
1B and reassembly with the command not hear that statement or see the massive
control Moon vehicle, a near complete alien starships. Armstrong panned his
redesign of the major facilities operations camera in a 360 degree motional all around
for the entire Launch Control Center. the crater and the CIA then classified the
(Selected by Extraterrestrials, p. xix) information as way above top secret. ”
(Selected by Extraterrestrials, p. 418)
During the Apollo 11 Moon landing in July 1969,
Tompkins says he was in the NASA Launch Operations Tompkins drew a picture of what he witnessed on the
Center at Cape Canaveral as part of a large TRW Apollo live feed camera along with other TRW and NASA
contingent. He states that television cameras from the personnel.
Apollo Lander provided a live feed of what was being
witnessed by Armstrong and Aldrin.

How this extraterrestrial action effectively put an end to So why did NASA eventually terminate the Apollo
the covert Navy plan, thereby endings its support for the missions if extraterrestrial visitors were there and watching
Apollo program, is described by Tompkins: the Earth? The answer according to Armstrong, as relayed
by an unnamed Professor at a NASA symposium, is as
The Extraterrestrials put up their “NO follows:
TRESPASSING” sign but allowed us to
make several other additional Apollo Professor: What really happened out there
landings to pick up a few rocks and play in with Apollo 11?
the sand. The action of the extraterrestrials
Armstrong: It was incredible … of course,
stopped our plans to build our manned
we had always known there was a
Naval Base on the Moon. (Selected by
possibility … the fact is, we were warned
Extraterrestrials, p. 428)
off. There was never any questions then of
a space station or a moon city.
What Tompkins claims he saw happen via the NASA live
feed of the Moon landing is consistent with HAM radio Professor: How do you mean “warned off”?
intercepts of the live feed, and the claims of former NASA Armstrong: I can’t go into details, except to
employee Otto Bender. say that their ships were far superior to
ours both in size and technology – Boy,
According to Bender, the Apollo 11 astronauts transmitted where they big! … and menacing …. No,
that they were being watched by large alien vehicles. there is no question of a space station.
Bender confirmed that HAM radio operators had indeed Professor: But NASA had other missions
intercepted VHF signals transmitted from Apollo 11 to after Apollo 11?
NASA’s Houston headquarters with the following
message, which NASA screened from the public: Armstrong: Naturally – NASA was
committed at that time, and couldn’t risk a
panic on earth…. But it really was a quick
Mission Control: What’s there ? Mission
scoop and back again. (Above Top Secret,
Control calling Apollo 11.
p. 186)
Apollo 11: These babies are huge, sir …
enormous….Oh, God, you wouldn’t believe The unnamed Professor was first quoted by Timothy Good
it! I’m telling you there are other space craft in his ground breaking book, Above Top Secret (1987), and
out there… lined up on the far side of the he corroborates Tompkins’ claim that NASA was warned
crater edge… they’re on the moon off the moon, and that there were plans to build a “moon
watching us. city.” The city was in fact planned to be a U.S. Navy base
that was part of the NOVA program.
In an August 27, 2012 blog post, Dr. Stephen Greer
revealed that he spoke with close relatives of both The extraterrestrial occupants of the large star ships
Armstrong and Aldrin who had been told the truth about intimidating the Apollo 11 mission did not want the U.S.
what the astronauts had seen on the moon: Navy establishing a beachhead for future military bases on
the Moon. By preventing the U.S. Navy in moving forward
Close friends and very close family members of both Neil with its plan to put 10,000 people on the Moon using a
Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin have separately told me that number of NOVA rocket launchers throughout the 1970’s,
indeed there were numerous, large UFOs around the crater the NOVA program effectively came to a crushing end in
where the Lunar Module landed and that these were seen July 1969.
by both Armstrong and Aldrin. I have also spoken to
military officers that have seen the footage of this event – It would take the U.S. Navy more than a decade before it
but it has never been made public. could complete the construction of its first antigravity
space vehicles as part of its Solar Warden program.
Greer’s testimony is significant since it supports According to Tompkins and other whistleblowers, the first
Tompkins’ claim that there was a live video feed recording U.S. Navy space battle groups were deployed in the early
what Armstrong and Aldrin were seeing. 1980’s during the Reagan Administration, thereby
establishing a U.S. Navy presence in deep space for the
first time.

Cosmic Disclosure Season 3 - Episode 4:
Revelations from the Inner Earth - Summary and Analysis
Corey Goode and David Wilcock
By Justin Deschamps
Friday, January 29, 2016

Earth groups would reappear as way showers

and guides, often claiming to be gods, despite
the fact they were merely distant cousins to their
now fallen brothers and sisters.

Goode and Gonzales were taken aback by this

testimony from the Inner Earth groups. Yet given
how little we know about the events that
transpired during their time, the council implored
Goode and Gonzales to reserve their judgments.

After the meeting, the seven groups disbanded

back to their places of origin, except for one
priestess and her associate, who approached
Gonzales with a special request. Kaaree, the
priestess, wanted to access a memory that
Goode experienced during his time as an
adolescent in the MILAB Intuitive Empath
program. During that period of his life, he was
In September, Corey Goode had a meeting with taken to a crystal cave, being told that the
a newly formed Inner Earth Alliance council. This objects within it were living beings able to be
was an unprecedented meeting, as these groups contacted via mental techniques. He was told to
normally do not associate with each other. connect with them mentally, and although Goode
During the gathering, they claimed to be the first did not recall anything specific from the interface,
race of humans to evolve on Earth, apparently apparently Kaaree and her compatriots were
tracing their origins to as early as 20 million keenly interested in what Goode was able to pick
years ago. By comparison, modern Earth history up off the crystal.
seems like a single drop in an ocean of time.
Goode describes this exchange as one of the
According to what was shared at the council single most transformative moments of his life.
meeting, these seven different Inner Earth He says that since this encounter, he has felt
groups had once walked the surface in their own very different.
time of evolution, each having descended below
as a result of impending cataclysm. Apparently the crystal cave location had been
lost to Kaaree's group during a series of
In what seems like a similar story from each skirmishes with a raptor-like race many years
group, the elites or high priests of their respective ago. This was a sacred location for them, and in
cultures discovered that cataclysms would one an effort to broker good relations with this group,
day ravage the surface. Instead of taking the Goode agreed to participate in the exchange.
whole of their civilization with them, they left the
'undesirable ones' on the surface to fend for This is part two of a sub-series covering Goode's
themselves. In many cases, after the cataclysm, trip to Inner Earth. For part one see the below-
the surface population would be reduced to a linked article.
cavemen-like society, at which time these Inner

Related Cosmic Disclosure Season 3 - World War II. It was after this forced merger that the SSP,
Episode 2: A Goode Trip to the Inner Earth - under the direction of the Interplanetary Corporate
Summary and Analysis | Corey Goode and Conglomerate (ICC), expanded into the solar system and
David Wilcock beyond, setting up dozens of bases and mining facilities
chiefly using slave labor.
Goode also produced an extensive written report,
which he references through this sub-series. See In the early 1990's, a faction within the SSP known
the below-linked article for the full trip report. as Solar Warden slowly began to go against the ICC,
allying with a group of highly evolved extraterrestrials
Related Ancient Earth Break-Away- known as the Sphere Being Alliance in 2012. Since then,
Civilization Subterranean Council Meeting & more factions have joined the alliance which is actively
SSP Alliance Debrief Part I - "Honeycomb working to free humanity on Earth and beyond, known as
Earth" the SSP Alliance. Despite their good intentions, the SSP
Alliance is a group of highly damaged and morally
Overview of Corey Goode, the Secret Space ambiguous individuals, according to Goode, that recognize
Program Alliance and the Sphere Being Alliance: at some level the need to change the status quo, but are
hardly angels.
Corey Goode is a Secret Space Program (SSP) insider and
whistleblower that began disclosing information in 2009 The Sphere Beings are a group of five extraterrestrial
under the pseudonym GoodETxSG. In 2014, he started races, one of which is known as the Blue Avians, that
revealing a great deal more information in an effort to arrived in the solar system during the late 1980's. Two of
prepare humanity for what he calls 'data dumps', set to the races remain unrevealed, however, there is also a race
occur at an opportune moment in the future. Much of the of 'golden triangle head' beings and 'blue orb' beings made
information he provides comes from 'Smart Glass Pads', of light. Over the course of 20 years, they began bringing
iPad like devices supplied to SSP personnel for massive spheres into the solar system and surrounding
information dissemination purposes. This will be a ground area, some which are the size of Jupiter. This is in an effort
breaking event, revealing the totality of Earth's history and to downstep galactic energy waves, which are slowly
the activities of the Cabal which will ultimately lead to a changing life as we know it. These spheres are cloaked and
truth and reconciliation style tribunal to hold criminal not detectable by the surface population of Earth.
elements accountable for wrongdoing. Additionally, the
SSP Alliance intends on releasing all of the hidden According to the Sphere Beings, a massive shift in
technology to the people in preparation for a 'Star Trek- energetic expression is now occurring in the solar system,
type golden age'. as the result of a natural process of consciousness
evolution, assisted by our solar system's movement
through the galaxy and increasingly coherent energy
According to Goode, the Cabal or the secret Earth fields encountered as a result. The Sphere Being Alliance
government and their syndicates (as termed by the SSP specifically asked for Goode to represent them in SSP
Alliance) have enslaved humanity under a false paradigm Alliance meetings as a Sphere Being Alliance delegate.
of a technological advancement, while secretly developing Presently, the SSP Alliance is negotiating with the
incredible technology (a Star Trek level of advancement) remaining cabal aligned programs, as well as innumerable
used to colonize the solar system and beyond, engaging in races that have lived in the solar system for millions of
trade with thousands of extraterrestrial races. years, and even breakaway civilizations once resident on
the Earth's surface. The Sphere Beings have erected an
Space programs have been developed in secret all energy barrier around the solar system preventing ingress
throughout Earth's history, and in many cases, groups and egress, trapping many of he negatively oriented groups
broke away from the main culture forming what is called a that have been loosely allied with the secret Earth
Breakaway Civilization. Some of these civilizations have government syndicates for thousands of years. Since this
existed in secret, on Earth and beyond for. thousands of event, the pyramid of power known on Earth as the Cabal
years. The Agartha Network is one such group that claims or Illuminati has fallen into disarray, as the Draco Alliance
to be the original human race. It was this group in addition attempted to 'sell out' their underlings to the Sphere Beings
to the Draco Alliance, that made contact with a secret in an attempt to gain passage out of the solar system and
German space program in the early 20th century. escape the coming justice of the SSP Alliance.

In modern times, the Germans were the most advanced of SSP factions encountered many intriguing things as they
the SSP groups, beginning their efforts in earnest during ventured out into the solar system. Apparently there are
the early 1920's and 30's. The Americans were also remnants of extremely old settlements and technology
developing a SSP, but were much further behind in from what is called the Ancient Builder race. These beings
technological advances. Later, the American SSPs were were incredibly advanced, using a type of consciousness
infiltrated and taken over by the Germans after the end of technology that appears to be an inanimate object until

activated by a user. They are also responsible for is essential to follow what is presented
building ancient stargates found on nearly every major below.]
body in the solar system. According to the Agarthans, the
Sphere beings are in fact the ancient builder race, although Human civilization has existed for at least 6,000
the SSP has yet to confirm this directly from them. years, according to modern archeology. Even in
accepting this point at its face value, the
The dark side of the Moon is home to many different possibility of other advanced civilizations
groups, including the ICC, the Draco Alliance, the SSP developing since the formation of the human
Alliance, the Dark Fleet, and more. The Moon is race, some 240,000 years ago, is highly likely.
apparently an artificial object, and has become a neutral
zone for all of these groups, which have maintained a But according to secret space program insider
peaceful armistice for thousands of years. The Moon Corey Goode, ancient humans claim to have
serves as an observational outpost for over 60 groups of existed deep within the Earth for far longer than
extraterrestrial races engaged in 22 genetic programs and that, with some of the most ancient groups citing
social experiments on Earth. Some of these programs a time period of 18 million years.
conflict with each other, yet all of them have influenced
Earth's history for millennia. Goode clarifies his relationship to the SSP
Alliance, which is far from friendly. The SSP
Alliance did not want Goode to be the Sphere
Being Alliance delegate, as they already had a
well-suited person for the job, Lt. Col. Gonzales.
There were several heated exchanges between
Goode and persons in the SSP Alliance, and at
one point communication slowed to a trickle.

Goode was contacted by Gonzales in regard to

an unprecedented development for the
geopolitical workings of the Inner Earth.
Apparently, seven previously separate groups
formed an alliance, due to feeling threatened by
their once former allies, the secret Earth
government syndicates or Cabal. Gonzales told
Show Description: Goode to prepare himself to eventually meet this
subterranean council, and in September 2015,
When the delegates from the newly-formed inner earth Goode did descend into Inner Earth.
alliance gather, startling secrets concerning the origin and
fate of humanity are revealed. These astounding According to what he was told by the council
revelations are just the beginning of a thoroughly mind- there, the Earth and solar system has been
blowing experience for Corey Goode. It seems memories home to many different humanoid races, some of
of a past event from his MILAB training hold vital which have an extrasolar origin, whereas others,
importance for the spiritual beliefs of his host. evolved in the solar system itself, and are our
stellar brothers and sisters, so to speak. The
This interview with David Wilcock was originally webcast history recounted by this group strongly
January 26, 2016. resembles other works, namely the Law of One
series. Apparently a super-Earth-sized planet
Summarized notes will be in black, with my commentary named Maldek once existed where the asteroid
in [Ariel bolded brackets]. Alterations to the transcript for belt is now, but was destroyed in an ancient
ease of reading will be in [brackets], but the original interstellar conflict. The peoples of that sphere
content of the dialog is always maintained. The images were eventually transferred here, and some of
with black letter boxing were captured from this episode them became the current surface population.
on Gaia TV.
Apparently some of these Inner Earth groups are
Transcribed by Hugues. Commentary by Justin ancient breakaway civilizations from the deep
Deschamps. past. The usual process is for a sect within a
surface population, often the elite or priest
DW = David Wilcock, CG = Corey Goode. caste develops advanced technology and
anticipates cataclysms that periodically affect the
[Be sure to review part one of this series. Earth. In many instances, this elite caste will take
Here is a brief summary of that episode which shelter inside the planet, allowing the surface

population to die off and then later appear to the DW – Do you get to bring a backpack or anything with
survivors as ETs or gods. you?

These groups were once allied with some of the CG – No, I can’t bring anything with me.
secret Earth government syndicates now in
power, but after coming under threat of these DW – Okay. So you get simple dressed.
same groups, an alliance was recently formed.
Additionally, the Inner Earth groups have a deep CG – Yeah, usually I arrive at the LOC and I get a jump
reverence for what they call 'the Guardians', suit or something else to wear. I was expecting the same
which are apparently one of the Sphere Being kind of thing. I was given no information.
DW – So now you’re twiddling your thumbs and whistling
Part of their motivation to have Goode present Dixie and going: "what the heck’s going on here?"
during this meeting was to discover why the
Sphere beings or Guardians refused to speak CG – I go to the living room, and I decide I’m going to go
with the Inner Earth groups directly. to the couch, on the internet, twiddle around on the internet
and see what’s been going on, and a bright flash of light,
Since then, Goode has met with the Inner Earth just a bright flash of light. And I’m still...
groups again, in the Kuiper Belt, wherein they
finally got the chance to meet one of the Sphere DW – Like blinding white?
Being races.
CG – Just blinding, yeah, flash of white light.
[And now here is the latter section of part on
in this sub-series, which leads right into the DW – Okay. And did you feel an electrical sensation? Or
beginning of this episode.] any type of prickling or tingling sensation or anything?

(Excerpt from Season 3 Episode 2) CG – Yeah, it was a static. And all of a sudden I could feel
I was in a, just totally different, the pressure changed; I
GOING TO INNER EARTH: mean the environment was just totally different.

DW – So how, let’s walk it through now, what is the first DW – Like the air pressure?
thing that happens? Do you get told a couple of days ahead
that you are going to be going on this trip? How much CG – Yeah. And the environment.
notice did you get? Just walk through it.
DW – How did it feel it had changed? Was it more
CG – I was just told a timeframe it was going to occur. I pressure or less pressure?
assumed it was going to be the blue sphere picking me up
as usual. CG – Less. And I could smell stone and mineral types and
my eyes were kind of blurry and I was looking and I could
DW – Okay. see I was in a giant domed, huge domed room made of
granite. And the ceiling, I mean guesstimating a hundred
CG – I got up and was ready for this to happen. feet tall. It was huge and there were four doors.

DW – And you were given a time to wake up? A DW – How wide was the room would you say?
CG – Probably a hundred, a hundred and fifty feet, huge.
CG - The time, he says: “same bat time; same bat
channel.” He’s <shakes head>, it’s usually the same time DW – And so when you say it was a granite room, is it
so, and it was past time that I would usually see the little made out of blocks?
blue sphere come in the room and I was thinking okay,
there’d been times in the past where a meeting was CG – No, it was polished all one piece, polished.
supposed to occur, nothing happened, and I stayed up, I
got up early for nothing. DW – Polished like gleaming mirror polished?

DW – So, do you get dressed when you get out of bed? CG – Yeah.
CG – Yes and usually I just wear something really simple; DW – Really?
I don’t get dressed all up like this.
CG – Yeah.
DW – So that’s a technology we wouldn’t have here CG – And my eyes were still adjusting when I saw a group
obviously. of people coming out of one of the doors and then I
realized that Gonzales was there.
CG – Yeah
DW – Well when we come back in the next episode we’re
DW – And what was the color of the granite? going to get into what actually happens to you once you
get into this area and all of these amazing things that take
CG – It was, the granite was a dark brown. And there were place. So that’s coming up next time on Cosmic
four doors at each side with people standing on either side Disclosure. Don’t miss this next episode; it’s going to
of the door. really rock your world. And as always we thank you for

(And now Season 3 Episode 4)


DW - Alright, welcome to "Cosmic Disclosure." I’m your

host, David Wilcock. I’m here with Corey Goode. So,
where we left off was that you see a group of people
comes towards you and apparently one of them is
Gonzales. He's now wearing the same costume, if you
want to call it that, as everybody else’s.

CG - Yeah.
CG – And I was standing there not knowing whether to
DW - Okay, so let's start there. What happens next? How
call out because they didn’t look at me or acknowledge
many people came towards you?
CG - Including Gonzales, there were five.
DW – And there were guards at each door? How many?
DW - Okay
CG – Yes. There were two each standing on each side of
the door.
CG - And about halfway to where I was standing, … four
of the five stopped, one of the five being Gonzales,
DW – What did these guys look like? What were they
continued, walked towards me, greeted me, I started [to
stretch] my hand out to shake his hand. He put his hand up
and told me and he didn’t want to have to go through the
CG – They were wearing white robes with pendants, cleansing ceremony again. Basically, he couldn’t touch
different pendants on each... me.

DW - <giggling>

CG - Then he told me that I was gonna have to go through

a cleansing ceremony, and we started heading the other
direction. There was a woman and three men that were all

DW – Like amulets on a necklace?

CG – Umm hmm.

DW – Okay.

CG - They had hoods up. DW - So if you saw somebody like this walking around,
you’d be like, “Whoa, what’s going on with that lady?”

CG - She would get your attention. <Both: Yeah!> She’s

not going to walk among us without being noticed.

DW - Right. And the other people that you saw, what did
they look like?

CG - In her group, they had white hair, blond hair, some of

them had brown hair, and some of them had black hair.

In a later report, Goode says that the priestess's name is Kaaree.

CG - And she had white hair, eyes that are just slightly
larger than ours that were blue.

DW - So…

CG - And she was my - I'm just a hair under 6' 1”, and she
was my height. And they were wearing flat-footed sandal
shoes. Priestess group showing white haired beings only.

DW - Was she disturbing or unpleasant to look at? CG - They weren’t all exactly the same with white hair.
She was really tall and not really frail looking but very
CG - No, she was stunning. thin. I mean, she was just really thin.

DW - Okay, she was a very beautiful woman. DW - Was the narrower face also consistent among them,
or was that more just her particular look?
CG - She was attractive, different looking but attractive.
CG - Most of them [had the narrower face]. But there were
some of them [who were] somewhat a shorter, closer to
DW - What was different about her?
our heights and a little bit different body [type], a little bit
more… meat to them. They wore the same symbol.
CG - She had narrow features. I mean, she was just narrow

DW - What was this symbol they were wearing?

CG - Saturn symbol that was gold. There were three

different ones. The people who were obviously hosting
[the meeting] had a stone [with the Saturn symbol on it]
that was kind of a red, [a] rose-ish look at the six o’clock

DW - Her face was narrower?

CG - Yes and [she had] the larger eyes. She’s pale, got
white hair. I mean, she obviously looks different.
Red Saturn symbol group, the hosts of the meeting. Priestess Kaaree
is on the left.

CG - One group, at the three o’clock position, had a black THE FOUNTAIN ROOM:
CG - We go through the door and it looks like the tunnel
ends at a certain point but it actually continues going

DW - So there’s a tunnel after the door?

CG - Right, it’s a carved corridor as if it’s molded or laser-

cut just like the room was.

DW - All-granite polished?

CG - Yeah. There’s light and I'll talk about the source

Black Saturn symbol group. later. There’s light coming [from] everywhere, no
CG - And the other group had a stone that was jade… shadows. It’s perfectly lit. So anyway, I could hear the
sound of water and kind of smell wet stone, minerals, and
that kind of a smell…

DW - Like you’re in a cave?

CG - Right, that’s where we were heading. Down the hall,

there’s apparently… there were a door there. On each side
of the door, there was an eight-pointed star. One was gold,
about the size of a hand stretched like this and slightly
smaller. On the right side of the opening of the door, there
was a red eight-pointed star slightly lower.

Jade Saturn symbol group.

CG - All three of these groups were genetically
cousins/related, and worked together [forming] a [larger]
group: some sort of related group beyond all of the other

DW - So, did you walk through one of these four doors…

to get out of that room?

CG - At that point, the woman and two of the men had

already left, leaving one man standing and…

DW - And nobody spoke to you, other than Gonzales? Not an exact rendition of the doorway described by CG, but these are
the two symbols mentioned.
CG - No, no, no one spoke…
CG - As we’re heading in, I immediately - I mean you
DW - So that’s this weird, quiet kind of vibe… could feel it - like a slight breeze…

CG - There was a lot of that… DW - As you go through this door: was it on the right or
the left?
DW - Like a meditative monastic silence…
CG - Left. And the room lit up just like the other rooms. It
CG - Yeah, this was a temple complex. looked the same.

DW - Okay. DW - So the same size ceiling, very tall ceiling?

CG - So this was a very ceremonial kind of thing. CG - It’s not as tall

DW - Right. DW - Okay

CG - But it’s domed. And as it comes close to the area CG - And they were off-white. The water was falling on
where it goes flat up into the dome, there was a port [from the back of a statue that [represented] a woman, I guess a
where] the water was flowing out of… goddess of some sort. [She] was holding something in her
arm, I couldn’t tell what it was and [she] had her hand held
out like this [see above image]. And she was…

DW - Did she have a hairstyle? Did she have her hair done
a certain way?

CG - Her hair was up, kind of stylized but she was

completed encrusted [in] mineral deposits like calcium…

DW - Was it a life-size human effigy?

CG - It was life-size, yes. The water filled a pool

up…really, she was up kind of high. There was a stone
[wall] that came around in a circle, then a kind of a cut in
the circle and the water came flowing out … down to a
larger pool.
DW - Like a hole…

CG - Probably a good three or four feet wide.

DW - Hmm

CG - And there was water pouring out of it. The water was
almost milk-white. There were also stalactites about this
big [about 8”] [that] were building underneath the port

CG - The larger pool was about this high [ ~26”] off the
ground. It was large and wide.

DW - So this dais that she was on must have been raised

up pretty high then.


CG - Yes, at that point … the Inner Earth guide [who] was

with Gonzales and I, but was staying several paces back,
DW - Okay turned and walked outside the room and stayed [there].

Gonzales told me to take off my clothes <half laughing> like that other room. And that’s when I was looking around
and put them over a pillar next to his. thinking to myself about the light.

DW - <laughing>

CG - And that’s when he really told me much more about

their Venus worship, their rule big [on] the cleansing

DW - What is the cleansing ceremony?

CG - Before you enter into certain temples, you have wear

proper clothing and you have to cleanse your body in
certain pools.

DW - So is it similar to the right of baptism or something?

CG - It’s cleansing yourself before going to a holy place. CG - The woman [who] greeted us, walked in, and carried
the items to me, turned to me and with a very strange
accent in English said, “The light is created by frequency.”
DW - Okay, [it’s] similar to people saying that you got to
I was kind of shocked [that] she spoke to me. And before I
take off your shoes off…
got the chance to say anything, another woman came
walking in wearing the same symbol that she wears, the
CG - Yeah, <laughing> except …
Saturn symbol, and looked at each of us.
DW - <Laughing> You have to take everything off!

CG - <Also laughing> You have to take everything off… I

was already cold… [It was] chilly and a bit breezy in that
room. Not long after, I had taken my clothes off [and
Gonzales] kind of snickered a little bit. The woman who
had somewhat greeted us when we arrived, comes walking
in with one the robes [folded up in her hands], a couple of
towels, and the sandals on it. She came walking into the

DW - <Laughing> While you stayed there…

CG - Yes!
CG - For some reason, I just knew that everybody ought to
DW - ... just like the day you were born… put our hoods on and walk down a semi-circle [flight] of
stairs that were cut into the rock, just like everything else
CG - And Gonzales sticks one foot behind [himself and] [was cut] out of granite. Then we were down to the next
slides [a] steps back so that she had a clear path [of sight] floor and there was another room. Inside that room there
to me. That was when… <sighing comically> I was not were all of these different groups who we were there to
pleased. But she walked right up to me. She handed me the meet. That was the meeting hall.
pile of linens and went like this [nodded], and turned and
nodded at Gonzales and turned around and left the room.
But, yeah, Gonzales guided me through the cleaning in the
pool and using one rag for one part of my body, one towel MEETING THE SEVEN INNER EARTH GROUPS:
for the other.
DW - Is this also a very large room with a high ceiling,
DW - Okay, so you’re now in the robe. Do other people with a domed roof?
show up in the room once you got the robe on?
CG - It was kind of a medium-size room. There weren’t a
CG - Yes, we exit the room. We are then brought down whole lot of people in [it]. There was approximately three
the hall, which starts to slope down the hall. And it starts people for every group, plus Gonzales and I. There were
to curve to the right and going down and down as it curves. seven groups.
Then it starts to open up. The ceiling starts to open up.
And it comes to a room that is probably around 90 feet tall,
Based on the numbers CG just presented,
that would come to about 23 total people
present, including him and Gonzales.]

DW - Was there something to sit on in this room?

CG - Yes.

DW - What did it look like? What did you sit on?

CG - There were just… not really pews, because there was

no back to it. But [there were] stone benches.
Stylized Swastika group.
DW - Okay, that makes sense.
CG - There was a horseshoe or omega symbol with an
CG - Several would sit [on each bench], and it was not a eight-pointed star in it.
semicircle, but kind of like an oval, not a full oval [shaped]
room, because it flattened [out] where you walked in —
the door where you walked in — it was a flat wall, and
then … the room was kind of an oval and the ceiling [was]
in stone. There were people standing and people sitting on
the pew kind of benches. And up to the front was a
group of people sitting around a stone table. We were
walked up towards the front. When I got up to the front, I
could see on the stone table [that] it had some carvings on
it. I couldn’t make out what they were but I saw the gold
star, the red star, [and the] eight-pointed stars on the
table. Gonzales and I sat down and that’s when I started
seeing all the different groups sitting around the table in
the room with all the different symbols [adorning them]. Omega group.
There was a silver star.
CG - There were three different types of the Saturn
symbol that I’ve described in detail.

Silver Star group.

CG - There was a stylized swastika. Red Saturn symbol group.

groups had their amulets [they] were tapping on their
amulets, and doing like this <gestures hands to show
tapping on an amulet hanging from one's neck>. There
were these little holograms coming off [of the amulets as a
result]. So these were a technology and not just [a] piece of
jewelry or symbols.

Black Saturn symbol group.

Jade, Black and Red amulets. Image Source

DW - And that goes back to what this insider once told me

that the more technology you have, the less technology
you need. Right? The amulet could potentially do
everything they need.

CG - Right. And there were different looking groups. I

briefly described the people already with the Saturn
[symbol] …

DW - Now, a swastika: were these folks Nazis? Were

Jade Saturn symbol group.

CG - And then there was [a symbol] that looks kind of like

an hourglass, or it could be a symbol of Orion; I'm not
really sure.

DW - But it’s like triangles?

CG - Right, it’s like two triangles meeting together.

Stylized Swastika group.

CG - They had nothing to do with anything Nazi. And

there were different looking groups. There was an African-
looking group that had bronze [colored] skin. [They were]
stocky, not real tall but about the same height, six-foot

Hourglass symbol group.

DW - And each of these amulets represented one of the

seven major groups—[the] differentiations of groups down

CG - [Each represented] the symbol of each group that

was present. And when we walked in, each of the different

African-looking group.
Mediterranean-looking group.
CG - There was sort of an Asian-looking group, but their
body type wouldn’t match quite what you’d picture on the CG - And then there was a group – the group that wore the
Surface. omega symbol – that looked very much like they could
walk among us on the surface.

Asian-looking group.
Omega symbol group.
CG - And [there were] people [who] looked like they were
from India with a very pale-blue skin color, almost like DW - So you basically just described some variations of
[when] you see veins under your skin. all the major races that are here on Earth's [surface]?

CG - Right. And they were all coming together to meet

[and] discuss all of the events that were going on that had
pretty much caused them to form this council. There had
been a lot of battles and attacks.. a lot of things going on
underground that were very troubling to them that had
caused casualties among their people. So they’re very
much purists of their cultures and genetics. The omega
group mentioned that they were worshipers of Venus and
they mentioned a couple of times “Prince of Venus,” the
“Morning Star”…

DW - The eight-pointed apparently is a symbol of Venus.

India-looking group. CG - There might be other meanings for it as well: there

was a gold one and a red one. I have not had all of these
CG - There was a shorter, Mediterranean-looking group symbols deciphered for me. I don’t know what they mean.
and then there was a group.

DW - Gonzales ends up speaking at some point. You said

that was a pretty big part of it.

CG - Right, they had their conversations and they were the other groups [there] were either two or one woman in
asked to speak English for their guests. That really didn’t the group.
happen much. They started speaking this — what Gonzales
referred to me as pre-Akkadian, pre-ancient Sumerian DW - You said in the writeup that him throwing to
language. Then [there was] another language that they Gonzales was a breach of the normal protocol.
were speaking around each other [and] speaking some
English. It was pretty confusing but we were able to pick CG - Right, so Gonzales stood up and…
up the gist of what was going on.
DW - What was the normal protocol?
[Transcriber, Hugues Prévost’s Note:
Sumerian is considered an isolate; that is, a CG - Well the host of the area where we were was
language constituting the only attested supposed to invite [one of us to speak].
representative of its family with no modern
offshoots. In contrast, Akkadian is one of many DW - So he would ask the host to ask Gonzales but not go
examples of languages belonging to the Semitic directly [to Gonzales]?
families, such as the modern Classic Arabic and
Hebrew. Therefore, Akkadian and Sumerian CG - Right, he basically just…
should not be confused with each other although
the Akkadians were greatly influenced by the DW - He was just being arrogant!
Sumerians both culturally and linguistically. This
is somewhat similar to the influence of the CG - Right. So Gonzales looked to the proper person, they
Greeks on the Romans.] nodded, and he got up and delivered his typical short but to
the point message that he appreciated some of them
CG - They were talking about the surface population visiting one of our bases out in the Kuiper Belt at great
becoming more of a threat to them with [via] advanced personal risk to themselves in the previous weeks.
weapons. [They talked about] skirmishes that they’d been
having with other subterranean groups, not human groups. DW - This is an Alliance Space Program’s base?
They were also discussing the return of what they called
the “Guardians.” We’ll get into that more later. CG - Right. And that we had to start working together
more, and really had to stop any type of deception, to be
Related Sphere Beings, Guardians and open and honest with each other. And that in the future,
Ancient Builder Race Connections to Thoth they wanted them to quit deceiving people on the surface,
and the Law of One | Secret Negotiations over telling them they were ETs and other types of beings…
Disclosure of Extraterrestrial Life & Inner
Earth Civilizations DW - Or gods.
CG - And a couple of other things, bits and pieces that we CG - Or gods, which they had done mainly in the past
were picking up. And when they were done, the guy from before we were sophisticated [enough]. It was [a] really
the omega group—the omega symbol with the star— short [address], [then] Gonzales finished and sat
motioned to Gonzales and asked him to deliver his down. And [then,] immediately the energy went up in the
message. room. They were not really comfortable with what he had
said. They started speaking amongst themselves, passed
ourselves, motioning at us like this, as they were talking.
<makes hand gesture as if speaking about someone else in
the third person who is also in the vicinity> .

DW - So what was their “counterattack?” What did they

say in response?

CG - They stood up and basically told us that they had

been on the Earth for nearly twenty million years. They
[claim they] were the original humans [who] developed on
the planet. Over oceans of time, there had been major and
minor cataclysms that changed the Earth’s tilt, its place in
the solar system, [and] its orbit. The Earth has been
CG - And we could feel [that] all of the other groups there through quite a lot. And through it all, they have lasted.
didn’t really seem to like them or feel comfortable with They formed, basically, in the beginning … It happened
them. That was the only group that was all men. [In] all of through many cycles. They had moved underground, their
elites and priestess caste left the less sophisticated part of
their civilization on the surface to fend for itself. [They] DW - So it’s almost like an Aryan ideology kind of thing,
then came back after some time and appeared to these like they’re the pure bloodline and we’re the dirty mixed
people as gods or elders, and helped kick-start the bloodline that has all this aggressive genetics and they
civilization again. [They gave] them agriculture [and] don’t want to get dirtied by [it].
medicine. [They] helped them with language and arts and
all that kind of thing to them kick-start again. This is CG - Right.
something that had happened in cycles over eons and eons
of time. DW - So it’s certainly not going to go well with Gonzales,
I’m sure.
[This account by the Inner Earth peoples
sounds very similar to the Sumerian creation CG - Oh, it didn’t go well with me either. When all of this
myths, wherein the Annunaki brought culture, was being said, I was sitting down next to Gonzales and
science, law, and many more aspects of when they were just about done, he leaned over and he
modern civilization to the surface population. said, “That went over well, didn’t it?” I was still… just
And this is not the only story like this, there having all of this going through my head, so I didn’t even
are many other myths and legends that also really hear as the meeting was coming to a close. Everyone
speak of 'the gods' descending to Earth for started standing up and put their hoods on, so I did the
various purposes. For example, the Vedic same. And we’re standing there, everyone is forming a line
epic the Mahabharata is an enormous volume and shuffling to go back out the way we came. So
of work discussing the gods and even wars everyone is quiet. We shuffled away, all the way back up,
between the gods.] back through the corridor that goes to the cleansing room.

Related The Origins Of Human Beings

According To Ancient Sumerian Texts

DW - In the aftermath of these conflagrations and


CG - Yeah, this has happened in cycles and cycles before

our accepted history. And they decided to allow the people
to believe they were gods for what they said was
operational security; so the people wouldn’t be a threat to
them. This continued on for eons. And they stated that
there were other planets in our solar system that were
inhabited by similar types of lifeforms — [including]
human-like lifeforms. They were also going through
cataclysms but they were much more aggressive and And I’m wondering if we’re about to go through a more...
warlike. They were destroying their worlds and societies.
And eventually, they caused some major problems and DW - <Laughing>
other races that came into our solar system started to move
them to the Earth as refugees. [DW covers this aspect of the CG - ... Large public cleansing. But everyone is going
narrative extensively in his series Wisdom Teachings; passed… I see everyone is going passed the cleansing
Season 19 in particular.] Once they were moved to the room and I’m seeing flashes down off in the big room
Earth as refugees, they started [displaying] their [where] I appeared in originally.
aggressiveness here. They started taking over the surface
of the planet and mixing their genetics [with] each other DW - Like they’re portaling out or something.
and the surface humans — the original humans — to
create a mixed-breed human group, [which] is what they COREY'S MIND MELD WITH THE PRIESTESS
consider us on the surface [today]. KAAREE:

DW - I can see why you think this is going to be CG - Right. And I’m still walking and I feel a tap [on] my
controversial <laughing>. left arm. I took a few more steps and I looked back.
Gonzales is standing back like this <make gesture as if he
CG - Yeah, so… And they were… they scolded us and was standing to one side with his hands down clasped
said they knew that the Secret Space Program had been together> with two of the females from the host clan. I
involved in some atrocities. They were withholding quickly stepped next to him and I found out that they had a
judgement on us and they expected us to do the same personal request from the woman [who] had greeted us.
because we have very little understanding of our own
existence, let alone theirs.

around them: pink, purple auras. They had different auras.
I sent her a quick mental picture of it. She just beamed
with happiness and tears welled up in her eyes.

DW - Why would you be able to access something that she

and her people couldn’t access on their own?

CG - She explained to me that there was a group that had

hundreds of years ago taken over that area. And it was …
the word in their language, I can’t remember right now, it
means feathered serpent. But she sent me a mental picture:
it was an image of this raptor group.

CG - [She was the one] that I’ve mentioned before with

the white hair. [She] had found out about an experience I
had in the MILAB program when I was a youth. That had
something to do with this favor [she was asking of me]. I
said I would hear her out. She said, “Walk with me.” She
started walking. Gonzales and the other lady walked about
five or so paces behind us. I had expected her to start
talking. She was totally quiet. We walked completely
through the giant room where the portaling happened.
[We] walked across into the next tunnel/corridor. There
were doorways all up and down that had a light barrier
across them — white light barrier, in the doorway.
CG - I got a better image. I got to see how they move
DW - You couldn’t see through it? instead of just … [the still image, which] I had seen on the
[smart] glass pad.
CG - No. We went a [certain] way and she touched her
amulet. The light [barrier of a particular doorway] went DW - This very creepy reptilian bird-like species that you
down and I could see in the room. It looked like a real described that will eat human beings <CG: Right> … Very
simple lounge or … I don’t think there was a bedroom… It nasty.
seemed like a lounge kind of room. She walked in and
said, “Come with me.” I looked at Gonzales and he was CG - Yeah, they had the control of the area. Without
like… You know, he kind of had a look on his face getting into too many details, they require a flesh sacrifice
<gestures a bewildered look>. And I walked in. She closed from their allies on the surface for access to certain areas
the barrier and I was feeling very anxious. I’m kind of an below.
introvert anyway so being in the room with a lady I don’t
know… I just didn’t know what to expect. Then she DW - Which I’m sure the Cabal has no trouble providing
interfaced with me mentally. [She] told me to relax. them…

DW - Now the other people, [during the meeting], were CG - Right… So she said, “Would you be willing to share
speaking with their mouths most of the time? that full experience with me?” I didn’t know what that
meant. I asked her. She told me about the process: we
CG - Right. There was interfacing going on one-to-one, would hold hands [while] she would open my mind to her.
but when they were communicating [with] more than one I let her know that I was not comfortable with that for a
[at once]… But to bring a long story short, she told me that number of reasons [including] security [and] personal
she knew of a place I had been brought in my adolescence, sovereignty … She started giving me the hard sell: it was
a crystal cave. It was a cave [where] we were brought into. important. She was saying that basically [myself and
[There were] beautiful crystals that we were told to Gonzales] don’t really have that much more to offer them.
connect to mentally [and] not to touch because we could It was really important to her people… I was kind of
damage them [or] they could damage us. The crystals were pacing around, thinking about how…
[said to be] living beings…
DW - What did they think was going to be in the crystals?
DW - You said they glowed? What was so important to them about the crystals?

