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Secret Space Programs,

Wars & “Cosmic Disclosure”
Vol. II
Preston James Ph.D.
Michael E. Salla Ph.D.
Justin Deschamps
& David Wilcock w/ Whistleblower Corey Goode


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January 2016

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UFO Docked At International Space Station!

Sun Is A Portal For Hyperdimensional
Space Travel Based On Sacred Geometry
By Dr. Michael Salla
August 25, 2015

According to Goode, probes launched into sunspots

showed that these contained spiral plasma filaments (aka
solar prominences) that stretched all the way from above
the sun’s surface to its core. This is contrary to mainstream
scientific theory that claims solar prominences only loop
from the surface through hundreds of thousands of miles of

Furthermore, the solar core is made up of metals such as

magnesium and sodium, rather than hydrogen and helium
gas that mainstream scientists believe power the nuclear
The sun is a portal for spacefaring civilizations using a fusion process.
form of hyperdimensional mathematics based on sacred
geometry, according to the latest testimony from secret Most remarkable is Goode’s claims that the Solar Warden
space program whistleblower Corey Goode. He says that
program confirmed that under the right conditions, these
while serving for six years on a scientific research vessel
solar filaments could be used as stargates or portals
belonging to the Solar Warden Space Program, he whereby extraterrestrial civilizations can enter or leave our
witnessed probes being launched into sunspots to study the solar system. Goode described this solar stargate system as
sun’s composition and behavior. What was discovered similar to a vast cosmic web that interconnects all suns and
would shock the mainstream scientific community that
galaxies, making it possible to travel vast interstellar and
believes the sun is a giant nuclear fusion generator.
intergalactic distances.
Instead, the sun was confirmed to be electrical in nature
whose plasma outbursts acted as portals for space faring
If he is correct, this suggests that among the many
civilizations to move into and out of our solar system.
thousands of objects identified by observers leaving or
entering the sun, according to images extracted from Solar
Goode’s revelation was presented in today’s episode of & Heliospheric Observatory and other solar space
Cosmic Disclosure, where he is being interviewed on
observatories, some were not merely camera anomalies,
Gaiam TV by David Wilcock. Goode’s revelation supports
but were interstellar space craft. A good example is a large
the electric universe model proposed by a number of
spherical UFO connected to a solar filament observed by
alternative scientists that includes Wallace Thornhill and the Solar Dynamics Observatory leaving the sun’s vicinity
David Talbott, authors of The Electric Universe. on March 11, 2012.
The “electric universe” model is an astronomical model in
which the sun and planets are electrically charged celestial
objects, which exist in an electric field that is generated by
the sun in a radial direction (like the spokes on a bicycle
wheel) throughout the solar system. Furthermore, the sun
is part of a vast galactic scale electrical grid generated by
the Galactic Center, again in a radial direction. Charges
flow through these solar and galactic scale electric fields
by virtue of the plasma particles that are constantly being
released by the sun and the galactic core. Plasma is the
fourth state of matter (solid, liquid, and gas being the first
three) and comprises free protons, neutrons, electrons and
ions. Plasma is not electrically neutral, but is a
superconductor that can carry electrical charges throughout Goode went on to reveal that there is a hyperdimensional
the solar system, and into interstellar and intergalactic mathematical model that links all the suns in our galaxy,
space. which was given to the Solar Warden program by
extraterrestrials. He said that this mathematical model uses
geometrical patterns similar to the Platonic solids for

navigation purposes. Goode’s discussion with Wilcock on Goode’s discussion of the nature of time and
sacred geometry and how it is fundamental to consciousness, as it is understood in covert space
hyperdimensional space travel is well worth watching. programs, is eye-opening. It raises the possibility that
individuals and collectives can redefine how they
Goode also discusses “nodes” (natural portals) found all experience time. This episode of Cosmic Disclosure is
over the world, such as in the Bermuda Triangle, that open another powerful glimpse into the secret world of space
and close unpredictably. When activated, these nodes can programs, and the mind boggling knowledge and
transport ships and aircraft caught within them through technologies they possess.
hyperdimensional space to anywhere in the galaxy.

UFO Docked at ISS on January 29th, 2014

Vatican Linked To United Nations Video
On Integrating Extraterrestrial Life
Written By Dr Michael Salla
August 27, 2015

An agreement signed in Rome on April 21, 2015 by Pope

Francis began a five year period of collaboration between
the Vatican created organization “Scholas Occurrentes”

Scholas and UNICEF will initially cooperate

in a series of joint activities worldwide, with
the special aim of bringing an end to
violence and promoting the connectedness
of all young people, making the most of the
On August 10, the United Nations Children Fund
unique capacities of each person to favor
(UNICEF) released a video showing an extraterrestrial
the participation of adolescents and to
child being integrated into a normal human classroom. The
broaden their access to the tools and
video shows the child initially being mocked, and then
information they need to be connected, to
accepted after he uses advanced psychic abilities to levitate
communicate and to collaborate.
actors in a school play. The video was released in Chile,
and has to date generated over seven million views. What
earlier alternative media coverage of the video missed is The alien child video is explicitly aimed at “bringing an
the Vatican’s involvement through an organization end to violence and promoting the connectedness of all
founded by Pope Francis, which is sponsoring the young people,” as described in the UNICEF agreement
UNICEF attempt to change the way children are educated. with the Vatican’s “Scholas Occurrentes” initiative. This is
This suggests a direct link between the Vatican and a evidence of a direct link between the Vatican and the
secret United Nations effort to integrate extraterrestrial life UNICEF alien video. It is therefore reasonable to conclude
into human society. that the Vatican is secretly part of the United Nations
initiative to prepare humanity to welcome and even
integrate extraterrestrial visitors.
Upon the video’s release on Facebook, UNICEF Chile
This is not that great a surprise. Pope Francis and Vatican
astronomers have previously referred to extraterrestrials as
“Knowing someone else is a great
capable of being baptized, and accepted as ‘brothers in
opportunity to live valuable experiences.
Christ’. In May, 2014, the Pope said he would baptize
Say yes to integration!”
Martians if they asked. Months later, in September,
Vatican astronomer Guy Consolmagno (a Jesuit like Pope
Francis), gave an address at a symposium sponsored by
NASA and the Library of Congress, where he discussed
baptism of extraterrestrial life.

Shortly after, on Oct 27, 2014, Pope Francis released a

statement where he referred to “beings of the universe”
(extraterrestrials) as a major part of God’s evolutionary

He created beings and allowed them to

While UNICEF is depicting the video as an effort to have
develop according to the internal laws that
children accept those who are physically different to them,
he gave to each one, so that they were
to reduce incidents of violence, the video’s use of an alien
able to develop and to arrive and their
starchild suggests a far more compelling explanation. The
fullness of being. He gave autonomy to the
real purpose is to prepare humanity to openly welcome and
beings of the universe at the same time at
integrate extraterrestrial life.
which he assured them of his continuous
presence, giving being to every reality. And
so creation continued for centuries and during his United Nations speech. Prior to the Pope’s
centuries, millennia and millennia, until it speech, he will meet with President Obama on September
became which we know today, precisely 23, and address a joint session of the United States
because God is not a demiurge or a Congress the next day. All these events coincide with a
magician, but the creator who gives being prediction concerning cosmic energies peaking on
to all things. September 23, which is also the vernal equinox, and
leading to major global changes.
If it was further disclosed that extraterrestrials have
historically played an important role in humanity’s It is very possible that a major Papal speech concerning
evolution, then a strong theological justification has been extraterrestrial life is being coordinated at the highest
established for integrating them into human society. levels between leaders at the United Nations and the
United States. Regardless of what the Pope chooses to
Finally, what is important to keep in mind is Pope Francis’ disclose during his upcoming U.S. tour, it is very
upcoming visit to the United Nations headquarters in New significant that he is linked to a secret United Nations
York on September 25 to address the General Assembly. effort to educate humanity on the importance of
The August 10 release of the alien child video raises the welcoming and integrating extraterrestrial life into human
possibility that the Pope will raise the extraterrestrial issue society.

Transcript Of Corey Goode On Caravan To Midnight
Episode 359
Interview August 27th, 2015
27 Aug 2015 : 15:40

John: You're what they call a whistleblower, aren't you?

Corey: Ah indeed, Yes, I've been a whistleblower now on

The Secret Space Program, and also the Crimes Against
Humanity, that the, what we call in the programs call the
Secret Earth Government and their Syndicates. We, ah, a
lot of people refer to them as the cabal or the illuminati,
but we take the mystique out of it, we call them what they
are Syndicates, they're Criminals.

John: You know it's interesting, there's something called

The Black List with um, James Spader, and he goes
Intro: This is Caravan To Midnight the John B Wells
program. Here is John B...
Corey: I've heard of it
John: looking at the webpage:
John: Yeah, delivering payback, it's one of the few on the Welcome page, it is network shows, it's kind of appealing, he's a little bit of a
stated here, with all of the events occurring above and
bobble head, he kinda moves his head a lot when he talks,
below. There is a lot of information, disinformation and
other then that, he's great that's his style. With Bogart it
competing agendas, that are all competing for fertile places
was his cigarettes and his voice, right, but the point is, he
in our consciousness, to plant their seeds. Some people
has been referring to the cabal for a long time, and that one
have been chosen to focus on the more down to Earth of the season finales, he had summoned together a group
events, and the battles over the financial dept system of the finest independent journalists out there, and said if
(Babylonian Money Magic Slave System), financial resets,
you take this job, you're putting everything you have, and
financial jubilee and gifted money to the masses, and
everything you're ever gonna have, so to speak, your lives,
prosperity settlements. There is an element of what we call
on the line. But here is the List, go get 'em, and he wants to
the Alliance that is fighting the current and controlling
bring down the cabal. So we've heard about the illuminati,
elite, known as the cabal or illuminati by other names, we've heard about the cabal is kinda of a recent name for
down here on Earth at this very moment. This website
them. But it's a good one. Who are these guys Corey? I
focuses on the message that was delivered by the Blue
mean they're not the faces that we ever see, are they, I
Avians one of 5 Beings, the Orb Beings, the Blue Avians,
mean like, never, they like don't go to bilderberg do they?
the Golden Triangle Headed Beings, and two others that
have not revealed themselves to us yet. The Orb beings
have been visiting many tens of thousands of people in the Corey: Some of them do
form of Blue Indigo balls of light. While others have been
visited by the Blue Avians and given a greeting phrase to John: Do they?
know one another by. We have been seeing a lot of these
Blue/Indigo Orbs, kinda, seems like their following us Corey: Yeah, some, a few, most of these people, are
around. Hey Corey Goode welcome to the program it's people that run the people that go to these bilderberg
good to have you here, Thanks for making the time for us. meetings, and ah, they're 2 or 3 or 4 positions removed
This is gonna be, I predict an extraordinary conversation. from the puppets that we vote for.
How are ya.
John: Yep
Corey: I'm doing well, Thank you for the invitation.

Corey: So, um, these are not, if names, if there is ever at John: ok
full disclosure that, the names begin to come out, ah
people are not going to recognize the names, names are not Corey: but, it's MILAB, really, because it stands for
going to be Rockerfeller and this kind of thing. These Military Abduction
people are further down, um, the totem pole, than most
would think.
John: And this is a real thing, this is not bravo sierra, this
stuff is real, this does happen.
John: Alright then, look, um, when we start talking about
subjects like this, ah, I mean just in complete fairness to
Corey: Absolutely, and it, there, it's become a catch phrase,
you, it's like, this is either a really crazy guy who's got an
catch all phrase, many of the people out there they just
advanced case of Walter Mitty syndrome or this is pretty
associate MILAB to equals Super Soldier which is a very
scary stuff for some people. And I'm gonna go with the
narrow band, narrow way of looking at the, overall
latter former because I can't imagine, I see you, I spoke to MILAB, issue.
you a few minutes before we got going here, and um, I You know there is MILAB there is REAB, the re-
don't read crazy on you at all. Not a bit.
abduction, which is done by Military, it's a MILAB thing.
Where they re-abduct people who are abducted by
Corey: Right, and.. extraterrestrials, for numbers of reasons, you know to to
find out why that extraterrestrials are interested in them.
John Unless you are really crazy, you know enough to get Physical tests, biological tests, sociological tests, all sorts
past my sensors, or this is the real thing, and I am thinking of tests on them.
that it is.
Some people that are "MILAB'd" quote, end quote, are one
Corey: And to be fair, you know, everyone should use time MILAB'd, sometimes they are MILAB'd for a period
their personal discernment, with not only anything that I'm of time, and then there are the MILAB's who are MILAB'd
saying, but, there are so many gurus and whistleblowers over a long period of their lives, starting back in early
and people delivering information right now, a lot of it childhood because they are a part of a, one of Many Black
conflicting, it's a very confusing time, and um, you know, Ops training programs, and ah, one of which, you know,
and indeed this field as you know does attract a lot of one of which is the Super Soldier program.
people that are schizophrenic and do unfortunately have
sociological issues, so you know, people, it is why, people And the Super Soldier program, I've seen some of those
being sceptical and wanting to really hear more before they guys, and that has been built up to a lot more than it really
buy into it, shows wisdom and discernment, and I applaud is.
These people aren't super human, as a lot of people put out,
John: Well, ah, I tell you what if you have a structured, a but the MILAB umbrella covers a lot more than most
structured method of presentation of what you want to tell people understand.
us, then I will just roll with you, otherwise you may be
subjected to random questions, in fact I'll fire off off one John: Ok, and when you talk about a Black Op, you're
random question. Recently talking about something that's unsanctioned by any
Government department, there's no paper trail, it's being
Corey: Yeah, random, go ahead run by people effectively outside the Government or any
Government oversight or anything, it's like talk about the
John: You go ahead sorry, I cut you off secretary will disavow any knowledge of your actions, the
secretary doesn't need to disavow anything he doesn't
Corey: I was going to say, probably random questions is know about your actions, is that pretty close?
probably the best way to go, most of the information, I
have put out there for all to see, and, I'm here to answer Corey: yeah, right, yeah, you're pretty spot on. There are
your questions so some elected officials that know, about this, but these
elected officials are also compromised in other ways, ah, in
John: I appreciate that intelligence programs and but very few in what we know
of as the legitimate(chuckle). Well I wouldn't say
Corey: So, fire away legitimate, the Government, structure that we know of,
have any idea, of what's going on, in this aspect.
John: Well is it MILAB or we call it MELAB John: Understood, now, you were recruited when you were
6. How did that happen? Once they did that, did they pick
Corey: I have heard it pronounced both you up and whisk you away, I mean do your parents have
anything to say about it, do they take you for a little bit,
start the process and take you back home, when you're the pastor of the church and a psychiatrist, with everybody
supposed to be at school, I mean, how does that happen, looking very concerned
how does that work?
John: Yeah, because you're seeing aliens and orbs and such
Corey: Well, I was, initially, I had popped up on their
radar, somehow, and I had some memories and Corey: Yes
experiences when I was younger then that, but they were
not MILAB related they were somewhat kind of abduction John: Got ya
related. Ah but they (sigh), I was so young. When I got
into public schools, and, when I got into public schools
they had an opportunity to use standardize testing, to start Corey: Yeah so, they're a very conservative Christian
to identify people like myself and other types of people, family, and so this is going to be something a little bit
that would pop up as little blips, or anomalies in these beyond their paradigm, and belief system and reality
tests, and they would either keep their eye on these people, bubble.
or further test them. And if they popped up as a large
enough anomaly, and I um, I almost immediately, they John: Now I don't mean to harp on this, it just goes to the
came in and actually asked my parents permission to do creditable of the witness your honor, um, like the school
further testing on me. And the testing was like one on one, didn't sing out, that you were being taken a couple days a
like a counselling type testing, and they would ask me week, in the van, or, how did that work? Did they just tell
questions with a pencil, ask me to draw things, they would them he's coming with us.
do the Rorschak kinds of tests. And then they used the
cards that you have probably seen on Ghostbusters, to Corey: No, I was part of what they called a Stars Program
where um, they ask you to, you know, guess is there a star and these other programs for special children.
on the cards
John: yeah
John: Wavy lines, a star, a cross, all that stuff, a circle
Corey: That's a buzz word, that will pop up, so, they knew,
Corey: Yeah, that precognitive kinds of tests, and then they the school absolutely knew I was being taken away, they
would identify what they would consider your talents, once had separated me from the rest of my friends, and I was in
you popped up, and on, on these anomalies, on these special classes with other kids, who some of them were
standardize tests. also being taken from school, and a lot of my other friends,
especially, this happened going all the way, you know, up
John: Alright, and now do you remember what your ah, through junior high, and part of high school, and my
remember what your, ok well, now what do your parents friends, would ask me, "why are you in this other class,
have to say about this? Did the Military come to them and why are you getting in a white van, and leaving, what's
just say, don't say anything or you're gonna disappear, we going on?". And so, my friends knew it was going on, but,
need to use your kid, or what? no one knew the scope of what was actually going on,
once we got in these white vans, and these vans left.
Corey: No, I've ah (sigh), I haven't directly, and I've got a
feeling that this is coming up because this is, I initially John: And, what were they able to, ah, how did they
wanted to be, a ah, completely anonymous whistleblower convince you to keep quiet about all of this for so long?
about all of this, but some researchers made an executive
decision to out me(sigh) and the rest is history. Since then, Corey: Well, at the end of each training session or testing
you know, I've done some test questions with my family to session, what they were doing is, they were, there were a
see if they knew, what was going on, they do remember combination of threats and blank slating, and, they would
and know about the testing, but, it does seem that they had basically try to erase your memory, and give you a screen
nothing to do with, or knew about, the, the MILAB memory, of what you had done, like give you a screen
program. They didn't understand, that sometimes, 2 days a memory of going to a museum or something like that.
week I was being put in a white van and driven from,
where I was in North Texas to Carswell Airforce base and John: So replace your true memory with a false one.
other locations, being taken off campus, from school, so,
they seem to be innocent, had nothing to do with, or do not Corey: Right, and that, it works very well for most people,
know about these things. And, my family are very but, I was identified as an intuitive empath, and if of
conservative Christians, and, I quite honestly, when this all course if you're empathic, that means you feel other
gets to a point, to where they fully hear about(chuckle), the people's emotions very strongly, and if you're intuitive, I
full breath of it, I have joked around with David Wilcock, I guess that's self explanatory, you have a very strong
fully expect us to be invited over to the house, and, my intuition, and usually you're graded on a sliding scale of
family to be there for an intervention with the local, our, intuitive empath, of how much intuitive to empath you are,

and the children that were intuitive empath, they had a program. Such as The Secret Space Program, a lot of these
very difficult time blank slating, because we were more in Military Black Ops programs and Secret Earth
touch with our higher-self, and I guess you would say Government Syndicates, such as illuminati and.
light-body. You know how people are, they have
memories of past lives? John: Well, this, this presumes, there a presumption then
that(sigh), that these people that are running these
John: Sure programs came upon the, I mean, are they part of the
development of these, illuminati cabal-type, you know,
Corey: How could they possibly have a memory of a past Earth Government with a cross over into, I don't know,
life, how could you have a cellular memory of another life, galactic Government, did they discover this, let's say, after,
well that memory is in your soul, in your light body, it's 1947 or does this go back a long time before then, and this
not in your cellular, and they were using technology and is just the modern version of what they have been doing all
chemicals to erase those chemical memories and to play along?
with those chemical memories. And they could not effect
the, the memories that's are a part of the larger you. And Corey: The, this I think branched out from what these
the 3-5% people that they could not effectively blank slate Secret Earth Government Syndicates or illuminati, were
were intuitive empaths. In every case. doing inside their group, going back at least hundreds of
years, they were, um, inside their families they were
John: Now forgive me if my questions are too invasive, ah, abusing and were learning how to train, not only train, they
undiplomatic, or uncool, but um, no weird abuse, or any of were abusing these children from a very young age, and
that, no, no pedophilia, no crazy like that, not on that they fine-tuned a lot of this inside that structure, well well
level? before they institutionalize it into these Black Ops
programs which were run by these, the cabal. And that
Corey: No, that didn't happen with me, that did happen in,
I have heard, that's happened in some of the programs. Ah, John: Ah well, go ahead
I've heard some very disturbing things, especially some of
the Super, Super Soldier programs, and some of the Corey: go ahead
personality metamorph programs and some of these other
programs, they would abuse people to cause them to have John: Does this suggest, does this suggest an
a psychotic skisms. And the MILAB's what would happen understanding that they had that the events here on planet
is, they were investing quite a lot in these children. They Earth are influenced from off planet, and they're trying to,
planned on, when you got to the age between 16-18 years ah, make some sort of contact with them, and or
old they were going to draft you, either, into either the
Secret Space program, some of the Military Black Ops Corey: It depends, because the lie is different on every
programs, or some of these, what they call, illuminati-type
level, the compartmentalization is unbelievable
programs. And even, you know, the people are raised in
illuminati families, they're subjected to a lot of the stuff
that your're talking about. Any whistleblower that has John: Wow
come out of these illuminati, any creditable illuminati
whistleblower has told of these extreme things you are Corey: Now we were, in these MILAB programs some of
talking about. But that did happen in some of these other us were exposed to non-terrestrial and some of us were
programs. But it didn't happen to me. They did put me in a not. Some of the people that eventually ended up in some
lot of virtual reality and a lot of weird situations like, they of the, like the Black Ops Military programs, didn't have,
had a virtual reality program, that they would not only were not introduced to or exposed to non-terrestrials. So it
train you, but they would put you in situations to see, to was highly compartmentalized, and it just depended on
check for moral turpitude, ah, to see what you were willing what their plans were for you.
to do, are you willing to kill a puppy, or are you willing to
partake in a horrible situation, and if you were unwilling to John: Alright, well
do that, then, then they marked that down and shuffled you
into, they knew where to shuffle you, in the programs. Corey: If that answers your question fully

John: I see, now the big question I guess, at this point is, John: It, it kinda does, I mean this is not one of those
for what purpose was this program developed and things, well, that one over there is red and that one is
implemented? yellow. But I can see that now, it's a little bit more
complex than that. Um, the Earth Government meaning the
Corey: Yeah, I just think I answered that a little bit, into it, ones that really have run things
they invested quite a bit of training, and, they invested a lot
in these subjects for later use to draft you into a larger Corey: Right
John: Where did they get, ah, just, or are these just some beings have been contacted by non-terrestrials, I like that
wild freelancers or are they, what are their influences, are better than extraterrestrials by the way. I like non-
they on a spiritual level, a, I mean are they in league with terrestrials NT's.
demons and devils, and stuff like that?
Corey: Yeah, right.
Corey: Well, most of them are just extremely morally
compromised people, a lot of them, are, a lot of them are, John: For a millennia, and that um, and a lot of this is
most of everyone is gonna know, most of these people in biblical linked, now everything from the Giants, the, the
Government are criminals Anunnaki and the old Sumarian text, and all that stuff, it
seems, pretty much understood throughout the ages, that
John: Yep Hell Ya we got visited here on planet Earth all he time.

Corey: I mean I'm not whistleblowing, not any, telling Corey: Yeah
anybody news there
John: As some would refer to as root cultures would refer
John: Few would disagree to "Ah these guys are gods" no doubt about that, and that
may be pretty close to the truth, Um, I guess, what I'm
Corey: Yeah, but (Chuckle) getting at is how long have Government been actively
involved in attempting to communicate with these people,
many of us are torn, between " Oh, he saw a flying saucer
John: (Chuckle)
did ya" Oh, well was it one of their's or one of our's
Corey: What happens, and this is one of the things that
Corey: Right
Edward Snowden uncovered - the NSA put all their eggs
in one basket, which is a major, major intelligence fopa.
They put all of their eggs in one basket, and he got all of John: Few of us have failed to see
that information, and that was recently fully decrypted.
But, a lot of what he got was, the information that these Corey: That's a great question
intelligence agencies and the cabal were using to blackmail
certain Government officials to keep them in line, and to John: The Quantum leap in technology, is like, how do ya
force them to be the puppets they are. So a lot of people does this without help?
they would find out, (sigh) this is disturbing but, like if a
certain individual had an affinity for young boys, they
Corey: Ya don't
would put them in a compromised situation, video record
it, and then use it over there heads, to blackmail them, and
to control them. And if they had a, if they were John: Right (chuckle)
compromised financially, I guess, with embezzling they
would take off all that information and use that, and use Corey: Um, Yeah, see there, the Secret Earth Government,
that as their puppet string. So that's pretty much a lot of their syndicates, these secret societies they have been in
how Government is run, and these politicians know this, contact with [them] all along, going back hundreds and
but, they're stuck like chuck. I mean they're nothing, I hundreds of years, many many eons, and the've, their
mean criminals and miscreants and the ones that are not, humans, and they have been running things in the
are just threatened. The few good ones out there, their background, now a lot of these people have even been,
loved ones are threatened, and so it's "do as we say" I going back the Priest cast of, let's say, let's take for
mean, period. example ancient Egypt, the Priest cast would know a lot of
this information and be in contact with a lot of these non-
John: Alright, now, did you make contact with non- terrestrials, and be, and would guard this information from
terrestrials? the rest of the people. Now when it comes to what we
think of as more modern Governments, those Governments
were kept out of the loop. There was No, need to know,
Corey: Yes, that's one of the things that intuitive empath's
they considered No Need to Know, but as we started to
are used for, they call it interfacing and when you make
become more sophisticated and stopped seeing, gods and
telepathic communication with a non-terrestrial or any
Angels, in the sky and started to see technological, instead
being, when you make telepathic communication with of saying "Oh that must be a chariot of the gods" then we
another being, that is referred to as interfacing, and that
became more sophisticated technologically ourselves and
was one of the things intuitive empath's were used for.
we would see something and say "that's a technology,
that's not ours, that must be an alien" a non-terrestrial.
John: Well, now it's pretty much understood, or at least it's Then a lot of these people were starting to get brought in,
understood, to be understood that, that we've been, human not only because of their mind expanding in that manner,

but because, also because these things were crashing. And Corey: Geospatial engineering?
when these things are crashing and they get an up close
look at beings, or the United-occupied remote controlled John: Ah, no, well just Geoengineering, ah maybe, it's a,
ones that crashed. They were seeing that these were highly it's a the chemtrail issue
advanced technological vehicles, and these people were
Read In, to what was going on, a lot of these people, that
Corey: Ah ok, ok, ok
controlled the intelligence agencies of various countries,
that don't rotate out of the every 8 or so years.
John: The massive spraying and so forth, ah, sure enough,
our producers Ken looks out the window and goes, "what
John: Interesting, about the, ah, I'm just all over the place
the hell is that" so he takes a picture of it, and they were
cause, there's, there's so much to talk about really. What
not blue like this, but there were 3, nice bright flashy, ah,
about these?
lights all in a row kinda pacing the aircraft. And we're
showing where the, this little ah, blue Orb is coming down
Corey: Yeah, there is never enough time to cover from the halo from the sun, and it comes down across the
everything tree, and it appears to have gone inside someone's head,
then, seriously, and then a couple, three weeks later, we're
John: Yeah, you know these, some say "a sun dog" it's talking with, I can't remember who, who was it that said
like, nah that's not a sun dog besides 3 different cameras these things are, these balls are actually balls of
photographed it, look it's moving, and look, it wound up consciousness. Simon Parkes ok, cause those things, and
moving across the street, and other photographs that this then um, and then the people that we went out there to see,
thing doesn't appear in, so no it's not, and then the other and we suspect know more than their letting on, about all
day, a Ghost did you send him that picture? Yeah, Corey kinds of things, said that their convinced that the reason
did you, do you have that picture of that was sent by Mr that those things are showing up, is because their kinda
Ghost here? It seems that everywhere we go. keeping an eye on things, and it's like ok, that's very
interesting. I'm very flattered that, that the non-terrestrials
Corey: Yeah I'm looking at that in the form of consciousness Orbs would check in with us,
however, being a Missouri born Texan, yeah, and you
John: Hmmm, know I'm gonna be reserved, I'm not good say absolutely
"Oh man these are consciousness Orbs, that are following
me around" but a pretty good case is being built for them
Corey: Yeah, Oh wow, look at that, Huh being that, so what are these things, anyways?

John: Yeah, everywhere we go, we ah, yeah, ah, yeah, Corey: Ah, yes they are one of the 5 Sphere Being
there's one. Alliance beings

Corey: Where is this photo from? John: I hope that color denotes that they are the good one's

John: Ah, this place we call the Lab Corey: They are

Corey: Huh John: Oh very good.

John: Is that the one from the Lab? Yeah. It's in North Corey: The Blue Spheres if you, look at my Facebook
Texas, I will put it to you that way, but here's the thing, the page, you'll see, the Blue Sphere with, I guess me traveling
ones that we are photographing 3 different cameras caught, inside of one
out by Richardson Bay in San Fransisco, what a month
ago, longer than that 6 weeks, 2 months ago, it was mid
July, right, ah um, all of them had, same color Orb, and John: With you traveling inside of one
something else there is like this purple thing looking,
umm, almost looks like a, this is a little fanciful, it looks Corey: Right
like a pinkish purple kid's frog, as seen from table top
level, you know, as if looking at it, if you were standing on John: Corey that's amazing
the same plane as it, it's just like this blob of purple, maybe
like even a teapot, with no, with no handle and no spout. Corey: yeah, um
And this thing has appeared in 2 different photographs, ah,
taken at 2 different times, like, weeks apart, with the
John: Corey thinking you have no clue how amazing it is
accompanying little strange Orbs. Then, when we went to
the geoengineering conference a couple of weekends ago,
out there with Dane Wiginton. Corey: Yeah, and ya know I will understand how hard it is
for a lot of people to accept, but these, these Spheres are
actual beings, and they are the highest density of the 5 Corey: I'm up for the challenge
beings, of the Sphere Being Alliance beings, and these,
they are appearing, it's more than ten's more, like hundreds John: Ok
of thousands of people now, are being visited by these
Spheres, and these Orbs, and these Orbs, are mainly
Corey: Um, to answer your question, the, when early on
visiting Starseed's or Wanderers, and are, some people are
they were introducing us to some of these extraterrestrials
actually reporting, that they understand, they report a
they, and they were being brought in and they were
communication going on, but, mostly their communicating wanting us to see them, and see how we reacted to that.
with people on a subconscious, higher self level, and um, And practice interfacing with them. And when it really
these Starseed's are people that are incarnated here right
became, I guess that would be high strangeness for most
now during this time to serve a higher purpose, for
people. When I was barely into the double digits, into my
humanity. They're the ones that are being contacted and
teens I had become proficient enough as an intuitive
visited by these Orbs. If you're being visited or you're
empath, to where they brought me into, where they
seeing these Orbs, that's a pretty good indication that brought me into the program. To where they were having
you're most likely a Starseed, and the, these cabal groups me serve as a intuitive empath support role, at a, it was like
are very interested in locating all the Starseeds, and they're
a UN type meeting for human type ET's, that were having
very worried, they have most of the people that they
a council meeting. And these were usually 40 different ET
locate, and bring into these MILAB programs are also
groups. But sometimes it was a little over 60. And it was a
Starseeds, that they want to corrupt and serve their
location to where we would go, it was like a large embassy
purposes. But, to answer your question that is a, but to call station. And Earth humans had just recently gotten a seat
them an Orb of consciousness it's accurate, they are a on the floor, of this council, and they, as a part of the
higher density being and a consciousness, and, they don't
protocols everyone is allowed to have 3 intuitive empath's
have form, in our density or our reality, that is the form
to detect any type of danger or deception. And they would
that they appear in. It's an all Blue light.
rotate us out. So there was always 3 of us. It was a kind of
horseshoe, kind of chair, I mean seating arrangement. The
John: Well, alright then, you just take us anywhere you Earth delegate was always rotating out from all of these
wanna go because, this is, well, how about this. What are different Secret Earth Government groups, they would
some of the things that you did while you were in the rotate into the chair, that was slightly raised, and we would
program, what led up to your actually going "wow, I'm sit below, the 3 intuitive empath's, either side of this
gonna meet the ah, I'm going to meet the UFO guy, I'm person, and one in front, and then they would have one
gonna meet the aliens, I am meeting them, there's one over advisor that would stand over their left shoulder. And we
there", I mean, these things, don't get the idea because we were given what, what would look, if you were to drop it
don't know each other very well out the window and find it on the side of the road it would
look like a piece of plexiglass, unremarkable. And it was
Corey: Yeah actually what they called a smart glass pad. Kinda like an
iPad. That operated on, through a mental component.
John: I seriously, because we don't know, don't get the idea Through consciousness. And they would have us going
that I'm being flippant with you, I'm not, I've observed a through information as we were sitting, to keep our minds
lot of phenomena, that I'm not even going to tell anybody occupied, our conscious minds occupied, so
it's so far out there or they would probably call the guys in subconsciously we could pick up any, any type of
the white coats, immediately and I know damn well they deception or danger and intuitively pick up information we
were real. So you just carry on wherever you want to go. were supposed to. And we had, we never understood what
was going on anyways. Because they were either one on
one interfacing with each other, or they were speaking this
Corey: No, no, no there is no need to be apologetic at all,
one language that they all spoke, that none of us
I've, I've, you have no idea the vetting process I've been
through with David Wilcock, Dr. Salla, and then when I understood.
went to Gaiam Tv they had, I don't feel comfortable
mentioning all the names, but, rather well known John: Alright now, what about (sigh). Can you address
researchers sitting around hitting me heavy with questions anything about, on the lines of livestock mutilations, um,
and they were extremely skeptical, in the beginning, ah, like that little kid that told that story about, this like, this
but by the end the producer of the show said that, that they one grey alien and it would come into her room while she
were all shocked, that, because they all had their insiders. was sleeping, she called him the Dr. and he would "hurt
Inside information from people they had vetted before, and her with little injections, and probings and needles, and
they were shocked that I was able to answer some of the samples", and that kind of stuff? I mean does our
questions. So yeah I'm not going to be offended, there's no, Government sanction this sort of thing, I mean there has
don't, you know. been all sorts of wild speculation out there, and these wild
stories by people who claim to know, "Oh yeah back in the
John: Don't worry about it. 40's maybe early 50's they made a deal with the aliens, we
let them kinda do what they wanted to do and not mess
with them". In exchange for some humans they could disturbing.
experiment on, that a little bit of a stretch for some, but
you behold the horrors that are a common place (chuckle) John: Well now you know there is this push in the
in the world, it's not any kind of a stretch at all really. Ministers of parliament over in England, where they are
very upset over the discovery of over 150 hybrid, um, you
Corey: Well, it is kind of a stretch, but it's true, and it gets know little animals, birds and reptiles, all kinds of things,
(sigh) more disturbing from there, ah, now and I'll set it up, that they put, I always use this one because I saw a picture
in the beginning, we were pretty much at the mercy of all of it, a crocodile beak on a little baby chick, and stuff like
these different groups that would, that we were starting to that, and then there's this
find out, already, some of these at the crash retrievals, we
were already finding human mutilated subjects and animal Corey: No, I haven't heard of this
subjects, at these crash sights. And you know
communication was set up, some of these beings were John: Well, it's pretty weird, and there's like 150, 151
alive and they wanted their people back. So the Secret different hybrids they created over there, and the MP's
Earth Government syndicates set up an agreement, that we were going nuts, I mean it's on the net, you can do a quick
would allow them to abduct humans, as long as they search engine scan and come back with it pretty quick. In
returned them, and gave us a list, as long as they gave us fact I'll do that while we are talking, but um
some technology and biological specimens of non-
terrestrial biological specimens of our own, for us to have Corey: Ah, I thought that was, I didn't think that was legal
for our own development. And very soon after this
occurred, it was obvious, that these groups were not
sticking to the agreement. People were disappearing, just John: Well, certainly not ethical but as far it's legal, but
in the U.S. alone close to a 100,000 people disappearing there was a big outcry, they wanted that stopped, and now
off the face of the Earth every year, it's close to a we're hearing all this stuff, ya know, Ray Kurzweil wants
1,000,000 worldwide. to ya know, meld humans and machines and make us all
gods, we can live for thousands of years. Well ya know
still, a long enough timeline (chuckle, chuckle) machines
And once we, later on, and this was going on, and there
break down too, so
was nothing that we could do about it, ah, we couldn't do
anything about it, but we were trying to get what we could
out of the situation in technology. Corey: Well, this gets into something that I've covered
extensively. There is a, and a lot of the ET's have a
problem with it, as well, there is a huge ET, ah, AI,
Well at a certain point, once we had developed enough of a
artificial intelligence threat, that we have been dealing
Secret Space program and infrastructure, to where we
with, for a long time, and there are certain Secret Earth
could somewhat, police and protect our biosphere, and Government Syndicates, that have become what we call AI
control who came and went, we were able to prevent a lot prophet's, that um, fully are into transhumanism, and they
of these different groups, that were hanging around, and
believe that, they are at this time creating a skynet from
running, and doing these experiments, ah, we made deals
Terminator, like a skynet network, and they believe that
with them, that's kind of a different thing, there were a lot
AI's are the only intelligence that can be impartial, and run
of groups coming through, small groups, marauder groups,
the affairs of Earth impartiality. And at some point, they
coming in taking people, sometimes even entire villages of want everyone to hand over their sovereignty to this
people and then leaving the solar system. artificial intelligence god. They call them gods, yeah, and a
lot of this is starting to leak out, in shows like Person of
We finally got to a point, we could protect our biosphere to Interest, and a lot of it is starting to leak out right now.
a certain amount, well these Secret Earth Government And this is a huge threat, and ah, we, you cannot go to the
syndicates being the wonderful moral people they are, Lunar operation command, or a lot of these other facilities,
figured out, "well you know what, these different groups without them scanning people to make sure their not
want human beings, so we can use human beings as a infected with AI or Nanites. So it's a huge, huge problem
commodity, we want their technology, now we can prevent and a lot of the ET's out there, they are very upset that
them, certain groups of them from coming in and taking some of these cabal groups are using this AI, and, these
people." So what they began to do, is they started basically cabal groups have been actually able to use this artificial
returned, what has been until recently an intergalactic intelligence to stay ahead, this artificial intelligence see's
human slave trade, to where they are, abducting humans all probable futures and calculates them very accurately.
just like hundreds of years ago, the disgusting practice of It's helped them to stay one step ahead of being in front of
slavery, how we would take humans ourselves and sell tribunals many times. That's what has kept them, so many
them to other humans, these groups had been, taking different times, had expected these cabal groups to be
human beings and trading them in a intergalactic barter finished, to um ya know, be in prison and to be exposed,
system, for technology, and for other non-terrestrial and they have always seemed to find, a way to stay one
biological specimens to further us technologically, and so step ahead, and they have been using this AI technology.
um, in biochemistry and that kind of thing. It's very
John: Yeah, now, let me see if I'm following this. The I did my first two audio interviews, with one of these
one's that walk around that kinda look humanoids, these researcher's wife, and, they figured out pretty quick on
are not necessarily, I mean here we go again, that's not their forum, that I was disclosing information, here and
interstellar racism of some sort, I'm sure not really, but there, and they figured out that I knew quite a bit, and his
anyway. Are the one's we can see walking around, the wife, happened to be in Texas, they lived in Ecuador,
one's with the, um, shall we say human-like predilection, happened to be in Texas, to help another friend empty out
well stuff that's unethical and wrong, and the Orb beings a storage compartment, and to do some moving of some
are more the rather pure spirits that don't do that stuff, or stuff.
just straighten me up on all of this.
And I agreed to do, a, a couple of recordings that were
Corey: Yeah, the ah, these, the Sphere Being Alliance, going to be for this researcher, for research purposes only,
they're 6th through 9th density. They don't use technology. it was never going to be released.
These Spheres that people think are giant ships, these are
not ships, they are not in these ships, flying around, they And, I um, pretty soon after that I was pretty much
are, these little Blue Orbs, that you see, these giant Spheres manipulated into it being released, under a pseudonym that
are the same thing, just on a giant scale, they can, I mean, I had on their blog, their forum, they wouldn't let me
they are, to us they are, would be a higher vibrational change my forum i.d and my last name was in it so, they
energy. If we had a way to scan or measure them. changed the characters around where it looked like,
GoodETxsg, like that was going to help any.
John: Oh So, and then, I talked to his old partner and I have all the
Skype's all the information and said you know "I wanna be
Corey: They absolutely do not use technology. They get anonymous". I just want to, you know, give information,
from place to place by of thinking of where they want to and ya know, she asked 5 different times, " Well when are
go, and then, just, there they are. So um, yeah, that's the we going to do an interview" and I kept saying " I'm not
difference between, these, now the groups, the lower going to do an interview, I'm like I want to be anonymous"
density groups, up to 5th density, they, they use and then (sigh), a week later she does an interview with
technology. They're still dependent on craft, and ah, and one of her insiders and Secret Space program, and puts my
technologies but they're extremely advanced, magical to full name on the website, like, 6 times, and puts my name
us. Some of the stuff that's out there literally, some of them in the interview in her video, a couple times, and refused to
are eons ahead of us. And the stuff they do literally looks remove them.
like magic.
I had to threaten, I had to go to YouTube Google support
John: Well, so the Moody Blues were right, thinking is the and file a complaint to have it removed.
best way to travel.
But the damage was done.
Corey: It is yeah.
And I was outed. It was before I had an opportunity to take
John: I like that (chuckle). Alright, now, do you get the security precautions of removing my name from a lot of
feeling that, you said some of the muckity mucks, the directories, so a lot of people were able to find out where I
higher ups, the true hoi polloi, they outed you, what form lived, ah, find out a lot of information about me and I
did this outing take? In other words, how do you out started getting harassed almost immediately. So that's the
somebody, associated with, um, something as, well, Genesis of how I was outed, and how I came out, as my
completely true name, and identity.

Corey: Well John: Pretty amazing stuff man, it really is.

John: Completely out there as this. Corey: Yeah, yeah, if I was to release all of the emails and
Skype's I doubt very seriously if another insider or
whistleblower would ever go to these people ever again.
Corey: Well, I ah, I had been talking with David Wilcock
since 2009, giving him insider information and he had,
always kept me anonymous. John: Why do you say that

There are, I'm not going to mention any names, but there Corey: Well they made an executive decision to out me,
are two very well known, researchers that used to work my identity, and that's not something that, and that's not
together, and um. something that a whistleblower is going to appreciate. And
the real crazy reactionary email, ah, it's really bizarre stuff,
in the emails and Skype, just bizarre stuff. You know I had
a very lucrative career, a cloud engineer BM wear,
technician, and did Government contract work, that kind of John: What kind of outfit are we talking about. I mean an
stuff. It pretty much, the powers that be obviously we're alternative news outlet or a woowoo site, or a hi-science
going to know who I was, so but. I got a wife and 2 site, or not a site at all, another outfit. What?
children I needed to support, and these people only think in
terms of their little UFO world, and that only, and they Corey: Two people who use to work together that
really didn't care that they were ruining my career, and everybody in Ufology know about
causing a few other problems.
John: Got ya
John: Yeah, well and that what I'm wondering, why would
they do such a thing, why wouldn't they leave you alone
Corey: Partners that used to work together
going about your business and don't contact you anymore,
why would they, I mean, if they were worried about you
outing yourself, well listen I was involved with this John: Ok understood. Ok if you don't mind I would like to
program, there is a whole bunch of shaking going on, a go back to this Orb thing for a minute. What if the Orbs
whole lot a shaking going on, and the world needs to know you seen, that appear in photographs sometimes are like
about this, why, I mean what kind of thinking is this, why grey, or brownish grey, is this a different kind of spirit,
would just say listen, now don't say anything about this, being, I'm thinking maybe it is?
we're gonna give you some money, you got a nice job and
your going to forget about it ok, and just forget about it. Corey: Yeah, there are all different types of Orbs, and, I
Why would they do this? mean. I was on a hunting trip with a friend one time, and
we saw a Red Orb beach ball sized, that looked like it was
Corey: Well, the minute the information, I started on fire on the inside, that was criss crossing around, in a
releasing. One of 'em, and I don't have any problems with field of corn. You know, strange thing to see, and ah, then
anyone's belief systems, you know everyone has them, but, it kinda proofed and disappeared. So you know, I don't
some of the information I released aggravated one of their know all the answers, I don't know what all these things
belief systems as a Scientologist, another one was, is really are, ah, some of them are lens and camera anomalies, but if
into Ashanya Dean a channeller that releases some people see them with the naked eye and then photograph
information. When my information didn't match up with them and then, there is no other way to explain it, as, it
those two sources they, it became very, ah very, they was an actual sighting. And there are people that have seen
started becoming very reactionary and confrontational with White ones, Grey ones, Red ones, Green, I have heard of
me, so I backed away, but then you know, we, I got into all different, people have been emailing me about Orbs,
some, heated discussions with one of them, on a forum and Orbs, Orbs. Ya know, ever since I reported the Blue Orbs.
after that, they became totally reactionary and declared a
blood feud. Even now, I have been sent emails, of the John: Yeah
people working in the background with other bloggers
trying to do all they can to discredit me, just because, the Corey: Yeah, and I really don't have all the answers about
disagreement in belief systems. all topics, I really don't, don't know where all of them
come from.
John: Ok when you, now we're getting down to it. When
you say outed you, when they exposed you, and said Ah, John: Yeah, I got ya, did you see the recent photo
the idea was to discredit, like you didn't know any of this
stuff, and now that's why you're a whistleblower. Now it's Corey: People
not like they wanted to tick you off and kick you out and
tell you to retaliate by becoming a whistleblower, it's like
John: yeah go ahead
they attempted to discredit you, is that it?

Corey: People that have done, ghost hunter kind of stuff,

Corey: Right, well one of the people was just extremely
they have seen consciousness Orbs in their studies and
aggravated all they want to do is get video content, video
research, studying ghosts. So I, so there's any number of
content, video content out. And when I wouldn't do a video
things they can be.
interview with them, I wanted to be anonymous they
became very perturbed and outed me, for spite.
John: Yeah
John: Ok, now let me ask you this, now I don't want you to
name names, I'm not asking you to do that. Corey: You had a question I think

Corey: I'm not. John: Yeah, well, um, but if you were to capture them on 3
different cameras, at different geographic locations, that's a
pretty good indication that it's not a camera anomaly. Isn't
Corey: Right Corey: You know

John: Yeah, that's kinda what I'm thinking John: It's a WTF

Corey: Yeah but, there are times when people take Corey: Yeah
photographs and they don't sense or see anything, but later
on they see weird little Orbs that are, smart phone or John: Got ya
cameras having focusing issues, dust or other anomalies.
You know, not everything, somethings can be debunked.
Corey: But, yeah a WTF, that flew by and I have no way to
identify it. You know.

John: Yeah, did you see those White one's all over Japan, John: Uh huh, well let me ask you this - did you get any,
recently there's
um, did you have any of those, "your planet is in grave
trouble, we are here to help you", did you have any of
Corey: No those conversations, any of, that stuff?

