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Welcome to

Miss. Mutzel’s Art Room

Course Course Requirements

Description Objective for art class
This class is dedicated to The objective of this class is for • Participation in the creation of
teaching creative expression all students to be able to create, all projects
through the use of a variety of respond, and connect using
visual art materials and visual art. In creating, students • Attention to craftsmanship
techniques. Fundamentals and will learn how to use different
• Adherence to project guidelines
elements of art will be materials and techniques to meet
emphasized to ensure all the challenges of the creation • Proper use of materials and
students master skills necessary process. This will increase their tools
to create and assess visual art. problem solving skills and ability
Multiple materials will be used to to think outside the box. • Middle School & High School
expand creativity and problem Responding to the art will help students will need a
solving skills. student develop their own unique sketchbook (preferably with
opinions. Connection will occur more than 75 pages)
when students make personal,
peer, and social discoveries
through feelings and experiences
expressed in the art they and
others create.

Meet the Teacher

Hi, I’m Miss. Mutzel!
I graduated from University of Tampa in May 2017 and received a B.A. in Art with a
concentration in Art Therapy and a minor in Education. I’m originally from a small town
outside of Philadelphia, PA. I enjoy sunsets, long walks on the beach and creating my
own art outside of class.

Feel free to contact me at any time with questions or comments at
Grades in Art Room
the Art Room Rules
The grading system will be the same To be the best artist you can be in my classroom, there are a
as semesters past. few rules that each student must follow.

Students will be graded on Always listen for directions

creativity, craftsmanship, effort (no talking while the teacher is talking)
and time utilization.
Respect the room (clean up after yourself)
Grading Percentages
Projects 50% Treat others -and the materials- kindly
Participation 15%
Quizzes 10%
Imagine something creative (no copy cats)
Worksheets/Drafts 10%
Bell Works 15%
Stay in your seat & raise your hand

Take a mistake and DRESS IT UP

The first 5-7 minutes of each class will be dedicated to warming up the students creative thinking and
drawing skills with Bell Work drawing assignments in their sketch book. For example, the prompts may
read, “draw an animal surfing” or “draw a fruit in outer space”.

Students will be given quarterly quizzes and participate in critiques to reinforce the material covered.
The quiz content will include vocabulary, art history, and other concepts such as color theory &
perspective. A final project will be given in replacement of an exam, but will still covered all material
learned over the year.

Occasionally students will be given handouts to be completed in class that include art vocabulary,
history or space to practice concepts. If a student does not finish a project or worksheet in the
prescribed time period, it will then be assigned for homework and due the next school day.

I can’t wait to see the amazing art you will create this semester!
-Miss. Mutzel