CG - Well, not until you tried to interface with them. I was CG - I don’t know at that point. I asked her if I could
able to successfully interface. There were other kids [who] speak to Gonzales. I’m abbreviating this. It’s all in the
were in the chamber — the cave — and they had an aura report. She quickly went to the door, released the field, and
left. He came in. He was like, “What’s going on in here?” I DW - I wouldn’t drink it <laughing>.
told him what was going on. He said that he understood
my concerns that unless there was Sphere Being Alliance CG - She took [the goblet] and took several drinks of it.
[intel] or information that happened between Raw-Teir-Eir Immediately she changed… I don’t know if it was
and I that I didn’t want her to know about, there was inebriation but immediately she was just different,
nothing to worry about because the SSP Alliance Council changed, relaxed.
hadn’t shared anything with me [of a sensitive nature
anyway]. They basically hadn’t trusted me with a lot of DW - Wow.
different information that was actionable [or] data to be
worried about. He said that I didn’t work for him. He CG - She [put] the drink down. She had me sit down in a
couldn’t order me to do it but it might be a bi-directional chair that looked like you have an egg and you cut this
exchange of information. way. She had me sit down and it was barely off the floor
DW - So since you were already on a skid with them
before and you had this aggressiveness and yelling [that DW - Hmm, it hovered?
had happened at one point], you were worried that if you
just arbitrarily took her offer, that potentially intel could be CG - Yeah, it was not on the floor. And with two fingers
extracted out of you that could get you in even more she guided another chair right in front of me.
trouble or get you booted out of the alliance, or something?

CG - Or they wouldn’t give me data in the future. They

would cut me off from intel, which it sounds like that they
already had done quite a bit <laughing>. Or I was
concerned about personal sovereignty… I didn’t know
what could happen.

DW - Exactly.

CG - So....

DW - He gives you the go-ahead basically.

CG - Yeah, yeah. I said, “Alright, go ahead.” I told her she

can get back in. And she came in and looked right at me in CG - She sat down right across from me.
the eyes just like… <stairs long and hard at DW>
DW - Closer than we are now?
DW - Like she was on the edge of her seat?
CG - Oh yeah. Yeah, we got real close. [She] asked for my
CG - Yeah, and I told her that I would do it. And she was hands. I gave her my hands. She turned my hand up like
just started buzzing around. She went over to a wall. There this and put her hands like this, [except clasped together].
was nothing there but a wall. She turns around and she has
a crystal goblet in her hand. There wasn’t anything there
[for her to pull it out from] but she had a crystal goblet in
her hand with this amber liquid…

DW - <laughing> Uh-oh!

CG - Yeah. And she walks over to me and offers it to me.

I looked at it. I asked her what it is and she said it was the
elixir of Isis. She explained that it was basically wine
that’s made out of this rare flower that grows beneath the
ground. I told her…

DW - So you could be tripped brain if you drink this

thing… DW - So this kind of deal <mimicking>.
CG - I didn’t know. I told her I wasn’t comfortable CG - Yeah, like this…
drinking it. [I asked her,] “Is it a necessary step?” And she
said, “No, it’s customary…” basically. DW - On top of her knees?
CG - On top of both of our knees like this. And we were nothing in any type of sexual or weird way at all. But it
both leaning like this. Her hands were bony and her skin was just very overwhelming. Since then, I’ve been very
was very warm. different. I’ve been up in my head a lot, thinking about a
lot of stuff. It affected me in that I’ve been a lot more
intuitive about things. It’s been very weird. And we
composed ourselves.

DW - She got a similar reaction [as] you?

CG - Oh yeah. She was doing the same things. We had

tears that were just coming down our eyes.

DW - Both of you?

CG - Yeah. This was extremely emotional. It’s unlike any

type of connection I’ve ever had with another person.

DW - Is this something that any of her people could do or

was it something that she specifically trained for as the
CG - The body temperature [was] different. And she priestess?
looked at me in the eyes and said, “I need you to relax.”
And I needed to open my mind up. I started to use some of CG - I think that’s something that all of their people can
my techniques to lower my consciousness a little bit, get do. When we were done, she said that there would be some
relaxed, and there’s no way to describe what happened people that are not going to approve of her doing this with
next. I felt like my light-body or astral body was being a mixed surface person but there are going to be a lot of
pulled towards hers and they were kind of [blending] other people [who] are going to be extremely happy with
together. I started having… She was obviously very more the information that she was able to pull from the crystals
advanced <half-laughing> than I was mentally. She was that I interfaced with. I have no conscious … I don’t know
honing in on time periods of my life [and] I was getting all what information that was pulled.
these random flashes of what I perceived to be a hundred
and thirty years of time of her life. I got flashes of her as a DW - You’ve told me that they blank-slated you, they
child, in priestess training, meeting different people on the wiped your memory after you got the crystal data. Right?
surface, meeting with secret society groups, meeting with
different military [people] and groups with different CG - Right but…
political systems from Europe and United States…
DW - But she somehow could get it?
DW - Presenting herself as an extraterrestrial?
CG - Right. But you know, memory exists on your
CG - Presenting herself as an extraterrestrial with other physical hard-drive but also on your light-body in that
people with her from her group… virtual hard-drive as well.

DW - Wow. DW - So this is sort of like the Vulcan mind-meld

CG - And I could see the clothes they were wearing [in
this stream of flashing images]. It was all these different CG - A that's what I referred to it when I talked to her. I
time periods that she’d been meeting with them. said, “I will go through with your Vulcan mind meld”,
kind of as a joke. And after this, we kind of got our
DW - So is this is sort of like the life flashes before your composure together and we went back out to the
eyes but it was her life? hallway where Gonzales and his hostess were waiting. And
she was very pleased and at that point she was basically
CG - Yeah, it was really random. I couldn’t hold on to offering if we had the time, she’d like to give us a tour.
them. When she locked on to the memory of mine in the Gonzales had been wanting a tour of the other place that
cave, I got a memory of her at the same age. It was a he’d been on so he just snapped and accepted the offer.
memory of her losing someone in some sort of skirmish or I’m sure we can go into the very interesting tour I had…
attack [by] some insectoid type attack. I was pulled back
into the experience in the crystal cave and it was very DW - Alright, so we got a lot more coming up in the next
vivid. We relived it [together. Then after it was over, we episode as we continue this fascinating story here on
both sat back and I was just shaking, quivering, and my Cosmic Disclosure. I’m your host, David Wilcock and we
brain was [releasing] all [these] pleasurable endorphins, thank you for watching!
Pravda: Aliens Forced Americans Out From The Moon
By GPD Translated by Maria Gousseva - 03.10.2007
January 30, 2016

One of Russia’s central television channels, RTR, has flights to the Moon, information about spaceships and
recently aired a documentary about US astronauts other 700 messages sent from the board of spaceships
who allegedly came across extraterrestrial civilizations. launched in the framework of the Apollo program are also
The film showed Russian ufologist Vladimir Azhazha and missing. Before the late 1970s the films had been kept at
astronomer Yevgeny Arsyukhin telling that expeditions to the US National Archives then were moved to NASA and
the Moon launched within 1969-1972 allegedly came later disappeared at all. It took NASA officials a year to
across UFOs. conduct searches of the films but they managed to find just
not more than ten films. Will anyone believe that evidence
The researchers state that flying objects of extraterrestrial of US’s biggest triumph may so easily disappear from the
origin were persistently spying on American Apollos. NASA archives?
They said the expeditions to the Moon looked very much
like a race and presented a film demonstrating a luminous An expertise of the Moon pictures demonstrated in the
object closely following an American spaceship. Records Russian documentary revealed that they were no ordinary
of communication between astronauts and the Mission photos but simply some daub. Deputy director of the
Control Center were also included into the film but they Comparative Planetology Laboratory Doctor of geological
were absolutely inaudible as they had been purposefully sciences Alexander Bazilevsky says that experts are from
jammed by Americans. They expected that the expeditions time to time requested to conduct an expertise of this type
would find something astonishing on the Moon and with of photos. The Lunar Orbiter stations shot the Moon
the view of keeping their communication with the surface surface, then developed films right on board the spaceships
secret they encoded their messages to the MCC. When the and telecast them to the surface. As a result of this film
records of communication were later deciphered it turned development any unexpected things or elements could
out that the US missions came across lunar bases, remains appear on pictures, and it explains why one of the pictures
of space vehicles and deserted towns on the Moon. showed in the documentary had the word ‘spire’. In a
word, none of the pictures demonstrated in the
The film stated that lunar creatures would not tolerate the documentary can be the evidence of aliens’ existence on
presence of Earth dwellers for long. When Americans the Moon.
brought a dummy car to furrow Moon craters, the creatures
living on the satellite began to demonstrate their furious This is strange that films with really important evidence
protest against the US presence on the Moon. Filmmakers can disappear from NASA. Several years ago, over 100 g
said that green dwellers of the Moon told Americans to go of lunar soil and meteorites were stolen from the collection
home as they wanted to keep secret the sublunar bases that of the Johnson Space Center. And that was not the only
they used to observe the life on the Earth. It was alleged incident of the kind there. A former NASA official
that NASA was afraid of conflicting with a highly explained that the unique films had been probably lost
developed civilization and immediately stopped the after they were several times moved from one place to
program. Does the film sound believable? another within the past forty years.

In a couple of days, Americans demonstrated their The NASA official who requested anonymity also told a
documentary about the Apollo expeditions, In the Shadow really interesting story. When President Bush announced
of the Moon, with records of the flights to the Moon that recommencement of the lunar program the National
were specially processed after the video archives of the Aeronautics and Space Administration asked aged
Moon program had disappeared. Is it true that the archives researchers who had taken part in the Apollo expeditions
were lost? It seems that the CIA wanted to wipe out tracks earlier to meet experts who were going to start a new
of a contact between US astronauts and extraterrestrials. mission. One of the aged researchers who came to the
meeting had designed a device to measure lunar radiation.
It is an open secret by the way that films demonstrating the The device could measure radiation before humans landed
landing of American astronauts on the Moon and Neil the planet and could transmit information even when the
Armstrong’s walk about the lunar surface were lost. What Apollos were back to the surface. In the framework of the
is more, records telling about astronauts’ health during the program heaps of records were collected. But when the
program was no longer financed and stopped the bobbins automatic stations and manned spaceships. The Moon has
with ciphered films were discarded. But the old engineer no atmospheric protection, and even a small meteor can
took the films and placed them to his basement where they cause a tragedy if it hits a spaceship or a manned space
are still being kept. Unfortunately there is no opportunity station.
to decipher the films as a special device able to decode
such records was also utilized when the program ended. Today, the Russian project of the Moon expedition is even
less developed than it was under the direction of Korolev.
The NASA official admits that the flights to the Moon
were rather a political mission as the USA wanted to gain The documentary In the Shadow of the Moon includes an
revenge after the Soviet spaceman Gagarin was the first to interview given by five of the eight extant men who had
enter the space. And the USA spent $150 billion to start ever entered space. They are now aged over seventy. None
the lunar program to demonstrate the power of the of them has ever officially stated that he saw something
American science and engineering. It was a very expensive supernatural in space. At that, they are unanimous that the
project that was easily abandoned as soon as financing was lunar race was part of the cold war when pure science was
stopped. of second importance.

The American Internet service Google is ready to pay $20 Neil Armstrong, the first man to land the Moon, is now
million to a private company that succeeds in landing a living an anchorite life in Ohio where he teaches
buggy on the Moon for transmitting photo and video astronautics at the university.
information of one gigabyte in size right to the Earth
surface. The sum is to be paid in case a buggy lands the
NASA is going to conduct another mission to the Moon
Moon before 2012, and a company may get just $15
with a spaceship Orion resembling Apollo and stuffed with
million if it launches such a buggy within the two next
steroids. It is planned that four astronauts will fly round the
years after 2012. Moon in 2018. If the project goes OK a landing module is
to land the lunar surface in 2020.
At that, Google conditions that such a buggy must walk at
least 40 centimeters along the Moon surface, transmit a
Russia’s ambitions as concerning Moon exploration are
series of pictures from the Moon including ‘a self-portrait’ rather modest. A Russian astronaut may land the planet
against the lunar background, a panoramic picture of the only as a member of a Chinese-Russian expedition.
planet and on-line video.
Chinese researchers are working on this project and invite
Russia to participate in it as well.
As it turned out, meteorites hit the lunar surface oftener
than is usually believed which is really dangerous for

Cosmic Disclosure:
Inner Earth: The Grand Tour
With Corey Goode And David Wilcock | Short Summary
By Justin Deschamps
Tuesday, February 2, 2016

tasks. The scene was painted quite well, yet I found myself
still wanting to know more (as well as to see this scene for

I will still be producing a summary and

analysis of this episode, which will come
out in a few days. Several volunteers were
kind enough to help with transcription, but Some of the other environments that were included in this
this adds more time to the whole process, depiction were expanses so large that you could barely see
and I appreciate everyone's patience in this the ceiling. Corey mention that in one expanse, the pillars
regard. were so big, that they could easily dwarfed any city
skyscraper, and told about how these pillars served as
In lieu of that post, here is a short summary massive living spaces for many of the inhabitants. One of
of Cosmic Disclosure produced by Shem these expanses, as he put it, was filled with flying craft.
over at Discerning The Mystery. These craft ranged from the stereotypical saucer design, to
- Justin cigar-shaped craft, and even egg-shaped craft as well. One
of the most interesting details to hear was that these craft
Source - Discerning The Mysery were flying through the walls of this enormous expanse as
though there were no walls at all.
This week's episode of Cosmic Disclosure began where
last week's episode left off. The description went on about the immense agricultural
system which these people successfully sustained for ages
Corey Goode described the tour of the Inner Earth of time. One might imagine growing food underground
habitation that he and Gonzalez received after the might be difficult, but these inhabitants seemed to have no
conference, and after Corey's "mind meld" experience. The issue with it. The soil, as Corey described, was made from
descriptions of the environment he gave from this tour ground up crystal fragments, and the irrigation and
were quite impressive—towering ceilings, elaborate fertilization were self-recycling. These people
architecture and stonework, enclosed, subterranean caverns accomplished this by filtering the water through a compost
the size of entire states, along with the highly advanced filtration system where vital minerals and nutrients were
technology the priestess and tour guides used for most infused into the water, and that water was pumped out to

the crops. The operation seemed extremely efficient interesting). It was the point when Corey described this
(which would be expected in a completely enclosed terraformed, subterranean environment. He talked about an
system. artificial sun technology which was a ball of plasma
suspended above a large, "weathered" obelisk. It turned out
There was one scene in Corey's depiction where his tour that just by chance, this scene was the exact idea for the
guide took him to see an open area that sounded like cover art that David Wilcock pictured for a new book that
something similar to a marketplace, or a busy walkway. is soon to be published. David was taken back by this
His description of the people gave me the feeling that they apparent synchronization, but along with it, he had been
were well-adapted to the subterranean environment. After having some type of psychic contact with someone much
all, these people had lived in this environment for several like the priestess that Corey described. I find it very
million years, as Corey put it, so the adaptation to this way intriguing that even though only one of these men had
of life seems quite understandable. been to Inner Earth, somehow both were consciously
aware of its existence at some level.

It was interesting to hear about how these Inner Earth

dwellers had preserved some wildlife that we, on the
surface, would consider ancient. There was one point in
which Corey talked about an immense wildlife preserve .
I enjoy hearing about these types of occurrences, as they
In this place, there were trees that would dwarf any tree we
begin to thin the veil of the illusion of separation, and
see here on the surface (though, to be fair, Corey was not
allow us to see the fact that in many cases, the people in
familiar with the size of the larger, red wood trees here on
our lives share in our higher purpose. Though I don't have
the surface, and didn't want to give an inaccurate
any certainty about my own personal experiences of the
comparison). He went on to talk about the sounds that he
"supernatural" kind, I can say that it is a joy to watch the
heard, as there were not many animals visible at the time.
pieces come together. I imagine that Corey and David are
At one point he described a gut-shaking, roar-like sound
enjoying uncovering their own personal mysteries as well.
which I imagine sounded similar to an African lion.

There was one point in this episode which I found more

interesting than the rest (though the rest was very much

Ancient Inner Earth Civilization May Be
The Anunnaki Of Sumerian Texts
Written By Dr. Michael Salla
February 3, 2016

Detailing a private encounter he had after the meeting with

a priestess from the hosting civilization, Goode told of
Secret Space Program whistleblower Corey Goode made accepting her request to link their minds together, because
an astonishing revelation in yesterday’s episode of Cosmic she wanted to experience a visit he had to a crystal cave
Disclosure in which he described his extensive tour of a while a child participant in the MILAB program that
massive underground cavern system belonging to an Inner indoctrinated him.
Earth Civilization dating back millions of years. These
people of the Inner Earth had helped the Ancient After the “mind meld”, the Priestess, “Kaaree” (Car-ee),
Sumerians rebuild civilization after a minor cataclysm on offered to give Goode and his companion, Lt. Col.
the surface. In whole or in part, the representatives of the Gonzales (a pseudonym), a tour of three large caverns
Inner Earth were suggesting they were the Anunnaki, who belonging to the oldest of the inner Earth civilizations.
Zecharia Sitchin described in his famed Earth Chronicles
series of books. The first cavern Goode and Gonzalez visited was massive
in size, encompassing an area similar in size to the U.S.
This and the previous episode of Cosmic Disclosure have state of Texas, and it contained a futuristic looking city.
focused on a Goode’s meeting with select members of up Here huge buildings loomed along with, light domes, and
to seven ancient Earth civilizations, and his subsequent people were walking about, with flying saucers and cigar
tour of underground facilities, which took place in shaped vehicles flying overhead. Remarkably, their craft
September 2015. Goode had earlier released a written could easily fly through the cavern walls. Goode’s
report of this meeting on September 23. narration was accompanied by a number of illustrations in
this latest Cosmic Disclosure episode.
Last week, in the January 26 episode, Goode described key
points in this meeting with the representatives, whose
civilizations ranged in age from the youngest dating from
approximately four ice ages ago, to the oldest enduring a
staggering 17-18 million years.

Goode further described their various racial characteristics

and pendant amulets (a form of technology), with specific
symbols uniquely meaningful to each of the civilizations.
In appearance, they seemed to represent all the major
racial groups present on the Earth’s surface. The oldest of
the civilizations wore a Saturn-like amulet, while the
youngest used an Omega symbol.
Flying craft in Inner Earth cavern. Source: Cosmic
Disclosure – February 2, 2016

Next, Goode and Gonzalez were then taken to a large second installment on his written report of the inner Earth
garden-like agricultural area where they viewed crops encounter first released on September 23, 2015.
being grown. The crops could feed an approximate
population of millions, according to Goode’s estimate. For the moment, it is clear that one of the representatives
from the Inner Earth civilization was plainly stating that
Finally, they were taken to a large wildlife sanctuary with they had brought civilization to the Sumerians. In addition,
birds and other animals. There sky here was pale blue and Kaaree was suggesting that her people had deceived the
a large obelisk stood in the center, which had a large Sumerians into believing that they were gods from a
energy source above it. This appeared to eminate the planet, real or not, called Nibiru, which had a long period
famed Vril force that Edward Bulwer Lyton wrote about in orbit around our sun– 3,600 years according to Sitchin’s
his 1871 novel, Vril, The Power of the Coming Race. translations.
Goode was told that this particular cavern had been terra-
formed. The February 2 episode of Cosmic Disclosure, and next
week’s, are likely to be very controversial due to the
widely promoted belief that the Anunnaki were ancient
aliens who visited the Earth, according to Sitchin’s
respected translations. It will be fascinating to learn the
perspective of the oldest of the inner Earth Civilizations
about the true history of our planet, and what happened in
particular with the ancient Sumerians.

At this point, many readers may ask, can Goode’s account

be possibly true?

Plasma Sun above Obelisk. Source: Cosmic Disclosure – February 2, According to my own research and investigation, which I
2016 detailed in the book, Insiders Reveal Secret Space
Programs and Extraterrestrial Alliances, there is much
Towards the end of this tour, led by the priestess Kaaree, evidence and documentation to support Goode’s
she told Goode how her people had helped the ancient testimony. More recently, another whistleblower has
Sumerians after a minor cataclysm on the Earth’s surface. emerged, William Tompkins, who has provided
Kaaree revealed that the Sumerians had been taught documents in his autobiography, Selected By
agriculture and writing by the Inner Earth Civilization Extraterrestrials, that corroborate major elements of
whose spoken language was a form of Goode’s claims.
Tompkins testimony is especially relevant when it comes
This stands out as a paradigm shifting revelation from to the Germany’s pioneering role in the development of
Goode given the literature produced by authors such as Secret Space Programs, and how they were helped by an
Zecharia Sitchin. After translating Sumerian cuneiform alleged extraterrestrial race from Aldebaran that used the
texts, Sitchin’s interpretation convinced him that the Sumerian language. If Goode’s claims are accurate, then
Sumerians were helped in starting their remarkable the alleged extraterrestrial race may in fact have been an
civilization in 3800 BC by the Anunnaki, highly advanced inner Earth civilization masquerading as aliens.
beings who came from a planet called Nibiru, orbiting in
the far reaches of our solar system. Just as the Sumerians were possibly deceived into
believing that the Annunaki were extraterrestrials from
The History Channel’s Ancient Aliens series has widely Nibiru, so too the Germans may have been deceived into
popularized this view that alien visitors had helped the believing that Nordic looking aliens from Alderbaran had
Sumerians build their civilization. When Goode explained made psychic contact. In reality, both the Sumerians and
this contradiction to our own historical understanding, Germans had more likely made contact with one or more
Kaaree told him that he would need to visit their ancient of the multiple Inner Earth civilizations that Goode
library to get the answers he sought. recently encountered in September 2015. In conclusion,
Sitchin’s Anunnaki may have a very terrestrial explanation
Goode will cover the library visit in the next episode of after all!
Cosmic Disclosure, and soon release the long awaited

Cosmic Disclosure Season 3 - Episode 5:
Inner Earth: The Grand Tour - Summary And Analysis
Corey Goode And David Wilcock
By Justin Deschamps
Thursday, February 4, 2016

After taking stock of this scene, the party

moved onward to an agricultural area,
where huge tracks of gardens were
growing food using a vast self-sustained
hydroponic system. The priestess close to
Corey picked up some of the growing
medium showing him what appeared to be
an assembly of crystals. She said that the
crystals and natural minerals in the water
produces a high-frequency food.

Moving on from there, the group made their

way to another vast cavern area that
contained what appeared to be a nature
preserve. It was an artificially maintained
environment, with a blue sky, trees,
vegetation and fauna that at one time lived
on the surface. Goode was only able to see
birds but heard many other creatures,
some that sounded like elephants or big
In the next installment of the Inner Earth
sub-series, Corey Goode describes what In what could have been the center of this
happened after the Inner Earth Alliance
preserve cavern, was a very tall weathered
Council meeting. obelisk. Above the obelisk was an artificial
light source that mimicked the sun.
Following an incredibly personal mind
meld, Goode and Gonzales head towards a Gonzales and his companion were
vast cave system, apparently the size of a scheduled to leave the underground
state like Texas. They were joined by two
complex, but Gonzales advised Goode to
companions, one of which had intimate continue on and remember as much as he
contact with Goode moments before. could.
In what could easily be described as a
The next stop on the grand tour was the
fantastic science fiction scene, Goode and library, but that story will have to wait for
Gonzales move through a series of service the next episode.
corridors that lead to an enormous cave
system, complete with settlements, flying
Several topics of interest were raised in this
saucer spacecraft, artificial lighting domes,
episode, related to the Inner Earth groups
and much more. Some of the spacecraft
policy in dealing with the surface
seen were apparently flying in and out of
population, which I offered some
the cavern walls, using some type of phase
commentary on.

In one of the more staggering disclosures elements accountable for wrongdoing. Additionally, the
during this tour, the hostess, Kaaree, said SSP Alliance intends on releasing all of the hidden
that the Sumerian culture was apparently technology to the people in preparation for a 'Star Trek-
assisted by the Inner Earth peoples, who type golden age'.
could have been the god-like figures
described as the Anunnaki. And that there According to Goode, the Cabal or the secret Earth
were many more instances of her government and their syndicates (as termed by the SSP
people appearing to surface populations. Alliance) have enslaved humanity under a false paradigm
Quite possibly, mythic descriptions of the of a technological advancement, while secretly developing
gods appearing to offer aide were actually incredible technology (a Star Trek level of advancement)
these Inner Earth groups. used to colonize the solar system and beyond, engaging in
trade with thousands of extraterrestrial races.
Related Ancient Inner Earth Civilization
May Be the Anunnaki of Sumerian Texts Space programs have been developed in secret all
throughout Earth's history, and in many cases, groups
This is part three of a sub-series covering broke away from the main culture forming what is called a
Goode's trip to Inner Earth. For part one Breakaway Civilization. Some of these civilizations have
and two, see the below-linked articles. existed in secret, on Earth and beyond for. thousands of
years. The Agartha Network is one such group that claims
Related Cosmic Disclosure Season 3 - to be the original human race. It was this group in addition
Episode 2: A Goode Trip to the Inner to the Draco Alliance, that made contact with a secret
Earth - Summary and Analysis | Corey German space program in the early 20th century.
Goode and David Wilcock
In modern times, the Germans were the most advanced of
Related Cosmic Disclosure Season 3 - the SSP groups, beginning their efforts in earnest during
Episode 4: Revelations from the Inner the early 1920's and 30's. The Americans were also
Earth - Summary and Analysis | Corey developing a SSP, but were much further behind in
Goode and David Wilcock technological advances. Later, the American SSPs were
infiltrated and taken over by the Germans after the end of
If you have not already reviewed these first World War II. It was after this forced merger that the SSP,
to sections I strongly suggest doing so in under the direction of the Interplanetary Corporate
order to comprehend what is covered here Conglomerate (ICC), expanded into the solar system and
in part three. beyond, setting up dozens of bases and mining facilities
chiefly using slave labor.
Goode also produced an extensive written
report, which he references through this In the early 1990's, a faction within the SSP known
sub-series. See the below-linked article for as Solar Warden slowly began to go against the ICC,
the full trip report. allying with a group of highly evolved extraterrestrials
known as the Sphere Being Alliance in 2012. Since then,
Related Ancient Earth Break-Away- more factions have joined the alliance which is actively
Civilization Subterranean Council working to free humanity on Earth and beyond, known as
Meeting & SSP Alliance Debrief Part I - the SSP Alliance. Despite their good intentions, the SSP
"Honeycomb Earth" Alliance is a group of highly damaged and morally
ambiguous individuals, according to Goode, that recognize
Overview of Corey Goode, the Secret Space at some level the need to change the status quo, but are
Program Alliance and the Sphere Being Alliance: hardly angels.

Corey Goode is a Secret Space Program (SSP) insider and The Sphere Beings are a group of five extraterrestrial
whistleblower that began disclosing information in 2009 races, one of which is known as the Blue Avians, that
under the pseudonym GoodETxSG. In 2014, he started arrived in the solar system during the late 1980's. Two of
revealing a great deal more information in an effort to the races remain unrevealed, however, there is also a race
prepare humanity for what he calls 'data dumps', set to of 'golden triangle head' beings and 'blue orb' beings made
occur at an opportune moment in the future. Much of the of light. Over the course of 20 years, they began bringing
information he provides comes from 'Smart Glass Pads', massive spheres into the solar system and surrounding
iPad like devices supplied to SSP personnel for area, some which are the size of Jupiter. This is in an effort
information dissemination purposes. This will be a ground to downstep galactic energy waves, which are slowly
breaking event, revealing the totality of Earth's history and changing life as we know it. These spheres are cloaked and
the activities of the Cabal which will ultimately lead to a not detectable by the surface population of Earth.
truth and reconciliation style tribunal to hold criminal

According to the Sphere Beings, a massive shift in This interview with David Wilcock was originally webcast
energetic expression is now occurring in the solar system, February 2, 2016.
as the result of a natural process of consciousness
evolution, assisted by our solar system's movement
through the galaxy and increasingly coherent energy
fields encountered as a result. The Sphere Being Alliance
specifically asked for Goode to represent them in SSP
Alliance meetings as a Sphere Being Alliance delegate.
Presently, the SSP Alliance is negotiating with the
remaining cabal aligned programs, as well as innumerable
races that have lived in the solar system for millions of
years, and even breakaway civilizations once resident on
the Earth's surface. The Sphere Beings have erected an
energy barrier around the solar system preventing ingress
and egress, trapping many of he negatively oriented groups
that have been loosely allied with the secret Earth
government syndicates for thousands of years. Since this
event, the pyramid of power known on Earth as the Cabal Summarized notes will be in black, with my commentary
or Illuminati has fallen into disarray, as the Draco Alliance in [Ariel bolded brackets]. Alterations to the transcript for
attempted to 'sell out' their underlings to the Sphere Beings ease of reading will be in [brackets], but the original
in an attempt to gain passage out of the solar system and content of the dialog is always maintained. The images
escape the coming justice of the SSP Alliance. with black letter boxing were captured from this episode
on Gaia TV.
SSP factions encountered many intriguing things as they
ventured out into the solar system. Apparently there are Transcribed by Hugues. Commentary by Justin
remnants of extremely old settlements and technology Deschamps.
from what is called the Ancient Builder race. These beings
were incredibly advanced, using a type of consciousness DW = David Wilcock, CG = Corey Goode.
technology that appears to be an inanimate object until
activated by a user. They are also responsible for AGE OF THE INNER EARTH GROUPS:
building ancient stargates found on nearly every major
body in the solar system. According to the Agarthans, the DW - Alright, welcome back to Cosmic Disclosure. I’m
Sphere beings are in fact the ancient builder race, although your host, David Wilcock. I’m here with Corey Goode.
the SSP has yet to confirm this directly from them. And it's a really fascinating story, something that when he
wrote this up, it went nuts on the Internet, right? I mean
The dark side of the Moon is home to many different this blew out all the records of viewership and user
groups, including the ICC, the Draco Alliance, the SSP engagement. The type of feedback you’ve been getting on
Alliance, the Dark Fleet, and more. The Moon is this was just phenomenal. [See part one and part two as
apparently an artificial object, and has become a neutral needed].
zone for all of these groups, which have maintained a
peaceful armistice for thousands of years. The Moon CG - Yes.
serves as an observational outpost for over 60 groups of
extraterrestrial races engaged in 22 genetic programs and DW - So we have a discussion about this alliance and
social experiments on Earth. Some of these programs some of the things we zipped through kind of quickly
conflict with each other, yet all of them have influenced because we wanted to chunk in a lot of narrative into a half
Earth's history for millennia. an hour. Some of the inevitable questions that are going to
come up when people watch the previous episode who
Show Description: haven't read the paper, and we've got to assume they
haven't, would be for example: You said that these groups
Rolling fields of green and vast hectares of crops thriving have roughly million year history. Are all [the groups you
in the brilliant light may be the last you would thing you met at the inner Earth council meeting] 20 million years
expect to find miles below the surface of the Earth. But old?
that is exactly what Corey Goode encountered as he was
taken on a tour through the inner earth civilization he CG - The group with the Saturn symbol claimed to be 17
visited. More than just agriculture, it is the technological to 18 million years old.
achievements of these civilizations which set them apart
from our own. Strangely enough Corey finds that they all
bear many similarities with other subterranean civilizations
already sprawling throughout our solar system.

Essentially, the Earth goes through
cycles of increased and decreased
insolation, causing an increase in ice
formation (ice age) or a decrease
(deluge when the ice age ends). Just
focusing on ice ages, it is clear that the
Earth goes through periodic major and
minor cataclysms (deluges) that seem
to act as a sort of cosmic test for any
society living on the surface. Either they
achieve a level of advancement and
cooperation to ensure survival by going
underground or off planet, or they are
CG - And the youngest of the groups, they said—they
destroyed in a cataclysm, getting the
didn't give a date—but they said, a few ice ages previous.
chance to try again in the next cycle of
stability, but in a fundamentally different
[Let me take a moment to discuss a few
social climate or culture. It is this
points regarding cycles of upheaval and
'wiping the slate clean' in a cultural
the choice of these Inner Earth groups
sense that actually gives the next
to help only some of the
culture a better chance at passing the
surface population.
cosmic test, so to speak.
According to mainstream science, ice
Some of these ancient human Inner
ages occur every 100,000 years or so,
Earth breakaway civilizations have
as a function of overlapping celestial
already disclosed that they select the
"best" out of the surface population to
help or even offer sanctuary to some
The following excerpt from a groups when these upheavals occur.
mainstream scientific paper asserts that And in some cases, surface societies
these patterns are largely due to took shelter within the Earth without
interactions between maximum and aide from the older Inner Earth groups.
minimum points of the Earth-Sun cyclic
system. But, they do not suppose any
In a sense, this seems to be a built in
extra ordinary events such as changes
'harvesting' mechanism for the Earth,
in solar energy output, galactic
despite the fact that this term causes
influences, or other objects, such as
uneasy reactions. If the goal of
comets or asteroids. Even so, the
evolution on a world such as ours is to
inference is clear, I think:
produce a population of spiritually
conscious and altruistic beings, one
"The explanation for the cyclical alternation of ice and that works together in a
warm periods stems from Serbian mathematician Milutin harmonious relationship with all other
Milankovitch (1879-1958), who calculated the changes in life, then this type of built in 'reset'
Earth's orbit and the resulting insolation on Earth, thus feature would help facilitate this
becoming the first to describe that the cyclical changes in process because it provides the whole
insolation [how much heat is retained by the Earth] are the surface population a singular event that
result of an overlapping of a whole series of cycles: the tilt requires cooperation to transcend. In
of Earth's axis fluctuates by around two degrees in a the absence of this cooperation, the
41,000-year cycle. Moreover, Earth's axis gyrates in a society effectively dies, which seems
cycle of 26,000 years, much like a spinning top. Finally, tragic when considering this notion
Earth's elliptical orbit around the sun changes in a from a material point of view. But from a
cycle of around 100,000 years in two respects: on the one spiritual point of view, wherein each
hand, it changes from a weaker elliptical (circular) form individual being is an eternal soul
into a stronger one. On the other hand, the axis of this incarnating to experience life and
ellipsis turns in the plane of Earth's orbit. The spinning of further development, than it is like a
Earth's axis and the elliptical rotation of the axes cause the type of cosmic reset. Anything of
day on which Earth is closest to the sun (perihelion) to spiritual import will survive the death
migrate through the calendar year in a cycle of around experience and influence the next
20,000 years: currently, it is at the beginning of January; in incarnation, according to some.
around 10,000 years, however, it will be at the beginning
of July." - Science Daily
One last anecdote on this cosmic reset validity must be conducted; a people
or initiation idea is what DW spoke of in can't just blindly follow the social norms
his Gaia TV show Wisdom Teachings. else these will eventually destroy the
society. And since questioning the
During Season 19, DW describes how a status quo requires a level of self
race of beings inhabited a super-Earth mastery and personal bravery, than the
sized planet that once existed where the whole mechanism encourages
asteroid belt is now. This civilization sovereignty of the individual, which is a
had ties to another more bellicose or very apt topic of discussion for
war-like group that lived on moons humanity at this time in history.
orbiting Saturn. This other war-like
group constructed a massive The point here, is that what determines
transparent aluminum ring around a cultures spiritual viability is largely
Saturn that was designed to draw in dependent on the social fabric
solar energy and channel it into a established by tradition. If the bonds of
massive energy discharge capable of tradition and culture are too strong,
destroying planets from across the then the spiritualization process,
galaxy. seeking to teach the culture to be kind,
compassionate and altruistic, fails and
Before the Saturnian group got a the culture destroy's itself either due to
chance to use the ring weapon (which is war (as was mentioned above) or failure
very similar to the weapon in the to overcome the cosmic initiation event,
popular video game series Halo), one of like a cataclysm. But that does not mean
the races that the Saturnian beings was everything is lost and the individuals
targeting conducted preemptive strikes within this culture have to start all over
on the Saturn civilization, as well as the again. For souls there is no death in a
society living on the super-Earth. This material sense, only transformation
attack destroyed the ring weapon, from one form into another.
creating the rings we see today, and it
also completely rent the super-Earth The moral to the story provided by DW
asunder, forming the asteroid belt. is that these souls got a chance to try
again, and what really 'died' was the
This event was so traumatic to the aggressive and war-like culture that was
souls sojourning on these spheres, that holding the spiritualization process
it took over 300,000 years of healing in back, not the beings in that culture, who
what we could call etheric realms, continued on. From this long of sight
before they were ready to incarnate point of view, I can see how these Inner
again. Some of these groups incarnated Earth cultures rationalize what we could
on Earth, and eventually settled below effectively call selective evolution for
the surface. Quite possibly, the Inner the surface population. In a way, the
Earth peoples using the Saturn symbol cosmos at large has a built in process
harken back to these traumatized souls. for ensuring spiritual or service to
And according to DW, as described by others societies continue on, and so,
the Law of One, when these souls finally highly advanced cultures seem to have
incarnated again, the scenario provided recognized this process and
to them via the incarnative experience incorporated it into their own policies
was designed to help them for dealing with evolving societies;
'transcend bellicosity' or to form a some of which included offering
culture that was not as war-like, and wisdom to the evolving races in an
more service to others. effort to help them create a harmonious
society and culture. According to CG
If this anecdote is true, then the variable and DW, this is exactly what some of
which has the most influence on a these Inner Earth and extraterrestrial
society's capacity to survive long groups did, possibly even some of the
epochs of time is the ability 22 programs currently unfolding on
to transcend self destructive and Earth are under this umbrella of
chaotic traditions and cultural norms. If cosmic tutelage.
this premise is true, when new ideas
make contact with well established But to be clear, just because a culture
traditions, an evaluation of merit and has advanced beyond our level, doesn't
mean they are all wise and perfect. DW - Did you notice anything specific on these holograms
Most-likely these cultures are going that you said were coming out of the amulets? Like was
through the experience of learning how it—what [were] the scenes? Did it look like a heads-up
to help evolving races, and as such, display or…?
mistakes can happen. Whether or not
the actions of the Inner Earth peoples
are ultimately inline with this notion of
cosmic initiation and assistance is

The notion that some people will be left

on the surface to die is still very
disturbing to most of us on Earth at this Artist rendition of Saturn amulets, apparently a type of holographic
time. But like all things, it seems, if we technology. Image Source
are too quick to judge a thing, we will
blind ourselves to anything of value CG - Yeah, it looked like some sort of heads-up [display]
within it. I can't claim to know if what I but I could not [tell] from my perspective. I couldn't see
just described is wholly accurate, but as what it was. I could just see it was light coming up. And
an exploration of the ideas presented in they were looking at it, messing with their pendants. I
CG's work, it will hopefully demonstrate couldn't see what it was. I guess it's kind of like you have
that events have a much deeper level of to be right in front of it. You know, viewing from my
complexity then we may care to admit.] angle, I couldn't see what it was, other than it was light.

DW - The youngest of the groups. And which one was DW - What was the weirdest thing that you saw from this
that? woman's life that surprised you the most when you were
getting this flash, something that really was unexpected?
CG - I thought to myself it was the group that looked most
like us, the human. CG - Well, the fact that she was a virgin … She was in a
priestess class. She was over 130 years old and [yet] she
was [still] a virgin. [She] had not been with a man or had
not been involved in any type of sexual activity in her life.

DW - When the Japanese were contacted by their gods,

[they] described what they called, Ame-no-torifune
(天鳥船), which they said [it] was [a] bird-boat universe or
flying boats from the universe. These people came down,
gave [the Japanese] [a] written language, taught them a tea
ceremony, taught them to make silk and kimonos. And I'm
wondering if you think it's possible that one of these Inner
Earth groups, because of the swastika is associated with
the Shinto gods as well: do you think there may be a
connection between Shinto and some of these Inner Earth
DW - I see. folks?
CG - I mean, to me that seemed to make sense. CG - Most likely. They claim to have done it cycle after
cycle after cycle… They brought these types of
DW - Now these people were all wearing the robes and technologies to struggling and recovering civilizations
sandals? time after time after time. [They] really curtailed that and
slowed it down more after these ET races from outside
CG - Yes. started coming in.