John: Recently, there just a parade of little White, soft Corey: Any, can you say that again, any?
White Orbs. And ah, we observed some of those things,
well I didn't personally, but Mr Ghost did, and captured
John: Any direct communication with non-terrestrials who
them on his smart phone, and people are going "Oh, this is
imparted some sort of warning or admonition or
fake, this is fake" nah not really, not faked at all suggestion that they were here to help, or anything like
Corey: You know, I've been getting, I literally have so
many emails with attachments, with photos and video of
Corey: (Sign) Well, as a part of the Super Federation
Orbs, ah, that I get, I, people are beginning to get angry
conference that I described earlier, these 40 different
that I'm not, because in the beginning, before all this groups that were normally there, out of these groups there
information really caught on fire, so to speak, um, I was were 22, ongoing programs, some of them, some of these
answering everybody's emails. I just haven't been able to
programs are as old as humanity itself. And these 22
answer everybody's emails, and some people are getting
programs involve genetic manipulation - they call it the
perturbed about it, you know I'm sorry, I just don't have
grand experiment. And yes, it serves a purpose, either their
the hours in the day, to do so. agenda, or, a lot of them think that they are bettering us,
but ah, there are many competing agendas out there. And
John: Right um, unfortunately there were some programs that I was
involved in other than the Secret Space program, that were
Corey: And I don't have the hours in the day to open every a little disturbing, and ah, and one of them was an intercept
single email, and look at every single photograph and and interrogation program. This involved some of the,
everything, but, there are so many of these being seen and there were groups in the Secret Space program, that would
photographed and video'd, it's ah, it's pretty amazing. locate extraterrestrials or non-terrestrials, that were, that
had integrated into our society and population, and we're
John: Is there another term for a, for a non-terrestrial craft, living amongst us, as a part of whatever experiment they
or whatever they might be, other than UFO, I noticed that were doing. And they had not been cleared to do so, some
you use, that ah, time honoured expression yourself, did of them looked very different than us, but they were using
they ever say "Stop calling us UFO's" sort a like we're flip technology that created a field around them, that made
flops please don't call us thongs, you know that thing? them look human, but ah, they were, a lot of these beings
(Chuckling from Mr Ghost in the background) were, taken from high rise buildings in the middle of the
day, while they were at work, they were abducted. And
Corey: Well, you know it, it's a situational terms and ah, if taken to these locations where they were interrogated to
you're in another craft you will call it a boogie, they, ah find out, you know, why are you here, what is your
craft when they enter into the Solar system, or become a agenda, where are you from, and depending on what they
certain distance from a stations or, our planet they have to found out, they were released to their support team, usually
put out a friend or foe signal, to identify their self, you close by to be sent back home. Then they were told to go
know, as a friend or foe, there are a whole lot of different through the correct diplomatic channels or they were put in
terms. But ah, yeah, there not called UF, UFO's, by, a UFO some of the prison types of facilities that they have for
is pretty much a terrestrial term, for, a, "What the hell is non-terrestrials.
John: Is this Dulce base and all of that, this multi level
John: Right deal, in your opinion is that a real thing?

Corey: I, I've seen a lot of information and this is a touchy John: Understand
subject for a lot of people but, and I have been in the
underground tube system, I've been in a lot of different Corey: it's on a different level
areas, I never saw any information that mentioned an
underground base called Dulce.
John: That's definitely understandable. What do you make
of stuff like Mars jumpers, I mean like, I have heard
John: But the tube system does exist? everything including Obama was a Mars jumper, and he
used to hangout on Mars, it's like, um hum. I think like, I
Corey: Oh, Absolutely yeah, I was in that many times. would like to put him on the next Voyager and drop him,
but anyway, that's just me.
John: Oh man, here we've got submarines parked up under
the deserts in Arizona in Nevada, and all kinds of stuff. Corey: That's just me too

Corey: Yeah, yeah, Oh yeah. We were taken through, I John: Yeah (chuckle)
have been through those as well. They took us deep
underground, people talk about hollow Earth, it's more of a Corey: I would like to send them all (chuckling from John
honey comb Earth, there is quite a bit of stuff below Earth. in the background), send them all packing. In one of these
But they took the intuitive empath group deep, deep portal systems. But ya, there are natural portals that
underground, we accessed it through first a submarine, a connect, the Sun or Sol and every planet in our solar
very advanced submarine, that ah, that took us into system through a natural electromagnetic connection. And
caverns, and then we got out and traveled a ways, then every star in our local star cluster, and every star in our
they sent us into a cavern that was full of Crystals, in the galaxy, and every galaxy in the local galaxy cluster. It's
ground, very, very large Crystals. They said these Crystals called the Cosmic Web. And um, they have the technology
are alive and they sent us in to interface and communicate and the hyperdimensional mathematics model to calculate
with the Crystals. We were not allowed to touch them, them and to travel inside these portal systems.
because we could damage the Crystals or the Crystals
could damage us. But we could only stay in there 20-23
John: Man, so, so it's true, and did they, I mean do we
minutes at a time. Yeah but there is so much underground pretty much know that there was civilization on Mars, one
it's unbelievable. There is a lot of entrances, out that
way or another that go destroyed, because there is surely a
submarines take and pop out in lakes, like in Arizona, and
lot of stuff around up there that doesn't look normal.
that kinda thing. Yeah so there is a huge underground
network that is submerged in water that submarines travel
through. Corey: Yeah, there is, there has been a succession of ah,
building and ah, there is one race that everyone refers to as
the Ancient builder race. Some of the illuminati groups
John: Yeah, I've been hearing about Megneto Leviton
have co-opted them and made them their gods. One of
trains, going from West Coast to East Coast for a long time
these illuminati guys is calling them the Progenitors, but
now, 20 years, easily. More than that.
the fact is, that these groups, that are like dozens of
millions of years ago, disappeared. No one really knows
Corey: Yeah, they go from Continent to Continent what happened to them, there are areas on some of these
ruins, that, to where obviously at one time there were
John: No kidding glyphs, some sort of writing. But somebody thousands of
years ago some other group came and removed whatever
Corey: Yeah was written there. Just like I guess, one King would come,
a few Kingships later and erase the name of of monuments
of another King. Or something like that.
John: Yeah, and as far as communicating with these
Crystals, in laymen terms, what did ya'all talk about?
John: Yeah, like dogs marking territory
Corey: Ah, that, they sort of used us as USB drives
interestingly enough, they sent us in to interface with them Corey: Right, so there is, quite a number of these ancient
and then they debriefed us, and removed the information builder race relics, on the moon, on other planets, and
from us, but it was, it's was a very peaceful interaction. But moons in our Solar system. And more interestingly than
I don't, but I'm unable to have any memory of a, like a anything below ground, than the honeycomb Earth, these
communication or conversation like you and I would have, giant caverns. When I say caverns, these caverns are, some
these are living Crystals, but I don't think, the of these caverns are larger than, Texas. So there, I mean
communication was on the level like a sentient, like you they are very huge. And there are ancient pyramidal
and I are having right now. structures and a type of Alloy, Aluminium Alloy, that is
transparent, that they have built structures out of, that are
tens of millions of years old. And, no one really knows,
anything truly about these ancient builders. There is a lot Corey: Well, the ah, (child in the background) sorry my
of, technology that is multidimensional. Some things just son just came home from school.
look like a pyrite-rock tablets, and some of these non-
terrestrials races, were like, offering us some pretty John: Oh don't be sorry about that, that's music man.
extraordinary things to trade for things that looked like,
pieces of stone. And after a while, we were like "why do
Corey: Yeah, my wife is trying to get him into the next
they want these, so bad" I mean why do they want a piece
room real quick. ("Pick him up") um, sorry
of rock, why are they so, why are they sending us on
expeditions into the inner Earth to get this stuff. And we
started to figure out that these are technologies. And they John: (John is chuckling)
had, on different levels these tablets or stones had, they
were working on multidimensional levels. And they were Corey: The Secret Space programs are, they have pretty
interfaced on a consciousness level. And people found a much split off, they, ah, the, what we are calling the Secret
way to, eventually we found a way to make them work. Space Program Alliance, they are working to finally bring
And we stopped trading it. We stopped trading them and a lot of the suppressed technologies to humanity. They are
started hoarding and using the technology ourselves. ready for all of this to be over. They have been gathering
intelligence for quite some time, the Snowden information
John: Understood, interesting. Let me ask you one more has been gathered, these recent super hacks that we have
thing, because I know you have to leave us before long. heard about, are the tip of the iceberg of the information
But is there anything that suggests that Earth is a special that was really hacked. There have been some cabal
planet. I mean, why all this interest in this planet. I mean, defectors that have defected and brought a lot of
the information that is released to us, like there may be an information. And that information is being collated, and in
Earth-like planet, but it would take 11,000,000 years to get the future they are planning a mega data dump to provide
there. So it does seem special from this stand point of the all of this information to humanity. And people think of
information we are allowed to know. But um is Earth a Disclosure they think of just Obama standing up and
special planet, that deserves special attention? saying " Ok, alright you got us, there are aliens" and then
maybe they are standing next to one. That is not what
disclosure is going to be. Full and complete disclosure, is
Corey: We are positioned in an area of the galaxy along
not only going to be the fact that yes there are ET's, that is
the natural portal system, that a lot of these space-faring a small part of it, but also the huge amount of crimes
cultures use, there is a major portal system just outside of against humanity, that these so called elites have
our heliosphere, outside of our star system, that different
perpetrated, during the time of keeping these secrets, and
civilizations use to travel to other galaxies and other stars.
managing what they consider us useless eaters, here on the
So we're in kind of a Cosmic Silk Road. So there is that,
and secondly human beings are, on most planets there is
not the genetic diversity that is on our planet. Human
beings have been genetically modified so many times, that John: and, and, and when do we think this will happen?
when they abduct us and want to take our genetics, and
mix them with their own, our genetics have been spliced so Corey: Well, this is going to happen on a scale that, it's
many times, that they pretty much reach out and readily pretty much up to us. But um, there is going to have to be a
splice with other types of genetics. And because we have catalyst
also been spliced so many times, it's effected us, and this is
a blessing and a curse. We have a wider spectrum of John: Right
emotions than most of the beings out there, they have the
same emotions but we have a wider spectrum. And Corey: There is going to have to be a catalyst, and
because basically we are spiritual children, we have no everyone will need to be ticked off, there is going to be
control over those emotions, and it is one of the problems some sort of huge, global financial collapse to where, or
we have on the plane. Obviously our behaviour, but our some other event, that exposes the giant Ponzi scheme, that
emotions are a trigger to our co-creative mass is the Babylonian Money Magic system. Everybody's
consciousness, that is very powerful. And we have quite a going to have to be ticked-off enough to where they open
lot of potential. their minds enough, to accept this information. Because
even within the truther community, everybody has, there is
John: Alright, and now, the big question. What's up with so many, UFO religions and beliefs systems, in the truther
the Secret Space program? That would be a very community, and I mean there are so many paradigms, and
interesting thing to get into, but of course you have to belief systems that people need to overcome, to accept this
wonder "gee I wonder if anybody is going to let us find out information. That, you know, it's no small thing, and those
very much about a Secret Space program'. I'm thinking that of us that are more awake, are going to have a lot of
they might wanna keep it secret. burden put on our shoulders for those who are totally
asleep right now and totally brainwashed by the
mainstream media and buy into everything they hear.
Because they are going to be popping Xanax and coming John: Yeah, this has been very enlightening, it's um, well,
to us with questions, because they are going to be really we wish you the best, and we are in the same local part of
freaked out. We are going to have to, all of the people out the world. So um, general part of the world, as long as we
there watching this, if you are watching this, you are on the don't have to walk, to meet up we will be ok if we, a walk
right track. You are going to be a person that is going to that might be a little trying but, let's stay in touch with each
have to answer a lot of questions and be there for family other. If anything rolls out, or something comes up or
and friends, who you can't even talk about this subject anything, whatever it is, if we haven't reached out to you,
right now. please, reach out to us. Alright.

John: Last question Corey. Is there a biblical component Corey: Yeah, yeah, let's stay in touch, definitely.
here? I'm thinking there is.
John: And we will have another conversation, I'm sure
Corey: Yes, ah, you know, a lot of people that had issues, I there is a lot more we didn't even get into, any of the
was, even though, all of the stuff I have seen and missions that you may have been on, but. I mean, seriously
everything, I was raised a Christian. Ah, you know (sigh) Corey I think for a first time conversation there is a lot of
but a lot of these, the information in the Old Testament ties exposition, you have given a lot of things to chew on. And
in to, ah, a lot of what these, ancient and aliens have been ah chew the rag, as the ham operators say, so.
doing to us, how they have been manipulating us
genetically, socially for eons just like, there are many other Corey: Yeah, right (chuckle)
religions that tie in as well.
John: We will do it again soon alright
John: Alright, well, wow unbelievable. Look you have
been very generous with your time. I mean you got a lot of
stuff that you have to deal with, and it sounds like, um. Is Corey: Alright thank you.
that your little boy.
John: Thank you Corey Goode. Alright go and see his
Corey: Yeah, yeah my son, website. I'm pretty sure. Yeah, yeah I'm certain you will
like Well as Zen master
says we will see, and we will. Until we meet again.
John: Yeah, that's cool, you need some dad time probably
Exercise caution in your daily affairs, eyes up always, you
never can tell what's up there. Maybe benevolent, maybe
Corey: Yeah malevolent. We will hope for the best. And prepare for the
worst, as best as we can. May credit for what's to come,
see ya on the other side. God bless.

Jedi-Like Psychic Training In Secret Space Programs
Written By Dr Michael Salla
September 1, 2015

movies. He describes the training as having elements of

both the more positive Jedi philosophy, and the darker Sith
practices where psychic abilities were used for destructive
purposes. Goode referred to David Wilcock’s book, The
Source Field Investigations and said:

These people were the ones that believed very much in the
like Star Wars, Jedi, the Force. And you wrote a book, The
Source Field. They harnessed what they would call like the
dark side of the Source Field or the dark side of the Force,
and they were very much into like really the straight out of
Star Wars – the Jedi, the Dark Lord Sith kind of magic
Secret space programs train recruits to use enhanced energy that they pulled from the ether or the universe.
psychic abilities for a variety of covert missions according
whistleblower, Corey Goode. In today’s episode of Cosmic
Disclosure, he describes how psychic abilities are
enhanced through the stimulation of the pineal gland.
Goode says that the development of psychic abilities and
training is very similar to what was depicted in the Jedi
training programs in the Star Wars movies. Individuals
trained through these Jedi-like programs, can develop
powerful psychic abilities that can be used for both
defensive and offensive purposes.

Goode described how stimulation of the pineal gland was

identified by the secret space programs as the key to
personnel developing powerful psychic abilities. He says
that after stimulation of the pineal gland, a variety of
psychic abilities such as out of body travel and Goode’s account of psychic abilities being harnessed for
teleportation were developed using what he described as a both positive and negative purposes corroborates the
person’s “light body”: testimony of another secret space program whistleblower.
Michael Relfe, who went public with his testimony in
2000 with publication of The Mars Records, claims to
A lot of beings use the pineal gland and their light body to
have served for 20 years on Mars after having his psychic
project their consciousness and inner selves to other
abilities enhanced through genetic alterations conducted by
physical locations and then send that information back
extraterrestrials. The alien abductions, which occurred
through that connection into their physical bodies and then
during his youth, were closely monitored by the U.S.
change the vibrations of their physical bodies to match the
Navy. In 1976, Relfe enlisted in the Navy and soon after
vibration of the location that they are at and then the body
was recruited for covert service on Mars until 1996, when
teleports to that location and rejoins the consciousness or
he was age-regressed and sent back in time to 1976.
what some people are saying are having out-of-body
experiences or projecting their minds – a lot of different
terminology for what these more advanced beings were Relfe says that his psychic abilities were gradually
doing. enhanced, through chemical and electronic means, similar
to what Goode described in the latest Cosmic Disclosure
episode. Relfe says that his psychic abilities were first used
Goode says that part of the training involved visualization
in remote viewing for espionage purposes, and then for
of energy spheres that could actually be made physical by
‘remote influencing,’ where targets could be manipulated
the more advanced instructors who could use them as
in some way. He finally became an assassin where he used
his enhanced psychic abilities for eliminating 70 targets
over his 20 year tour of duty that included Reptilian
Goode’s description of the training closely matches what extraterrestrials and synthetic life forms. Relfe described
was depicted in the Jedi training found in the Star Wars his psychic abilities in a 2000 interview, and his
remarkable testimony is compared to Goode’s in the cluster had a relationship with the center of the galaxy. The
forthcoming, Insiders Reveal Secret Space Programs & galaxy had a relationship with the local galaxy cluster and
Extraterrestrial Alliances. so on.

Goode described the need for psychically grounding Goode went on to describe how the psychic training
oneself in order to fully access the energies from “The involved being immersed in virtual realities where one had
Force” coming through the activated pineal gland. He says to increasingly rely on intuition to win. Psychological
that grounding was possible through the Earth, the Sun and profiling was also conducted in order to identify
Galactic Center, all of which allowed one to access more sociopaths who, like Relfe, could be used to perform
and more of the Force permeating the universe. difficult assignments like psychic assassination.

There was a grounding aspect mentioned of visualizing Corey Goode’s Cosmic Disclosure interviews continue to
yourself grounded with the center of the Earth and also unveil deeper layers behind the covert actions of secret
visualizing yourself as an antenna that can pull in and push space programs. His latest testimony of the training of
out energy – this background energy of the cosmos…. The intuitive empaths, remote viewers and psychic warriors,
Earth had a relationship with the sun. The sun had a using pineal gland activation, is highly recommended.
relationship with the local star cluster. The local star

Cosmic Disclosure Episode 10:
Awakening The Pineal Gland - Summary and Analysis
Corey Goode and David Wilcock
Thursday, September 3, 2015

DW = David Wilcock, CG = Corey Goode

(This is a partial, not verbatim transcript.)


The episode discusses the pineal gland DW - [Corey Goode is an insider with the secret space program,
and how it was used to enhance Intuitive which has colonized the solar system, developing a host of Star
Empaths in the MILAB arm of the secret Trek like technologies]. In this episode we're going to delve
space program. into one of the most sought after topics, the glandula
pinealis or pineal gland. Can you explain in your own
Goode goes over his training, how it is a words what the pineal gland is?
form of Tai chi and visualization, what
some of the more advanced races can do CG - In the MILAB program, and I was identified as an
with their far superior abilities, and how Intuitive Empath, we got injections and sonic treatments
virtual reality played a key role. focused between my eyes – the location of the pineal
Thank you to the person who transcribed
this, it was used as a framework for the
[CG has previously described an Intuitive
Empath as someone who is capable of
I cleaned up some of the grammar and picking up on people's emotions (empathic)
phrasing, as well as expanding sections for while also having an ability to intuit, or
easy of comprehension. receive information directly from the
consciousness field, so to speak.]
Related The Pineal Gland: Crystal
Transducer (with Scientific Basis) DW - Where did you get these injections?

The summarized notes will be in black, with my CG - In our shoulders and hips. When we were younger
commentary in [green brackets]. we got them in our hips but as we got older they put them
in our shoulders. They used an metal instrument pointed at

our pineal gland and sent sonic waves to that technology becomes available, we maybe
location. They said it was to enhance our intuitive part of able to restore our bodies to activate these
our IE abilities. abilities.]

[One possible reason for doing this could DW - Could you feel a sonic vibration in your skull?
be sounds ability to organize material.
Probably the best example of this is Dr. CG - Yeah, yeah. You felt the sonic waves going in about
Emoto and his water experiments with a good 6 inches into your head. It was obviously important
music. In the below image, Emoto froze to them to stimulate our pineal gland.
water while the music was being played:
[The pineal gland is located in the center of
the head.]

Ice crystals frozen while music was being played.

The more coherent or organized the music,

the more geometric the ice became. The
study of sound and its effects is called
Cymatics. It has been demonstrated that
sound can heal the body and open the
mind. The principle behind this seems to be
the geometry produced by the sound. Dan
Winter is an electrical engineer and
physicist who has a substantial amount of
data to support the theory that certain
geometries literally allow us to access so-
called ascended abilities.
DW - In the scholarship that I've put out in The Source
Related Science Of Ascension, Field Investigations, there's a whole chapter on the pineal
Evolution and much more | Fractality: gland. We know it is in the geometric center of the brain.
What Makes a LIVE ENZYME - Alive? We know it is the size: of a pea. It has more blood flow
with Dan Winter going through it than any other part of the body except the
kidneys. And mainstream science says, 'Oh, we don't really
If the sonic waves sent into CG's pineal know what this is.' There are cells inside the pineal gland
gland were of the right frequency range, it that are the same cells more or less as in the retina of the
would literally rearrange the crystalline eye.
structure within it. Possibly these injections
were to restore the pineal to a level of CG - Rods and cones?
health not possible in our modern world, or
even that they may have dissolved the pre- DW - They're called pinealocytes, but they are the same
existing structure within the pineal gland so thing. And they are also wired into the visual cortex of the
the sound waves would be more effective. brain by the same type of wiring we have from our eyes.
Clearly if this was a standard training So the ancient traditions literally call it a 'Third Eye'. In
program, it was effective in essentially episodes of my show Wisdom Teachings we go into the
providing psi abilities to those who Pinecone symbolism and iconography showing up in all
underwent it. This lends credence to the kinds of the world's religions.
idea that when the Star Trek level

[The pinecone is a shape organized around a pentagonal geometry; five sided. Again the work of Dan Winter suggests
that this shape is fractal by design, meaning it wants to connect with the world around it holistically. This is a physical
representation of interconnectedness or oneness. Here is an example of the pinecone counting 8 spins of rotation
counter clockwise, and 13 spins clockwise; the 7th and 8th numbers in the Fibonacci sequence.]

DW - Do you think that there are things inside the pineal room and our light bodies would expand past the walls of
gland that these rods and cones are seeing? the room that we were in. So there is obviously a direct
connection to the pineal gland and the development and
CG - They said that it was to help stimulate the 'second expansion of your light body.
sight' and the intuitive abilities. They stated that they knew
that there are ancient earth breakaway groups, that they've DW - Well, I want to get back to those exercises in a
gotten their hands, on who have very large pineal glands. minute, but first I want to bring in another interesting
They said that in the past our pineal glands used to be quite point. I've had at least four different insiders tell me that if
a bit larger than they are now. They were trying to our pineal gland is even partly activated, never mind fully
stimulate growth and activity in our pineal glands. activated, that we could literally fly throughout the
cosmos. Do you feel that it is somehow a star gate – like a
DW - That's very interesting because the insider, Jacob, portable, biological star gate built into our body just like
told me that the Draco tried to engineer modern humans so hardware that we haven't accessed yet?
that we would not have a pineal gland at all. And they got
very mad because the benevolent ETs came in and EFFECTS OF PINEAL GLAND STIMULATION:
reinstalled it. Have you ever heard anything like that?
CG -Yeah. A lot of beings use the pineal gland and their
CG - I actually heard that it was a part of the Grand light body to project their consciousness and inner selves
Experiment from these 22 genetic experiments from these to other physical locations. Then send that information
40 groups. This experiment was not only genetic in nature back through that connection into their physical bodies,
but it was also spiritual in nature and that they were trying and then change the vibrations of their physical bodies to
to enhance us in a spiritual way and that the pineal gland match the vibration of the location they projected to.
and something also to do with our light body was Finally, the body teleports to that location and rejoins the
something that they were manipulating, to try to help us consciousness. These experiences are what some people
become more spiritual and more developed in that way. calling having an out-of-body experiences or projecting
They are obviously at odds with this Draco Alliance group. their minds. There is a lot of different terminology for
what these more advanced beings were doing.
DW - So that would imply that the Super Federation is not
all negative. [In the previous episode, Electric Sun, CG
discussed the Cosmic Web, an
CG - No. Like I said, it's all points of view. They have interconnected system of
their agendas and they're manipulating us the way they're electromagnetically governed
doing. phenomenon. This extends through out the
entire universe conceivably with each
location have a unique signature. If our
DW - We've had multiple insiders suggest that when you
minds were properly disciplined enough to
see the halo around someone like in these ancient pictures
imagine that place and frequency, possibly
or in Buddhist illustrations it is more like a corona, that
by seeing a picture of it like Remote
that would indicate a pineal gland that is much more active
Viewers do, then we could focus and
and that there is some sort of light phenomena. Did you
expand that image enough so that
ever see anything like that?
eventually our frequency would change to
match it. This is also a product of the
pentagonal geometry described above; an
open or activated pineal gland.]

DW - I'm just curious, do you think that – because this is

speculation that I've had – that the halo is actually the
mouth of a wormhole and that you get gravitationally
pulled up into the mouth when your pineal gland is open –
you can fly up into that halo and travel through it?

Two examples of halos in religious art. CG - I think that these depictions of halos and auras that
they've shown around people are just people that have
CG - Well, when I was talking just now about our light really highly developed their light bodies and their pineal
bodies, the exercises that they put us through, were to not glands and developed themselves in very intuitive,
only activate our pineals, but to expand our light bodies to spiritual ways and that's the way they have been depicted
where they would say that when they got us to the point in art. And people that have also developed their light
where they wanted us, our light . . . We'd be sitting in a
bodies in this way have a second sight and are able to see He can create extreme panic and fear. He can make you
other people's light bodies. sweat. He can create sexual arousal and there are certain
parts of the brain where he beams it into where they have a
DW - Now in Tibet they actually will have a long thin 'God experience'.
sharp wood or something that they stick through someone's
forehead and they wound the pineal gland [not really] a [This is a major confirmation of what Harald
little bit with it and that's supposedly creates some kind of Kautz Vella describes in his work, that our
access. Do you think that they might be doing a more bodies are saturated in self replicating
technological form of something like that with the sonic nanotechnology and we are receiving
gun treatment they gave you? electromagnetic impulses from them which
affect our emotional and mental processes.
CG - Yes, they were trying to find a way to stimulate the This can be disturbing to consider, but in
pineal gland. my studies into mind and 'where' it is,
consciousness itself is not housed in the
body; it is non-local. This means that while
DW - How did it feel when you were getting this
HAARP and other electromagnetic
treatment? What was your experience?
emissions do affect us, we can always
develop an ability to counter and recognize
CG - You would have out-of-body experiences. a subtle suggestion in our experience.]
Related How to Protect The Body
DW - Really.
Against AI Assimilation (Morgellons) | 6
Bodily Tissues That Can Be
CG - Yeah. You would feel your light body grow. You'd Regenerated Through Nutrition
feel yourself growing in all different directions outside of
your body. Sometimes you would feel yourself knocked
DW - Now the skeptics love to bring Persinger in and say
outside of your body behind yourself.
this is proof that there is no greater reality – that these
visionary experiences are just a brain firing. But to me it
DW - Wow. sounds like what Persinger is doing with the God Helmet
is similar to what you're saying with sound waves.
CG - But at the same time you would feel locally what
was going on in your body – the sonic vibration going on CG - Yeah. It sounds like it. Electromagnetic waves were
into the wet brain matter behind your skull. also used on us at times.

DW - Well, I did an episode on Wisdom Teachings with DW - So do you think that anyone given this kind of a
Dr. Michael Persinger who has something he calls the God treatment would have an experience like you had or was it
Helmet. because you were prepared for it with your intuitive

CG - I think that they would have it. They would have

some sort of experience. I was already, at a young age,
having out of body experiences and weird experiences. We
would go on long car trips and I'd get bored and I'd project
myself outside of the car and I would project out and fly
over to the signs and over the hills and look back at the car
and have an out-of-body experience. Going on long trips, I
was already doing that at a very young age.

DW - My insider, Daniel, went through this intuitive

training for what he called the PsyCorps. It was
supposedly derived from the CIA or so he was told. And I
want to kind of go through some of the things that he said
that they taught him and see how that compares with your
training. So number one was inverse calisthenics. They
The 'God Helmet'
had him hang upside down by his knees or by his ankles
and do sit-ups. And they were told that the more oxygen
was in his blood and the more blood flowed through his
DW - They've got these very powerful magnetic guns that
pineal gland, that if they could strengthen the circulation
he can triangulate and aim into certain parts of the brain.
into the pineal gland and the body in general, that that
would enhance his abilities. Did you have any things TAI CHI STYLE PHYSICAL TRAINING:
similar to that?
CG - This was all during the same time. This all had to do
CG -The closest thing we had to that they put us into with intuitive-empath enhancement.
pressure rooms that were highly pressurized and highly
oxygenated. They would have us do meditation and they DW - Well here on Gaiam TV we have a lot of yoga, Tai-
would hook up EEG-type electrodes to our heads and they chi videos and people can get into that they're subscribers.
had trained us to go to different states including theta It's included in your basic membership. I always thought
(brain waves) and they would say on command tell you to that inverse calisthenics – these sit-ups upside down and
go to a certain state. Then they would measure how increasing the over-all circulation – that when you look at
quickly you could go there at different atmospheric the ancients, they're saying, 'Yoga, Tai-chi – it's all about
pressures and oxygen levels inside this chamber. building circulation.' It's about flexibility – all that kind of
DW - Do you think this was partly intended to help you be
able to function in different extraterrestrial environments?

DW - Do you think that these kinds of exercises would be DW - Wow.

beneficial to people if they wanted to develop their
intuition? CG - It helps with oxygen and blood flow, but also they
were incorporating us using it to move energy throughout
CG - Yes. And they were also teaching us Tai-chi-type our bodies.
DW - Could you explain a little more about what exactly
DW - Really? you were suppose to witness? Was there a color to it? Was
there a size to it? How many of them were there at once?
CG - And it also had to do with a lot of visualization at the Was there just one?
same time as visualizing spiritual energetic balls and
making them travel and feeling them travel down different CG - Just one.
parts of your body and passing them around inside
throughout your body. DW - Did they give you any specifics about what it was
suppose to look like?

CG - Of our choosing. They just said, visualize a sphere,
an energetic sphere. And take the sphere into your hand
and then visualize passing it back and forth from your
hand and then traveling all the way across your shoulders
to your other hand. You would do that at first and then you
would take it, and then it would travel down your spine
and back up your spine up to the top of your skull, and
then you would visualize it coming back down to your
solar plexus and coming out and catching it in your hands,
and then circulating it again – a mental and visual exercise
of passing this ball of energy throughout your body and
also just feeling it.

DW - Could this just be done in a standing position or

were there Tai chi-type of movements that were associated
with the sphere? DW - What's going on there? It seems like these people are
getting hit with something energetically.
CG - You were moving your hands and body and
visualizing it as you were doing it. You weren't sitting in a CG - Some of these people were demonstrating how they
static position as if you were meditating. could throw these energy balls and put dents in metal.

DW - Well, there definitely appear to be Tai-chi moves DW - Really?

that are associated with a sphere of energy like that. So
could the sphere be like this big in certain cases (about 8 CG -Yeah. These people were really developed.
inches in diameter) or was it more small – like about that
big (about 2 inches)?
DW - When you say 'these people' now, what are you
talking about?
CG - Yes. We were visualizing small spheres.
CG - The people that were teaching us that were really
DW - But there was no color, like blue or white or advanced.
DW - Are they space program people or are they
CG - Usually like a light bulb, like a white light. extraterrestrials?

DW - How similar was Tai chi now – because most people CG - No. This was back in the MILAB program. These
seem to be doing the same set of movements. Would you were the black op types that were teaching the younger
say that those movements were the same as what you were people.
doing or were they somehow different?
DW - They could dent metal with these spheres that they
CG - Very many of them are quite the same. created?

DW - Oh. CG - Yeah, with the energy. A sphere did not shoot out.
But they were visualizing a sphere and they would shoot it
CG - Most people that are doing Tai-chi know that they out these people were the ones that believed very much in
are doing energetic work at the same time. People that the like Star Wars, Jedi, the Force. And you wrote a book,
have practiced it long enough know that they are doing the Source Field. They harnessed what they would call like
energetic work. the dark side of the Source Field or the dark side of the
Force and they were very much into stuff right out of Star
DW - I've never been able to find it online, but there's a Wars – the Jedi, the Dark Lord Seth kind of magic energy
PBS video with Bill Moyers where he's got a Tai-chi that they pulled from the ether or the universe.
master and that guy is standing there and people come
running towards him and they are yelling and screaming Related A Brief Explanation of Psi
and the just literally fly off of this guy. Abilities | Jedi-Like Psychic Training in
Secret Space Programs
[I was able to find an interesting video
demonstrating some of this.] DW - Well this gets into another thing that Daniel was
telling me. I'm really interested in hearing what you have
to say about this. Explosive muscle movements – martial Related Magic and Ritual Decoded | The
arts . . . Apparently there's a Tai-chi guy that Pete Peterson Science of Ritual Magic in Theory and
knows and he's really about this very intending of the Practice
hands and the fingers like this. What Daniel was told in
this training was that these intense, violent muscle CG - Well, we were taught a little bit beyond that. It all
movements – something having to do with adrenaline – had to do with the cosmic web. The Earth had a
that adrenaline is like a magic energy conduit and that you relationship with the sun. The sun had a relationship with
can't get these abilities by just doing smooth, gentle the local star cluster. The local star cluster had a
exercise – that push-ups, weightlifting, martial arts – this relationship with the center of the galaxy. The galaxy had a
kind of stuff is essential. Did you ever hear anything like relationship with the local galaxy cluster and so on.
that yourself?
DW - So what were some of the other things that they
CG - A lot of these guys that were doing this I didn't see taught you for the intuitive training?
any signs of adrenaline. They seemed totally at ease, at
peace and docile. It just seemed effortless for them and
there was no (strong effort sounds) kind of thing going on.
It was just a real smooth motion kind of thing. It was
obvious that they were acting as some sort of antenna point CG - There were a lot of other types of scenarios that they
of energy from Source Field; I guess you would call it. would put us through, including virtual reality, which often
were very disturbing. They would put you by yourself, or
you and your team, in a virtual reality scenario. This is
DW - So in Tai-chi, from what little I know of it and such an immersed virtual reality scenario that you have
actually you're making me want to go start these videos smells, tastes, feel . . . you feel wind...
right away. It's finally making sense to me why you'd want
to practice this. They seem to always be big on . . . I've had
some martial arts training so . . . bending your knees, DW - Did you know once you were in it that you were in a
lowering your center of gravity and they talk about the virtual reality?
Hara or the Contien, the sort of area in your abdomen that
you're suppose to feel like there's a string or an energetic CG - That was part of the test. You would be put into very
cord coming up from the Earth. It's sort of like you're horrific situations some times or asked to do very horrific
pulling energy out of the Earth. Was that a part of the things – put into battle situations with unpleasant type
training to ground in that way by bending your knees? beings that you'd have to fight. You would have to rely
more and more on your intuition to win. If you were just
CG - There was a grounding aspect mentioned of relying on martial arts or tactical training, you could never
visualizing yourself grounded with the center of the Earth win. But when you would rely on your intuitive abilities,
and also visualizing yourself as an antenna that can pull in you were able to win. And at that point, it was almost like
and push out energy – this background energy of the a lucid dream. You would realize you were in a virtual
cosmos. world and then you would pull yourself out.

[We receive energy and the information it [This sounds very close to what is depicted
contains via the senses, and also by using in the Matrix films, where Neo and
our imagination to focus on what is being Morpheus train.]
observed. Energy is projected from us
using the emotional processes; biologically
as hormones and neurotransmitters, and
energetically as changes in the
electromagnetic fields produced by our

DW - Daniel, in his training, one of the things that they

also taught him was that it is the Earth that empowers
magical work and the Earth has to authorize you to do
these things, that your energy when you start to develop
these feats of consciousness, the Earth will ultimately . . . DW - This sounds exactly like the movie Divergent where
you have to work with the Earth and it will authorize the you have this girl who is thrown into this virtual reality
action. Was that something that you encountered in your and she's the divergent one. She's the one that learns how
training? to break any virtual reality and get out of it.

CG - Right. Ever since my first two audio interviews hit DW - And there is no way to tell if it's not real when
the Internet, I've heard that many times. you're in it?

[Here is the scene from the movie that they CG - Right. It gets hard to tell what is real and what is not.
are describing.] Once you finally get to a point in your intuitive-empath
training to where you consistently are able to tell that you
are put in a virtual reality setting, then you have somewhat
graduated to a new level.

DW - You had mentioned to me in another conversation

that sometimes it was like professional wrestler types –
like big strong men?

CG - Yeah.

DW - And you'd have to fight them.

DW - Also the movie Ender's Game where there's a child
in a space program and they are teaching these children to CG - And you're a kid.
fight extraterrestrials and pilot ships. He realizes early on
that he's being thrown into virtual reality simulations that DW - So this is sort of like a bad dream right?
they want him to be as sociopathic as possible. And so
rather than cooperating with these beings that are trying to CG - Uh huh.
give him a challenge, he'll like rip it's eye out or
something. Is this the kind of stuff that they were . . . Did DW - You don't remember getting in to it, but once you
those movies seem to be related to what you're are in it - it just seems like this is your reality.
CG - You'd be in a scenario to where you are being put
CG - Yes. They were not only training us, but they were into the scenario that seemed logical and then you're in this
psychologically profiling us as well to see what type of scenario and you've got to fight your way out of the
orders we would follow - how far we would go. They scenario or figure your way out of the scenario. And the
wanted to know who were sociopaths. Who would follow only way to do so successfully was in an intuitive way.
certain types of orders. There were orders . . . yeah . . .
DW - Could you get a little more specific as to how that
DW - Really horrible stuff. would play out or otherwise we're just going to have to fill
in what we think and not really know what you mean.
CG - Yeah, really horrible stuff that I really don't want to
talk about on camera. You would see your somewhat CG - If you were fighting another person, you would then
friends, but team members, taking part in and you were instead of relying on the martial arts or the tactical
ordered to take part in and you would have to make the training, you would lock into the person's eyes and make a
moral choice or dilemma whether to fall to peer pressure – connection with them and intuitively know what they were
do what the others were doing or to not do it. going to know before they would do it. That was one step
and when you were able to start doing that . . . and then
DW - What were some of the monstrosities that they had situations would happen, you would intuitively know . . .
you fight, if you can tell us some of that? I don't want you When you were going to clear a building, you would
to drudge up a lot of nasty memories. intuitively know there were 12 rooms to clear. You would
begin to intuitively know the first five rooms were already
CG - They had a very good insight into what you did not clear and the sixth room was the room where you had to
like. engage. And then once you started reaching this point, it
starting becoming easier for you to intuit that you were in
DW - Oh, so it's like they deliberately target what you virtual reality. And from the very beginning, when you
don't like the most. were put in a landing zone or put into a situation, you
would immediately note that it was a virtual reality and
you would pull yourself out.
CG - They would target your fears. Obviously, I did not
like spiders, apparently. So I did battle with very large
spiders. I did battle with Reptilian-type beings. DW - This is interesting because who is doing the actions
in the virtual reality? Because if you are psychically
detecting how to fight somebody, who is the somebody? Is
there a person controlling who you are fighting? Is it a DW - If a technology like this could be done at all,
computer program? How does this actually work? undoubtedly some people are going to start thinking about
stuff like the Matrix and wonder how much of all our
CG - They are pulling information out of our heads and reality is a simulation or is some how a virtual greater
control them. They also had the ability to put multiple compartmentalized part of . . .
people in the same virtual reality scenario to where these
people were really there together. When you were CG - Row, row, row your boat. Life is but a dream.
engaging with their mind and their chair.
DW - Ha, ha. Do you think that ultimately, if we're
DW - When you are fighting something like the tarantula, looking at the fact that we only remember one lifetime and
can there be a human operator controlling the actions of it seems like we have an afterlife through reincarnation,
the tarantula or is it a computer program like an artificial that our life here is sort of like a simulation – every time
intelligence? we wake up from sleep that we're jumping back into this
CG - This was just a situation that was playing out in the
virtual reality. I don't know if it was artificial intelligence. CG - That's probably a good way to put it, but we're
It was very high-tech and I know that they were mirroring definitely, from what I was told by the Blue Avians, since
a lot of information out of your psyche into the virtual we're spiritual children still when we die – we're not living
reality. long enough to spiritually develop. It's taking us multiple
lifetimes to learn the lessons and to spiritually develop to a
[By this I think he means that the point to where we can graduate to become higher density
substance of the virtual reality was supplied beings.
by the individuals mind and experiences. I
don't know what kind of technology was DW - Well you've heard it here. This is Cosmic Disclosure
used, but it sounds like some type of – very mind-blowing information and there is much, more
artificial dream system, were the where this came from. We have 52 episodes and we may
imagination is hyper stimulated and guided even be doing more past that point. So every week you're
by the software to produce specific images going to be hearing fascinating stuff like this. So please
and experiences.] stay tuned. I'm your host David Wilcock and we thank you
for watching.

Nazi UFOs Flew Over Washington & Led To SS Infiltration
Of US Space Program
Written by Dr Michael Salla
September 4, 2015

Much of the media and general public were confused by

the official Air Force explanation, but dutifully ignored the
issue out of, ‘wink wink’, national security concerns. For
over sixty years, the secret of who really flew over
Washington DC and other major U.S. cities in 1952 has
been withheld from the general public.

Now, two independent whistleblowers have recently

emerged with another explanation that challenges the
prevailing view of history. The Nazi SS had not been
obliterated in World War II, as everyone had been told
after the advance of allied armies into Berlin and the May
8, 1945 capitulation of the rump German government led
by Admiral Karl Donitz. Instead, the Nazi SS had been
A second whistleblower has come forward to claim that successful in establishing remote bases of operations in
Nazi flying saucers flew over Washington D.C. and other Antarctica and South America to continue the secret
major U.S. cities in the early 1950s. These events allegedly development of flying saucer technologies, which in 1952
led to secret negotiations with a surviving Nazi SS began overflights of major U.S. cities to intimidate the
breakaway group based in Antarctica, and agreements Truman administration into capitulating into Nazi SS
resulting in their infiltration of a secret U.S. space demands.
In May 2015, Goode described how the Nazis had
Clark McClelland had a 34 year career working for NASA overflown the U.S. capitol in 1952 with their superior
and its aerospace contractors from 1958 to 1992, before his technologies, and pressured the Truman and Eisenhower
security clearance was not renewed due to his ongoing administrations into negotiating a secret agreement:
research into UFOs. McClelland spent much time working
with Operation Paperclip Nazi scientists, and learned … after the failed Operation High Jump
directly from them how the Nazi SS had survived the war, Mission, the Operation Paperclip Scientists
had built advanced spacecraft in Antarctica, and infiltrated were asked to negotiate meetings… The
the U.S. space program. McClelland’s remarkable NAZI’s used this to their advantage in
testimony has just been released and corroborates the some very public sorties over Washington
earlier disclosure of secret space program whistleblower D.C. and highly Secret Atomic Warfare
Corey Goode, who made similar claims in May 2015. Bases to mention a few. Eisenhower finally
relented and signed a treaty with them …
The fleets of flying saucers seen over Washington DC on “NAZI Occult Societies” therefore infiltrated
successive weekends in July 1952 have been among the every single high tech corporation and
best documented UFO cases ever. Thousands of witnesses, position of power inside the now “Joint
along with numerous photographs, radar trackings, and Break Away Civilization/Program”. They
pilots all reported flying saucers over the nation’s capital have been involved in all western space
on three successive weekends. Major Donald Keyhoe and programs and projects ever since.
other leading UFO researchers of the era thought the
Washington flap was the best evidence yet of Goode’s controversial claims have just been corroborated
extraterrestrials visiting Earth. by McClelland. In the August 3 instalment of his book,
The Stargate Chronicles, McClelland writes:
The U.S. Air Force held a press conference on July 29,
1952 and Major General John Samford said that it was all The over flights of advance very swift crafts over
due to a “temperature inversion”. Even President Truman Washington, DC were these German advanced aircraft that
became involved when he called on Project Bluebook for a totally out flew American advanced crafts. On July 12,
report and was given the official Air Force explanation. 1952, President Truman observed several of the UFOs and
was completely amazed by their capabilities of 1946. … These S.S. were as feared at KSC as they were in
outmaneuvering the USAF and US Navy advanced Jet the German Army during WWII.
fighter, the F-4D. USA jets sent up to bring one down.
None could fly the speed of the German Saucers. McClelland’s testimony is compelling support for Goode’s
controversial claims of a Nazi breakaway civilization using
McClelland also corroborated Goode’s claim that the Nazi advanced flying saucer technologies. Given the public
SS had infiltrated the U.S. space program through documentation that McClelland has offered to support his
Operation Paperclip scientist, and continued to intimidate whistleblower testimony, it is now far more difficult to
German scientists at the Kennedy Space Center (KSC) dismiss his and Goode’s remarkable claims, which are
well into the 1960s: examined more closely in the upcoming book, Insiders
Reveal Secret Space Programs and Extraterrestrial
Some of the German engineers and technicians I met at Alliances. If McClelland and Goode are accurate, then
KSC were all aware that a few of the German S.S. were world history will have to be rewritten as the truth finally
working at Cape Canaveral and the Kennedy Space Center emerges about who was really in control of those flying
that arrived with Project Paper Clip with Dr. Von Braun in saucers over Washington DC in July 1952.

German Bell craft, allegedly capable of antigravity propulsion

Scientists Release Picture Of Extraterrestrial
Organisms Bombarding Earth
Written By Dr. Michael Salla
September 6, 2015

our peer reviewed work…. As far as we

can tell the particle has no relation to
anything found on Earth.

In addition to the microbial life arriving from outer space,

Professor Wainwright also revealed that heavy elements
were found in the stratosphere. This suggests that these are
extraterrestrial arrivals, as well, rather than material being
carried up into the stratosphere by winds:

This latest launch is also exciting because the team has

found particles containing, so-called, rare earth elements at
a height close to 30 kilometres in the stratosphere. These
Scientists from the University of Buckingham have particle masses are too big to have been carried up from
released a picture of an extraterrestrial from deep space Earth and, like the alien life forms we find, must be
that is bombarding the Earth. No, it’s not part of an incoming to Earth from space.
extraterrestrial invasion. Rather, it is evidence supporting
the theory of panspermia, in which microscopic life forms The pictures of extraterrestrial microbes released by
exist in the vacuum of space, and can seed life by arriving Wainwright’s scientific team supports an earlier finding by
in great numbers on habitable planets like the Earth. Russian scientists.

On Aug 19, 2014, ITAR-TASS reported that Russian

scientists had found microbial life, similar to sea plankton,
on the surface of the International Space Station (ISS). The
Russians first detected the microbes over a year earlier and
confirmed that these organisms can live in zero gravity
within the extremely low temperatures and cosmic
radiation. Despite the harsh conditions, the scientists
reported that the bacteria were thriving on the surface of
ISS and could live there for years.
Alien Organism Discovered by University Buckingham scientists
The Russian discovery is startling since it confirms that
A team of scientists, including Professor Milton extraterrestrial microbes can flourish in deep space.
Wainwright, from the University of Buckingham Centre Vladimir Solovyev, chief of the Russian ISS orbital
for Astrobiology, have conducted scientific tests in the mission said:
stratosphere. These show that organisms not found on the
Earth are arriving from outer space. Results of the experiment are absolutely
unique. We have found traces of sea
Professor Wainwright claims the results prove that life plankton and microscopic particles on the
exists outside the Earth. In an interview with Britain’s illuminator surface. This should be studied
Express newspaper, he said: further.

Our team has caused quite a stir over the NASA’s reaction to the startling Russian discovery was
last couple of two years by claiming these silence. This lack of reaction supports the claims of
microbes are continually arriving to Earth Richard Hoover, a veteran 46 year NASA astrobiologist,
from space. Our critics have been vocal in who says the civilian U.S. space agency is willfully
dismissing our work but, as yet, no one has ignoring clear evidence of extraterrestrial life.
provided a viable alternative explanation for
The findings of the University of Buckingham scientists,
along with the earlier Russian discovery of a form of sea
plankton growing on ISS windows, is powerful evidence
that microbial extraterrestrial life is very common
throughout our solar system and the galaxy.

