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Unit Strength Rating Unit Strength Rating

Gustav II Adolph Superior, Fanatic Hepburne Career
Schaffman 4 veterans
Horn Inspirational Kochitzky 4 veterans
Upplander 4 veterans Taupedel 4Dragoons regulars
Baudisson 4 veterans Thurn 17R regulars
Caldenbach 4 veterans Grona 17R veterans
Courville 4 veterans Vitzhum 17R veterans
von Efferen-Hall 4 veterans
von Efferen-Hall2 4 veterans Torstensson Career
Steinbach 3CM veterans artillery 2H, 4M regulars
hand1 3CM veterans
hand2 3CM veterans Johan Georg Despicable
oxenstern 3CM veterans von Arnim 12B rabble
von Arnim2 12B rabble
Baner Career Loser 12B rabble
Smalander 4 elite Loser2 12B rabble
Vastergotland 4 veterans Starschedel 12B rabble
Damitz 4 veterans Starschedel2 12B rabble
Rhengreven 4 veterans Klitzing 12B rabble
Stalhandske 4 elite Klitzing2 12B rabble
Wunsch 4 veterans Schwalbech 12B rabble
Tott 4 veterans Schwalbech2 12B rabble
Ostergotland 4 veterans Schaumberg 4 regulars
Livland 4 veterans artillery 4M rabble
Donhoff 4 veterans
Sperreuter 4 veterans Von Arnim Career
baner1 3CM regulars Arnim 4CR veterans
baner2 3CM regulars Kurfurstin LG 4CR veterans
baner3 3CM regulars Kurfurstin LG2 4CR veterans
baner4 3CM regulars Steinhaus 4CR rabble
Altenberg 4CR militia
Teuffel Inspirational Altenberg 4LC rabble
Kings Own 17R veterans
Oxenstierna 17R veterans Bindauf Despicable
Hand 17R veterans Bindauf 4CR militia
Blaha 17R regulars Bindauf 4LC militia
Orenburg 4 veterans Loser 4CR rabble
Ramsey 3CM veterans Loser2 4CR rabble
Monroe 3CM veterans Pflugk 4CR rabble
Hamilton 3CM veterans Pflugk2 4CR rabble

Swedish 17R infantry regiments are organized as three infantry battalions in a wedge shape with one
in front and two behind and have two batteries of light guns attached. Regiments roll one die for the
artillery and one for the regiment when firing. 3CM are commanded musketeers. 4LC are light
cavalry. Saxon 12B are pike and shot blocks (a mass of poorly trained infantry),
Saxon CR are armored caracole cavalry, all other Swedish cavalry are heavy cavalry. Each strength
point represents 100 men. Artillery H = heavy M= medium number = batteries,

strength rating Unit strength rating

Tilly Exceptional,Fanatic Colloredo Career
Tilly LG 4 veteran Monteccelli 4 veteran
Monteccelli2 4 veteran
Pappenheim Inspirational Erwite 4LC veteran
Strozzi 4 regular Erwite 4 veteran
Neu-Sachsen 4 veteran Hareacourt 4LC regular
Rangoni 4 regular Coronino 4LC veteran
Neu-Picollomini 4 regular Colloredo 4LC veteran
Alt-Picolomini 4LC veteran
Alt-Picolomini 4 veteran Furstenberg Gallant
Pernstein 4 veteran Wengersky 4HC veteran
Pernstein 4 veteran Schonberg 4 veteran
Merode 4LC veteran Schonberg2 4 veteran
Alt-Sachsen 4 veteran
Sachsen-Altenburg Despicable Alt-Sachsen2 4 veteran
Holstein 15T veteran Cronberg 4 veteran
Chiesa 15T veteran Cronberg2 4 veteran
Gallas 15T veteran
15T veteran Isolano 4Croat veteran
Baldiron-Dietrichstein 15T veteran Isolano2 4Croat veteran
Alt-Tilly 15T veteran Isolano3 4Croat veteran
Geleen 15T veteran Isolano4 4Croat veteran
Artillery 2H, M militia

Von Wahl Career

Goess 15T veteran
Savelli 15T veteran
Blankhardt 15T veteran
Pappenheim 15T regular
Comargo-Reinach 15T regular
Wahl 15T veteran
Wangler 15T veteran
Artillery 2H, M militia

For the Imperial Army T = tercio, HC = Heavy cavalry, Croats are light cavalry lancers, LC = light
cavalry, all other cavalry are armored caracole cavalry, artillery groups are two heavy guns and
one medium gun.