DW - And that's a ceremonial clothing that they all have to STARTING THE GRAND TOUR:
wear to be there?
DW - So you have this exchange with this woman.
CG - It's not what they would normally wear. It was Gonzales must be wondering what the heck was going on
[something] to wear where we were at — I guess you in that room?
would say — holy ground [or] temple complex. And I
don't know if that was just for that group, what was their CG - Yes.
custom, or if that's what they wear whenever they meet at
other people’s locations.
DW - Because you were there for a while, right? It didn't like — we were in the wall of like a cavern coming out,
happen right away. and there is a cavernous area that is so huge. And there are
pillars that go all the way up to the ceiling. I couldn't even
CG - Yeah, that's the first thing he said, "What's going on begin to estimate how tall the ceiling was.
in here?”
DW - Wow.
DW - <laughs> Now, you’re with Gonzales: what happens
next? CG - I mean this cavern was the size of a state [like]
Texas. It was absolutely huge. [CG shared the following
CG - We've been invited to go and take a tour. She's much comment and related link on his Facebook page, which
more relaxed, … real happy about the experience. relates to this section of the interview:

DW - <jokingly> You both had a cigarette? Sphere Being Alliance Posted here by one of you... This
would have been a good tool to give the artists to help
CG - <Corey catches a quick laugh> She was elated that describe the strange perspectives from within the even
the experience I shared with her, she was going to be able larger caverns from the "inner Earth"...
to share [it] with others [too]. So she was feeling generous,
wanting to show us around. And so, we walked down the Drone Captures Jaw-Dropping Footage Inside Hang
hall, went to a small domed room, and stood in the center. Son Doong, The World's Largest Cave

CG - She rubbed and tapped on her dial: flash of light.

We’re in another room, another big room. [In] this area,
the stone is slightly darker. It's a different area. [Then] we
start walking through some different passages and rooms.

DW - The overall look is the same, just the stone is

darker? [Here are some photographs (from the
above-linked article) of the cave system
CG - Right. And we're working our way. She wants to take in Hang Son Doong to aide in
us to see their gardens. We came out into— out kind of visualization.]

CG - And built into the pillar were some structures … CG - Yeah, kind of jumpsuits, one-piece suits.

DW - Like where people live? DW - And what were the colors?

CG - Where people lived or worked or did something. And CG - They were red, green… I mean all these different
[the pillars] were bigger around than any skyscrapers I’ve colors. And they were just walking about doing their
seen… And there were all these… business.

DW - Did you feel like vertigo, like … “Whoa!” You can’t DW - Did this represent all the different types of people in
even stand up? the Inner Earth Alliance? Or was this just one of the
CG - No, when you looked up, there was a — not really a
vertigo feeling but a forced perspective feeling of — [you] CG - This is just her — this is one of her cities, of her
did not expect to come out into such a large area. group.

DW - Was it the same type of diffuse lighting, where it’s DW - So the people with the Saturn amulet.
just right everywhere, and…?
CG - Not up high, down low there was — the lighting was
everywhere. CG - Right. And those people were not wearing amulets
that were walking around. And as we were walking along,
DW - Okay. still staying close to the cavern wall, we’ve seen [only] a
very small part of the city. There were some buildings that
CG - But there were people walking all around. We got to were built up in domes, some in kind of oval domes that
see just this one little area of this big city. And there were seemed to emanate light from themselves, kind of a white
people walking around in one-piece clothing, different age light. A lot of the buildings … were built out of the stone,
people: young [and] older people. like they were just molded out of the stone.

DW - One-piece like jumpsuits?

Artist rendition of the Inner Earth cave system.

CG - [As] we were looking around, Gonzales bumped me again. I looked up and there were all these craft flying around on the

CG - It looked like a 1950’s movie. They were classic UFO … saucer-shaped [craft] flying around, large cigars and egg[s] —
almost perfect egg-shaped [craft].

DW - So these craft are zipping around inside this huge, huge room?

CG - Not only that, they’re flying through the side of the cavern [wall] at full speed, not slowing down, flying right through the
rock—right through the walls.

Cigar shaped craft half materialized into a cave wall (center).

CG - And I mean, as if they’re water or air: just flying right through them.

[In Cosmic Disclosure Season 1 Episode 14, Parallel Earth, CG and DW have a lengthy discussion about
phasing technology that allows individuals to move through walls as if there was nothing there at all. Even in
mainstream science, it is accepted that the amount of empty space inside seemingly solid objects, like the
cave wall, is enormous. The force of electromagnetism is what causes solid objects to appear as such, but if
one properly shifted the scalar frequencies operating in a material, this would conceivably make it possible for
one object to pass completely through another, as if by magic.]

DW - So clearly they can go out phase with the rock and just zip through it.

CG - So we got to see [this] just very briefly … as she walked us down into—back and towards the wall of the cavern.

DW - About how many craft were airborne any one time that you could see?

CG - There were over thirty.

DW - Wow


CG - I don’t — there were a bunch. She brought us down into what were obviously like more service-type corridors. They
weren't quite like the corridors before. They were a little bit more narrow. They were, I guess, kind of like city works or service
corridors. She brought us to this area to where we walk out and we’re out on somewhat of a ledge. And there’s—and you walk
out the door, and then there’s like a staging kind of platform. And then you walk to the edge of the staging platform. There's no
rails. And then there's like a cliff down, and then you're looking out into this huge cavern area. And there are segmented crops
and vineyards. I mean as far as you can see.

Massive agricultural zone of the Inner Earth settlement.

CG - And I couldn’t really make out exactly what was DW - Wow

what, but you could just see segmented-off crops, trees off
in the distance, vineyard areas, and there was water that CG - I mean, it’s huge. And she pulled up a bunch of
was rushing in and then coming out on another side that different types of rocks and crystals that were crushed up
you could hear. [in her hand]. She said, “This is the medium that the roots
grow in.” And she [added,] “The water has natural
DW - Like a hydroponic system? minerals in it and we … recycle everything.”

CG - It was hydroponic system, [yes]. She said the light — [Growing plants using hydroponic
the full spectrum light — is produced in the same way techniques is done today. Here is an
described before, [using frequency]. image describing how a system would
work, followed by an example of clay
DW - Did you ever get an estimate of how many people pebbles used as a growing medium.
were in her population? Is it like 30 million? Or… Conceivably any solid object can be
used to facilitate growth, but arguably a
CG - I don't know how many people but… crystal medium could offer a more
electromagnetically inclusive setting to
DW- But that's enough food for a lot of people. facilitate the germination of seeds and
general growth.
CG - It was, yes.

DW - I mean, we can grow most of the food for America

in California, and you're saying that this one room that you
were in was as big as a state.

CG - This—yeah, the garden area was…

DW - Just colossal.

CG - Like hectare[s].

DW - Wow.

CG - And there were stairs that went up almost all the way
to the very top [so] that you could walk up. The trees were
so tall that we had to climb up the stairs to be able to see
over [them].

DW - You said before that the natural caverns inside the

Earth only had vegetation that went up to like knee height.
How did they get trees down in the Earth?

CG - This is… they terraformed. They created this


DW - Wow

An example of a crystal-like growing medium. CG - … It had a pale blue sky.

See the below-linked article containing a DW - Really?

presentation by Dan Winter, wherein he
discusses how holistic systems that are CG - And clouds—not full clouds but misty kind of
electromagnetically inclusive facilitate clouds. And…
an ideal environment for growth.]
DW - These trees are bigger than the redwoods in
Related Science Of Ascension, Northern California?
Evolution and much more | Fractality:
What Makes a LIVE ENZYME - Alive? CG - I would assume so. I haven’t seen a redwood since I
with Dan Winter was a kid.

CG - And on the other side of the wall, … the water flows DW - Well, they’re pretty darn big.
through … some composting and other materials to give it
nutrients. It flows through the rocks. Then the rocks filter CG - But we had to climb really tall up the stairs. And we
the water and the water returns back to its source clean. were looking out over all these trees. We were seeing some
And the nutrients go to the plants. The crystals and the birds flying around with long-tailed feathers, blue, red, and
type of light create a very high-yield and high-vibratory yellow.
food for them. When she said, “high-vibratory,” she kind
of looked at me and smiled because she knew that I had, I CG - Very beautiful birds. She said, “Don’t be alarmed.
guess, she knew that I’d been talking about high-vibratory There are some animals from [your] era that we preserved
food after our little mind-meld thing. down here. They’re not dangerous in their current stage of
development.” She say didn’t anything other than that.
DW - Did these birds look like anything we would
DW - Okay, so you go through a few places. And where’s normally see on Earth?
the major thing that you end up going to?
CG - Not too terribly unusual. I mean, there could be birds
CG - We exit out of this [area] into the park. It had a larger like that. I'm not that well-traveled on the surface of the
opening doorway that the four of us walked out [from the Earth. There could be birds like that I haven't seen but…
urban area] into… We could smell all kinds of pollens…
[There were] just so many smells. [It was a] sensory DW - So they could look tropical with the colors you
overload… [with] sounds of animals. I mean, it was just described?
[a] sensory overload. And we walked in…
CG - Yeah, I guess they could be tropical but I haven't
DW - Was it warmer? seen birds like that.

CG - Yeah … when you walked in, there was … an DW - Okay.

atmospheric pressure change. There was an artificial
ecosystem in this giant cavern that was as big if not bigger CG - But there weren't like pterodactyls or anything like
than the garden. that <short laugh>.

DW - Ah, okay. there was a giant obelisk that went up that was [made out
of] stone and weathered.
CG - So when we were up to where we could see over the
trees and towards what I would think is the middle — CG - And then up even higher above it, up at the top of the
because we couldn’t see all the way because of the mist — cavern, [there] was a huge plasma ball that I guess was
supposed to represent the Sun or an imitation of the Sun.

CG - It was part of this, I guess, fake ecosystem that they created.

[The use of certain kinds of geometries has the ability to focus energy into plasma. According to Electric
Universe theory, the sun is a focal point for in-streaming galactic energies, a holistic system not a hot ball of
burning gas like what is described in mainstream cosmology. Here is a photograph of a pyramid taken using
Kirlian photography, wherein a tesla coil feeds charge up through a copper capstone, which then organizes
the energy into a double helix plasma.

The quality and intensity of the plasma DW - Now, let’s just stop right there because this is one of
created is directly dependent on the the very bizarre things. You had this experience, you said,
frequency ranges used, as it is the beginning of September. I can prove that I sent the
holistically fed by the surrounding design. I got a sudden intuitive flash of what the cover of
environment. If the Inner Earth peoples my new book, “The Ascension Mysteries,” is supposed to
constructed an obelisk out of the proper look like. And I asked for an obelisk that had a star type of
materials and in the right proportions, light source at the top. And I showed it to you today, and
harmonically inclusive (tuned) to the you darn near fell over backwards.
cave system of its use, then a huge
amount of energy could be focused in
such a way as to create a radiant ball of
plasma; essentially an artificial sun.]

out? Did they have little buildings. Did it looked like
Stonehenge or anything like that?

CG - No, it was…

DW - Just all nature preserve.

CG - All nature.

DW - Okay

CG - And I started walking with my hostess towards a

clearing. I wanted to see something. I wanted to see one of
these animals. And we stopped. We were talking. Gonzales
was talking with a girl. They were talking about —
Gonzales was talking about [that] we’d love to have things
on the surface this peaceful and have everybody openly
working together. And you know talking about a great
future for humanity. And the lady we [were] with said
CG - Yeah, and there was Saturn in the background! [with a] kind of a derogatory statement, that she didn’t see
that being a possibility for the surface — the mixed surface
DW - And Saturn in the background, like the amulet. race. [She added] that we had…

CG - <shaking his head in puzzlement> I don’t know how DW - <Smiling> With our aggressive Draco genes.
to explain that.
CG - Or not just the Draco genes, the mixed genes of the
DW - And I was having what appears to be the mind of beings from the other planets from our solar system.
this priestess trying to contact me this morning
telepathically as I was waking up. And she kept saying, DW -The survivors.
“Do you recognize me, do you recognize me?” So this is
very much an evolving story. It makes me wonder if she [I find it interesting that the Inner Earth
has been working on us already. This is very bizarre. peoples, according to CG's testimony,
When you told me that — when I read that part of your attribute the apparently undesirable
story, and then I’m looking at the book cover, I’m going, qualities of the surface population to
“Wow, this is nuts.” genetic heritage appose to cultural
conditioning, as if free will choice
CG - Yeah. People will have a hard time not believing we somehow doesn't play as large a factor
collaborated together to make this happen. I mean, I in shaping the attitudes and behaviors
couldn’t — it’s strange, but… of a society. In my view, the genetic and
cultural influences are undoubtedly very
DW - So what’s this obelisk for? strong, so much so that most people
never transcend them. But
CG - I don’t know. certain individuals can and do
overcome their pre-existing programs,
DW - What’s… Was it the biggest thing there? wither genetic or cultural, which I think
is the whole point behind an
CG - It was below the light source. evolutionary process centered around
free will choice.
DW - Oh.
As countless works describe, free will is
CG - So we walked back down the stairs and started not only the greatest source of
walking towards the tree line [while] having conversations. harmony, but also the greatest source
And we could hear [various sounds] in the background. of chaos, because we always have a
We heard at one point some elephant kind of sounds. We choice. In this sense, just because
were hearing different things but we weren’t seeing them. genetic predisposition precludes one to
make a certain choice, from an
DW - I’m dying to know. Were there anything in this area unconscious state, that doesn't mean
besides trees? Did they have like paths that were made that is always be the course taken. Free
will, in my view, can only make wise

decisions from a fertile soil of meeting with the Inner Earth
knowledge and experience, as such, if groups, that they have "not been proper
the goal is to overcome limitations from stewards" of the Earth, advising them to
the past, what the Inner Earth people begin making contact with the surface
describe as the aggressiveness from population in a more truthful way.
our genetic mixed race, then wouldn't
the more effective course of action be to All things considered, it seems that at
educate a population so that individuals least part of the rationale these Inner
can have a solid basis in knowledge to Earth groups had in relation to dealing
make a wiser choice? with the surface was in error. And due
to contacts made with the Guardians,
But from my position of unawareness I the Sphere Beings, a group these
can hardly claim that the present policy people highly revere, they are re-
of the Inner Earth peoples is evaluating their former policy.]
wholly ineffective. Possibly, if they are
as old as they claim to be, then their INNER EARTH CONNECTIONS TO THE
judgement of a culture's capacity to SUMERIANS:
change, made possible by free thinking
individuals, could be more accurate CG - Right, that mix. But she said that she thought it
then my own assessment. Still, when would take forever. This is something that would not have
the topic of interaction with the surface occurred very quickly. And they started conversating about
is raised by Corey or Gonzales, the it. And I started talking with my hostess. I said, “Gonzales
response is often that we are too said that the language you all speak is pre-Akkadian or
barbaric and genetically inferior, leading Sumerian. Do you all have anything to do with the
me to conclude that this is their primary Sumerians? And she told me “Yes.” She said, “Very much
rationale for continuing the a so.” She said after one of the minor cataclysms — and she
xenophobic policy. went to talk about many different minor cataclysms again,
and what the Earth had been through. They had brought
Given that the Inner Earth peoples claim agriculture and different things to the Sumerians and had
to have existed here for 20 million years, brought them written language and that kind of thing. And
I theorize that their current attitude then I started bringing up philosophical questions and
toward the surface is probably sourced mentioned that on the surface, more and more people are
from a series of negative occurrences believing in ancient aliens and genetic manipulation and us
that came about as a result of these being created by the Anunnaki. And you know, [I] was
more aggressive beings arriving. In starting to lead questions with her that way. That’s when
other words, their prejudice against the she said, maybe our next stop should be the library. And…
surface population, if I may be so bold
as to characterize it as such, could be a Related Hidden History Revealed |
very old cosmic grudge. Zecharia Sitchin - Sumerians & The
Anunnaki played a major role in Earth's
And their xenophobic policy of non- History up until ~ 3,000 years ago
interference, over the ages, eventually
produced a culture that is capable of Related Evolution of Humans |
greatly impacting the Inner Earth Everything You Know Is Wrong (about
people; that culture being ours. In the Human Origins) - Lloyd Pye
meeting discussed in the previous
episode, the seven Inner Earth groups DW - Real quick though: these cataclysms, I want to point
stated that they formed the Inner Earth something out, because I’ve done some new research,
Alliance Council because the surface [when] I did not know you were having this experience
population is now capable of doing while this was going on. I’ve been led to study the
them great harm. etymology of the word ‘cataclysm’ and ‘kataklusmos’
[κατακλυσμός], which is Greek and it means, “destruction
Possibly this situation is a type of by water.”But there’s another word, conflagration, which
cosmic initiation for them, in that, they means destruction by fire. There’s a very widespread, as
are finally having to reap the fruits of a I’ve now discovered — it’s going to be in the new book —
xenophobic policy, one that assumes a very widespread ancient tradition through Greek and
the surface population is to 'barbaric' to Roman, Stoicism, Akkadian, Babylonian, Sumerian, where
be given a chance to change pre- they all say that at the end of the big cycle, there’s a
existing programs. But the Sphere
Being Alliance said, in a more recent
conflagration. There’s a solar flash. So they differentiate and saw now that we were heading back out towards the
“by fire” or “by water.” door, and then they headed our direction.

[In a recent article, I outlined some of DW - So is this like the typical creepy lion roar? <Funny
the science to support what DW roar imitation with “scary” facial expression>
mentions here, in relation to
conflagration at the end of the major CG - Yeah, it was… <nodding yes>
cycle. See the below linked article for
more on this.] DW - Wow, okay. And you felt it in your chest? <CG:
Yes> It was that close?
Related Ancient Inner Earth Civilization
May Be the Anunnaki of Sumerian Texts CG - Well, it was that powerful, that deep. Like it rattled
your insides.
DW - Now these people, [the Inner Earth groups,] had to
have something to do with that message coming in. So I’m DW - Okay. Did you see any other beasts, elephants, or
wondering if they ever got into the idea of a flash — of a anything like that?
solar flash — as one of the seeds of these catastrophic
changes? CG - No, I didn’t see anything other than the birds and the
CG - We spent a lot of time in the library talking about a
lot of very in-depth things like this. DW - Okay.

DW - Okay, this is the part that I haven’t heard yet. CG - We were heading out. She seemed to know that
Gonzales already had a — it seemed prearranged situation
CG - Yeah. to where in one of their craft, they were going to fly him
back to one of the bases.
DW - Good.
DW - Okay
CG - And she [asked] if it was okay, she wanted to take
CG - A lot of very, very controversial things for most me to the library and Gonzales was visibly disappointed.
people came up. But once she suggested this, about this And he wanted to talk to me before he left. He mentioned
time we heard the sound of a very loud, large cat. to me, “This isn’t going to go over well.” He [continued,]
“I wish we would have [gone] to the library first.” He
DW - Oh my God. [added,] “I really would like to have been there. But when
I report back to the Council — Secret Space Program
CG - That wasn’t that far away and you could feel it in Council — you know, I’ll report that you got to go to the
your chest. It was very deep [and] loud. library. Just make sure you remember as much as possible
and give me a briefing within 48 hours so that you don’t
DW - We know that sabertooth tigers were all over the forget what you’ve learned.”
Earth up until 50 thousand years ago.
DW - I thought [that] Gonzales, from what you described,
CG - Yeah. So, we didn’t get to see it but… and I don’t know how much we really covered this here,
but you said that he had been through several meetings
DW - They said they were all safe, right? Like the animals with these people already.
aren’t going to attack you?
CG - He’d never gotten a tour.
CG - Well, yeah, they said they are not dangerous in their
current state of development, whatever that means. DW - So he was seeing all this for the first time too.

DW - Okay. I don’t know if that would make me feel all CG - Yes. He jumped…
that comfortable if I heard that.
DW - What did he look — what was the look on his face
CG - It didn’t make me feel all that comfortable but where as he’s seeing all these things, the gardens and the saucers
we were [where] we already talked about, [at] the library. flying through the air?
We started to head back towards the big entrance. And
after the cat sound, we looked back and Gonzales was still CG - Well, he was looking like he was in awe a couple of
in the same area with the lady he was talking to. They had times, like with the saucer thing but I really wasn’t
looked in the direction of the cat and he was looking back watching him that closely.
DW - Right. DW - Very interesting indeed. So what was the reason
why Gonzales was so concerned about this library? Did he
CG - I was looking around but I imagine he was taking it know there was something in there that was very valuable?
in as much as I was. And I had forgotten a lot of the
protocols about remember how many paces this way… CG - Intel. <Short laugh> Library: information,
You know, you’re supposed to, when you go into a new intelligence. And he got to see a garden and a park. <Both
environment, you’re supposed to mentally map it out and laughing> So he wanted to see the intelligence.
that kind of thing. I wasn’t doing any of that and I imagine
he probably was. He had a lot more going on up here DW - Right.
tactically, strategically.
CG - And he was about to be walked to one of their
DW - Now, you’ve seen a lot of heavy stuff that most vessels and flown to a base [while] I was about to be
people would probably do anything to see. You’ve seen walked to see and have a discussion in the library.
bases on other planets. You’ve been inside spacecraft of
very advanced faster-than-light travel, portal travel. Is DW - Alright. Well, coming up next time here on Cosmic
there anything else that you’ve ever seen that was as Disclosure, you’re going to be getting my authentic
amazing as what this stuff looked like? reactions [on] stuff I’ve never heard him say before: the
journey to the library. And we thank you for watching.
CG - No. This was a truly amazing experience in a We’ll see you next time.
positive, awe-inspiring kind of way.

Sitchin’s Sumerian Text Translations Contrived By
Illuminati To Promote False Alien Religion
Written By Dr. Michael Salla
February 10, 2016

Once in the library, Goode got the answer he sought.

During a discussion of a very large ancient dictionary
defining terms in the ancient Sumerian language, Kaaree
pointed up at Zecharia Sitchin’s books, and said:

All of the information in those books is

pretty much contrived… You cannot
take those books, and you cannot go
into an ancient Sumerian tablet, to the
Zecharia Sitchin is widely acknowledged as a pioneer in tablets and texts, and do translations
disseminating the idea that one or more extraterrestrial and get what is said in those books.
races have visited Earth in antiquity and assisted the
development of human civilizations. His translation of She gave as an example the word ‘Anunnaki’ which
Sumerian cuneiform texts suggesting that an alien race Sitchin defined in his first book, The Twelfth Planet, as
called the “Anunnaki” created humanity has been ‘those who from the heavens came.” According to Kaaree,
translated into over 25 languages and sold millions of the word actually means “royal seed.” Her translation of
copies worldwide. The problem, according to the latest ‘Anunnaki’ is supported by more conventional Sumerian
revelation by Secret Space Program whistleblower, Corey scholars, as Sitchin critics have previously pointed out.
Goode, is that Sitchin’s translations contain contrived

Goode made his startling claim about Sitchin’s translation

in the February 9 episode of his Cosmic Disclosure series
of interviews by David Wilcock aired on Gaia TV. It arose
out of an account Goode was giving of his meeting with
representatives of seven Inner Earth Civilizations back in
September 2015. He described being taken to a library
created by the oldest of the civilizations, dating as far back
as 18 million years in age.

The High Priestess, “Kaaree” (Car-ee), who led Goode on

this library tour, showed him different levels of an ancient
library hosting a variety of manuscripts, scrolls, tablets and
books of various ages. In a section of books, Goode
recognized titles authored by Zecharia Sitchin which
collectively are known as the Earth Chronicles. Artist illustration of Kaaree. Source Cosmic Disclosure

Goode says that Kaaree told him that

In an earlier episode of Cosmic Disclosure released on
Sitchin had been approached by three
February 2, Goode reported being told that the Ancient
members of a secret society whose goal
Sumerians had been helped by the Inner Earth beings who
was to promote an elite inspired religion
had decided to teach them agriculture and language. This
based on fictitious extraterrestrial creators.
was necessary due to a minor cataclysm that had wiped out
They fed Sitchin their translations of the
surface civilizations. Goode asked how this information
Sumerian cuneiform texts which he
meshed with those who believed the Sumerians had been
proceeded to release in his Earth
helped by alien visitors, and was told by Karee that he
Chronicle series books that began in 1976
would find his answer in the library.
with publication of The Twelfth Planet.

According to Goode,
She said that the writer [Sitchin] had three Kaaree acknowledged that her civilization had aided the
people that were giving him the narrative to Sumerians with agriculture and language. Presumably, the
write, and that these three people gave him Inner Earth civilization had also told the Sumerians that
the narrative that he wrote, that was a very they were ‘gods’; or at least encouraged the Sumerians to
clever infiltration of these, I guess, adopt such a belief, which was in alignment with their
Illuminati into the ufology esoteric legends.
community to make their religion, our, or
their religion This suggests that the translations provided by Sitchin
were based on a partial truth, that the Sumerians had been
Goode then claimed that this contentious information was helped by a technologically developed society, the
also known to the Secret Space Programs because he read “Anunnaki”, who claimed to be gods.
it in on the “smart glass pads” he was given access to
during his covert service from 1987 to 2007. If Goode’s However, Sitchin’s translation that the
revelations are accurate, as my own research so far has Anunnaki came from the planet Nibiru, and
found them to be, then this is independent corroboration of had bio-engineered humanity by splicing
Kaaree’s claims. their own DNA with early hominids, is
contrived information. This appears to be
Adding another level of plausibility to the accusation that what Kaaree was referring to as an effort
Sitchin’s translations of the Sumerian texts were secretly by an Illuminati secret society to
contrived by others, was an anecdote shared by Wilcock, manufacture an elite-inspired religion
host of Cosmic Disclosure, during yesterday’s episode. involving extraterrestrial creators.
Wilcock revealed that a Spanish college friend, who he
was unwilling to identify on air, regularly talked with Significantly, Clive Prince and Lynne Picknett authored a
Sitchin who confidentially told him that he was told what book in 2001 called The Stargate Conspiracy, which
to write in his Earth Chronicles books. traced efforts by global elites to manufacture a new
religion that would revolve around the idea of
Goode’s information is certain to be very controversial due extraterrestrial creators.
to many supporters of Sitchin who believe that more
conventional academic translations of Sumerian texts are
inaccurate. On the contrary, Goode points out, that many
conventional scholars are correct in their interpretations, as
illustrated earlier with discussion over the correct
translation of the word ‘Anunnaki’. He encourages people
to research conventional Sumerian translations to
determine for themselves the accuracy of Sitchin’s

As far as the inner Earth civilization that Kaaree belongs

to, it is important to clarify what may appear to be a
contradiction in what Karee said in regard to Sitchin’s
translation. In a September 23, 2015 report about his
meeting with Kaaree earlier that month, Goode said that
the Inner Earth civilizations would often assist surface This idea has been further developed by authors such as
civilizations after a cataclysm. In such cases, the Inner Tom Horn and Chris Putnam, in their book Exovaticana,
Earth beings would say they were gods or extraterrestrials in which the Roman Catholic Church is leading a secret
from other planes or planets: effort by Jesuits (the Catholic order to which Pope Francis
belongs) to establish a new global religion with
They stated that they would emerge from extraterrestrials playing a key role in humanity’s creation.
time to time to kick-start the civilization of Indeed, the Pope took a dramatic step in this direction with
the survivors who were the most closely an October 27, 2014 statement explaining how
related to them in terms of their genetics. extraterrestrial activities were part of God’s plan.
They claimed that these surviving races
assumed they were the gods of their own In my own 2013 book, Galactic Diplomacy, I pointed out
ancient legends. It was decided that they that Sitchin’s account of a single set of extraterrestrial
would allow those they were assisting to creators was inconsistent with the evidence that there have
believe they were gods, in order to keep been multiple extraterrestrial races blending their genetics
their subterranean civilizations secret and with humanity over a long historical period. According to
secure. Goode, and “extraterrestrial contactees” such as Alex

Collier, there are 22 different alien races that have us and left us and ended up mating while
contributed their DNA to humanity. they were here.

The Inner Earth civilizations, however, insist that their The complex situation with the Inner Earth beings appears
own genetics long predate the multiple interventions by set to change, however, since a group of five
visiting extraterrestrials who bio-engineered surface extraterrestrial races Goode describes as the Sphere Being
humanity. Kaaree’s people date their origins to the time of Alliance, appeared in our solar system very recently. The
the “Guardians,” a very ancient race of higher dimensional Inner Earth civilizations have recognized members of the
beings that helped establish and/or protect the first human Sphere Being Alliance as their Guardians who have
civilizations on Earth. returned at a time of great change at the planetary, stellar
and galactic levels.
Presumably, the genetics of the first humans were more
compatible with manifesting a higher universal According to a January report by Goode of a face-to-face
consciousness, referred to in the Law of One material as meeting between the Sphere Being Alliance and
the Logos or creative principle, in physical form. representatives of the Inner Earth civilization, which
Consequently, the Inner Earth Civilizations have occurred in the Kuiper Belt in late 2015, they were told
maintained a strict separation from the genetically mixed, that they had “not been proper stewards” of the planet.
and by implication ‘inferior’, surface humanity for many This has led to some of the Inner Earth civilizations
millennia. reevaluating their policy of strict separation, and
considering ways to reveal themselves more to surface
This greatly contrasts with Collier’s claims, in which humanity, which will in some future time lead to planetary
extraterrestrials from the Andromeda constellation unity.
consider our mixed human extraterrestrial DNA as a form
of genetic royalty. In a 2000 interview, Collier said: Goode’s accounts of his meeting with Inner Earth
civilizations are astounding, and will lead to a great re-
According to the A’s [Andromedans] we are evaluation of humanity’s ancient origins, and the roles of
genetic royalty ,everyone on this planet and different extraterrestrial and Inner Earth groups as more
it has nothing to do with where we are on a evidence emerges to substantiate his claims. As far as
soul level. People confuse the two. It is like exposing Zecharia Sitchin’s translations of the Sumerian
people don’t listen as well as they hear. cuneiform texts as contrived information, Goode is
They say we are genetic royalty because suggesting that there is an implicit warning by the Inner
we the subtotal in our genetics of 22 Earth civilization that Sitchin was part of a secret
different races. Many different races have Illuminati effort to create a new elite driven global religion
been here, over millions and millions of based on extraterrestrial intervention in human affairs.
years they have genetically tampered with

Sitchin’s Sumerian Text Translations Contrived By
Illuminati To Promote False Alien Religion
By Justin Deschamps
Friday, February 12, 2016

Related Jay Parker and Mark Passio:

Satanic Ritualistic Abuse | Truth
Connections Radio

When Goode revealed that his hostess, the

priestess Kaaree, stated that the term
Anunnaki has a root which means "royal
seed," it suggested that the people behind
Sitchin's work could have been
promulgating material that supports their
dark NWO religion. And that this
conspiracy to entrap a whole population of
lower level cabal members may have been
in operation since the times of Sumer and
Babylon, which would fit the testimony of

According to these same former Satanists

and whistleblowers, the Cabal have a form
Above is Dr. Salla's summary and analysis of 'mini-me' satanism for the average
of the recent revelations that came out this syndicate member. These members are
week on Cosmic Disclosure with Corey fed a narrative which allows them to feel
Goode and David Wilcock, in regard to superior to the average person, claiming to
Zecharia Sitchin's work being apparently a have genetic stock that traces its origins to
fabrication. extraterrestrial gods and the times of
Atlantis. But all of this could be part of
I did my own analysis on the matter, in compartmentalization programs within
several articles, which I have embedded these dynastic families, which have existed
within Salla's report. I also wanted to in secret for all of modern history.
include a few points in this preamble
regarding links to satanism and the Cabal's In other words, if Sitchin's work is largely
dark religion. contrived, the target audience may not be
the awakening community, but could
Salla offers more supporting evidence for actually be for the lower level members of
the notion offered by Goode, that state, the the Cabal, which like the people they
contrived nature of these translations was control, need a worldview or belief system
part of an effort to create an NWO religion that keeps them in line.
for the elite.
Considering that the notion of the divine
According to several whistleblowers who right to rule is antithetical to the concepts of
were involved in Satanism, rank and file personal sovereignty and true freedom, this
cabal members believe they are idea that a 'royal seed' was planted
descended from a race of 'dark gods' or thousands of years ago, when humanity
extraterrestrials, claiming they have the was allegedly created by the Anunnaki,
divine right to rule because of this 'royal would lend itself perfectly to a
blood'. compartmentalization program.

Related Evolution of Humans | then this revelation that his work is false
Everything You Know Is Wrong (about could have the effect of causing, even
Human Origins) - Lloyd Pye more, dissolution of the once firmly united
secret government syndicates or cabal.
David Wilcock revealed during his
presentation at the Consciousness Life Given that the Cabal itself is a network of
Expo in 2015, that the Cabal have a dark heavily compartmentalized groups within
religion and prophecy, which claims when groups, then it stands to reason there is a
their plans are finally coming to going to great deal of high-level
come to fruition their dark gods will return propaganda primarily to keep lower level
to raise them to the status of godhood over ranks in check.
the planet. Clearly, this would entice
members to adhere to the agenda of the But like many of their dark projects, the
greater cabal. efforts are multi-pronged and long of sight,
able to achieve a goal in one area while
Related David Wilcock Major Update: simultaneously achieving it in another as
History of 'Old One's', Draco's, SSP, well. In this case: a) to keep members of
Plan for Disclosure in 2015, Cabal the group inline; and b) to create a
Surrender, Sphere Beings, and Much honeypot for the truth community.
- Justin
No doubt, if the neo form of cabal religion
was based, in part, on the work of Sitchin,

New Science In Human History And Cataclysm | DNA
Shows 15,000 Years Ago, Hunter-Gatherers Were Replaced
By Mystery Group Of People
By Justin Deschamps
Thursday, February 11, 2016

cataclysms that have ravaged human

populations reaching far back in history.
Gobekli Tepe is one such example of a
civilization that seemed to anticipate
upheaval was imminent, and decided to
preserve the site by covering it with debris.

Related The Secret of Gobekli Tepe:

Cosmic Equinox and Sacred Marriage

This study also confirms an aspect of

Corey Goode's narrative, in relation to
secret space program disclosures having to
do with ancient Inner Earth breakaway

Related Cosmic Disclosure Season 3 -

Episode 5: Inner Earth: The Grand Tour
- Summary and Analysis | Corey Goode
and David Wilcock
A team of researchers at the Max Planck
Institute for the Science of Human History Goode claims to be an insider within the
in Germany of using forensic DNA testing secret space program that has been
of Mitochondrial samples of bones and actively meeting with various groups in an
teeth from prediluvian and modern era effort to free the planet from the Cabal or
humans discovered that a mystery what he calls secret Earth government
population of humans 'replaced' a previous syndicates. He claims to have meet with an
more ancient group after a major cataclysm Inner Earth alliance council of seven
some 15,000 years ago. ancient breakaway human groups. Some of
the groups he met claimed to have existed
What this means is that the population of below the surface for over 18 million years,
humans that existed before the flood was witnessing the rise and fall of many
essentially wiped out and replaced by a civilizations.
new set of genetic stock. This discovery
supports the assertions of several According to these councils, major and
researchers, in particular Graham Hancock minor cataclysms have wreaked havoc on
and Corey Goode. the Earth's surface since time immemorial,
as a function of celestial cycles that
Related Graham Hancock | Our Past converge in a fairly regular fashion. And
Was Erased by Catastrophes, Fall of the what would often occur, is that the
House of History civilization, if it had advanced far enough,
would flee underground or into space when
Hancock asserts and is supported by the a cataclysm was on the horizon. Some of
geologic record, that human events has the more recent Inner Earth groups made
been shaped by major and minor their descent into the Earth several ice age

cycles ago, while others state they have civilization making contact with survivors of
lived there for much longer. a cataclysm, helping them to repopulate
the surface takes on more credence.
Related Cosmic Disclosure Season 3 -
Episode 5: Inner Earth: The Grand Tour If true, more discoveries of this nature will
- Summary and Analysis | Corey Goode no doubt come to light as time goes on.
and David Wilcock
The research paper is listed below for
What would often occur, is that the surface reference.
civilization would be completely destroyed, - Justin
leaving a population that was lost to the
ravages of time. These Inner Earth groups Source - Ancient Code
would then appear to these survivors as
gods or extraterrestrials, providing them “New models suggest that during a period
help in rebuilding civilization. If true, this of climatic upheaval, the descendants of
would help explain the peculiar appearance the hunter-gatherers who survived through
of white bearded men, often described as the Last Glacial Maximum were replaced
gods, offering technology and wisdom to by a population from another source”
societies throughout history.

According to one of the Inner Earth council

members, the Sumerian civilization, which
sprung up from seemingly nowhere
approximately 6,000 years ago, was
assisted by one of these highly advanced
Inner Earth groups.

Related Ancient Inner Earth Civilization

May Be the Anunnaki of Sumerian Texts

These claims by Goode and his associates

have shaken the alternative history field,
and until recently, there was very little According to a new research, there is a completely
evidence to support his claims. unknown chapter in the history of our species. In Europe,
roughly 15,000 years ago, DNA tests who that hunter-
But this recent study by a mainstream gatherers were replaced by a mystery group of people after
institution lends a great deal of support to the Ice Age.
this notion. For the scientists at the Max
Plank Institute clearly state they are unsure According to experts, nearly 15,000 years ago, Europe’s
where this mysterious population came population changed drastically in ways that scholars have
from. never seen before Experts analysed mitochondrial DNA
from ancient teeth and bones, identifying a marked change
Could one of these Inner Earth groups in the DNA of the population roughly 15,000 years ago.
have assisted a fledgling surface The unique markers (M-Haplotype) were seen
population, helping them to replace the disappearing from Europe.
once dominant groups that died off from a
cataclysm in the past? Considering that This major change in the genetic makeup of people in the
scientists are unsure where this newer region mysteriously came at the same time as a major
group came from, I propose that an Inner climatic shift, that altered our planet forever.
Earth explanation is highly plausible.
Especially given that the Sumerian culture According to reports, this discovery is so unprecedented
is a complete mystery assuming the slow that experts refer to it as an ‘unknown chapter in the
progress of civilization theory is valid, a human history’ when hunter-gatherer groups were replaced
major tenant of modern day archeological by a mysterious population marking the beginning of a
theory. new history.

So where did the Sumerians civilization Reports also indicate that during that time, non-African
come from? Given the data listed below, humans moved east, travelling towards Asia and
and the testimony of insiders and
whistleblowers, the notion of an advanced
Australasia before the great ice sheets receded across The new findings indicate that non-African populations
Europe. moved out in what is called “a single event” around 50,000
years ago. Also, researchers indicate that the M-Haplotype
The study, which is referred to as unprecedented was disappeared from Europe completely some 14,000 years
carried out by researchers at the Max Planck Institute for ago.
the Science of Human History in Germany.
‘We uncovered a completely unknown
Researchers were able to trace the maternal lines using chapter of human history: a major
fragments extracted from ancient remains that go back population turnover in Europe at the end of
over 30,000 years. This allowed researchers top the last Ice Age,’ explained lead author
reconstruct the DNA of people that inhabited parts of Professor Johannes Krause.
Europe sometime between 35,000 years ago and as recent
as 7,000 years ago. Scientists found out that specific ‘There has been a real lack of genetic data
genetic markers present in the population suddenly from this time period, so consequently, we
banished at the end of the ice age, a historic period were knew very little about the population
many ‘great changes’ occurred that eventually shaped the structure or dynamics of the first modern
human species in a very specific way. humans in Europe,’ said Krause.

Interestingly, researchers report that particular fragments ‘Our model suggests that during this period
of DNA were used to reconstruct mitochondrial DNA of of climatic upheaval, the descendants of
individuals from different parts of Europe, including Italy, the hunter-gatherers who survived through
Germany, Belgium, France, the Czech Republic, and the Last Glacial Maximum were largely
Romania during the period. Scientists state that three of the replaced by a population from another
earliest individuals who inhabited parts of modern day source,” explained Adam Powell, another
France and Belgium during the last ice age were found to senior author.
have a specific and unique set of identifiable genetic
markers or haplotype. Researchers note that by the time In the study, researchers add: ‘In European
the ice sheets had melted in Europe, the mysterious hunter-gatherers, our model explains this
markers had disappeared from the European population. period of upheaval as a replacement of the
population by another source.
According to scientists, DNA studies showed that
Europeans who lived after the last Ice Age lack the ‘Although the exact origin for this later
haplotype seen in older Europeans. population is unknown, the inferred
demographic history suggests that it
descended from another, separate [isolated

Cosmic Disclosure Season 3 - Episode 6:
Inner Earth: The Library - Summary and Analysis
Corey Goode and David Wilcock
By Justin Deschamps
Thursday, February 11, 2016

Although this aspect was not discussed in

this episode, the inference is that this
location could be some center of activity for
liaising with other groups.