The picture of a microscopic space organism arriving on

Earth may not be quite what people were expecting for
their first glimpse of an extraterrestrial visitor. If these tiny
space visitors have been arriving for a very long time – as
panspermia advocates suggest – who else might be
arriving that is awaiting the right scientific detection tools
to discover them?

Cosmic Disclosure Episode 11:
Potential of Human Consciousness - Summary and Analysis
Corey Goode and David Wilcock
Tuesday, September 8, 2015

The summarized notes will be in black, with my

commentary in [Ariel brackets].

DW = David Wilcock, CG = Corey Goode


This week David and Corey discuss more
of the psi-abilities developed in the secret DW - We're here with Corey Goode, an insider who has a
space program. According to Goode, there truly remarkable breadth of information, in a variety of
are 2 types of psychics, telepaths and highly classified projects, at the cosmic top secret level
telekinetics. The training programs used in and above, 35 levels above the secrecy of the President of
MILAB required young minds, ages 5 and 6 the United States. We've been talking about intuitive
ideally. This allows their skills to be greatly training, the programs Corey and other insiders were a part
enhanced in ability and potential power. of, training to become more psychic, to have greater
powers and capabilities. All of this builds up to the
The cost of using powers for nefarious
rainbow body, as described by the Tibetan monks using
ends comes with karmic impact. The light-
meditative and spiritual practices.
side of the the force, so to speak, is more
difficult in its depth of approach, yet more
empowering as one furthers along the path. [DW appeared on Fade to Black with
Jimmy Church on May 26th of this year,
The cabal spends a great deal of energy to wherein he discussed the process of
ensure humanities co-creative raising one's vibration using meditation and
consciousness remains chaotic and in their mental transmutation techniques; the
control. But as a result of tsunami waves of Tibetan method. Essentially how we define
galactic energy, humanity is going through the events and things in our lives,
a mass initiation, which will one day determines the resulting emotional charge
culminate in a grand awakening of associated to them, which in turn, affects
ascended abilities. the electromagnetic coherence of our aura;
the energy field which organizes matter
around the body. Once we begin to master
this technique, we can literally reverse the DW - When I was talking to Daniel before [one of DW's
aging process and eventually transcend the insiders] he was describing two types of psychics; TPs [telepaths
physical body itself. For more on this see - sending/receiving information from mind to mind] and TKs
the following posts.] [telekinetic - manipulating the physical world with the power of
Related David Wilcock: Stargates, mind]. Did they break it down like that in the program you
Consciousness Tech, Draco "Fear were involved in?
Food" & Methods of Personal
Transformation, ET Contacts | Analysis CG - People that had telekinetic abilities were moved into
of Fade to Black May 26th 2015 another program.

Related Organic vs. Artificial Immortality DW - Daniel was told that TKs were one out of a 1000
| Cyborg ET Races, AI Black Goo, 'Wave people, they are much more rare, but they could be trained
X', The Solar Shift & Organic Evolution just like a telepath could be trained. Did you experience
Via Truth Receptivity the same thing, that telekinetics could be trained to become
more powerful?
DW - Welcome back to the show Corey.
CG - Any of these abilities can be enhanced. Through
CG - Thank you. training and also chemical injections that somehow
develop these abilities.
DW - The Tibetan rainbow body seems to be at the core of
where this discussion is ultimately taking us. I have written DW - Daniel also said to me that they graded people on a
about this extensively. For those who don't already know scale of psi-ability, with the letter "P" and then a number;
and may be new to this, the rainbow body seems to be a this would be for telepaths or telekinetics. A P0 would be
transmutation of the physical body at the time of death. your typical person with no psi abilities. A natural psychic,
The core of the practice seems be constant meditation, and someone we would think of as really good would still only
to have every thought being a loving thought be a P4, but in the training that Daniel went through, the
people at the highest level could be P8, P9 and P10. If you
[as in we define it that way using spiritual are a telekinetic, apparently they would use these people to
contemplation and understanding; holistic pinch the corroded artery in somebody's neck, and kill
thinking]. What you described in the them by a blood choke to the brain. Were you aware of
previous episode is very disturbing stuff psychic abilities being used for assassinations and that
[the use of virtual reality to put trainee's into kind of thing; is this part of what they were training for?
morally harsh situations to compel them to
follow orders vs doing what is right.] You CG - Yes, they were using some of the abilities to train
said that some of these guys in the these young people to be able to kill, with telekinetic
program thought of themselves as Sith abilities. Did this person [Daniel] start this training as an
Lords [ala the Star Wars films]. adult or a child?

CG - Yes. They see themselves as masters of the dark side DW - Yes, he was working at the Montauk base. They had
of the force, Sith lords. Very much of that mythos is a part a peculiar way of approaching you, like a random
of their belief system. conversation... 'What do you think about E.S.P. what do
you think about psychic abilities?' And if you show interest
DW - Without getting tOo graphic, were they d the most in it, saying that you've had your experiences and things
negative things you can do to other people [most likely like this.. they would say.. 'Well as it turns out there's a
trauma based techniques of all sorts] as black magic to program, you can get paid extra, it won't affect your
enhance the capabilities that they had. regular duties and your going to be able to learn a whole
lot of really cool stuff... What do you think? Do you want
to try it out?' This is how they would recruit you.
CG - Yes.
CG - Well the reason I asked is that one of the objectives
DW - You were describing people that could throw a ball they created the MILAB program for is to train children
of energy out of their hand and dent metal with it. Is this between 5 and before they hit puberty - they want them
just a little ding in the metal? when they are very young - and if they get them at an early
age to train them and enhance these abilities, they get
CG - No. A major collapse enough to push in metal doors. much more advanced abilities; less then if they tried to
If they did this to a human being, they wouldn't be able to train an adult. The children trained in the MILAB
survive the experience. programs would blow adults off the scale you mentioned.

DW - I believe Daniel said he only got up to P7 and he Blue Avians gave this message to us: to become more
was a telepath. They also said something weird, which is loving and forgiving to ourselves and others, to stop the
that, TPs and TKs are like the yin and yang of the wheel of karma, to focus daily on becoming service to
conscious and subconscious. If you are telekinetic then others, to raise our consciousness and our vibrations. This
your telepathic ability is subconscious and it will happen sounds really hippy, flowery and easy to do, but I can
but you can't control it. If your a telepath then your assure you this is an extremely difficult path to walk.
telekinesis is subconscious and you can't control it. You Conversely, when you can walk a short and jagged
either have one or the other, but not both, is what they negative path, where you get some very strong and
seem to have discovered. interesting abilities, it will seem like a more doable course
for people.
CG - Well, you have both but the other one is very weak.
During the Intuitive Empath training, weird things would [Indeed the path of truth and harmony is
happen, like objects moving across the floor of the room the most difficult, because it requires us to
when you were seriously focused on a task. Especially seek self knowledge and heal ALL of the
when they were being enhanced technologically in remote errors and missteps hidden within. It is
viewing and intuitive enhancement training much easier to avoid these offers for
expanded consciousness, and depend on a
[in episode 10 of Cosmic Disclosure, CG guru or technology to 'skip ahead'. The cost
mentions that during Intuitive Empath of this is huge however, for we become
training, a metallic probe would be used to dependent on technology while at the same
project sound waves into the pineal gland. time using our powers for egocentric
This would apparently cause very intense reasons that can tend to harm others in the
subjective experiences such as out of body process. In the end, there are no true
sensations and visions.] cheats when it comes to universal and
personality attainment. In my view slowly
reflecting on one's past experience and
This was with younger people, in this age window, that
seeking out our errors can be emotionally
we've been talking about.
turbulent at first, but as we walk the path, it
gets easier and eventually goes from a
DW - One of the things that Daniel was really impressed difficult labor to a joyful exploration.]
by was the Scifi show Babylon 5. The author of the show,
J. Michael Straczynski featured this P scale system in the
DW - Why do you think that in Hollywood movies that it's
show several times. One of the things he remarked on is
always the evil characters which seem to gain supernatural
that in the show some of the ET races were ranked as P11
powers, and its always the heroic characters that have to
or even P12, but that he was told it is impossible to go over
fight them using weapons, true grit and dumb luck?
P10. But this obviously isn't true, that's just what he was
CG - Well, its because of the people who make these
movies. They want to promote going down the path of hate
CG - When they start training people in adulthood for
and fear, the dark path, as the strongest. That is the way to
these abilities, they have already missed a major window.
get rich, famous and powerful; to be ruthless. To be nice is
When you are at a young age, you haven't formed a
a very hard, almost always a loosing battle. A difficult
preconceived ideas about what is possible, your
battle to win.
consciousness is more malleable, and therefore so are your
abilities. Because consciousness is the trigger for these
abilities. These younger people are able to be trained to be DW - Tibetans also had black magic, and I think people
able to do a lot more things then someone who is way past don't realize this, there were some very negative
the age of puberty, and has an established belief systems practitioners in Tibet, like what is described in the
about what is and is not possible. book: Life and Teachings of the Masters of the Far East.
One of the things it talks about in this book is what some
of these black magic Tibetans would do if they want to
assassinate someone. They would take a knife or dagger
and charge it up with huge amount of anger or hatred, and
then if they do that enough, the person would want to pick
DW - Why do you think that these rainbow body practices up the knife and kill themselves with it. But they said it
require so much more work then receiving injections and was very dangerous to do this, because you might want to
using technology to get you negatively empowered as a pick up the dagger and use it on yourself. Or some kind of
psychic. bad karma happened to the practitioner. What do you think
is going on there?
CG - It's always a short cut. But to enhance yourself and
evolve on a positive path is very long and difficult. The
others into higher consciousness.
Essentially we are going through a huge
cosmic initiation and the Cabal are playing
the role of evil doers to teach us to become
self mastered and truly sovereign; not
dependent on external authorities. This is
why we can't be 'saved' by angels
or benevolent ET's, although they do
intervene in our affairs, yet only in ways
which provide for personal empowerment
and education. If they swooped into save
us from the Cabal, they would rob us of the
opportunity to grow and evolve. Instead
they keep the balance and foster individual
moments of catalyst, nurturing each
embodiment in a unique and personal way
towards self mastery.]

CG - Even those of us who are trying to walk the positive

path, if we are not being challenged with the yin the yang,
the dark and more sinister side of the coin, we're not ever
really going to grow spiritually. We grow through
adversity; and that makes a lot of people angry. They say
'you know what, leave me alone, leave me in peace, and I
will sit in a lotus position, meditating and growing a lot
quicker if I don't have these negative things happening to
me.' But that is just not how the universe is designed to

DW - Interestingly, the Tibetans say the worst thing you

CG - There are universal natural laws kicking in. If you can do is to sit, meditate and be blissed out all the time.
are going to use hate and fear as a tool, then the laws of They warn that you could go into 'the realm of conception-
karma are always going to catch up with you. It seems that less gods,' and that it is a very dangerous thing. One of the
we see a lot of evil politicians get away with many things, funny things that they say, is if you are in a situation of
and are never held accountable. Well, eventually the law of extreme fear - like a pack of wild dogs chasing you down -
karma is going to catch up with them, and they will get hit in that moment when your running for your life, this is the
with it all at once. closest you can get to cosmic consciousness; a full
breaking down of the veil of who you really are.
Related Black & White Magic: How do
you Manifest your Desires? - CG - Well you never feel more alive than in the that
Understanding the 2 Modes of moment you're in danger.
DW - Do you think this is the basis of why they put you in
DW - But we also see them getting hit with incredible these horrible situations [in virtual reality], to evoke the
scandals, or they get injured some how. It seems like they yearning of the soul to the higher self or god, to preserve
are required to be there for a certain job description, but your life or life in general?
even in one life time it doesn't appear like they are having
a lot of fun.
CG - It is to have you focus on being in the moment, on
preservation of life and to draw on inner energy and power
[In my research, the powers that be hold a through your consciousness; that is 'built in' [to the life
principle of incompetence to be a experience in general] to help you with survival.
foundation for their authority. That since
humanity is unknowledgeable it creates
disharmony and error, requiring a higher
intelligence to step in and bring order to
chaos. The papal bulls are founded on the DW - What do you think is going on in these documented
principle 'let he who would be duped be cases - you don't hear about them much anymore - where a
duped' meaning that the universe will allow mother and child are trapped under a car, and the mother
a certain amount of deception to initiate lifts it up with a massive feat of strength. What do you
think is happening in a case like this? [I did find a local [Based on the research of Dan Winter and
news story with a case of a young girl moving a car of her the effects of electromagnetism on the
father.] body, using one's mind in a strong
coherent way will produce enhanced
abilities. Coherent in this case means
visual clarity and definition of imagination.
For example, in the moment before the
mother lifts the car, her mind is singularly
focused on freeing her child, and she has a
high definition mental image of what needs
to be done; to lift the car. As a result, her
emotions flow through this image with a
high level of charge, and this reorients her
DNA to receive more of the background
cosmic energy. This energy flows into her
body and essentially enhances her
physically while at the same time affecting
CG - Well a lot of people say it's adrenaline, and they have the material around her. Once the feat has
done studies into this, but a lot of it - they say - is mind been accomplished, this energy is still
over matter, but I like to say mind over what's the matter - residually passing through her
its consciousness. And consciousness is extremely biochemically and energetically enhanced
powerful. More then likely what is happening is our body, but if it has no where to go (as in she
consciousness, in that moment of the now, is changing the cannot ground it using a spiritual technique
physics or the matter around you to where you are of some sort) it will literally destabilize her
changing the outcome of that situation. body and mental structures. When a
vocalist shatters a wine glass with their
[This would be an example where voice, it is the same type of synchronization
higher laws are overcoming lower laws, or entrainment principle. The singer tones a
described in detail within the Hermetic text pitch which is resonant with the glass and
known as the Kybalion. In this way, the the material in the glass literally 'shakes
term Natural Law denotes the physical laws itself to pieces' because the energy cannot
of the universe, as we know them, as well be properly balanced. This is also why
as the seemingly miraculous phenomenon negative ET races, which use artificial
such as psi abilities or spontaneous immortality technology, have their physical
healing. Here no laws of the universe are body breakdown over time, along with a
broken, but we access more of disturbed mental state. For more on this
consciousness itself, which is superior to see the following related post.]
the material universe in that the Related Organic vs. Artificial Immortality
consciousness of ourselves and the things | Cyborg ET Races, AI Black Goo, 'Wave
moved becomes one; a co-creative act.] X', The Solar Shift & Organic Evolution
Via Truth Receptivity
DW - One of my secret space program insiders, Jacob, told
me the people who documented these experiences were DW - So is there a way to positively generate that kind of
secretly abducted and blank slated and tested. They found connection, so we can handle the voltage increase?
that the people who exhibited feats of extraordinary
strength had some kind of DNA energetic overload, and
CG - Well yes, and we're having to do that now. Our solar
that in many cases their DNA was damaged and they
system is entering a highly energetic part of the galaxy and
would die a few years after performing this feat. It seems
we're experiencing high energy now that is affecting the
to have messed up their biological mechanism somehow.
psyche of people all around us. Its obvious.

CG - They spent all of their life force energy in one kind

DW - Well it seems like people are going through more
of blast.
stress in less time then ever before. Life is getting
increasingly difficult.
DW - So you would agree that it might be damaging to us
at some level if we try to jam all this voltage through
CG - And time seems to be compressing and speeding up.
ourselves all at once like that?
The people that are working on becoming more service to
others, raising their vibrations in consciousness, opening
CG - If we're not spiritually evolved enough to handle it, their minds to this type of information - are going to be far
then yes.
better prepared for this type of transition then those who will of creation in order to become manifest.
are more service to self, exploiting other people. This is why the Cabal share so much truth
in movies, tv and books, because it notifies
DW - The germans, you said, went to Tibet and grabbed humanity of their intentions, and our lack of
scrolls and people that could read them, which you said action to say or do otherwise, provides
had blue prints to make vimann-as [flying machines depicted them with tacit consent to do the thing
in the Vedic scriptures]. So if the germans are encountering revealed. All of these are co-creative
these cultures, where every thought is supposed to be a processes described
loving thought, and this gives you magic powers - how did beautifully under contract or equity law, the
they get a black magic spiritual philosophy out of this; I laws which govern the mingling of free will
think a lot of people are going to be wondering how this beings.]
could have happened?
DW - So what do you think a Cabal member's reaction is
CG - Well they brought a lot of their ideas and beliefs - going to be when he hears you saying you need to be more
overlaying them onto wherever they went. They corrupted loving or forgiving?
positive teachings and symbols, twisting them and turning
them into negative ideas as we well know from history. CG - They are going to cringe (chuckle). They want us to
be always anxious, fearful and at each others throats. They
[This underscores one of the deeper want us to be divided, religions against religions, races
teachings in natural law, which is that the against races - as long as they can keep us at each others
universe in its application of divine law is throats, we won't be at theirs. They want to keep us divided
amoral. That the same fundamental natural and conquered.
laws are used for both evil and good, yet
what determines if the desired effect comes PROGRAMS IN THE 'EXPERIMENT':
to fruition is the acuity of the practitioner.
Using black magic still comes with a very DW - Are you personally aware of social programs
real price, usually personality stagnation designed to foster this in humanity?
and dependency on others;
a vampiric modality of being. White magic CG - I want to be careful in saying this, but they have co-
requires more then simply having a positive opted religions that are based on the love principle. This is
intention, there are skills and knowledge known as the golden rule - to do unto others as you would
which needs to be applied properly. This have them do unto you. In almost all cases they have
also means that no symbols or ideas are infiltrated these religions, twisting them under their
inherently evil - in and of themselves, control, using them in hateful ways to divide us.
instead it is how a symbol is used which
determines if it is harmonious or chaotic on
the mind of the observer. For example, you DW - It certainly seems that all the major religions have
can build a house with a hammer, or you been contaminated in vary degrees. There are scholars that
can harm someone, but the hammer will be have come out saying that feminism, Gloria Steinem, was
a hammer in either case. The a better originally foster by the Cabal, and women who are getting
measure of good vs evil is morality, the up to be about 50 years old, realizing 'wow, I've spent my
laws of honorable dealing and contracts, whole life chasing things that men want, now I want to
where truth, honesty and goodwill ensure have a child and it's too late'. Do you think that they are
cooperation. Free will is the prime law of deliberately doing things like this, to try and drive men and
the universe, and in this way so long as a women a part since its the basis of family?
full and transparent disclosure of intent is
followed, the free will of others who are CG - They are constantly doing social engineering, so to a
affected is honored. Magic or psi abilities degree yes. But women have been repressed for so long -
project intention onto other embodiments of and to another degree they take movements, like women
consciousness - so-called inanimate wanting to be equal and infiltrate anything positive they
objects, plants and animals, and even other say to twist it. I see the women's movement to become
human beings. Therefore, if the thought equal with men as a good thing, but there has been
being projected is strong enough to be infiltration and twisting that has caused schisms in our
received by the beings capable of society.
manifesting the desire, it will be done
in accordance with the will of the universe. DW - You said before that there has been 22 genetic
This is why even black magic and the programs that have affected us in consciousness. Some of
Cabal follow the 'rules' - ultimately any these do appear to be engineering us to be more easily
magical working must harmonize with the controlled. Do you have any specific examples?
CG - Right. These are social, genetic and spiritual what I used to say as a child, that would upset my parents,
programs. The spiritual ones include them incarnating into who were very conservative. I would say: 'I used to be you.
human bodies. They are a part of this grand experiment as You used to be me. I used to be Granpa, and he used to be
well. They are not just custodians observing. They are very me.' And they would say, 'that doesn't make any sense
much vested in these experiments. There is strong scientifically. In time, we're all existing separately and
evidence that I was shown on smart glass pads, that they how could you be me, and I used to be you.' I would say:
created and manipulated our genes to make a 'god gene' so 'time doesn't matter; only the experience matters.' They
we have a driven need to worship and follow a leader; a would be completely confused by this idea. Meanwhile, I
higher being. This was done to make us more controllable. am only five or six years old and I am saying these weird
These 22 programs run parallel, but some 'step on each things. As it turns out, this is what these higher density
other'. Some of them have the goal of providing spiritual beings are saying: 'time is an illusion, we are all
growth and enlightenment, while others want to keep us fragmented yet we're all one'.
'down' or spiritually ignorant; unaware of our co-creative
consciousness. DW - Why do you think in the book A Course in
Miracles, which is similar to the Law of One, that one of
DW - Why would worshiping a higher being be a bad their core teachings is that forgiveness collapses time.
thing? Most people would think that is a good thing?
CG - I don't know. When I hear 'forgiveness of yourself
CG - It is a good thing, but its bad when these beings step and others stops the wheel of karma' [a loose Law of One
in as that higher being to be worshiped; the so-called quote] this tells me forgiveness ends a cycle some how.
trickster gods. Not only are these ET's doing this, but a lot Time to us may seem to be cyclical, maybe there is a
of the Earth breakaway civilizations are doing it too, parallel there.
coming to the surface and pretending to be gods.
DW - We're talking about the idea that 'forgiveness
[Firstly the concept of worship does have a collapses time' and 'in forgiveness lies the stopping of the
valid basis in my view, because when we wheel of karma' - are essentially the same statement.
communicate with our higher selves, we
begin to identify with it facilitating us to CG - Yes.
become more 'god like'. Since a part of us
exists beyond time and space, in an
DW - That time is karma. That the experience of duration,
eternally perfected state which is also
being in this universe, is in and of itself, a participation in
totally unified with the creator, worshiping
a fragmented soul. And that the more you can forgive
the higher self is essentially worshiping the
those around you, the more that your soul is reintegrating -
creator. The key difference being that true
hence stoping time or collapsing time and stoping the
worship provides for self mastery and
wheel of karma.
empowerment - the development of internal
knowledge and self discovery - whereas
false worship creates a dependency on the CG - When you are forgiving others, you are forgiving
'false god' or image - which gives us fish, yourself. A lot of time, if you have wronged another, the
but never teaches us how to fish. Secondly, hardest thing can be to forgive yourself. Forgiving yourself
a breakaway civilization is a group of for doing something horrible - and trust me I know - this
humans who have advanced far enough to forgiving yourself can be the most difficult choice in the
be independent of the surface population. equation. Forgiving another is altruistic and freeing thing
Once this has been accomplished, the to do for yourself spiritually. But to be able to forgive
civilization usually goes underground or yourself is a very difficult pill to swallow, to dig deeply
moves off planet. According to CG, the inside of yourself and shine a light.
Nazi's broke away from Earth in the middle
of the 20th century, moving into the solar MASS AWAKENING OF PSI ABILITIES:
system and beyond.]
DW - Did you encounter any information on your own in
DW - It seems with the rainbow body training, that your the program, suggesting that the rainbow body
not really worshiping a divine being, you are becoming phenomenon is real, that it could turn into some kind of
awareness. All the things I have read about it say, you light being?
recognize the nature of existence as emptiness that is
aware; and that you become that empty awareness. That CG - There was information that I saw, that I didn't pay
seems different then worshiping something. much attention to because I wasn't interested at the time. It
said, something about the people in the east ascending.
CG - It is. One of the things that I was told by the higher
density beings, is that we are all one. This goes along with
DW - Hrm, that was in there? [In my view, CG is describing the
entrainment principle, the synchronization
CG - Yes, it was in there. But I didn't pay that much of information. Click here to see an
attention to it at the time. Of course, my interests have example of synchronizing metronomes,
changed now, and that's something I'd be very interested in which are is physical demonstration of what
now. But, I don't remember reading anything about a happens with likeminded and valued
'rainbow body'. people.]

DW - Did you ever encounter beings that had light bodies Considering all this, it is possible, but I haven't seen any
vs biochemical bodies? hard evidence of how that will occur. If it will be a sudden
or gradual change, that is. Personally I feel it will depend
on where each person is at in their development and on
CG - Other then the sphere beings, I have not.
their path.
[The Sphere beings are a highly evolved
DW - Well it is interesting that before these Tibetan
alliance of 5 races who are non-material in
monks would reach rainbow body, they were already able
nature. According to Goode, the Blue
to lung gom pa - able to take giant leaps into the air with
Avians, one of the five races, materializes a
each bound, traveling huge distances. Lung gom is the
body to interact with physical beings, but
actual exercise, lung gom pa is the person who can actually
then 'dissolves' back into their resident
do it. They could push their hand into a rock, making a
density afterwards].
hand print. Or push their foot into stone to make a foot
print. This suggests that well before rainbow body is
DW - Is it possible that we could go through a attained, a much better ability to control our reality and
transformation at this time, where our abilities would have affect physical matter, will be taking place.
a sudden and dramatic improvement?
CG - And that's probably where most people will go if
CG - Once we become a transitional civilization, into 4th they come close to their rainbow bodies.
density, depending on where each of us are on our path,
abilities will begin to awaken. Those who are more
DW - Thats all the time we have for this episode.
advanced will have higher abilities and become examples
to those with lower abilities, which will in turn boost the
novices to adept status.

Stargate SG-1: Soft Disclosure According
To Secret Space Program Whistleblower
Written By Dr Michael Salla
September 16, 2015

similarities with the coordinate navigation system depicted

in the original Stargate movie (1994) that was then
incorporated into the Stargate SG-1 television series.

Could the highly popular television series Stargate SG-1

Goode is not alone in describing such a numerical address
(aired 1997 to 2007) be more science than fiction? Secret
system. Wilcock pointed out that another secret space
space program whistleblower Corey Goode claims it is
program whistleblower, Henry Deacon (aka Arthur
based on real-life advanced travel technologies found all
Neumann), also claims that this is the navigation method
over the planet, solar system and galaxy.
used for portal travel. Deacon began publicly disclosing
his information regarding portals/stargates back in a 2006
In the latest Cosmic Disclosure episode, “Portals: The interview on Project Camelot.
Cosmic Web”, Goode responds to questions posed by the
host, David Wilcock, about various kinds of travel
Goode said that these ancient portals have been found all
technologies used by ancient societies and extraterrestrial
over the world, and these are highly sought after by covert
civilizations. Goode described the difference between
teams from the U.S. and other countries. Another
various “portal” or “wormhole” technologies that either
whistleblower, Dan Burisch, claims that he was part of a
naturally occurred, or were built by a highly advanced
covert team that went into Iraq to find its portal
ancient civilization not known even to current
technologies. Indeed, Deacon independently confirmed
extraterrestrial visitors to Earth. This is virtually the same
that a stargate had been discovered in Iraq. There was
scenario depicted in the Stargate SG-1 series, where
much circumstantial evidence supporting Burisch’s and
stargates are described as being built by a race of beings
Deacon’s claim that the real reason for the U.S. invasion of
called “the Ancients.”
Iraq was to find ancient portal technologies, as I proposed
back in 2003.
Goode referred to technologies depicted in the Stargate
SG-1 as a fairly accurate illustration of how ring-shaped
In an earlier episode of Cosmic Disclosure, Goode
ancient portals or “stargates” actually look and work. He
described the sun as a natural portal that is used by
said that the navigation system is similar to how the
spacecraft to enter into or leave our solar system.
internet operates whereby numerical sequences are
Elaborating further, he said that solar filaments form
assigned for individual computers, networks, ISPs and
torsion fields that create traversable wormholes for portal
countries. This is the basis for the IP (Internet Protocol)
travel between suns in our galaxy.
numbers, which are the backbone for navigating the World
Wide Web. You can check the IP address of the device
you are using to read this article here. The most startling aspect of Goode’s testimony is that the
natural and ancient portal systems form a “cosmic web”
that spans the universe. By jumping from one portal
Similarly, Goode says that a series of numerical
location to another, one can travel incredible distances
coordinates based on hyperdimensional mathematics
between galaxies, and across the universe. Goode’s claim
designate different galaxies, solar systems, planets, etc.,
which becomes the address for a particular portal. This has
of a cosmic web of portals was also depicted in the It is very unusual for a sitting member of the Joint Chiefs
Stargate SG-1 series. of Staff to do a cameo for television, let alone a science
fiction show depicting his military service hiding advanced
The number of similarities between Goode’s account of technologies from the public for national security reasons.
portal travel with what was depicted in the Stargate SG-1 This Stargate episode clearly implied that very senior
series raises an intriguing possibility. Was the series part officials in the USAF were in favor of “soft disclosure”
of a “soft disclosure” or “acclimation program” whereby through the entertainment industry.
the entertainment industry was used to prepare the public
for the truth about portal travel? There are many more parallels between the Stargate SG-1
series and Corey Goode’s revelations about the portal
It is very plausible that the producers of Stargate SG-1 travel system used in secret space programs. He has earlier
were given the key ideas that would disclose the highly described full disclosure as an event that will soon occur
advanced science used for portal travel, using fiction as a through massive document dumps. In this latest episode of
cover. Many episodes of the series depicted how the Cosmic Disclosure, Goode reveals that the general public
“stargate/portal” technology was kept secret from the has been silently prepared for such an event by the “soft
Earth’s population, and the ethical problems this caused disclosure” offered by popular shows such as Stargate SG-
for USAF personnel. One episode even featured the 1.
USAF’s then serving Chief of Staff, General Michael
Ryan, who appeared in the Cheyenne Mountain complex
which housed the ancient stargate technology.

Cosmic Disclosure Episode 12:
Portals: Cosmic Web - Summary and Analysis
Corey Goode and David Wilcock
Thursday, September 17, 2015

understand how this dynamic effects the

planet and consciousness in general.

The summarized notes will be in black, with my

commentary in [green brackets].

DW = David Wilcock, CG = Corey Goode

Corey and David discuss the Cosmic Web

and the naturally occurring portal systems THE ANCIENT STAR GATE NETWORK:
in the universe. Stars and planets are
connected via an electromagnetic web DW - Welcome to another episode of Cosmic Disclosure
which is in turn connected to the Galaxy with Corey Goode,
and the universe beyond. These
connections can be used to travel the
[a secret space program (SSP) insider
cosmos almost instantaneously, yet the
working with a group known as the SSP
skill required to do so is extensive.
Alliance, which defected away from the
Apparently the secret space program went Cabal led programs several years ago after
through a phase of growth and making contact with five highly advanced
development, creating technology which races known as the Sphere Beings. These
uses these connections. They based their entities are here in the solar system to help
guide humanity towards realizing its own
methods off a pre-existing network of
ancient star gates, build by beings who freedom, as a result of personal action and
oversea the development of evolving up-liftment].
He is helping me verify information I have collected from
For me this was a very interesting episode. a variety of insiders who have worked in highly classified
I remember when studying physics at programs over the years. There has always been this little
University how it seemed like the universe something - or I should say big something - where these
would be a huge network of interconnected people knew more, but they held it back, possibly do to
points, but only until recently did I have secrecy or fear. Regardless, I could just never get all the
enough research under my belt to answers I was really looking for, which was very

frustrating. With Corey's data, we know there is an alliance DW - Ok. Before I go blathering on about what I already
within the secret space program, that wants us to have the know, would you describe the difference between an
truth and reveal their technology to us on Earth, that ancient and modern portal, in terms of what it's like, what
specifically asked him to work with me to bring you this does it do, how does it function?
information. To help others understand what is really
going on, well beyond what a UFO researcher could CG - There are natural portal systems that are a part of the
discover. In this episode we're going to be talking about known universe; we call it the Cosmic Web. Then there are
portals. I am going to throw some things at Corey that I've ancient portal systems and current era portals systems,
heard from other insiders to see how the data lines up. I am which exploit this natural Cosmic Web to travel from point
not putting any words in his mouth, but since I have to point. The ancient portal systems - and there are many
collected a lot of data on this, I want to see how all these of these - that were left behind by several groups on Earth.
threads intertwine. Welcome back to the show Corey. They vary in there sophistication, in that, some of them do
very short point to point jumps with others doing longer
CG - Yep. range transports. For example, if you wanted to reach a
planet or solar system that is in what we call 'hops' - where
DW - First off, I want to mention that when with the there is, lets say, 10 solar systems between the start and
insider Henry Deacon, who I spoke with extensively for at end point, then you have to make three or four 'hops', to
least 80 hours, in a very in depth 'insider type' get to your final destination.
conversation. One of the things that he told me, which
could help start this off, is that there are ancient star gate or [Essentially CG is describing that in some
portal systems as well as modern portal systems. I am of these ancient portal systems, in order to
wondering if you are familiar with that. travel the full distance you would have to
'hop' from one location to the next, much
[In Cosmic Disclosure Episode 9: Electric like when traveling across the globe on an
Sun, they discussed how the universe is air plane requiring multiple flights; there is
connected electromagnetic torsion fields, no direct route in some cases. An
which CG termed the Cosmic Web. As interesting correlation to what CG is
planets and stars move about the Galaxy, describing is what is revealed in the TV
naturally occurring gateways open up. This series Stargate SG.1. In the show, there
is apparently why the Bermuda Triangle were several occasions when the SG team
and other oddities on Earth have become would need to go a planet, and from this
synonymous with air plane and ship location, dial-in using the gate there to
disappearances, wherein a reach a further point along the network.]
celestial alignment opens a gate way into
time and space. The end point for this DW - This 'hopping' is using the ancient system?
portal could be the past, present or future
and at any location in the universe at CG - Yes, in the ancient system, and also in the beginning
large.] of the current era system, this is how it works as well. This
is how they were developed.

DW - Could you just briefly explain what you would

experience in a 'hop'? Do you have to walk from one place
to another once you arrive? Or are you in a craft? How
does this work?

CG - You could travel there in a craft, or walk into one of

these bubbles I was telling you about before - or you could
go into a portal.

[In Episode 7 Special Report: Mars Colony

Inspection of Cosmic Disclosure, CG said
DW - Are you familiar with this delineation that when he travels to the SSP Alliance
base on the moon, the Lunar Operations
[a method of differentiating between Command, he does so using a blue orb.
ancient and modern portal systems]? This orb is about the size of a golf ball
appearing the room at which point he
signals that he is ready for transport and it
CG - Yes.

would expand to envelop him in a bubble,
transporting him to the lunar base.]

DW - So the bubble would be at the beginning of your

journey when you're on Earth. How does the 'hopping' take
place? Do you land on a planet, or are you in space? - I'm
not really understanding 'the hop'.

CG - The ancient portals I am talking about are physical

gateways, actual ancient devices. There is another type of
ancient device that looks just like what is in the show

Related Hidden in Plain Sight | Stargate

SG -1: Soft Disclosure According To 'Ziggurat' shaped step pyramid with star gate portal at the top.
Secret Space Program Whistleblower
DW - And did they have stairs going up to the top?

CG - Yes, stairs going up to a flat area.

DW - Would this be an earth-like place, with trees, grass,

blue skies and clouds?

CG - Well, the sites I am talking about have been dug up

or unearthed. These gates were buried at one time

[in other words no trees].

The Physical star gate device depicted in the TV series
Stargate SG. 1. Here is a rendering showing how the portals are
interconnected, being used to 'hop' across the galaxy. DW - But on other planets?

CG - These are spread out across many solar systems. CG - Yes, and here on Earth.

DW - And when you say "just like Stargate", you mean it DW - Oh, they have been buried on Earth...
is shaped like a ring?
CG - Yes, wars have been fought over them. Finding them
CG - There are some that are shaped like rings. But, the and knowing how to use them, well that's two different
one that I saw looked like a ziggurat - or a step pyramid. It things. They work just like in the TV show Stargate, with
came up in three different directions, with steps like a an address system, much like an IP or Mac Address in
pyramid shape.. computer systems.

DW - Three different directions like a triangle? [In the TV series and movie Stargate, the
ancient device works by 'dialing' in
constellations which appear as cartouches
CG - No no, I mean four different directions - a pyramid -
with the portal opening at the top. or symbols along the ring of the gate itself.
Each symbol represents a reference point
in the cosmos that is used like a coordinate
[Here is one depiction I found based on the system to focus the gate onto a specific
Mayan step pyramid, which closely system. There are 6 points of reference
matches what CG is describing.] (demarcating a 3 dimensional reference
system) with the 7th point as the home
location. In the following scene from the
film Stargate, Daniel deciphers the home
symbol for Earth, at which point they dial
an address to a location across the known

and institute modifications in the basic and standard life
designs of the local universe.

Note: There are many names provided in

this work which closely resemble figures in
religious texts, which may turn one away
from the book due to preconceptions. It
took Julian and I several years to read
through and decipher this epic work, which
in my view, contains a wealth of valuable
information; but again I am not claiming it
as absolute truth.
WEB: What I found so interesting is that David's
insider Daniel revealed to him that the last
DW - This is exactly what my contact Daniel has told me. three digits for Earths numerical address is
In fact, he gave me the complete numerical address of exactly the same as what the Urantia book
Earth, as a series of three single digits, that could be states as the numerical index for our world;
anywhere from one to nine. Then there is a series of three 606. This could simply be a coincidence,
digits between one and 99, with the last set from one to but in my experience these types of
999, depending on what you need it for. I never leaked the correlations usually have a deeper
whole sequence, but I have said that the number for Earth meaning. There is a great deal of
is 606 and that Mars is 605. These are the last three digits conceptual data discussed in the book
of the address. which modern science and other
philosophical works have similarly shared.
[This is a very interesting sharing by David. This type of research is something I find
Julian and I read the Law of One in the most fascinating - as David said at the
early days of our awakening in 2010 and beginning, how different perspectives and
2011. In that series, they refer to the views interweave with each other.
Urantia Book, which we decided to read at
the time. It is a series of 196 papers As another side note, the Urantia book also
purportedly from divine beings close to the states that our world is an experimental
first source and center of all things, sent to sphere, which also correlates with Corey's
Earth as part of an effort to offer truth and data when speaking about 22 genetic and
empowerment to mankind in preparation other experiments conducted on humanity
for coming ages of evolution. To be clear, I over the eons.]
do not contend that either of these works
are absolute truth, but there is an Related Summary and Analysis of
enormous amount of highly accurate data Cosmic Disclosure Episode 10:
contained within them. Awakening The Pineal Gland | Corey
Goode and David Wilcock
The Urantia book describes the universe
from a top down perspective, starting with
the creator, the central universe of eternity, CG - I didn't know that. But for those who are out there
the seven super universes of time and wanting to know about this computer jargon I just referred
space and finally the history of Earth and to, a Mac address, in a computer network, is a machines
the life of Jesus. Urantia, the name of Earth hardware address. An IP address is the internet protocol
according to the divine custodians and life address, for when your connected to the internet. There is
givers of our local universe, is world four octets that identify a subnet mask, your network and
number 606. Here is an excerpt from Paper your computer address. The star gate system is kind of like
58 Life Establishment on Urantia: large computer network.

58:1.1 (664.2) 600,000,000 years ago the commission of [To further expand on CG's analogy, the
Life Carriers sent out from Jerusem arrived on Urantia and internet and wifi router work by assigning a
began the study of physical conditions preparatory to 'name' to your computer which then
launching life on world number 606 of the Satania provides a way for information to be shared
system. This was to be our six hundred and sixth from the internet to your computer. When
experience with the initiation of the Nebadon life patterns you click on a link or web page, this sends
in Satania and our sixtieth opportunity to make changes a request to the server for the site, which
contains your router's address and the IP

address it assigned to your machine. The technologies which appear to be inanimate
website's server then sends packets of objects at first, but once the proper
information to the wifi router which funnels consciousness state is developed within an
the data to your computer using the IP operator, the device springs into action.
address as a destination marker. These ancient builders have long left the
Sometimes the wifi router will assign a new solar system, and many of these sites have
IP address to your computer, which can been raided for technology or resettled by
cause the flow of information to stop, other races. In the TV series Stargate
requiring the page to be refreshed so that a SG.1, a race called the ancients built the
request is sent using the new IP address. star gate network millions of years ago, and
The point is that the star gates seem to advanced to a level which allowed them to
work off of an address system, most likely 'ascend' to a non-material state of being.
based on the position of a planet relative to Sound familiar?]
other stars or a central point in the universe
that does not move. This is much like what DW - That makes sense, because when you described
is described in the Urantia book as the ancient builder race before, you said that they had stone
central creation of Havonna and the Isle of chairs, sarcophagi, alters or slabs, which seem to have very
Paradise, eternally fixed or unmoving in advanced time and space warping capability. And that
relation to the constantly cycling time- these relics were highly sought after by other ET races in
space creation.] our solar system because of that.

CG - And there are other gate systems that have been

found on Earth that are much younger and look different.
These were apparently reversed engineered or used the
same technology of addressing like that the most ancient
gate systems use.

DW - I was told that these addresses...

CG - Wait, now you said any number, as in, any random

address number that was put in would be associated to an
An artist rendition of the Central Universe of Havonna with its one
billion eternally perfected spheres orbiting the actual location in the star gate system?
Isle of Paradise and the 21 spheres of the Father, Son and Spirit.
DW - Well I don't know how much farther it goes up
DW - Daniel told me that almost any number you dial in is above 606...
going to take you somewhere, because all the addresses
[that could possibly exist] are used. He said that there is some CG - I am sure it works a lot like an IP address system,
kind of ancient race that comes along and builds one of wherein you have a different subnet mask, identifying a
these gates on a planet, and each planet has one central network, and in the gate system, this might indicate the
gate. When you portal in using a particular numerical galaxy, solar system and then a planet in the system you
address, it will route you specifically to that star gate on are dialing.
that planet. It seems like these beings that do this will put a
star gate on a sphere once it starts to have intelligent life so DW - He said [Daniel] it was something like that, except
it can eventually find it and travel. Does this line up with that it was a sort of three dimensional sacred geometry,
anything you've heard? which I assume is the dodecahedron shape, used to 'bust
out' areas into quadrants in units of 10.
CG - I heard that there are two gates, built at different
times, going all the way back to the ancient builder race. CG - Before we were able to really understand how these
gates worked, we had to have the hyperdimensional or
[In previous episodes and also mentioned multi-dimensional mathematics model handed to us by an
in a David Wilcock conference here, the ET group.
secret space program and other groups
have found thousands of sites in our solar Related Hyperdimensional Reality and
system (and on Earth) with massive Synchromysticism - 'Know thyself and
building complexes, tunnel systems and thou shall know the Universe and the
bases; build apparently by what they call Gods'
the ancient builder race. These sites
contain very advanced 'consciousness' Related Summary and Analysis of
Cosmic Disclosure Episode 9: Electric CG - I've heard about the same instrument, and that it was
Sun | Corey Goode and David Wilcock being used to map our Ley Lines and certain energetic
points on the Earth.
DW - Basically you have these step-down versions of 10
quadrants. If the first digit is, lets say five, then you're in Related Ley Lines and their UFO, Occult
the fifth quadrant of that 10-unit section. The next digit in and Paranormal Connections - A
the series narrows the location down to a region by another researchers findings reveal UFO
factor of 10 phenomenon connected to Ley Lines

[ten times magnification on the area DW - Do you know enough about it that we could try and
identified by the first digit], etc. replicate it? Is there a specific type of magnet that is
CG - It works very similar to a computer network or
internet. CG - Oh yeah...

DW - The other thing that Daniel said, was that there are DW - Because we never talked about it before, but clearly
apparently hyper advanced angelic or ET groups there is some type of magnetic flux in a portal area.
monitoring the system, so that if a given planet of people
graduate or ascend to leave, then that gate address is [Magnetic flux refers to a change in the
recycled and given to a another group [of angelic or ET strength of a magnetic field, which when
guardians], to be watched over in it's next phase of organized in a certain way - usually in
evolution [meaning, that as a civilization evolves, there are golden mean ratios - is able to transmit
guardian groups that watch over each phase of it's evolution]. In information from a location in the field, to
other words, if number 540 in the system is being used, the Cosmic Web itself. According to Winter,
and that planet evolves of graduates, the 540 address will remote viewers and astral travelers, who
be reassigned to another planet somewhere else and given have properly developed the mental
to a new group [of angelic guardians]. So there is some kind discipline to steer their aura or create a
of intelligence, he said, thats behind them, when you get to coherent magnetic field around their body
the final three digit number, [much like what was just by controlling their emotions, are able to
described above in the Urantia book]. link up with the Cosmic Web and travel
either via consciousness (like a remote
CG - This is new to me. viewer) or even bilocate or teleport. We
discussed the science of this process in the
DW - The insider Jacob said that even in ancient times the following post.]
Celts and the Druids keep this information very secret, Related Organic vs. Artificial Immortality
having a device with two permanent magnets that were on | Cyborg ET Races, AI Black Goo, 'Wave
something like a tuning fork, wherein the magnets would X', The Solar Shift & Organic Evolution
pull together harder or push away from each other more Via Truth Receptivity
when you were near a portal. Just walking through the
woods holding this device would be their way to find these CG - NASA published an article saying our sun has a
portals. portal or magnetic filament connection to every planet [or
object] in the solar system. And anything that has enough
[In Dan Winter's research, which is echoed mass to cause a gravitational pull or torsion in our space
by CG and DW in episode 9 of Cosmic time, is going to create magnetic or gravitational
Disclosure, places where the relationship with the host sun. These filaments are the
electromagnetic field is highly organized portals; strong electromagnetic connections.
into a fractal geometry creates rivers of
energy flowing in and out at that location. [In other words the natural portal system
These points occur at intersections of lay used by ancient and modern star gates is
lines, with most of churches and sacred governed by electromagnetic principles.]
sites in the world on top of these points.
One can develop the ability to find these
vortexes by becoming aware of subtle DW - But if we don't include the torsion component, they
energy around their body, much like a are not really going to understand how this works. It's an
dowser finds water in the ground using electromagnetic tube that also has a strong torsion field
copper rods.] and would act a traversable worm hole.

Did you ever encounter anything like this?

[The term torsion simply means spinning
field or vortex, and a torsion field is a
spinning of energy or force, in this case
electromagnetism. There is one primary
shape or geometry which all torsion fields
express as; a torus. This shape provides
the most efficient way to receive and
transmit energy or information, and this is
why living things, from the very small to the
very large, all have an electromagnetic
toroidal geometry at their foundation.]
Torus geometry created by the inflowing and outflowing energy.

The Torus shape of 'body vehicles' created by a focal point of inflowing and outflowing energy or material. At the top let there is a bar magnet
orienting iron filings around its electromagnetic field. Top center is an image of the hydrogen atom. Top right a living cell. Middle left a tree. Middle
center the electromagnetic field produced by the human heart. Middle left an apple. Bottom right a hurricane. Bottom middle the Van Allan
radiation belts. Bottom right a galaxy.

