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G. W. F. Hegel The Difference Between Fichte’s and Schelling’s System of Philosophy Translated by H. S. Harris and Walter Cerf State University of New York Press Albany 1977 Published by State University of New York Press 99 Washington Avenue, Albany, New York 12246 Translation © 1977 State University of New York All rights reserved Printed in the U.S.A. Library of Congress Cataloging in Publication Data Hegel, Georg Wilhelm Friedrich, 1770-1831. Difference between Fichte’s and Schelling’s System of Philosophy in connection with the first fascicle of Reinhold’s Contributions to a more convenient sur- vey of the state of philosophy at the beginning of the nineteenth century, first fascicle. Translation of Differenz des Fichte’schen und Schelling’schen Systems der Philosophie in Bezie~ hung auf Reinhold’s Beytrage zur leichtern Ubersicht des Zustands der Philosophie zu Anfang des neun- zehnten Jahrhunderts, erstes Heft Includes bibliographical and analytical indexes. 1. Fichte, Johann Gottlieb, 1762-1614. 2. Schelling, Friedrich Wilhelm Joseph von, 1775-1854. 3. Faith and Reason. I. Title: Difference between Fichte’s and Schelling’s System of Philosophy . . . B2848.H3313 193 76-9821 ISBN 0-87395-336-3 ISBN 0-87395-337-1 microfiche ISBN 0-88706-827-8 (pbk ) Contents Translators’ Preface Speculative Philosophy and Intellectual Intuition: An Introduction to Hegel’s Essays Walter Cerf A Note on the Text and on Conventions Introduction to the Difference Essay H. S. Harris THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN FICHTE’S AND SCHELLING’S SYSTEM OF PHILOSOPHY G.WF. Hegel Preface Various Forms Occuring in Contemporary Philosophy Exposition of Fichte’s System Comparison of Schelling’s Principle of Philosophy with Fichte’s On Reinhold’s View and Philosophy Bibliographic Index Analytic Index ae XXxvii 79 85 119 155 174 197 205