According to Goode, some Inner Earth

peoples claim to have existed below the
surface for over 20 million years. If true,
then these beings have been witness to
oceans of time and the emergence and
recession of many surface civilizations.

In previous episodes, Goode revealed that

the Inner Earth people have appeared to
humans throughout their dynamic history,
offering assistance to survivors of major
and minor cataclysms. One example from
modern times, that we learned of in last
weeks episode, was the Sumerian
civilization. Apparently the Anunnaki,
This week is special in the annals of Corey according to some translations of Sumerian
Goode testimony, in that, hitherto records, are beings from the heavens that
unrevealed data is being released in came to Earth, specifically to provide aid to
relation to his trip to Inner Earth in the fledgling Sumerian civilization. Kaaree,
September of this year. His report of that Goode's hostess inferred that it, was in
journey sent waves through the awakening fact, her people that were called the
community, and many have been waiting Anunnaki by the Sumerians. If true, it would
for part two. Although it has yet to be transform the alternative research
released, the following episode finally community, which has long contended that
provides readers with some more of the the Anunnaki were extraterrestrial in origin,
story. largely due to the work of Zecharia Sitchin.

The Library of this one particular Inner If this development wasn't enough, in this
Earth group is vast, containing a huge week's episode, Kaaree and Goode dive
number of literary works, some of which into more about this Sumerian story. She
were ancient scrolls, tablets, and bound tells him that the work of Sitchin, which has
books. There were also modern works been echoed throughout ufology and
there as well, some of them so new that alternative history theories, is largely
walking through the library could easily contrived.
seem like one was perusing through a
repository on the surface. Goode goes on to say that this was a major
shock to him, and that there were
The library was divided into several areas, controversial items discussed that he
one of which had a level where individuals was reticent to reveal due to the already
were apparently using their minds to make
contact with people on the surface.
fragmented nature of the truther information he provides comes from 'Smart Glass Pads',
community. iPad like devices supplied to SSP personnel for
information dissemination purposes. This will be a ground
Later, Kaaree and Goode discuss what this breaking event, revealing the totality of Earth's history and
Inner Earth group's viewpoints are, wherein the activities of the Cabal which will ultimately lead to a
she tells him that they think the Earth, solar truth and reconciliation style tribunal to hold criminal
system, and galaxy are each sentient forms elements accountable for wrongdoing. Additionally, the
of life. These correlate with what the Law of SSP Alliance intends on releasing all of the hidden
One describes as logos and sub-logos. technology to the people in preparation for a 'Star Trek-
She goes on to tell Goode that each of type golden age'.
these sentient beings emits a vibratory
energy that entrains or generates a According to Goode, the Cabal or the secret Earth
template for life, and that many cycles of government and their syndicates (as termed by the SSP
natural evolution have produced humanoid- Alliance) have enslaved humanity under a false paradigm
type life forms on Earth. of a technological advancement, while secretly developing
incredible technology (a Star Trek level of advancement)
This is part four of a sub-series covering used to colonize the solar system and beyond, engaging in
Goode's trip to Inner Earth. For part one, trade with thousands of extraterrestrial races.
two and three, see the below-linked
articles. Space programs have been developed in secret all
throughout Earth's history, and in many cases, groups
Related Cosmic Disclosure Season 3 - broke away from the main culture forming what is called a
Episode 2: A Goode Trip to the Inner Breakaway Civilization. Some of these civilizations have
Earth - Summary and Analysis | Corey existed in secret, on Earth and beyond for. thousands of
Goode and David Wilcock years. The Agartha Network is one such group that claims
to be the original human race. It was this group in addition
Related Cosmic Disclosure Season 3 - to the Draco Alliance, that made contact with a secret
Episode 4: Revelations from the Inner German space program in the early 20th century.
Earth - Summary and Analysis | Corey
Goode and David Wilcock In modern times, the Germans were the most advanced of
the SSP groups, beginning their efforts in earnest during
Related Cosmic Disclosure Season 3 - the early 1920's and 30's. The Americans were also
Episode 5: Inner Earth: The Grand Tour developing a SSP, but were much further behind in
- Summary and Analysis | Corey Goode technological advances. Later, the American SSPs were
and David Wilcock infiltrated and taken over by the Germans after the end of
World War II. It was after this forced merger that the SSP,
If you have not already reviewed these first under the direction of the Interplanetary Corporate
sections I strongly suggest doing so in Conglomerate (ICC), expanded into the solar system and
order to comprehend what is covered here. beyond, setting up dozens of bases and mining facilities
chiefly using slave labor.
Goode also produced an extensive written
report, which he references through this In the early 1990's, a faction within the SSP known
sub-series. See the below-linked article for as Solar Warden slowly began to go against the ICC,
the full trip report. allying with a group of highly evolved extraterrestrials
known as the Sphere Being Alliance in 2012. Since then,
Related Ancient Earth Break-Away- more factions have joined the alliance which is actively
Civilization Subterranean Council working to free humanity on Earth and beyond, known as
Meeting & SSP Alliance Debrief Part I - the SSP Alliance. Despite their good intentions, the SSP
"Honeycomb Earth" Alliance is a group of highly damaged and morally
ambiguous individuals, according to Goode, that recognize
Overview of Corey Goode, the Secret Space at some level the need to change the status quo, but are
Program Alliance and the Sphere Being Alliance: hardly angels.

Corey Goode is a Secret Space Program (SSP) insider and The Sphere Beings are a group of five extraterrestrial
whistleblower that began disclosing information in 2009 races, one of which is known as the Blue Avians, that
under the pseudonym GoodETxSG. In 2014, he started arrived in the solar system during the late 1980's. Two of
revealing a great deal more information in an effort to the races remain unrevealed, however, there is also a race
prepare humanity for what he calls 'data dumps', set to of 'golden triangle head' beings and 'blue orb' beings made
occur at an opportune moment in the future. Much of the of light. Over the course of 20 years, they began bringing

massive spheres into the solar system and surrounding of arcane knowledge. What Corey learns this day will
area, some which are the size of Jupiter. This is in an effort prove to be controversial to many different groups seeking
to downstep galactic energy waves, which are slowly the truth about human origins and control of our planet.
changing life as we know it. These spheres are cloaked and
not detectable by the surface population of Earth. This interview with David Wilcock was originally webcast
February 9, 2016.
According to the Sphere Beings, a massive shift in
energetic expression is now occurring in the solar system,
as the result of a natural process of consciousness
evolution, assisted by our solar system's movement
through the galaxy and increasingly coherent energy
fields encountered as a result. The Sphere Being Alliance
specifically asked for Goode to represent them in SSP
Alliance meetings as a Sphere Being Alliance delegate.
Presently, the SSP Alliance is negotiating with the
remaining cabal aligned programs, as well as innumerable
races that have lived in the solar system for millions of
years, and even breakaway civilizations once resident on
the Earth's surface. The Sphere Beings have erected an
energy barrier around the solar system preventing ingress
and egress, trapping many of he negatively oriented groups
that have been loosely allied with the secret Earth Summarized notes will be in black, with my commentary
government syndicates for thousands of years. Since this in [Ariel bolded brackets]. Alterations to the transcript for
event, the pyramid of power known on Earth as the Cabal ease of reading will be in [brackets], but the original
or Illuminati has fallen into disarray, as the Draco Alliance content of the dialog is always maintained. The images
attempted to 'sell out' their underlings to the Sphere Beings with black letterboxing were captured from this episode
in an attempt to gain passage out of the solar system and on Gaia TV.
escape the coming justice of the SSP Alliance.
Transcribed by Hugues. Commentary by Justin
SSP factions encountered many intriguing things as they Deschamps.
ventured out into the solar system. Apparently there are
remnants of extremely old settlements and technology DW = David Wilcock, CG = Corey Goode.
from what is called the Ancient Builder race. These beings
were incredibly advanced, using a type of consciousness KEEPING YOUR REALITY BUBBLES
technology that appears to be an inanimate object until PERMEABLE:
activated by a user. They are also responsible for
building ancient stargates found on nearly every major DW - Are you ready? This is “Cosmic Disclosure.” I'm
body in the solar system. According to the Agarthans, the your host, David Wilcock. I'm here with Corey Goode.
Sphere beings are in fact the ancient builder race, although And for the first time ever in the history of this show, I'm
the SSP has yet to confirm this directly from them. going to be getting information that I am dying to know
about from [Corey], in real time, on camera – stuff that's
The dark side of the Moon is home to many different very significant for both of our lives, because you've
groups, including the ICC, the Draco Alliance, the SSP gotten pulled into this, and I'm obviously on this journey
Alliance, the Dark Fleet, and more. The Moon is with you. But up until now, I have no conscious
apparently an artificial object, and has become a neutral recollection of having any experiences off-planet or in the
zone for all of these groups, which have maintained a planet, even though maybe I have had them. If that is
peaceful armistice for thousands of years. The Moon happening, I'm being blank-slated. I'm not remembering
serves as an observational outpost for over 60 groups of anything yet. So there's something going on here. These
extraterrestrial races engaged in 22 genetic programs and people are very intimately connected to us, and this
social experiments on Earth. Some of these programs information is eventually going to bridge the gap and lead
conflict with each other, yet all of them have influenced to a family reunion if they can get past the idea that we're
Earth's history for millennia. mixed-blood and inferior to them. But the other thing that I
just wanted to point out is they're acting as if we're not
Show Description: going to have such a sudden leap. But if you read “The
Law of One”, which I've scientifically validated, it very
As the tour of the inner earth concludes, Corey Goode and clearly says that the 25,000-year cycles of third-density –
Gonzales must part ways as Corey is offered a chance to there's three of them, that we're at the end of all three - that
visit a great library. In a flash, he finds himself surrounded there's a very massive sudden quantum upgrade of the
by white marble walls and shelves containing vast volumes human condition at the end of that cycle. They call it a

quantum leap. So the idea that it's going to take For example, we may initially believe
generations and generations for us to grow up isn't that the medical industry is a well-
necessarily true. intentioned organization, that would
never make people sick to maintain
Related Science and Evidence For The profits. But a friend or relative may tell
Transformation of the Solar System | us as a part of their awakening
The Divine Cosmos by David Wilcock experience that, in fact, the medical
industry is making people sick, which
CG - Everyone has their own belief systems, and that's one we reject because it counter's what we
of the things that we need to put into perspective for this want to be true. Yet that seed of truth
part of the discussion, because a lot of this information is can only be denied for so long, and
going to be difficult for a lot of people's established belief eventually, we experience something
systems. And I took time out . . . that causes us to reconsider what was
previously dismissed.
DW - “Difficult.” <making quotation hand gesture>
In the moment we genuinely examine
CG -Yes. I took time out to write an article about keeping this new idea, a storm of transformation
your reality bubble permeable just because after this occurs, whereby, denied truth of the
meeting . . . because my brain has been so overwhelmed past is acknowledged, destroying the
with all of this information. And it's . . . People will need fragile false belief that seemed so true
to sit back, buckle up your seat belts, open up your minds a before. This is usually a very intense
little bit. Everything that you're certain that you know, just experience, as our worldviews are
be ready to open your mind to other possibilities. changing and the sense of emotional
comfort that they brought us begins to
DW - Some people are going to believe what you're dissolve. In this space of disquiet we
saying. Other people are just going to go right on thinking yearn to make sense of the new data we
whatever they already thought is true, so. now acknowledge, and here, a new
worldview and resulting identity is
CG - Right. formed. I wrote about this in the below-
linked article.
DW - You don't need to be too worried.
Related Paths to Awakening: Spiritual
CG - Okay. Activism or Disempowerment |
Understanding the Spiritual Causes of
DW - But it is going to . . . I know you've been preparing Depression
us for this. It's going to rattle people . . .
For one seeking to reveal truth,
CG - Right. especially data that conflicts with an
established belief system, compassion
[The trepidation in offering information and empathy are essential tools. The
that counter's accepted belief systems truth remains true, even when denied.
is understandable. I'd argue that the By this I mean that we need not attempt
challenge of any truth seeker is to find a to force another to accept our truth, for
way to share what they've found in a that is impossible. Instead, we can
way that considers the delicate nature create the conditions so that our
of what CG terms a reality bubble. perspective is received with an open
mind and heart, by being kind and
acknowledging when another may not
In my observation of the awakening
be ready to hear what we have to say.
experience, of myself and others, what
This way another will not feel compelled
often happens are several waves of
to blindly accept what is offered,
intense transformation. First pre-
allowing their discernment to exercise
existing belief systems have a
itself free of social pressure.
momentum that tends to close the mind
to information that counters what was
believed to be true. But eventually, if the The risk with any belief system is that it
belief system is not entirely accurate, remains fixed or unchanging. Iin my
which arguably no one's is, then the view, tThis is crucial to understand as
weight of denied truth eventually causes truth seekers.
a crisis of belief.
If the truth is an infinite and eternal they just said, “We're going to pick Corey and send
reality, then all truths we can lay claim Gonzales on his way.”
to are only half truths. The sky is blue
here, but it's not clear somewhere else; DW - So, what happens to Gonzales? How does he end up
point of views unreconciled, lead to leaving?
disagreement and limitation of
understanding. CG - We leave together.

So to echo CG's article, keep your DW - So you hear the lion, or whatever it is, the cat
reality bubbles permeable. Be open to roaring.
new information, and take solace in
knowing that anything of true CG - Yeah. We leave, and then we go through another one
importance that you once believed will of the kind of small, little corridor areas, out-of-the-way
still be there on the other side of the corridor areas. We come out into another domed room
awakening experience. And while for a that's kind of, I guess, a portal-type room. We're all four
short time, things will feel uneasy or standing there. Sorry, tapping happens on the little
uncertain, this too shall pass, especially amulets. Flash of light.
if we stay on the path of truth and gain
more knowledge as time goes on. An And now it's just the priestess and myself. And we're now
identity built on a foundation of truth in a completely different environment, to where it is white,
will whether the storm of the unknown polished stone and beautiful.
with far more grace than one based on
egocentric belief, where we seek to DW - Like white marble?
deny what IS in favor of what we want to
be true. CG - Like white marble.

In light of these psychological realities, DW - Were there marblings in the stone?

in my view, CG's choice not to reveal
controversial aspects until he was able CG - Yes.
to vet the information for himself is
understandable. Hopefully, those DW - Cool.
who've felt uneasy about him not
releasing part two of his Inner Earth
CG - It was beautiful.
report can consider this point although
it may not be the only reason for the
DW - Wow! How big?
CG - And all one piece. It was not a super large room. It
was about the same size of the smaller portal rooms. And I
looked straight up to see a gold bar come out of the ceiling
DW - So I'm really interested. So let's not play around with
with a hand and a crystal ball inside the hand.
the amulet. Let's just . . .

CG - Get on with it.

DW - Get into that library. What happens next? Gonzales

is pissed.

CG -Yes.

DW - He can't . . . He can't believe . . .

CG - He's missing out on the library.

DW - That they've chosen you and he doesn't get to go in

DW - Was there any other stuff like that or was it kind of a
CG - Well, and I think the library thing happened just unique distinguishing feature in the room?
because the priestess and I connected, and I got assigned to
the conversation, and things just led that way. I don't think

CG -There were other things like that in another part of the DW - Okay. And they’re anti-gravity [chairs], right?

DW - Okay. And it's a normal human-sized hand?

CG - No, it was smaller.

DW - Oh, it was smaller?

CG - Yeah.

DW - Okay.

CG - It was a smaller — and a smaller globe, smaller

CG - Right.

DW - Okay.

CG - And there were three levels of the library. There was

the library proper that had actual shelves in it. As we
walked through it, there were scrolls sitting on kind of an
angled shelf. They were just sitting there. There were—as
we went along—tablets that were on different types of

DW - Interesting. Okay. What are you feeling at this

point? Are you excited about it? Are you nervous? Are

CG - I’m excited because I know that we’re about to go

talk about what we had initially started to talk about, which
was the ancient aliens, the genetic programs, the “meaning
of life” kind of stuff that we were starting to discuss: their
belief systems that I was curious about.

DW - Okay. DW - Wow.
THE LIBRARY: CG - And then some that looked like they were molded
tablets: that were molded out of some type of composite
CG - So this whole library complex was made of this material [different from] stone. Then as we moved, they
white marble. started to look more like books. Some were bound in
leather, and some were bound in hemp, or something like
DW - Now you say library. Are you seeing book stacks, that.
like a library?
DW - Now, if you go to the Louvre and you see the “Mona
CG - We do, at one point. But when we first walk out, Lisa” or things like that, they’re going to be behind glass.
there’s a big, largely uninhabited area of those same kind Was there any protective stuff around these scrolls and
of seats and some of them were reclined back. things [or] the tablets?

DW - The egg-shaped thing that you sat in when you CG - No. Not unless it was energetic.
interfaced with [Kaaree the priestess]?
DW - Wow.
CG - Yeah.
CG - It looked like you could just reach and touch it.
DW - Wow, okay. DW - Well now, if they can get books, that would also
imply they can read anything that’s on the Internet.
CG - So she was just — it was like we were walking
through, almost like a time capsule. It was changing. And CG - Yes. They have complete access and follow the
then we started getting to an area that looked like books Internet very closely.
from [the] 1500’s, 1600’s, all the way up to an area that
[had] books [looking like they] could have arrived from DW - Wow. Very interesting. <After a few seconds of They had ISBN number kind of things on pondering silence> So this is crazy! They’re—but if they
them that looked… could portal you out of the room, then they could
potentially be portaling these books out of a warehouse or
DW- Really? something as well, right? They don’t need FedEx to be
driving down into the cavern? <Laughing>
CG - Yes… that were on a bookshelf.
CG - Right.
DW - [They came through] UPS, FedEx?
DW - Yeah, okay.
CG - I don’t know how… <Both laughing>
CG - So I — I really was not looking at all the logistics of
DW - Who drives down there? — you know — how exactly they got the books. <Short
CG - I don’t know. But…
DW - Right.
DW - Maybe the drones, right? The Amazon drone.
CG - Very quickly we started to talk about the ancient
CG - Right. And I asked her. I said, “Are all of your books Sumerian culture, the ancient pre-Akkadian Sumerian
in physical form?” And she [replied,] “No, we keep certain language that her people spoke. And she brought out a —
books in physical form that are on subjects that we find she went and then came back with a book that was a
intriguing.” She [added,] “Most of them are in a format dictionary, that was an ancient Sumerian dictionary. She
that we can pull up, read, and look at.” says we have one very similar. It was — she said, ours has
— it’s a dictionary, a complete Sumerian dictionary that
DW - And I suppose they’re not so interested in has two different languages — I think Akkadian and
underwater basket-weaving and Betty Crocker’s “Guide to Sumerian, or I can’t exactly remember — that is a
Home Cooking.” dictionary for every ancient Sumerian word, what it
means. They tell us, the scribes tell us in their own words.
CG - Right. Their book…

DW - This is more of the kind of stuff that they’re DW - This is sort of similar to the Rosetta Stone, which is
interested in? what allowed people to crack a lot of these ancient
languages in the first place. Because it was the same words
WALKING THROUGH THE LIBRARY: in, like three or four different languages.

CG - Well, where she’d stopped me was at a place that a [Transcriber, Hugues Prévost’s Note:
whole bunch of books on the subject of ancient aliens. The Rosetta Stone has only two languages
written in three scripts. Specifically, it has
DW - Did you see any books that you recognized from the Ancient Egyptian in hieroglyphic and
surface? “demotic” (cursive) forms. Since it also has
the same text is translated on the stone in
CG - Yes. well-understood Ancient Greek, it provided
the key to decipher Ancient Egyptian
DW - Could you give some examples? hieroglyphs.]

CG - Ah, yes. Zecharia Sitchin’s books. CG - Yeah, and we’ve had this, supposedly, on the surface
for I don’t know how long, that our mainstream scholars
DW - Really? use. But her book had three languages. It included her
language, the proto or pre-language.
CG - And some books of some authors — I really can’t
remember their names… Erich von Däniken… some other DW - So she brings out this dictionary. Was it an
ones. There were a lot of books [in] German and French, unusually large book?
and other languages on the subject that were there.
CG - It was a very large book. And we didn’t really — she DW - Well, and at the Conscious Life Expo a few years
just showed it to me. I looked at it, looked at some of the ago, before he died, I ended up in the elevator with
symbols, the writing. We really didn’t flip around it Zecharia Sitchin. And he was scared to death of being in
because I didn’t understand what it said anyway. the same elevator with me. He did not want to
acknowledge that he knew who I was, but it was obvious
DW - Okay. that he did. He was highly uncomfortable. He didn’t want
to look at me in the eye. In fact, he actually kind of turned
ZECHARIA SITCHIN'S WORK IS CONTRIVED: his whole body towards the wall of the elevator because he
didn’t want to be in it with me. It was a weird
CG - And she began to tell me a story that made me a little synchronicity that we ended up, just the two of us, in this
uncomfortable in the beginning. [It was] about the story of elevator for a ride going up, I guess, seven stories or
the Anunnaki, the ancient Sumeria, and the current something… Wow.
narrative that many in ufology and believers in ancient
aliens subscribe to. And she went on to talk about how all CG - So for me…
of the information — and she pointed up to Zecharia
Sitchin’s books — she said all of the information in those DW - But people see Zecharia Sitchin — it’s like you
books is pretty much contrived. She said, you cannot take can’t question — it’s like sacrosanct!
those books and go into an ancient Sumerian tablet, to the
tablets and texts, and do translations and get what is said in CG - Yeah.
those books. And she asked me, “Do you know what
Anunnaki means?” And I [replied,] “Well, I’ve been told DW - The stone tablets…
and I’ve read, that it’s a catch-all term that just means
‘extraterrestrial.’ It can mean any group that comes from CG - It’s like a prophet. Yeah.
the sky.” And she said, “The root of the word means ‘royal
seed’.” And I was like, okay, I can’t dispute that. I can’t — DW - Here it is. Boom.
how do you argue or dispute that? I was like, okay, I’ll just
listen. And she went on to describe that there was a secret CG - So, but I was very — you know — I was considering
society that had put out this narrative, very cleverly, to the source. I had a connection with her but at the same
make an elitist religion — to take an elitist religion — time I wasn’t sensing [as an] intuitive empath, any
from the surface and put it into the esoteric community. deception. [CG has stated in the past, that he was trained as
an Intuitive Empath in the secret space program. See
DW - Wow. This is really mind-blowing, and I feel like I Season 1 Episode 11 for more on this.] Skipping later on,
got to add something here. When I went to college, I had a over weeks, I started studying online, looking at ancient
buddy who ended up living in a boarding house with me Sumerian websites for mainstream science, looking [and]
after I graduated. And we’ll call him Antonio. It’s not his trying to verify what she said. And I was shocked.
real name. He was from Spain. Here’s the thing I have
never said before, okay? He was personal friends with DW - So you’re looking at words in Sitchin’s books and
Zecharia Sitchin. He told me that he talked to Zecharia in he what says they mean, and then looking at the actual
person, and Zecharia told him that he was told what to online translations of Sumerian?
write in the books by these “Illuminati.” <making the
quotation gesture> None of it was really based on research. CG - And actually, storylines that just don’t exist.
It was all contrived. Now, I’ve never shared that before
and this is blowing my mind that she’s telling you the DW - Wow.
same things. Very interesting.
CG - And just don’t exist. And…
CG - Well, she said that the writer had three people that
were giving him the narrative to write. And that these three DW - So if that’s true, then that means that we’ve been
people gave him the narrative that he wrote: a very clever sold a bill of goods, if we combine what Antonio said, it’s
infiltration of these, I guess, Illuminati into the ufology the Cabal, the secret Earth government syndicates, just like
esoteric community to make their religion, our, or their the William Shakespeare plays, where they’re actually
religion. So this opened up all kinds of questions for me. leaking royal scandals from that era in the British Royalty,
You know. Because I — before — I never would have into these plays. And Shakespeare was illiterate. He could
entertained this [idea] before. Because I had seen a lot of only sign his name with an X. It was actually probably
information in the glass pads that led me to believe that the Francis Bacon and a bunch of others.
ancient Sumerian texts translations were not accurate. But
I stayed away from it because a lot of people have made a CG - Right.
religion out of it.

DW - [He was] Queen Elizabeth’s illegitimate son. This is CG - Yeah, it’s a major adjustment that — out there, don’t
like the same thing again: Sitchin is just the front man for a take my word for it. There’s plenty of information to go
team of writers. out there. I had to go and do the research myself. There’s a
website, “Sitchin is Wrong,” that has a whole bunch of
CG - This was just a little way to open up a huge information. The person that has the site definitely is
conversation that just has blown my mind with her. biased in certain areas. But there’s a lot of other
information out by mainstream academics that are
DW - So this is still just the beginning? professionals on Akkadian and Sumerian, that have looked
at all of these tablets. And the information, when I looked
CG - Just the beginning. at it myself, I had to come — <sigh> I had to come to the
conclusion that they were correct.
DW - Wow! Okay.
[In preparation for this analysis, I
CG - Because we got into… reviewed several items on the website. As CG
DW - Well, we got time. <Laughing> We’ll do more said, Mike Heiser, the author of all the
episodes here. material, has a clear distaste for
Sitchin's work But if one can look past
MORE CLARIFICATION FROM KAAREE: these incendiary statements, there is a
great deal of raw data presented so as
CG - We got into which came first, the chicken or the egg to exercise one's personal discernment
kind of thing. Because I asked her, I was like — you know on the matters at hand. In the below-
— we’ve talked. You’ve talked about how many, many linked article, I provided one of Heiser's
hundreds of thousands of years ago, a group came into our papers on Nibiru.
solar system and started messing with our genetics. And
your people called them a genetic farmer group. So doesn’t Related Zecharia Sitchen Was Wrong? |
that match what these texts are saying? How — you know, The Myth of a Sumerian 12th Planet:
how can you be the first humans on the planet? Who “Nibiru” According to the Cuneiform
created you? You know, who genetically developed you? Sources
Were you brought here from another planet? And that
opened up a whole other area. One piece of commentary I'll offer when
it comes to the study of ancient
And she says, “Well, doesn’t that get you to start asking languages is that interpretation is not
questions [such as] ‘who engineered the engineer of the objectively concrete. Meanings are
engineer of the engineer?’ ” <bouncing ball finger usually agreed upon by consensus,
gesture> "At some point, there has to be some sort of an becoming rigid systems of
original being that wasn’t engineered genetically. And how interpretation; so the risk of errors
did they come into being?" So I’m sitting here, my mind’s compounding into major discrepancies
just — my grapes just went, “tuh, tuh, tuh, tuh!” You is present.
As outsiders trying to make sense of
DW - Okay, but a couple basics. Sitchin’s saying who are what to believe, resting our
Anunnaki were extraterrestrials. [They] came to Earth conclusions with absolute certainty on
mining gold and created a primitive worker called the experts, whether Sitchin, Heiser or
Adamu, which becomes Adam in the Bible. True or not Kaaree is not advisable. The method I
true according to her? personally employ is to listen to all with
an open mind, yet believe none without
CG - Not true according to her. question. This way if new information
emerges my reality bubble won't be
DW - Really? sealed against it.

CG - No. Language in general, is devoid of

meaning; like all symbols, a mind is
required in a contextual setting in order
DW - That whole narrative?
to generate meaning. As such, in the
realms of scholarly research, meanings
CG - The whole narrative.
are derived using context and
comparison of the whole lexicon.
DW - Oh! That’s a big adjustment.

If a symbol is used in most depictions to Given that meanings are not fixed, even
represent the Sun, then in places where when an effort to make them concrete is
a similar symbol is used, it is made, the whole notion of establishing a
agreed that this similar symbol could rigid dictionary probably needs to be
have the same meaning, known as a considered as a somewhat flawed
convention. Once a convention has concept. Language expression changes
been established, words and symbols constantly with time and regional usage,
are defined against them, forming a known as idioms or colloquialisms. On
complete tapestry of meanings. The the other hand, the notion of socially
process is a huge undertaking, as it accepted definitions, an agreed upon
requires cataloging every known lexicon used by individuals to
occurrence of a symbol or word within communicate ideas, what we call
the body of evidence available. The language, is valid.
product of this effort is a dictionary
complete with references to each tablet In the final analysis, it appears, based
where any given word is mentioned. In on the scholarly work of over 90-years
regard to Sumerian and Akkadian, this of study, in addition to the claims of
dictionary is known as the Chicago others, such as Kaaree, that Sitchin's
Assyrian Dictionary (CAD), which forms work cannot be verified by a review of
the basis of Heiser's conclusions. the Sumerian tablets, which is what
Sitchin claimed to have translated.
How can we trust Heiser, Goode or
Kaaree over Sitchen? But as truth seekers, we would do well
not to form rigid conclusions, even
In short, we can't trust any of them here. And as outsiders who do not have
blindly. But we can entertain the ideas access to Inner Earth priestesses or
offered by each, using our discernment ancient tablets to analyze for ourselves,
to verify claims as they are presented. In being realistic with our conclusions and
this way, Sitchin's interpretations will what they are based on is essential to
seem true until an attempt is made to maintain a clear truth receptivity
verify them using the CAD, which is process.
what Heiser did.
For now, it appears that Sitchin's work,
But meanings provided in the CAD are which was once accepted by many as
not perfect, they are subject to error of unquestioned fact, is potentially invalid.
interpretation just like any other No doubt other well-established
subjective process; because ultimately perspectives will be uprooted as more
words and symbols, as we said earlier, disclosures come out.]
are objectively meaningless. So while
objectively, meanings do not exist, BELIEF SYSTEMS OF THE INNER EARTH
subjectively, meanings are constantly GROUP:
generated by way of observation. And
the challenge of any communicator is to CG - I started to ask, “What did your people first think,
use agreed upon symbols to before you all became an advanced civilization? How did
communicate ideas effectively. you all come about?” And she [replied,] “We believe that
the Earth is a sentient life form, the Sun is a sentient life
In some cases, words or symbols do not form, and that everything in the Cosmos is a sentient life
have just one intended meaning, they form.” And that the Earth was a sentient life form and that
have many embedded ones, and ancient each of us are an expression or sentient life form that
cultures used symbolism to encode a comes from the Earth, and that we would live and die and
great deal of information into written return to the consciousness of the Earth. “And that’s what
and visual form. The term exoteric our root belief system was when we were developing
refers to an overt socially promulgated civilization.” And I was like, “That’s interesting.”
meaning, whereas esoteric refers to a
hidden or occulted meaning, all in DW - Yeah, that’s cool.
relation to the same set of symbols.
Alchemy is one example of this dual CG - And then she started talking about how the solar
capacity for meaning, and the Cabal use system and the galaxy are sentient. And they are a creative,
dual meaning structures in imagery all sentient life force.
the time.
DW - Just like the Law of One says. travels all over the cosmos, creating and seeding, you
know, bipedal creatures. <Short laugh>

DW - Right.

CG - She said that each solar system — I mean, each

sentient galaxy and each sentient solar system have a
resonant or vibratory template that drive the life form that
they will create. And that depending on where the planet is
in the solar system, it will determine what type of sentient
life form it will try to create. And that throughout the many
cycles on Earth, the Earth and the Sun have kept on, and
kept on and kept on creating sentient bipedal life forms,
and that there have been many, many, [evolved races].
Kaaree, the priestess sitting across from Corey having a Some of them have died off in cataclysms and many of
them had been killed off by us, the mixed race on the
CG - Well, if — I haven’t read all of that. But I told her surface. They’re so aggressive. And [there are] ones that
that I’ve heard the term “logos” used. Is that an accurate exist now in solitude, in regions of the Earth hiding from
term? And I’m not exactly sure [about] the full us.
ramifications of what the word “logos” mean, I’ve heard
that used similarly to what she was saying. DW - Well, I guess if you’re actually not going to read the
Law of One, that the Sphere Beings will introduce you to
[Transcriber, HP's, Note: this is a Greek people who will explain it to you. <Laughing>
term (λόγος “word”) that developed several
meanings but its verbal root sense simply CG - Yeah.
means “to say, speak” as in λέγω, “I say”]
DW - Because it’s all in there. And you haven’t read these
DW - Right. books yet, but that is exactly what it’s saying. There [are]
subtle differences. [The Law of One doesn't] really go into
CG - And she smiled and said, “That’s as good a word as detail about previous human civilizations on Earth. But the
any.” bulk of what you just said is what the Law of One teaches,
that the human form is the Logos. That it’s the
DW - And that word is all over in the Law of One, embodiment of the Logos. The Logos made flesh, the
describing that intelligence of the Cosmos [and] Word made flesh. Logos and Word are the same thing. So
intelligence of the Sun. In fact, they say, the One Infinite you look in the Book of Genesis: “In the beginning, there
Creator, the intelligence of the universe, is the Logos; that was the Logos. And the Logos was God, and the Logos
there’s a galactic logos, which is the mind of the galaxy, was one with God.” And in the Law of One, that seems to
that designs an evolutionary curriculum for all intelligent be implying the Logos is the mind of the Cosmos and the
civilizations in the galaxy. mind of the Galaxy, and they’re one. But they’re also
distinct from each other. It’s very interesting stuff.
[Last year, I produced a presentation
discussing the fractal or holographic CG - We had a little bit more of a conversation. We were
evolution of living systems, evolving in sitting at a table, at a corner of a table. She was sitting and
complexity from smaller more I was sitting having this conversation. And then after this,
primordial units into larger systems that we finished the rest of the tour, to where we were done
form the body vehicles for spiritual with the library level. She took me down to the second
personalities. This discussion with CG level to where people were reaching out with their minds
and DW goes along well with what is to people on the surface and having communications with
covered in the below-linked article.] each other in group sessions. And then below that, was
what they called their Hall of Records.
Related The Orders of Life,
Consciousness Evolution and DW - Cool. So let’s get back to this logos thing for a
Personality Emergence - (with images) moment in the short time we have remaining. Because I
PKFTA March 8th 2015 at 6:00 PM EST want to point out a couple of thing the Law of One said
that are really interesting. First of all, they say that the Sun
CG - Okay, so this goes onto what she says. To get to the is indistinguishable from the consciousness of the Galaxy.
point of how life comes up and how not everything is The Sun is the Logos. Then they say that the planet Earth
genetically engineered by a genetic engineering race that is a sub-Logos. And then they say that we, as human
beings are sub-sub-Logoi, meaning that we are also… It’s

like the principle of a fractal, where you can zoom in on it, DW - Well, and you see images of Krishna and he’s got
and you keep seeing the same image repeated as you go in blue-tinted skin, and you’re saying one the groups that you
more and more. You just zoom in, and you keep seeing the saw down there had blue-tinted skin.
same pattern. [The below video is a 'zoom' of the Mandelbrot
fractal, showing how the same pattern is repeated across
multiple scales of size.]

DW - And so in the Law of One, they explain the universe Blue skinned Krishna.
is like that. That it’s the same embodiment of the same
cosmic mind that ultimately made everything. And that we
are that mind, that any one of us has enough power within
ourselves to reconstruct the entire universe. And I think
we’ve been greatly disempowered. The degree to which
we are wired into the cosmos has been very carefully
occulted from us. Now, did these people say that there was
any truth to the Sumerian tablets at all? Were they the
Anunnaki, in fact?

CG - She said that the Sumerian tablets were an extremely Artist depiction of one of the Inner Earth alliance council groups.
accurate scribe history of the time and should be taken
fairly literally. She said that some of the Sanskrit writings DW - So those wars that we read about in the
had some of the more interesting information about some Mahābhārata, the vimānas — which it does say in the
of the things that happened above the Earth and in the Mahābhārata they can fly right through the side of a
stars. mountain, just like you saw — this could have been the
same people at that time warring it out on the surface.
DW - So that would be like, the Hindu Vedas, the
Vendidad, the Mahābhārata? CG - And she — the Council, their group, had talked
about they had open conflict with these ET races in the
skies that all of the Earth humanity saw through different
[Transcriber, HP's, Note: the Vendidad
cycles, including our current accepted Earth history cycle.
aren’t written in Sanskrit but in Avestan. It
is related to Sanskrit but situated on the
distinct Iranian branch of the overall Indo- DW - And this gets into blond-haired, blue-eyed Greek
European family to which they both belong. gods on Mount Olympus which could apparently lift off
In contrast, Sanskrit is on the Indo-Aryan the surface of the Earth and disappear!
branch of that family.]
CG - Right.
CG - Right.
DW - Wow. So we’re going to come back next time,
DW - Okay, that makes sense. because obviously there’s more to discuss with this. We’re
going to get into the rest of his experience with the tour —
CG - She said some of that information had a lot more — including, as you were saying, this very bizarre scene that
we had a conversation about ancient myths, and then how you kind of alluded to in the write-up, about people sitting
the surface people, how we are with our myths, that we in chairs and telepathically influencing folks on the
create our current myths. We have our ancient myths. And surface. And the Hall of Records, which I have never
some of the myths are very historical. heard you describe before, so I’m very interested. I am on
the edge of my seat. That’s coming up next time here on
Cosmic Disclosure. I’m your host, David Wilcock, and I
thank you for watching.
Gravity Waves Detection Supports Whistleblower Claims
Of Secret Development Of Antigravity Spacecraft
Written By Admin
February 13, 2016

Caltech astronomers played a key role in conceiving and

building the scientific equipment to detect the gravity
waves, and have produced a video illustrating how the
colliding black holes bend space and time locally, and
generated gravity waves that would spread throughout the

On February 11, scientists at the Laser Interferometer

Gravitational-Wave Observatory (LIGO), which is jointly
run by the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) and
the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), publicly
announced the detection of gravity waves, first predicted
by Albert Einstein in his Theory of General Relativity
(1915). The scientific discovery supports claims by In this regard, Caltech’s David H. Reitze, executive
whistleblowers concerning the existence of gravity wave director of the LIGO Laboratory said:
propulsion (antigravity) technologies secretly studied by
the U.S. Navy, in conjunction with Caltech, MIT and other Our observation of gravitational waves
scientific institutions, which date back as far as 1942. accomplishes an ambitious goal set out
over 5 decades ago to directly detect this
LIGO achieved its scientific feat by studying the collision elusive phenomenon and better understand
of two distant black holes, which generated gravity waves the universe, and, fittingly, fulfills Einstein’s
that sensitive monitoring equipment could detect through legacy on the 100th anniversary of his
fluctuations in the space time continuum. A press release general theory of relativity.
by Caltech and LIGO announced:
What Reitze is not publicly acknowledging is that some of
For the first time, scientists have observed ripples in the Caltech’s leading scientists were aware that gravity waves
fabric of spacetime called gravitational waves, arriving at had been earlier detected in Nazi Germany in top secret
the earth from a cataclysmic event in the distant aerospace projects focused on developing innovative
universe…. Physicists have concluded that the detected propulsion systems.
gravitational waves were produced during the final fraction
of a second of the merger of two black holes to produce a According to William Tompkins, who worked for U.S.
single, more massive spinning black hole. Navy Intelligence at Naval Air Station, San Diego, from
1942 to 1945, the Navy was receiving debriefings from 28
The power generated by the black holes merging was spies embedded in top secret Nazi aerospace projects. The
enormous according to the press release: Navy spies were revealing Germany’s progress in
developing flying saucer craft, some of which used gravity
About 3 times the mass of the sun was waves as a means of propulsion.
converted into gravitational waves in a
fraction of a second—with a peak power In his autobiography, Selected by Extraterrestrials,
output about 50 times that of the whole Tompkins provided documentation revealing that his
visible universe. service mission was to disseminate the results of the Navy
Intelligence debriefings to select military facilities and
scientific organizations.