CG - Right, and its happening within the torsion field of at the end destination. Because it is
the solar system. The galaxy itself is a giant torsion field. consciousness which is being 'transported'
All the stars in a galaxy are constantly moving around the and not the physical body, it is
center, with stars closer to the center moving at a slightly consciousness itself which organizes the
different speed, which means the magnetic relationships to material at the end point into a new body,
each object are constantly changing - these filament and as such, if the being is not evolved
relationships are always changing between each star, just enough to make the jump, the experience
like electricity. Electricity takes the path of least resistance is very dissociating - but through the use of
[the most efficient shape to distribute charge is a torus], so technology, these deleterious effects can
if you want to travel to a star on the other side of the center be reduced to zero.
of the galaxy, you would have to wait or calculate the right An analogy to this would be the
time to travel because if you don't, then the star will psychedelic experience LSD or DMT,
change its position relative to your location, and as a wherein, some people have a grand
result, the electromagnetic connection changes to a new awakening, whereas others are deeply
path of least resistance or a new star - you'd find yourself disturbed; the key being how self
in a different star system then where you were intending to actualized or mastered we are, how well
go. we have come to know thyself. We
discussed the science of this briefly in an
[Possibly this is why ancient megalithic analysis of David Wilcock on Fade to black
peoples were so focused on tracking the earlier this year.
movement of stars in the heavens.]
Related David Wilcock: Stargates,
DW - Like a short circuit. Consciousness Tech, Draco "Fear
Food" & Methods of Personal
CG - It's the path of least resistance, which is constantly Transformation, ET Contacts | Analysis
changing [because the universe is constantly moving and of Fade to Black May 26th 2015
swirling about itself]. It's very complicated. The further you
go out into this gate system, the more complicated the Dewey B Larson described the process of
calculation is. life evolving from mostly a material
beingness to a metaphysical one in his
book Beyond Space and Time, wherein he
describes the physics of consciousness
evolution, touching on: intuition, miracles,
free will, morality and co-creation. His
DW - We started the conversation by talking about ancient model describes how living units, starting
vs modern portal technology; let me add in another point I from micro-organisms and ending with
have heard in the past, and see how this matches up with humans, begin to house their
your knowledge. Henry Deacon told me that this ancient consciousness in the time-space sector of
system involves a ride or subjective experience that can be the universe; the metaphysical realm of
extremely jarring - at best you come out on the other side mind.
vomiting, or at worst completely mentally insane or
irreversibly damaged by the experience. He said people Our bodies operate in space-time for us at
had to study and really get advanced in their consciousness this stage of evolution, with three
capabilities to be able to use these portal safely. dimensions of space and one dimension of
time. The time space sector is the
[Again, Dan Winter discusses this topic reciprocal of space time, with three
extensively in his work. The key principle dimensions of time and one dimension of
here is that as a consciousness evolves, it space. We access both in our everyday
becomes more organized and coherent; experience. For example, when you want
like a high definition image. Organisms to walk from one side of a room to another,
start to identify more with the metaphysical this requires motion in three dimensions of
or mental aspects of their being instead of space, taking time to get from one point to
the body, which creates a very disciplined another. The time space region we access
and self organized consciousness. The star within using our minds, as we navigate
gate system transfers the organizational memories of the past, observe events in
aspects of consciousness from one the present and imagine possibilities of the
location to another, and in a sense, the future - all from a 'still point' of space within
physical body is dissolved at one location, the mind. In other words you can recall a
and then recreated using different material memory and move in-time without having

to physically move your body; this is an Sphere beings manifest a body to interact
example of a time space experience. with CG and others, as he described in
According to Larson, the more accurate episode 7 of Cosmic Disclosure, except
and complete our knowledge becomes, the that they actually indwell the time
more clear or high definition the mental space region and are therefore beyond
version of ourselves is as well, which space and time.
makes passing through a natural star gate
much safer. When we enter a star gate, our mental self
or image is transmitted along time-space
By combining the work of Dan Winter and connections, to a space-time location, and
Dewey Larson, a complete theorem can be the quality of our mental image determines
developed to account for how our biology how severely we are 'jarred' by traveling
already provides a way to travel or bilocate through it. Hence David's insider saying
into the cosmos. DNA's geometry or shape that training and mental acumen are
changes as a result of our emotions, which essential for safe travel through these
produces a flux within the electromagnetic systems.]
fields of our bodies, reorienting DNA. If we
are able to properly master our emotions - CG - Yes, and also they probably received chemical
not being triggered into negative one's injections or shots that were used to help with these
which create chaotic patterns - then effects.
eventually the shape of the DNA
chromosome will braid itself recursively (a
[Because emotions produce
fractal or self similar geometry) into the
electromagnetic changes in the fields
shape of a torus. As we discussed above,
around the body, as well as, a flood of
the torus geometry is perfectly shaped to
biochemical products, it is conceivable that
allow information to be received and
artificially adding these chemicals to the
transmitted simultaneously, providing a
body before hand will help stabilize the
channel or pathway for consciousness to
consciousness as it prepares to travel.]
organize within the material sector (space-
time) and the mental sector (time-space).
This is a fractal relationship, where the But they also found out how to use these gates more
outside looks like the inside, and the inside efficiently when they finally learned how to do the
looks like the outside; known in Natural calculations better. So these disturbing effects became less
Law as the principle of Correspondence; as of a problem. In the beginning, traveling just within points
above so below, as within so without. in our solar system was bad enough, but traveling from star
to star, was really not a good idea; for a person [alluding to
In order to activate this inner star gate the fact other things could travel through, such as remote
technology, locked inside the biology of life, vehicles with cameras, much like what is depicted in the Stargate
one must master themselves enough film]. Even after we developed to the point where we were
(know thyself) such that who they truly are able to travel from planet to planet in our solar system and
is reflected within the mind, or the time- negate the physical effects, it took a while from them to
space sector. Imagine the star gate like a get the calculations right, and fine tune traveling through
set of mirrors pointed towards each other. these ancient portal systems, without suffering these major
The mind represents the mirrors, and if it is ill effects.
not polished properly, a hazy image will be
reflected on it, and then any distortion is DW - In the aftermath of the Philadelphia Experiment,
compounded by each reflection cast in the there are reports of a bar fight breaking out in Norfolk
mirrors facing each other. Once mental Virginia where these guys were fighting. When they
discipline has been achieved to a high became angry, they would turn invisible. They also had
enough degree, we can imagine being at a this little belt packs that they developed to keep this
location, much like a remote viewer invisibility effect from happening. Is this true, why was
projects their consciousness to the target. this happening?
The location at the end point will funnel
through the mind and begin to entrain or CG - The Philadelphia Experiment was a very
synchronize with our consciousness still at irresponsible in how it was done. From what I saw, they
the start location. Eventually these points did not do a whole lot of non-human testing before hand,
equalize and our consciousness is able to and it did not involve using torsion field physics. It was a
'transport' itself to the destination, heavy electromagnetic pulse or pulsing wave that caused a
materializing a body of some type, simply change in the phase - I can't remember the terminology
by an act of will. I suspect this is how the they used, but they measured what our natural state of
matter phase is and figured out a way to change that, or at DW - Can you portal yourself directly into one of these
least interfere with it, using high intensity electromagnetic underground facilities, as well as, on to the surface of the
fields. planet? Is there any interference when you go below the
DW - The insider Jacob told me that ET's like the Draco
are only slightly out of phase with our own reality. As CG - No, you can portal strait from underground here to
sensational as this sounds, he said that there were Draco the underground of another planet or star system.
ships landing on the Whitehouse lawn everyday, entering
into an underground facility where they were planning and DW - From what I gathered in our previous conversations,
having meetings; things like this. Did you ever hear there are probably a lot of ancient builder race portal
anything like that? systems in underground caverns...

CG - Well, I know a lot of the highly advanced cloaking CG - Portals and all kinds of other crazy technology.
technology pushes the vessels and beings within them,
slightly out of phase. And that the Draco's have all kinds of
DW - Do you think that if we get the cosmic disclosure or
strange abilities. A lot of people see so-called 'shadow
'data dumps' you spoke of in the past - where the secret
people' that scare them and afterwards they feel like they
space program finally reveals the truth to humanity - do
are being feed-off of energetically. These could be the you think that people will have access to this portal
Draco beings astrally projecting into the room to feed-off technology, fairly soon in a post-disclosure society?
them. But yes, the Draco's have some extremely high
technology. [In the following articles discuss the scientific
bases for fear food or looshe energy just described by CG.] CG - I don't know how soon. I get asked a lot of questions
like: "How soon will it be before I get to talk to an ET?
How soon will it be before I get to take a tour of the solar
Related David Wilcock: Stargates, system? How soon till I get to portal to Mars?" This is
Consciousness Tech, Draco "Fear going to be a long process, and a lot of the technologies
Food" & Methods of Personal we're going to have access to at the beginning, will
Transformation, ET Contacts | Analysis
enhance our lives down here. And there is still a lot of
of Fade to Black May 26th 2015 mess out there to clean up. This isn't going to be an
overnight fix, it's going to take a while to clean up this big
Related Organic vs. Artificial Immortality
mess we created over ages of time. Now, just the fact that
| Cyborg ET Races, AI Black Goo, 'Wave
this portal system or Cosmic Web exists, lets us know that
X', The Solar Shift & Organic Evolution
once we develop to a certain point, to where we're not
Via Truth Receptivity
considered a menace to ourselves and others, where we are
considered a transitional civilization into fourth density,
MODERN STAR GATE SYSTEM: being more loving and positive, being more of one mind to
work together - all these end points that these portals
DW - In the modern gate system, you said that they connect to, all these beings out there are basically our long
perfected the side effects happening in the Philadelphia lost cosmic family, that we will start to meet with and
Experiment? learn about, at some point. Surely when we're ready, these
beings will start to visit us through these portals, and we'll
CG - Yes. Not only that, they don't always have to have a be invited to visit them. There will probably be all kinds of
point to point device system, with one at the start location nice foreign exchange student types of situations, which
and one at the end location. It is almost like they are able will be very interesting to see how this all develops. I don't
to pull a craft over an object, and portal it on to the craft, have a crystal ball, so I can't see into the future, but...
almost like Star Trek's technology of sight to sight
transport, without using a teleportation pad. This is still DW - In terms of the technology that you're already
using the same type of portal technology, but much more familiar with, will we eventually be able to have a
advanced. civilization where everyone could have a working portal in
their home enabling them to make very large jumps
DW - Would this involve some type of triangulation without having to use a transfer or 'hop' station? Or would
system, where you have three beams that triangulate on a it be more like you make a local jump, from your home, to
particular coordinate point, and pull the portal from that a hub were larger portal systems would be used? Would it
point back to the origin? be too entangled if everyone has their own personal portal
system that could go long distances?
CG - Right. It is creating a portal at a further point and
portaling it back to your home location. But now, they've CG - Sounds kind of chaotic, doesn't it?
perfected modern portals and they are extremely
advanced. DW - Yes it does.
CG - I mean it would be nice to portal to the mall or DW - We only have a few minutes left, but you made me
whatever, but when there are seven billion people that all think of something interesting. I featured this in my books
of a sudden have a new toy and want to portal all over the going all the way back to 2001. There are two sets of
galaxy, it could create problems. I don't know. I don't see names, one is Battaner and Florido and the other is
that happening immediately. I think we'll definitely be able Einasto. They are researchers primarily out of Spain, that
to portal to Cancun or the Cayman Islands - that kind of mapped out these super clusters of galaxies demonstrating
thing in the beginning. that they are all organized around geometric matrices.
They called this geometry the Egg Carton Universe
DW - I'm also wondering if the craft that your describing because it looks like a carton egg. The shapes they call
might travel so fast that portals are more reserved for eggs do appear to be sacred geometric patterns as a
things that are off planet, and that once on the planet you function of vibration. If you vibrate a plate with sand [like
might have portal stations, like subways or airlines today. what is done in the study of Cymatics] you get these same
We might also end up having our own personal space craft shapes. The patterns mapped by this team, appear to be
to travel wherever we wanted at such speeds that using a filaments connecting galaxies together.
portal would be unnecessary.
CG - What I've been shown by these ET races is that our
CG - Right. As I stated earlier, many of these ET races entire universe is a torsion field, just like when you look at
have very large space craft with portal systems and travel a galaxy you see a giant torsion field. That's why some
all through out the Cosmic Web of the galaxy, and into stars are traveling in one direction, while other stars are
other galaxies. Our galaxy is a little tiny spot within a our traveling in the opposite direction, with still others zipping
local galactic cluster. Hubble has already mapped out this around. The Hubble telescope has captured some of these
region and beyond. [According to mainstream science, galaxies that appear to be moving away from us faster then
since light travels at a constant rate, when we look up at the speed of light. And they can't explain it. But I am being
the night sky we're literally looking into the past.] The told, that our universe is a giant bubble or torsion field, and
photographs taken by Hubble show galaxies and the everything in it is connected via filaments, which I am
energetic connections between them, from billions of years being told is the Cosmic Web.
ago. These filaments form a grand Cosmic Web. Maybe
you've heard people say that everything in time and space [This also sounds like a description of the
is connected, well this is very much the truth. It's all universe described in the Urantia book.
connected. Everything is connected. Its all just a short hop, The Central Universe acts as a focal point
skip or a jump away. [CG shared this video of what he is of a massive torus with rings of galaxies
describing as the Cosmic Web] moving in opposing directions to each

DW - Thank you Corey, that's all the time we have this

week. This looks like a good time to talk about.. time. I
want to talk about what other insiders have described as
layered time, that it can stack on itself; the three
dimensionality of time. And we're going to talk about time
and portals interlacing. We're going to try and really get an
understanding of how this new physics applies to this
bizarre world and the secret space program. That's coming
up next time on Cosmic Disclosure.

An artist rendition of the Master Universe described in the Urantia
Book. The Isle of Paradise is the bright light at the center,
immediately orbited by the 7 Spheres of the Universal Father, then
the 7 Spheres of the Eternal Son followed by the 7 Spheres of the
Infinite Spirit. Circling around the isle are one billion eternally
perfected spheres in the Havonna circuit, marking the edges of the
central universe. The first level around the central universe are the
seven super universes of the post Havonna creation, a time space
universe of evolving perfection. These are populated by evolving
spiritual beings which journey back towards the central universe
over ages of spiritual development. The remaining three visible rings
are the uninhabited outer space levels of enormously vast regions of
organizing matter and energy, developing for unrevealed plans of

Cosmic Disclosure Episode 13:
Portals: Navigating Time - Summary and Analysis
Corey Goode and David Wilcock
Tuesday, September 22, 2015

The summarized notes will be in black, with my

commentary in [green brackets].

DW = David Wilcock, CG = Corey Goode


Corey and David discuss some of the more
mysterious aspects of Ufology;
DW - Hello, welcome to Cosmic Disclosure, I am your
consciousness technologies. According to
host David Wilcock. We are having in depth discussions
David's other insiders, there have been
with a secret space program insider named Corey Goode.
special chairs recovered from
There is a lot of laughter around this subject, with people
extraterrestrial craft, which enhance the
around the internet ridiculing the topic, but if you have
occupants consciousness to the point
been watching our show, I think it will become clear to
where they can create portals and manifest
you that we are not dealing with something that can be
objects from 'thin air' with ease. Goode
easily dismissed. Granted we don't have all the documents
goes on to say that the portals created
yet, we don't have the degree of proof some people would
using these devices traverse space and
want. But when you've spoken to as many secret space
time, which was at one point a major
program insiders as I have, who have cosmic topic secret
problem for the secret space program.
clearance and above, that's 35 levels above the need to
The accounts offered by Goode suggest know basis the president of the United States has. These
that time is much more dynamic and insiders have come forward as whistleblowers, and they
malleable then we been have led to shared with me very specific things that interrelate. It
believe. This data supported Dewey B actually becomes more of a stretch to say they are pulling
Larson's Reciprocal Systems theory of from a central body of lies, then that they are actually
three dimensional time, and that we are describing something that is true. In this episode we are
already navigating time-space in our going to go into a discussion of time and that our physics
everyday experience. This episode builds will need to be altered based on what we encountered.
off of previous talks related to the Cosmic Without further ado, Corey thank you for being here,
Web; links found below. welcome back to the show. [be sure to review the previous
episode which is the basis for the following discussion:
Summary and Analysis of Cosmic Disclosure Episode 12: an early age using various techniques, to
Portals: Cosmic Web | Corey Goode and David Wilcock.] enhance their intuitive information retrieval
methods. There are many other programs
CG - Thank you. for training psi abilities, including the use of
a virtual reality system, which CG and DW
discussed in Summary and Analysis of
DW - Let's get right into so hard insider data. One of the
Cosmic Disclosure Episode 10: Awakening
things that fascinated people most about the insider
The Pineal Gland | Corey Goode and David
testimony I have been gathering and putting out online, is
from an insider named Daniel. He claimed to work in the
Montauk project, but he termed it Phoenix III. He said that
our military industrial complex had procured a seat from a DW - How is that negative?
crashed extraterrestrial disk, and that the seat itself acted as
a consciousness interface. Someone could sit in the seat, CG - Negative reenforcement
put their head back, and then 22 base waveforms would be
represented [on a monitor] as the energetic field of the [a term referring to harsh training
person in the chair. They would go to what they called the techniques whereby when a subject does
'quiet point', a stillness in the mind, then they would have not perform the desired behavior they are
to 'zero out' the chair, meaning once these 22 sine waves punished in some way].
stop jiggling and making them to stay still [presumably due
to altering the person's consciousness in some way], then they DW - Like electroshock torture kind of stuff?
would individually tweak the nobs on each sine wave,
making them flat lines. At this point - according to Daniel's
experiences in the chair itself - a lot of weird things could CG - Mmmm.. yeah. They were putting us in these chairs
and did happen. For example, if you thought about an from recovered ET craft, and they were trying to see which
object, the energy that this chair could harness - that they of us could change certain waves in it the most
had to enhance using a very specific frequency from huge proficiently. I found that very interesting. We weren't
transformers - would allow you to manifest the imagined manifesting things in the room or remote viewing other
object in the room. He also said if you thought about a locations, like you mentioned, but we were using that
specific place, a shimmering mirage would appear, and device, the chair out of an ET craft, to see which one of us
you could see the place in the image, which you could could change certain waves on command.
send people through and they would travel there; like a
portal. He said these were standard seats in UFO type DW - Daniel was also brought into some kind of training
craft, where the pilot would hop in the seat and imagine a for what they called the Psi-Corps, a corps of the military
place he wanted to go, and the craft would zip off to that that was psychic based. One of the things they wanted him
location. So before we get into a lot of other stuff that he to do was to go into the 'quiet point' within him self. Did
said, does this match up with anything you've heard? you ever hear that term?

CG - Yes. CG - Yeah.

DW - Could you give us some specifics on this? DW - What was your understanding of the quiet point
training? What is supposed to be done? What is the
CG - The consciousness interface with chairs, [I can] very objective?
much confirm. There were chairs that we were put in, in
the MILAB project, when I was a child, that the intuitive CG - When you reach a deep Theta state of consciousness
empaths were trained in - you mentioned the 22 waves - [using the standard medical system for scaling states of
they were trying to get us to go in to different states of consciousness; based on brainwave activity] That is when you
consciousness in a negative way. We were being trained, are least conscious of your body and your surroundings,
on command, to go into different states of consciousness, when you are more in contact with your higher self, and in
that were measurable. a higher consciousness state. No other thoughts enter your
mind, you don't think: "I'm cold, what am I going to eat
[Corey has described here and here MILAB later, my nose itches, it's cold in the room" - I mean you're
training in the secret space program. having no thoughts. And people say having no thoughts is
MILAB stands for military abduction, in this impossible. Training yourself to be conscious, but having
case of children or people that have a no thought, is where they wanted you to go.
potential asset value to the program; in
many cases because they were contacted [I find this interesting because the theta
by extraterrestrials. One such asset type is state is the meditation or imagination state
the Intuitive Empaths, individuals trained at of consciousness, where our attention is

not concentrated at a specific point but Most of the operators beings wore a headband set in these
instead is diffused. For example, when we craft or sat with their hands on a panel - just like these
are drawing a picture, our consciousness higher density beings would think of a place and that is
bounces between the inner world of the where they would go - the craft would phase out of the
imagined drawing, jumping to the outer current location and phase into the location imagined by
world to actually render the image with the operator.
paper and pencil. Here we maybe slightly
aware of other things around us - like the [CG has discussed in the past, that the
sounds of birds singing, or music playing, Sphere beings are very high density life
yet we're focused on the task of drawing. forms that have transcended the need for a
But when in a Theta state, it's as if our material body. They can materialize a body
attention has been spread to include all for interacting with lower density life forms
sources of data, wherein we are not simply by an act of will or thought, and in
focused on anything, just simply allowing this way 'travel' anywhere in space or time.]
the information to flow through us. This is
where channeling, remote viewing,
DW - Would this travel sort of automatically 'hop' through
precognition and intuition are the most
the Cosmic Web you were describing?
clear. The science for this has to do with
entrainment and the relationship between
electromagnetic fields produced by the CG - No. We've talked about how everything is vibration,
mind and body. The shape that these fields everything has a vibrational signature, every solar system,
produce indicates, but is not the cause of, planet, location of a planet, has a signature. Consciously if
whether our consciousness is in a state to you think of that place, and its signature, you can change
receive or to transmit data from without. your entire vibrational signature, your body, to match the
While sleeping for example, our locations vibrational signature. Since the universe is
consciousness is in 'receive mode' with the holographic, you phase out and re-phase in to the location
active part being deep within the mind, and you're imagining.
in some schools of thought, traveling
astrally in time-space. But when we're DW - In Carlos Castaneda books, Don Juan, the original
highly focused on a task, we're receiving shaman, apparently there is a real guy named Cachora, and
and transmitting (co-creating) with the he is still around - Cachora said, and this does appear to be
world around us, producing a brainwave real, that some shamans have learned to teleport
state that is less interconnected and more themselves. The way they do it is, if you have an out of
focused. The Theta state is the geometry of body or astral travel type experience, and then consolidate
unity and interconnectedness (penta- a particular location strongly enough, where you keep it
dodeca), very close to the sleep state, completely stable so it doesn't shift or flux - once you can
accept that the conscious mind is 'in hold that new location consciousness wise, you actually
between' worlds, meaning it is able to jump there. So does it work that way?
observe inner streams of data intuitively
and outer streams of data via the body's CG - Yes, some beings actually travel that way. We call it
senses. The better the mind is able to stay astral projecting. They send their consciousness to a
in this state at will, the more easily it can location, they see the surroundings, doing reconnaissance
have access to psi abilities which require (gathering information) of where they are proposing to go.
an interface between the inner world of They gauge the vibration of that area, then they report this
time-space (three dimensions of time and vibration back to their conscious body, which changes it's
one of space) and the outer world of space- vibration, phasing out of where it was, coming to where
time (one dimension of time and three the consciousness now is; the remote viewed location.
dimensions of space); more on this later.]
Related Magic and Ritual Decoded | The [I offered a detailed explanation of how this
Science of Ritual Magic in Theory and process could work in the following linked
Practice articles.]
Related Summary and Analysis of
DW - Pursuant to my original question, did you also Cosmic Disclosure Episode 12: Portals:
encounter information suggesting that the seat with a craft Cosmic Web | Corey Goode and David
has an interfacing capability to will open a portal to Wilcock
another space or time?
Related A Brief Explanation of Psi
CG - Yes. Later on, I found out that this is how these craft Abilities | Jedi-Like Psychic Training in
operated, that they were completely consciousness driven. Secret Space Programs
DW - Is the chair in the craft a technological assist that much an illusion. They were using consciousness, as a key
enhances this natural ability to teleport? component in the chair to manifest things, which is
something we do with our mass consciousness everyday;
CG - Yes. Some of these ET's have found a way to cheat, manifesting our reality. This ability to use consciousness to
to be able to do what some of the ascended or higher go back to a timeline based on the person's state of being.
density beings do to travel. The polarity of that person, how positive or negative they
were, determined the timeline's character - how 'positive' it
DW - The chair enhances their own native ability? was. The same thing with the people that traveled to the
future. If they were a negative polarity Cabal group, they
would see huge cataclysms - in one future they traveled to
CG - Right. Consciousness. the rotation of the Earth changed on it's axis, 90% of life
had died, all these horrible things happened on that
TIME TRAVEL AND THE CONSCIOUSNESS timeline - then they came back and reported it. But more
CHAIR: positive people would travel in time and see a glorious
future. If the technology is sound and we have multiple
DW - I want to get into the core of why I brought this up, people of different positive or negative polarities doing
which is the time discussion. Daniel had direct knowledge these time travels, what does that tell you about time?
of people in the Phoenix III program. One guy in particular
was more then a little crazy, and Daniel said they figured [Essentially what CG is suggesting here is
out that these portals they were creating were more then that the person in the chair, their biases,
just space travel. First they thought it was only space beliefs and overall moral acumen ('positive
travel, then they realized you could go to different points or negative') creates a portal to a location
in time, just by thinking about where you wanted to go. So in time that relates to their bias; a timeline
this crazy guy decides he wants to kill his father, because for their possible future. The location and
they figured out they could go back in time. Have you point in time would be the same, but as
heard about this story? different people operated the chair and
created portals, their version of events
CG - I have heard about this paradox, yes. changed the character of the timeline even
though the location in time and space was
DW - Ok. Instead of me talking, why don't you describe the same.
what would happen - or what are some of the historical This suggests that all possible timelines,
cases of people that have tried some of this stuff, and what based on an infinite spectrum of possible
happened as a result. events, actually exists in some form.
Conventional physics is only
CG - From what I saw on the smart glass pads now beginning to develop theorems for this
idea (the multiverse), but Dewey B Larson
[these are 3D holographic versions of spent most of his carrier studying what he
something like an iPad, with a library of called three dimensional time. Reciprocal
information on it that was provided to Systems theory is the result of decades of
secret space program personnel. During research and study, producing a model for
CG's tour of duty, he spent many hours the universe based on two regions of
reviewing information on these pads.] one physical motion; space-time and time-
of the reasons they put buffers on this space.
temporal technology [used in some of the
craft for propulsion purposes], Related Science of Life, The Universe
and Everything? | Dewey B Larson'
Reciprocal Systems Theory - Walking
was because some of these time travel experiments got
the Path of Truth in a World of
extremely out of hand. People were traveling back in time,
deciding that if they killed someone in their history, it
would change the timeline in their favor. These people
Space-time is our normal everyday
would then come back and arrive at the alternative timeline
experience, wherein it takes a set amount
they created, this resulted in schisms and split timelines.
of time to move in physical space; walking
They were sending people to go back and fix the from one end of the room (three
disturbance, which caused even more problems and
dimensions) takes a certain amount of time
timeline splits. There were all kinds of fragmentations and (one dimension of time). Time-space is the
it was getting way out of hand. This is when they started reciprocal or 'mirror image' of space-time,
getting visitations from very high ET groups, saying they and as such there are three dimensions of
needed to stop. It was also explained that time is very time and one dimension of space. The
realm of mind is where we access time- CG - These fairy rings could be some sort of ET temporal
space, where we can explore the past, bubble, that they had there to observe something. If a
present and possible future from a fixed person walked in and got stuck in this temporal bubble, if
location in space. For example, you can they didn't leave out the same way they came in, they
remember a whole series of events as a would get stuck in for hundreds of years. But to them it
flash of revery or insight, where days of would seem like minutes. A Rip Van Winkle kind of thing.
experience is processed and made
available to you without having to relive the [here is a summary I found on of the Rip
time like one would watch a movie or video. Van Winkle story wikipedia:]
This means that our consciousness can
focus outside of us in space-time or inside The story of Rip Van Winkle is set in the years before and
of us in time-space to process and receive after the American Revolutionary War. In a pleasant
information, both are operating at the same village, at the foot of New York's Catskill Mountains, lives
time. When we dream, our bodies are still, kindly Rip Van Winkle, a colonial British-American
remaining fixed and unchanging, with our villager of Dutch ancestry. Van Winkle enjoys solitary
consciousness exploring a dream world of activities in the wilderness, but he is also loved by all in
visions and landscapes that actually affect town—especially the children to whom he tells stories and
us as if we were physically there. This is an gives toys. However, he tends to shirk hard work, to his
example of time-space exploration or nagging wife's dismay, which has caused his home and
movement, where our consciousness is farm to fall into disarray.
changed metaphysically oppose to
physically; a literal example of temporal
One autumn day, to escape his wife's nagging, Van Winkle
travel. And we could even say that the
wanders up the mountains with his dog, Wolf. Hearing his
places and things we imagine in our minds
name called out, Rip sees a man wearing antiquated Dutch
are most likely real places that exist at
clothing; he is carrying a keg up the mountain and requires
some level of consciousness.]
help. Together, they proceed to a hollow in which Rip
discovers the source of thunderous noises: a group of
DW - That's an interesting point. ornately dressed, silent, bearded men who are playing
nine-pins. Rip does not ask who they are or how they
CG - The ET's came and told us to stop trying to repair the know his name. Instead, he begins to drink some of their
timeline schisms, because just like space, time is elastic. moonshine and soon falls asleep.
Just like if you had a torsion field 'twisting space', only to
remove it and have it snap right back. If you screw around He awakes to discover shocking changes. His musket is
with time it will repair itself, its going to snap back. The rotting and rusty, his beard is a foot long, and his dog is
scientists in the secret space program had a hard time nowhere to be found. Van Winkle returns to his village
accepting this. They did not believe that time was an where he recognizes no one. He discovers that his wife has
illusion, and that it was something that could snap back died and that his close friends have fallen in a war or
and repair itself. Further, that time is a major component of moved away. He gets into trouble when he proclaims
consciousness - all of this they had a hard time accepting. himself a loyal subject of King George III, not aware that
the American Revolution has taken place. King George's
DW - It would appear that if we go back in time in our portrait in the inn has been replaced with one of George
own history there is the legend of fairy rings. These are a Washington. Rip Van Winkle is also disturbed to find
circles that look like crop circles, where people could walk another man called Rip Van Winkle. It is his son, now
into these and meet elfs, gnomes, leprechauns, dwarfs, grown up.
fairies etc. One of the legends says that if you go into a
fairy ring you have to out the same way, or you will time Rip Van Winkle learns the men he met in the mountains
travel. What are these fairy rings, and how does this relate are rumored to be the ghosts of Hendrick (Henry) Hudson's
to what we have been discussing? Did you hear anything crew, which had vanished long ago. Rip learns he has been
about them? away from the village for at least twenty years. However,
an old resident recognizes him and Rip's grown daughter
CG - I did not hear anything about those, but it sounds takes him in. He resumes his usual idleness, and his
very similar to these federation meetings happening inside strange tale is solemnly taken to heart by the Dutch
a temporal anomaly or bubble. Just like you describe; you settlers. Other henpecked men wish they could have shared
have to leave along the same trajectory as you came in. in Rip's good luck and had the luxury of sleeping through
the hardships of the American Revolution. - END OF
DW - Oh really?

DW - One of the things Henry Deacon shared with me was metaphysical universe, and that the
that time is actually sloppy. Time hick-ups and makes 'illusion' of time discussed here and
jumps, but that we somehow with our energetic body, glue elsewhere discuss our beliefs about time,
together the glitches in time. We have a psychological not that it is unreal. In other words, that a
buffer that makes our experience appear to have singular timeline which flows from the past
continuity, but there are phase relationships with our solar into the future is an illusion of perception, in
system and other stars, or planetary conjunctions and reality all possible timelines are just as
things like this - that are causing glitches - but we are 'real' as the one we are presently
apparently not at a level yet were we can detect them. experiencing.]

CG - That's somewhat true. Time really is a complete BIO PORTS FOR TRANSMITING INFORMATION:
illusion for us stuck in this third density way of thinking
and consciousness, making it difficult for us to understand. DW - Let me throw this at you, we were talking about the
But time speeds up and slows down all the time. The Montauk chair, and recently Pete Peterson gave me some
people that are out there talking about this, such as Nassim very fascinating information. He said that on our back,
Haramein, have great information on this topic. right in the shoulder blade, there is a dimple there, where
all the nerves in our bodies cross over at this spot. This
DW - Well viewers on Gaiam TV can watch Nassim's appears to be some kind of divinely intelligent design. He
video 'Black Hole' which was produced by Gaiam TV, and said these nerve points are called 'ports' and many different
there is also interviews available as well. ET's have chairs that have 'nubs' that you have to sit into,
and the nub goes into this spot on your back...
[Nassim, like Dan Winter, has a wealth of
information that lends credence to what is CG - Yes we use them too, you can download a lot of
being discussed in this episode. For those information through those.
who do not have a Gaiam TV subscription,
you can watch the entire 90 minute video, [This brought to mind an idea discussed in
Black Hole, here.] Natural Law and under the principle of
Correspondence, called reflectivity.
CG - That's great. The electro-plasmic universe [also Essentially we can think of the universe as
known as the electric universe] and torsion universe, these a grand series of reflective surfaces, which
are the models the secret space program is working off of. are constantly receiving and transmitting
All of these other sciences that people think are cutting information via the creation of physical
edge down here, are going to be thrown out the window. structures or geometry. For example, an
All these PHD's are going to have to go back to school; artist may decide to render the experience
when this information is released. The true sciences that of happiness in a painting, which is a
are being suppressed from the people is a whole new reflection of their unique experiences.
mathematics. We are working off a very archaic Biologically, the body is a grand series of
mathematical physics model in the mainstream sciences. reflective systems that translate information
Once we learn to understand how all these things work, we in one form to another. The experience of
will understand why time is always speeding up and heat is transmitted to the skin via
slowing down. This has to do with the torsion field effects electromagnetic vibrations, received by
of the galaxies on each other, the solar system and within nerve cells which transmit the data into bio-
our minds in how we perceive it. electrical signals that are received in the
brain and translated into neuro-chemical
[Dan Winter also theorizes that perception signals, received by the inner eye of the
or the feeling of flowing time, can be mind as a subjective experience. Similarly,
measured as a flow of magnetic the body's structure creates reflective
capacitance. In other words, as the bodies points where the totality of nerve data is
in space move about, they additively alter centralized in a type of 'hub' or network for
the electromagnetic fields at any transmission into another system; known
observation point, creating a 'wind' of as Reflexology. One last example to
magnetic flux that affects perception. This underscore the point, would be emotions,
is why the 'god helmet' discussed in which are transmitted from the heart as
episode 10 of Cosmic Disclosure, could electromagnetic waves that bath the body,
cause one to feel time dilation or stretching especially the hormone creation centers
effects, simply by manipulating just underneath the diaphragm. These
electromagnetic fields in a person's brain. waves are received by the adrenal system,
This further suggests that the material which produces a host of biochemical
universe is totally interconnected to the compounds that relay the emotional
information to the cells of the body, this is DW - Through the port's in your shoulder blades?
why stressful emotions create a
biochemical environment that hinders CG - Through the dimples, yes. This is the download
health and rejuvenation. Taking all this into function of this device. There's also a lot of nerve endings
consideration, the secret space program in your fingers and your hands which can be used too. A
can use one of these nodal points to lot of the neuro-interface devices [that the Interplanetary
transmit information directly into the mind Corporate Conglomerate produce on the Mars colony base]
once the proper biological 'language' has have copper or stainless steel plates that are shaped for
been developed. In the TV series hands to fit on. Or there are gloves with little strips of
Dollhouse, a secret military organization metal inside them used to bio-electrically interface with
develops a way to 'record' the craft and other devices as well.
consciousness of an individual and graft it
onto another person, who previously had
DW - Did you hear on your own independently, that these
their consciousness 'blank slated'. They
ports in our shoulder blades have all of the nerves of the
accomplished this using electromagnetic
body crossing through them, that there is a big intersection
induction and injections, almost exactly
what CG described in Episode 10 of
Cosmic Disclosure. And in the
film, eXistenz, a game system is developed CG - I wasn't told that. When I was in the MILAB
wherein a cybernetic device is attached to program, we sat in uncomfortable chairs with little nipple
a 'port' in the small of ones' back, allowing type things poking us in the back. We could feel an
them to navigate the game world with the electrical sensation come through the little bumps on the
same level of interaction as a dream. chair, which would download information to us; so as to
The virtual environment is so real, that the teach us.
characters in the story are unable to tell the
game world from the real one.] DW - This is an example of something genuinely
happening here, we never talked about this before, a very
DW - That's why I brought this up, because you said that obscure specific detail you encountered on your own.
scientists are going to have to go back to school. Pete said
that, for example a vision system can be done through CG - They said back then, that one day this is how
these ports and a lot of the fighter jets being used in the everyone would be educated.
military don't have windows, but you can see through these
bio ports, like telescopic vision. He also said you can DW - Well we're going to be talking a lot more about time.
download information right into your mind. Have you There is a lot more that I want to ask Corey. This is a vast
heard anything like this before? subject. Time travel, time jumps is something people are
really fascinated with. And we'll get into a topic he's
CG - I've used the download function of this system. mentioned to me before - this weird parallel Earth. That's
all going to be coming up next time on Cosmic Disclosure.

Secret Space Program Alliance Negotiates With
Council Of Ancient Earth Civilizations
Written by Dr. Michael Salla
September 23, 2015

with the “Council of Ancient Earth Breakaway

Civilizations.” He describes how a break-down in relations
between the different secret space programs, the influx of
highly advanced weapons, and the emergence of the
“Sphere Being Alliance,” led to the ancient Earth
civilizations feeling the strategic need to ally themselves

Their first step was to form a Council of the seven

different ancient breakaway groups, which previously had
different perspectives, and were isolationist in their
political philosophies. Curiously, this relatively new
Council did not include the ancient Mayan civilization that
Human civilization has been divided into two distinct Goode had previously discussed extensively, who have
branches for millennia according to a report issued today played a very positive role in mitigating the effects of
by Secret Space Program whistleblower, Corey Goode. On “service-to-self” extraterrestrial groups exploiting humans.
the Earth’s surface, civilizations have risen and fallen as a
result of cataclysmic events, wars, influxes of refugees This new alliance would enable the ancient Earth
from other planets, and genetic experiments by visiting civilizations to counter the increase in aggressive actions
extraterrestrial civilizations. In the Earth’s vast by the Illuminati/Cabal and their extraterrestrial allies, led
subterranean interior, another branch of humanity has by the Draconians. The latter were encouraging the
found refuge and flourished for millennia, preserving Raptors to expand their subterranean domains of Earth,
ancient forms of knowledge and bloodlines dating back to leading to territorial losses by the ancient Earth
a time before cataclysmic surface changes. Civilizations. Goode describes the Raptors as a
“particularly nasty race” that had “hideous reptilian
In his report, Goode describes a meeting held with a features as well as a scrawny plume of feathers running
Council representing seven ancient human civilizations, down their backs.”
which he described as the “Council of Ancient Earth
Breakaway Civilizations.” He describes the Council’s vast Goode described in great detail how the subterranean Earth
historical perspective and why they limited or avoided civilizations view themselves as racially pure in contrast to
interaction with surface humanity over the course of surface humanity:
They each described their perceptions of
Goode describes the distrust the Council has of surface those of us on the surface as uncivilized
humanity, which has been easily controlled and barbarians who are diseased and
manipulated by secret societies (Cabal/Illuminati) that are genetically impure. They said they were the
aligned with an invasive extraterrestrial group called the only ones who had preserved the various
‘Draconians’, who are intent on exploiting surface original earth human bloodlines.
Wave after wave of refugees from nearby
planets had since co-mingled their genetics
In order to protect themselves from the aggressive and with the original humans of this planet, and
warlike activities of surface humanity and a non-human had taken over the surface world like a
subterranean race called the ‘Raptors’, the ancient plague.
breakaway civilizations claim they have had to pretend to
be gods and/or extraterrestrials to hide their true locations.
Goode refers to four catastrophes on the Earth’s surface
that led to the formation of breakaway subterranean
Goode begins his report with a detailed explanation about civilizations:
the circumstances and events leading up to this meeting

They stated that in the nearly 20 million The ancient Earth civilizations knew about the Guardians
years since the original human bloodlines or the “ancient Builder Race” that Goode has described in
had arisen on Earth, there had been four a number of Gaiam TV interviews:
major cataclysms that had either changed
the Earth’s axis, rotation or orbital path The subterranean groups claimed that
around the Sun. there had been an ancient civilization that
Each time one of these events occurred, had protected this region of the galaxy for
the “elite” or priest caste kept their genetic literally billions of years. They were referred
line pure through isolating themselves to as “The Guardians,” and the Secret
beneath the ground. These small groups Space Program referred to them as the
survived while their surface counterpart “Ancient Builder Race”…. This Guardian
civilizations perished. race was extremely advanced. There were
no other ET groups who would even think
From time to time, these ancient civilizations would help of violating their region of space.
surface humanity rebuild their destroyed societies
according to what Goode was told: Surface humanity has changed from the time of the ancient
Earth civilizations that had relocated underground. Surface
humanity was now a threat:
Over oceans of time and smaller
destructive events on the surface, which
were still obviously catastrophic, nearly all The survivors of those inhabited worlds
signs of their former civilizations were within our solar system relocated to the
erased from the memories of the survivors. Earth. They were extremely aggressive,
Only myths and legends of advanced gods and began to reproduce and interbreed
remained. with the original humans that were on the
Earth’s surface.
They stated that they would emerge from
time to time to kick-start the civilization of It was not long before the subterranean
the survivors who were the most closely groups saw this new mixed race as a threat
related to them in terms of their genetics. to their existence. This new mixed race is
the current surface population of the earth
They claimed that these surviving races today.
assumed they were the gods of their own
ancient legends. It was decided that they
The ancient human society explained why they had to
would allow those they were assisting to
deceive surface humanity in order to counter the agendas
believe they were gods, in order to keep
their subterranean civilizations secret and of extraterrestrials:
They continued to appear to certain distant
Goode says that refugees from other worlds flooded the genetic relatives on the surface as gods
Earth’s surface and intermixed with the surviving and ascended teachers, to help them
population after the cataclysms: develop their civilizations and themselves
spiritually. This was done in the hopes that
they might be able to overcome the
To add to this incredible story, they stated aggressive part of their genetic
that more and more advanced groups programming. This effort has continued
began to arrive from outside our solar right up until the present time.
system during and after these cataclysmic
events. These new groups began to take They decided to start presenting
advantage of the situation, such as to farm themselves at ETs from other star systems
and manipulate the genetics of the natives when the surface population became more
of this solar system. technologically sophisticated. They say that
will continue to do this to keep the people
They claimed that the Earth became the they make contact with looking to the stars,
destination of the refugees from these instead of beneath their feet.
other inhabited planets. Advanced ETs
relocated these refugees here in several
waves as cataclysms occurred on their The ancient human civilizations are not optimistic about
home planets. The refugee races were surface humanity’s chances of changing its aggressive
behaviors despite the arrival of the Sphere Being Alliance
genetically similar to the original humans of
Earth, but were much more aggressive. who are believed by the former to be the ancient

They stated that they are not optimistic that genetic manipulation from groups such as
we will be able to do accomplish this, even the various “Grand Experiment ET’s” and
with the continued energetic changes or the Draco that they themselves do not
return and assistance of the Guardians. possess.
This was quite surprising to hear, as they
were obviously referring to the Sphere There is much more in Goode’s Report about the
Alliance as the Guardians…. philosophy and activities of the ancient subterranean
These subterranean groups are under the civilizations, and their relations with extraterrestrial
impression that after a full disclosure event visitors and surface humanity. Goode says that he also
and the removal of the manipulative ETs visited their library which will be the subject of part two of
from our solar system, it will still take his report.
several generations for us to heal and
evolve as a civilization. Only then will we Corey Goode’s latest report is certain to create much
be able to have open contact with their controversy over claims that individuals believing they
civilizations as equals. have had contact with extraterrestrials, were actually being
deceived by one or more of these ancient subterranean
The ancient breakaway civlizations are not happy that the human breakaway civilizations.
Secret Space Program Alliance is acting as the
intermediary to the Guardians/Sphere Being Alliance. Most controversial is the claim that subterranean humans
are genetically purer than surface humanity, which enables
They were not exactly thrilled about them to access ancient technologies left behind by the
forming this new council, or reaching out to “Builder Race.” This reminiscent of the claims made by
the SSP Alliance Council to request contact Edward Bulwer Lyton in his book, Vril: The Coming
with the newly-returned “Guardians.” Race (1871), which had a powerful influence at the end of
the 19th century.
Apparently the Guardians were not going to
contact them on their own. If they wanted
any access at all, they had to work with us Lyton’s book depicted a subterranean human race that
as a team. could harness the Vril Force to use highly advanced
technologies. Lyton’s book contributed to the rise of the
They flatly stated that they were doing this German Vril Society and the eventual formation of the first
under duress. Their alliance was forced secret space program in the 20th century. This historic
into existence by the vast array of problems process is outlined by Goode in an earlier email interview,
they were having. This included the lethal and discussed in more detail in the new book, Insiders
resistance they were encountering from Reveal Secret Space Programs and Extraterrestrial
various subterranean ET refugees and Alliances.
“ancient pre-human Earth races.”
If Goode’s report of his most recent Secret Space Program
Goode went on to explain that the ancient subterranean meeting is accurate, then surface humanity will eventually
civilizations are frightened of surface humanity: openly interact with its subterranean ancestors. There will
be many controversial issues to navigate, and past conflicts
These people are frightened of us. We to resolve, as we all learn about a much richer and
inherited very aggressive genetics from complex human history than anything previously
groups the refugee groups that were imagined.
relocated to our planet as well as from

Ancient Earth Break-Away-Civilization Subterranean
Council Meeting & SSP Alliance Debrief Part I -
"Honeycomb Earth"
Meetings Of September 3rd And 4th, 2015
23 Sep 2015 : 10:10

people, conscripted multiple secret facilities all over the

US, and hardly any of its own employees knew what they
were working on until the bombs detonated.

Remember: not one person in the Manhattan Project

squealed. Not one. Not ever. The penalty for speaking out
was terrifying enough to ensure complete compliance.
Therefore it is absolutely possible that an even more
advanced program could have been generated, on a much
larger scale, and still exist to this day -- without any public

The existence of a secret space program has been Let me assure you: the Secret Space Program [SSP] is an
meticulously and carefully hidden from the American absolute fact. The bases are out there. They are vast in
public, and the world at large, for well over 75 years. size, scope and technology. Our planet is now crumbling in
a Greater Depression because a majority of our wealth has
As you know if you have read this site or watched our been siphoned off to build this vast, interplanetary
weekly Cosmic Disclosure series on Gaiam TV, I grew up infrastructure.
in a world that is so far beyond the limits of most people’s
imagination that they would immediately write my Did it really cost NASA 209 billion dollars to launch the
experiences off as fiction. Space Shuttle a few times a year? No. Did the Stealth
bombers really cost 2 billion dollars apiece to build? No.
Most UFO enthusiasts believe the US government Did the Pentagon really “lose” 2.1 trillion dollars, as
acquired working ET spacecraft from the Roswell crash of Donald Rumsfeld announced the day before 9/11? No.
1947 – almost 70 years ago. Many also believe these craft
were successfully “reverse engineered,” giving them the I have seen the vast, glittering facilities our money has
ability to effortlessly travel throughout our solar system – built with my own eyes -- through the windows and
and beyond. transparent panels of advanced spacecraft. I have landed in
those craft and walked in those bases. I have met the
Even with the crude rocket technology of the 1960s, we people who live and work there. I have seen their faces and
were able to send people to the moon, land craft there and spoken to them just like I am speaking to you now.
drive rovers around on the surface.
There are millions of other people, originally born here on
However, people still hit a severe mental roadblock in Earth, who have shared my experiences. Regrettably,
imagining that our own reverse-engineered craft were hardly any of them have spoken out thus far – since the
flown to the Moon, Mars and elsewhere, and were used to threat of doing so can very easily be lethal, and it is nearly
build bases there out of local materials. impossible to return to Earth once you enter into this
Is it possible that a secret space program could have
existed without us knowing about it? Absolutely. Many have been a part of this world only to be “blank
slated”, have screen memories implanted then returned to
The Manhattan Project developed the nuclear bomb. It was live out rather mundane lives. Some of the people who
in operation for seven years, employed well over 120,000 have been robbed of these amazing memories and

experiences are some of the strongest skeptics of these These films were intended to seed our collective
topics. consciousness with fear and terror – a xenophobic hatred
of all intelligent civilizations other than our own.
We quickly discovered that our own solar system is
literally teeming with intelligent civilizations -- from many The plan was to eventually strike us in a mass “Alien
different points of origin. Some of them are extremely 9/11,” with huge armadas of reverse-engineered craft. In
benevolent, some are extremely negative and others are this event they could wipe out any opposing areas or
just visiting, without really picking a side. countries they wanted – just level them flat. The phoenix
they hoped to rise from these ashes would be a global
The reason so many different types of UFOs have been “New World Order” to fight this so-called “alien” menace.
seen is that there are many, many different civilizations
operating in our airspace – with a tremendous diversity of Of course, they would own and control the whole thing
technologies available to them. themselves. That was the plan. However, they failed to
realize that benevolent ET civilizations held them on a
The SSP has been owned and controlled by a very dark very tight leash, and they would never be permitted to
aspect of our planet for some time – an intergenerational carry through with these plans.
cult dating back to at least the Roman Empire. Many have
called these “Secret Earth Government Syndicates” the A giant, Neptune-sized sphere visited the outer planets of
Illuminati or Cabal. our solar system in the 1980s. It was confronted by our
people and asked to leave, which it did willingly. Many
Their main business is building hyper-advanced more spheres began appearing in the late 1990s into the
technology – and they have gotten quite good at it. As early 2000s.
impossible as this may seem, I was told they are now
engaging in regular trade with over 900 different Then, in approximately the year 2012, another 100-plus
intelligent civilizations. spheres arrived. These spheres were of colossal size – with
three approximate size categories corresponding to the
If anyone shows up who has something newer and better Moon, Neptune and Jupiter in circumference.
than the old stuff, they will quickly find a way to acquire it
and mass-produce it – no matter how unethical or brutal The beings associated with these spheres were very highly
the methods required. advanced. They do not require technology to travel
throughout the universe or accomplish any of their goals.
Since these secret earth government syndicates have very Even to the most advanced ETs in contact with our SSP,
negative spiritual beliefs, they ended up allying with the these new folks are on an entirely different level – and far
most evil and powerful ET group of all – a confederacy of more advanced.
reptilian humanoid races collectively known as the Draco.
The SSP believed that the benevolent ETs were bound by a
It is a sad but accurate fact that the vast majority of those “Prime Directive” that forced them not to interfere. For
who have joined the SSP are made to take part in brutal many years, that was true. As it turns out, the Prime
and terrifying situations intended to ensure they can never Directive was always intended for our own protection – so
escape, and will never speak out even if they did. I was these negative groups would never actually be able to
personally forced into many situations that were deeply completely conquer and overthrow our planet.
traumatic and have forever altered my perspective on
David Wilcock worked since the mid-1990s to spread the
Several years ago, an alliance formed within this group to word about the greater reality we live in, and along the
restore peace and freedom to our planet, and release the way came in contact with many high-level insiders with a
marvelous technologies that are being held back – but they surprisingly deep knowledge of these classified subjects.
faced towering obstacles.
After I began disclosing my knowledge to him, and finding
For many years, Hollywood movies, financed by these countless connections with what other insiders told him, a
same corporate interests, inundated us with film after film wild rollercoaster of unforeseen events led to me coming
of an “alien invasion.” Any and all such visitors were forward and revealing my true name and identity to the
portrayed as brutal, terrifying villains who must be world – at great personal cost.
destroyed at all costs.
Only a few months after this was done, the beings within
these spheres contacted the SSP and asked for me by
name. I had not worked for them for many years and this
was the most profoundly life-altering event I have ever
been through since I was first contacted by the Blue them at our most recent Gaiam TV recording of Cosmic
Avians a little over four 4 years prior. Disclosure, which hasn’t even aired yet. It was made pretty
clear that they were trying to force me out of the position I
Protocol and paperwork was thrown to the side as I was was in, and have Gonzales take my place.
brought back into a world I had only had seldom, brief
contact with since the 1980s. Recently, the Sphere Being Alliance indicated that they
would not honor the SSP Alliance Council and the Super
Suddenly, I was being asked to speak on behalf of these Federation Council’s requests that I be replaced. This led
beings – the Sphere Alliance – as their delegate. This to a meeting with explosive tension where I really lost my
included addressing the SSP as well as a group of over 40 cool, as did they. There was yelling, aggression and
different intelligent civilizations known as the Super- cursing. I am by no means spiritually superior, and this has
Federation, who have been running 22 different genetic been as stressful on me as it has on them.
programs on humanity for thousands and thousands of
years. We had a couple of meetings after this first explosive one
where things settled down, and we exchanged mutual
Again… I understand that this story seems extremely apologies. Ultimately we all want the same thing – to free
farfetched. Let me remind you that I had everything to lose humanity, and our entire solar system, from the rule of
– including a six-figure-a-year salary – and nothing to gain these corrupt secret earth government syndicates, and the
by coming forward. highly evil groups that have been controlling them.

The Gaiam TV job does not pay enough to support my As a group, the SSP has now been sharing ideas and
family. It has only been through your conscientious guidance to help shape my own future, as well as that of
donations that I have been able to continue doing this at humanity as a whole, in a more constructive manner. I am
all. simply the first of many insiders who will be coming
forward and revealing the full scope of what has gone on
for so long.
The people in the SSP Alliance had a team member who
we are calling Lt. Col. Gonzales, who had been in contact
with the Sphere Alliance for about four years – roughly the As I have said before, the NSA held a vast treasure-trove
same length of time as I had been. of SSP documents for blackmail purposes. Snowden
captured all of this data in his epic hack. The encryption
was only very recently broken.
Gonzales was the SSP’s choice for a delegate. I was an
outsider – a has-been who lacked the training and expertise
to be brought into such a role. That was their feeling. As a Once the public is aware and angry enough to hear the
result, I was ridiculed and harassed when I was brought truth, such as in the aftermath of a highly upsetting
back into their world. economic collapse, this documentation will be released in
a vast data dump. And it will utterly transform reality as
we know it in a matter of days.
Tensions mounted as they continued to look for flaws and
see me as unworthy of the role I was given. I suppose it is
human nature to look for character defects in others, The AD or “After Disclosure” society will be so radically
particularly if they have been given some position of different that every film, every TV show, every blog, every
authority – whether they wanted the job or not. YouTube video, every book, every article, everything from
before the event will be as antique and quaint as a black-
In order to fully understand the background of all my and-white silent film with a scratchy, bouncy piano
experiences, it is necessary to read previous articles on this soundtrack.
site and / or to watch the Cosmic Disclosure series.
We will realize the awesome scope of deception that
worked against us for not hundreds, but literally thousands
I had found myself in an awkward position in recent weeks
after I had some meetings with the SSP Alliance Council of years. It will be a time of grief and healing as we are
forced to accept the truth of our past, and direct our
that became very heated and personal.
attention towards co-creating a much bigger and brighter
They told me, flat out, that they did not want me to be
involved in future delegation meetings -- and that
Gonzales had proved to be far more adept as a diplomat In these same meetings, I found out that Gonzales had
attended a couple of Super Federation conferences without
than I had.
my knowledge. He had also attended a newly formed
council of Ancient Earth Breakaway Civilizations.
Furthermore, I had upset some of the Super Federation
members by providing detailed information about some of

I was aware that advanced civilizations had come and gone I decided that since I was already awake, and the meeting
from Earth’s surface in our distant past. They used their was not going to happen, I would get on the computer and
own advanced technology to terraform vast pockets inside catch up on emails and Facebook posts.
the earth with all the comforts of home. This provided
them with a protective barrier against whatever enemies, I was standing at the foot of my couch when there was a
both natural and extraterrestrial, threatened them on the bright flash of light. I felt a strange static electrical
surface – including cataclysmic natural disasters. sensation for a moment and then noticed I was not in my
house any longer. My eyes were a bit blurry, both from it
In my time at the SSP, I had access to “smart-glass pads” being very early morning and from the unexpected flash of
that were similar to an Ipad, which revealed some of the light.
civilizations living and warring inside the earth. Some of
them were more humanlike and familiar, whereas certain I found myself in a very large and perfectly polished
others were reptilian. One particularly nasty race was granite room that was round, with a domed ceiling.
called the Raptors, and had hideous reptilian features as
well as a scrawny plume of feathers running down their
There were two men in beautiful silk robes and silk fabric
sandals standing there. They were standing on either side
of an arched doorway. There were similar doorways on all
This Ancient Earth council, by comparison, was comprised four sides of the room with two men standing sentry. Each
of the more humanlike groups. They were aware of some of the two men looked slightly different in ethnicity and
of the other opposing factions, but were not in alliance build. Each man was also wearing a large gold pendant
with them. The humanlike groups decided to sort out their with a different symbol on it.
differences with one another out of necessity after a rise in
conflicts with various other subterranean groups.
I stood there and looked from door to door. None of the
men acknowledged me or acted as if they even noticed that
I was informed that I would be attending meetings with I had just appeared out of nowhere in the room with them.
this Ancient Earth council in the near future. This very
much excited and intrigued my curiosity. At the same time,
I stood there silently, not knowing whether to call out to
these meetings have brought me face to face with highly them and ask any questions. I once again found myself in a
negative groups, including the Draco “White Royal”, so I situation with no preparation or intelligence on what to
always have a certain sense of dread when facing any new
expect or how to engage those that I encountered.
experiences of this type.
Soon afterwards, I heard the sounds of people coming
Not long after I found out I would be meeting this down what sounded like a corridor in the direction of one
unforeseen new group, I was contacted and given a date of the doors. I then saw five figures emerge from the
and time for when it would happen. I was given no other
doorway and head in my direction. They all removed their
information about the groups I would meet or what to
hoods at the same time as they approached me.
expect, which I have started to become accustomed to.
I immediately saw Gonzales walking behind a rather tall
On the date of the meeting I expected to travel via a blue and beautiful woman with white hair. She had narrow
orb, as I would normally do for any meeting. This is not
facial features and large blue eyes. She appeared to be
how SSP people usually travel by any means. It is a portal
around thirty years of age.
system used by the Sphere Alliance that seems to involve
the use of a living, conscious being – the blue orb – as the
facilitator of a nearly instantaneous journey to wherever I Gonzales had a smirk on his face. I immediately knew it
need to go. was because the roles were reversed and he had me at a
disadvantage. It is very common for soldiers thrown into
extreme circumstances to have a buddy-buddy relationship
I made sure I was up and out of bed at the proper time, in
that can involve sarcastic ribbing of each other to help
the middle of the night. I expected to experience the travel
dissipate the tension.
procedure that has now become a normal occurrence. Ten
minutes passed and nothing had happened. I walked into
my living room. In the past, I had been the focal-point and he was feeling a
bit confused and kept in the dark. Now the tables had
turned. I was in the same uncomfortable position Gonzales
I stood in the living room for a few more minutes and had been in before.
nothing happened. There have been times in the past where
meetings were scheduled and they just never occurred, and
only later would I find out there had been interference or The group stopped about 20 feet away from me. Gonzales
problems that necessitated their delay. conversed with them and then approached me alone.

The woman and two others turned and left the way they
came. This left one male, with the same basic features as
the woman, standing 20 feet away from me.

When Gonzales got close enough I reached out to shake

his hand. He put both his hands up and took a step back.

“We have to get you cleansed and changed first. I don’t

want to have to go through the whole process again.”

He then turned and started walking towards the person

standing close by, and motioned for me to follow.
The man that was walking behind us stopped at the door
I asked him what was going on. He said they are very and turned his back to it. We entered in and I saw a
serious about their cleansing ceremonies prior to entering beautiful waterfall that was flowing through a port-like
the “Womb of Isis”. opening in the ceiling.

I tried not to make a strange face and just followed him. There were off-white stalactites hanging from the opening,
and what looked like milk-white water pouring down onto
We walked towards the doorway that he emerged from. As a statue of a goddess. The water then ran off the statue and
we entered, I could see there was a symbol etched over the drained into a pool that the statue was standing in.
archway with laser-like precision.
The goddess statue had a visible buildup of mineral
This symbol appeared over all of the doorways in the area deposits. The surrounding pool had an opening that created
we spent our time in. It was two intersecting circles inside another small waterfall, which drained into a wider pool
an oval. that was closer to the floor.

After I had taken in the view of the water feature, I looked

over at Gonzales. He told me to remove all of my clothing
and place it next to his -- on a stone pedestal that rose
about 3 feet out of the polished stone floor.

I noticed other pedestals with folded-up garments of

different colors sitting on top of them. There were also
what looked like thin gold crowns or tiaras laying on top of
these garments.

I looked at him and told him I had no idea what was going
on. I would really appreciate an explanation, right away, as
to why I was being asked to disrobe. I also wanted to know
what other strange requests I might receive.

Gonzales seemed to be enjoying himself a little too much

The door led to a long, smooth corridor that was also at my expense, and that didn’t improve my mood.
carved out of the same granite-like rock. I could hear the
echoing sound of water running over rocks while in the He then smiled and told me to relax. He stated that these
tunnel-like corridor. subterranean groups are very much into Venus and
goddess worship, and that they reference their sanctuaries
When we had reached what appeared to be the halfway as being the “womb of the Earth”. It is holy ground -- and
point, there was a door to the left that led into a brightly-lit we have to respect their cultural and spiritual practices.
room where the sound of water was coming from.
I was already shivering a little bit from wearing the black
This door had an eight-pointed star on each side. There exercise shorts and blue tee shirt in the already cool
was a gold star on the left side and a red one on the right. environment. Gonzales saw the hesitation on my face. He
The gold star was slightly larger and positioned a bit told me not to be so shy. He said he would turn around, but
higher than the red star. that he had to instruct me in the cleansing process.

He told me that if I was uncomfortable with him seeing me were still fresh from the previous couple of meetings I had
naked, he would leave the room and send in the other with the SSP Alliance Council, when things had gotten
person who watched and guided him through the process. pretty heated.

I shook my head and took off my clothes, folded and I took a deep breath and cleared my mind of the prior
placed them on the pedestal. I was standing there totally emotional baggage, so that it would not be detected by our
humiliated. Gonzales was chuckling and trying not to look current hosts, who had greater intuitive abilities than any
directly at me. average human like us. I told Gonzales I understood, and
was ready if he didn’t have anything else to add.
Right when I thought it couldn’t get any worse, the woman
walked in with a folded robe, sandals and towels in her He then picked up on how frazzled I had been, and looked
hands. a bit concerned. He looked at me, tilted his head and
started to say something.
I exhaled in displeasure and glared at Gonzales, who was
still enjoying my predicament way too much. Right then, the woman and three men walked a few paces
into the room. They bowed their heads and looked at us.
He took a step back so the woman could approach me. Gonzales then turned and walked towards them, motioning
once again for me to follow him.
She smiled and handed me the garment and towels. She
bowed her head, turned and bowed her head to Gonzales, A few feet before we reached the others, they turned and
and then left the room. walked out the door ahead of us. They turned left, and then
continued on down the corridor.
After she had left the room, Gonzales broke out laughing.
He walked over, took the items from me and set them The corridor then began to angle down and curve to the
down. right, where it then widened into a rectangular room with
tall ceiling. A larger door was directly ahead.
He made a joke about how cold it was in the room. He
then began guiding me through the bathing and cleansing I then wondered to myself where all of the light was
process. The water was ice cold. coming from. The corridor and rooms were well lit, but I
had not seen any source for the lighting.
After I had dried and placed the robe and sandals on the
pedestal, he told me that I needed to remain quiet and We stopped in the room and no one was speaking. I was
respectful during this first visit and just observe. looking around for the light source when the woman
turned and spoke to me. Her voice had an accent I have
never heard before.
He said that these groups have recently formed this council
out of necessity. Some of them have a very long and
complicated history with each other. In English, she said “the visible light is created by
He also told me that these groups had an even more
complicated history with surface civilizations – going back I was surprised and looked at her, but before I could say
over many thousands of years. I was informed that they do anything in response, another woman walked through the
not have the most positive view of us. large door. She was wearing the same white silk robe, and
was wearing the hood over the top of her head.
He further stated that these groups often come across as
elitist and prejudiced against the surface population, and She looked at each of us, making eye contact with us one
that I needed to keep my opinions on the matter to myself. by one. Then she turned and went back out through the
doorway without saying a word.
I was trying not to let my ego be a factor in the equation.
Nonetheless, I was feeling a little frazzled after the public Somehow I knew immediately to put my hood on, as did
bath, being laughed at and then having Gonzales worry I everyone else. We walked through the door and then down
was going to speak out of turn as I did at a previous a curved stone staircase, one level down. The stairs angled
meeting when there was a veiled threat against my family. to the left. At the bottom, there was another doorway with
This was in the Committee of 200 meeting that took place the same symbol over the arch.
at the castle, detailed in earlier posts on this site.
We began to file through the door and into the room, two
I know Gonzales meant no harm and this was a part of his by two.
personality, but it was still a little soon. Some wounds
There were people in the same robes sitting around an oval
table. Other people were standing and sitting on stone
benches, and they also wore the same robes.

I then began to notice that every person was wearing a

pendant. The pendants were often different in appearance,
and had various symbols on them.

I realized that these were the symbols of their groups. I

noticed a few of them touching and tapping their pendants.
They would then look down at what could only be
described as holograms.

These pendants were not just a jewelry that represented

their civilization or group. They were also a technology.

As Gonzales and I were being shown our seat at the front

of the room, I got a good look at the stone table.

It had a large, golden eight-pointed star in the center, with

a smaller eight-pointed red gem star to the bottom right of Black Stone
the gold star -- from our perspective.

The people who had guided us to this point seemed to be

the hosts of the meeting. They were all wearing pendants
that appeared to feature a stylized image of Saturn,
including the rings.

Each of these pendants had a single jewel that was placed

at a different location on the surface of the planet.

Gonzales later told me that the location of and type of gem

represented where their particular region was located under
the Earth.

Rose Colored Jewel

One of the people with the Saturn pendants that had a rose
colored gem at the bottom stood up from the table.

He introduced Gonzales and myself, as well as the names,

designations and group names of those around the table
and in the room.

As each person was introduced, they removed their hood.

Gonzales has asked that I withhold these names,

designations and group names for a few reasons. The main
Jade Stone reason is that he wanted to maintain their trust. He didn’t
want a repeat of upsetting anyone, as happened recently
when I went into detail about the types of non-terrestrials pointed gold star in the center, and a symbol that looked
that attend the Super-Federation Conference. like an hourglass. This may have been a stylized
representation of the constellation of Orion.
This caused some of these Super-Federation members to
request that Gonzales take my place at future meetings, a
request that was denied.

I was never told not to share this information, but it was

thrown in my face later during a meeting with the SSP
Alliance Council as one of the reasons they wanted
Gonzales to be the delegate and not me.

I have never had a problem admitting that Gonzales is

more of a diplomat and a better public speaker than I am.

That decision, however, was not up to the SSP Alliance

Council, Gonzales or myself -- unless I had turned down
the invitation in the beginning.

I will share the symbols that were on the pendants of those

in attendance at this meeting. When I got back home, I
drew all of the symbols on a piece of paper and emailed it
to my web administrator, who is also pretty good at
rendering graphics.

From that sheet of paper, he created or found the images in

this report, which are an excellent representation of what
we saw on the pendants of these various subterranean

These different people were obviously human, but they

appeared ethnically different than anyone you would see
on the surface.

There were people with stocky builds, African features and

bronze skin. There were also people who appeared Asian
and Indian, with different skin tones, including a very pale
blue, and body types not normally associated with those
ethnic groups on the surface.

There was a group that appeared very Mediterranean.

There was a group that looked very much like a normal
Caucasian from the earth’s surface. There were also the
tall thin and pale people with white, blond, black and
brown hair that were hosting this event.

The Mayan ancient breakaway civilization I have

described in previous reports was not present at this

Within the group that wore the Saturn pendants, there were
also people that looked similar, yet had slightly different
body types.

In addition to the Saturn symbols, there was also a silver

star, a gold “curved” swastika (though this was not a NAZI
breakaway group,) an Omega symbol with an eight-
Most of the groups were made up of one or two women,
except the group with the eight-pointed star symbol inside
the Greek Omega character, which was made up entirely
of men.

The obvious leader of this group made reference to the

“Prince of Venus, the Morning Star and the Bearer of
Light” several times. This was deeply unsettling to me
because of obvious association of Lucifer with these terms.

I picked up on the energy of the other groups, and they all

seemed very uncomfortable with this particular group,
which was not surprising. One of the other groups has a
well-known and powerful fleet of craft that the secret
space programs have developed a healthy respect for -- and
I recognized them and their symbol immediately.

The discussions between these groups then began. They

I must admit that seeing that swastika symbol, along with were asked by the person doing the introductions to speak
some of their other terms and symbol sets, was unsettling English for their guests, but this didn’t last long.
enough that I almost buried this entire report. I am by no
means anti-Semitic, and neither were any of these groups –
They would speak English and then switch over to some
though they seem to view all of us on the surface with
other language. Gonzales later told me this was a pre-
varying degrees of disdain.
Akkadian tongue that has long since died out on the
surface of the planet. Then they would switch back over to
When I mentioned the swastika to David Wilcock, he English yet again.
shared with me that the Germans co-opted this symbol
after seeing it featured in a mind-blowing lecture by
There were also exchanges in a couple of other long-gone
Gurdjeff in the early 20th century.
languages. Telepathic communication took place between
individuals in the room as well. It was naturally all very
Gurdjeff revealed the astonishing prevalence of this same confusing and hard for me to follow.
symbol from cultures all over the earth – the Hindus, the
Hopis, the Japanese, the Eskimos, the Greeks, the Romans,
I was able to make out that they were discussing attacks
you name it -- on every continent except Antarctica.
that had occurred against various subterranean cities, and
the casualties that occurred.
This was one of the main symbols that their “gods” gave
them to represent themselves. Gurdjeff saw it as obvious
They also discussed the betrayals they had suffered from
proof of an advanced, worldwide intelligent civilization,
certain secret societies and groups on the surface that they
which attracted the Germans to it.
previously thought they had under their control.
Gurdjeff was likely drawing off of a highly-contentious
I was able to determine that their enemies on the surface
Yale University study from 1898
now had technology that allowed them to locate their cities
and bypass their defenses. The people on the surface had
[ developed exotic weapons that could penetrate to the
study] that was later banned as the Nazis rose to power. greatest depths and do tremendous damage.
Widespread attempts were made to sanitize this study from
the academic record, though it still survives.
This meant that all bets were off. These surface groups had
now become their violent and ruthless enemies. They felt
After the person at the table had made the introductions, I vulnerable and threatened, and needed to rely upon one
realized that seven different groups were being represented another for protection.
-- even though three of them were obviously allied or
genetically related.
They also spoke of the surface people building more and
more of their own cities under the surface, and polluting
Each group was made up of three representatives. The the very delicate subterranean ecosystem in the process.
room we were in was repeatedly referred to as “The Womb
of Isis.” I found out later that this was a temple complex
reserved for spiritual and political events.

They also were having to deal with recent skirmishes with He addressed the complicated history that these and other
a variety of very nasty non-human subterranean groups. ancient human breakaway groups have had with surface
This was causing them a great deal of concern. civilizations – going back over tens of thousands of years.

It became clear that all of these mounting pressures had He also addressed each group in the room, openly
caused them to form an alliance with one another – engaging them on their past and current deceptions with
something that would have hitherto seemed almost governments, militaries and civilians.
impossible to fathom.
He ended his speech on the note that we are entering a new
This discussion went on for about two hours, and we were era that should involve open cooperation and honesty. I
only able to follow a small amount of what was said. Then, could feel the sudden rise of tension and mixed emotions
the leader of the “Omega/Eight Pointed Star” group invited and energy in the room as he said this.
Gonzales to speak.
Gonzales bowed his head and sat back down beside me,
Gonzales later told me that this person was not showing while keeping his gaze towards the delegation around the
the proper respect to his hosts by doing so. Gonzales knew table.
the protocols between these groups, and sought to follow
them as carefully as possible. They began to speak among themselves in a couple of
different languages. At times they spoke past each other, or
Gonzales looked to the woman wearing the Saturn pendant talked over each other. They were often motioning back at
with the rose colored jewel, and she gave him the nod to Gonzales and me in the process.
proceed. He then stood and spoke from where he was
sitting right next to me. I was not in a position to look up at They were speaking calmly, but it was obvious that they
him when he spoke, so I looked around the room while he were not pleased with at least some of what Gonzales had
was taking. just communicated.

Gonzales addressed each group by name, and thanked We then received a very condescending lecture from each
them for their invitation to participate as a representative of them about how we have no right to judge them with
of the Alliance. He expressed his appreciation to the group our limited understanding and knowledge.
that was hosting this council meeting.
They each described their perceptions of those of us on the
He further stated that it was an honor to receive and host surface as uncivilized barbarians who are diseased and
their small delegation, which had traveled to one of the genetically impure.
SSP Alliance outposts in the Kuiper Belt at great personal
risk in the weeks prior.
They said they were the only ones who had preserved the
various original earth human bloodlines.
Gonzales said that despite some significant differences in
points of view, and the former alliances that had been in
Wave after wave of refugees from nearby planets had since
direct conflict with what we were all now hoping to
co-mingled their genetics with the original humans of this
achieve, he was here to relay the hopes of the SSP Alliance
planet, and had taken over the surface world like a plague.
Council that an understanding could be reached between
all parties.
They stated that in the nearly 20 million years since the
original human bloodlines had arisen on Earth, there had
This would include changes in how these groups engaged
been four major cataclysms that had either changed the
the governments and civilians that they were in contact
Earth’s axis, rotation or orbital path around the Sun.
with on the surface of the planet.
Each time one of these events occurred, the “elite” or
He paused, and I could see he was choosing his words
priest caste kept their genetic line pure through isolating
carefully. He was trying his best not to broadcast his
themselves beneath the ground. These small groups
thoughts and emotions to the highly perceptive audience.
survived while their surface counterpart civilizations
He then looked up and delivered what seemed like a
loosely-prepared speech that was short, and yet got right to
Over oceans of time and smaller destructive events on the
the point.
surface, which were still obviously catastrophic, nearly all
signs of their former civilizations were erased from the
memories of the survivors. Only myths and legends of
advanced gods remained.
They stated that they would emerge from time to time to technology within their domain that kept it safe for a vast
kick-start the civilization of the survivors who were the amount of time after they had physically disappeared.
most closely related to them in terms of their genetics.
According to those telling this story, the residents of the
They claimed that these surviving races assumed they were other inhabited planets in our solar system unknowingly
the gods of their own ancient legends. It was decided that disrupted this protective technology put in place by the
they would allow those they were assisting to believe they Guardians.
were gods, in order to keep their subterranean civilizations
secret and secure. When they used their advanced weapons in aggression
against other races, this caused a massively destructive
They also stated that there were other planets in our solar chain of events to occur. This had the unfortunate
system that were inhabited during this time period that consequence of disabling the protective field that had been
were also suffering from extreme cataclysms. in place, ensuring their protection and survival.

To add to this incredible story, they stated that more and When the field went down, this sent out a signal to the rest
more advanced groups began to arrive from outside our of the cosmos like a beacon.
solar system during and after these cataclysmic events.
The survivors of those inhabited worlds within our solar
These new groups began to take advantage of the situation, system relocated to the Earth. They were extremely
such as to farm and manipulate the genetics of the natives aggressive, and began to reproduce and interbreed with the
of this solar system. original humans that were on the Earth’s surface.

They claimed that the Earth became the destination of the It was not long before the subterranean groups saw this
refugees from these other inhabited planets. Advanced ETs new mixed race as a threat to their existence. This new
relocated these refugees here in several waves as mixed race is the current surface population of the earth
cataclysms occurred on their home planets. today.

The refugee races were genetically similar to the original Now more than ever, they knew they had to keep their
humans of Earth, but were much more aggressive. civilizations secret to preserve their genetic integrity, and
the security of hundreds of their ancient and cherished
It turned out that many of these refugees were from a very subterranean temples and cities.
advanced civilization that had destroyed itself through war
and high technology. They had the advanced technologies to both hide and
defend themselves from these ET groups. They began to
The use of some of these weapons not only caused play a long-term strategic game against them, using the
destruction on an interplanetary scale, but generated a surface race that the ETs were so interested in as pawns.
unique energy signature.
They continued to appear to certain distant genetic
This energy signature attracted the attention of the ET relatives on the surface as gods and ascended teachers, to
groups that were now entering our Solar System in mass, help them develop their civilizations and themselves
and who then started up a genetic farming experiment. spiritually. This was done in the hopes that they might be
able to overcome the aggressive part of their genetic
The subterranean groups claimed that there had been an
ancient civilization that had protected this region of the
galaxy for literally billions of years. This effort has continued right up until the present time.

They were referred to as “The Guardians,” and the Secret They decided to start presenting themselves as ETs from
Space Program referred to them as the “Ancient Builder other star systems when the surface population became
Race”. This was covered in previous episodes of Cosmic more technologically sophisticated.
Disclosure and in writings on this site.
They say that will continue to do this to keep the people
This Guardian race was extremely advanced. There were they make contact with looking to the stars, instead of
no other ET groups who would even think of violating beneath their feet.
their region of space.
They further stated that our recent disclosure about their
The Guardians had long since disappeared from our activities will be counteracted against with contradictory
frequency. They had created a protective field or
information and communications that they will make to Only then will we be able to have open contact with their
their surface contacts. civilizations as equals.

The planted disinformation will state that there are indeed They were not exactly thrilled about forming this new
imposters, but they are in contact with the real ET group council, or reaching out to the SSP Alliance Council to
while the other contactees are only communicating with request contact with the newly-returned “Guardians.”
Apparently the Guardians were not going to contact them
(To be perfectly clear, this is not to imply that all on their own. If they wanted any access at all, they had to
contactees fall under this category. The number however is work with us as a team.
quite vast. In Part 2 I will describe the area I was shown
where hundreds of their people were reclined and reaching They flatly stated that they were doing this under duress.
out to people on the surface with their minds. They had a Their alliance was forced into existence by the vast array
series of additional programs where they were making of problems they were having. This included the lethal
physical contact with civilians on the surface in their resistance they were encountering from various
craft.) subterranean ET refugees and “ancient pre-human Earth
They said they will continue this practice until certain
conditions have been met. Their problems were further compounded by the recent
betrayals they had suffered from certain secret societies
One of these conditions is that the surface population must and kingships of the surface population.
remove the current control system, which is run by these
same ET groups they have been working against. They stated they were well aware that various members of
the SSP Alliance had been involved in crimes against
Secondly, they will also need to see that the surface humanity before they broke away -- to resist the activities
population has overcome its barbaric, uncivilized behavior of various ET and mixed surface-race groups.
and genetic programming.
They were reserving judgement of us, and of our point of
They stated that they are not optimistic that we will be able view, just as we should reserve judgment of them and their
to do accomplish this, even with the continued energetic point of view.
changes or return and assistance of the Guardians. This
was quite surprising to hear, as they were obviously This was obviously a stalemate topic that could go no
referring to the Sphere Alliance as the Guardians. further. Gonzales stood up and quickly bowed his head to
each of the people who were around the table and had been
[David Wilcock told me the Law of One series indicated speaking.
that their civilization had evolved into a highly advanced
state from their origins on our planet Venus, 1.2 billion He sat back down, leaned over and whispered, “That went
years ago. well, didn’t it?”

Since I have been personally asked by the Sphere Alliance I didn’t reply, because I was sitting there with all of this
to read the Law of One, this is a very interesting information that I had just heard flowing through my head.
correlation. David said it is a “game changer” that ties I was trying to tie it in with the established knowledge I
many loose ends of the story together. had gained from the smart glass pads and the meetings
with various other groups.
The Ancient Builder Race left behind a vast collection of
pyramids, obelisks and other such structures throughout Much of this was new, or at least far more detailed than
our solar system, often made out of a glass-like alloy of anything I had heard before. I was also wondering how
transparent aluminum. A variety of these artifacts still exist accurate it all was, since it was coming from a group that
within vast cavities below the Earth’s surface.] admittedly has been deceiving the surface population of
Earth for many thousands of years.
These subterranean groups are under the impression that
after a full disclosure event and the removal of the These are indeed times for each of us to discern new
manipulative ETs from our solar system, it will still take information on a deeper level than our established belief
several generations for us to heal and evolve as a systems. It is clearly going to take more than talk and
civilization. promises for us to be able to trust people who have
admitted to deceiving us, and who have only formed an
alliance out of the fear of their own annihilation.

I was deep in thought when I heard some voices that now As soon as the lights stopped flashing at the end of the
sounded a mile away. Everyone around stood up and hall, the woman who had greeted me on arrival and
placed their hoods back on their heads, so I quickly did the delivered the garments in the cleansing room stepped
same. forward.

Each of the seven groups uttered a very short statement in She said “Please come with me. I have a personal request.”
this pre-Akkadian language. They then began to line up at I was told that the delegation was visiting each of their
the only doorway into the room – this “Womb of Isis.” local domains and some of them would be back for another
purification or cleansing ceremony and I would imagine to
No one was talking, and all you could hear was the retrieve their clothes.
shuffling of feet and robes as they waited for the hosts to
dismiss everyone from the room. Gonzales was looking at me with a confused expression on
his face. Since she had addressed me directly, I told her I
After a few moments, everyone began slowly moving would be happy to hear her request.
through the door. I was still going over all of the
information I had just heard in my head. She smiled, and said “Walk with me.” She began to walk
towards the large room that I had arrived in.
We all worked our way back the way we came, through
the series of winding stairs, twists and curves. We returned Gonzales and the other woman walked together behind us,
to where we had originally found ourselves in the main by about five paces. I expected an explanation, or to hear
corridor. the request, but instead we began to walk for some time in
Now we were walking up a slight incline towards the room
with the ceremonial water feature. This would then lead us We walked through the large domed room at the end of the
directly back to the very large domed room I had originally corridor, went straight across the room and traveled on
arrived in. through the door on the other side.

I mentally prepared myself to have to go back into the The room was now empty. No one was standing sentry at
cleansing room and face the possibility of another public the four doors.
nudity scenario – this time with a much larger audience.
We continued down another corridor that had more doors
Then I noticed the group ahead of us passed right by the than the previous one. I forgot all about counting paces and
door to this room, and headed directly into another large doors, or any other intelligence-gathering methods we
domed room. were supposed to do in a new facility per standard
operating procedure (SOP.)
Just as I was feeling a modicum of relief, I felt a tap to my
left arm by Gonzales. I could tell she had something serious to ask me. All sorts
of things were going through my head. I was definitely
I glanced back to see him now stopped a couple paces nervous about whatever this might be leading up to. This
behind me. He was standing there along with two of the took my mind off of all of the new data I had been trying
striking women from the host group. to process a few minutes earlier.

He was looking past me at the rest of the group, while Each of the rooms in this corridor had some sort of energy
holding his finger to his lips. He was clearly indicating that field or “hard light” covering them that prevented me from
he wanted me to keep silent. seeing inside of them.

I looked back and could see bright flashes of light coming We finally stopped at one of the doors after a few turns in
from the large domed room the rest of the group had the corridor. She tapped her pendant, and the doorway
moved into. went translucent. Then I could see inside the room.

I turned and moved to stand next to Gonzales. He was It appeared to be some sort of lounge or private quarters
quietly standing there at ease, with one hand holding his from what I could tell from the doorway.
She looked at Gonzales and his escort, and said “Please
I had already noticed that one of the women kept looking remain here.” Then she walked inside, turned and looked
over at me from time to time. Now I felt that she had at me.
something to say.
I looked over at Gonzales, who looked even more She finally got to the part that concerned me in my own
confused. I then walked inside the room with her. She immediate present.
tapped her pendant and the energy barrier reappeared over
the doorway. She was well aware that when I was an adolescent, I was
taken to a deep crystal cavern where I was told the crystals
Being an introvert and a bit shy around women I do not were alive. I was with a group of other children at the time.
know well, I began to feel nervous and a bit self-
conscious. We were told not to touch the crystals, because it would
harm them or they could harm us. We were asked to try to
She then began to telepathically interface with me. She telepathically interface with the crystals.
asked me to relax. She wanted to know if I would share a
childhood experience with her. I was one of many who had been able to successfully
interface with these crystalline lifeforms.
She went on to communicate that there was a very special
place to her people that has been off limits to them for [David Wilcock shared that this is another intriguing
many hundreds of years. correspondence with the Law of One information. The
series tells us that when the Earth was first prepped for
She communicated that a nonhuman subterranean group human life, hyper-advanced crystals were placed inside the
had taken possession of this place. earth that had their own form of sentience.

They are an ancient species that are indigenous to the The Law of One said these crystals were intended to work
Earth, which she called the “Dal-Azag” (Feathered- almost like what we would now think of as Internet
Serpents). servers. They answer the spiritual calls people make as
they begin awakening.
She sent me a mental image of one of them. Even though I
have never interacted with one, I recognized them from a The crystals are programmed to encourage people to be
database I had viewed on a smart-glass pad as the Raptors. more loving and to meditate. These messages will appear
in a variety of forms, including dreams, synchronicities
As I said before, these are some of the most tenacious and and visions.
dangerous subterranean groups we are faced with. To us,
they appear hideous-looking. They are carnivorous, highly If these directions are then followed, the crystals signal
aggressive and will attack and consume humans on sight. more advanced benevolent groups to move in and provide
far more nuanced and detailed spiritual instructions.
She showed me an image of one of their ruling caste. This
race has plumes of feathers running down the back of their I had never before encountered this information when
heads and necks, almost like the crest of a bird. David told me this. It was one of dozens of fascinating
correlations that arose once we began speaking with each
I had read how they move in a jerky fashion much like other.]
birds. Now, her mental image gave me a much clearer
vision of how they actually appear and move. It was I communicated back that I remembered the experience. I
definitely unsettling. sent her a mental image of the cavern as well as the strange
auroras of energy I saw around the crystals.
She communicated that this race has had a tenuous alliance
with some of the factions of the surface human She closed her eyes and smiled. A large tear rolled down
civilization. her thin cheek.

These beings have allowed this surface group to venture She asked if I would share my complete memory of that
down into their domain. However, this race required a gift experience with her. I wasn’t sure what she meant. I asked
of human flesh, just as in the time before the Spanish her what this would entail.
conquered the land above.
She communicated that she would need to hold my hands,
These human secret societies from the surface had no and that I would need to open my mind to her.
moral compunction against providing them with such gifts.
She communicated that in doing so, her mind would be
I had heard all of this before. Although it was horrible, I opened up to me. This was considered a very intimate act
was not shocked. Other groups have similar arrangements. of sharing among her people.

I communicated that I was not comfortable with opening I said this seemed to be the only thing we had to offer them
my mind that completely to anyone, and that I would that they were interested in at the moment -- unless it was
respectfully have to decline. all just a ruse to get into my head and look for something
She explained that she is a high priestess, and that I would
be giving her a gift she could then share with others. Gonzales said that this was certainly not the only thing we
had to offer them.
It would also go a long way in establishing trust between
our people, since there had been so little we had to offer They would not have formed this new council and gone
them thus far in our negotiations. out of their way to invite us if we didn’t have value to
them – whether they were willing to admit it or not.
She communicated that the residual information I had from
my experience among these crystals was very important to He said that I don’t report to him. Even if I did, he
them. wouldn’t order me to go through with this if I felt so
strongly against it.
I turned and paced around the room. I was hashing over all
of this in my head, and frantically calculating how this He said it was completely up to me, but that it may be
could go wrong in any number of ways. helpful if the information sharing is bidirectional. I might
learn something that could be highly useful to the SSP
If I open myself up like this to a foreign woman I just met, Alliance.
from a culture that had been antagonistic towards most of
us until our common enemies forced them into an alliance, Sighing, I told him I would talk to her. I asked him to
how will I be trusted with sensitive information in the please send her in on his way back out.
She briskly came back into the room. She quickly bowed
My standing with the SSP Alliance Council was already her head and gazed intently into my eyes.
tenuous at best. The sphere beings seemed to have far
more trust in me than anyone else did. I communicated to her that I would move forward with her
“Vulcan mind meld” as a sign of trust and good faith
I respectfully asked her if I could consult with Gonzales between our people. She was visibly pleased.
before I gave her my answer.
She walked over to the wall and then returned with a
She immediately turned and removed the barrier to the crystal goblet. It was filled with an amber liquid.
door, and invited Gonzales into the room. She then
excused herself and stood outside. She took a drink and offered it to me. I asked her if it was
a drug of some sort.
Gonzales asked, “So, what has been going on in here?” He
was looking around intently as he said this. She communicated back that it was the “Elixir of Isis,” and
was a wine made of a rare flower that only grows in the
I told him the details of this “personal favor” that was subterranean domain.
requested of me, and of my operational security (OPSEC)
and personal sovereignty concerns. She took another sip and handed the goblet to me. She
communicated that it was not necessary for the process,
He told me that he understood my concerns, and that the but was considered to be a customary part of the
SSP Alliance had not shared certain operational details ceremony.
with me out of security precautions.
I told her I hoped she would not be offended if I declined. I
He said that I was cleared to proceed unless there was then handed the goblet back to her.
“SBA” (Sphere Being Alliance) information or personal
experiences with Raw-Tear-Eir that I wanted to keep She smiled, took a couple more sips of the elixir and then
confidential. placed it on a table. The table was next to two chairs, and
was beside something that was either a bench or small bed
of some sort.
I told Gonzales that I was highly uncomfortable with doing
this. However, she had communicated that it was very She communicated that I should sit down and get
important to their people. comfortable.

She seemed to be quite a bit more relaxed after she had I was clearly aware that she had assumed the role as an
partaken of this obviously potent elixir. emissary from another star system – not revealing that she
was part of a group that lived right here on earth all along.
I sat down. She guided the other chair over so that it was
positioned directly across from mine. There was a glimpse of a childhood friend that she loved.
This friend was tragically killed in a subterranean raid by
She then sat in the chair. She scooted to the edge of the an “insectoid” type of non-terrestrial.
Then as she focused on my experience in the crystal cave,
She asked me to come closer. As I did, she took both of I began to automatically synchronize my focus on her from
my hands into hers. when she was the same age.

She put both of our hands together, palm to palm. She then The experience only lasted for a few moments, but I had a
clasped our fingers together. She closed her eyes. profound sense of time dilation. It was as if time stood still
in this whirlwind of sights, sounds and senses.
Her skin was very soft and extremely warm. It was much
warmer than normal. When it was all over, my body was quivering.

She communicated that I should close my eyes, and clear As I opened my eyes, I could see the same thing was
my mind of all thoughts. happening to her.

I used some protocols I had learned to clear my mind and We both leaned back in our chairs and sat quietly for a
get into a deeper state of consciousness. moment – reeling from the intensity of it all.

Once I had done so, every part of my body started to My body was still tingling all over. It was releasing
tingle. endorphins that were quite pleasurable, but not in any
sexual or erotic way.
I felt my “astral self” being pulled towards her. I felt her
energy and mine beginning to comingle. Some may imagine or want to characterize the experience
as carnal or sexual in nature, but this was something
entirely different than that.
I am not exactly sure how the process worked. It felt as if
it was a blending of light bodies.
I felt her emotions, and she felt mine. We both began
It was an extremely profound and powerful experience -- openly shedding tears as I realized exactly how important
on a mind, body and spirit level. of a shared experience this was for her.

After a few moments of this, we stood up. She embraced

I found myself at a clear disadvantage compared to her
me for some time. She thanked me for sharing myself with
highly advanced mental development. Since she was
apparently a high priestess among her people, she very her.
likely had an even more powerful consciousness than
everyone else did. I don’t think we have the words to explain how
emotionally profound and beautiful of an experience this
I was aware of her focused intent on certain memories of
mine. At the same time, I was being flooded with what I
perceived as over 130 years of her own memories. One experience of this type could permanently and
magnificently alter someone’s experience of themselves,
and of life on earth, forever.
Flash! Flash! Flash! I was jumping around through many
different scenes from her life.
Afterwards, there was a definite sense of a bond and a
knowing of each other on a deep level.
I caught glimpses of her in her priestess training and
duties. I experienced what she felt in her time as a liaison
between different secret societies in the U.S. and Europe. She told me that some among her people would not
approve of her doing what she did with a “mixed person”
I felt what it was like for her to meet U.S. and European from the surface.
military and government officials -- throughout different
time periods.
Nonetheless, she was certain that the majority of her and genocidal war. They themselves have deceived us
people would be very happy to share the experience that I pretending to be gods and benevolent extraterrestrials from
had gifted them with. a number of federations, commands, and star systems.

This was a valuable step towards healing the divide that In this way, the secret earth government syndicates hoped
had occurred between our civilizations for many millennia. to poison the well – making it utterly impossible for any
reconciliation of our greater human family to ever occur.
She said she also hoped that I might understand why they
have done the things they have done to manage the It is possible that the genetic and spiritual changes we will
societies on the surface. go through as this energetic shift occurs are far more
profound, rapid and positive than they may realize.
We are by no means as innocent and peaceful as most of
us would like to believe. If nothing else, the future promises to be very interesting
indeed. It is more obvious than ever that if we want a
The secretive, occult groups they had once attempted to positive future each of us are responsible for manifesting it
negotiate treaties with on the surface had turned on them – and not any savior ET or human gurus or groups.
savagely and with complete brutality.
After we had composed ourselves, she dropped the barrier
These groups now had no problem with completely to the room. We walked out to meet the other woman and a
exterminating every last man, woman and child -- with no very curious Gonzales.
concern whatsoever for their safety, welfare or legacy.
She said that if we had the time, she would like to show us
Just as our own civilizations have often been forced to around. Gonzales accepted without hesitation.
make compromises, they too have had to make hard
choices for what they considered to be the greater good -- I found out later on that he had been wanting a tour of the
to protect their population. last few cities he had been to in these prior meetings.

I am aware that some folks on the internet think everything She took us down to a smaller domed room, not far away
is a psy-op. Everything is a deception. Everything is a from where we were.
trick. Trust no one, believe nothing, and whatever you are
told, the opposite is true. We walked to the center of the room, and she began to rub
and tap her pendant.
Their fingers will immediately start clicking away with
opinions that I either made this all up, or this is yet another There was a sudden flash of light. Once again, we were
Trojan horse intended to destroy us all. standing in a very large domed room that was made of a
slightly darker shade of the same type of stone.
I can honestly say that after having had an experience this
profound, I do not believe there is any possible way she We walked outside of yet another door that had the same
could have shielded a negative agenda from me. symbol over the arch.