Among the facilities visited by Tompkins was China Lake, conference room listening to the Navy
where the Navy and Caltech were cooperating in studying operatives discuss the [propulsion]
the various aerospace technologies under development in systems.
Nazi Germany.
Tompkins testimony reveals that more than 70 years
On February 12, Tompkins confirmed that among the before Caltech’s February 11 announcement that gravity
debriefing packages he delivered to China Lake was waves had been scientifically detected. Leading Caltech
information concerning gravity wave propulsion and MIT scientists, from 1942 to 1945, were aware of the
technologies then being studied in Nazi Germany. work done by the Nazis in detecting and developing
Tompkins said that the Nazis had multiple underground gravity waves as part of the propulsion system for
facilities in Europe where they were at various stages of advanced aerospace projects.
development in designing and constructing advanced
aerospace technologies. The way in which gravity waves are used to propel
spacecraft is illustrated by the testimony of another
I asked Tompkins whether Caltech was made aware, as far whistleblower, who is also linked with U.S. Navy
back as 1942, that the Germans were using gravity waves Intelligence. Bob Lazar says that in 1988, he was recruited
as part of the propulsion system for their space craft. He to work out of a remote location at Nevada’s Area 51,
replied: called S-4, where he studied one out nine flying saucers
that were at the highly classified facility.
I would have to say yes. There were
several different propulsions used, and that Lazar provided a W-2 in support of his testimony that
method was definitely being used…. The listed his employer as the “Department of Naval
diversified methods of propulsion were … Intelligence,” which ‘officially’ hasn’t existed since a brief
numerous and for different purposes. It was period during World War II. Researchers found that the
staggering to the Admiral [Rick Obatta – address on the W-2 was redirected by the U.S. Postal
head of Naval Intelligence] and one or two Service to Naval Intelligence Command in Maryland.
of the captains who were in the Admiral’s

Lazar says that the flying saucer he studied used gravity Knapp: So you can produce your own
waves powered by an antimatter generator based on gravity. What does that mean? What does
element 115. It’s important to note that at the time of his that allow you to do?
public emergence in 1989, 115 had not yet been
Lazar: It allows you to do virtually anything.
discovered. It was over a decade later, in 2003, that an
Gravity distorts time and space. By doing
unstable isotope of 115 was first created in a laboratory, that, now you’re into a different mode of
and in December 2015 it was officially added to the table
travel, where instead of traveling in a linear
of periodic elements as Ununpentium. method — going from Point A to B — now
you can distort time and space to where
Bob Lazar was claiming that a stable isotope of 115 you essentially bring the mountain to
existed, and that it was used for generating gravity waves Mohammed; you almost bring your
as he described in an interview with popular Las Vegas destination to you without moving. And
news host George Knapp. since you’re distorting time, all this takes
place in between moments of time. It’s
Knapp: How is this anti-matter reactor such a far-fetched concept!
connected to gravity generation that you
were talking about earlier? Lazar’s testimony is very significant since it reveals that in
Lazar: Well, that reactor serves two 1988-1989, a branch of U.S. Navy Intelligence was
purposes; it provides a tremendous amount studying gravity wave propulsion systems – more
of electrical power, which is almost a by- generally known as antigravity – that had been
product. The gravitational wave gets successfully developed in flying saucers located at S-4.
formed at the sphere, and that’s through
some action of the 115, and the exact According to yet another whistleblower, a former CIA
action I don’t think anyone really knows. agent who used the pseudonym ‘Kewper’, four of the
The wave guide siphons off that gravity flying saucers he saw at S-4 in 1958 were developed in
wave, and that’s channeled above the top Germany by the Nazis and the mysterious Vril Society.
of the disk to the lower part where there are
three gravity amplifiers, which amplify and The disc on the very end was a huge one and Col. Jim said
direct that gravity wave…. that was a German WWII craft built in 1938 and was
jacked up higher on stands because it had a gun
Lazar went on to describe the capabilities of gravity wave emplacement underneath, which he said the Germans
propulsion systems: called a ‘death ray.’ It was a different shape than the other
[two smaller Vril] craft, was dark in color and had a larger

top that stood up probably 10 or 12 feet above the saucer. Consequently, the announcement by Caltech and MIT
That one had a diameter of about 50 or 60 feet. astronomers claiming that gravity waves were detected for
the first time in 2015 is at best incorrect, and, at worst, an
Kewper’s testimony helps corroborate claims that the attempt to falsify the historical record. The U.S. Navy’s
Nazis had successfully developed antigravity technologies role in gathering intelligence on Nazi Germany’s advanced
for their advanced aerospace programs. aerospace projects, which included the development of
antigravity propulsion systems, confirms that gravity
Based on the testimony of Tompkins, Lazar and ‘Kewper’, waves were first detected as far back as 1942, if not earlier,
it can be concluded that in 1942, US Navy Intelligence had and this was revealed to select scientists at both Caltech
and MIT.
begun receiving briefings about the Nazis developing
gravity wave propulsion systems, and that several flying
saucers of Nazi and other unknown origins were later
secretly studied at Area 51’s S-4 facilities.

Cosmic Disclosure:
Inner Earth: The Library – A Synopses Plus A Premonition
Of A Monumental Testimony
By Justin Deschamps
Saturday, February 13, 2016

consideration. With regard to the reflection and

consideration of the personal nature, I have published
another article along this same subject line (linked below).
To take a crack at the investigative aspect, read on.

Disillusionment: An Unexpected Opportunity:

Commentary on the Recent Revelations of Corey

This week, Goode described the portion of his journey

through Inner Earth where the priestess lead him to the
library. However, as one might imagine, this was no
ordinary library. It was lined from top to bottom with
multiple types of literature from multiple time periods, and
in every language a person might be interested in. There
were ancient scrolls in multiple languages, books bound in
Here are some interesting perspectives leather, a hemp-like material, and more. There were books
from Shem on the latest Cosmic Disclosure from eras long past, literature from present day, and
with Corey Goode and David Wilcock. everything in between. Corey even described books that
had actual ISBN numbers that looked brand new, as
Related Cosmic Disclosure Season 3 - though they were just recently purchased. (Keep in mind,
Episode 6: Inner Earth: The Library - this is Inner Earth we're discussing.) All of this material
Summary and Analysis | Corey Goode was stored behind a sort of energy protection which
and David Wilcock sounded like a form of preservation for these materials.

- Justin Goode went on to describe the scene of this library as

ancient, and at the same time, futuristic. The walls made of
white marble, the books and records spanning thousand
Source - Discerning The Mystery upon thousands of years... The scene sounded spectacular.
By Shem El-Jamal Accompanied by this backdrop, Corey spoke to the
priestess on the subject of the origin of humankind on
Synopses Earth, both that of the Inner Earth people, as well as we the
surface-dwellers. The conversation then moved toward the
This week's episode of Cosmic Disclosure is making translations of Zecharia Sitchin. It turned out that this
significant waves, and I have a feeling that these waves library had copies of the ancient Sumerian writings, and
will be reverberating throughout the alternative community that these people were well aware of Sitchin's work. The
for some time. If anyone has not heard the details of these priestess informed Corey that Sitchin's translation was
new revelations, one need not look far. This article mostly, if not entirely contrived. According to her account,
includes the episode's synopses, as each of the other Sitchin was manipulated into writing these false
updates for this title. However, I felt this particular subject translations by what sounded to be Illuminati influences
required further reflection, investigation, and for the purpose of causing deception. It was intended to
cause the Ufology community to adopt the Illuminati the video. I don't know why that would be (maybe
belief system with regard to the history of Earth humans. something under the hood at ETCSL), so here is another
way to find all the occurrences of "Anunnaki" on that site>
David Wilcock chimed in at this point to add an interesting
anecdote of synchronicity to this information. He shared, 1. Go to thisURL (it's the "advanced search" from the front
for the first time ever, the fact that he had a college friend page).
who knew Sitchin, and this friend passed on the fact from
Sitchin, himself, to Wilcock that the translations were 2. Then at the top of that web page (see image below),
contrived. There was also another instance of type in "a-nun-na" (with the dashes, but not the
synchronicity in which Wilcock and Sitchin shared an quotation marks) next to "search for"; then select
awkward elevator ride together. During this ride, Sitchin "lemma" from the next pull down menu (after the word
was completely silent and visibly uncomfortable even "as").
though the two had never met. It was obvious that Sitchin
knew who he was, as Wilcock was fairly well-known at
the time. For some reason, Zecharia avoided speaking to
him and refused to even acknowledge that David was There are many alternative as well as mainstream sources
standing right next to him in this otherwise empty elevator. one can reference in order to verify accurate Sumerian
It was as though Sitchin was ashamed for some reason. translation of these accounts. The above website serves as
a useful springboard for such a search.
In his testimony, Corey references the website
“”. This site refers to many different Corey went on to speak on the priestess's account of the
subjects, but the one of interest is, of course, on the origins of humankind on a galactic level. She described to
Anunnaki. This Anunnaki section gives multiple resources Corey how they (the Inner Earth dwellers) believed that
for translating and verifying Corey's claims. Here is that the entire universe is sentient, that all of the stars, the
section from the website. planets, and everything in general is sentient on some
level. They believe that on every level and in every size,
As I noted in my openletter to Zecharia Sitchin, I have life/sentience reproduces itself in fractal form. This is very
challenged him and other ancient astronaut researchers to similar to the text of the Law of One, as Wilcock pointed
produce one line of one cuneiform text that demonstrates out. We see the same forms on every level, from galaxy to
his ideas about the Anunnaki are really in the Sumerian atom. Everything in the universe has the same general
texts. I want to see one line of one text that says things like form, dynamic, and sentience. This is an actual, verifiable
the Anunnaki inhabit a planet or inhabit Nibiru, or that the fact in both science, and in proven, esoteric texts as well.
term "Anunnaki" means "people of the fiery rockets, that Below is a excerpt from the Law of One describing the
sort of thing. fractal nature of universal form, referred to by the source
of the texts as “Logos”.
Now, I could drone on about Mr. Sitchin's bogus
translations and understanding of the Anunnaki, but I 19.12 Questioner: This seems to be a carefully planned or
thought of something much better. You don't need to take engineered stage of development. Can you tell me
my word for any of this. The Sumerian texts are online in anything of the origin of this plan for the development?
English translation and are searchable -- even by Sumerian
word! I invite you -- no, I challenge you -- to click on the Ra: I am Ra. We go back to previous information.
link below and watch me search the Electronic Text Consider and remember the discussion of the Logos. With
Corpus of Sumerian Literature right before your eyes for the primal distortion of free will, each galaxy developed its
the Sumerian word "Anunnaki." Here is a PDF file of the own Logos. This Logos has complete free will in
search results, but it's best if YOU do the search, since you determining the paths of intelligent energy which promote
will be able to click through the search results and get to the lessons of each of the densities given the conditions of
English translations of the hits. the planetary spheres and the sun bodies.

Watch the VIDEO below and then do the search at the 28.1 Questioner: I may be backtracking a little bit and
link below (shown in the video) and see if what I'm saying make a few false starts today because I think we are at
is true. Mr. Sitchin was making it up when it comes to possibly the most important part of what we are doing in
what he says about the Anunnaki. The evidence is waiting trying to make it apparent through questioning how
for you now. Don't take my word for it. everything is one, and how it comes from one intelligent
infinity. This is difficult for me to do, so please bear with
ElectronicText Corpus of Sumerian Literature search for my errors in questioning.
The concept that I have right now of the process, using
NOTE on the above video and the search it shows: Some both what you have told me and some of Dewey Larson’s
readers have been unable to replicate the search shown in material having to do with the physics of the process, I

have the concept that intelligent infinity expands outward open battles these craft were seen having on the surface
from all locations everywhere. It expands outward in every during ancient times. These accounts are extensively
direction uniformly like the surface of a balloon or a documented in ancient sanskrit, though many of them have
bubble expanding outward from every point everywhere. It not yet been translated. This subject was the interlude to
expands outward at what’s called unit velocity or the next week's episode.
velocity of light. This is Larson’s idea of the progression
of what he calls space/time. Is this concept correct?
Ra: I am Ra. This concept is incorrect as is any concept of
the one intelligent infinity. This concept is correct in the So, it seems that the claim that Sitchin's translations were
context of one particular Logos, or Love, or focus of this incorrect are true. Though what you, the reader, choose to
Creator which has chosen Its, shall we say, natural laws do with this information is completely up to you. There is
and ways of expressing them mathematically and a specific reason why I, personally, consider this revelation
otherwise. significant. It is because of a dream I had two nights before
watching this episode and seeing the reaction that much of
The one undifferentiated intelligent infinity, unpolarized, the audience has had. This dream seemed to telegraph this
full and whole, is the macrocosm of the mystery-clad particular event fairly accurately. Though in a figuratively
being. We are messengers of the Law of One. Unity, at this representational manner, the dream seemed to predict the
approximation of understanding, cannot be specified by near future that we are now experiencing.
any physics but only be activated or potentiated intelligent
infinity due to the catalyst of free will. This may be My Dream: The Evening of February 7, 2016
difficult to accept. However, the understandings we have
to share begin and end in mystery. There have been many times in the past when I woke up
from a dream feeling as though there was more significance to the dream than your average
representational imagery. So I decided to start recording
As previously stated, this universally repetitive form and them. One night in particular stood out more than the rest.
dynamic can be seen on every level and is fractal in nature. At the time, I had no clue as to why, but after I watched
For more information on the Law of One, visit the this weeks episode of Cosmic Disclosure, and saw the
website here. reactions thereto, I believe I know why those images
appeared to me.
This episode concluded with the discussion of the ancient
Indian accounts of both vimana (flying craft/cities) and the

Corey Goode On: Disclosure, Mass Arrests Rumor: Pope
Francis Signed Off On What Is Being Called A Binding
“Galactic Agreement” This Past Sunday
By Justin Deschamps
Sunday, February 14, 2016

generally united in so far as the

overarching agenda is the same: the
'management of humanity.'

Goode states that a secret space program

alliance is making efforts to end slavery
and restore peace to the planet and
elsewhere. The alliance defected away
from the cabal run secret space program
as early as the mid-1990's, but more
overtly after 2012. The SSP alliance is also
working with the Sphere Being alliance,
which made contact with the secret space
program defector group, forming a greater
alliance sometime in 2012.

The Sphere Being alliance brought

thousands of extremely large sphere's into
the solar system and surrounding areas in
an effort to dampen what Goode calls
The following article discusses rumors of 'tsunami waves of galactic energy' which
the Pope Francis signing off on a binding are currently changing the solar system
"Galactic Agreement" is shared below. and all life in it. These spheres will provide
humanity more time to prepare for a grand
Corey Goode, a secret space program energetic shift set to occur at some point in
insider, and whistleblower, who claims to the future.
be working with an interplanetary group
called the secret space program Alliance, Goode disclosed last year, that an attack
shared the article on his facebook page, which occurred in late December 2014 on
offering commentary on these ongoing one of these massive spheres. Apparently
negotiations for the freedom of the planet. at a facility in Pine Gap Australia, a particle
Before reviewing his remarks, here is a beam weapon was fired from the secret
brief summary of some of the key points. government facility. The sphere glowed red
hot for a short time and was captured on
In his work, Goode characterizes the Cabal cameras close to the International Space
as secret Earth governments and their Station. The sphere reflected the energy
syndicates, a clandestine organization of beam back down to the facility, destroying
transnational and interplanetary alliances it and all personnel there.
between humans and extraterrestrials. This
organization is not a singular entity, in the Related Cosmic Disclosure Season 2 -
common sense. It is a tapestry of groups, Episode 16: New Frontiers in the A.I.
centered in the U.S., Europe, Russia, War - Summary and Analysis | Corey
China, and so on. Each group has their Goode and David Wilcock
own interests and goals, but all are
According to Goode, immediately after this Many of these events, according to Goode,
attack occurred, an energy barrier went up are a result of infighting between formerly
around the entire solar system, preventing united syndicates as they jockey for power
ingress or egress. Apparently this barrier and dominance over the remaining groups.
trapped very high-level Cabal operatives of
an extraterrestrial origin in the solar Rumors of mass arrests, financial resets,
system. The white royal Draco, as they are releases of free energy technology and an
known, are essentially the top of the cabal enormous amount of soft disclosure has
pyramid of power. slowly been trickling out of the mainstream
and alternative media since this
Shortly after this barrier went up, a large unprecedented dematerialization of the
meeting took place with the secret space cabal pyramid of power.
program alliance, the still cabal controlled
secret space program, the white royal Related 2016 Agenda for Disclosure? |
Draco, and the secret Earth government The Opening of Pandora's Suitcase
and their syndicates. In an unprecedented
event, the white royal Draco, which The following is a comment left by Goode
normally stay well hidden behind proxy in relation to the below article from The
agents, offered to turn over all of their cabal Event Chronicle:
underlings to the secret space program
alliance in exchange for safe passage out Sphere Being Alliance [The powers that] TPT (were) are
of the solar system. This offer was made in indeed showing signs of capitulation in this great struggle
the presence of these same underlings. and negotiation between their syndicates and various Earth
Based Alliance groups.
Since this event, the cabal pyramid of
power has been in complete disarray. The Some are feigning compliance while working on dirty
once somewhat united syndicate groups, tricks and false flags in the background. They do not
such as the Western and Eastern power realize it will only make their situation worse.
centers, are now in a type of stealth cold
war, battling for control of the financial There are many meetings between people/groups that
system and other items. many may scratch their heads over and wonder why the
meeting is occurring. There is much that hasn't been
Negotiations have been ongoing since this reported recently about the quiet movement of troops to
event, with various power players in the various cities in the U.S. driving in unmarked caravans and
secret Earth governments offering partial wearing plain clothes.
disclosure of history and technology. The
Chinese, according to Goode, have made One try's not to get their hopes up too much but things are
offers to release free energy technology, looking to be coming to an end for one group and a
limited disclosure, and their turn at 100 beginning for another group (their 100 years).
years of power, in contrast to the western
group centered in the U.S. and Europe, All the signs are there and the movement that is now
who has maintained a superior position for occurring in the public eye is enough to cause knee jerk
hundreds of years. reaction stories and indeed they make you wonder.

Related It's Time For Unity | Analysis of Kissinger was not meeting Putin to discuss global finances
Mini Update by Corey Goode: The Art of or their old "friendship" in his recent flight to Moscow.
Negotiation and Who Represents IMHO you could see the shame and confusion on his face.
Humanity in SSP AllIance Meetings?
(now… try to prove that!)
In short, 2015 has seen more false flag
attacks, fear mongering, and financial CG
turmoil then the past 15 years of post 9/11
history. Goode also left the following supportive
information for his comments:
Related 22 Signs That The Global
Economic Turmoil We Have Seen So Far Sphere Being Alliance NNWO (NEW New World
In 2016 Is Just The Beginning Order??)... Is that what the Earth Alliance is in the middle
of setting up?

Kissinger’s Meeting With Putin: The Related Pope 'Ruler of the World' to go
Pitch to Bring Russia into the New after War Criminals?
World Order
I think we would all do well to gain personal
(TRUNEWS) Russian insider, Alexander Sobyanin, knowledge of these things and not place
believes Henry Kissinger pitched Vladimir Putin to join our trust into any promise of change that
the New World Order during their Feb 3 meeting, in does not also focus on full disclosure and a
exchange for Russia agreeing to bail out western banks and total restoration of individual sovereignty for
facilitate the Vatican led push for a one world religion. all people, everywhere.

Sphere Being Alliance In the absence of a genuine effort to free

the planet, the people must unite amongst
Henry Kissinger’s “mad and illegal” themselves for change.
bombing: What you need to know about
his real history — and why the - Justin
Sanders/Clinton exchange matters
Source - The Event Chronicle
Sanders is right about Kissinger. His civilian death toll
nears 4 million, his policies built today's Middle East Pope Francis signed off on what is
being called a binding “Galactic
Sphere Being Alliance Agreement” this past Sunday inside the
walls of the Vatican, witnessed by
Henry Kissinger came to Moscow to Christine Legarde and legal counsel of
discuss new financial system with Putin the IMF

On February 3, 2016, Russian President Vladimir Putin Former USA, Inc President Barack Obama will soon be
had a meeting with Henry Kissinger, a US diplomat, revealed as a Rome/CIA operative, and publicly be made
former national security advisor and US Secretary of State. to relinquish Presidential status, and be amnestied to a
February 12, 2016 is said to be the date for an epoch- foreign country – Dubai – it is rumored. Privately,
making meeting between the heads of the Russian Obama’s resignation has already occurred and he’s just
Orthodox Church Patriarch Krill and the head of the awaiting a public dismissal announcement. Also the
Roman Catholic Church, Pope Francis. United States Congress, including all members of the
Senate and House of Representatives, no longer hold legal
The picture being painted, by the above authority to make any laws for the citizens of the Republic
links alone, suggests that a new financial of the United States. They too will all be dismissed or
system may not be the huge sweeping removed.
reform spoken of my many in the
alternative media. It may actually just be a The same punishment holds true for all members of the
form of softer slavery, with all the same Supreme Court, who secretively pledged allegiance to
hallmarks of the Babylonian money magic Rome before taking their oath to serve the laws and people
system. of the United States. Washington, D.C. is also no longer a
sovereign territory exclusively serving the interests of the
Related Cosmic Disclosure Season 3 - Holy Roman Empire under the control of the American
Episode 3: Ubuntu and the Blue Avians’ Jesuit Order.
Message Part 1 - Summary and Analysis
| Corey Goode and David Wilcock Other sovereign diplomatic territories have also been
released of their international “safe haven” status, such as
We already know that the Pope is a major Vatican City, City of Jerusalem & City of London. All
figurehead in the secret world of human Jesuit ordained operatives still in any of these “safe haven”
enslavement. And that some shift in power territories are now being arrested, amnestied, exiled or
seems to be taking place, as marked by exterminated depending on their individual agreements
some of the developments that have come with the new global governance authority. This clean up
about from the Vatican over the years. includes diplomats, bankers, lawyers, politicians and
judges involved in the secrete conspiracy against mankind,
known collectively as the cabal.

Thousands Of Documents Disclosing Aliens-UFOs
Soon To Be Released By US Navy Whistleblower
Written By Dr. Michael Salla
February 17, 2016

personally handled, viewed and delivered thousands of

documents involving UFO/ET Projects. My secrecy
agreement with the US Government expired in October

The Express story continued:

“He said that UFO/ET were real [sic] and

that hopefully disclosure would happen in
my lifetime since he was in his early 60s at
the time.” In the report he said: “I was
required to deliver TS Code word
designation COSMIC to SRI,
On February 15, Britain’s Express newspaper announced
that a new whistleblower is about to publicly emerge with
LIVERMORE LABS, and other think tanks
thousands of documents concerning extraterrestrial life.
throughout Silicon valley.”
Nick Pope, a former government official that led an
investigation by Britain’s Ministry of Defense into UFO
files for three years, has declared that the whistleblower is The whistleblower’s background has important similarities
a genuine insider. with another recent whistleblower, William Tompkins,
who also claims he worked with the U.S. Navy as a courier
of highly classified information concerning extraterrestrial
The Express described the whistleblower as a third-class
life and technology to major aerospace industries and think
petty officer with the U.S. Navy who worked for three
tanks from 1942 to 1945.
years (1986-1989) at the Naval Telecommunications
Center within the former Naval Air Station at Moffet
Field, near San Francisco, where he gained access to the After this, Tompkins worked with a number of leading
documents. aerospace companies from 1947, which included Northrup,
Lockheed, Douglas Aircraft Corporation, TRW, and
General Dynamics. Tompkins has included a number of
The whistleblower, according to the Express, filed a report
documents in his autobiography, Selected by
with the Mutual UFO Network on February 13 claiming he
Extraterrestrials. They reveal his work in designing
wants to promote “disclosure”. He was quoted as saying:
kilometer long spacecraft in the 1950s and 1960s. These
were eventually built and deployed by the U.S. Navy as
I’m not reporting a UFO sighting rather a UFO related space battle fleets in the 1980s.
experience. I have copies of my security clearances. I

Tompkins is working on the next edition to his everyone to have access to. There would
autobiography where he will release more of the be a collapse of the corporate media
documents he accumulated during his military and machine and a 24/7 television and radio
corporate career that support his claims of U.S. Navy and education campaign would be initiated. Not
corporate involvement in extraterrestrial/UFO projects. all channels and stations would be co-
opted so people are not overwhelmed and
Could the thousands of documents soon to be released by could “tune out” as they needed to due to
the new whistleblower mark the start of the long the stress.
anticipated document dumps Secret Space Program
whistleblower Corey Goode has been discussing since As originally envisaged, the document dumps would
mid-2015? reveal all the truth about secret space programs and
extraterrestrial alliances, and this would lead to war crimes
On June 15, Goode wrote: trials and major global changes. A catalyzing event, such
as global economic collapse, was argued by a Secret Space
Program Alliance to be necessary for the document dumps
A full disclosure event would consist of a
plan to move forward.
major data dump on the Internet with many
hundreds of thousands of document, audio
and video files on multiple mirrored sites for
In a previous article published on January 1, I wrote about part of a partial disclosure plan intended to cover up
recent meetings by elite groups which indicated that crimes in space, or a genuine disclosure initiative designed
negotiations were secretly underway to prevent the to acclimate the general public to what lies ahead.
catalyzing event from occurring:

A catalyzing event such as economic

collapse, as Goode was told, could be
prevented by a new financial system being
put in place to reform the current financial
system. Thus, China and other BRICS
nations could come forward to rescue the
tottering international financial system in
exchange for a variety of benefits.

This has led to Goode’s current report that a decision has

been made by an alliance of global elites and secret space
program groups that the massive document dumps will not
be going ahead after all. A more limited disclosure plan
has been agreed upon, which will spread out the document
releases over an extended period to allow the public to
better acclimate to the disturbing information they contain.

In this regard, Goode wrote yesterday:

As to whether Tompkins testimony itself is part of a full or
I was told heavily credentialed people who partial disclosure plan, it’s important to point out that
have worked in the lower Tompkins received the go ahead to begin writing his
Military/Intelligence Secret Space Program autobiography in 2001 by Admiral Hugh Webster, a
are being prepped and coached to be former Corporate Director of the U.S. Navy League. In
whistleblowers and provide the public with 2009, Tompkins began collaborating with Dr. Robert
the “truth”. This same group had a direct Wood, a retired 43 year veteran with McDonnell Douglas,
message sent to me that I should back off who was so impressed by Tompkins information and
of the full disclosure narrative as it is documents that he eventually became the book’s editor.
“irresponsible to the public”.
Selected by Extraterrestrials was only recently released in
Regarding the yet to be disclosed documents awaiting December 2015, but its 14 year gestation means that it
release by the new whistleblower, it will be important to long predates elite negotiations over full and partial
evaluate these documents in terms of how accurately they disclosure, some of which Goode claims to have attended
detail the U.S. Navy’s involvement in extraterrestrial/UFO beginning in March 2015. The 2001 approval by Admiral
related projects. This will be seminal when it comes to Webster suggests that Tompkins revelations are part of a
revelations concerning the existence of secret space U.S. Navy sanctioned disclosure plan that has been in
programs that Goode and other whistleblowers have place for some time, but is now moving into high gear.
previously disclosed, which are investigated in Insiders
Reveal Secret Space Programs and Extraterrestrial Life. Consequently, the February 13 report to MUFON by
another U.S. Navy whistleblower suggests that the Navy is
Tompkins testimony, as discussed in a series of articles, encouraging former personnel to openly blow the whistle
provides an important basis for evaluating the new on top secret projects involving extraterrestrial life and
whistleblower’s claims and documents. This will help UFOs by coming forward, and releasing documents that
determine whether the new whistleblower’s testimony is substantiate their testimonies.

Corey Goode Warned To Back Off Of Full Disclosure
Narrative, Partial Disclosure Of Lower Level Secret Space
Programs Actively Rolling Out
By Justin Deschamps
Wednesday, February 17, 2016

binding “Galactic Agreement” this past


In that article, I summarized some of the

points Goode makes mention of, one of
those being that various cabal and non-
cabal affiliated groups have been
negotiating for a disclosure scenarios, a
financial reset, and a shift in global power.

Many of the dynastic families who have

enjoyed positions of power, what Goode
calls 'Earth-based alliances' are clamoring
for their '100 years' of dominance and a
partial disclosure scenario. While other
groups, such as the secret space program
(SSP) Alliance and the Sphere Being
Alliance are pushing for a full disclosure
scenario, a releasing free energy
technology, ending of the Babylonian
Corey Goode, a secret space program money magic system, and a truth and
insider, and whistleblower recently shared reconciliation style tribunal of the cabal.
an article discussing some of the lower
level program activity now being disclosed Related Mini "Situation Update"
with more intensity to the public. In the 1/14/2016
below comment offered by Goode recently,
he claims to have been told to "back off" of Goode is actively working with the SSP and
a full disclosure scenario, by high-level Sphere Being Alliance to realize full
persons in the heights of worldly power. disclosure and end of cabal rule; but these
other Earth-based alliances are not, for
According to Goode, these lower level now anyway. He has reported in previous
operations, such as insider revealed in the updates, that efforts are being made to
below article, are part of this partial move forward with partial disclosure. Not
disclosure initiative being rolled out by too soon after he made mention of this,
some of the Earth based alliances. He several lower level SSP insiders came
discussed this in a recent comment forward with testimony, he believes, is part
regarding rumors of disclosure and mass of this partial disclosure effort.
arrests and a meeting between Vladimir
Putin and Henry Kissinger. Dr. Michael Salla has been covering some
of these newer whistleblowers, such as
Related Corey Goode on: Disclosure, William S Tomkins, on his website
Mass Arrests Rumor: Pope Francis
signed off on what is being called a

Dr. Salla published another article today Related Global Stocks Continue To
discussing this new lower level insider: Crash As Oil Plummets And Gold
On February 15, Britain’s Express newspaper announced
that a new whistleblower is about to publicly emerge with Related The Oil Crash Of 2016 Has The
thousands of documents concerning extraterrestrial life. Big Banks Running Scared
Nick Pope, a former government official that led an
investigation by Britain’s Ministry of Defense into UFO Major banking powers have long discussed
files for three years, has declared that the whistleblower is abolishing paper currency in favor of
a genuine insider. electronic ones. Fedcoin and cashless
programs have been put forth this year as
Recent Comments By Goode well, possibly in preparation for when this
'new' financial system kicks off.
According to a comment left by Goode on
Tuesday February 16th, he was warned to Related Fedcoin and E Dollar,
"back off of the full disclosure narrative as it Understanding: Interest, Usury,
is "irresponsible to the public"." He then Devaluation and Quantitative Easing |
claims to have several military aircraft, Central Banks Announce Introduction of
Chinook helicopters fly by his home, in an E Dollar
unusual display, he thinks, was a show of
force in an effort to intimidate him into Below is Goode's complete comment from
compliance. the 14th of this month, with related links
Goode goes on to say that:
Sphere Being Alliance [An] article about a new
"All of this is occurring during the time of whistleblower: Anyone else see the controlled partial
some major negotiations, threats and the disclosure I was briefed about occurring around us
beginning of the assassinations of a high anywhere? I was told heavily credentialed people who
up official or two to send a message that no have worked in the lower Military/Intelligence Secret
one is untouchable nor will anyone at any Space Program are being prepped and coached to be
level be tolerated standing in the way of the whistleblowers and provide the public with the "truth".
NEW systems." This same group had a direct message sent to me that I
should back off of the full disclosure narrative as it is
Possibly the recent death of US Supreme "irresponsible to the public".
Court Justice Antonin Scalia, was an The very next morning a Chinook Helicopter orbited my
assassination, as some are claiming. home at least 5 times and hovered over it once and we then
received quick flyovers of military helicopters for three
Finally, Goode makes mention of days/nights! There are no military helicopter bases nearby
negotiations for a new financial system and this activity is beyond unusual (Esp the altitude i
coming to a head: caught them flying on video) I happened to get some of it
on video and will debut the video at the Conscious Life
"As I recently found out the negotiations for Expo in L.A. on Friday (& then will post to my youtube
this New NWO/Financial System are channel).
extremely close to their conclusion. The
Related Corey Goode and David Wilcock
parties are now to a point to where
Live Stream from the Conscious Life
everything will be decided in the middle of
Expo 2016
chaos or through what they are calling a
peaceful transition. "
All of this is occurring during the time of some major
negotiations, threats and the beginning of the
During times of economic transition and
assassinations of a high up official or two to send a
market volatility, usually manufactured to
message that no one is untouchable nor will anyone at any
some extent by hidden financial powers, a
level be tolerated standing in the way of the NEW systems.
venue is provided for in-the-know investors
to make huge sums of money. This
As I recently found out the negotiations for this New
appears to be taking place right now, as
NWO/Financial System are extremely close to their
the energy industry collapses due to low oil
conclusion. The parties are now to a point to where
prices and investors scramble to get out of
everything will be decided in the middle of chaos or
risky markets through gold investments.
through what they are calling a peaceful transition.

The meetings have been very interesting recently and the this community. "IF" I or others are being used then let's
differences in the energy of the people in these meetings is say we turn the tables around on who ever it is you think is
tangible... The energetic waves that are hitting our planet using me/others and bring about a grassroots movement of
in waves is also adding to the equation of how people act, unity and full disclosure. They want division and
feel, think and are negotiating. negativity in the community, so lets give them a movement
that fights against their agenda instead.
Related DNA and Evolution Expected to If people think a person is mind controlled or
Increase Over the Coming Years Due to compromised in some fashion their deeds will expose this.
Cosmic Radiation Intensifying As We We have no one to blame for a partial disclosure if we do
Enter Another Solar Minimum not at least try to overcome these belief systems or knee
jerk reactions to threats against our reality bubbles. If we
Dr. Michael Salla has been speaking to a new Lower SSP get a true disclosure we should all find ourselves re-
Whistleblower as will several other respected researchers evaluating "our truths" and have some major shifts in our
in the near future if my sources are correct. paradigms.

Don't trust in the SSP, the SBA or any other outside forces.
Trust in yourself, we need to stop looking outward. WE
Related Another SSP Whistleblower are the saviors we have been waiting for. NO one is going
Confirms Corey Goode's Story | US to do it for us!
Navy Spies Learned Secrets of Nazi
Anti-gravity Spacecraft
And here is a comment regarding why
It seems as though a major disclosure these alliances are negotiating with
effort is underway, but while the masses 'terrorists,' such as the Cabal groups.
celebrate the release of more truth into the
public eye, according to Goode, much of Original comment:
the story has yet to be told.
I guess I don't get why there are even
To be clear, Goode is still pushing for a negotiations. Why won't the "white hats"
full disclosure initiative, by way of a just start data dumps? From what you've
united and active effort within the truther been saying, Corey, the people who are for
community. partial disclosure are criminals anyway.
Don't we, as the actual citizens of this
Recent disclosures seen in the X-Files planet, have the right to know the truth, so
series that debuted this year also seems to we can start freeing ourselves from corrupt
be part of this lower level partial disclosure rulers? Basically, why are the white hats
effort. even negotiating with terrorists?

Related Analysis of X-Files Episode 1: Goode's response:

"My Struggle" by Deus Nexus | The X-
Files Disclosure of 2016! Sphere Being Alliance There seem to only
be "Grey Hats" negotiating against the
In my view, full disclosure of not just UFOs current regime... The only whitehats in this
or extraterrestrials, but our full history, scenario are the ones in our community...
longstanding projects of the elite, and all and the SBA/SSP Alliance/Inner Earth
suppressed information is essential for our groups are all watching to see what (if
species to move forward. If freedom and anything) WE as a community, then us as a
prosperity are the goals, then humanity planetary people will do about it. The time
needs all the facts so it can begin for waiting for whitehats, lightforces/beings
managing itself competently. to save us is over. We are the saviors we
have been waiting on and now there are
Related Commentary layers of other beings waiting for us to
stand up. Some have expressed
Goode responded to a comment that I think disappointment over the lack of action or
is of importance here: unity in our community. We really need a
grass roots global effort for full disclosure
Sphere Being Alliance "I believe" that is the case for many or we need to not complain when we
in this community. That was the goal of multiple long term receive a new 100 years of a new financial
and clever infiltration programs that have been focused on system and a partial disclosure.
IMHO, "It's clear from the language he uses and
CG the information he has that he's a genuine
I offered an explanation as to why
negotiation, even with the Cabal, is But Mr. Pope stopped short of encouraging the
essential in the below-linked article. whistleblower to come out into the open.

Related It's Time For Unity | Analysis of He added:

Mini Update by Corey Goode: The Art of
Negotiation and Who Represents "While my own secrecy oath means I can't
Humanity in SSP AllIance Meetings? encourage anyone to divulge classified
information without proper authority, I'm
Here is the article Goode linked to when obviously very interested in his story.
posting the above comment.
"As I conducted the MoD's cold case
- Justin review of the Rendlesham Forest incident
I'm particularly keen to hear about anything
Whistleblower About To 'Lift Lid On 1000s that would shed new light on this case."
Says Ex-Mod Man
Source - Express

A FORMER US Naval officer who claims his secrecy

agreement with the American Government has expired is
vowing to lift the lid on thousands of top-secret UFO files
he claims to have seen.

JON AUSTIN Retired Colonel Charles Halt, the most senior former
US servicemen to go public about UFOs and Rendle.

The man, who says he was a third-class petty officer at the NEWS INTERNATIONAL News of the World reports of
Naval Telecommunications Center within NAS Moffett Rendlesham at the time
Field from February 1986 to October 1989, also claims he
can shed light on the mysterious mass-UFO sighting The Rendlesham legend has been dubbed Britain's Roswell
involving military personal in 1980. after the mystery UFO crash said to have happened outside
the town in New Mexico, USA, in July 1947.
He has yet to be named, but a former British MoD UFO
investigator confirmed to the man is a The UK alien sighting happened when three US officers
genuine source, creating a flurry of excitement within the based at RAF Bentwaters claimed a "triangular shaped
UFO disclosure community. craft" landed in neighbouring woods in the early hours of
December 26 1980.
Nick Pope, who was charged by the MoD with
investigating baffling UK UFO cases, including the It has led to several reported sightings on the night by the
Rendlesham incident, said: public and several books and conspiracies.

"I've actually had some personal The man, who has not been publicly named, is claiming
communication with this individual, and the US National Security Agency (NSA) and the UK
have no doubts about his background.
Government had a going project looking at UFO sightings, He added: "In addition we had a GS11 employee who was
including Rendlesham in the 1980s. transferred from a Joint US/UK communication station
north of London after working at that site for a dozen
He has filed a report to the Mutual UFO Network years.
(MUFON) - the world's biggest official alien investigation
organisation based in the US, saying he wants to help "He said it was an National Security
reach "disclosure". Agency (NSA)/UK facility tasked with
tracking UFO including Rendalsham Forest
The disclosure movement among the UFO fraternity, is Incident.
calling for all world Governments to make public all their
top secret files on UFO and flying saucer visitations. "He said that UFO/ET were real and that
hopefully disclosure would happen in my
In the report filed on Saturday he said: lifetime since he was in his early 60s at the
"I'm not reporting a UFO sighting rather a
UFO related experience. In the report he said:

"I have copies of my security clearances. "I was required to deliver TS Code word
designation COSMIC to SRI,
"I personally handled, viewed and delivered ESL/SYLVANIA, LOCKHEED
thousands of documents involving UFO/ET SKUNKWORKS, TRW, RATHEON,
LIVERMORE LABS, and other think tanks
"My secrecy agreement with the US throughout Silicon valley."
Government expired in October 2014.

JON AUSTIN Military fencing around the former RAF Bentwaters

base still said to be a UFO hotspot

"I have copies of my security clearances. I Research shows that at the time in question, Moffett Field
personally handled, viewed and delivered was a naval air base, but is now a MFA as a restricted
thousands of documents involving UFO/ET federal airfield, run by NASA.*
– US Navy alleged whistleblower The Lockheed Martin Skunkworks is a global security and
aerospace company based in Bethesda, Maryland.
"At this point in my life I would like to share
The Berkeley and Lawrence Livermore laboratories and
my knowledge in hopes that someone will
scientific labs which work closely with NASA in
be able to use it effectively towards
Spelt differently, Raytheon Company is a global
He said he was given TS SBI/ESI NATO/SIOP
technology and innovation firm specialising in defence and
Compartmental Security Clearance, which is Top Secret
clearance for working in Special Background
Investigation, Single Integrated Operation Plan,
Roger Marsh, MUFON spokesman, said:
Exceptionally Sensitive Information and with NATO.
"This historical case has been assigned to
a field investigator within the Californian
MUFON group."