This experience is akin to opening the floodgates into an We found ourselves in a massive cavern that was
arena of complete transparency and total honesty. supported by what looked like natural pillars. They were
both taller and bigger around than any skyscrapers I have
All is known. It is utterly impossible to present yourself as ever seen.
something other than who and what you really are within
that shared, sacred space. There were people of all ages walking around in tight-
fitting one-piece suits. The suits were either dark blue,
These people are frightened of us. We inherited very dark red, yellow or green.
aggressive genetics from groups the refugee groups that
were relocated to our planet as well as from genetic She said she would like to take us to the gardens first, and
manipulation from groups such as the various “Grand asked us to follow her.
Experiment ET’s” and the Draco that they themselves do
not possess.
There were very shiny craft that were flying around inside
the cavern. They looked very much like something out of a
The most negative groups on the surface of the earth co- 1950’s movie.
opted their sacred symbols and used them in the midst of
detestable practices – including torture, human sacrifice
There were saucers, almost egg-shaped ovals and larger She said many of the life forms that were running free on
cigar-shaped vessels that were rounded on each end. the Earth when they lived on the surface have been
preserved, and now roam free in the park.
Gonzales pointed at one as it flew right through the cavern
wall at high speed. She insisted that they are not dangerous in their current
state of development.
There were tall buildings that looked like they were
molded or laser-cut out of this granite type rock. We then came out into the largest domed room we had
seen yet. There were extremely tall trees, beautiful
There were also oval and round buildings that were domed flowered shrubs and strange-looking colorful birds with
and emitted light from every square inch of the structure. very long tail feathers flying around everywhere.

We were only able to see a very small area within this There were sounds of many types of animals off in the
cavern city as we soon came to another door in the wall. background that we could not see.

We walked in and there was another corridor. When we There was a staircase that went along and up the wall,
entered, I immediately could smell pollen and plant life. about halfway to the dome.

We emerged in yet another massive, domed cavern room. We climbed high enough up them to see over the tallest
There we were, looking down on a massive amount of trees I have ever seen.
segmented crops and orchards of all sorts.
We were amazed to see a bright pale blue sky… and
The plant life was growing very thick and lush in a clouds.
hydroponic system that I couldn’t begin to estimate the
size of. Off in the distance, a giant obelisk pointed to some sort of
plasma-ball light source, suspended high above the clouds.
She explained that the mineral rich water came in over a
recycled composting material. It was then re-purified as it There seemed to be an artificial weather and ecosystem
moved through the rocks to nourish the roots of the plants setup in that room that was very advanced.
as it returned back to its source. Their civilization did not
eat meat of any kind and sustained themselves entirely on From our position on the stairs, we could see some type of
plant life and various types of fungus including deer that were hopping around this way and that way.
I was looking for some of these exotic animals that we
The full-spectrum light was produced in the same way she would be unfamiliar with, but wasn’t seeing anything that
had explained before. out of the ordinary.

They also used a particular type of crushed rocks, mixed We climbed back down the stairs, and were walking
with a type of crushed crystal as a medium for the plants to around a short distance inside the tree line.
take root in.
We were talking about how much we hoped to have a
This was to produce the healthiest high-vibratory crops future on the surface someday, where we were living in
possible, while also producing the highest yields. balance with nature and there was no longer any deception
or control system over the population.
She then said she wanted to take us to the park. We left the
way we came, except we entered a back corridor that took The woman walking next to Gonzales once again stated
us to another small domed room. that she didn’t think we had it in us to do so.

After another bright flash of light, we were now in an She felt that we were far too genetically and socially
identical room. manipulated. It would take many generations for us to
overcome our issues.
As we were walking out of the arched doorway into
another corridor, she warned us not to be alarmed at some Gonzales looked at her and reminded her that their society
of the animal life we may see. pretended to be gods in the past.

They are still currently deceiving thousands of people by If certain groups were predisposed towards rape, sadism,
convincing them that they are benevolent extraterrestrial violence and cruelty, whereas other areas had developed
humans from other star systems even though they are far more benevolent societies, they were inclined to protect
delivering positive spiritual information. I couldn’t help those who were the most spiritually sound.
thinking about the people who have accused me of doing
something similar. If they did not do this, they could potentially expose
themselves to great risks they were unprepared to take.
Gonzales said this has caused just as much harm as these
various ETs have done in their own grand experiment. This was obviously quite a contentious subject, but again I
was under strict instructions from Gonzales not to be
She did not appreciate his remark. judgmental towards these people, regardless of what I saw
or heard. There was quite a lot I disagreed with and that
She said, “There is no comparison between what we have had already been shared with her along with the crystal
done to protect our people, to try to enlighten your people, cave experience earlier.
and what the other groups you mentioned have done.”
She communicated that the “ET genetic farmers” followed
“Your population still lacks the spiritual and intellectual the same types of practices, using different methods.
understanding to appreciate our situation, let alone their
own.” This was a way that all of these groups competed with
each other in some sort of long-term strategic conflict on
She and Gonzales continued their conversation. We the surface.
walked towards a clearing to have a better look on the
ground level. I told her that there were many myths that seemed to
somewhat match what she was saying.
I was walking with the person I had now formed a stronger
bond with, and we began our own conversation. Ancient Sumerian tablets told the story of the Anunnaki,
who had created humanity as a slave race.
I asked her about the language they spoke, and if they were
related to the ancient Sumerian culture. I then told her about how many of the surface population
now believe there were ancient aliens that have been
She communicated that her culture had indeed been very involved in our development from the dawn of our
active with assisting that culture. creation.

They helped them to develop agriculture and rebuild I explained how I had been meeting with the Super
aspects of their civilization after one of the “minor Federation, who had twenty-two competing genetic
cataclysmic events” had occurred. programs to manipulate human development on a genetic,
social and spiritual level.
She communicated that the Earth had been through major
cycles of cataclysms that had changed its tilt, its orbital She smiled and communicated that maybe our next visit
position from the Sun, and had displaced its surface crust. should be to their library.

Additionally, she said there had been a larger number of Gonzales and his escort were deep in conversation. As we
smaller events, which included quite a few asteroid turned to walk towards them, we could hear elephant-type
impacts and super volcano eruptions. sounds in the far distance.

During these minor cataclysmic events, her civilization as Then we heard the sound of a large cat that seemed very
well as non-human subterranean civilizations had aided the close by and was so powerful I felt the sound waves in my
“mixed race” people on the surface. chest.

Sometimes they even offered some of them sanctuary in Gonzales and his escort were looking off in the direction
subterranean safe zones that were closer to the surface. of the sound. They looked back at us as we were heading
back towards the entrance to the garden.
They would often pick and choose who they would save
among the mixed races, and which undesired genetic They turned and headed in the same direction that we were
lineages they would allow to perish on the surface. heading.

Once we were all at the entrance, the priestess who had in “The Bermuda Triangle.” I was unaware of this
been my escort stated that she was going to take me to one connection before he pointed it out to me.]
last location on the tour.
I was looking up at the strange ornament above our heads
She seemed to know that Gonzales was scheduled to leave, when my escort put her arm inside mine. She guided me
and asked if he needed anything before he departed. through the first rectangular door I had seen on this visit.

Gonzales stated that he appreciated them giving him a ride We walked into a very bright white stone room that was
back to the operations base via one of their vessels. filled with chairs.

He stated he would like to speak with me for a moment There were people sitting in the chairs, kicking back and
before he departed. relaxing, holding pendants in their hands and looking at
holographic images.
Both women headed through the door, leaving Gonzales
and I alone in the entrance area of the garden. She communicated that she wanted to show me something
that I would find interesting and somewhat familiar.
He asked me if I was okay with him leaving me alone, and
if I knew where I was headed next. We headed through another door and down one level of
I told him I thought I would be fine, and that she was
going to take me to their library. We entered a room that was like the first one, except it had
bookshelves much like you would see in a university
He was visibly disappointed. He said this would not play library.
well in his debriefing to the SSP Alliance Council. He
wished we had been able to visit the library together, We started to walk down various aisles, and I saw tablets
instead of these other locations. that were obviously very ancient.

He told me to remember as much as I could, and debrief They were both of the clay variety as well as others that
him within forty-eight hours -- while the information was were carved in different types of stone, some of which did
fresh in my mind. not look natural.

He said he had to get going, and to enjoy myself with the There were also books that were bound in what looked like
cleansing ceremony when I was leaving. He had a huge leather and materials that I wasn’t able to identify.
grin on his face.
We then reached an area where there were books that were
He then said, loudly enough for everyone to hear, “Lets from the 18th through 21st centuries. They looked as if
go!” they could have been ordered from and put
on the shelves a week prior.
We turned and walked through the door to where our
escorts were waiting patiently. She was standing, and I could tell she was very curious to
see what my reaction would be as I saw these latest
We walked back the way we came, and went into the small additions to their library.
domed room, standing together in the middle.
I asked her if they had every book from the surface. She
After the flash of light, I was then standing alone with my communicated that they did, but not in physical form.
new friend.
They had the physical books of some of the subject matter
We were in a polished white stone room, with a golden rod they were most interested in following from the surface.
coming down from the ceiling.
I noticed that among these titles, there were books in
The rod had a gold hand, holding what looked like a different languages that dealt with the topic of ancient
crystal ball in it. aliens.

[David Wilcock informed me that a very similar structure In Part II, we will cover the conversation we had about the
was alleged to be found by undersea explorers off the coast Akkadian texts and our various translations of them.
of Florida, around Bimini, as revealed by Charles Berlitz
According to them, the current era’s mythology we have There is a greater reality that all of these events are
has been built up around many mistranslations. pointing us towards.

That being said, these subterranean groups have admittedly If I may borrow some data points from recent articles
been deceptive with our past and current civilizations over published by David Wilcock in my closing statements, a
many thousands of years. profound energetic change is definitely happening in our
solar system. This is not a question of conjecture or
We have to remember that when processing the possibility, but of documentable scientific fact.
information they are providing us with.
We do know from numerous NASA studies that the sun
Much of it connects a lot of dots of information I had and all the planets are undergoing dramatic energetic
gained through the SSP from the smart-glass pads, while a changes – becoming hotter, brighter and more magnetic.
lot of it is information that is rather new to me.
These are all typically written off as a local change to each
Much of this information is going to be very controversial. individual planet, related to its tilt angle to the sun – or
It is going to violate strongly-held beliefs and information other such seemingly individual and mundane factors.
that has developed into UFO religions for many people.
Similarly, scientists such as Dr. John Hawks, an
This was not an easy article for me to write. I was tempted anthropologist from the University of Wisconsin, have
to leave out a lot of information because I don’t want to revealed that our DNA is indeed undergoing very rapid
see any more fragmentation among the “truther evolutionary changes.
Specifically, Dr. Hawks has revealed that the entire human
After speaking with several people I trust, I have decided genome is seven percent different now than it was five
to deliver the information as it was experienced. thousand years ago.

I will let each person use their own discernment, as well as This is vastly beyond the threshold provided by any
decide if they are going to stick to certain theologies or currently-accepted evolutionary theories.
keep an open mind.
So when people say there is “no evidence” for any of that
When I was struggling with writing this article, I took time which I speak, they are being very selective in overlooking
to write another update about keeping our reality bubbles a vast body of data that has already been assembled and
permeable. distributed.

Gonzales has requested that I keep the locations, group Some of you have watched Cosmic Disclosure, my show
names, titles and individual names out of this report. with David Wilcock, and said you feel as if it is “building
up to something big,” but you don’t know exactly what it
I have done so to not cause diplomatic issues with this new
council, or erase any gains we have made with them in our
recent visit. David is preparing an article that will emerge soon after I
publish this one, which will attempt to tie some of these
threads together.
In Part II, we will also cover the end of my visit with this
subterranean group, as well as a meeting I had with the
SSP Alliance Council less than twenty-four hours later. All the evidence suggests that we are going through a
profound evolutionary change as a society and a species.
There was not only a debriefing of the meeting the day This will introduce us to a far broader view of “reality”
than what we now entertain.
prior, but also a sharing of recent intelligence about
developments with the earth-based alliance groups, as well
as some other meetings that occurred during the time As the walls of secrecy collapse and many dark and hidden
where I had a falling out with the SSP Alliance Council. truths come to light, there will also be a great bounty of
new information revealing that we are not alone – and
giving us the tools to reach out to the stars.
In closing, I want to point out that regardless of whether
you choose to believe that these experiences I am having
are real or not, I am doing my best to share this I thank you for your support and generosity in helping
information as truthfully and responsibly as I possibly can. assist us in moving towards our commonly-shared goal of
a peaceful, prosperous and loving society that is not
marred by the differences that are still tearing us apart.
I have never attempted to force anyone to read or view this With that being said, check back soon for Part Two – and I
material. I am only presenting what I have directly and thank you for doing your part to help us move into a better
personally experienced, and am then leaving it up to you to and brighter future!
make up your own mind.
On a personal level I am greatly relieved to know, at the
Though this next set of materials will be contentious, my core of my being, that there are benevolent forces who are
role is to pass it along to you as I see it – not to attempt to here to ensure that we will be able to reclaim our
pass judgments or edit it because I may have personal sovereignty and freedom.

Cosmic Disclosure Episode 14:
Portals: Parallel Earth - Summary and Analysis
Corey Goode and David Wilcock
Thursday, September 24, 2015


DW - Hello, welcome to Cosmic Disclosure, I am your

host David Wilcock. I am here with Corey Goode, an
insiders insider of the secret space program. In this episode
we are going to talking about the science of time even
Corey and David discuss phase shifting further. I want to start a dialog with him about some of the
technology apparently developed in the things I have studied on this very fascinating subject.
secret space program, which allowed the When we start to get into some of the real world data
wearer to walk through walls. Before this things get very interesting. Corey welcome to the show.
technology was perfected, the SSP
encountered many challenges, some of CG - Thank you.
which resulted in the testing individual
violently shaking themselves to death. DW - Lets kick this off by talking about a book written by
Paul Dong entitled China's Super Psychic's. In this book he
The dreaded Xerox Room is a portal describes working with the Chinese government, where
system created in the SSP which makes a they found these children with advanced psychic abilities.
copy of the traveler at an end point but One of the experiments documented in the books is a
destroys the original at the start location; human being who had the ability to teleport a small object.
hence the term Xerox. This has been The object appeared to fade out of one location and fade
discussed before by other whistleblowers. into another. The Chinese wanted to figure out how this
worked. They put a beeper on the object, set to go off with
The Earth which is encountered by the a precise rhythm. They found that as the object started to
portal travelers is the so-called Parallel fade out of existence the beeps would get slower and
Earth, which apparently has a slightly slower. As if time itself was changing in speed and then it
different history then our own. was just as slow as it appeared at the new location,
eventually speeding back up to a normal rate. Is it possible
The summarized notes will be in black, with my
for us to affect time and space as a singularity like that?
commentary in [Ariel brackets].

DW = David Wilcock, CG = Corey Goode

CG - Well, we can affect time, space and matter with our (light particles) are fired at a solid plate that has two slits.
consciousness, which is exactly what that person was On the other side of the solid plate, a photographic plate is
doing. Time and space, we call it space-time or time-space set up to record what comes through those slits.
for a reason. That experiment shows how intertwined and
related the two are, in my opinion.

DW - In Einstein's basic physics model, he does allow for

time to shift, but it can only be done in the area around
something accelerating towards the speed of light; like a
space craft. We know that in the 1970's they took
molecular clocks and flew them in airplanes, confirming
the so-called Einstein's relativistic drag is 'true'.

CG - The atomic clocks?

DW - Right. The real gems in this phenomenon seem to be

that time is locally variable. That you can actually
accelerate or decelerate the rate of time in a small area.
Now the conventional physicists who are watching this
show are going to say that this is impossible. So is this part The question: What will we see on the photographic plate?
of the physics that we're going to have to change?
The answer: If one neglects to observe which slit a photon
CG - Definitely. And I'm sure you've heard this before, but passes through, it appears to interfere with itself,
there are certain experiments that one can do where the suggesting that it behaves as a wave by traveling through
bias of the observer, what they think will happen, affects both slits at once. But, if one chooses to observe the slits,
the result. This appears to be the power of our co-creative the interference pattern disappears, and each photon travels
consciousness changing the out come of the experiment. through only one of the slits.
Well, if you change it up a little bit, time, matter and space
are all related, and our consciousness can make changes to The formation of the interference pattern requires the
each. Just like we were talking about before where some existence of two slits… But how can a single photon pass
people or beings are able to teleport, or change their through two slits simultaneously? At that point, we are
location using consciousness, by changing their vibration forced to consider each photon as a wave that travels
to match a desired location. We can also affect time in a through both slits… Or we have to think of the photon as
similar way. As we learn more and more about how the splitting and going through each slit separately — and
universe is a hologram - when you really understand this, wondering how the photon “knows” a pair of slits is
that there is 'no spoon' like they say in the matrix - then coming.
this takes away a lot of restrictions on your consciousness's
ability to affect the world around you. There is a lot more The only solution is to abandon the idea of a photon — or
you can do with bending time, space and reality itself. any other quantum system — as having a location in
spacetime until it is observed. - END OF EXCERPT
[The experiment CG is discussing here is
[The experiment has been repeated using
the Particle Wave Duality effect observed
larger particles: electrons, protons, and
during the double slit experiments. Here is
even 'buckyballs' or nano particle sized
an excerpt from an article summarizing the
carbon spheres. In every instance the
key points:]
same effect occurs, suggesting that
Quantum physics informs us that a system exists in focused attention can interact with reality in
superposition — that is, in all possible states — until we ways modern science has yet to
observe that it is only in one specific state. understand.]

According to a 2002 poll of Physics World readers, the PHASE SHIFT TECHNOLOGY:
“most beautiful experiment” in physics is one that simply
and elegantly demonstrates how observation affects DW - Why do you think these guys in the Philadelphia
quantum systems: The double slit experiment. The double Experiment got embedded in the hull of the ship.
slit sets aside causality, determinism, and the notion that
reality is “out there” as it blurs the line between the
[In Cosmic Disclosure Episode 12, CG and
observer and the system being observed.
DW discuss this event in detail. According
to the popularized account, the US military
In the double slit experiment, a series of single photons
in the mid 20th century used Tesla science
to cause a battleship to phase shift out of encountered was - although he didn't say it was the
our reality, in an attempt to create an material in the wall, like you were saying, but I can see
invisibility device. The ship did how that would happen - instead, he said people would get
dematerialize for a short period of time, sick and their eventual conclusion was that all the bacteria
only to re-appear later. Some of the people and viruses and the natural junk in the atmosphere would
on the ship re-materialized halfway through blend into our bodies; normally our lungs filter all this out.
bulkheads or walls, with others completely People would get sick an degenerate very quickly. So
missing entirely. There were other strange within Peterson's division, they told him the device
effects as well, such as personnel couldn't be used.
becoming invisible if they got angry; well
after the incident occurred.] What was CG - That was back-engineered from what I was talking
going on there? about.

CG - The matter in the metal of the ship, was in a DW - Oh really? That's fascinating.
transitional phase, as was the bodies of personnel. During
this transitional phase, they were probably 'freaking out',
CG - Yeah. They eventually perfected it. They can use this
moving around the ship, and were passing through the hull
type of technology to walk through walls now; without ill
while it rematerialized. They found themselves embedded
in the hull, trapped in the metal, as the ship phased back
into what we would call 'solid' matter.
DW - Remember the guy I told you about that autopsied
some 2,000 different types of extraterrestrial bodies? At
DW - Have you experienced this phase out of
one point he was attacked by people who appeared to have
consciousness and matter condition yourself? Did you ever
walked into his house through his wall. And I had no data
get exposed to this type of strange boundary condition?
to back that up, until you just said that. So I had no data
before to know if he was telling the truth, but now there's
CG - When you are brought through a solid wall, you reason to believe that part of the story is correct.
know something like this has happened. I have seen
technology taken away from ET's in the Intercept and
[In an episode of the TV series Star Trek
Interrogation program that was like this. When they turned
Enterprise, the crew encounter a time
these devices on they would shake and then phase out, as if
traveller from the 31st century, equipped
they were made completely invisible and couldn't be
with highly advanced technology. One of
touched. Well this technology wasn't meant for humans to
these devices is a small bracelet, that
wear, but they tested it anyway, and when they turned the
allows him to walk through walls with ease,
devices on, the test subjects shook so violently that it broke
and almost perfectly matches what CG is
their necks.
describing. What I find interesting is that
this type of device was never used in
DW - Oh my god. previous Star Trek franchises. If the Cabal
use fiction to disclose their activities to the
CG - Yeah. Later on they developed technology so that public, then the use of this device in a
human beings could walk through walls. But before they much later rendition of the series suggest
fully developed it, people were exchanging their human that at that time, the secret space program
residue with the residue of the wall - some kind of may have perfected the device; revealing
interchange was going on. Some of the material from the their success to the public within symbolic
wall became part of their body, and vice versa. You've allegory's of the show.]
heard this before?
CG - Oh absolutely, they have this ability. You can lock
DW - Oh yes. You're describing something I heard Pete your doors and windows, sitting their with a loaded pistol -
Peterson tell me. In his division of Area 51, during the and they can come in out of phase with no problem. This
time he worked there, they developed a little device, about technology is available to very high level black ops
the size of an american quarter dollar. You would hold it in groups. For that level of technology to be used against you,
your hand and push a button on it - this pop's you out of you most likely have done something very stupid or wrong
phase. They were trying to figure out how to pass through against a program you're in.
walls [presumably reverse engineering the device that CG spoke
of earlier]. So they had these guys hold on to this device, [Meaning, the likelihood that they would
take a running jump into mid air towards a wall hitting the risk using this technology on 'outsiders' is
button just before hitting the wall. As they passed through very low. It is probably only used against
the wall, they released the button and pop back into phase targets that are already working with the
on the other side of the wall. The problem they secret space program in some capacity.]
DW - Let me ask you the same question I asked Peterson. DW - Oh my god.
If you hit this button and you're out of phase with our
reality, why don't you just fall through the floor? How do CG - And now there's another copy of you in this other
they get through a walls? Do they have to jump towards reality; another Earth.
the wall and then hit the button? Is there someway that
their feet are still somewhat in phase enough to walk
DW - Well I've always said I wanted another copy of
myself, to get more work done <chuckle>. But could you
make a copy of yourself without destroying the original?
CG - That's a good question, that I unfortunately don't
know the answer to. But then again, if you're out of phase,
CG - That part is built into the function.
why would gravity pull you down to the floor?
DW - Is it like a time paradox or something if you have
DW - That's a good point. two copies of yourself?

CG - I don't know; but these guys do. They go out of

CG - I don't know. This might be what some people have
phase and walk on the floor. They walk on space craft, and
talked about as clones. They maybe using this technology
walls as if they're not there. to make carbon copies of themselves - but I don't know.
Anyway, these people go to a parallel reality universe.
THE "XEROX" ROOM: Apparently things have played out very differently there.
There were not certain wars, some turned out different;
DW - One of the really interesting thing we have spoken and there were different leaders...
about before, is the parallel Earth. Instead of me just
babbling away about it, what is the parallel Earth? DW - You're saying it's Earth, but there's something
different about the history.
CG - This is something I mentioned to you, and as I said, I
read a little about it before. This is something that is very CG - Yes, and there are other versions of us there -
sensitive information, that I wasn't given a lot of different versions of us that may or may not be there
information about, but it peaked your interest. I'm not sure depending on how event's unfolded. But if you ran into
if you had heard something about it before, or what.. yourself there, there was an annihilation effect, that was so
incredibly bad, they theorized it could rip the fabric
DW - I remember the original way we got into the between the two realities - I can't remember all the details
discussion. I asked you if you time travel back into the from the smart glass pad
past, and you see yourself and get to close, would you
explode? And you said no, which surprised me, because at [A 3d holographic iPad like device supplied
least one other insider I spoke to, thought that you would to the secret space program personnel
get some kind of electrical fire or feed back with yourself, containing history and information related
and you would just blow up. But your saying that won't to the program. Much of what CG
happen. So it is possible to portal back in time, getting discusses as far as history, he became
physically close to yourself, and nothing happens? aware of via the smart glass pads during
his tour with the secret space program in
CG - Right. the 20th century].

DW - But then you said something was different with I don't have a lot of details about this, I wasn't apart of this
parallel Earth? project. For some reason it was considered a very
important project, and had a lot of high level people in it.
CG - Yes, and the type of portal used. But the Xerox room was something that a lot of people
dreaded, and not something I would ever have agreed or
volunteered to go to.
DW - Ohh.

DW - Where is the Xerox room located?

CG - There was a highly talked about and rumored type of
portal called the Xerox room. This brought you to a
parallel reality, a parallel Earth. It was not something that CG - Well there's not just one, but the one I heard of was
people wanted to go through; I certainly did not. In this here on Earth in an underground base. And I heard that
room, when you portal through it makes a copy of you they have one in the lower levels of the Lunar Operations
sending it to this parallel reality but destroy's the local Command

[the LOC is a based now under the control CG - Right. The Axis powers won. At one time I
of the SSP Alliance, but was once a Cabal remembered a lot of the details in a short summary I was
run based used for various purposes]. given access to. I wasn't given a lot of information..

I have never gone below the third or fourth level of the DW - The insider you introduced me to, that in the
LOC, I was never given the 'grand tour' that some others beginning you had some many things in common with, and
have recently been on. These people were never part of the something things that he knew but no one else online
secret space program. I haven't seen below the third or knew. He said that that Earth didn't have the UFO Roswell
fourth floor. crash and had far less ET interaction then our Earth. Did
you ever encounter that information?
[Earlier this year CG said that the SSP
Alliance was bringing a great number of CG - I did encounter it, but I can't remember from what
starseeds and contactee's to the LOC for source it came from.
diplomatic reasons.]
DW - But he did say the same thing that you're saying,
DW - Were some people able to go to this parallel Earth which is in his opinion it was a very important project, and
and come back through the Xerox room successfully? we were both helping each other in some way.

CG - Yes. CG - Yes.

DW - Do you get copied again to come back? DW - He said that this other Earth had much less of the
advanced technology that we have, and we were trying to
CG - Yes. The process repeats itself... share it with them.

DW - So now you've destroyed yourself twice. Was there CG - Yes.

any lack of continuity in people's memories or any
anomalies with their mind's as a result of being destroyed DW - Do you think that in order to get people to join this
and reconstructed from a copy? program, they have to recruit a newbie, someone who
doesn't know how bad it is?
CG - None that were reported, other then the
unpleasantness of the process. CG - No. These people consider this a very important
mission and they are very dedicated to it.
DW - What was unpleasant about it? Just the thought of
doing it or was there a sickening feeling? DW - Really?

CG - There was a painful and unpleasant process. CG - Yes.

DW - Really? Do you feel your death? DW - One of the key things, which I think you mentioned
to me before, is that this parallel Earth is in really bad

CG - I'm just telling you what was reported, which is that CG - Supposedly it is a really dreary and hopeless place to
it is a painful unpleasant process. There are people form be.
that parallel universe reality world that are traveling here
as well. DW - Almost like an NWO plan that worked. Worldwide
fascism kind of thing?
DW - Can you describe the main historical differences
between this parallel Earth and ours? Anything you CG - Right.
specifically remember?
DW - There are some people in Jenny Randles book Time
CG - It's hard to remember exactly, but I know that world Storms, she has a whole bunch of stories about natural
war two ended differently. time slips, as she calls them. There is a child that goes
missing, three days later he pops up in the garden, even
DW - As in the Germans won, instead of the Allies? though they already searched that area multiple times. A
bubble of light shows up - and modern people would
probably say that's a UFO, but they get a missing time

experience. "Oh well I lost four hours" - so some of these interesting because what is described resemble some of
might be UFO's but others might be natural portals, would things that these people were told to report on.
you agree?
DW - Do you think that these bubbles - and I understand
CG - Yes, exactly. you haven't read the book - but these bubbles are on the
move. When people say that a UFO shows up, there's no
DW - Jenny Randles also describes some people going sound at all - "I didn't hear birds, wind or anything." Could
through these time slips, where there is a piece of furniture it be the lack of sound in these UFO contact experiences is
in their house that is now different, or a wall is painted a because time has changed and as the bird is making its cry
different color, or there are curtains in a window that didn't that time is so slow now you can't hear it anymore?
have them before, or there's a stone path from the front
door to the street that wasn't there before - and everybody CG - This is absolutely what is happening. When UFO's
laughs this off [who is told about it]. Is it possible that if we have landed in people's front yards there have been reports
mess around by accident in a time slip, that the actual of people standing in their front yards motionless. Car's
reality we're in would reconstruct itself around a slightly that are driving in the streets appearing motionless, birds
different theme, like what is described in her book? sitting in mid air, etc. These events are manipulating space
and time. So yes; definitely.
CG - The people that were involved in these type of time
experiments, were actively looking for stuff like this. They DW - I want to thank you for getting into this fascinating
were to report them immediately if they noticed anything. discussion with me. We are by no means done talking
For example, they would go to hang their tooth brush up in about time. We have a whole year and a half of episodes to
the wall hanger, and it would have moved to the other side fill up, and there is so much more I want to talk about on
of the wall. Weird things like this started happening to this topic. This is a very big subject. All kinds of
people who were involved in some of these temporal interesting things coming up in our next episode.
experiments. I haven't heard of this book, but its very

Transcription Of In5D Episode 35:
Corey Goode - Inside The Sphere Being Alliance
With Gregg Prescott And Michelle Walling September 21st 2015
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30 Sep 2015 : 17:25

Fort Lauderdale, I was a special guest on Kelli Coffee and

Dwaine Hartman The Raw Truth Tour. I spoke to the folks
there, we had a great relaxing weekend. We also met up
with some in5d authors. Do you want to tell everybody
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Gregg: Yeah, we met for dinner with several in5d writers

Max Apodaca who co-writes many articles with Yolanda,
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Tonight we are going to raise the vibration of the Planet, the first time, actually it was the first time for Yollie as
Galaxy and Universe. Now I created in5d to get people to well. Yeah so we had a wonderful weekend and we are
think outside the box, while giving positive possibilities to settled back in for today. Just to let everybody know, I am
what we can expect for the near future. Basically we unable to get into the chat room, I can see all of you. Hi
question everything and allow people to make up their own everyone but I am unable to, I am logged in but it says I
mind, as reality is constantly changing every millisecond am not logged in (chuckles). I am unable to actually
through our thoughts and intentions. So be careful where interact with you, but I can see what your putting in there.
you place your thoughts, as thoughts and intentions are On this show tonight we are not going to take any callers
manifesting quicker than ever. Joining me from the in5d at the end, but if you do have a very important question be
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tonight Michelle?
I also wanted to, ok, so we have all the technicalities done.
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retrograde it can only get better from here. Welcome to Healing Practitioner, she will be bringing on practitioners
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awesome, we already had the first show on Friday night.
Gregg: (Chuckles) Yes you know that is the first thing I You can find that on blogtalkradio at the moment, it will
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Apparently, as Corey and I were about this earlier, you and Awakening show you can catch Thursday at 8pm. I don't
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going on and people were unable to use Skype at all earlier how much in5d has expanded. Gregg we also have the
today so there is something funky going on right now. I in5d network where I get on act like a fool and have my
had Corey on Skype, he is calling in right now so we will picture taken.
be bringing him in, in a minute. But how was your
weekend? Tell me a little bit about your weekend (Chuckles from both hosts) I have videos of certain topics
Michelle? that I get an idea and I get on video. Anyway all of the
in5d shows can be found on iTunes, we also have classics
Michelle: (Chuckles) Well since you were with me I will like Helane Lipson show with Matt Kahn, Gregg and Heidi
share with everyone. I had a great weekend, we went to interviewed Dolores Cannon. One of my favourite shows

is Dr Simon Atkins which has something like crazy 8,000 Michelle: (14:26) (Laughing) All those letters and all those
views on YouTube so I am real grateful for that, to be able long terms. We are really glad to have you on the show
to get information out to people. So yeah let's get right to it tonight. I apologize for all the technical difficulties. What
Gregg. we would like to do this evening. Oh and by the way you
and I actually grew up no less than 30 miles from each
Gregg: (11:20) Yeah, I just want to add be sure to check other, in the Dallas Fort Worth area. Isn't that something.
out our in5d YouTube channel where we have over
113,000 subscribers, and literally hundreds of videos. Corey: (14:46) Interesting, yeah
Definitely check it out. So Michelle, I am really excited
about tonight's show can you introduce our guest? Michelle: (14:51) You had a way different childhood than
I did. (Chuckles) You were off traveling around to Mars
Michelle: (11:36) I sure would. and different places like that. So (chuckles) but I
appreciate joining us tonight. What we would like to do is
Identified as an intuitive empath, which is IE with get right into the questions. Gregg go ahead with your first
precognitive abilities. Corey Goode was recruited through question
one of the MILAB programs at the young age of 6. Goode
trained and served in the MILAB program from 1976- Gregg: (15:10) Alright. Well I wrote an article on in5d
1987. Towards the end of his time as a MILAB he was called Corey Goode's Gaiam TV interview and voice
assigned to an IE support role for a rotating Earth delegate analysts. I have this voice analysts software that analyzes
seat, shared by the Secret Earth Government groups, in a people voices and can tell me whether they're standing in
human type ET super federation council. MILAB is a term their truth. If they are right brained, which is the creative
coined for the Military Abduction of a person that side of their brain, or left brained which is the analytical
indoctrinates and train's them for a number of military side, which notes in their cadence are the strongest, what
black ops programs. Goode's IE abilities played an each note represents and so on. So first of all I would like
important role communicating with non-terrestrial beings, to thank you for sharing that article on your Sphere
termed interfacing, as part one of the Secret Space Alliance Facebook page Corey.
Program, SSP is short for Secret Space Program. During
his 20 year service, he had a variety of experiences and Corey: (15:46) Sure. It was interesting
assignments, including the intruder intercept interrogation
program. You know they have all these letters (chuckles)
Gregg: (15:48) Yeah, thank you after running a voice
for all of these programs they have. Assignment to the
analysis on you I determined that you firmly believe in
ASSRIV which is called axillary specialized space
what you are telling people. Additionally your voice
research interstellar class vessel, much more. And this all
analysis. Sorry go ahead
occurred in a 20 and back agreement from 1986-2007 with
recall work until the present day. Goode now it works in
the information Technology and communications industry Corey: (15:55) Sorry, go ahead I don't want to interrupt
with 20 years experience in hardware and software you
virtualization physical and I T security, counter electronic
surveillance, risk assessment and executive protection. All Gregg: (16:06) Well alright. Additionally your voice
that means is don't mess with Corey. And served for the analysis shows that you are right brained, which is the
Texas Army state guard from 2007-2012. C4I (difficult to creative side and answers more so by reaction, then
hear)which is command control communications thinking out your answers, which is a sign of truth. With
(inaudible) and intelligence. that being said, how can you be sure that your thoughts
and memories aren't MILAB implants, where you believe
Whooo. what has been implanted, but it never actually happened?

(Inaudible some strange noise continued in the Corey: (16:30) Well, I guess for the most part, every single
background). Goode continues his IE work now and is in person on this planet is a certain amount brainwashed and
direct physical contact with the Blue Avains of the Sphere mind controlled. So. Everyone of us, we're a certain
Being Alliance. Who have chosen him as a delegate to amount, there is a certain amount we are manipulated and
interface with multiple ET federations and councils on controlled in the way we think and believe things. So that
their behalf. The liaison with the SSP Alliance council and is a given. But I have gone through a long (strange noise in
to deliver important messages to humanity. With all that the background) process. I apologize for the sound in the
being said Corey Goode welcome to in5d radio. ( background my local network at my house went down at ) the same time.

Corey: (14:20) Thank you. I need to come up with an Michelle: (17:15) (laughing)
abbreviated version for hosts, don't I.

Corey: (17:17) It went down the same time I was trying to speak it out loud, even though you would have the memory
call in with you guys. of it. That was kind of a fail-safe.

Michelle: (17:19) WOW Michelle: (21:56) Uhuh

Corey: (17:20) Yeah. But there is about 3-5% of people Corey: (21:57) And I found that I had an entity attachment
that they have a very hard time with blank slating and and I had to, there are a number of ways to remove them.
putting in the screen memories, and those were the Coming from a I guess more of a Christian background, I
intuitive empaths group. It's mainly because this group of used the name of Jesus in my case. Other people use
individuals has a stronger connection with their higher self different methods. I was able to remove my entity
light body. Your memories are not only contained in your attachment. It ended up that there were quite a few entity
chemical physical hard drive brain, they are also contained attachments and this one was the gatekeeper. When the
in your soul or light body. That is how people actually are entity attachments were removed, I all of a sudden was
able to have past life memories. I mean otherwise it would able to speak out loud about it. And, was able to write. I
be impossible for a person to have, in their physical brain, would have to sneak around the entity attachment even
to have past life memories when they were physically born when I was writing, I had to write vaguely about it, and
into this life. So when you have that connection to that part write around the subject, or if I would talk I would have to
of your being you have access to those memories. And, talk around the subject I could not talk directly about my
when they are blank slating you, they are, what they are experiences, or directly about certain aspects of what I was
doing is accessing your sort of physical hard drive, they involved in because this entity attachment that actually
are actually going into your physical brain, and playing called itself the Gatekeeper prevented me from doing so. I
with your brain chemistry and the electromagnetic fields in know that sounds bizarre to a lot of people, but people who
your brain. So they will, do that with the intuitive empaths listen to this information that doesn't sound bizarre to.
and sometimes it will take shortly, but they are that group,
they always had a very big problem being able to Michelle: (23:27) No it does not. I had I think. Well first of
completely control and completely install screen memories all by taking on a human body we made an implied
on. The individual's basically would reboot and have agreement at this time to take on a human body, in the fine
access to this virtual hard drive or their light body soul print. It said, "Oh and by the way, we are going to attach
memories. If that makes any sense. entities to your chakras so that we can control your
emotions and take your energy from you". So it doesn't
Michelle: (19:47) It does make sense actually. When you really sound, yeah. Yeah and those can come back as well,
think about it we are all having a holographic experience and what we have to do. I know what you talk a lot about
that is run by a program, and the program is a light matrix, Corey, is basically living your life in truth, love and
and then somehow we have this light overlay, from what I compassion. And, actually I'm going to be doing a show on
guess, you would call the dark beings that have infiltrated the Cosmic Awakening show in two weeks about how to
this reality and really have put these programs, and that neutralize these implants because this is what we are doing
would be our education system, our political system, the here with Ascension, we are raising our vibration and we
banking system and we have agreed to the program and are neutralizing these control mechanism that this
that is what we are running here. So in a way everybody is holographic insert has on us. And, that is how we are going
mind controlled and we also have implants. I was just to free ourselves.
wondering, I did a show on implant removal just recently.
I was just wondering if you feel like that you have some Corey: (24:27) Yes and with these energy changes that are
implants that your having to work through and neutralize occurring these different types of etheric, entities types of
by centering and grounding and balancing because I know attachments they are having a lot more difficulty hanging
that you can neutralize implants by doing that. on to us. There are certain types of attachments that people
have, like if you live with a kind of vampire-type they treat
Corey: (20:40) Yes, yeah. In the programs they would you badly and they seem to vampire off of your fear or
utilize different types of implants. And, one of the things anxiety when they treat you badly. Well a lot of times that
that is very controversial, when I got onto this topic, I had person has an attachment that is feeding off of the Loosh
kind of a falling out with the original people I was talking and is also sharing that energy with that person in a
to because people have their own personal belief systems symbiotic relationship. As we are getting into this higher
about this. But they use entity attachments, as gatekeepers, frequency part of the galaxy these beings are not going to
so I had access to these memories, but they used entity be able to handle this frequency. A lot of people that have
attachments, these dark entities that they would attach to these what I was told by the Blue Avians especially these
your soul body. You would be able to access these entity attachments at some point in the future are not going
memories, but whenever you would try to talk about it, to be able to exist in this energy field, they are going to
you would stammer, have a speech impediment, you what they called, "be cast back into the outer realm where
would have an anxiety attack, you would be just unable to they came from". The people that have had these entity
attachments are going to go through kind of like a heroine
withdrawal, they have gotten used to this symbiotic needed to raise your vibration and neutralize these
relationship with these attachments and they have been implants. So
sharing this energy with them that they have been
vampiring off of other people. So this topic that you're Gregg: (29:26) And another thing to that I wanted to bring
going to be talking about is a very important one because a up. Michelle and I have noticed this, and I'm sure you have
lot of people are going to be faced with these attachments noticed this as well Corey, there is just a whole lot of
because they are going to start seeing and noticing them a dissension going on, among spiritual groups, and you see
lot more because they are starting to vibrate lose they are people calling out other people, I'm not going to name
starting to become more apparent because they are having names, I'm not going to call out those people that are doing
a hard time hanging on. that because they know who they are and it's not worth my
time and effort to sink down to their level. Are you
Michelle: (26:48) Okay, yeah. I totally agree, and I really noticing the same thing, with all this division amongst
appreciate talking about this subject because it is very spiritual groups, you know the whole divided and conquer
important. I don't want to put fear in anybody, and that is chaos thing.
why we are really having this discussion, we want to give
people as much information as possible. Corey: (29:56) Yes, and I have written an article about
that, about keeping your reality bubble permeable, and
Corey: (27:00) Oh no, instead of scare someone, it should developing, and it is a very touchy subject for a lot of
empower them, to know that time is short for these types people, a lot of people have developed their own UFO
of attachments and implants that they can't exist in a loving religions and belief systems, it's hard not to do. We are
person and a higher frequency person and in a higher genetically programmed, we have been genetically
frequency environment. That is good news that is not bad tinkered with to look to worship a higher being, to look for
news. a leader or a guru and that kind of a thing. Instead of
looking inwardly and try to develop our own co-creative
Gregg: (27:29) So what you're saying though, is that while consciousness and raise our own vibrations. So, yeah I'm
some people work on removing attachments from other not going to focus on any people or particular group either.
people and they have that gift, what your saying basically This is also something that was done by design, ufology
other people and everyone else doesn't have them removed and all these different groups, there have been people that
they will have to go through almost like a heroin addiction have infiltrated it since the early 1950s and they wanted all
type scenario. of these people, at their root they just want to love and to
grow, but they move in and they want to keep these people
fragmented and at each other's throats instead of working
Corey: (27:50) Right
together because they know if we work together lovingly
and our co-creative consciousness together, we are very
Gregg: (27:52) Well, okay powerful. So if they can keep us divided and arguing about
our differences and esoteric theologies, then they're not
Michelle: (27:53) Well that is good for the healers to know necessarily winning, but they are putting off the inevitable.
what is going on
Gregg: (31:50) Yeah, they're keeping us distracted
Corey: (27:56) Yeah, and a lot of these people will be basically. You know, look over here.
acting really bizarre, a lot of people use the words an end
time madness behaviour. And, it will be very similar to Corey: (31:54) Exactly
someone coming off of an opiate, cold turkey, the people
will have physical symptoms, they will be acting out,
sometimes very aggressively, there will be symptoms that Gregg: (31:55) Focus on this while we should be moving
a lot of these healers reiki-type people light workers will ahead and forward. Now I have seen numerous Orbs of
various colours throughout my lifetime, some people have
recognize and be able to move in and help the people with.
claimed that all are artificial intelligence.
Michelle: (28:42) Well, what is going to happen they will
find themselves without a source of energy because they Corey: (32:10) (Chuckles)
haven't found the energy within themselves, like you said
they are going to be flipping out, some people are going to Gregg: (32:10) Which I personally believe is new age
get sick and unfortunately some people will be leaving. disinfo. Do you believe that all Orbs are artificial
Eventually leave their body when they live the rest of their intelligence?
lives on the planet. But I just want everybody to know that
on a soul level everybody here already has a place, a Corey: (32:17) No, and if you have noticed this something
vibration, a dimension to be going based on your soul that has come out fairly recently
experiences, as well as, how far you have gotten in this
particular lifetime, in awakening and doing the work Michelle: (32:23) Yes.
Corey: (32:24) (Sigh) One of the major things that I started a very high vibratory area of the Galaxy and they, for a
talking about, about nine months ago, I started talking long time were actually sending vessels out, these are
about the major ED/ET/AI threat, a major threat actually clouds of high density energetic particles, giant
throughout multiple galaxies, multiple ET groups are leery clouds of high energetic particles, and we are heading into
of this AI, AI in particular, and the secret space programs these giant clouds of high energetic particles as well. So it
heavily screen for any type of AI signal overlay in your its is not only these waves coming in from the centre of the
kind of like they do an EEG on you if there is more than Galaxy. I just wanted to make that clear because I hear
one signal, they can tell there is an AI signal or any type of much about these x-waves coming from the centre of the
sign that you have been influenced by nano technology. Galaxy, this is something that they were studying for
There is a certain faction of the cabal groups that are what decades now and we are sending craft out to study these
we call AI prophet. They have been using this AI that has a giant interstellar clouds of energy that they knew our star
very accurate probable future type of program that is system was heading into.
helping them stay one step ahead from being arrested or
caught. There have been several times there has been some Gregg: (38:11) We have a question in the chat room that is
real progress announced, they were about to take down the related to this, and it is from Kim Burnet (sorry if
cabal, and this cabal group has been able to stay one step misspelled), and Kim wants to know have the SSP actually
ahead using this AI technology. A lot of them see it as a found a way to measure these incoming waves?
God and a lot of the information that has been released
about this has gotten them really upset. So what they are
Corey: (38:24) Well, yes they measure the incoming waves
doing is, the kindergarten "I know you are, but what am I" from the centre of the galaxy, they measure cosmic waves
kind of thing. Anything that is Sphere related, Orb related all sorts coming from all directions at all times because
or Blue Avian related now all of a sudden it's an artificial
there is a lot of different interaction that can occur
intelligence psyop.
especially during portal travel, when certain types of
cosmic energy cross each other, there is a cross point and it
Michelle: (34:36) Well, I have noticed that and you know, can cause feedback throughout the cosmic web that is why
it's really funny because they are panicking right now they have a very, very complicated hyper dimensional
because of this way of energy that, as you know is already mathematics model that they use for calculating a lot of
bathing the planet, it is supposed to be really strong here, this portal travel. They also have to pay close attention to,
very good timing for this show. This week, and next week, sending probes out to measure and detect different types of
we should be able to see some evidence of energetic some waves of cosmic radiation that are coming in from the
forces bathing the planet that will pretty much shake things centre of the galaxy and coming out from other parts of the
up. I have noticed that we have been able to see the truth cosmos.
come out, on people who really, before were saying, they
have been saying things for years they claim is the truth,
Gregg: (39:41) Now speaking of measurements, here is
but now they were kind of hanging out for a while, and
something I am curious about. Time is only relevant to this
now they are not able to lie anymore. (Chuckles) Their true planet, 24 hrs in a day, 365 days in a year, 12 months in a
colours are coming out. We are being able to use better year, how do other galactic races track time do they have
discernment. That is really good that helps out a lot. So, I
calendars or clocks?
was wondering if you wouldn't mind giving us, giving our
listeners a little bit of clarification on, what you see this
wave of energy coming onto the planet, originating from Corey: (40:03) Well, they use, depending on their local
and how it will begin to affect people here, besides the fact star system, they usually have what we have, like some
that you already said some people are actually going to sort of standard Zulu time, some sort of standard time for
feel it, you know it's going to shake their world apart, it's their local star system and wherever they go in the
actually literally vibrating things that don't resonate with it Universe they are working off their local star system time.
apart. But how will it affect those of us who are doing our They keep their circadian rhythm going we do the same
work, will it give us psychic powers that we didn't have thing.
before? What is your take?
Gregg: (40:46) So when you attend these alliance meetings
Corey: (36:17) Well OK, I'll start back in the secret space how do other attendees know what the local star system
program, they have been studying this since at least the time is, in conjunction with everyone else, and which
80s, the energetic changes that are coming and it's not just particular day it would be?
this super wave that is coming from the center of the
Galaxy that people are talking about, these waves have Corey: (41:00) I don't know that they're given the other
been coming from the center of the Galaxy like crazy and people's time. I think they are given the information in
it's been picking up in frequency for a while. This is their time, but the groups that are attending these meetings
happening, but what is also been happening is that our are, these people are stationed here in our star system.
local star cluster, solar system is traveling through this They are living in embassies in our star system usually
giant torsion field that is our Galaxy and it is heading into under oceans, underground, on our planet, on moons, or

other planets, planetoids there is a lot of activity in the some confusion. Social problems between families and
Kuiper belt. Most of these groups they pretty much live in people in the world that are interacting that are not of the
embassies here in this sol system. same polarity. As far as superpowers, that also is going to
depend on the individual. How developed they are all
Michelle: (41:54) Well, I have a question, in the chat ready, if they have been, if they are one of these people
room. Is there a specific date for the energetic wave to end that sit in a cave and meditate a lot, and are working on all
and will disclosure automatically happen when the wave these spiritual practices in the East, and are really advance
ends? already, then they are going to be quite a bit ahead of
everybody else that are working 9-5, sitting in front of the
TV every day, going to bed, waking up and repeating the
Corey: (42:07) Well, like I said, we are talking about these
process the next day. So, it is going to be more, it appears
energetic waves that people are talking about that are
it is going to be more of a gradual process, people aren't
coming from the center of the galaxy, but we have just
going to wake up in the morning and walk outlook both
begun to enter these high energy clouds, only since, I
believe since the 1930s and 40s that they talked about, ways like Neo on the Matrix, put on their sunglasses and
when we started to enter the outskirts of some of these take off and fly.
clouds, and we haven't really gotten into the most dense
part of these high energetic clouds, in this part of the Gregg: (47:39) Uh huh
Galaxy that we are heading into, in our solar system.
Michelle: (47:40) Damn. (Chuckles)
Gregg: (42:56) Is that the Photon belt, that you are talking
about? Corey: (47:41) Yeah (chuckles)

Corey: (42:57) No, it's not the Photon belt. These are Gregg: (47:41) That's what I would have said anyway
actual high energetic clouds that are dispersed out, and
these clouds are like the size of nebulas. They are really Michelle: (47:42) (Laughing)
large, they are spread out through the size may be like, this
might even be to big, but if you're looking down from the
Corey: (47:44) (Chuckles) It would be nice. It would be
top of the galaxy like a clock and cut it up into pies, like nice, it would be great. But you know I hate to stamp on
slices of pie, 1/16th of a slice, a very small slice area of the
some people's dreams, but the evidence that I have seen
inside the program and from what I have been told in some
of these meetings, it looks like it is going to be a gradual
Michelle: (43:56) We didn't really get into, oh I'm sorry go process and most of it has to do with each person's
ahead and finish (chuckles) personal development.

Corey: (43:58) I was going to move on to the rest of your Gregg: (48:22) So it's like the change of seasons
Corey: (48:23) Yeah
Michelle: (44:06) Yes
Michelle: (48:24) How did they test, how did they do this
Corey: (44:07) About what we can expect. They started to test Corey? Did they use HARP or CERN energetic waves
do a lot of some unethical tests on some people to try to around the planet?
figure that out, exposing some people, in some of the
research vessels, they took outside the solar system and
Corey: (48:34) Which test?
also some, they tried to reproduce these in chambers and
expose people unwittingly to some of these energies. The
answer is it depends totally on your polarity, if you're a Michelle: (48:36) The test that you said that they were
positive or service to others type of self you are going to already testing how this energy is going to effect the
be more so, if your a selfish service to self kind of negative planet.
person you are going to become more so. So the energy
kind of enhances what you all ready are. It depends on, if Corey: (48:43) Well, they were testing it on individuals in
you have been trying to put energy into yourself, selfishly certain programs secret space programs,
then it's going to make you more of a selfish negative
person in the beginning, people that are loving that are Michelle: (48:52) Oh, okay
trying to help other people it is going to make them more
so. From what they have found out, everybody is going to Corey: (48:52) Unsuspecting individuals, like they would
feel, kind of need some drama meme if you know what I put people in a room a chamber and tell them to
mean. It is going to have an effect on us to where we are concentrate, work on this project, they would think they
going to feel it and it could be a bit confusing, can cause were working on some project and they were part of one
thing, when they were actually piping certain energies into Gregg: (52:43) Okay. You know one of the things I follow
the room that were as close as they could reproduce to be here is Pluto and Capricorn and I am seeing this huge
the high energy particle clouds, they were going and cycle. The last time Pluto was in Capricorn was the 1700s
shooting probes into, to get information from, and they during the French and American revolutions, and if you
were also when these vessels were getting very close to look around the world, what is going on right now is
these high energy clouds the fields from these clouds alone revolutions, it's a cycle of time and what we can expect
were effecting the people in the vessel. Pluto entered Capricorn in 2008 and stays there until 2023,
and right on schedule in 2008 we saw the collapse of all
Gregg: (49:48) Oh, wow these too big to fail banks, well all these banks except for
the too big to fail banks and we are seeing revolutions
going on throughout the world. What Pluto does, it's
Corey: (49:48) So, this is where they were gaining a lot of
known as the destroyer and it tears down everything that is
this information.
not in humanities best interest. So what we can expect to
see up to the year 2023 is a collapse of money, government
Gregg: (49:54) Uh huh. We have a question in the chat and religion and we are already seeing a collapse of all
room from a Emily Benitez(sorry if it is misspelled). Who three right now. I thought that was pretty interesting.
wants to know, what are all the best ways to ride this
wave, to benefit us the most?
Corey: (53:43) Well yeah because our bodies we have a
strong bio-neural field, the Universe is actually a bio-
Corey: (50:05) I always go back to the message that electric Universe and a torsion field Universe, all of these
focuses daily on being more and more service to others, it bodies in our solar system are going to have a direct
is so important that we got to work on being very forgiving connection and correlation with each person just like I
to those who have wronged us, and most of all be explained on Gaiam TV when I was talking about portals,
forgiving of ourselves and that is the hardest part. Shining how the Sun has a filament connection with every planet in
the light on the inside doing the inner work, finding the our solar system, an electromagnetic filament connection,
dark parts of ourselves that we try to ignore. Call ourselves there is a large torsion field around the Sun, the planet,
light workers, but ignore the little dark parts. Shine the well of course you know our bio-neural field around our
light on there. Forgive ourselves. I've had a lot of problems body is a torsion field. We are going to have a type of
with that. Then, move on and try to become more loving. connection with everything in our solar system as well.
Do all we can to learn more about raising our vibration, When people make the comment "everything in time and
and raise our consciousness, learn about the power of our space is connected" that is literally true. Everything in this
consciousness. We are going to start learning more and Universe is connected, in probably many different ways,
more about the nature of the world around us that but has been proven through portal travel the hyper
everything is vibration, our thought, our bodies, the walls dimensional mathematics model they use that every single
around us, light, everything is all vibration and our point in space and time are connected they use that
consciousness being thought is vibration. Our co-creative information to travel.
consciousness together we can focus our co-creative
consciousness together and we can directly effect energy
Michelle: (55:25) I was wondering about, in our solar
and matter. Therefore, we can affect our reality.
system there are a lot of people out there talking about
Saturn being the projector of this matrix and it comes from
Gregg: (52:02) Yes, that's what they say, they proved it Saturn to the Moon, all this programming on the Moon,
through that double slit experiment where focus and intent and you know a lot about the Moon, we will be talking
changes our reality. They have proven that with the about that next. How does Saturn play into the interaction
Maharishi effect, virtually through the same thing where with Earth? Because there are a lot of people that want to
focused meditation significantly reduces violence blame Saturn, blame the black box, in the Sun or behind
throughout cities and whatever. Yeah the Sun there is a lot of talk about this. What do you know
about it?
Corey: (52:22) Yeah
Corey: (55:57) Well, Saturn has quite a lot of ancient and
Gregg: (52:22) Yeah, it does make a huge difference and current Extraterrestrial activity. I have talked about the
people that are still asleep (sigh) have a hard time ancient builder race that a lot of the illuminati groups tried
understanding that process. Now just getting back to one to incorporate into their religions, and tried to make them
last thing about time. Do any Extraterrestrial races use their gods, but when it comes down to it, the ET's that are
astrology as a way of tracking time through various visiting us, don't know who they were, a lot of ancient ET's
astrological cycles? that came through, kind of have gone by a lot of the
ancient builders monument's that are on other moons and
Corey: (52:42) I don't know. other planets, we know there were glyphs at one time that
have been wiped off and removed. Kind of like when one
King comes in and they chisel off the name of the other
King on these monuments. So, there is quite a bit of Michelle: (1:00:09) (Chuckling)
ancient builder technology in the Saturn region. A lot of
this comes from lots of lore, this is where I have to be Gregg: (1:00:11) Now we have a question in5D Facebook
careful because there is a lot of sacred cows, and a lot of one of our members there. He wants to if you can go into
belief systems. I have been stepping on a lot of toes lately. more detail on what is inside the Moon and who built it?

Michelle: (57:32) (Laughing) Corey: (1:00:22) Well

Corey: (57:32) Well you know I have been out there Gregg: (1:00:24) And that question comes from Mark
around, let's just say I have been around Jupiter, a lot of Patenaude (sorry if it is misspelled), sorry I just wanted to
the area around Saturn is highly restricted, even our secret give him credit for that.
space programs. There are a lot of ET groups that have that
area staked as their own. Corey: (1:00:29) That's okay. I have been not allowed
below a certain level of the Lunar Operation Command. It
Michelle: (58:03) Well is our whole solar system moving bugs the snot out of me. Just about every meeting that has
up in vibration? been up there, they have been bringing between 30-80
civilians, just everyday people from around the planet that
Corey: (58:08) Yes have been going up, these people haven't been coming
forward to talk about it. I don't know if they've been told to
Michelle: (58:08) I mean the whole Universe is keep quiet about it. I know they aren't blank slating people,
the alliance isn't blank slating people, but they are keeping
Corey: (58:10) Yes quiet about it. These people are being taken on a full tour
of the LOC. There has been a couple of times where I have
seen the side view map, I see that the LOC is narrower at
Michelle: (58:10) The whole solar system is. So the top, and goes wider, wider kind of shaped like a bell, it
goes if not all the way down, pretty far down, close to the
Corey: (58:11) Well, definitely, not only our whole solar outer room of what the Moon really is. I haven't seen what
system, but our local star cluster, all the local stars in our is on the inside. I have heard rumours and information
region. We are heading to a higher vibrational area of our from people, but I did read on the smart glass pads that it
galaxy. That is why David Wilcock and some other people was artificial, something that was created, artificially that
have pointed out that we have all this climate change and was flown into the position that it is in now around
strange anomalies that have been occurring on all of the 500,000 years ago, it was put into a tidal lock with the
planets. Steadily increasing each year, some sort of Earth and left there, apparently refugees that were on
hexagon, I don't know if it is geographical anomaly that I board it, many perished, some came from that vessel to the
think appeared on Saturn, I think on its North Pole. That is Earth.
caused by frequency, a change in frequency in the solar
system. This is translating down to people. People are Michelle: (1:03:03) Well I was just wondering, Oh I'm
acting bizarre. sorry. I was just wondering if there is a hologram cover-
up, where we actually see because there was this one guy
Michelle: (59:19) (Chuckling) Yes, Oh yes on YouTube who was using a high powered telescope and
camera, he actually filmed a glitch in the program. The
Corey: (59:19) I mean if you haven't noticed. People are cover up that we are seeing. Do you know anything about
acting pretty bizarre. It is getting more and more that?
pronounced, it is going to increase, increase and increase.
We are going to be seeing more and more bizarre types of Corey: (1:03:27) Yeah, the Moon is basically split up like
behaviour. This change in vibrational energy entering into Antarctica is, into diplomatic zones. Some of the ET
our solar system is like cosmic Red Bull (chuckles). groups that have been there for many thousands of years,
they do have a holographic type of projection that they use
Michelle: (59:57) With wings (Chuckles) to hide their activities.

Everyone: (1:00:00) Laughing Gregg: (1:04:01) Okay. Now on one of your GaiamTV
episodes you mentioned that the Sun or Sol is an electric
Corey: (1:00:01) Yeah, with wings (Laughing) stargate that is being fed by some sort of waves that are
hitting it. Many people have noticed that the Sun has gone
from a deep egg yolk yellow color to basically being
Michelle: (1:00:04) Sorry for the pun there
white. Do you have any idea why this is happening?

Corey: (1:00:05) I like it, I wish I would have thought of it.

Corey: (1:04:22) Yeah, it is because of these frequency Corey: (1:08:39) Well, you have to use your own
changes, shifting, the star is shifting. It is also because, I discernment, you are going to know, especially if you have
don't have the information in front of me now, I don't have a strong connection to your higher self, you will be able to
access to the internet, it's on my site somewhere. In the last discern these things a lot better. If your a person out there
10 years the hydrogen bond there has been a change in the that is kind of new to all of this stuff, then you got to be a
chemistry in the surface layers, it has definitely shifted little bit careful, can't just willy nilly go in and any voice or
from yellow to more of an orange color when seen from any thought being that tries to connect with you and says
space. that it is positive you can't go "OK cool it says it is positive
let's talk" , but if you have been working on yourself
Gregg: (1:05:20) Ah, okay but from here it looks whiter. spiritually and connecting with your higher self through
Doesn't it? meditation, doing the inner work, then you will have
developed your discernment a lot better. Time travel, time
is a very tricky thing because it is tied in very much with
Corey: (1:05:25) Yeah, when viewed through the
atmosphere. Yeah it does. It is definitely going through consciousness as well. One of the things that we learned
vibratory change that is affecting it. The sun is changing in, not just in the programs that fall under the MILAB
programs, most people want to think that everything in the
energy in to matter, it's basically a giant replicator. So, it's
MILAB program is MKUltra. That is just not the truth. In
producing water, hydrogen, it's producing all types of
these programs, when they were teaching remote viewing
things that become combined further outside and become
and remote influencing, one of the things you realize when
minerals even. The sun is a lot more complex, nothing like
what mainstream science is putting forth what it is. you are doing the black ops, above military type remote
viewing, is then, let's say you come up with a target as a
remote viewer, OK, you write down coordinates on an
Gregg: (1:06:17) Well, honestly the way I see it like index card, you put it in an envelope, it passes to three
alchemy, as above so below, as within so without. What is different people. Then, the remote viewer, views it, and
happening on the sun is merely what is happening to us on sees these alpha numeric codes and they do a reading and
an individual level, we are also changing I have a feeling. this is supposed to be some information from the future
Would you agree with that? well that future that they are looking into, is going to be
effective by the consciousness and the belief system of the
Corey: (1:06:32) Yeah, absolutely, everybody is that is person who created that target. That is why they call it a
why we are seeing some people behaving very bizarre, probable future. Let's say that you have a belief that the
some people starting to really look into becoming more future is negative, there is going to be a pole shift, there is
spiritual. Like I said it has to do with your polarity. The going to be a kill shot event or the world is eaten with fire
people that are kind of good at heart anyway, good people, from the sun, you write down these coordinates, give it to a
are becoming better, they are looking to become more remote viewer, they are going to see something like that.
spiritual, more service to others on their planet, they are They are more than likely going to see something like that.
looking to become more loving and helpful to people. The chance is really good. But if you believe that it is
People that have struggled with mental illnesses they are going to be a golden age that type of thing, consciousness
getting hit really hard. People that have struggled with is an amazing thing that we are in mainstream, barely
negative feelings about themselves, feelings about the starting to get an idea that we have a shared consciousness.
world or other people, those negative feelings and thoughts People worry that you are talking about a hive mind, we
are enhanced, they are becoming very triggered and already have a shared consciousness and we are co-
reactionary to just about anything. creating what is going on in this world right now, with our
shared consciousness. It is just that a lot of these negative
Gregg: (1:07:37) I totally agree. Here is something else groups that know about this power, are using our co-
that I have been meaning to ask you. In 2010 I had a creative consciousness against us. They are planting seeds,
dream, where I sent myself back in time from 26 years into in movies, on the news, false flag events, our wide band of
the future the critical mass wasn't high enough or where it emotions are triggers for our consciousness. If they get all
needed to be for this current awakening and when someone of us all scared, like a 9/11 event, they can create a new
asked me "who are you" I answered that I am a master timeline, and get us to choose this new timeline, with our
copy of myself. During the episode of the Electric Sun on co-creative consciousness and head down it as a group.
Cosmic Disclosure, you mentioned that we are receiving There is so much that we as a people, have had kept from
help from higher dimensional beings, and are given us. Our true power, as individuals and as a group. We are
information in our dreams to help us progress at the end of going to be learning.
this major cycle. When I heard that I thought wow that is
exactly what I was told in this dream that I had in 2010, Michelle: (1:13:21) Well it does put us in a difficult
and my comment is written and time stamped in one of my position as alternative news reporters, writing articles. I
forums dating back to February 9th 2010, when I had this have a website called, how to exit the matrix, and I have to
dream. So how does one differentiate between dreams, cover all these things, yet the key is not to focus on it, not
time travel and reality? to put any emotion into....

Corey: (1:13:40) Exactly. Corey: (1:18:39) Yeah.

Michelle: (1:13:41) Observing the truth about what is Gregg: (1:18:39) Yeah, that was basically my question to.
happening, without focusing on it. I had to go down that Why isn't the Sphere Being Alliance helping to keep you
path, for at least eight months that started out with safe and healthy?
Cameron Day, with the false light beings. It started
blowing me away, with that whole false light campaign. It Corey: (1:18:48) Yes, and they are helping me to a certain
was a learning curve. I learned about it and I had to move point. There has been so many things that, I was having
on. And, realize I still have my website, I update it every meetings where I was just busting hard the SSP Alliance
day with wonderful things. I have to try to share and focus council about why they would not allow me access to
on what we need to be doing. How we can heal people at some of their healing technology that I knew was a floor
this time. I appreciate you sharing the information that you below, I was about to have surgery. Finally Lt. Col.
are sharing, you are a leader through information about Gonzales, that is his pseudonym that is not his real name.
your experiences. A lot of people have a question about He finally told me that the Blue Avians are the one's that
you. They want to know, how you are able to talk about all didn't want you to have this healing technology. I was like
these things, how the government is allowing this, when "what", he has been in contact with them, about the same
they have been trying to keep this from us, for a long time. amount of time as I have. He said, that they said it is part
I imagine it's not much different than me talking about this, of your karmic cycle, you are still dealing with a lot of
still being here. If they want to screw with our internet your karmic cycle. I am out there talking about people
here and there that is fine, but we are highly protected and needing to forgive others, and forgive yourself to stop the
we stand in our own sovereignty our own power, basically wheel of karma, when I haven't totally forgiven myself for
we know what we are here to do. Could you give things that I was forced to be involved in, when I was in
everybody the answer to that question? these programs. Therefore, I haven't stopped the wheel of
karma with myself yet. There are certain things that, I'm
Corey: (1:15:09) Sure. There are couple things about that. I only human, I am no guru, no special teacher. I am no
have gotten my fair share of death threats. There has been more special than anyone else. I have flaws, about myself
a massive disinformation campaign that has been put out that I need to work on, it is something that I need to
against me. Especially by the AI prophet group. They did address. I have told people that have joked around about
not like the information about AI intelligence that I put this being a golden rule hippie kind of message, I have told
out. I put out quite a bit, very damning information. These them "this is not an easy path to walk" trying to love those
groups have been very disappointed how they had not been who are hating you, to love yourself, when you have
able to totally destroy me like they wanted to in the shined the light and seen all the very dark places, try to
alternative community. One of the ways they were trying constantly have thoughts of service to others, constantly be
to take me down creditability wise. Secondly, I have had to of higher vibration of everything that is very difficult, in
install video cameras and some other things I won't talk this environment. I fall short. I am not an ascended being
about, security measures. I have had break-in attempts to (chuckles) by any means. I pay a high price for that.
my home, on two different occasions now that were pretty
serious. A lot of people that follow my Facebook site, Gregg: (1:21:49) Well, I tell you what Corey, Dolores
know that, I decided not to tell the full information about Cannon said the quickest and best way to overcome karma
this because, well known researchers that have been so is through forgiveness. It's that simple.
heavily attacking me, I don't want my family and children
being a part of their attack. We did have a group that Corey: (1:22:03) It is. It is that simple, and yet so
intruded into our house, it was a very scary situation, the
incredibly hard.
people on the internet saw that I talked about these tall
blondes, with real tall foreheads, with six fingers. My son
wouldn't stop talking about it, my four year old son, he Michelle: (1:22:06) Well, what I found Corey as a life
was freaked out. He woke up with a bloody nose, there coach, is so many people are so involved in being service
was blood in his bed. He talked about the yellow haired to others that they don't stop to take the time to seriously
men that took him in an airplane in front of the house. It work on themselves. Nor do they have time alone where
really freaked us out. When we were at Gaiam television, I they can do that. Some of us spent a year to two years
was describing on one of the episodes, a bunch of different alone working on ourselves. Before I met Gregg, I was by
beings, and they put up a picture, my kids were up there myself, in between a marriage, I spent time, way by
with me, a picture of the closest thing that we could find to myself, in a marriage to. So it does take the work,
that group, my daughter and son were back in the everybody has to do it that is one part that nobody is going
recording room, they got very upset. I was told that I do to do it for us. That is one part. It does seem hard, but it
have a certain amount of protection, but it is tied karmicly truly is simple, and it is magic. Our thoughts and words are
to how I think and behave, I can open myself up to attack. truly magic. You can come up with a simple incantation to
look in the mirror and do a little white magic on yourself.
Tell yourself how much you love yourself, tell yourself
Michelle: (1:18:36) Uh huh. Any fear or any kind of doubt
that you completely forgive yourself that this is an illusion, I get asked about that stuff a lot of times. I really don't
an experience we are just playing a part and a role in it. know about a lot of these different people and of their
Watch how quickly you are protecting yourself because work. I'm just now trying to read book one, of The Law of
your aura becomes so golden and hard around you were One. My wife has read it. David Wilcock has been telling
nothing can affect you. You can also share that with your me I need to read it. I haven't really done it, I know I need
family, you can basically protect yourself. Then, the to. ( )
Sphere Being Alliance can support you in your action. Hey
you just had a life coaching session (chuckles). Gregg: (1:27:07) Actually later I would like to talk about
The Law of One, the harvest because I have read The Law
Gregg: (1:23:34) That is perfect. So I am guessing that you of One, I don't agree with some of the stuff that is in there,
are an introvert like Michelle and me. I am sure it is not but anyway. Sherry Wilde is a contactee who has
easy for you to come out on radio and Gaiam TV to talk connections to one of the Grey races. Michelle and I were
about this. watching one of these videos where she states that in2009
time was stopped for three days while Extraterrestrials
Corey: (1:23:49) Yeah, I am an INFJ. I think that is what. would read the individual vibration of every person on the
planet, are you aware of this event happening in 2009?
Gregg: (1:23:56) Oh, (Chuckling) I am an INFP
Corey: (1:27:40) No.
Michelle: (1:23:59) (Chuckles) Yeah we are both INFP's
Gregg: (1:27:43) Okay. Just curious about that.
Corey: (1:24:05) Yeah, I am highly introverted. Raw-Tear-
Eir was telling me that I was going to be speaking in front Corey: (1:27:45) No, I am not saying that it didn't happen
of this group, this federation council, on their behalf, I'm not aware of that now.
speaking in front of the SSP council and in the future I was
going to be speaking to groups of people down here, I was Michelle: (1:27:51) Well, from what I understand, it goes
"ah I don't think so". I said, I have a very weak voice, I talk back to what I was saying where everybody having they're
for 45 minutes and I start to lose my voice, I'm great and I prior soul experiences, trying to basically figure out, well
can sit there and write my thoughts out and sound not figure out, but help people along who weren't
somewhat intelligent, but I'm not a public speaker. I'm like awakened at that point, which I actually wasn't until 2010.
you are not picking the right person here. They were I was completely asleep. Based on their souls experiences,
adamant that I was who they wanted to do it. So, I was like what their soul had in store for them and they hadn't
"OK" but yeah I don't know why they would pick an awakened yet, they needed to trigger, also when that wave
introvert over and extrovert. of energy were to come in. Some people are talking about
truly these abilities are for the people who are ready for
Gregg: (1:25:20) (Laughing) Yeah I know, it's funny to them, to start experiencing extreme psychic powers, even
because I was told by a psychic, Sherrie Elisse (sorry if it some people being able to do things like telekinesis.
is misspelled), a number of years ago that I'd be speaking Maybe even vibrate themselves right out of this reality like
in front of large groups of people, and I would be going on the Mayans did. We are kind of studying that right now
radio shows and the first thing I told her is "that is never that is why we are interested in that kind of information.
going to happen"(Laughing). Not this introvert
(chuckling). Here, I am doing a radio show, I have done Corey: (1:29:02) Well, yeah. For most of these groups that
several conferences, in5d conferences here in Los Angeles, are highly advanced they realize that time is an illusion.
she was right, but I would have never thought that, I'm a Stopping it for three days, they experience time in a totally
huge. I have told many people this, if there is a party going different way than we do. A lot of these beings can come
on, envision a square room, I would be in one of the in and experience a compressed or expanded amount of
corners watching people. If you want to find me at a big time while in our midst, while we are experiencing the
party which I probably wouldn't go too, to begin with. If I same linear time that we always do. Time is a very
did that's where I'd be. In one of those corners. interesting thing in and of itself right.

Corey: (1:25:59) Right, Yep. That is me to. I am a people Gregg: (1:30:14) Now there is a comment in the chat room
watcher. Sitting they're quietly watching people making from Kim Burnett, she says that I love Sherry Wilde she is
idiots of themselves. awesome, she backs up Corey a great deal. So, there you
Gregg: (1:26:10) (Laughing) Yes, in general. Are you
familiar with Sherry Wilde, she is a contactee Michelle: (1:30:26) There you go. There is also

Corey: (1:26:19) No, I am not really familiar with a whole Corey: (1:30:30) I just haven't heard of a lot of these
lot of different contactee's, a lot of different people's work. people. I haven't had the time to look into their
information. It doesn't mean that I disagree with it or think Gregg: (1:33:47) Well to your knowledge do any other
their information is not true. I haven't had time to look into galactic races acknowledged Christianity or Jesus?
Corey: (1:33:56) (Chuckling) That hasn't come up.
Michelle: (1:30:50) Well what we need to do is give you
time (laughing). Are you still working? Are you still Gregg: (1:34:06) (Laughing) I didn't think it would
working during the day? (Laughing)

Corey: (1:30:57) Oh my gosh. Well I am working Michelle: (1:34:08) (Laughing)

completely on this right now.
Corey: (1:34:10) It didn't come up. The only thing that I
Michelle: (1:31:03) Oh good. That is good. brought to Raw-Teir-Eir I told him that I was raised a
Christian "do you have a problem with that?". He didn't
Corey: (1:31:06) Yeah, my other career in IT was pretty communicate anything back he just looked with his hands
much decimated out kind of bowed his head.

Michelle: (1:31:18) When they found out who you were Gregg: (1:34:43) (Laughing) He didn't roll his eyes.
Corey: (1:34:45) No. I haven't had a conversation about
Corey: (1:31:19) Yeah. I was kind of outed before I could Christianity, Muslim, Buddhism or anything like that with
take certain precautions that kind of thing getting things set any non-terrestrials.
up. All the powers that be and all that, already knew who I
was when I was putting out information under my Michelle: (1:35:00) Well, let me change the subject. Let's
pseudonym. I was on a bunch of different vendor lists, my talk about draco's
company was, I immediately got tossed off of those lists. I
really can't get work doing what I do (chuckles) now. So. Corey: (1:35:09) Um great.

Gregg: (1:32:00) Understandably (laughing) Well Corey

Michelle: (1:35:10) I have heard basically, some people
say that the big guys have left the building and are
Corey: (1:32:05) If I were to really go to a job interview or throwing the lower class reptilians under the bus. You
anything the first thing everyone does is google your talked about them trying to make a deal to give the royals a
name. safe passage out of the solar system before these energetic
waves come. I was wondering did that swap take place?
Gregg: (1:32:13) Yes That is my first question.

Corey: (1:32:14) Ah, is he the guy that talks to blue birds Corey: (1:35:40) No it didn't
Michelle: (1:35:41) Were they given a safe passage out?
Gregg: (1:32:17) Yeah (laughing), that would be like me
trying to get a job as a childhood family therapist right Corey: (1:35:42) No, they really, really, really wanted to
now. You know my background. I'm sure they would get out and that was denied. They were not given safe
analyze me. You have met with many different galactic passage out. When they tried to make that deal when
races does everyone have a general consensus of whom everything went south with the secret earth government
source or creator is, or do some races have a varying syndicates that had occult type of connections that the
opinion? people call like the Illuminati that pretty much worship the
reptilians. The Dracos were basically betrayed by their
Corey: (1:32:35) Mainly what we have talked about is the gods. All of a sudden these groups started infighting. Who
grand experiment that is going on here in the solar system. was going to give up whom to save who's butt. The Draco
The only part that they've talked about when it comes to in a roundabout way did the SSP council a favor because
their type of theology, they are just as much a part of this that is when we received a lot of our Illuminati and cabal
grand experiment as we are. They understand that there is defectors. They came with a lot of information with
higher density almost angelic realms above them. Like an promises to take part in future global tribunals against
onion going up until you reach what they all seem to call people if they were put in an off world protection program
source. What they each personally think of or feel when with their families. A lot of these people cabal defectors
they say source they haven't shared with me, but they have were taken off planet to secret locations, different alliance
all generally have used that term. groups including earth alliance groups have been taken to
pump them for information to see if that matches the
information that the earth alliance did a series of massive Corey: (1:42:04) It's dangerous
super hacks against the five eye intelligence agencies.
European, US government groups received a massive Gregg: (1:42:05) Yeah number one it's dangerous to put a
amount of intelligence. Edward Snowden's information date on anything. All time exists at once anyways. What
was completely decrypt recently. I believe May or June. are your thoughts on these dates of ascension?
All of that information has been collated to where they
have it in a database. They can look at it. All of this
Corey: (1:42:12) Yeah you just took the words right out of
information has been recently collated for a massive data my mouth. All time exists at once. So. What controls
dump. For a full disclosure event here in the future. The disclosure controls a lot of the stuff we are talking about
catalyst for this was when the Draco tried to make this deal
not only these energetic waves that are coming in, but it is
to where they could leave the solar system. It was them
also our mass-consciousness. So, that is not something that
and the committee of 200 that work close to them that
anyone can put a date on. And, anyone that is putting a
were very upset. This was made public and the lower
date out there that date is going to come and it is going to
echelon found out about it basically. It caused chaos within go. Every year September or October someone is putting
the ranks it caused some very high ranking different out a date. And, it comes and it goes. Even a broken clock
Illuminati cabal insiders to defect and provide information.
is right twice a day. So eventually something is going to
happen in September or October then someone is going to
Michelle: (1:39:16) Well did the earth's consciousness say, "Oh I was right". Just about every time the earthquake
know that she would be used in such a way to trap some of doesn't happen an event doesn't happen. So. You got to be
these Draco's and basically when she shifts her vibration very careful putting dates out there.
they either have to switch polarities or return to source to
be reconstituted for some other kind of energy. Are you
Michelle: (1:43:14) Yeah one thing I do know about the
familiar with that?
dates we are receiving a huge galactic wave of energy like
you said we are moving threw a certain part of the
Corey: (1:39:38) Yeah I think that from the very beginning Universe that is actually exacerbating that so I do know
the earth and the sun this whole solar system knew that it that September is going to be. What people need to help
was a part of this giant basically honey trap that was going wake their family up I know you can't wake anybody up.
to catch all the negatives in it. And, this sphere being What people need desire and want is proof of something
alliance groups which are basically guardians some types and they are getting the proof that they don't understand.
of galactic guardians of some sort. They haven't claimed to They have a black cloud over their head (chuckle) you
be Ra from the Law of One they haven't claimed not to be. know they don't see that it is trying to help them wake up
They don't call themselves the Blue Avians. They don't really. So. Yeah.
call themselves the sphere being alliance. That is what the
SSP alliance has named them. They don't call themselves
Corey: (1:43:56) Right. That is why a lot of people are
anything. When you ask them who they are they will say asking when are the data dumps going to happen when, is
what their name is. That is how they respond. This seems this going to happen. And, a lot has to do with, the
to be an ancient and long orchestrated plan.
alliances have had all of the information for the data
dumps distributed amongst themselves. So. If one of them
Michelle: (1:40:45) Everybody here on the planet is part of was to do a data dump prematurely that would be a bad
it. We just need to remember that. That is how we are thing they don't want to dump the data on a bunch of
going to change this whole reality. So. When the earth asleep people so that the mainstream media and the powers
raises her vibration they call that the shift. Do you know if that still are can cover it up or discredit it. What you have
it is coming in the next couple of years? Is this shift to do is wait for a catalyst event something like
coming this year or is it still going to be something that unfortunately a global economy meltdown to where
unfolds with time? everybody is completely ticked off and they see all the
evidence that there is a giant Ponzi scheme, a financial
Corey: (1:41:13) The shift is under way. It is going to Ponzi scheme. And, the only way that could happen is if
continue to happen at an accelerated rate, and that is all the politicians were in the pockets of the banksters.
something that is going to continue for a long time. It's not Then all of a sudden these people are looking for more and
something that is going to boom just happen. It is a gradual more information that they would consider conspiracy
process that is going to continue for a long time. That is theory so now they have a thirst for this information then
the best answer I can give you. something a catalyzing event is going to make it ripe for
dumping the kind of data that Snowden had alone. Let
Gregg: (1:41:48) You know Matt Kahn talks about alone other data from the super hacks what people don't
September 28th being a day for ascension. Other people realize the NSA put all their eggs in one basket. They had
mentioning September 23rd as the day for ascension. Now tons of information about crimes against humanity about
personally I have a hard time believing any of these dates the secret space program about ETs about all kinds of
because.. stuff. One of the biggest files they have, is the file the
secret government used to blackmail just about every
politician and financial people to do what they wanted whole world economic system falling and people realizing
them to. So. They have all these blackmail files that have how much they relied on money and how it controlled
all these sick pedophile type crimes and other things. them that plus other things what is the catalyzing event?
People think of disclosure they think the president walking
up to the microphone, "alright we have been lying for Corey: (1:49:56) Well what has been used as an example
about 80 years, there really are aliens, Roswell was true, would be a collapse of the global Babylonian money magic
sorry guys now you know" end of speech. That is not what slave system and it collapsing in such a dramatic manor
disclosure is going to be. Full disclosure is going to be that it is obvious that it has been a giant Ponzi scheme and
information that entails all the crimes against humanity it is obvious that all of the politicians and all of the
that these secret government groups have been doing it is banksters and the financial people have been evolved in it
going to have to do with all of these hidden technologies on some level it would be a catalyst in angering the people.
and the existence of extraterrestrial life is just a small part Angering them because people are going to be loosing a
of it. lot. It is going to shut down commerce it is going to do all
kinds of things, people are going to be sitting on the edge
Gregg: (1:46:53) You know I have always said that we are of their seats wanting to know, "what the hey" what is
going to take a step backwards before we take a huge gone on, and wondering what else has gone on.
quantum leap forward.
Michelle: (1:51:00) I hope you are ready to go on TV
Michelle: (1:47:02) Well I have Corey (chuckles)

Corey: (1:47:03) People are going to go through the five Corey: (1:51:07) Yeah If this has happened what else has
steps like when someone dies. They are going to go been happening (chuckling). Then they will be willing to
through denial, acceptance, anger, remorse, then people look at all of this other information that they would have
will have to go through a healing process, before what the just brushed off as conspiracy theories before.
secret space program guys are calling an AD after
disclosure transitional civilization they have planned out to Gregg: (1:51:17) Right and speaking of money in Illinois a
where this vast secret space program infrastructure that is drill bit from a well brought up a 200,000 year old bronze
out there is going to be handed to the people, to where we coin from the depths of 114 feet according to the Illinois
will be able to begin this Star Trek-type era that we have state geological survey the deposits containing the coin are
been promised for all these years and dreamed of, we kind between 200,000 to 400,000 years old and is not
of need to go through a dark process first finding out some identifiable by any known currency on this planet. So what
horrible truths, truths and then dealing with it, then this means that there were previous civilizations on earth
growing then moving on. that were also economic slaves of some form. As far as
you know are there any other civilizations out there who
Michelle: (1:48:14) Well I have always said the first thing use money and religion as forms of subservience control
if we could take over the media immediately and use the and conformity?
television in the correct manor, in a better manor (chuckle)
we could change things instantly. If they don't know about Corey: (1:52:00) Well first of all we know in the secret
what television does they listen to everything that is on space program of many more ancient civilizations than the
television so that would be a really intense thing to do, and mainstream knows about and these civilizations have their
maybe that is planned, unfolding there is so much planned own breakaway civilizations just like we do now. They
that we don't know about with the white hats working moved underground and they had space programs so there
preparing getting ready just be able to slip in once are some of these underground networks large cities that
everything does begin to fall. Yeah are from humans that are from civilizations from 400,000
years ago very advanced they are ancient earth breakaway
Corey: (1:48:50) Yeah when the catalyzing event happens civilizations. So and many of them have been coming up
and they already have the ability to take over the pretending to be gods and when we became more
emergency frequency of all the airwaves they have the sophisticated people pretended to be people from other star
ability to bypass the mainstream media I think the systems. That is something that we have had to deal with
catalyzing event happens and if it is as bad of what I think as well. Now as far as the ET groups that the ICC
it's going to be even the Blue Avians said it was going to Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate has been doing
get worse before it gets better. I think that this is commerce with, they work all on a bartering systems and
something that the mainstream media will drop the trade. So. I don't know money is a very low-density low
charades and say, "hey" you know then everything is going vibration kind of transaction.
to be on the table.
Gregg: (1:53:39) Yes
Michelle: (1:49:40) Cosmic wild card but what are you
calling the catalyzing event is it the conglomerate of the

Corey: (1:53:40) That is kind of a low vibrational kind of Gregg: (1:57:04) To me something isn't right about that
control system and the different groups that are traveling because we harvest corn not people (chuckling)
around out there in space are not carrying around coin or
folded up paper in their pockets. Corey: (1:57:13) Yeah, these higher density beings they
have a lot of difficulty with not only our time-frames, but
Gregg: (1:53:53) Or a bible (pause and then chuckling) our phrasing our wording so a lot of the times they will use
say an example it can be applied in different ways, it can
Corey: (1:53:54) Or any type of organized religion a lot of be thought of in different ways so because they're pretty
them have these natural law beliefs similar to, we are all far removed from us in ways of thinking you know. A lot
one and a part of source different varieties of those kinds of people try to overlay our way of thinking on top of these
of beliefs from what I have been able to tell. higher density beings yeah and you can't do that. I have
had people get very upset when I say something like we as
Gregg: (1:54:24) You know I firmly believe that all third-fourth density beings can't comprehend or understand
religious texts should be four words long. Love everyone the existence fully understand the thoughts and minds of
sixth, seventh eighth density beings. They're like, "that is
respect everything. It is that simple
insulting my intelligence" and I am like, "well yeah" yeah
we are not there yet it is insulting my intelligence to so we
Corey: (1:54:35) Yeah the golden rule just pass the golden are not there yet. I don't pretend to fully understand where
rule around and everybody live by the golden rule they're fully coming from on everything. They come from
everybody would be happy. a different vibratory state they have been through this
ascension matrix and made it through several layers of the
Gregg: (1:54:51) Michelle I can't hear you onion up higher than us.

Michelle: (1:54:52) Thank you Gregg. There is a reason Michelle: (1:59:25) Yes I do know... I have a feeling that
for that (Gregg and Corey laughing in background) we are the harvest is more like any type of religion or anything
all from source. I was just talking away (chuckles). We are that happens it is twisted. I am feeling like it is more of the
all from the same source when we do something to another vibrational separation conglomerate of people who are
person we are doing it to everybody and ourselves at the vibrating very high will tend to start to gravitate together
same time. and then people who are vibrating very low will tend to
stick together. So that will be like more of the harvest in
Corey: (1:55:06) Absolutely my opinion. Yes I have read it all I have read it all. Let me
ask you I want to go back to trading you were talking
Michelle: (1:55:08) That is what the Law of One actually about money other extraterrestrial civilizations trade things
is about and you can understand the Law of One without this is not an easy subject to talk about, but you have
having to read. There is also a lot of distortions about the talked about the human slave trade and the secret space
Law of One as well that being the harvest. In your opinion program being involved in that. What is it about the human
is the harvest that talks about the harvest. What is the that makes us such a commodity and will we be able to
harvest is that a good thing? I know you haven't read the help rescue those humans they have actually abducted and
book but surely (inaudible) traded away?

Corey: (1:55:34) When David and I have talked about the Corey: (2:00:35) Well yeah the humans we are unique in
Law of One we have talked about how it is applied to the several different ways on our planet the diversity in
conversations that I have had with Raw-Tear-Eir. I have humanity is rare. Usually on different planets everybody is
told him that this is the way this being talks it is very pretty much close to the same. We have got all these what
strange it seems to mean all these different things. He says, we call different races with different colors of upholstery
"it sounds just like the conversations in the Law of One" we have all this genetic diversity just what we call human
we have talked about that. The harvest I am not fully and we have been tinkered with so much over many many
versed in what all that is or means to be honest. I don't millennia that we have a wider band of emotions than most
know if that just means ascension I don't know if there is beings out there. They have the same emotions as us, but I
other interpretations for it. I have heard all these different am told our spectrum of emotions is wider than most of
people have different ideas like aliens are going to come in them. That is a good thing and a negative thing as we see
UFOs and pick up certain people like some sort of ET in the news. Also our genome has been spliced so many
rapture that kind of thing. I have heard all kinds of times that it readily splices to the genome of other beings
different ideas on what their interpretation is of the harvest so we are easily “sliceable” and hybridize with other
and I haven't read the book. I don't know. I don't know the beings very easily. Then there is the other things that are
answer to that. somewhat obvious we are good at slave labor believe it or
not we are extremely good engineers. There is a disturbing
sexual component to it as well also there are certain

entities out there that use different parts of humans for Michelle: (2:07:57) Who are they?
Corey: (2:07:57) The secret space program alliance and the
Michelle: (2:02:49) So are we going to be able to help earth alliance are going to bring all of this technology into
retrieve some of those bodies I mean as long as the bodies the open. After the full disclosure event, after the data
die the soul is okay, but I am talking about they are taking dumps because the existence of all this technology will be
the bodies and they are grabbing the soul out of them with in the data dumps. Once people know it exists they will
their technology then they are putting them in another want to know where it is they will want access to it. There
body. They think the soul will never be able to be will be an end to the financial system, this is hard for
extracted caught in there forever. people to fathom because over thousands of years
brainwashed into thinking I need to have money. There is
Corey: (2:03:14) Yeah they have been for some time now not going to be a financial system anymore they are going
rescuing a great number of these individuals and when to bring down the replicator technology, free energy, the
they get to the ones they are able to save they are light and vibratory healing technologies, there is no reason
extremely traumatized, the term PTSD is thrown around for people to be in wheelchairs or going through
willy-nilly pretty easily now these days. These people are chemotherapy or having cancer there is no reason for any
seriously traumatized from some of the things they have of that to exist on the earth. Their mandate has been that
been put through. There is an ancient earth breakaway they are going to bring it to all of humanity everyone in the
civilization that you mentioned earlier that is the Mayan world at the same time, not just to the richest people in
group, they broke away, they are a fourth-fifth density America in Europe and then the people in villages in
group now, they are still interacting with the SSP alliance Africa don't have access to it down the line, they are going
group. They still have some bases down in South America. to bring it down to everybody and give everyone access to
They are mostly off planet, they have colonies in the this technology.
Pleiades these places are basically like paradises, they have
been taking these people and sometimes other ET groups, Michelle: (2:09:47) So everyone who has some very
damaged corporeal and damaged souls to these locations to difficult diseases right now things that have popped up
help them heal. They have been helping these people. At cancer just try to hang in there. There is a lot of people
some point in the future they will be given the choice after doing alternative therapies because they know how
disclosure to return to earth or to stay on these planets that horrible chemotherapy is radiation. Possibly if they need
have these colonies on that are very Eden like. They have surgery and don't have the money right now because of the
very high vibratory technologies that are very wonderful astronomical costs to have surgery so a lot of people are
that helps people heal from trauma. One of the things the giving up hope. I just want to give hope just know that
SSP alliance groups have done some horrible things in keep your thoughts and intentions on staying on this planet
their past some of them are extremely damaged these are at this time is greatly needed.
not angels when everything is said and done we are in a
post-disclosure world and things are going the way they Corey: (2:10:32) I want this technology down here just as
should down here on earth they are also going to be taken fast as anyone else, I have loved ones who have some of
to these colonies where they are going to be offering this these diseases that we are talking about. I would like this
healing and repair of their psyche their soul and all the to come down sooner than later but like I said I can't put a
damage that was done with them. time-frame on when it is going to happen. A lot of it is
very much up to us awakening and our mass-
Michelle: (2:06:46) Well are those healing technologies consciousness. We are going to make it happen you know
going to be available to us as well? What about all this we are not going to be saved by ETs, we are not going to
technology the government has like the underground trains be saved by any one group, we are going to save ourselves.
being able to go from one place to another? How long do
you see before that is unfolding even the free energy Michelle: (2:11:21) Yes and that is really...Go ahead
technology? My really good friend Fernando Bossa he has
already downloaded the schematics in his head he has 20
Corey: (2:11:26) Go ahead
ideas for free energy and healing, but he doesn't have the
financial stability to back it right now and the
consciousness on the planet is not backing that right now I Michelle: (2:11:26) Yes and that is really what we talk
assume that is coming soon. about in all of the shows is raising our consciousness-
raising our vibration and actually intending to connect with
the collective consciousness like the 100th monkey effect
Corey: (2:07:28) Yeah and none of that is really going to
it's happening and it's working. We have had a pretty good
be allowed until after a post disclosure situation. Like I
pulse on with people that are finding in5d and finding
said they will be bringing all of this technology down to information by just searching the internet. It is a beautiful
earth... thing to watch unfold. So at the same time we do have to
have balance the polarity at the same time we are seeing

things crumble we are also seeing a high acceleration in with your mind it is like making a radio transmission
awakening people and the effect it is having on the communication to them. There are times when you can
collective human consciousness. I do really think we are in make a mistake on the group you do it to, just to be clear.
a really good place. I just wanted to tell you this whole But for the most part most of the people doing it are
time we have been talking Gregg's computer completely having positive experiences. And, I am glad to hear it.
crashed and he had to get back on. We do have questions There are so many different groups I couldn't give you a
to keep going we have got about 40 minutes available still name of which group it is.
if you are willing to stay. I know we have kept you quite
long if you are willing to stay for a few more questions? Gregg: (2:16:23) I just think it's really cool how they
passively interact with us. Now are you familiar with
Corey: (2:12:34) Yeah I don't know if I can stay that much Tavistock?
longer now my daughter is sick too I am going to have to
help my wife here in a little bit (chuckling). One of the Corey: (2:16:31) No
things I was going to add to what you just said. Another
litmus some things that we can watch for, as we are
Gregg: (2:16:33) Okay, Tavistock is well known for
awakening and the 100th monkey effect you can also see
controlling public opinions. For example, if you mention
all these negative groups are starting to panic. The more
Tavistock on the Godlike productions forum you will get
they panic the more they are going to pump out the fear
banned. One of the many avenues that Tavistock controls
porn, the more they are going to try to derail us, the more is the new age agenda, with your involvement with
you see them doing that the more you know those of us on MILAB some people would say Sphere Being Alliance is
the positive side are making progress.
part of Tavistock agenda, how would you convince people
that this is not part of the new age agenda or a sort of
Michelle: (2:13:20) Yes absolutely. Go ahead Gregg disinformation agenda?