COBRA | Important Situation Update - February 18th
2016: Full Disclosure Is The Only Option, Return Of
Fairies And Angels, Soft And Partial Disclosure Ongoing
By Justin Deschamps
Thursday, February 18, 2016

Goode has said, in the past, that full

disclosure is one of the primary goals of the
Secret Space Program Alliance, despite
receiving warnings to "back off of the full
disclosure narrative".

While COBRA's Resistance Movement and

Goode's SSP Alliance have not been
explicitly linked, they are, at the very least,
in agreement that full disclosure is
essential and are moving towards that end.

COBRA then goes on to discuss much of

the soft disclosure now occurring, which
also agrees with Goode's claim that a
partial disclosure scenario is being carried
out. Clearly COBRA is cognizant of this
perspective as well.

Here is the latest COBRA situation update. While confirming aspects of COBRA's
information is difficult, what seems clear at
One point I found interesting was that this stage, is that a disclosure of once
apparently the Resistance Movement has hidden information is occurring, as detailed
hidden 'disclosure packages' within "some by several of his links below.
major newspaper agencies around the
world" ... "about Disclosure, secret space Dr. Michael Salla has been covering a
programs and criminal evidence against great deal of the lower level secret space
the Cabal." He also says, "If the Cabal programs on his site recently as well.
crosses a certain line, these intel packages
will be remotely activated by the - Justin
Resistance and will simultaneously appear
as pop-ups on countless computer screens Source - COBRA 2012 Portal
worldwide," and that "ONLY full and
complete 100% disclosure will be allowed, Clearing of the Chimera group continues. The Light forces
and limited disclosure is NOT an option." have made important breakthroughs lately and will be able
to remove all plasma strangelet bombs very soon. What
These comments seem to echo what Corey will be remaining are plasma toplet bombs, but the Light
Goode just spoke of in his recent forces expect the mechanism for their removal to be
commentary, which can be found here: similar to one for removal of the strangelet bombs and are
hoping soon to deal with the strangelet/toplet problem
Related Corey Goode Warned to Back once and for all.
Off of Full Disclosure Narrative, Partial
Disclosure of Lower Level Secret Space Because of this significant progress on plasma plane, the
Programs Actively Rolling Out energies on etheric and lower astral planes are improving

quite much and some fairies and angels are already
returning to the surface of the planet to remote spots in Second, certain armed Resistance agents are now on the
nature, far away from humans. These subtle beings do not surface and will interfere in many cases when innocent
like harsh energy of most humans, but they welcome civilians are attacked, preventing violence and abuse.
loving contact and you are invited to go into nature and
seek the loving connection with their energy. Third, Resistance agents are infiltrated into the security
personnel of the major Cabal players, all US presidential
The dark were quite bold in their actions lately and candidates and many key politicians worldwide that can
therefore the Resistance took some action on the physical influence the planetary situation.
Soft Disclosure process continues.
First, they have put intel packages about Disclosure, secret
space programs and criminal evidence against the Cabal Perhaps some of you remember the Mersenius lunar base I
into the computers of some major newspaper agencies was talking about last year:
around the world and into the computers of some selected
private individuals worldwide. If the Cabal crosses a
certain line, these intel packages will be remotely activated situation-update.html
by the Resistance and will simultaneously appear as pop-
ups on countless computer screens worldwide. This action This very same lunar base has been spotted on Google
is also to insure against any attempt to twist or suppress the Moon recently and its exact coordinates are listed here:
Disclosure process. ONLY full and complete 100%
disclosure will be allowed, and limited disclosure is NOT
an option.

Mainstream media are speculating that the strange NASA is preparing for the Disclosure of secret space
structure around the star KIC8462852 could be built by an programs by releasing space tourism posters, inviting us to
alien civilization: a tour to places like Jupiter or Enceladus:
got-210900508.html tourism-propaganda-1758075093


Secret space programs Disclosure petition is still a very

important act of expression of our collective free will and
we are hoping to get 25,000 signatures soon. You can
spread the word and sign the petition here if you feel so

Related Secret Space Programs Disclosure Petition |

Help Spread Awareness and Open The Mind
At the same time, asteroid mining is going mainstream: Youtube videos have been created to make sharing of this
petition easier. First this excellent video in English:
The Eastern Alliance is continuing with their actions to And this one in English and French:
decrease the importance of petrodollar:
merging-economies-petrodollar-trading.html As expected, the Cabal was and still is interfering with the
ssia-china-iran-currencies.html signing of the petition:
And is one step closer towards introducing gold standard:
ent-suspicious-activity-interference-with-the-ssp- disclosure-petition/
Proof of this interference will serve as evidence against the
In Switzerland, unconditional basic income could become Cabal in surrender negotiations when the Cabal tries to
reality if Swiss people vote for it: spin the Disclosure process. Tampering with free will is a
crime against Galactic law and therefore the Cabal will not be allowed to succeed with their plans for limited
payment-vote/ Disclosure.

Victory of the Light!


Cosmic Disclosure Season 3 - Episode 7: Inner Earth:
Into The Hall Of Records - Summary And Analysis
Corey Goode And David Wilcock
By Justin Deschamps
Friday, February 19, 2016

this revelation and spent several weeks

pouring over scholarly websites in an effort
to confirm Sitchin's claims. Ultimately no
verification could be done, and he
concluded that she was telling the truth.
During this episode, David and Corey
spend some time separating fact from
fiction in relation to Sitchin's narrative.

Goode also shares that the inner-Earth

peoples do not believe in karma, which
sparks a conversation into what karma
actually is. I offered a detailed account of
my own insights into this controversial

Goode states that a major shift occurred for

the inner-Earth peoples after they learned
that the Guardians have returned, who are,
In the fifth and final installment of the Inner- again, the Sphere Beings. But they were
Earth subseries, Corey Goode dismayed by the fact that the Guardians did
discusses the Hall of Records, the not acknowledge their appeals for
Guardians, karma and side effects of his communication, which is most likely one of
experiences there. the reason they reached out to Goode, as
he is the Sphere Being Alliance delegate.
He has already mentioned in other updates
that the Sphere Being Alliance are highly According to Kaaree, the Guardians lived in
revered by the inner-Earth peoples, who the solar system billions of years ago,
refer to them as the Guardians, an constructing energy barriers that kept the
extremely old race that ascended into a solar system protected for eons. But at
higher frequency of existence many some point in the distant past, a race that
millions of years ago. Before doing so, they evolved in the solar system, via their violent
left vast amounts of their technology on tendencies, brought down the barrier,
Earth and in the solar system. The secret which allowed all manner of self-serving
space program refers to these beings as groups to enter. It was many of the latter-
the ancient builder race, which Goode has day groups that instituted what Goode has
spoken of in the past. referred to as 22 genetic, social and
spiritual experiments on the Earth, which
During the previous episode, Goode and are still active to this day.
the priestess Kaaree, his hostess for the
trip, discussed the work of Zecharia Sitchin, After this long period of discussion, both
and how she feels it was contrived insofar Kaaree and Goode descend further into the
as it can not be verified by reading the library, reaching an area where hundreds
cuneiform tablets he allegedly translated. of people were sitting in silence. Kaaree
Goode was taken aback by said that some of them are reaching out

with their minds to people on the surface, sub-series. See the below-linked article for
hoping to make contacts with people who the full trip report.
feel 'they are special.' She also said there
was another group that was in shared Related Ancient Earth Break-Away-
telepathic experience, able to interact via Civilization Subterranean Council
mind space to discuss and work together Meeting & SSP Alliance Debrief Part I -
towards some undisclosed goal. "Honeycomb Earth"

Beyond this point, were the Hall of Overview of Corey Goode, the Secret Space
Records, where Goode and Kaaree Program Alliance and the Sphere Being Alliance:
entered a huge domed chamber containing
a large crystal. Apparently the area was Corey Goode is a Secret Space Program (SSP) insider and
heavily regulated, both in environment and whistleblower that began disclosing information in 2009
restrictive access to people in their group. under the pseudonym GoodETxSG. In 2014, he started
Kaaree told Goode that they were revealing a great deal more information in an effort to
accessing information in the crystal and prepare humanity for what he calls 'data dumps', set to
attempting to cause it to grow. occur at an opportune moment in the future. Much of the
information he provides comes from 'Smart Glass Pads',
Goode later went through a final cleansing iPad like devices supplied to SSP personnel for
ceremony, being teleported to the surface information dissemination purposes. This will be a ground
moments after leaving, in the standard breaking event, revealing the totality of Earth's history and
time dilation protocol he was used to. He the activities of the Cabal which will ultimately lead to a
said that this has been a major life truth and reconciliation style tribunal to hold criminal
changing experience for him, and that elements accountable for wrongdoing. Additionally, the
since this trip, his intuitive abilities have SSP Alliance intends on releasing all of the hidden
been greatly enhanced. technology to the people in preparation for a 'Star Trek-
type golden age'.
This is part five of a sub-series covering
Goode's trip to Inner Earth. For part one, According to Goode, the Cabal or the secret Earth
two and three, see the below-linked government and their syndicates (as termed by the SSP
articles. Alliance) have enslaved humanity under a false paradigm
of a technological advancement, while secretly developing
Related Cosmic Disclosure Season 3 - incredible technology (a Star Trek level of advancement)
Episode 2: A Goode Trip to the Inner used to colonize the solar system and beyond, engaging in
Earth - Summary and Analysis | Corey trade with thousands of extraterrestrial races.
Goode and David Wilcock
Space programs have been developed in secret all
Related Cosmic Disclosure Season 3 - throughout Earth's history, and in many cases, groups
Episode 4: Revelations from the Inner broke away from the main culture forming what is called a
Earth - Summary and Analysis | Corey Breakaway Civilization. Some of these civilizations have
Goode and David Wilcock existed in secret, on Earth and beyond for. thousands of
years. The Agartha Network is one such group that claims
Related Cosmic Disclosure Season 3 - to be the original human race. It was this group in addition
Episode 5: Inner Earth: The Grand Tour to the Draco Alliance, that made contact with a secret
- Summary and Analysis | Corey Goode German space program in the early 20th century.
and David Wilcock
In modern times, the Germans were the most advanced of
Related Cosmic Disclosure Season 3 - the SSP groups, beginning their efforts in earnest during
Episode 6: Inner Earth: The Library - the early 1920's and 30's. The Americans were also
Summary and Analysis | Corey Goode developing a SSP, but were much further behind in
and David Wilcock technological advances. Later, the American SSPs were
infiltrated and taken over by the Germans after the end of
If you have not already reviewed these first World War II. It was after this forced merger that the SSP,
sections I strongly suggest doing so in under the direction of the Interplanetary Corporate
order to comprehend what is covered here. Conglomerate (ICC), expanded into the solar system and
beyond, setting up dozens of bases and mining facilities
Goode also produced an extensive written chiefly using slave labor.
report, which he references through this

In the early 1990's, a faction within the SSP known The dark side of the Moon is home to many different
as Solar Warden slowly began to go against the ICC, groups, including the ICC, the Draco Alliance, the SSP
allying with a group of highly evolved extraterrestrials Alliance, the Dark Fleet, and more. The Moon is
known as the Sphere Being Alliance in 2012. Since then, apparently an artificial object, and has become a neutral
more factions have joined the alliance which is actively zone for all of these groups, which have maintained a
working to free humanity on Earth and beyond, known as peaceful armistice for thousands of years. The Moon
the SSP Alliance. Despite their good intentions, the SSP serves as an observational outpost for over 60 groups of
Alliance is a group of highly damaged and morally extraterrestrial races engaged in 22 genetic programs and
ambiguous individuals, according to Goode, that recognize social experiments on Earth. Some of these programs
at some level the need to change the status quo, but are conflict with each other, yet all of them have influenced
hardly angels. Earth's history for millennia.

The Sphere Beings are a group of five extraterrestrial

races, one of which is known as the Blue Avians, that
arrived in the solar system during the late 1980's. Two of
the races remain unrevealed, however, there is also a race
of 'golden triangle head' beings and 'blue orb' beings made
of light. Over the course of 20 years, they began bringing
massive spheres into the solar system and surrounding
area, some which are the size of Jupiter. This is in an effort
to downstep galactic energy waves, which are slowly
changing life as we know it. These spheres are cloaked and
not detectable by the surface population of Earth.

According to the Sphere Beings, a massive shift in

energetic expression is now occurring in the solar system,
as the result of a natural process of consciousness Show Description:
evolution, assisted by our solar system's movement
through the galaxy and increasingly coherent energy Deeper into the library Corey Goode comes across the hall
fields encountered as a result. The Sphere Being Alliance of records. It is less about the contents of this room, and
specifically asked for Goode to represent them in SSP more about the activities taking place here. What he learns
Alliance meetings as a Sphere Being Alliance delegate. will send ripples throughout the secret space alliance and
Presently, the SSP Alliance is negotiating with the may cause you to question information received from
remaining cabal aligned programs, as well as innumerable telepathic connections allegedly made with extraterrestrials
races that have lived in the solar system for millions of and ascended masters.
years, and even breakaway civilizations once resident on
the Earth's surface. The Sphere Beings have erected an This interview with David Wilcock was originally webcast
energy barrier around the solar system preventing ingress February 16, 2016.
and egress, trapping many of he negatively oriented groups
that have been loosely allied with the secret Earth Summarized notes will be in black, with my commentary
government syndicates for thousands of years. Since this in [Ariel bolded brackets]. Alterations to the transcript for
event, the pyramid of power known on Earth as the Cabal ease of reading will be in [brackets], but the original
or Illuminati has fallen into disarray, as the Draco Alliance content of the dialog is always maintained. The images
attempted to 'sell out' their underlings to the Sphere Beings with black letterboxing were captured from this episode
in an attempt to gain passage out of the solar system and on Gaia TV.
escape the coming justice of the SSP Alliance.
Transcribed by Hugues. Commentary by Justin
SSP factions encountered many intriguing things as they Deschamps.
ventured out into the solar system. Apparently there are
remnants of extremely old settlements and technology DW = David Wilcock, CG = Corey Goode.
from what is called the Ancient Builder race. These beings
were incredibly advanced, using a type of consciousness GOODE CONFIRMS SITCHIN'S NARRATIVE
technology that appears to be an inanimate object until LACKS EVIDENCE:
activated by a user. They are also responsible for
building ancient stargates found on nearly every major DW - Welcome back to Cosmic Disclosure. I’m your host,
body in the solar system. According to the Agarthans, the David Wilcock and I’m here with Corey Goode. This is a
Sphere beings are in fact the ancient builder race, although pretty big set of things to drop on people. There are certain
the SSP has yet to confirm this directly from them. — as we’ve said — UFO religions that involve people,
first of all, taking Zecharia Sitchin as if he’s like the

prophet and revelator of Jesus Christ, so to speak. Except SEPARATING FACT FROM FICTION WITH
he’s the prophet revelator of the Anunnaki as being SITCHIN'S NARRATIVE:
extraterrestrials that mined gold on Earth, made the
primitive worker, the Adamu that the Epic of Gilgamesh is DW - Alright. Well, one of the other things Sitchin says —
actually the story of Genesis of Noah’s Ark, just kind of let’s just get our hands dirty here. He surmised that there
shortened down. And people now, then take that as was a super-Earth that he said the Sumerian tablets called
absolute truth. Now you said you actually looked up the Tiamat that was destroyed and became the asteroid belt.
words that Sitchin was saying meant certain things on your And you did say that this priestess [Kaaree] told you, and
own. You did your own homework. [In the previous others in the Alliance told you, that there were surviving
episode CG discusses a conversation he and the inner Earth human civilizations from planets that were destroyed in
priestess Kaaree were having in relation to the work of our solar system.
Zecharia Sitchin, wherein she stated that his narrative is
largely contrived. CG was taken aback by this, and upon his CG - Or made uninhabitable.
return, researched Sumerian tablet translations looking for
evidence that Sitchins claims could be substantiated. CG DW - Okay. And you also said in the previous episode that
was unable to confirm any of Sitchin's claims, concluding the priestess said that the actual data in the Sumerian
that the priestess was correct. To be clear, the totality of cuneiform is remarkably accurate if it’s translated
Sitchins narrative is not wholly false, but some of the items properly.
he makes mention of cannot be sourced from
the cuneiform tablets themselves. Sitchin claimed his CG - And looked at literally and not looked at and made
information came from the tablets, yet no connection can be into what you want it to be.
made there, which is why it is being labeled as contrived,
but not everything he said was a 'lie,' as CG and DW discuss DW - Tiamat: was that a planet that was destroyed and the
below.] survivors came here? Is that part correct?

Related Zecharia Sitchen Was Wrong? | CG - Yes. There was a planet, according to [them also,] at
The Myth of a Sumerian 12th Planet: one time. [It] was a super-Earth that existed in the area of
“Nibiru” According to the Cuneiform the asteroid belt. [DW has been covering the history of the
Sources destruction of the super-Earth in his series Wisdom
Teachings on Gaia. Summaries of these shows can be found
[Transcriber, HP's Note: Zecharia here.]
Sitchin (1920–2010) was a Soviet-
born American author of speculative [Transcriber, HP's Note: The asteroid
ancient alien books. His name in belt located between Mars and
Russian was: Заха́рия Си́тчин. An
Jupiter mostly consists of irregular
official website is available at bodies with a wide range of sizes. A] notable exception is Ceres, the largest
member of the belt. Astronomers
CG - I did. reclassified it as a dwarf planet in
part because of its spherical shape.
DW - And what happened? Current mainstream astrophysicists
have espoused the notion that the
CG - Over three weeks. asteroid belt was formed by a gradual
accretion process from the primordial
DW - What happened? solar nebula.

CG - It was not matching up and it was working out A few dissenting scientists such as
exactly like the scholars were saying on the Internet it Tom Van Flandern of Meta Research
have posited a violent origin more
would. There was no talk at all <short laugh> of mining
compatible with the information
gold [in the translations I found].
relayed by Corey and other witnesses.
Several names were used to designate
DW - Really? the destroyed planet, including
Phaeton by astronomers in the 19th
CG - There was no "they’re" there. century.]

[Transcriber, HP's Note: Corey DW - Okay.

probably meant, “There was no sign

CG - Well, let me get back to the conversation I had with DW - Okay.
CG - Then these [other] groups came. [They] started
DW - Sure! coming in [and] her people referred to them as genetic
farmer-type groups. They came in and started taking
CG - She talked about — she went into deeper context survivors from these other planets and moving them to
about billions of years ago… Earth as refugees. And that’s what started to cause all the
massive problems here on our planet and in our solar
DW - Billions with a B? system. That was the beginning of all of these huge genetic
and other experiments that are not just genetic: the spiritual
CG - B. — all kinds of experiments that [these other groups were]
DW - Okay.
DW - Hmm. So mass immigration was able to occur once
CG - There was an ancient race called “the Guardians” this protective quarantine went down?
[who] had long since left “our frequency” <gesturing
quotation marks>. And this was according to her — this CG - Right.
was the same race that the Secret Space Program (SSP)
calls the Ancient Builder race. She said that the Guardian DW - And everybody starts playing around, farming,
— it’s hard [for me] to call it what they call it — but she moving folks around, experimenting on them. So some of
said this Guardian race [was] extremely advanced and these Super Federation folks got here all the way back
powerful. [They] protected this region of the galaxy — then?
these local star clusters. And there wasn’t any different ET
or other groups that would think of violating their territory, [In previous episodes, CG has
their space. Even after they had left this frequency, they discussed that there are 40 to 60
had types of energetic barriers that protected their zone different extraterrestrial and terrestrial
that was theirs. Inadvertently, these groups on these other groups actively conducting 22 different
planets in our solar system… [They] were native to our genetic, social and spiritual programs
solar system. They didn’t come from somewhere else. on Earth. Many of these programs have
They grew and developed on these planets here [in our similar goals, yet some of them conflict
solar system]. [These groups that evolved natural in our with each other. While CG hasn't
solar system, some of them] were very aggressive, very specifically described what these
technologically advanced. Somehow, their weaponry… programs are, he has said that the
they did something very cataclysmic that destroyed, did current stock of human genetics is
massive destruction to a planet, and also energetically highly coveted by some groups for its
brought down this massive protective field. And in doing diversity and wide range of emotional
so, it sent out a beacon across the cosmos that, at that time, expression. Dan Winter is one such
all of these ET races then started rushing into [the once researcher whose work strongly
Guardian protected] space. correlates to this notion of genetic
experimentation, which Winter says, is
DW - Now, you had given us an estimate from the smart due to many of these races being 'fallen'
glass pads before about when the Draco arrived, and I or who have lost the capacity to
think you said it was 375 thousand years ago, roughly, that organically evolve in spiritual
they told you? attainment. Winter says that some of
these groups used artificial technology
CG - Right. I’ve heard 340 and 370 thousand years [ago]. to further their dying race, employing
genetic splicing methods in a type of
DW - 370? Okay. So that fits in with the timeline in the eugenics-inspired program. Many of
Law of One about when this super-Earth was destroyed. these fallen races, according to Winter,
[DW also covers the Law of One side of the story in his altered their genome to such an extent
Wisdom Teaching series]. that procreation under natural means is
impossible, resorting to cloning.
CG - Right. And also around 500 thousand years ago, Humanity, due to so much genetic
there were other groups that came here before the Draco. diversity, has the capacity to greatly
assist these fallen races who
DW - Right. desperately are seeking infusions of
fresh genetic stock to hedge against
CG - The Draco weren’t the first. extinction, again according to Winter.
CG's recent discussion with the inner

Earth peoples and their stated history groups due to their service to self-
confirms much of what Winter describes agenda of deception and manipulation
in his work.] of the surface population. Finally, the
inner-Earth council of seven groups was
CG - Right. apparently dissolved to some extent
after this meeting in the Kuiper belt.
DW - And this “Great Experiment” <quote gesture> that Some of the groups decided to ramp up
they’re doing, that’s where this all started? their disinformation efforts with the
surface population, whereas others,
CG - Right. According to these people. presumably Kaaree's group included,
decided to change their protocol and
DW - This is connecting a lot of dots. It’s very interesting. begin more transparent contacts.]

CG - It was connecting a lot of dots in the smart glass pads DW - Their people? I don’t understand what you’re
too, but you know, this was coming from people that had saying.
admitted to deceiving people on the surface, [telling
people] they were ETs and gods. So I was keeping my CG - The Inner Earth people wanted an audience with the
critical thinking cap on but so much was matching [up], so Guardians.
many dots were coming together, it was just blowing my
mind. And she then said that everything changed after the DW - Okay. They wanted to know why they were being
return of the Guardians. rejected.

RETURN OF THE GUARDIANS: CG - Well, yeah, or not acknowledged.

DW - <First nodding “Yes” then showing puzzlement> DW - Okay.

What are we talking about?
CG - Not even acknowledged [at all].
CG - They call the Sphere Being Alliance, “the
Guardians.” They refer to the Sphere Being Alliance as DW - Yeah, that’s got to hurt. <Laughing>
“the Guardians.”
CG - The same thing that was happening to the different
DW - Well, that’s huge too. ETs, and the Secret Space Program, and the secret Earth
CG - She wanted to know why they have been reaching
out with their minds to the Guardians and the Guardians [All of these groups were unable to
have not reciprocated the communication. And their make any prolonged contact with the
people wanted to know why [no response was given] They Sphere Being Alliance, the Guardians,
wanted an audience with the Guardians. until Corey Goode became their
delegate. Now an avenue of approach is
[This episode was filmed before CG's available, hence CG's attendance in
'Mini Update' from January 14th of this these meetings, and why the inner-Earth
year. In that update, he described a groups wanted to meet him.]
second meeting that occurred between
the Inner-Earth Alliance Council, the DW - And then along comes, in Harry Potter terms, this
Secret Space Program Alliance and a mudblood mixed guy, and he’s the only one they’re going
representative from the Sphere Being to talk through.
Alliance in the Kuiper belt. During that
meeting, the inner-Earth groups were AGENDA OF THE SPHERE BEINGS:
informed, presumably by the Sphere
Being Alliance representative, the CG - Right. And then I told her that they had said that
Guardians, that the ancient breakaway there are many ET groups here that are positive, but they
civilization groups have “not been are still a certain percent service-to-self because they have
proper stewards” of the planet. They agendas. And that didn’t set well with her. She said, “Well,
were also advised to begin more truthful wouldn’t that make the Guardians service-to-self?” I
relations with the surface population. [replied,] “What do you mean?” She said, "they are here
Although it has not been explicitly on an agenda. They are here on their own agenda."
stated by CG, the inference here is that
the Guardians were not willing to
communicate with the inner-Earth

DW - In Law of One terms, they have direct access to the “Instant karma's gonna get you.” So they might not be
Logos like you’re accessing the Internet, and they’re experiencing that. It’s very interesting.
following its will.
[Let me take a moment to discuss some
CG - Well, I didn’t have an answer for her. And I [asked,] of my own research into karma.
“In what way?” And she [explained,] “Those of the higher
frequency … have residual connections with those of us The notion of needless suffering to 'pay
back in the lower frequencies and they cannot progress back' harm we have caused to others is
back to Source. We’re like a parachute holding them back. not a valid universal premise. And this
They have to come back and help us progress before they false version of karma has been seeded
can move forward. So they have an agenda too.” into most major religions as well as
many contemporary 'New Age'
DW - It says in the Law of One that they cannot go from philosophies. For example, in
sixth density to seven density, the group doing the Christianity, if one sins against god,
channeling, until every person on Earth has transitioned they must be sent to hell, and suffer for
into fourth density because of the mistakes that they made all eternity. Conversely, in some New
building the Great Pyramid, thinking it was going to be a Age doctrines, 'ignoring the negative' is
tool for ascension, and then having that object and the upheld as one way to avoid negative
religions associated with it getting co-opted by the elite experiences, or what we could call
and turning into what most people call the Illuminati. karma. And there is also a notion that if
we think we've done harm to others, we
CG - So I didn’t know how to respond to her to that. must suffer, which becomes a sort of
self for-filling prophecy. But all of these
DW - Well next time, bring me down there, bro. are only pale reflections of true karma.
<Laughing> If they’ll let you, I’d be happy to explain.
So what is a valid concept of karma?
The Law of One definition is one of the
CG - We talked about a few other things. I didn’t better explinations I've encountered in
understand. We talked about the wheel of karma and about my studies:
how her people have not fully accepted karma. And I
thought that that was kind of an oxymoron. 34.4 Questioner: Thank you. Would you define karma?

[Transcriber's, HP's Note: from Greek Ra: I am Ra. Our understanding of karma is that which
oxumōron (οξυμωρον), ‘sharply may be called inertia. Those actions which are put into
foolish,’ from oxus ‘sharp’ + mōros motion will continue using the ways of balancing until
‘foolish.’] such time as the controlling or higher principle which you
may liken unto your braking or stopping is invoked. This
DW - They don’t acknowledge that it works? stoppage of the inertia of action may be called forgiveness.
These two concepts are inseparable.
CG - Right.
Ra states that their understanding of
DW - Really? karma is much like inertia, which is the
tendency of things in motion, to stay in
CG - And we kind of got into a conversation about that. motion, until a countering force acts
You know, “How could you not understand the karma? upon it. Ra says "those actions which
You should kind of see karma in your life right now.” are put into motion will continue using
the ways of balancing."
DW - Well, now these people sound more in Law of One
terms, more like fourth density than third density. But what is being balanced?

CG - They claim to be fourth density. The universe is founded on Free Will

and Divine Law, which we could also
DW - Okay. So that would mean that, like in Law of One call Natural Law, acting in concert to
terms, third density’s 100 times more intense karma and unfailingly offer wisdom to each being
suffering than fourth. So you could go a lot longer in in creation. As individuals we have free
fourth density without actually seeing the results of your will, we can choose our path of
karma, whereas in our reality, like John Lennon said, progress, and the universe balances our
choice depending on Natural Law and

our current level of attainment, our So in simple terms, karma is cause and
current level of received wisdom. effect or causality; when we act without
wisdom the universe manifests a perfect
For example, if we ignore the reality of result to show us our lack of
gravity, and jump off a cliff saying "I understanding, which if we are
don't believe in gravity!" the universe willing, can be observed, contemplated
will balance our choice with law, and understood so as to gain wisdom
immutable and unchanging. It does so and grow in spirit. In this way karma is
by showing us the errors of our choices, one of the many methods the universe
meaning that what is generated in the uses to offer spiritual growth to the
objective reality is the wisdom of the evolving creatures of time and space,
universe. In this case, our failure to honoring their free will choices without
recognize gravity (lack of wisdom) fail. Karma is the universal balancing
caused us to make the choice of force for ignorance, which is the choice
jumping off a cliff, and the balancing to stagnate spiritually.
action to teach us wisdom was to let us
fall. When we 'think we have it all figured
out' the universe will show us what we
Now in the experience of falling, which don't know, the question is, will we be
most people label as 'negative,' we are willing to receive it? We can jump off a
given the opportunity to see the error of cliff trying to ignore gravity as many
our ways, to recognize that we made a times as we want, and the universe will
choice based on incomplete or false give us the same result again, and
knowledge. Then from a place of greater again, and again, offering us wisdom
understanding we can make a new while it honors our choices. The truth is
choice, we can change our beliefs to eternal and absolute, and so is the
reflect our greater understanding, which patience of the universe as it waits for a
is a "controlling or higher principle creature of time to see the light of truth.
which [we] may liken unto [our] braking
or stopping." As one on this score, if Ra and the
Sphere Beings are in fact the same
So karma is inertia, but not physical group, then their initial effort to assist
inertia. Karma is the mental inertia of humanity by building the pyramids
our past choices influencing present created a karmic connection to the
experience, the movement of people of Earth. Because our world was
consciousness through beliefs and forever changed after that event, they
ideas we've chosen to accept as truth. If are now involved in the drama, and the
we believe we can defy gravity, then this lesson for them, was to learn the ways
belief causes us to take an action which of spiritual ministry, where free will is
generates karma, an experience that honored while at the same time steps
shows us we were wrong in what we are taken to offer wisdom, sound
thought was truth. But the point isn't to familiar?
make us suffer, just for suffering sake.
The experience can be labeled as The group known as Ra has changed
suffering if we refuse to seek out the their policy with respect to evolving
wisdom in it, if we refuse to open our races since their involvement in the
minds and hearts to the truth that we creation of the pyramids. They no
were wrong in our thinking. But the longer make physical contact with
whole point of karma is to help us make peoples of the Earth and only do so
contact with and receive The Truth. using 'the ways of mystery' such as
through channeling. They also seem to
I discussed this notion of karma in have refused to work with any group
terms of negative and positive that does not have noble intentions.
knowledge in the below-linked article.
While the SSP Alliance is hardly a
Related Keys to Living - Positive and benevolent group, it was their intention
Negative Knowledge: Fearlessness, Self to finally reveal the whole truth to
Mastery and Healing the body humanity and end slavery that the
Sphere Being Alliance took notice of
and began contacting the SSP Alliance.
Assuming that their intention was harvested to fifth density if they are
actually complete and in harmony with ready. Considering that some of these
Natural Law, this would have qualified inner-Earth groups claim to have
the SSP Alliance enough to indicate to existed for 20 million years, then the
the Sphere Beings that they are capable question is have they made any
of honoring the will of the cosmos, or progress towards fifth density?
following the Law of One, to use that
vernacular. Yet even in this instance, Again, I am hardly qualified to cast
the Sphere Beings waited for a delegate judgement, but given the lack of
of the proper moral foundation to begin interaction these groups have had with
closer dealings. Presumably, that the Guardians, and that the Sphere
person is Corey Goode. Beings told them they have “not been
proper stewards” of the planet, it stands
So while karma has been greatly to reason that these inner-Earth groups,
misunderstood on our world, it is simply who are not acknowledging karma,
the cause and effect relationship according to CG, have a lot to learn
created by beings of spirit endowed before they graduate.
with free will who act with incomplete
knowledge in a universe of immutable I suspect that this time in history, where
and eternal laws. And since every being all these things are coming to the
in creation is a finite distortion or surface, a moment of great change, that
embodiment of the creator, not all the Sphere Beings, the inner-Earth
knowing, the risk of error and mistake is peoples and the surface population are
always present. Karma, in this sense, is being provided a karmic opportunity by
the synthesis of relative free will and the universe to learn and grow. But we
Natural Law; the merciful actions of a actually have to choose this path via
loving creator that honors free will so seeking knowledge and being brave
absolutely it will allow it's spiritual enough to question our past choices so
children eons of time to realize the as to make better ones in the future.
And sometimes the best place to learn
As a final note in this interlude, the from the past, is to make a choice of
inner-Earth peoples seem to have been reconciliation in the present, wherein we
experiencing karma as well, although take a new action in servicing others
over much longer spans of time than the directed towards someone we harmed
surface population. They claim to have in the past. Hence the Sphere beings
existed for 20 million years below the choice to come back and assist
surface, yet have progressed spiritually humanity, and hence their suggestion
very little in that time; having to defend for the inner-Earth peoples to begin
themselves from aggressive groups as better contacts with surface humanity,
well as losing access to sacred sites, which will provide them the best venue
and they were unable to make contact to learn the lessons they were
with their beloved Guardians, despite karmically offered from the universe. ]
their claims to be highly evolved. While I
am hardly qualified to pass judgment on TELEPATHIC CONFERENCING AND
them, I do recognize that their policy of CHANNELING AREAS:
deception and xenophobia seems to
have caused them stagnation their CG - Yeah. So pretty much, we had gotten to the end of
spiritual grow. The surface people are our conversation. We got up and we were leaving. And she
the ones that they are ostensibly said she wanted to show me the next two floors of this
supposed to be ministering to, due to library area. And we walked downstairs for this. The next
their highly evolved spiritual status, floor was this huge area of those egg-shaped chairs, and
yet because of their policy, these same there were a lot of people sitting in them. Some people
'barbaric' surface people are now a clear reclined, some people sitting in circles.
and present danger to them, a karmic
situation if there ever was one. DW - As in hundreds of people all together, maybe

According to the Law of One, fourth CG - Ah, a lot!

density is an approximately 30 million
year cycle, wherein beings could be
DW - Yeah, many hundreds. tele-conference together, viewing information and
discussing it while in a reclined state.

DW - Something that we rushed through before on this

show, but people who read your report of Part 1 would
have remembered seeing is that when Gonzales gave his
little speech to the Inner Earth Alliance, and then they
came up and all started taking shots at him. One of the
things you said they said was that they were going to
deliberately disinform the contacts they were in touch with
on the surface telepathically because of you guys learning
this information and them being forced to give it to by
these Guardians that have showed up.

CG - Yeah. They said that they’ve had a lot of the people

they’re in contact with starting to question them, and that
they were coming up — they were going to have steps
CG - Yeah. There were a lot. communicating with those people, telling them they were
special. Other people were communicating with tricksters.
DW - Was it noisy? Were people talking? They were not happy about us exposing them. They think
[this] program [of disinformation] they’re doing is
CG - No. It was completely silent. essential for helping humanity spiritually to overcome
certain programming. And it is essential for [them also]
DW - Really? strategically.

CG - And we walked right from one end of the room, right [Consider that even with the best
down the middle, to the other end of the room. intentions, when we choose to employ
deception to achieve our ends, it always
DW - Was it all open, or were people in little rooms? comes with a price. In this case, CG
began 'blowing the lid' off of the inner-
CG - It was all open. Earth groups plans by revealing to the
public that some of their contacts were,
DW - Really? Just one big, huge room and everybody in fact, with inner-Earth humans and not
sitting in these… genuine ETs. As a result, any beneficial
work being done by the inner-Earth
CG - Right. groups is severely hindered by
resorting to methods that do not honor
DW - Okay. Wow. free will. When we deceive another, their
free will is unable to act in relation to
CG - And she was telling me… We were communicating choosing truth, which is of course very
telepathically. We were interfaced. We were not verbally important for spiritual evolution. In
talking. She was telling me that all of these people are other words, these programs of
sitting and waiting to receive communications from disinformation may have allowed the
humans on the surface that are reaching out with their inner-Earth people to labor under a
mind[s]. Or they are reaching out to people or are having delusion that they were actually helping
an active communication with people on the surface. the surface, and perhaps they were, but
now that the truth is coming out, many
DW - So you’re talking about channeling. of the people they contacted are
questioning their motives, which in turn,
CG - Right. reduces the spiritual ministry offered.
For if one claims to want to help us, but
DW - Wow. intentionally misleads us, then possibly
their overall intentions are dubious. And
CG - Telepathic communication. And then there was most unforgiving people would rather
another area … where there were people sitting around. sever communications, then continue
She said that they were having a shared experience … on after being misled. Furthermore, this
where they were viewing information from either the choice to deceive the surface
library’s Hall of Records and having kind of a telepathic population was made largely out of a
fear that they must protect themselves
from 'barbaric peoples' invading their
inner-Earth sanctuaries. From my point than someone else' that prevents us
of view, the situation is a perfect from receiving the wisdom offered by
expression of the karmic principle, people we judge to be 'lessor;' the same
wherein these inner-Earth peoples are applies to the inner-Earth peoples here.
reaping what they have sown, and now Quite possibly a day will come when our
are faced with the errors of their own elder cousins of Gaia walk arm in arm
making. Will they accept the wisdom with us towards a brighter future,
offered by the universe, or refuse, something I think Sphere Being Alliance
further compromising morality to is trying to encourage between our
achieve their ends?] peoples.]

DW - So it’s like operational security: same thing that the DW - So what are these groups telling people? If they’re
Cabal does with seeding disinformation to try to protect talking to people on the surface, they’re not necessarily
their secrets. giving truthful information.

CG - Right. CG - Well, they’re approaching them as ascended masters,

ETs from different star systems, sometimes as religious
DW - Wow. Now, anybody who’s been following you icons from the people’s belief systems, and passing on
online knows that it seems like every weekend you and I positive information. They’re not giving them negative
are exchanging e-mails about this all the time. We’re information that’s trying to hurt them. They’re trying to
definitely not going to name names, but there’s a flavor of help people overcome what they see as our negative
the week channeler who keeps popping up trying to co-opt genetic and environmental programming to become better
all the stuff you’ve been telling me on the show. But then and to help start changing society from afar, remotely.
they wildly change it all around and rearrange everything. Remotely influencing.
[They] try to blend it into their story. It seems every week
somebody’s doing this. So are they telling you that these DW - Do they have the ability to create, for some folks,
people, or at least some of them, are actually being like a holographic apport, or image of their form or the
influenced by them to make up these stories? To try to form they choose to project?
cloud the truth with disinformation?
CG - Oh, they can create all that in your mind.
CG - Yeah. I’m not saying that all channeling is corrupt by
any means, but the vast majority is interference and people DW - Right. Because you read some of these books,
feeling that they’re special, overconfident in their spiritual people say they’ve seen ascended masters, and they’re
strength and abilities that are connecting with these describing what appear to be in-person contacts or
subterranean beings. apparitions. So they do have that technology. [Although,
based on CG's account of this area of the library, the
DW - Well, it’s also… 'technology' seems to be organic in nature, meaning the use
of one's mind, properly disciplined, is the primary tool
CG - And these subterranean beings, they have quite a bit being used.]
to offer if they just communicate with people as who they
are and give a lot of the spiritual information. They just CG - Right. And a lot of times, it’s a shared thing …
don’t want to give up that they’re below the surface and where people are contributing to the experience. The
have us come down there looking for them. people are contributing a star system that they’re
communicating with. They’re contributing a religious icon
[I'll echo CG's point by saying that that they’re talking to. It’s bi-directional communication.
despite my commentary above, I do feel So the people on the surface that they’re talking to are also
that these inner-Earth groups have a contributing to this shared illusion.
huge wealth of wisdom to offer the
surface population. If only they would DW - So these folks feel like they’re seeding a more
set aside their fear and speak more spiritual perspective into humanity?
truthfully with us, and in doing so, make
much more headway with their own CG - Remotely, yeah.
spiritual objectives. Because, like every
teacher-student relationship, the DW - And that the good outweighs the bad in terms of the
exchange of wisdom is reciprocal, ultimate goal of what this is all about: to reduce our
meaning everyone has something to aggressiveness, to sort of vibe up the planet.
offer, if a willingness to recognize
the wisdom of another is there. In this CG - Yeah. And to protect operational security, to protect
sense, it is the belief that 'we know more their cultures, and keep us from coming after them.

DW - Okay. [Transcriber, HP's Note: Again, I
received this information right
THE HALL OF RECORDS: before Corey said it.]

CG - Now, so basically, that’s pretty much all to report

other than the last floor, the Hall of Records. And this is
going to tie in something very important.

DW - Great. Let’s get right into it.

CG - When we went down to the bottom floor, we

couldn’t go in. It was very bright.

DW - What do you mean you couldn’t go in? Was there a


CG - We couldn’t go in. It was a complete, like dome all Artist depiction of the crystal cave visited by
the way down to the bottom. Nothing flat. It was a Corey as a child.
complete dome, and you could see in through like a
window but there was no glass. There was some sort of CG - Right. [In Season 3, Episode 4, CG
field there. describes the 'mind meld' he had with
the priestess Kaaree, wherein he shared
DW - So the floor of the dome was below where you were an experience with her of his childhood.
standing? This was when he was participating in
the MILAB Program, wherein he visited
CG - No. We walked up to the dome on the bottom floor. a crystal cave and was asked to
telepathically connect with a large
DW - Okay. formation there.]

CG - But we couldn’t go inside because it was extremely DW - Wow.

hot, and almost like a clean room. They had it totally
regulated. People couldn’t go in and out. And inside the CG - They had it in a state of trying to get it to grow.
room was a single crystal just like the crystal from the
crystal cavern. [Transcriber, HP's Note: Another
download occurred here as well that
got confirmed a few seconds later. I
wrote this to Justin in the chat
widget as I was working: “I got that
the crystal has its own ecosystem
that the Inner-Terran were trying to
duplicate in this dome.”] [And I'll add
that this dome could have been a
resonating chamber for the crystal,
focusing energy waves of an
electromagnetic nature to a point of
coherence whereby the crystal, under
the right conditions, would 'grow' new
lattice formations that would we in
[Transcriber, HP's Note: I went
through significant precognitive
tune with the consciousness at the time.
experiences as I was viewing and The inner-Earth peoples may be trying
transcripting this part of the episode. to install an access protocol (to use a
This included knowing some of the computer analogy) by growing a layer of
exact words that were about to be crystal that was
said by Corey and was accompanied harmonically inclusive of the inner-
by a flurry of information being Earth peoples electromagnetic fields or
“downloaded.” It started by knowing auras. If my reasoning is correct here,
that a crystal was inside the dome.] this could allow them to access the data
stored in the crystal more skillfully,
DW - That you talked to when you were 11 years old? along with any other functions it has.

Dan Winter describes in the video here, DW - The raptor, these nasty, bird-like reptilians are like
that crystals are alive and that the the dragon, and the treasure is like the crystal, and you
frequency ranges captured during their happen to get in and see the treasure. You said that they
formation within the lattice structure act told you this is like the only thing that we mixed bloods
as 'echo chambers' for information have to offer them: your experience interfacing with this
vibrating in a scalar fashion. Crystals crystal that they can’t get to because these dragon-like
are a type of living record system stored raptors are guarding it.
as scalar wave interactions at an atomic
and subatomic levels. If the mind is CG - And Gonzales told me that that wasn’t true, that they
properly synchronized to these needed us or they wouldn’t have approached us.
frequencies, one could interface with a
crystal or even a drop of morning due, DW - Well, if they can’t talk to the Guardians themselves,
drawing information as if reading it like then obviously, they need help.
a book. Considering this crystal may
have existed on Earth for a very long LEAVING INNER-EARTH:
time, it stands to reason these inner-
Earth people are already preconditioned CG - So after this, it’s fairly easy to wrap up. She said that
to access the data within it, and by CG's the others were returning from their realms, that we needed
statements below, already are.] to return for the cleansing ceremony again. This one was
much more embarrassing.
DW - To grow? <In astonishment>
DW - Much more embarrassing? <Short laugh>.
CG - Yeah.
CG - Much more embarrassing. Each person — there were
DW - Wow. people standing in the water this time and cleansing you.

CG - And the information that was in that crystal, people

were telepathically connecting to it in the floor above as

DW - Isn’t that something. What was she saying they were

getting out of it? Did she tell you what was the information
inside the crystal?

CG - No.

DW - Ah.

CG - No. She showed it to me [and] told me that it was in

the process of growing in the chamber. They were drawing
information from it. And now I see why my experience DW - Really?
was so important to them, to share. And that experience is
going to be shared with all of the people. CG - You’d stepped up into the water, and they cleansed
DW - It’s also very interesting, just that the raptor is — it’s
like the archetype of the dragon guarding the virgin and DW - Sort of like flying through the TSA! <Laughing>
the treasure.
CG - Right. So I was…

DW - Except with no clothes!

CG - Yeah… I stepped — I disrobed, stepped up, was

cleansed, and stepped down, dried off, [and] put on my
original clothes.

DW - Was it all done in a very ritual, ceremonial [way]?

CG - Yeah.

DW - Okay, I figured. they’re feeling, you know… It’s been very strong. I don’t
know if that’s something that was enhanced from my
CG - I put my clothes back on and walked back out [to] connection, that “mind meld” with the priestess. [Perhaps
the room where the priestess was. this] is something that will wear off over time, or if that is
just some new change.

[Based on my understanding, I suspect

CG's heightened abilities could be from
several different things that all affected
his mental coherence level. These
experiences were catalyzing to his
personality, unearthing, reconciling and
processing aspects of himself he
probably hasn't looked at for years,
which would have enhanced the mental
coherence he is able to generate,
providing improved intuitive
functionality. He also made contact with
a more coherent mind than his, the
priestess Kaaree, having a 'mind meld'
Artist depiction of the priestess Kaaree. experience. If the meld was strong
enough, her more coherent mind would
CG - She walked me to about 20, 30 feet away from the entrain onto his less coherent one, and
center of the room. We said our goodbyes, and I walked to a 'tuning up' of his consciousness
the center: flash and I’m back in the living room. would been the result; this is the same
process metronomes undergo during
DW - Wow. synchronization. The effect could "ware
off" if his older patterns of thought and
CG - And there was a time dilation effect involved there in belief assert themselves again, the
that situation as well. 'inertia' of his past choices. But if he
follows this newer course, continuing to
DW - So you left and come back pretty much spliced in reconcile aspects of himself into a
side by side. holistic reflection of truth, then not only
with these effects persist, but they will
CG - Right. And I was gone a long time. be enhanced with practice and
DW - Phew. Well, this has been quite something.
DW - Where do you think this is heading? Have you had
any further contact, telepathically or otherwise, with this CG - Yeah.
priestess or with these Inner Earth people since this first
meeting? DW - We have a lot more coming up here. I’ve actually
gone through and looked at all the things that he and I have
CG - I’ve been spending so much time up in my head with talked about, and there’s a lot more content still to come
this information. A lot of this stuff, I was looking up on the here on Cosmic Disclosure. I’m your host, David Wilcock,
Internet <mimicking typing on a keyboard> trying to and I thank you for watching.
verify, especially a lot of this ancient Sumerian Zecharia
Sitchin stuff. Very little of this stuff that’s on the Internet [Transcriber, HP's Note: I found it
that you can verify but I wanted to verify what I could. very significant that I only
And the rest, I’ve just been — I sit around and I’ve just experienced the precognitive
been blown away, and thinking and thinking about it. And download of information in this part
of the episode related to the crystal.
it’s changed me. It’s been a very life-altering experience.
Some of it was related to Corey
himself. I also got out of these
DW - You also reported off-camera — maybe on camera, I precognitions that what Corey has
don’t remember — that you’ve had a lot more intuitive been experiencing himself was just
things happening since this occurred? the beginning and it wasn’t going to
“wear off” over time as he speculated
CG - Yeah. Just about everyone I’ve been hanging around, it might. It was indicated to me that
I feel their emotions and what they’re thinking, and what he would soon see lost memories come

back to him and have further abilities memory. His experience would
being restored. constitute a “template” or path
enabling that process in the near
Somehow, this is all related to the future…
crystals. The following morning while
still in bed, I got further intuitive I should finally say that my first
information related to them. I was reaction the previous evening was to
told that the crystals are not only keep that information private but
very important to the Inner-Terrans after the additional input received
but will turn out to be crucial for the this morning, I decided at Justin’s
entire humanity on the surface. What request to include my impressions in
Corey has been experiencing isn’t notes.]
some sort of random “side-effect” but
part of the greater purpose of healing [And I think you for your input Huges.]
humanity and restoring our collective

Declassified KGB Nazi Maps Confirm The Existence Of
Subterranean Breakaway Civilizations In Antartica
By Justin Deschamps
Friday, February 19, 2016

Unlike what some have put forth, according

Goode, the Earth is not completely hollow,
but more like a honeycomb, with the
surface layer containing huge cavern
systems capable of supporting entire
civilizations. One of these is the Agartha
Network, which provided support to the
German's during the 1920's and 30's
enabling them to produce highly advanced
spacecraft capable of exploring the solar
system. The Germans also built bases in
Antartica that were already well established
prior to the start of the war.

This is an essential chapter of history to

understand because after the war, this
German group eventually infiltrated and
took over the military-industrial complex of
the United States. After this takeover, the
advanced technology of the German group
When a group within a society or culture combined with the industrial might of the
advances in production and social structure United States saw the realization of a Star
well enough to maintain itself independent Trek style secret space program, one that
of the parent society, it has the potential of would eventually colonize the solar system
becoming a breakaway civilization. and beyond, developing advanced
technology and trading it with over 900
According to several whistleblowers, most extraterrestrial races.
notably, Corey Goode, in the first half of the
20th century, occult groups within Nazi According to Goode, there is technology
Germany began developing highly and development so far beyond what the
advanced technology through contacts average person can conceive of that it
made with several different groups. One could easily be confused as extraterrestrial.
was through the Vril society and their For on this history of the secret space
mediums who were able to make psychic program, see the below-linked articles.
contact with an Inner Earth group known as
the Agartha Network. This Inner Earth Related Operation Highjump and the
group is itself a breakaway civilization German UFO Connection | Mid 20th
claiming to have existed for 20 million Century Secret Space Program History
years below the surface, witnessing oceans
of time wash over the surface. Related Agarthans or ETs? |
Eisenhower's 1954 Meeting With
Related Cosmic Disclosure Season 3 - Extraterrestrials or Ancient Breakaway
Episode 7: Inner Earth: Into the Hall of Civilization Humans From Inner Earth?
Records - Summary and Analysis |
Corey Goode and David Wilcock Related Cosmic Disclosure with Corey
Goode and David Wilcock

The following article provides
supplementary evidence for the existence
of a German breakaway civilization, as well
as the existence of the Agartha Network.
Apparently a series of KGB documents was
declassified revealing the existence of
maps as well as instructions on how to
reach Agartha, one of the maps refers
to Asgard.

In 1968, Stan Lee, Jack Kirby and Larry

Lieber referred to Asgard as the mythical
home of the Asgardians, where the comic
book character Thor, of Norse mythology,
hails. Jack Kirby is also known for his The Nazis continually shipped men and material to the
comic book The Face on Mars, which in South Pole throughout the war years and defeated a “post
1958 stylistically depicted the now WW2” attack by Allied forced in 1946, led by Admiral
infamous face on Mars in a work of fiction. Byrd, who retreated in disgrace after suffering substantial
The Cydonia site on Mars was not damage and casualties (see Operation Highjump). U.S.
discovered until Viking 1 made a flyby of Admiral Richard Byrd, upon his return from a massive
the red planet in 1976, leaving researchers military expedition to Antarctica in 1947, stated it was:
baffled. Although Kirby makes no claims as “necessary for the USA to take defensive actions against
to how he was inspired, the clear enemy air fighters which come from the polar regions”.
suggestion is that the secret space
program was actively exploring the solar Secrets of Operation Highjump
system well before the 1960's, and was
leaking information to the public for
operational security reasons. occult-secrets-of-vril-society.html

Quite possibly the explosion of science Posted by Occult on Monday, July 21, 2014
fiction dealing with UFO's, the paranormal
and extraterrestrials during the beginning in Related Operation Highjump and the
the 1950's was an elaborate effort to hide German UFO Connection | Mid 20th
the truth in plain sight. Century Secret Space Program History

Related Awakening Your Force | Related Antarctic Tunnels as Tall as the

Science Fiction and Psychology - Star Eiffel Tower Found | Connections to
Wars, Ancient Tibet, and Jedi Training Operation Highjump and Secret German
- Justin

Source - The Event Chronicle

One of the most interesting questions that many people

have pondered over the centuries is whether our planet is
at least partially hollow and inhabited. Most of us are
familiar with the legendary stories about the Nazis who
explored the polar regions of our planet and even created
secret bases in Neuschwabenland, Antarctica. These
rumors are based in fact, as Nazi Germany sent an
expedition to Antarctica in 1938, claimed the territory of
New Swabia, and immediately began building secret deep
underground bases below the ice. German Navy Grand
Admiral Karl Dönitz stated in 1943: “The German
submarine fleet is proud of having built for the Führer in Many researchers have also published material about
another part of the world a Shangri-La on land, an Operation Highjump and Admiral Byrd’s journeys where
impregnable fortress.” extremely advanced airships (disc shaped UFOs) were
seen flying around and even engaging him militarily.

ancient secret breakaway civilizations flourish within it,
has spurred the imagination of people for many years
following the official end of World War Two. These
recently declassified maps have added fuel to the existing

Not long ago, a Top Secret map belonging to the Third

Reich was recovered in which there are several secret
passages depicted which were used by German U-Boats to
access mysterious underground regions, as well as
complete maps of both hemispheres and the mysterious We have also come across a letter, supposedly written by
kingdom of Agartha. Karl Unger, who was aboard the German U-Boat 209,
commanded by Heinrich Brodda, in which he states that
The possibility that the earth is hollow, and that it can be the crew had reached the interior of the Earth and that they
accessed through the North and/or South poles, and that did not consider coming back.

The official Nazi instructions to reach Agartha by Submarine:

And here is the translation in English:

The stories above are backed up by maps made by famous cartographer and artist Heinrich C. Berann for the National
Geographic Society in 1966. In this map, the Antarctic continent can be observed without its thick layer of ice.

But the most intriguing detail are the presence of underwater passages spanning across the entire continent and seem to
converge at the exact location which is identified as the opening towards the Hollow Earth or Inner Earth.

Hitler was obsessed with mysticism and ancient history, and many of his followers knew that and supported him. The
possibility that the earth is at least partially hollow, and that it can be accessed through the North and South poles, and that
secret civilizations flourish within it, has gained popularity in recent years. It might just turn out to be true after all, that
somehow, and somewhere, there is an access which leads to a completely different world, one that has been kept in secrecy for
reasons that are just now coming to light.

The medium Maria Orsic was leader of the ‘Vrilerinnen’, The 18th-century Astronomer Royal Edmond Halley
the beautiful young ladies of the Vril Gesellschaft. In pre- believed that unusual compass readings could be explained
WWII Germany, the sisters of Vril (light) conducted by the fact that the planet was composed of a hollow shell.
research into psychic phenomenon, advanced propulsion
technology and saucer-shaped aircraft (vimanas).

Their Vril society, whose members included some who

would later become notable members of the Nazi party,
believed that many ancient civilizations owed their origins
to refugees from Atlantis. They advanced the idea of a
subterranean civilization ruled by an ancient parent-race
who had mastered free energy. This Aryan breakaway
civilization was said to have survived the antediluvian
cataclysms which ended the ice age and continued to thrive
below the surface of the earth.

Ancient Greeks, Tibetan Buddhists and Christians all

located their iterations of hell in caverns under the mantle.
Pilgrims used to journey to Station Island off the coast of
Co Donegal where they believed there existed an entrance
to Purgatory, while the old legends of Mexico describe a
mountain cave near Ojinago inhabited by devilish
creatures from “the way-down-deeps”.

Alliance of Secret Space Programs Adopts Scaled Back
Alien-UFO Disclosure Plan
Written by Dr. Michael Salla Ph.D.
February 23, 2016

There were approximately 60 Council members in

In today’s episode of Cosmic Disclosure, whistleblower attendance during Goode’s debriefing, a number of whom
Corey Goode describes the discussions and dynamics of a are antagonistic to Goode’s continued involvement as a
meeting he claims to have attended at a hidden space base delegate for the Sphere Being Alliance of extraterrestrials,
in the Kuiper Asteroid Belt where a plan for disclosing the who appointed him to that position in March 2015. Some
existence of extraterrestrial life and secret space programs Council members believed Goode was leveraging his role
was being decided. If Goode’s stunning revelations are with the Sphere Begin Alliance to gain greater influence
accurate, as available evidence so far suggests, then over Council deliberations.
humanity is beginning to witness a highly cordinated
disclosure process, only recently approved by select
clandestine organizations. The SSP Alliance Council has been conducting secret
negotiations with an “Earth Alliance”, over the extent to
which a large cache of documents should be released that
Goode claims that he was taken to the base for the purpose reveals the existence of secret space programs and
of debriefing a Secret Space Programs (SSP) Alliance extraterrestrials, the history of Cabal/Illuminati policies in
Council meeting about his September 2015 visit to an controlling such information, and crimes committed by the
ancient Inner Earth library. In earlier Cosmic Disclosure Cabal/Illuminati.
episodes, Goode revealed that he was taken to the Inner
Earth library by a High Priestess called “Kaaree” who
pointed out some of its contents along with some startling He described the Earth Alliance as comprising many
revelations. dozens of international entities opposed to the
Cabal/Illuminati. These include Asian secret societies,
small militias, and groups with access to hidden treasures
Among these was that Zecharia Sitchin had used contrived and information. Many of these entities have strong
information in his Earth Chronicles series of books. This connections to major BRICS countries, such as China,
did not appear to be a surprise to the SSP Alliance whose interests they wish to promote.
Council, presumably because they had access to the same
data base found on the smart glass pads from which Goode
says he first learned about Sitchin’s fabricated information Goode pointed out that while the SSP Alliance Council
during his space program service from 1987 to 2007. and the Earth Alliance have the same goal – full disclosure
and release of advanced technologies – they have very
different agendas over how to achieve this aim. Many in
According to Goode, the SSP Alliance Council comprises the Earth Alliance want to spread out disclosure of the
representatives from the Solar Warden program along with truth over a 100 year period, and in the meantime allow
defectors from rival space programs, previously described China and other Eastern nations to become the new hubs
by him as the Dark Fleet, Interplanetary Corporate of international business and high finance.
Conglomerate and smaller Space Access Programs
possessing off-planet travel technologies.
He pointed out that while the Earth Alliance and the SSP
Alliance represent the full spectrum of humanity, they
have been deeply fragmented in negotiations over what
should be done to disclose the truth to the rest of humanity.
Many in the Earth Alliance believe it would be More recently, after the earlier taping of the Feb 23
irresponsible and foolish to move forward with a massive episode, Goode has publicly revealed that a decision has
document dump, which would overwhelm the populace. indeed been reached to move forward with a partial
disclosure plan. He says that whistleblowers are currently
Another issue discussed was that the Earth Alliance has being groomed to come forward to give their testimonies,
been infiltrated by Cabal/Illuminati operatives who have and release supporting documents.
been given access to all of the documents that have been
prepared for dumping into the public arena at some point.
This was of a cause of great concern for the SSP Alliance
Council, who believed that it would enable the
Cabal/Illuminati to devise ways to neutralize the impact of
such documents at the time of their eventual release.
Goode said that the Cabal/Illuminati has taken steps to
prevent another Snowden-like release of documents to the
mass media.

He described how one possible solution to the roadblocks

over full disclosure, such as the SSP Alliance de-cloaking
large ships over the Earth, was not viable. Goode
explained that a planetary defense grid was still under This has been exemplified very recently by a new
control of the Cabal/Illuminati, and they would shoot the whistleblower coming forward who has given a detailed
SSP ships out of the sky. report to the MUFON organization backed up by an
extensive collection of documents from his/her time
At this time it is hard fathoming how full disclosure serving with the U.S. Navy. MUFON is expected to
through massive document dumps can be achieved in the release a report soon with their evaluation of the
current scenario as described by Goode. Earlier, he stated whistleblower’s testimony and documents.
that a global event, such as an economic collapse, was
needed as a catalyst before full disclosure could occur. In December 2015, William Tompkins (now 92) released
That may be, but the ability of the Cabal/Illuminati to his autobiography detailing his involvement in a secret
infiltrate opposition groups along with its control over the U.S. Navy effort to build a fleet of spacecraft that would
mass media suggests that the optimal conditions may not eventually be called Solar Warden. Tompkin’s testimony
occur, as once anticipated by the SSP Alliance Council. is bolstered by many documents which he has released
with the support of key officials in the U.S. Navy familiar
This is especially true if the demands of the BRICS nations with the Solar Warden space program.
are met, thereby leading to a global financial reset that
provides some relief to the world populace, while Tompkins, and the yet to be revealed navy whistleblower
maintaining major elements of the current international who gave his report to MUFON, are harbingers of what we
economic order. Earth Alliance Groups, representing can expect from more whistleblowers who will come
BRICS interests, have been opposed to a quick release of forward with documentation and covert backing by the
all the documents the SSP Alliance Council has U.S. Navy, and clandestine organizations revealed by
accumulated. Goode, such as the SSP Alliance Council and Earth
Alliance, to disclose what they know about extraterrestrial
life and secret space programs.

Cosmic Disclosure Season 3 - Episode 8: Inner Earth:
Debriefing With The Alliance - Summary And Analysis
Corey Goode And David Wilcock
By Justin Deschamps
2/25/2016 06:47:00 PM

After Goode left the long inner-Earth

meeting, he met with Gonzales to
informally discuss what happened over a
beer. Goode and Gonzales discussed
some of the tension being felt by the SSP
Alliance Council in relation to their contacts
with the Earth Alliance, who according to
Goode, is much more fractured than
previously thought. He goes on to say that
there has been a great deal of splitting
within these Earth-based groups, but a
majority of them have signed off on a
partial disclosure plan.

The Earth-based alliances are manifold,

encompassing dynastic families, financial
sectors of the economy, military
organizations and even some militia
groups. While they all seem to agree that
the Cabal must be stopped, how to do that
In a follow-up episode to the Inner Earth and what a post-Cabal world looks it is still
sup-series, Corey Goode and David a matter of debate within the alliances.
Wilcock discuss Goode's meeting with
Gonzales and the SSP Alliance Council Consider that: The SSP Alliance, as
that occurred after. revealed by Goode, wants full disclosure of
all hidden information, a release of hidden
Contemporaneously, the community of technology to all people, at the same time,
awakening individuals who have been and an end of the Babylonian money magic
following Goode's narrative received a system. The core aspects of this plan are a
rather disturbing report from him last week, complete and total release of
that the Earth-based Alliance is moving information to all people everywhere.
forward with a partial disclosure agenda. This is essential for addressing the core
The reaction from the community was causal factors that led to humanity's
strong, and rightly so. Humanity can't move downfall: lack of knowledge or ignorance
forward, in any tangible way without all the preventing discernment of right action.
facts, without a full disclosure event. Goode
and Wilcock emphatically state, here and Morality or choosing to honor the rights of
elsewhere, that a full disclosure effort is the all living beings can only take place with
best option for humanity's future. knowledge, this is why the Cabal have
spent so much energy systematically de-
For those seeking updates regarding these educating or 'dumbing down' the
unfolding plans behind the scenes, the population so that we literally choose to
following episode is a treasure trove of participate in their plans due to our lack of
information. knowledge. If we had all the facts, we
would never agree to such things.

Therefore, any proposed plan for changing trying to position themselves at the top of
the status quo must address the ignorance what ever a post disclosure world looks
of humanity in it's entirety, or it is merely a like. And some of these groups have a
half-measure. 'better' plan for civilization in mind, yet still
want to use systems of control to maintain
Goode later traveled to an SSP Alliance 'order.'
Council base in the Kuiper Belt to formally
de-brief them. The council has never been My advice with all this is to keep an open
fond of Goode, due to him being selected mind about developments and not assume
as the Sphere Being Alliance delegate in one thing too strongly, for as outsiders our
March of 2015. In the meeting, the council ability to judge things properly is greatly
indirectly accused Corey of positioning hindered by not knowing all the facts.
himself between the inner-Earth Alliance Goode and others only release some of the
council and the Sphere Being Alliance, intel they receive, for operational security
which was unfounded of course. Goode purposes. As such, we would do well to not
shares that these people in the council are become too rigid in our conclusions about
military minded self serving types who what these developments will ultimately
project their thought process on to others, mean.
in this case, that they doubted Goodes
intentions for attending the inner-Earth This is part six of a sub-series covering
council meeting. Goode's trip to Inner Earth. For part one,
two and three, see the below-linked
Goode adds that the council was not articles.
surprised by the revelation that Zecharia
Sitchin's work was contrived, nor were they Related Cosmic Disclosure Season 3 -
surprised to learn that the inner-Earth Episode 2: A Goode Trip to the Inner
peoples have been deceiving the surface Earth - Summary and Analysis | Corey
population. What they were surprised about Goode and David Wilcock
was that the Sphere Beings are also the
Ancient Builder race, who the inner-Earth Related Cosmic Disclosure Season 3 -
peoples refer to as the Guardians. Episode 4: Revelations from the Inner
Earth - Summary and Analysis | Corey
Related Sphere Beings, Guardians and Goode and David Wilcock
Ancient Builder Race Connections to
Thoth and the Law of One | Secret Related Cosmic Disclosure Season 3 -
Negotiations over Disclosure of Episode 5: Inner Earth: The Grand Tour
Extraterrestrial Life & Inner Earth - Summary and Analysis | Corey Goode
Civilizations and David Wilcock

Goode and Wilcock conclude this episode Related Cosmic Disclosure Season 3 -
by discussing some of the logistical Episode 6: Inner Earth: The Library -
concerns related to a full disclosure Summary and Analysis | Corey Goode
scenario. Apparently several of the Cabal- and David Wilcock
based Earth groups are pushing for their
100 years of power, and some are openly Related Cosmic Disclosure Season 3 -
trying to start World War III in an effort to Episode 7: Inner Earth: Into the Hall of
regain control of the world power structure. Records - Summary and Analysis |
Corey Goode and David Wilcock
Note: This episode in general emphasizes
that the on going battle to free the planet is If you have not already reviewed these first
a very complex undertaking, touching so sections I strongly suggest doing so in
many lives, drawing the attention of many order to comprehend what is covered here.
different groups and power players. There Goode also produced an extensive written
are no 'black and white' labels we can use report, which he references through this
to make easy sense of these dynamic sub-series. See the below-linked article for
developments. The 'good guys' are not so the full trip report.
much one group or another, but an ideal,
the desire to free humanity by revealing the Related Ancient Earth Break-Away-
whole truth. All the rest are those who are Civilization Subterranean Council

Meeting & SSP Alliance Debrief Part I - Alliance is a group of highly damaged and morally
"Honeycomb Earth" ambiguous individuals, according to Goode, that recognize
at some level the need to change the status quo, but are
Overview of Corey Goode, the Secret Space hardly angels.
Program Alliance and the Sphere Being Alliance:
The Sphere Beings are a group of five extraterrestrial
Corey Goode is a Secret Space Program (SSP) insider and races, one of which is known as the Blue Avians, that
whistleblower that began disclosing information in 2009 arrived in the solar system during the late 1980's. Two of
under the pseudonym GoodETxSG. In 2014, he started the races remain unrevealed, however, there is also a race
revealing a great deal more information in an effort to of 'golden triangle head' beings and 'blue orb' beings made
prepare humanity for what he calls 'data dumps', set to of light. Over the course of 20 years, they began bringing
occur at an opportune moment in the future. Much of the massive spheres into the solar system and surrounding
information he provides comes from 'Smart Glass Pads', area, some which are the size of Jupiter. This is in an effort
iPad like devices supplied to SSP personnel for to downstep galactic energy waves, which are slowly
information dissemination purposes. This will be a ground changing life as we know it. These spheres are cloaked and
breaking event, revealing the totality of Earth's history and not detectable by the surface population of Earth.
the activities of the Cabal which will ultimately lead to a
truth and reconciliation style tribunal to hold criminal According to the Sphere Beings, a massive shift in
elements accountable for wrongdoing. Additionally, the energetic expression is now occurring in the solar system,
SSP Alliance intends on releasing all of the hidden as the result of a natural process of consciousness
technology to the people in preparation for a 'Star Trek- evolution, assisted by our solar system's movement
type golden age'. through the galaxy and increasingly coherent energy
fields encountered as a result. The Sphere Being Alliance
According to Goode, the Cabal or the secret Earth specifically asked for Goode to represent them in SSP
government and their syndicates (as termed by the SSP Alliance meetings as a Sphere Being Alliance delegate.
Alliance) have enslaved humanity under a false paradigm Presently, the SSP Alliance is negotiating with the
of a technological advancement, while secretly developing remaining cabal aligned programs, as well as innumerable
incredible technology (a Star Trek level of advancement) races that have lived in the solar system for millions of
used to colonize the solar system and beyond, engaging in years, and even breakaway civilizations once resident on
trade with thousands of extraterrestrial races. the Earth's surface. The Sphere Beings have erected an
energy barrier around the solar system preventing ingress
Space programs have been developed in secret all and egress, trapping many of he negatively oriented groups
throughout Earth's history, and in many cases, groups that have been loosely allied with the secret Earth
broke away from the main culture forming what is called a government syndicates for thousands of years. Since this
Breakaway Civilization. Some of these civilizations have event, the pyramid of power known on Earth as the Cabal
existed in secret, on Earth and beyond for. thousands of or Illuminati has fallen into disarray, as the Draco Alliance
years. The Agartha Network is one such group that claims attempted to 'sell out' their underlings to the Sphere Beings
to be the original human race. It was this group in addition in an attempt to gain passage out of the solar system and
to the Draco Alliance, that made contact with a secret escape the coming justice of the SSP Alliance.
German space program in the early 20th century.
SSP factions encountered many intriguing things as they
In modern times, the Germans were the most advanced of ventured out into the solar system. Apparently there are
the SSP groups, beginning their efforts in earnest during remnants of extremely old settlements and technology
the early 1920's and 30's. The Americans were also from what is called the Ancient Builder race. These beings
developing a SSP, but were much further behind in were incredibly advanced, using a type of consciousness
technological advances. Later, the American SSPs were technology that appears to be an inanimate object until
infiltrated and taken over by the Germans after the end of activated by a user. They are also responsible for
World War II. It was after this forced merger that the SSP, building ancient stargates found on nearly every major
under the direction of the Interplanetary Corporate body in the solar system. According to the Agarthans, the
Conglomerate (ICC), expanded into the solar system and Sphere beings are in fact the ancient builder race, although
beyond, setting up dozens of bases and mining facilities the SSP has yet to confirm this directly from them.
chiefly using slave labor.
The dark side of the Moon is home to many different
In the early 1990's, a faction within the SSP known groups, including the ICC, the Draco Alliance, the SSP
as Solar Warden slowly began to go against the ICC, Alliance, the Dark Fleet, and more. The Moon is
allying with a group of highly evolved extraterrestrials apparently an artificial object, and has become a neutral
known as the Sphere Being Alliance in 2012. Since then, zone for all of these groups, which have maintained a
more factions have joined the alliance which is actively peaceful armistice for thousands of years. The Moon
working to free humanity on Earth and beyond, known as serves as an observational outpost for over 60 groups of
the SSP Alliance. Despite their good intentions, the SSP extraterrestrial races engaged in 22 genetic programs and
social experiments on Earth. Some of these programs CG - Right.
conflict with each other, yet all of them have influenced
Earth's history for millennia. DW - So what happens next? You said that you got spliced
back in, to the time that you left when you ended up back
in the room? [Often when CG goes to meetings related to
the SSP, time dilation methods are used, wherein he leaves
and arrives within a few seconds of each other. For example,
someone standing in the room he departed from would think
CG only left for a moment and then came right back, but in
reality, he spent hours of time away.]

CG - Right. Within probably less than 24 hours, I was

contacted by Gonzales. And we met locally.

DW - In person?

CG - In person and had one of our discussions over a beer

Show Description: <laughs>. [We] talked tentatively over a lot of the stuff
that went on. He was giving me some new intel finally
After a brief meeting to catch up Gonzales with his tour of about a lot of the things that were happening in the Earth
the library and hall of records, Corey Goode is whisked Alliance: a lot of things that were not going so well, things
away to a distant base in the Kuiper belt to inform the that were falling apart. And that there was going to be a
Secret Space Alliance of what he learned during his visit to big SSP Alliance Council meeting and briefing that I was
the inner earth. It is here that we learn more of the Ancient going to need to be part of to discuss the part of the
Builder Race and prophecies from the occult sects within meeting [in the inner-Earth] that he wasn’t at, which
the secret Earth governments. involved the library.

This interview with David Wilcock was originally webcast DW - I’m curious on a personal level and also for the
February 23, 2016. show, what is the problem with the Earth-based alliance?
We know that there’s a significant Eastern component to
Summarized notes will be in black, with my commentary
it, right? It’s coming out of China and Russia. So does it
in [Ariel bolded brackets]. Alterations to the transcript for
have to do with China in some way? Or what are we
ease of reading will be in [brackets], but the original
dealing with here? [The Earth-based alliance agenda is
content of the dialog is always maintained. The images
briefly outlined in the article below, which CG gave comment
with black letterboxing were captured from this episode
on Gaia TV.

Transcribed by Hugues. Commentary by Justin Related Corey Goode on: Disclosure,

Deschamps. Mass Arrests Rumor: Pope Francis
signed off on what is being called a
DW = David Wilcock, CG = Corey Goode. binding “Galactic Agreement” this past
DW - Alright, welcome back to Cosmic Disclosure. I’m
your host, David Wilcock and I’m here with Corey Goode.
And we are following up where we left off in the previous CG - The Earth Alliance is made up of many dozens of
episode with this astonishing journey that he had to the [smaller] groups. Some of them are even like militia
Inner Earth. Now Corey, after in the last episode, we groups. But — you know — the vast majority of them are
described that you were portaled out from the Inner Earth some Eastern secret societies and groups that have a lot of
and you end up back in your living room. But obviously, clout and access to a lot of physical treasure and
Gonzales wanted to know what the heck was going on in information.
that library that he didn’t get access to but you did. [In
previous episodes, CG described how Gonzales left him and [Benjamin Fulford often reports on
the priestess Kaaree to continue their tour of the inner-Earth developments of the Eastern alliances,
settlement before he got a chance to see the Library or the which are made up of dynastic asian
Hall of Records, where most of the intelligence exchange groups known as the Dragon Families of
took place. Gonzales and the SSP Alliance council will want Asia. Their plans are manifold and are
to know what happened, hence the de-briefing.] constantly being adjusted, but generally
they call for a financial reset towards an schemes backed by a basket of
asset backed currency, a debt jubilee or currencies, almost exactly like the IMF.
wiping the slate clean, a truth and In my efforts to verify the claim that
reconciliation style tribunal of the Cabal, these institutions are empowered to
a campaign to clean the planet and end topple the Federal Reserve System, the
environmental destruction and a release only thing I can see is that they will
of some free energy technology. All of provide competition to the IMF and
which sounds great, but the devil is in World Bank, that's it. Both the BRICS
the details. In my personal appraisal of Bank and AIIB only have 100 billion in
the Earth-based alliance agenda, as it as cash to invest (at the time of this
been presented thus far, they are writing); in contrast to the Federal
pushing for a more palatable form of Reserves multi-trillion dollar portfolio. In
society, but one that is still based on my view, these Earth-based alliance
authoritarian models in which people efforts will help their local regions, but I
are subjects to a governing body they do not presently see how these
did not actually consent to be governed developments are going to end the
by. Furthermore, the truth about the Federal Reserve system that has
financial system, where money comes destroyed the way of life of so many
from, and how we don't really need it to people on Earth; BRICS and AIIB have a
have a free and prosperous society is different stated purpose than the Fed.
rarely spoken of. In my view, these But perhaps there are unrevealed
elements are essential to ensuring true aspects to this plan I am unaware of.]
freedom comes about. CG and DW
discussed this the Cosmic Disclosure CG - Exactly. So what has happened with the Earth
episode with Michael Tellinger, linked Alliance and the Space Program Alliance don’t have the
below.] exact same agenda. They have the same overall goal.
Related Cosmic Disclosure Season 3 -
Episode 3: Ubuntu and the Blue Avians’ DW - Do the people in the Earth Alliance know that there's
Message Part 1 - Summary and Analysis a Space Program Alliance?
| Corey Goode and David Wilcock
CG - Not all — but some do, yes. And they’ve met.
DW - Now, one of the things that a lot of people don’t There’s been a sharing of information. All of the data from
seem to realize is the Chinese, alone, are holding $4 the data dumps, the high-level [people in the] Earth
trillion in [debt] US bonds. And if they decided that got a Alliance have the same data to be able to dump it as well.
wild hare and wanted to trash the US economy, they totally It’s like redundancy to have the information with both
could [by calling in the payments for these bonds]. And that parties.
apparently has been one of the threats that they’ve been
using to try to get things to change. They don’t want to DW - Right.
destroy the US economy because that’s what their
economy lives off of. We’re the ones buying their
CG - The thing that’s occurred is that the Earth Alliance
products. But at the same time, they’re holding a very
has been heavily infiltrated, which is what these so-called
powerful card there with that $4 trillion of our asset base,
Illuminati groups [are good at:] they’re masters at
which is more than we have [in liquidity to pay back the
infiltration and then causing groups to split apart.
debt]. They basically now control the wealth. It’s just that
they’re not getting representation in the World Bank and
IMF for voting rights. [Restated for clarity, the problem with
the Earth Alliance is that they have been
heavily infiltrated by Cabal agents, and
CG - A lot of the same people from IMF are now power
as such, their plans are skewed towards
brokers in BRICS.
the Cabal's agenda of partial disclosure
and a 'softer' slavery system.]
DW - Okay. That’s what happened after the AIIB — the
Asian Investment Infrastructure Bank — got started. DW - When the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank was
first announced, which was July 29th, 2014, or June 29th,
[The BRICS and AIIB Bank are 2014, nobody expected like 30 of the top Western
development projects for member countries were going to suddenly jump in. So you're saying
nations. These are investment tools to this is where some of this penetration from the IMF into
develop infrastructure in the member the Alliance started, when the BRICS alliance part started
nations using for profit lending to take place?
PARTIAL DISCLOSURE AND THEIR "100 YEARS" who live off interest and money, who
OF POWER: don't actually produce anything of
benefit, would be encouraged to
CG - It's occurring on all levels. You know, the West had develop skills that actually create real
the 100-year Federal Reserve System. Now the East wants things of abundance; not just fat bank
this — they want their 100 years of a new financial system accounts. As such, any 'new' financial
that they say it’s going to be more fair and more system based on holding back
representative of the entire global economy. advances (the truth) to give one group
an advantage is yet another form of
slavery and servitude. But it is
[Remember, the financial system, as it is
conceivable that in a post full disclosure
used today, is for maintaining control of
world, some interim financial system
a fundamentally enslaved population,
will be used as humanity is re-educated
one that does not know it's true
about the realities of abundance. Once
relationship to money, the environment
complete, this will make any scarcity
or the universe at large. If the Eastern
model based on usury and interest for
alliances got their way, more money
profit seem like primitive and socially
would be available to the average
irresponsible practices. Hence, the
person, and this would make us feel
ultimate solution is the proliferation of
better for a while, but the underlying
the truth and efforts to educate
Babylonian money magic framework
humanity, which
would still be in place. The people are
will simultaneously ensure a partial
not being told they are the creditors,
disclosure soft slavery agenda is
and the government is the debtor, which
derailed while we prepare the way for an
is the true relationship of a citizen to
abundant future based on full
their government's debt. Without
disclosing the full truth to the people,
the underlying causes of slavery
(ignorance) will be maintained. If the CG - Right.
Earth-based alliance truly wants to end
the madness on this world, it needs to DW - So why do they want to have a financial system?
disclose the whole truth, not just
provide token gestures to the people to CG - The Earth Alliances do not want what the Secret
make us feel better. Humanity doesn't Space Program wants to occur yet, [they want their 100
need 100 years of a 'nicer' master, it years of power; they want their 100 years as masters of
needs to be given a chance to actually humanity].
develop self governance and true
freedom.] DW - Really?
[Transcriber, HP's Note: Benjamin
Fulford’s contacts has relayed of that CG - They want [full disclosure] to happen down the road.
same information for years now: the
They have seen all of the data from these data dumps [I
“100-year plan” in particular.]
mentioned]. They have shared it with some of the Cabal
people who freaked out…
DW - But if we release what you were calling replicators,
we’re not going to need money.
DW - They shared it with them? <showing astonishment>
[CG has stated multiple times that the
CG - Yes!
SSP Alliance intends on releasing
highly advanced technology to all
people on Earth at the same time. This DW - That’s high-treason, man!
would essentially level the playing field,
economically speaking. If this event CG - It’s infiltration. And some of these heavy-duty Cabal
occurred, the global economy as we groups want World War III more than ever now.
know it would collapse overnight, as the
scarcity paradigm of forced DW - As a deterrent to this coming out.
participation would end. People
wouldn't want to earn a living in a CG - Right. A lot of these other groups have been
meaningless job when all our earthly convinced that the data in these data dumps is irresponsible
needs are provided for via sustainable to drop on humanity all at once, that it should be spread
technology. And those 'well off' people
out over a 100-year time period. And that we should move DW - <nodding comprehension> So they agree on that the
to a new, more 'fairer' financial system, “Babylonian,” that Cabal has to be stopped. But after that, there’s a lot of
will still be a Babylonian money magic system but “more variance.
fair” <quote gesturing> that’ll be run by the East [instead
of the West]. [For this plan] they’ll release some of these CG - Disagreement on what comes next.
technologies and some information, some disclosure about
ETs, some disclosure about certain things but not let the
DW - Okay.
full genie out of the bottle somehow.
CG - Some of the Earth alliances do want what the Secret
[I suspect that the whole truth is so Space Program wants, which is a full disclosure event,
much bigger than even accomplished tribunals, and then full release of technology to all of
researchers are aware of and that it will humanity, and then a transitional civilization to move
be very easy to get people to accept a forward.
partial data dump as full disclosure. The
Cabal are masters of distraction,
employing the Roman art of bread and DW - Well, there’s going to be upsetting information, but
circus to entice the people into everybody wins if that technology comes out. It’s like,
compliance or acceptance of the status forget about 100 years. Everybody wins.
quo. They will probably give us some
token gestures of disclosure, such as: CG - Not everybody.
finally admitting ETs are real and that
contacts were made in the past, but the DW - What do you mean?
core elements that keep humanity
enslaved will just be repacked under a CG - The controllers — those in control. or [those] who
new system. Again all of this can only want to remain in control, don’t win.
happen if the people are complacent
and ignorant, if we do not question
DW - Yeah, I guess if you could look at it where in a
beyond the surface of what is offered.
transparent system, there’s no reason why all the different
And the unaware masses surely won't
aspects of government – where the money goes and how
be able to tell the difference between full
decisions are made – could all be transparent and put on
and partial disclosure, hence those of
the Internet. There’s no reason for it to be hidden, although
us who can are incredibly important to
democratic rules sometimes lead to bureaucratic
helping the cause. A grass roots
inefficiency. Nothing ever would get done because any one
disclosure effort, like what has already
person who’s got a vociferous opinion could try to sway
been started in relation to the secret
the whole thing, and it gets bogged down by committee. I
space program here via Cosmic
was on a board of directors for an interfaith church where
Disclosure, is one of the methods we
have to keep pouring the whole truth that happened. Everybody wanted to have a unanimous
vote. You never get that. So nothing gets done.
out there for all to see, something I think
is essential for giving us the best
chance for a better world.] CG - So there’s a huge fragmentation problem with the
Earth Alliance. A lot of people that we once thought were
DW - Well, I don’t mean to insult the Earth Alliance, but united with one goal [are] now pulling apart saying, “Well,
this sounds a lot like when my brother and I would fight we kind of liking this idea of a prolonged change in society
over a piece of pie, “No yours is bigger! “No yours is and a slow release of information. It sounds more healthy.
bigger! “I want…” And fight over who gets to sit in the It sounds like a more responsible thing to do.” They’re
front seat in the car. That’s not really the mentality that’s rationalizing.
going to get us through this planetary crisis where our
ecology is threatened and where — you know — the DW - Are there Islamic aspects of this alliance, like the
oceans only have a few years left, the air only has few Sufi Mystery School, things like that?
years left. We can’t go one using fossil fuel technology if
[want] to survive. CG - There are members of every part of society involved
in the Earth Alliance.
CG - Well, that’s the problem. They’re not a fully united
entity. They’re a bunch of rogue groups that are loosely DISTRUST OF COREY IN THE SSP ALLIANCE
working together for world liberation [and are still trying COUNCIL:
to realize egocentric goals where they are in power].
DW - Alright. So Gonzales is telling you that there’s
fragmentation in the Earth Alliance. And then what?
CG - And that there has been some fragmentation in the CG - This infrastructure — this huge infrastructure that the
SSP Alliance. ICC Secret Space Program component built — [it] is
planned to turn that over to humanity at some point.
DW - Really?
DW - Okay.
CG - The alliances have been suffering. A lot of it has to
do with these energetic changes that are occurring in our CG - [This is planned] to be the foundation of our new
solar system. People are having problems acclimating. A Star Trek type transitional civilization.
lot of it depends on your spirituality, your polarity, what
type of person you are. [These determine] how you’re DW - So they didn’t like the fact that you got this
going to handle these energetic changes. information and they [have] to rely on you to tell the truth.
They don’t know whether you’re going to be lying [or
DW - Well, to use Richard Hoagland’s oft-quoted quote, not].
“The good are getting better and the bad are getting
worse.” CG - Once again…

CG - Right. DW - Same old story?

DW - And the crazy are getting crazier. <Both laughing> MEETING WITH THE SSP ALLIANCE COUNCIL:

CG - Yeah. So, we covered that. They said this is going to CG - Yeah. Same old story. So, long story short:
be a topic in the debrief or the briefing. They wanted to predetermined time comes, I’m brought to a different base.
hear from me. There are some people that were upset that I
was alone at the Library. They have to rely on what I say is
DW - This is the Blue Sphere method again?
truth about what happened.
CG - [It’s the] Blue Sphere method. [I’m] brought to a
DW - Hmm. Couldn’t they inject you with scopolamine or
different base, one of the Kuiper bases…
something then try to extract the truth out of you?
DW - Off-planet base?
CG - That kind of stuff is what caused a major rift
between us to begin with, so… No, that was not an option
[for] them to do. CG - [Yes], one of the Kuiper Belt bases. And the room is
full [of people from] the SSP Alliance Council.
DW - Oh, okay.
DW - Just give us a brief sketch of what this room’s going
to look like if we were there with you. What would we be
CG - But they have intuitive empaths there that are
seeing? Is it dark? Is it bright?
supposed to be able to read any type of deception on my
part. But a lot of [this] is just ego, elbow throwing kind of
stuff. CG - It’s well — it wasn’t a hugely bright room. It wasn’t
dim. It’s somewhat like the lighting in here [in the Gaia
TV studio]. It was not an amphitheater, but it was flat in
DW - Well, and their goose would be cooked if it wasn’t
the front and kind of like a piece of pie, going this way
for the Sphere Being giving them logistics and the intel to
around it in the back. <making an arc gesture>
make this possible in the first place. So if the Sphere
Beings are having you and Gonzales as their delegate, then
sorry if you don’t like it, but — you know — the DW - Okay.
alternative is they’re not getting the support that they need
to be able to make this happen. CG - And that was the only room I was in.

CG - And they’ve been told [by the Sphere Being DW - Like a college lecture hall?
Alliance] to stop all offensive activity. No more bombing,
no more shooting, no more attacking. CG - Right but it was all [level]. It wasn’t angled down.
And they were all sitting…
DW - Because these facilities that have been built are
going to be turned over to humanity. DW - How many people?

CG - Tuh-tuh-tuh <making thinking sounds>… over sixty.

DW - Okay. Did you recognize anybody from some of the DW - But they’ve got intuitive-empaths that could tell if
other meetings? you’re confabulating a story.

CG - Yeah… <Recalling the scene in his mind> CG - They were being jerks.

DW - Okay. DW - They’re trying to pose you as if you’re trying to

write yourself back into the storyline where they’re trying
CG - Yeah… Yeah, some that I had gotten into [arguments to edge you out.
with before], and we had kind of awkward forced
apologies, shaking hands [and] make-up kind of situations. CG - <Partially overlapping> [They’re] being
DW - And once again, you got the full spectrum of races
[from] Earth in [attendance]? DW - And these are some of the same people that you had
words with before that were saying this stuff?
CG - Right.
CG - Right.
DW - Indians, blacks, whites, Asians…
DW - Interesting.
CG - Just like in all the other meetings.
CG - So…
DW - Yeah.
DW - Well, it’s the way they think. They’re all coming out
CG - I’m brought there. Gonzales was already there and of a Cabal background. They’ve always got — they think
waiting for me. everybody’s got an angle, everybody’s got a service-to-self
DW - And you’re put in the front while everybody else is
sitting and looking at you? CG - Like what I said, you can tell a lot by a person when
they accuse you of something. They’re showing you what
CG - [I was put up] front to the side. Nobody’s [directly] they would do in the exact same situation. [That’s] because
in the front. And I sit down and a few people [start] people overlay the way they think and feel do unto others.
talking. They’re talking about the different fragmentations
and the Alliance, different things going on. Some of the DW - Right, exactly.
things I shouldn’t really talk about… And then they
wanted to have the debrief of me and what happened at the CG - So basically, I gave the full report that I gave in the
Library and the Hall of Records, and all that. <Sighing> So last episode. And they brought Gonzales to the front. They
I get up and then I give them my debrief — my briefing talked with him about making contact with the Sphere
[recounting events for those there]. And immediately I Alliance.
start getting asked questions or comments start coming out,
[such as,] “Isn’t it interesting that all of a sudden these DW - Did they know that the Sumerian story was altered
subterranean groups are wanting to talk to these Sphere by the Cabal, that Sitchin was given false information?
Beings and that makes you all of a sudden more valuable?”
Like I was creating a narrative that made me valuable.
CG - They were not shocked [by this part of the story].

[CG has said in the past that his DW - Oh, really?

relationship with the SSP Alliance
Council is tenuous at best. Prior to his
involvement in March of 2015, Gonzales CG - No. None of them seemed to slide around on their
was dealing with the Sphere Beings, but chairs or [appeared] shocked at all. [To be clear, CG is
after the Blue Avians called for CG by saying that the SSP Alliance Council was not surprised to
name to represent them during SSP learn that Sitchen's narrative was contrived.]
Alliance meetings, the council has been
unfriendly with CG, to say the least. The DW - Did they understand that inner-Earth beings were
council is made up of military minded posing as ascended masters and influencing people’s
people who value their own self channeling?
importance a great deal, and don't like
to share that sense of importance with CG - They knew that. This is something that I’ve talked
anyone they do not deem to be worthy.] about for over a year now. I looked back on my forum
postings and I saw the first time I start talking about system after the energy barrier went down 500,000 years
[inner-Earth people appearing to surface humans under ago] and scratched off all the written descriptions of the
deceptive guises in] December of 2013. Ancient Builder race, we know that these groups that came
in later were more negative. They were making war. They
DW - Were they aware of these inner-Earth folks had were genetic farmers, [as the inner-Earth people have
books from the surface of the Earth that they were termed them]. Wouldn’t it stand to reason that [these
studying? negative groups] would be obscuring the records that
would have shown that this original Ancient Builder race
CG - No, but they weren’t surprised. was far more positive than they were? Isn’t that a logical
DW - So you didn’t really give them anything that they
CG - Yes, yeah!
didn’t already know then?

DW - Yeah. So you gotta just use logic.

CG - Right.

CG - Yeah. And just on Earth, kings come in and scratch

DW - Okay.
off the names of previous kings, or rulers, or people that
owned or had dominion over the land that they now
CG - Right. control.

DW - But somebody like Gonzales maybe would have DW - Sure.

gotten more out of the Library than you could have based
on his background and training, which probably pissed
CG - Like, monuments may still stand, but they’ll be
them off.
[purged of any] glyphs and script [from the previous
CG - Right, he would have gleaned more intelligence out
of the situation than I did. The information about the
Guardians being the Ancient Builders [who are also] the DW - So what happens after that? They’re interested in the
fact that the Ancient Builder race might be the same as
Sphere Being Alliance was new to them and made them sit
these Guardians, i.e. Sphere Beings.
up straight and got their attention.

DW - And you got the Blue Avians [who said], when CG - So they talk to Gonzales. They want [him] to confab
with the Sphere Being Alliance and do what they can to
people from the Space Program Alliance asked them, “Are
arrange some sort of meeting or exchange between this
you the [same] "Ra" that channeled Law of One?” The
new Inner-Earth Council and the Sphere Being Alliance
answer [from the Blue Avian was], “I am Ra, and then the
because this new council was seen as a very positive thing,
rest of their name, which is exactly how Ra introduce
themselves after every question in the Law of One. So this a positive new spin or change to the SSP Council.
all threads together beautifully.
DW - When the people from the Inner-Earth Alliance went
to the Kuiper Belt SSP Alliance base, did the Inner-Earth
Related Sphere Beings, Guardians and
Alliance end up meeting with the same people that were in
Ancient Builder Race Connections to
this room with you now?
Thoth and the Law of One | Secret
Negotiations over Disclosure of
Extraterrestrial Life & Inner Earth CG - Yes.
DW - Okay, so they’d already met the Inner-Earth folks.
CG - The Secret Space Program Alliance, a lot of them are
not buying into the “becoming more loving,” forgiveness, CG - Right.
and all that; [this is the core message of the Sphere Being
Alliance]. And a lot of them are having difficulty with the DW - So now [the SSP Alliance Council is] trying to
Natural Law, Law of One type of concepts. And certain facilitate and broker a deal using Gonzales to get the
groups of them that don’t like the idea that there are an Sphere Beings directly in contact with the Inner-Earth
indigo or blue bird-type of being that’s communicating people and thereby eliminating you as the middleman,
[these things]. There’s some issues going on within the which they seem to be very keen on doing.
SSP Alliance about this —what’s happening with…
CG - Well, they looked past me and ignored me, [in the
DW - Since they have, on the smart glass pads, access to meeting], and immediately started starting with Gonzales
this information that later groups came [into the solar about how they wanted to proceed next.
DW - Interesting. 2015 regarding those passages of the
prophesy. Joel Rosenberg, a biblical
prophecy author and researcher was
CG - And leaving me out of the conversation. So you can
interviewed on Fox News about that very
extrapolate from that what you want <laughing> but… topic. He goes more into detail in this
published paper.]
DW - What did Gonzales say?
[I'll add that the Veterans Today article
CG - Well, he said, as much of that is in his control, he is quite revealing as it discusses the
would get rolling or see what he could do. But as usual, Damascus Prophecy in a way that
very little is up to him. [Gonzales carries out the decisions describes the cabal as the anti-christ,
of the council.] which is in opposition to their
interpretation. The Cabal seem to think
DW - Right. Anything else happen after that? Or was that that if they manufacture the events and
pretty much the end of the meeting? place themselves on the 'right side' that
somehow their plans will come about in
harmony with the prophecy, as if they
GENERAL STATE OF AFFAIRS DISCUSSION: some how avoided it's true meaning.]

CG - Yeah. That was pretty much the end of the meeting. I DW - Why Damascus?
received a few more details — you know— about some of
the fracturing that had been going on in both the SSP and
ground-based alliances, the concerns they had, the worry CG - I don’t know. But Damascus going up in a column of
about a premature release of the data dump information or smoke, or flames, or something seems to be something that
it being released in chunks, and the Cabal finding a way to they were working towards. And then very recently, all of
corrupt the data that’s trying to be released. a sudden, Russia comes striding into Syria. I found that
very interesting timing.
DW - You said that the Cabal…
Related Russia Breaks Huge Story: ISIS
is Supported by the U.S. and Nato
CG - They were very concerned about what was going on Allies, Detailed Evidence Of ISIS-Turkey
with the infiltration of the Earth Alliance, who had this Oil Trade
[data dump] information [now]. They knew that [the Earth-
based alliances] had been sharing this data dump
information with the Cabal. DW - And it appears from all the stuff that we’re seeing
from insider sources, just making logical deductions that
Russia is actually striking against Cabal proxy armies
DW - Now, you said that the Cabal is desperately trying to allegedly “ISIS.” <Quote gesturing> Is that consistent with
get World War III started to throw off the effect of this data you’re receiving?
data dump happening.
CG - Right.
CG - Well, what was said about that, was that there are
several different occult sects within the secret Earth
government syndicates that have prophecies that they were DW - That ISIS is not Islamic at all, or that it’s just a
trying to create in Syria, of Damascus going up in smoke proxy army for the Cabal in some way?
or in flames or something like that that they wanted to
create. They thought [it] would send us on a new timeline CG - Right. Created by [the Cabal].
or [be] a catalyst to bring about World War III.
DW - Now, you said the Earth-based alliance is trying to
DW - Is that like a biblical prophecy? withhold full disclosure, or at least some elements of it, so
that maybe the Eastern Bloc could stay in control of [the]
CG - I don’t [know]. It’s a prophecy that they are — it’s a financial system for a hundred years. But not all parts of
prophecy that several of these groups subscribe to. I don’t the Earth Alliance are on board with that plan? There [are]
know if it’s a biblical prophecy either as well. Or… others [who] want to see this [full] document dump come
[Transcriber, HP's Note: The complete
destruction of Damascus is indeed CG - Right.
prophesied in the Bible and this could be
related what is referred here. The DW - Isn’t it true that somebody could just do it? I mean,
website Veterans Today published a few we have the Internet, right? Anybody can post. And they
articles, such as this one on May 9th, can release information.
CG - It has to be done at the right time. There has to be a CG - Right.
catalyzing event to where all of the rest of the people on
the planet are willing to [actually] look at the information. DW - It doesn’t seem like this is going to work out for
If it’s dumped and then all of mainstream media says, “Oh, them, though. It seems like events are going to just start to
a whole bunch of crazy conspiracy theory crap hit the snowball and take place that are well beyond their ability
Internet,” [the impact won't be the same.] And then they’ll to control. So could there also be perhaps some sort of
able to shut off access to a lot of these different [media extraterrestrial chess move, where they just decide to de-
outlets covering the data dumps] — it can be managed. cloak a ship and everybody’s gotta deal with the fact
there’s this big sighting going on? You think that might
DW - But that didn’t work with Snowden, because you got happen?
documents that had "TS/SI/ORCON," all these code
numbers on them [which can be used to verify their CG - There is a defense grid still on the planet. If the SSP
authenticity]. And you got insiders coming forward and Alliance decided to try to fly around de-cloaked, they
saying, “Yeah, we know what this is." And you got guys would be shot down and destroyed by the Cabal.
like Greenwald and The Guardian [publisher] out of
London that are endorsing these documents. I would
DW - Oh, really?
assume a plan like that must be in place for this document
dump as well.
CG - Yeah. So this is going to have to be — a lot of this
also has to do with humanity, a lot of us waking up. And it
CG - Yeah, you don’t think all those people learned a
has to do with what we’ve been talking about, our co-
lesson from that?
creative consciousness, creating a new future and not
allowing our co-creative consciousness to be manipulated
DW - Yeah, I mean, I was told by Pete Peterson, maybe by these Cabal-type powers that uses our co-creative
you’ve heard the same thing, that… consciousness as the root of their magic.

CG - You can shut down the grids, shut down [the DW - Absolutely. There’s a whole lot of other stuff we
internet], shut down, shut down… haven’t covered yet. So come back next time here for
Cosmic Disclosure. I’m your host, David Wilcock, and I
DW - Well, he was also told that journalists en masse were thank you for watching.
contacted by the Cabal. And [they] said, “You pursue these
stories any further, and we’re going to hold you upside [In my view, since humanity lacks self
down and knock the earwax out of your ears, and that’s if mastery and is unaware of how their choices
you get lucky.” generate reality, the Cabal employ subliminal
techniques to incept, in our minds, their
plans, which we breath life into unwittingly.
[Essentially they were told to stop If we do not gain self-mastery, if we remain
pursuing the story or face intimidation asleep as a species, then these
tactics.] subtle suggestions will continue to use the
co-creative consciousness of humanity as a
CG - Right. tool for manifesting a dark NWO, exactly
what the Cabal want and has been doing for
years. But subtle suggestion only works on
DW - And one of the big stories that Peterson said that an unaware mind. Therefore, reclaiming our
they had that the journalists were about to come forward personal sovereignty, by gaining self-
with, was [that] they stopped sending so much power from awareness, eventually empowers us to stop
western half of the United States up these big cables to personally contributing to the dark NWO
HAARP facilities in Alaska, rerouting it into Bluffdale, agenda, and in turn, stands as an example
Utah, [to] this new computer facility, [because] those true freedom for all others. In this way, we
computers were crunching everybody phone calls and must first free ourselves before we can hope
to free others. This task of gaining
transcribing it just like Siri does on the iPhone. So they
knowledge and empowerment is within each
had transcripts of everybody speaking. And that story did person's grasp, and it seems there is no one
leak quietly more recently. [It] didn’t really get much more qualified to save you, than yourself.
press. But apparently, they were going to come out with While we may not be able to stop the Cabal
that in a big way, and the Cabal shut them down. So you’re lone warriors, we can master our own
saying that the Cabal has tried to make it impossible for consciousness, and in the process, regain
another Snowden type thing to happen again? control over the collective consciousness of
humanity, one person at a time.]

David Wilcock And Corey Goode:
History Of The Solar System And Secret Space Program –
Notes From Consciousness Life Expo 2016
By Justin Deschamps
Sunday, February 28, 2016

As some know, there has been a debate

between various alliances negotiating for
the freedom of the planet. Some of these
groups want full disclosure and a complete
release of advanced technology to all
people at the same time, whereas others
want a limited or partial disclosure, drawn
out over 100 years.

David and Corey produced the following

presentation in an effort to 'blow the lid off'
of the partial disclosure agenda. The data
presented below is in harmony with a full
disclosure effort, which if it is shared
virally, could make the partial disclosure
agenda impossible to realize. David and
Corey are making every effort to ensure full
disclosure takes place, encouraging a
grassroots effort from within the awakening
The following is a series of detailed notes
from David Wilcock and Corey Goode's talk If you are reading these words, you are
from Friday the 19th of February 2016, part of this grass-roots effort.
History of the Secret Space Program.
Solar Shift Could Be Delayed
Much of the data contained here is a
summary of past disclosures, presented by In David's Saturday talk, he mentioned that the Sphere
Corey and David via their media outlets. Being Alliance has been holding back the energetic
But there are also hitherto unrevealed ascension of the solar system to provide humanity more
nuggets of information for those who have time heal themselves and regain their freedoms, one of the
been following this unfolding story, several well-known aspects of Corey's testimony. This is being
of which I think are of key importance. made possible by thousands of massive spheres, cloaked
throughout the solar system, here to dampen galactic
This is the most well-rounded presentation energy waves which will one day cause a grand solar shift.
of the Secret Space Program and history of
the solar system that either of them has Recently, Earth-based alliances have chosen to move
ever produced. It is an excellent place to forward with a partial disclosure agenda, one that will drag
start learning about what has apparently the whole process out over 100 years, as mentioned earlier.
been happening under the cover of secrecy
for eons. In a shocking revelation, the Sphere Beings recently said
that if a grassroots full disclosure effort is not successful in
Here are some important points to uniting the awakening community to demand the whole
consider. truth, then the Sphere Beings will hold back the energetic
shift for 'an age'. David speculated that this delay could
Full Disclosure is the Only Option be at least 100 years, or that it could be as long as 700,
referencing a passage from the Law of One.
differences prevents otherwise cooperative people from
To be clear: partial disclosure is not what the SSP working together for change.
Alliance or the Sphere Being Alliance want. And again,
David and Corey are doing everything they can to stop this Oh how powerfully we've been duped into choosing
effort and ensure full disclosure takes place; this talk is separation, fear and disempowerment.
part of that effort.
What Can We Do?
The Current State of Affairs
What I think we could benefit from is to practice open-
I was personally taken aback by the notion the Sphere mindedness and respect that fact that our knowledge is
Beings would actually allow the partial disclosure plan to limited, that we don't know everything.
go through. But after some quiet contemplation, I realized
that these beings are highly conscious of the laws of the Our fellows have a different point of view that can provide
universe, chiefly free will and that they cannot avoid us insights into the truth, into who we are and what our
humanity's choice, no matter how much they might want purpose in life is, but only if we receive what is offered
to. The Sphere beings have suggested in the past that full with child-like innocence. An open mind and heart,
disclosure is the best option to give humanity a real chance combined with an honest appraisal of oneself, helps us
at true freedom and prosperity. But the thing that has keep our 'reality bubbles permeable,' as Corey has
always held us back, now and in the deep past, is a mentioned before.
consciousness of separation, hence their message of love,
forgiveness and raising of our vibrations. While I think unity is essential right now, absolute unity is
not a realistic goal. Initially, we'll need to find a way to
The reality is, the truther or awakening community is agree to disagree on any topic that would otherwise
heavily divided, rendered almost completely ineffective prevent cooperation. But common goals are what we can
insofar as realizing meaningful change for the planet. base a foundation of unity on, those being: the right to life,
We've allowed ourselves to focus on our differences liberty and the pursuit of happiness; the desire for clean
instead of the common ground we each share. This is no food and water, the desire for a sustainable society, free of
surprise, as there are countless social programs of toxic pollution, a world free of slavery and oppression, and
subliminal influencing, not to mention personality so on.
parasites that compel us to choose fear over love, hate over
compassion, and half-truths over the whole truth. I think that all our seeming differences are an illusory slick
atop an ocean of unacknowledged commonalities. In
The good news is, the truth can be obscured, but never addition, we've been indoctrinated to believe we are
destroyed. We are already one people, we are already a fundamentally separate from each other, the universe and
global family, we are already powerful co-creators able to even the creator, all founded on false perspectives of
effect great change. We can deny the realities of reality. The only way for us to stay divided, to continue to
interconnectedness, but they continue to exist, and we see the world as separate, is if we focus on our differences,
continue to share the burden of this world as one people. if we focus on untruth, instead of the seemingly infinite
We just have to acknowledge these truths and then ask reasons to focus on what unites us.
ourselves what are we actually creating with our choices.
Often what holds us back is fear that what matters to us
What are we choosing to focus on and won't be acknowledged by another, that they won't care
breath life into via our consciousness? Are about what we do. And for those lost in separate self-
we focusing on truth, cooperation, and consciousness, this may be true. In many cases, when we
love? These are the questions we each see that others believe something that we do not, we
must face as we walk our path in life. immediately feel a barrier go up between us, and then
through our choices we reinforce that feeling. But when
Generally speaking, as individuals in the truther we bravely pour out kindness and compassion from within,
community, we've been trained through elaborate healing is radiated without, helping to create a space for
infiltration efforts, to attack, with prejudice, any point of cooperation.
view that doesn't agree with our own. In many cases, we
agree that the cabal must be stopped, that food is being I think learning to develop the ability to listen to others
poisoned, that the environment is being destroyed, and that compassionately, entertaining their ideas and
something needs to change, yet because of one divergent beliefs, without feeling the need to defend our own, again
belief or another, one disagreement or another, no lasting with child-like innocence, is essential right now. In this
cooperation can be realized. I've even seen some fight over way, a loving, cooperative, and accepting relationship can
what words are used to describe our current predicament, be developed, one that will allow us to share our most
with some claiming we've been enslaved by evil humans, cherished ideas free of defensive reactions that maintain
while others say it was the archons. And these small separation.

It is fear, lack of empathy and close-mindedness that has [controlled by a benevolent group of beings known as
kept humanity divide over the eons, therefore, only love, the Sphere Being Alliance, more on this later].
forgiveness and truth can restore universal consciousness.
David mentions this time in history is all about a grand
I, for one, am not satisfied to wait 100 years for what we consciousness evolution. Refer's to his books as evidence.
could have right now. If the awakening community truly is
the linchpin for making full disclosure a reality, then let's
David mentions Cosmic Disclosure on, where
stop the infighting, set aside our differences, and make much of Corey's testimony is available.
steps towards a brighter future, together, as one people.

It's so simple a child can see the wisdom of it. And perhaps David says space and time is an emanation of a geometry.
it is a child-like point of view we need most right now to
navigate this transitional age successfully. Davide says 20% of stars like our sun have Earth-like
planets around them.
This is a Stillness in the Storm creation. Please share
widely. David mentions that DNA is a natural emanation of the
laws of quantum mechanics. The universe behaves
Other Information like sacred geometry, began with a vibration, and is
teaming with life.
Note: The images David used throughout the talk were not
captured via screenshot. All the images below were found WHAT IS THE SECRET SPACE PROGAM?:
online or provided courtesy of In some cases, I
was also able to find the images David used online.
David mentions there is a group that is out there in our
solar system, right now, which is colonizing space. And
Much of the information presented in this talk is also
this group is run by people on Earth. This group has
available in Cosmic Disclosure.
already done what seems impossible, like in movies such
as Star Trek and Star Wars. Portal travel, faster than light
Summarized notes will be in black, with additional
travel, is all possible and a well-established reality, that has
information, or my commentary, in [Ariel bolded brackets].
been kept hidden.
I also added additional data points provided from other
talks by David and Corey in the past.
David says all those who are seeking the truth are essential
I did not offer much commentary below, for ease of players in breaking down the walls of secrecy. <crowd
absorbing the overall narrative. More in-depth analysis of goes wild>
this material can be found embedded within the Summary
and Analysis of Cosmic Disclosure series, available here. David says what we're talking about here is a secret space
program (SSP) that has been kept hidden from the public.
Source - Conscious Life Expo But a program that was paid for by the public. When you
look at the Apollo moon missions, the Vietnam war, etc, it
INTRODUCTIONS: was all money laundering to fund these programs. He asks
Corey how many trillions of dollars were spent on the
Host introduces David and Corey. SSP.

David talks about the huge demand for this talk, and that it Corey says the lower level secret space program is funded
will help ensure a full disclosure narrative comes about. from money laundering operations on Earth, but the higher
level programs are self-funded via their own trading
platforms with other groups and ET races. [These higher
David reviews his history, books, and experience.
level groups would be called breakaway civilizations
because they are no longer dependent on society to
David talks about a quantum leap in evolution, as covered achieve their goals.]
by his work on Wisdom Teachings and his website
David says during the crash at Roswell New Mexico in
1947 the government grabbed technology and reverse
David says Corey got pulled into this unfolding story, back engineered it, but kept it secret so it can be exploited by
in 2015, which he will cover later. this hidden group. But one person broke through the ranks
and is spilling the beans, as an insider and whistleblower,
David refers to the many massive spheres that have entered that's Corey.
the solar system, some the size of Jupiter and Neptune,

David mentions is hiring to help deliver the truth showing that a super-Earth-sized planet was destroyed
to the people. Lists a bunch of different jobs saying to go about 500,000 years ago.
to for more information.
David adds that Corey knew the name of the program and
THE FALL OF THE OUTER BARRIER: many other aspects of Brilliant Pebbles, again vetting
Corey as authentic.
David says there are ancient ruins in the solar system that
are probably 2.6 billion years old. During that time, Earth David says the story begins on this super-Earth, Tiamat,
was swampy, hot, and not too pleasant to live on. But there that was destroyed long ago. The planet had oceans,
was a beautiful paradise, called Tiamat, a super-Earth that breathable atmosphere, and several moons. One of them
used to orbit where the asteroid belt is now. was Mars, which was also a viable sphere for habitation.
Apparently the peoples who lived on Tiamat and Mars
[The Ancient Builder race is a group of were warring with each other.
highly advanced beings from our solar
system's deep past. Ruins of this David asks Corey how often one would encounter watery
civilization are found everywhere in the moons orbiting planets outside of the solar system.
solar system, and in many cases, the
technology added a beneficial effect for Corey says you can find these moons around gas giants
life there, such as the Great Pyramids of and super-Earth type planets fairly regularly.
Egypt. In a recent meeting with inner-
Earth groups from January of this year,
David mentions that the destruction of Tiamat, destroyed
Corey discovered that the Ancient
two highly advanced civilizations, one on Tiamat and one
Builder race and the Sphere Beings are
on Mars.
actually one and the same. The inner-
Earth peoples have long revered the
Ancient Builder race, who they call the David mentions a protection grid was active around the
Guardians. The Sphere Beings have solar system before this event and asks Corey to confirm.
returned to help all life in the solar
system prepare for a huge evolutionary Corey says that he was told by the priestess Kaaree, from
shift, made possible via galactic energy his inner-Earth meeting that took place in September 2015,
waves that have been bathing the solar these warring factions gained access to some of the
system for years. These energies will Ancient Build race technology from these ruins left
continue to build up until a quantum everywhere in the solar system. Part of what they accessed
leap occurs, dramatically altering life as was this security grid or force field, the energy barrier, that
we know it. But in an effort to ensure all was protecting the solar system, [left in place by the Ancient
beings have a chance to grow through Builder race before they left our frequency]. These two
this shift, massive spheres are here to warring groups attempted to use the technology for their
dampen the energy.] own ends, causing a major cataclysm in the process, which
not only disturbed the whole solar system, but also brought
David mentions how most of his insider's intel has never down this energetic barrier left by the Ancient Build race.
been publicly released, [as a method of vetting out new This barrier had heretofore protected the solar system from
insiders]. When he met Corey in 2009, he was able to tell less benevolent races.
David data that he never released publicly, which he
believes verifies Corey's authenticity. David mentions that in tomorrow night's talk, he will show
slides of moons that, he believes, are ancient outposts and
David mentions how one of Richard C. Hoagland's top bases from this period, [he also covers this material in his
insiders told David that they used a highly advanced show Wisdom Teachings].
computer program called Brilliant Pebbles that enabled
them to model every object in the solar system to such a David mentions that these moons look just like the
degree that they could rewind time using computer models, Deathstar, from the film Star Wars, which were capable of
firing particle beam weapons.

Mimas moon of Saturn on left, Deathstar from Star Wars on right.

David says before event occurred, it was like the garden of agenda. As an aside, one of the bigger secrets is that the
Eden in our solar system. universe is designed to make humanoid life forms, so they
are found everywhere, [Corey has confirmed in Cosmic
David mentions that after this protective barrier went Disclosure that there are humanoid races of every
down, service to self-groups came in, which the inner- conceivable type in the cosmos, each evolving from an
Earth people refer to as 'Genetic Farmer Groups or Races'. animal species on their home world]. But what these Draco
He says, that the Draco came into the solar system after do is find other reptilian type humans, that evolved
this barrier when down, and that Corey originally leaked a naturally in their own 'neighborhoods.' The Draco then
time frame of 370,000 years ago for when this occurred. intermingle their DNA into other reptilians they find, and
eventually have them join the Draco Alliance, [presumably
this process is not something that is mutually agreed upon,
[The fall of the outer barrier was a major
milestone in the history of the solar as in done under duress or via manipulation].
system, shaping Earth's unfolding
drama in the process. It was after this Corey says, the reptilian recruits, so to speak, have similar
point, that the Earth became the setting behavior and commonalities to with their Draco recruiters,
for several genetic, social and spiritual helping to facilitate an alliance.
experiments by groups who did not
always have benevolent intentions.] David mentions the movie Jupiter Ascending, [which is jam
THE DRACO ALLIANCE: packed with solar system history, the agenda of the Draco
group (using humans as a food resource) and their use of
human beings for life extension technology, DNA
Corey says the Draco alliance is made up of a central hybridization programs]. Corey and David saw the movie
reptilian group, but also an insectoid race, and some other together during last year's Consciousness Life Expo.
'engineered' races, [engineered presumably by the Draco, Corey's 'fricken mind was blown' by what was revealed in
hence their name 'Genetic Farmer Groups.'] the film.

David says, this group of reptilian humanoids, became David shows slide of a reptilian from the movie, saying
highly advanced but they are very negative, going around that this might have been the reason why Corey was so
the galaxy looking for other groups to twist into their shocked.

Screen capture of the movie Jupiter Ascending, showing reptilian.

David says these are the genetic farmers who appear to be ruling elite, like what is presented
'in control of the show.' But they are working with below.]

Corey says it wasn't an accurate representation of a Draco,

but the relationships shown in the movie were very

David suggests that what is depicted in the movie is part of

some soft or partial disclosure effort.

Corey says that he thinks the disclosure in the movie is

higher then the secret space program, that it has to do with
these 22 genetic, social, and spiritual experiments being
conducted on Earth by a super federation of
extraterrestrials who have lived within our solar system White Royal Draco.
since the time this outer barrier came down. The movie
could be 'their' version of the history, from the people David mentions that the wings are wrong, based on what
behind these 22 programs. Corey has said. This was the closest image Corey was able
to find online.
[Corey has mentioned in the past that
there are up to 60 ET groups that David says Corey had to meet this royal Draco during a
maintain permanent outposts to monitor meeting, and it was not pleasant. These white royal Dracos
experiments the are actively being were pleading for clemency at a meeting Corey attended in
conducted on the Earth. Apparently mid 2015,
these groups came in after the fall of the
outer barrier and many of them have [as a result of the outer barrier going
bases on the Moon.] back up after the Cabal attempted to
destroy one of the moon-sized spheres
David shows image of a white royal Draco. close to the Earth using a particle beam
weapon that was partially located in
[The Draco Alliance is made up of many Pine Gap Australia. They discuss this in
different castes and races, some that detail in Season 2 Episode 16 of Cosmic
are warriers where as others are the Disclosure and further along in this
talk. Re-activation of the outer barrier energetic withdrawal, like someone detoxing from a major
trapped many groups in the solar drug addiction, [because these parasites do provide some
system that were planning to leave emotional stability to their hosts, which then become
before the solar shift took place. As a dependent on them].
result, tenuous alliances that have been
in place for thousands of years David mentions there are ways to scientifically prove this.
disintegrated when the He talks about an experiment where fish eggs at different
White Royal Draco told the SSP Alliance rates of development are kept close to each other, so they
that they would 'sell out' the entire can exchange bio-photons. The older eggs actually draw
Cabal pyramid below them in exchange health out of the younger ones, so long as light can flow
for passage out of the solar system. between them, and the younger eggs whither and die as a
When this offer was made, key figures result. This can't be explained using normal science, one
in the Cabal were present. Since that needs to talk about energetics. Eventually one realizes
time, a tremendous amount of Cabal there is a law in the universe that actually allows for an
infighting has been taking place, as advisory, even though the universe is benevolent and
their once well-organized group loving. The universe allows evil to exist to inspire spiritual
crumbles into separate factions with growth, and help us come together, to form unity against
competing agendas.] the adversary.

David mentions that the 'meta-message' for this talk is that [This is a rather controversial topic, but
there are 'demonic presences', that we could think of as it is supported by experience and
these reptilians, but they are not as powerful as the good codified as Divine or Natural Law.
guys. These guys, the Draco, are actually using the Earth Simply put, when we observe harm,
as a fear factory, consuming what they call 'looshe'. They hardship or suffering of others, it is an
need humanity to be in fear, stressed out, hating life etc, opportunity from the universe to
actually become an embodiment of love,
[and work with the ground based cabal healing and forgiveness. In this way,
to ensure those conditions are each individual is given a chance to
maintained, hence false flags attacks, gain wisdom by experiencing the
denatured food, the war on terror, etc. In transcendence of hardship. The
the below-linked articles, I attempt to principle of Causality describes how all
discuss the scientific basis for fear food causes are sourced from mind via free
or looshe and why races that use will, with their effects being balanced by
artificial life extension technology need Cosmic Law. This means that free will is
it to survive.] the first cause of, not only truth, love
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Consciousness Tech, Draco "Fear and slavery. We are co-creatively
Food" & Methods of Personal empowered to participate in the process
Transformation, ET Contacts | Analysis of spiritualization via our free will
of Fade to Black May 26th 2015 endowment from the creator, which also
means those on the 'front-lines' of the
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