Gregg: (2:13:22) You now just like you were saying Corey: (2:17:02) Well, what I would first say is look at the
beforehand extraterrestrial help the whole saviour program information. Does anyone on the negative side they are not
thing, like the Hopi said, "we are the ones that we have going to want you to become aware of the power of your
been waiting for" we are going to pull ourselves out of co-creative consciousness. They're not going to want you
this. Also, speaking of technology to what you were to become more positive and loving being. This is not the
speaking. I have a pair of ATN generation night vision message that comes from the dark side. Some people are
goggles and it is hard to not go 10 minutes without seeing saying, "Oh Corey wants you to become all hippie like"
a UFO, for example last night I saw one, I used my laser fake and loving have a false paradigm of hope that way the
pen to signal it. I asked them to power up which they did cabal can run all over you. If you put more than two
every time I asked them to do so when I expressed minutes of thought into it, it is just ridiculous. As
gratitude by thanking them for powering up they powered ridiculous as this AI psyop that is being put out by a
up even brighter. Now many other people have couple of disinfo agents from the other side. The people
experienced this as well, such as James Gilliland at Eceti that are out there saying this negative stuff before you fully
ranch. What does it mean when they power up and who are form your opinion go look at the information that I have
they? put out if any of it triggers you and makes you think that it
is coming from the devil the secret government as a way to
Corey: (2:14:14) Well it could be any number of groups. mind control you then go somewhere else.
There are so many groups after the outer barrier went up
we didn't even know were here, all of a sudden we started Gregg: (2:18:50) It's basically a message of love anyway
finding out that there were very high density beings that
were here that didn't want to have anything to do with any Corey: (2:18:53) Yeah
type of intelligent beings here, or what we think are
intelligent they're just here to study our oceans, the flora
and fauna, study the jungles, they were interested in the Michelle: (2:18:54) You are not trying to convince
rich genetic bouquet that is on this planet. anybody anything Corey. You are here to tell your story. I
find that personal with what you are doing serving putting
your life at risk to get this information out you are going to
They're very peaceful loving beings they didn't what
balance out a little of that part of your life where you had
anything to do with us or the other ET groups here they're
to do things to other people. That is what I am feeling. Is
very advanced they have cloaking technology, now they
that true?
are being a lot more open now that everyone knows they're
here. Just about all these beings technology is operated off
of neural interfacing so when you reach out with your Corey: (2:19:20) It is yeah. And, I am fully aware I have
mind, (chuckles) sometimes you can even interfere with been on the other side I have seen the voice of God
what they are doing, sometimes when you're reaching out technology and these other technologies that are used to
implant and download information to make people think
they're channeling information. Uploading information as a story, that is my belief system I am sticking to it. And, it's
part of the program you have to be subjected to it so you far more complicated than that, it is far far more
know when you are being targeted. There is a lot of complicated than that. There are so many types of genetic
targeted individuals out there that know when they're being lines different bloodlines that have occurred. There are
hit with this technology. This technology that is out there some that are a part of some of the original human lines
those of us that have been in the programs and have been that were on the earth according to these ancient earth
on the operator side of it, you will not be able to use this breakaway groups that we recently talked to, that gave us
technology on us without us knowing. some evidence we went and looked at their libraries and
talked with them for awhile. I am just about ready to
Gregg: (2:20:17) Now one other thing. One of my favorite publish this article which is quite long, I am going to have
topics is our origins. It seems genetically impossible to too do a part one and part two, but it is going to challenge
have so many different blood types A, B, AB and O along a lot of people in their established belief systems, it is
with two different Rh values positive and negative for going to make a lot of people think, some are going to get
allegedly two people Adam and Eve. What is the real story angry. Some of this information that I am reporting I am
of how we were here, were we genetically seeded here and putting out there with a disclaimer hey these ancient earth
manipulated by the Annunaki and other various star breakaway groups these subterranean groups admittedly
nations? What is the real story behind that? have been deceptive with us for many 1000s of years
pretending to be gods, pretending to be ETs from different
star systems. So, take this information with that in mind
Corey: (2:20:50) You know this article that I am about to
release it is going to make a lot of people uncomfortable. It and also use your own discernment.
has some information in it that kind of made me
uncomfortable in my last meeting I had where Gonzales Gregg: (2:26:17) You know it is my understanding that
and I were brought down to meet seven subterranean Robert Morning Sky human DNA is like royalty of the
groups that are ancient earth breakaway civilizations. They Universe because of all of the galactic interaction and they
gave us their version of history it matched quite a bit of all seem to have some sort of claim over us so, maybe
what we had read on the smart glass pads of being the there is a battle going on for who owns who's DNA here.
original human genome type that was here that developed
on the planet that had been manipulated by many different Corey: (2:26:34) Yes that is what they all claim
groups. Then later on this group that came in that has been
here for hundreds of thousands of years, that has these 22 Gregg: (2:26:36) Yeah and one of our in5d viewers Vic
different genetic programs going on, there is so much Scribble wants to know anything that is not already or
going on with manipulating us genetically and commonly known about the origin and purpose of Rh
manipulating us spiritually and socially that it's crazy. negative blood?

Gregg: (2:22:33) It is Corey: (2:26:51) Yeah I am seeing a lot of information out

there. From everything I have seen and been told there is a
Corey: (2:22:35) And there is so many competing lot of lore about the Rh negative blood. There were some
programs amongst these ET groups, some of them have illuminati people was talking with me, this was actually
programs that step on each other's genetic programs that is when I worked at the Federal Reserve, they brought up that
why they were controlling certain groups they had them they were Rh negative royal blood, I made a remark that
create laws to get them to not marry outside their race made them very angry, that blood type has not only been
because they didn't want them to pollute their genetic found in humans it has been found in certain types of
experiments. They had a lot of competing experiments monkeys it isn't just in humans. That is something that has
going on the earth for a long time. They didn't like the been suppressed a lot. It has not been found just in humans
other ET groups experiment stepping on top of their's. there is a lot of belief systems and lore wrapped around a
They didn't like the mixing of bloodlines. So, that is a real lot of stuff in the esoteric community that we got to shake
hard one to answer because we were just looking at these loose. There is a lot of truth in there, but there is a lot of
22 different programs, they were giving us all this stuff that we need to not cling so tightly to make our
evidence to back it up, they were a lot of times reality bubbles a bit more permeable, be ready. I have had
contradicting each other. It was hard to make complete to change what I believed on certain things on many
heads or tails out of it even at that level at this late of a occasions in my life, you got to be willing to do that.
Michelle: (2:29:03) Yes and your truth today is not the
Gregg: (2:24:02) I'm sure it is multifaceted same truth as yesterday as you begin to learn to discern or
really allowing for us to be able to see the truth, but it just
Corey: (2:24:04) It is. And, the full skinny, people that just starts feeling right and becomes ridiculous something that
say the Annunaki came down they made us, we're here a you may have believed yesterday or a year ago every
couple of ETs have tinkered with us that is the end of the moment we are changing. As we get to the end of the show

here Corey, I think I can pretty much sum up that all of the on and on (laughing) but we would like to thank you for
various ET groups are here, we are them and, we have to joining us here on in5d radio and look forward to future
raise our consciousness and vibration. We have to learn to episodes of Cosmic Disclosure on GaiamTV. So if you
get along here on the planet in this free will universe with would like to give everybody information on how they can
respect to the golden rule. Once we get rid of money and contact you and find you.
political tyranny we should be able to get along here and
be able to each have, the ET agenda and what they need Michelle: (2:31:52) No (laughing)
whether they need trade, want to begin to incarnate in a
human body from their race we need to allow these things Corey: (2:31:52) Well...Oh are you talking to me
to happen on earth as long as you're not hurting anyone
with the golden rule. Would you say that is a really good
wrap up for tonight? Michelle: (2:31:57) Yes (chuckles)

Corey: (2:30:18) Yeah and a lot of it starts with the people Corey: (2:32:00) Well if you want to watch three free
that call ourselves truth-ers. We need to inside the esoteric Gaiam shows to get an idea of what those are like you can
community we need to quit being so fragmented point out go to and you can watch three free
our differences and start pointing out what is the same, episodes there. If you sign up through there I get a small
what is the same is that we want a positive change for this little compensation. You can go to
world. We need to come together and co-create that and to my website and then I do
make it happen. a lot of publishing on my Facebook site, which is also Blue
Michelle: (2:30:54) I agree and that is the law of one you
don't even have to read the book you pretty much got it Gregg: (2:32:35) Awesome well thank you very much for
Corey. I want to thank you so much it has been such a being with us here on in5d radio and we look forward to
pleasure I thank you for joining us amongst all of our your new article coming out here very shortly.
electronic problems we can't wait to read your article we
would love to publish anything from you that you have Michelle: (2:32:45) Good night Corey
that would be great, okay
Corey: (2:32:47) Night
Corey: (2:31:15) Yeah...
Gregg: (2:32:47) Take care brother
Gregg: (2:31:18) Yeah I'd like to thank everybody for
everyone who is listening live recorded on YouTube or Corey: (2:32:50) Thank you
with us now in the blog talk radio chat room. I know there
is still a ton of questions from our in5d viewers from the Gregg: (2:32:50) Alright so until the next time
chat room as well as Michelle and myself could have gone

Cosmic Disclosure Season 2 - Episode 1:
Contact Is Made - Summary and Analysis
Corey Goode and David Wilcock
Wednesday, September 30, 2015

so advanced they eventually left the

surface, moving underground and into the

Show Description:

The blossoming of the secret space program was no

David and Corey discuss the origins of the accident. Corey Goode explains how initial contact was
German secret space program wherein made with advanced beings and how these forces
they made contact with an ancient human conspired to initiate humanity’s first foray into the cosmos.
breakaway civilization that claimed to be He explains the moment esoteric groups in Germany began
from the Pleiades star system commanding exploring the limits of consciousness, contact was made. It
a fleet known as the Silver Fleet. This was as if advanced civilizations were out there, just
contact was through an occult group using waiting for us to reach out and make first contact.
channeling or mediumship of the Vril This interview with David Wilcock was originally webcast
Society in the 1930's and 40's. September 29, 2015.

Additionally, the German led SSP made The summarized notes will be in black, with my
contact with the Draco alliance. Both of commentary in [Ariel brackets].
these groups provided additional
information to scientists in the program that DW = David Wilcock, CG = Corey Goode
already developed a high level of
technology in their study of ancient texts. GERMAN OR NAZI BREAKAWAY
Once a working craft was developed they CIVILIZATION:
began to encounter the stranger aspects of
interstellar travel, such as time dilation and DW - Welcome to the show, I'm David Wilcock. We are
travel when making high velocity jumps absolutely having fun here, this is all new information
across distances of space. even for people who think they know it all. I think we're
just pealing away layers of the onion here and it gets more
While the war raged in Europe for Nazi and more interesting as we go. I'm here with Corey Goode,
domination, a group of dedicated and we are discussing insider information that he gained
individuals managed to develop technology during his time in the secret space program, often
abbreviated to 'SSP'. Corey, this secret space program - DW - What is an example of a different social dynamic?
how does something like this get started? If our
conventional technology is so primitive, as far as space CG - Definitely more of a controlled totalitarian regime.
travel is concerned, did the program have some help? Was The current era breakaway civilization really began
there some outside assistance that allowed it to develop Germany, as far back as the 20's, but especially in the 30's.
this far at such an early time in history? The German secret societies were doing some very
interesting work. They were some of the first that didn't
CG - Actually the reason why there is such a wide range separate science and esoteric spirituality, they kind of
of technologies in the SSP, compared to what we have intertwined them. They had some groups that were doing
down here, is that it is a complete breakaway society. channeling, trying to contact races from other worlds. And
they were also scouring the Earth for ancient texts,
DW - What does the term breakaway society actually especially from the East, that were talking about ancient
mean? Vimanas and other craft that they could get information
from to engineer spacecraft.
CG - It is a society that is so divergent from the one it
came from, that it is a complete different society, running [Vimanas are"winged chariots" or flying
on completely different technology, social dynamics, machines we would today call UFO's.
control systems, etc. that are unrelated to the ones that it These are a central aspect to the Vedic
came from before. It broke away and is now existing epics written several thousand years ago.
separate from Here is an image of the craft and a brief
description of what they were able to do.
[the parent society].

Screenshot from Cosmic Disclosure Season 2 Episode 1: Contact Is Made.

Here is an excerpt from the article The Vimanas - The

Ancient Flying Machines: Their method of propulsion, she said, was "anti-
gravitational" and was based upon a system analogous to
"Reference to ancient Indian flying vehicles comes from that of "laghima," the unknown power of the ego existing
ancient Indian sources, many are the well known ancient in man’s physiological makeup, "a centrifugal force strong
Indian Epics, and there are literally hundreds of them. enough to counteract all gravitational pull."
Most of them have not even been translated into English
yet from the old sanskrit. According to Hindu Yogis, it is this "laghima" which
enables a person to levitate. Dr. Reyna said that on board
It is claimed that a few years ago, the Chinese discovered these machines, which were called "Astras" by the text, the
some sanskrit documents in Lhasa, Tibet and sent them to ancient Indians could have sent a detachment of men onto
the University of Chandrigarh to be translated. Dr. Ruth any planet, according to the document, which is thought to
Reyna of the University said recently that the documents be thousands of years old. The manuscripts were also said
contain directions for building interstellar spaceships! to reveal the secret of "antima", "the cap of invisibility"

and "garima", "how to become as heavy as a mountain of

Related Analysis of A.I. Influences on

Earth and ET Civilizations | GoodETxSG
NAZI "Alien Reproduction Vehicle"/ARV
- Nazi Die Glocke - "Gold from Mercury

Related The Black Sun and the

Luminous Lodge The Vril Society, the
Luminous Lodge and the Realization of
the Great Work

DW - One of the most contentious pieces of research that I

came across dealing with German occult societies was
apparently one of the top oculists at the time, who later
advised Hitler, saw a talk by George Gurdjieff. He
described this grand hypothesis of a sacred symbol that
was showing up all over the world. All these different
ancient cultures had this symbol the Hindu's called the sah-
wah-STEE-ka, or swastika. Do you think that the Germans
in these occult societies, by seeing this almost world wide
prevalence of this one symbol - were they reconstructing
what they felt was the traces of a world wide ancient
advanced civilization of some kind?

George Gurdjieff

The Enneagram

project a 3d hologram display of
information. CG has mentioned in the past,
that during his tour of duty with the SSP, he
reviewed a vast amount of data on these
devices]. But most of my knowledge comes
from the contact that was made through
their channeling. [The women of the Vril
Society were said to be genetically close to
the ancient Aryan race. They grew their
hair out to extremely long lengths because
they thought that it helped enhance their
psi abilities, especially for receiving
information via telepathic means. This is
supported by the work of Dan Winter in
CG - Well I don't know that for sure, but as far back as the relation to the electromagnetic fields of the
late 1920's, and through the 1930's, some of these secret body, which extend through hair follicles an
societies were already well into expeditions all across the resulting hair itself. These act like a sort of
world, looking for ancient texts and relics, that they could antenna for receiving subtle energies and
start to piece information together to create modern information]. They made contact with
technology from. another civilization [as a result of these
channelled contacts] and ended up
arranging meetings with them.
[The Indiana Jones film series seems to be
a soft disclosure of this activity, as it
depicts various Nazi campaigns to recover
ancient technology; usually of religious

DW - I did an episode of Ancient Aliens not to long ago,

on the German Roswell. I was wondering if you ever heard
of that?

CG - I believe in 1936 it was a crash in the Black Forest.

DW - Right. On Eva Braun's family land apparently; and

she later became Hitler's wife.

Eva Braun and Adolf Hitler.

CG - Through their expeditions, they also made contact

and started to work with an ancient breakaway civilization
in the Himalayas that a lot of people call 'the Nordics'.
They were working with these two different groups [one
CG - I read that was a crash and technology was channeled via the mediums of the Vril Society the second
recovered, from the smart glass pads being the 'Nordics' they made contact with in the
Himalayas] that helped them put [their secret space
[these are iPad like devices used in the program] together.
secret space program that are able to
DW - Was that group here already before they made
contact, or did the contact draw them over to our solar

CG - According to the smart glass pad, the Draco had been

here for a least the past 375,000 years. They considered the
Earth to be theirs.
Artist rendition of the Nordic race.
DW - What do they look like, where are they from, what is
DW - One of the most common things the critics keep their story?
saying is 'Corey has no proof', but when it comes to
channeling, a lot this story people can read for themselves. CG - Most people picture them as only large reptilians, but
It wasn't kept secret right? the Draco Alliance is made up of a lot of different races.
Most of them have some sort of reptilian blood or genetics.
CG - No it wasn't, a lot of this stuff is in the mainstream.
People have written books about this.

DW - The Vril Society - Maria Orsic.

CG - Right.

DW - Can you tell us what you know about the

channeling? Did they form a contact with some sort of
extraterrestrial group?

CG - Yes. They made contact with one of the Draco

Alliance groups. When they drew a picture of the face - a
lot of people today would say it looks like the grey's or the
reptoids, which look a lot like the grey's except they are
reptilian in appearance.

what Winter discusses in his presentation
Esoteric Kundalini Science & ET History.]

CG - I guess you could say they are genetic purists, they

like to have beings involved in their alliances that have DW - When you say reptilian's your talking about a
some sort of reptilian genetics. But there have also been humanoid body, but with a reptile like appearance to it?
insectoid-type beings that have been associated with the
Draco Alliance. CG - Right. Reptilian skin, eyes, muscular build and
disposition (very aggressive), etc. A lot of people probably
[Dan Winter has an excellent presentation would picture as a demon. This is probably where a lot of
on the galactic history of DNA, wherein he the demon and devil ideas came from in medieval art.
goes into extensive detail about who the
various Draco races are and their
philosophies for spreading genetic material
through out the galaxy. According to
Winter, the galaxy was seeded with life
from a series of extremely old and
advanced galactic core cultures from a bird
like lineage, which are tasked with
spreading DNA into the galaxy to help
stabilize gravimetric fields. One of the two
groups thought seeding DNA onto a world
and letting it evolve organically was the
best method, while another group thought
that strict genetic manipulation was
essential to produce certain desirable
qualities. It was this latter group that
originally seeded the Draco race millions of
years ago. But the genetic manipulation
program got out of hand, and many of
these Draco races lost the ability to
naturally evolve and turned to artificial
methods to maintain their race; cloning and
artificial immortality technology. As a result
of this 'fall' from the organic evolutionary
plan, the galaxy began to destabilize. One
guardian group traveled to the distant
future to discover hundreds of star systems
destroyed by cataclysm. The ancient
galactic core cultures helped seed life on
the Earth and have altered human DNA as
an attempt to correct this error. The Draco
also manipulated human DNA as an
attempt to solve their genetic catastrophe,
seeding humanity with portions of their
DNA so that they could one day harvest
and infuse it into their genome; hopefully
preventing the race from completely going
extinct. This is just a very brief summary of
DW - You said reptoid as if it was something different CG - I don't know the genesis of the name, whether it
from reptilian, can you explain the difference? came from them or a much more ancient group. I've heard
all the stuff on the internet about the Draco star cluster, but
CG - Yeah, reptoids have a more narrow jaw, elongated I don't know for certain.
head and eyes that are larger.
[According to Dan Winter, the term Draco
refers to Dragon, which is a symbolic
reference to a race's evolutionary
progression in the cosmos wherein they
are able to master their emotions as a
result of holistic knowledge, causing a
reorientation of their DNA into a torus. This
torus is an expression of the golden mean
ratio, providing a way for the radiant energy
in the cosmos to funnel through the body
and literally feed it vital energy. This is for
all intents and purposes a personal
ascension event, wherein the being
activates the organic technology of their
DNA and receives ascended abilities as a
CG - They look like what people would think of or picture result. Winter calls this 'the fire in the blood'
as an 'alien', one you could see stamped on a sign at because the energy released into the body
Roswell; your typical grey. reverses the aging process and allows the
being to bilocate, travel through time,
remote view, develop clairvoyance and so
on. Apparently beings who have attained
this state literally 'glow' with a fiery light that
can be seen with the naked eye. The fallen
Draco races, who lost touch with the
technique for achieving this personal
evolution resorted to using mono atomic
gold to force the DNA into the torus. Many
symbolic depictions of Dragons and
serpent creatures being held by winged
birds describes the biological changes the
body undergoes as it moves through this
ascension type event. Wherein the reptilian
brain 'reaches out' to the bird
or limbic brain, hyper stimulating the pineal
gland; the raising of the serpent up the
spine into the third eye or the so-called

DW - And Dracula, I guess this would be another similar


[Yes I think it is. The fallen Draco races use

artificial immortality technology which
makes them 'immortal' but the body begins
to disintegrate as a result, much like what
happens to the emperor in the Star Wars
DW - But there would be a difference between a grey and films. To combat this, many of these races
a reptoid? feed off of fear energy produced by human
beings (looshe), and for all intents and
CG - Definitely, and there are a whole lot of different purposes have become vampiric; hence
beings that are thrown into the grey category. There's a lot the Draco and Dracula connection.
of confusion with grey's. Additionally, there are many family trees in
the Illuminati network that use Dragon
DW - Why is the term Draco being used for these people? symbolism in reverence of their belief that
their lineage goes back to the times DW - What was their objective in coming here in the first
of humanities creation from a place? What did they want from our solar system or from
fallen Draco race. This is a theory proffered humans on Earth?
by the Annunaki creation myths and David
Wilcock's insider accounts wherein the CG - Conquest; to further their dynasty, the Draco
Draco Alliance some 10,000 and 15,000 Alliance is all about spreading their empire.
years ago gave immortality to a handful of
humans which later created the 13
DW - So the German occult societies, were they contacted
Illuminati families.]
or did they make contact with the Draco?
Related David Wilcock: Stargates,
Consciousness Tech, Draco "Fear CG - They reached out and made contact consciously to
Food" & Methods of Personal this group.
Transformation, ET Contacts | Analysis
of Fade to Black May 26th 2015
DW - Through the Vril Society?

CG - I don't know which came first, kind of like the

CG - Right.
chicken or the egg paradox.
DW - This starts to get immediately into David Icke kind
of stuff. In your knowledge, are there reptilian type beings
on Earth that can shape shift to look like human beings? DW - You also said there was a Nordic looking group?

CG - The only type of shape shifting that we encountered CG - German secret societies were doing a whole bunch of
in the SSP was when we intercepted and interrogated a few expeditions, and as they were in the area of the Himalayas
races, this was done through technological means. they ran into a group of Nordic-looking beings, that
presented themselves as alien ET's. They were actually an
ancient human breakaway civilization that had existed
DW - Ok. This idea that the so-called Illuminati are in fact
under the Himalayas for tens of thousands of years.
reptilians masquerading as human beings, is not anything
you've encountered in your work.
[CG produced an extensive report on a
meeting between himself, Gonzales and an
CG - No, not anything I encountered.
ancient breakaway civilization alliance. In
this report, they revealed some of the
DW - Just briefly, we've talked about avians that look history of our planet.]
human with bird like features, now we're talking about
reptilians that look human with bird like features. Is the
DW - Under the Himalayas?
biome that we have on Earth: single celled organisms,
algae, vegetables, plants, mammals, fish, birds, reptilians
etc. Is this type of thing a fairly common pattern for worlds
that are Earth-like in our galaxy.

CG - Yes, and there's some type of humanoid template.

DW - Right. So different types of beings that we see on

Earth could evolve to a humanoid form, depending on the
conditions of a planet.

CG - Right.

DW - And your saying the Draco are basically interstellar

racists, and found others that evolved out of reptilian or
CG - Right, and further on in a network of cities connected
insectoid life; and this is their preferred type of group.
underneath the ground.

CG - Right, or they genetically interfered with one race or

DW - Did they re-occupied the stuff that was built by the
another for their own purposes.
so-called ancient builder race?

[In a previous episode of Cosmic their feet. They had an understanding to stay out of each
Disclosure, CG discusses an ancient portal other's hair and scales. <chuckle>
system and series of settlements found
throughout our solar system built by a race DW - <chuckle> How does this turn into space travel?
of guardian type beings many millions of Who gave the Germans the space travel capability? How
years ago. The secret space program did that develop, because obviously their not going to
refers to them as the 'ancient builder race'. build a space program without space travel.
The underground groups CG referred to in
his report call these same beings the
CG - Right, the Germans were very intelligent and they
'Guardians', who are also the Sphere
already made some excellent discoveries on their own
Beings groups allied with the SSP.]
from observing nature and the fact that, unlike in the west,
they didn't separate science from spirituality and some
CG - Yes, but they had actually built out a very esoteric beliefs. They would actually use some esoteric
sophisticated and high tech infrastructure of their own, schools of thought, what we would call magic or black
being a very advanced race in and of themselves. magic, but at the same time they used science. They mixed
the two and this gave them an edge.
DW - But this was one of these underground areas as you
said before, that has the bioluminescent bacteria, with [For all intents and purposes, anytime
trees, running water and its own evolutionary path of consciousness uses knowledge to effect a
animals? desired result we could think of this as
technology. Magic is the same process of
CG - Yes, but theirs was closer to the surface, underneath drawing one's intention into the world, but
mountains and cave networks that reached down to that using means that are normally beyond the
area. They call themselves 'The Agartha Network' practitioners comprehension; hence
according to the documentation. They have a space seeming magical. Magic to one person, is
program called the "Silver Fleet". technology to another - but the common
thread in each is the four step process of
DW - This sounds a lot like people who have been manifestation: desire leads to a goal, which
contacted by what they think are ET's, the so-called Nordic leads to a process for achieving that goal,
ET's that we often hear about. which leads to a behavior that ultimately
brings about a genesis. These are also
mirrored in the four elements of a contract.
CG - Yes, that happened a lot by this group that pretended
to be ET's, and later on, it also happened by this German For more on this see the below linked
group that attained a breakaway civilization using
technology they obtained from the Draco and this Related Magic and Ritual Decoded | The
Agarthan group under the Himalayas. Science of Ritual Magic in Theory and
DW - Do you think these Agarthans are the reason why the
Germans became so obsessed with blonde hair and blue DEVELOPING ANTIGRAVITY TECHNOLOGY:
eyes; saying it was a master race?
DW - Did you ever come across Viktor Schauberger in
CG - Most likely. any of the documentation that you saw?

DW - What did the Agarthans tell the Germans about CG - Yes, he originally studied trout traveling upstream
themselves, where did they say they were from? and and waterfalls.

CG - I believe they said they were from the Pleiades or

something like that originally.

DW - Take us now through the origin of the secret space

program based on these contacts. First of all, did the Draco
and the Agarthans know about each other? Did they get
along or have a partnership?

CG - They had an 'understanding'. They weren't allies. The

Draco do not play well with others that don't bow before

CG - Yeah, ok.

DW - Did you encounter any information that suggested

Schauberger was on the right track, that he actually did
invent something that was real?

CG - Not only Schauberger but several German, Polish -

and I believe other scientists, had some pretty amazing
breakthroughs, which was confiscated and brought into the
secret societies.

DW - It appears that Schauberger saw that there was some

kind of antigravity effect with trout and salmon swimming
up a 30 foot high water fall - just kind of gliding their way

DW - Did the ET groups like the Draco and the Agarthans

give assistance to the Germans at some point, so they
could perfect what they were already working on?

CG - Yes. The Germans already started to build some

pretty interesting devices based on the ancient texts and
other information they found on the Vimana, which
enabled them to create mercury vortex electrogravitic
devices; gravity canceling technology.

DW - And this causes antigravity?

CG - Yes, and then they started doing counter rotating

copper plates.

DW - One of the books that I've read that really gets into
the Bell craft is "The Hunt For Zero Point," by Nick Cook.
He has done a lot of original research on this subject. To
your knowledge, when was the first Bell craft actually
constructed and operational - getting at least some kind of
effect out of it.

CG - Not quiet sure. I can't remember the exact dates and

details of what I was reading, but I do remember it was in
the early 1940's. I remember an account about the Bell
craft. They had several that were tethered, which broke
loose from the tethering and disappeared. It was a
scientific process. Supposedly there were scientists that
died from some explosions. They had a lot of problems
getting this started.

DW - Did they have little propellers that whirled the

mercury inside the cylinder? How did they make it move?

CG - From what I understand there was a huge electrical

cable that went to the device, feeding electricity to motors
spinning at very high RPM's (revolutions per minute),
moving the mercury around. The interesting that happened
- something that was dealt with later - they discovered that
intense electrical fields applied to the mercury causes it to
turn into gold.

DW - Really? Like Alchemy.

Related The Theory and Practice of

Alchemy - "it is the process of
increasing and improving that which
already exists"

CG - Yes, like Alchemy. The mercury in these glass

cylinders was turning a coral-looking gold. And this was
scene as a problem, creating gold <chuckle>.

DW - Why, why would that matter? Wouldn't they want

DW - What do you mean by mercury vortex, what are you
referring to? What would this technology look like if we
CG - No. They needed a golem or liquid metal that could
were going to see it?
stay liquid at high temperatures and RPM's that would
conduct electricity for long periods of time without
CG - A glass cylinder with mercury in it. They would spin transmuting. They eventually engineered a different type
it at extremely high velocities... of liquid metal.

DW - Like a ring? A glass ring? DW - What would happen to the craft if it starts turning
into gold?
CG - A vertical cylinder, or sometimes it was a sphere.
But usually it was a cylinder. They would spin it at very CG - It becomes unstable and crashes.
high velocities and apply a high voltage to it.

DW - Really? Very interesting. Did the Draco or the to find, that apparently time started to get weird when they
Agarthans give them direct assistance to make this Bell began playing around with this. Did you encounter any
craft work better, to solve the 'gold problem' as one information of this sort?
CG - Yes, when your playing with electrogravitic
CG - Yes. After they got to a certain point of technological technology the veil between time and space thins. So you
achievement and on going diplomatic relations with both start to have anomalies.
these groups, they started getting scientific help in the
form of liaisons coming in and assisting them. Almost like DW - What would be an example of an anomaly.
a scientist exchange program. Once they developed a
stable and working anitgravitic craft they started to form
CG - Any time your traveling a certain speed, not only are
more and more of a breakaway society from the German
you traveling a distance but your also traveling in time. If
leadership, keeping their activities secret and doing things they jump from one place to another very quickly, they've
their own way. not only jumped in space but also time traveled.

DW - Your saying this is not necessarily Nazi?

DW - Wow.

CG - No. CG - So it starts to blur, the time and space barrier.

DW - It's more the German occult secret societies?

DW - We are all out of time for this episode. But we will
continue this discussion because we haven't really even
CG - The secret societies created Nazism. gotten into how these German occult societies made there
way into space. I want to stay on this same track. Next
DW - But Nazism broke away from them somehow and episode we're going to take this very interesting discussion
didn't adhere to what they wanted? and really blow it out into the cosmos. We'll be getting into
information that until I met Corey I never really heard it
CG - Nazism was a mainstream control the people kind of before. This is some of the most heavily guarded stuff.
thing. This other group within the Nazi organization was Even the insiders that know what their talking about
more interested in creating their own breakaway typically don't want to tell you this data, but we're just
civilization that had nothing to do with any groups. They going to release it all on this show. As you said the SSP
wanted their own civilization, master race, space program - Alliance wants this stuff to come out now. It's a great
they had high ideas. honor to have you here so we can bring out more and more
of the suppressed history of our own 20th century. So
Corey, again thank you for being here and I'm glad you
DW - In the "Hunt for Zero Point", Nick Cook when he
decided to do this with us.
did his research on the Bell craft, said that the Nazi code
name for the project was Chronos, which means time. In
the book he has a section based on documents he was able CG - Thank you.

Uncensored History Revealed
With Secret Space Program Disclosures
Written by Dr Michael Salla
October 1, 2015

racial purity ideals and separate development was

important for these breakaway human civilizations.

In the Cosmic Disclosure interview, Goode discussed the

development of the first antigravity spacecraft built in the
20th century by the German Vril Society, resulting from
the esoteric communications with extraterrestrials and
“intra-terrestrials” from the Agartha Network.

Goode explained in detail why German scientists were

prepared to combine western empirical scientific
investigation with esoteric principles. This gave the
Nazi Germany, and not the United States or Soviet Union, German scientists an edge over their Anglo-American
was the first nation to send astronauts into space according rivals, and it would not begin to be bridged until well after
to Secret Space Program whistleblower Corey Goode. the end of the Second World War, when the victorious
Goode is not a closet neo-Nazi spouting twisted allies realized just how advanced Nazi technology had
propaganda, but is simply disclosing what he says he read become.
in classified historical documents he had access to during
his 20 year tour-of-duty (1987-2007) with “Solar Warden” This is not the first time Goode has discussed the
and other secret space programs. development of secret space programs in Germany during
the 1920s and 1930s under the guidance of secret societies
In his latest interview on the Cosmic Disclosure Gaiam TV and later the Nazi SS. In a May 20 email interview, Goode
series, Goode elaborated upon his earlier revelations that went into some detail about the role of German secret
he was given access to “smart glass pads,” similar to iPads, societies and the Nazi SS in developing parallel secret
where he read classified information about the origins of space programs.
secret space programs. Previously he said that he was
given this level of access to classified information since his Goode’s stunning revelations have been investigated
duties involved familiarizing himself with many aspects of closely in the newly released book, Insiders Reveal Secret
secret space program history and activities, in order to Space Programs and Extraterrestrial Alliances. Findings
better fulfill his responsibilities as an “Intuitive Empath.” from available historical documents corroborate many of
Goode’s key claims regarding the role of German secret
He recalls that the “smart glass pads” revealed that societies and the Nazi SS in developing, not one, but two
channelers, associated with the Vril Society, made contact secret space programs! Today, this information explains
with a group of Draconian extraterrestrials claiming to be many puzzling political decisions and military actions.
humans from the Aldebaran star system.
The policy implications of Goode’s disclosures illuminate
Later, during expeditions to the Himalayas, members of current events in an astounding way. Not only did German
the Vril Society and Nazi SS made contact with a group of secret societies and the Nazi SS cooperate in their
Nordic-looking humans, who were part of the “Agartha respective space programs, but they collaborated in a joint
Network”. Goode says that the Agartha network had effort after World War II to successfully infiltrate the
advanced spacecraft, named the “Silver Fleet.” The infant U.S. secret space program.
Agarthans held similar beliefs to the Nazis in terms of
racial purity and separate development models for humans. Goode’s claims that Nazi flying saucers defeated Admiral
Byrd’s 1947/48 Naval expedition and did overflights of
Goode recently elaborated on these belief systems in a major U.S. cities in the 1950’s is supported by historical
September 23 report of a meeting he attended with documents, and other whistleblowers discussed in Insiders
representatives of seven ancient subterranean breakaway Reveals Secret Space Programs. Among them is Clark
human civilizations. He explained in some detail why
McClelland who worked as a NASA contractor and that Nazism, and all it stood for, was resoundingly
employee for 34 years. defeated at the end of World War II.

These documents and independent testimonies help Perhaps equally upsetting will be the realization that some
respond to critical readers seeking evidence to substantiate extraterrestrial visitors and subterranean human
Goode’s claims, and help to gain an understanding of why civilizations share similar ideals of racial purity and
this information illuminates many truths today withheld. separate human development. According to Goode’s recent
interaction in a meeting with some of these subterranean
It is clear that if Goode is even partially correct in his groups, traumatic historical events must be overcome on
incredible claims, then history will have to be radically all sides for us all to understand ourselves better and look
rewritten. This will be deeply disturbing to those believing toward a brighter future.

Secret Underground Cities Have Influenced Human
Civilization & Religion For Millennia
Written By Admin
October 8, 2015

Reptilian and Avian race), were also present, and played

significant roles in Earth’s cataclysmic history.

Also, a war-like Reptilian race called the ‘Draconians’ first

appeared around 300,000 years ago according to Goode,
and began genetic experiments with some the surface
inhabitants that survived earlier cataclysms. Other human-
like extraterrestrials also began genetic experiments – a
total of 22 – with the remnants of surface humanity.

The Draco and the human extraterrestrial visitors had

major wars in which the fortunes of one side or the other
would wax and wane over the ages. Goode said that
Zecharia Sitchin’s The Earth Chronicles, is a fairly
accurate account of these battles. Meanwhile, the Agartha
An ancient network of underground cities, tens of Network closely monitored conditions on the Earth’s
thousands of years old, has exerted a powerful influence surface, and the different extraterrestrial visitors
over human society and religion for millennia according to conducting genetic experiments, while fighting amongst
secret space program whistleblower, Corey Goode. More each other.
recently, he claims this network of cities has been
negotiating with major nations that have developed secret Goode says that the Agartha Network pretended to be gods
space programs. when they met members of surface humanity, thereby
either giving birth to, or, at the very least, influencing
On September 23, Goode released a report describing a ancient pagan religions. Among the Greek ‘gods’, and
diplomatic meeting with members of seven ancient similar gods from other religious traditions, many were
underground civilizations that recently had to come actually members of the Agartha Network.
together to form an alliance due to political and
technological changes on the Earth’s surface. In the latest In Goode’s September 23 report, the Agarthans and other
episode of Cosmic Disclosure on GaiamTV, Goode reveals underground civilizations claimed that they did so in order
his knowledge of these underground civilizations that are to bring a measure of order and civilization to a turbulent
described as the “Agartha Network” – a coalition of surface humanity, which had been genetically modified by
underground cities described in “smart glass pads” he had Draconians and other extraterrestrial visitors to be
access to during his secret space program service from aggressive.
Goode said that it was not only the Agartha Network that
Goode says that the Agartha Network was created over pretended to be gods to surface humanity, but also some
time by successive cataclysms on the Earth’s surface that visiting extraterrestrials who did likewise. These included
led to different civilizations establishing underground bird-like extraterrestrials revered by the ancient Egyptians
refuges for their elites, along with their most advanced such as Thoth and Horus. According to the “Law of One”
technologies. As the number of ancient underground cities material, the RA group says that despite their efforts to be
expanded over the ages, many joined to form the Agartha merely teachers to the ancient Egyptians, they were instead
Network, which possessed advanced spacecraft called the revered as gods.
“Silver Fleet”.
Goode’s claims are supported by ancient historians like
The Agartha Network and the other breakaway ancient Manetho (circa 300 BC), who describes pre-dynastic
civilizations were not alone in establishing refuges in Egypt as being directly ruled by the gods, who walked
underground locations throughout Earth’s turbulent surface among surface humans for millennia. These ‘gods’
history. Non-human races that include ‘Raptors’ (a hybrid intermarried with humanity to produce generations of
demi-gods who ruled over humanity for extended periods.
A similar scenario is described in the Book of Enoch.

In an interview on Coast to Coast AM on September

14/15, Goode said that the gods (Agarthans and visiting
extraterrestrials) walked the Earth’s surface until around
the fourth century AD. This approximate date coincides
well with the gradual disappearance of the pagan religions
and the ascendance of Christianity after the conversion of
the Roman Emperor Constantine in 325 AD.

Around 600 AD, Islam was established and rapidly spread

Artistic depiction of four representatives from the Agartha Network
throughout the Middle East, North Africa and Asia. The
according to Corey Goode. Permission: Vashta Art
ancient pagan traditions rapidly disappeared as the two
major monotheistic faiths spread around the world, often at
the point of a sword. Goode says that the Agartha Network pretended to be
extraterrestrials with the U.S. based secret space program,
until they were exposed in the 1970’s. More recently, there
Significantly, both of these monotheistic faiths have been negotiations conducted between the Secret
incorporated significant elements of the Jewish religion
Space Programs and the Agartha Network, as Goode
(‘Old Testament’ in Christianity) that referred to an
revealed in his September 23 report.
unknown transcendent ‘God’ called Yahweh or Jehovah.
The Old Testament has numerous references to this alleged
transcendent God commanding the ancient Hebrews to If Goode’s account of what he read in classified briefing
ruthlessly eradicate the indigenous pagan peoples in what documents in secret space programs is accurate, then his
would today be recognized as ethnic cleansing. This account of the Agartha Network and its history raises
suggests that the Hebrew ‘God’ was more likely another many important issues. On the one hand, the Agartha
advanced extraterrestrial or subterranean imposter. Network and other ancient breakaway civilizations have
clearly influenced surface humanity by pretending to be
gods, and more recently extraterrestrials.
If Goode is correct, the Agartha Network’s influence over
surface humanity, through ancient pagan beliefs,
significantly waned with the spread of Christianity and On the other hand, the Agartha Network represents a
Islam that incorporated the Hebrew belief in an unknown repository of ancient knowledge and history that to some
transcendent God. Were these two monotheistic faiths extent predates the intervention of extraterrestrials on the
genuinely a result of divine intervention by a transcendent Earth’s surface. Therefore they can help surface humanity
being, or were they likewise influenced by one or more learn much about its origins and potential, despite the
different extraterrestrial civilizations impersonating a bewildering assortment of changes introduced by so many
transcendent being? extraterrestrial visitors through long-term genetic
In the modern era, Goode claims that the Agarthans
attempted to assert their influence over surface humanity While critics claim that there is no hard evidence
by this time pretending to be extraterrestrials from other supporting Goode’s testimony, there is in fact
worlds. They apparently did so with German Secret documentary evidence supporting some of his key claims,
Societies, which along with Nazi SS, developed flying which is detailed in the book, Insiders Reveal Secret Space
saucer technologies in the World War II era. Programs and Extraterrestrial Alliances. In addition,
Goode’s sincerity, consistency in his claims, along with
compelling circumstantial evidence, all point to his
The Agartha Network negotiated and established treaties
disclosures being genuine rather than contrived.
with German Secret Societies, accepting some of their
members into their underground cities, while giving
assistance to others in establishing underground bases in Goode’s latest Cosmic Disclosure interview, together with
Antarctica and South America, according to Goode. his September 23 report, outlines a version of history that
needs to be seriously considered by all seeking to find the
truth about humanity’s origins, and its interactions with
The Germans shared a similar Nordic genetics with some
ancient civilizations and extraterrestrial visitors. If
members of the Agartha network that they came into
negotiations are currently being conducted with the
contact with in Antarctica and South America. Yet, not all Agartha Network, as Goode claims, then we may not have
ancient underground civilizations share these racial
to wait too long for future disclosures that turn human
characteristics as Goode made clear in his September 23
history on its head, and reveal many uncomfortable truths
report, which he illustrated with several pictures released
about our origins and major religions.
on October 7.
Cosmic Disclosure Season 2 - Episode 2: Agarthans:
Advancing The Frontier - Summary And Analysis
Corey Goode And David Wilcock
Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Show Description:

Corey Goode recounts the earliest days of Germany’s

secret space program which included collaborations with a
subterranean civilization known as the Agarthans. Corey
explains that when we took our first steps out into the
cosmos, the initial advancements did not originate solely
Corey and David go further into the from extraterrestrial beings. Rather, they came from
German secret space program and the advanced civilizations, of a terrestrial origin, which have
nature of their contact with the Agarthan always been right beneath our feet.
Network, a group of ancient breakaway
civilization humans who have watched and This interview with David Wilcock was originally webcast
contacted humanity throughout all of the October 6, 2015.
modern day historical record.
The summarized notes will be in black, with my
According to Goode, the Greek pantheon commentary in [Ariel bolded brackets].
of gods as well as ET contacts made
during the 1950's was all a group of highly DW = David Wilcock, CG = Corey Goode
advanced humans that consciously chose
to deceive the surface population in an AGARTHAN CONTACT WITH GERMAN OCCULT
effort to protect their underground GROUPS:
DW - Welcome. I am your host David Wilcock, and it's
The Draco are also discussed extensively
very exciting to be bringing you this cosmic information,
in this episode, as well as the apparent
blowing the lid off government cover ups, conspiracies and
existence of ancient cities under glaciers in
the lies that have been said for so long. I want the truth and
Antartica. Before the end of World War II,
I think you want the truth too or you wouldn't be here. The
several German occult groups developed
truth will require a little flexibility in your belief system
bases there. They also ventured to the
because the more we get into this stuff, the more we find
Moon, and attempted to create a
out that everything we think we know is nothing more than
settlement with the help of an alliance they
a fairytale. The real world is far more interesting, complex
made. All this and more in the following.
and wondrous than we could possibly imagine. Corey, last

time we were talking about the history of the secret space
program (SSP). In modern times you said that starts with
German occult groups.

CG - Correct.

DW - You said that there were two major intelligent

civilizations that the Germans came in contact with, that
helped them perfect their Bell craft, an antigravity

Artist rendition of an Agatharn, also known as the Nordics.

German Bell craft, allegedly capable of antigravity propulsion.

CG - They were already well underway on their own and

these two other civilizations helped them develop it to a Photograph of temple in the Himalayas.
perfected point.
CG - Correct.
DW - And you said that one of these civilizations is called
the Draco and the other ones are called the Agarthans that
DW - When did these Agarthans live above ground?
are underground in the Himalayas.

CG - It's not fully known, probably was tens of thousands

[In the previous episode of Cosmic
of years ago.
Disclosure, CG and DW cover how these
contacts where made and more specific
information as to the technology that DW - Did something happen on the surface that caused
was developed. See the below linked them to flee? Like a pole shift or something like that?
article for more on this.]
CG - It was a cataclysm that caused them to go
Related Summary and Analysis of
underground. Cyclicly in time, the Earth has gone through
Cosmic Disclosure Season 2 - Episode
several cataclysms, as modern archeologists and geologists
1: Contact Is Made | Corey Goode and
have shown.
David Wilcock

DW - It kind of sounds like the Greek gods, where they

supposedly had blonde hair and blue eyes; and really didn't
seem like very nice people. They were warring with each
other - Zeus' thunderbolt, these depictions of "weapons in
mythology", it sounds like hand held technology of some

Artist rendition of a Draco or Reptilian being.

DW - What would these cities look like if we were to see
one? Did you ever see any video or images of them?

CG - I never saw images or any information other than

that they are extremely advanced and self reliant.

DW - Have they had craft the whole time they were

underground, so they could fly around?

CG - Yes, and they have a fleet called "The Silver Fleet."

"Venus" by Sandro Botticelli

DW - Let's get a little more into the Draco for a minute. I

can't help but think you're saying the smart glass pads told
you they got here about 375,000 years ago.

[In previous episodes, CG revealed that

during his time in the secret space
program, aboard a research vessel, he
had access to smart glass pads. These
pads are a lot like an iPad, except they
can project an image in 3D above the
device. Apparently a great deal of
"The Creation of Man" by Luca Giordano
hidden history and information was
made available to secret space program
participants via these devices.]
CG - Approximately.
DW - Do you think there might be a connection between
the Greek gods and the Agarthans?
DW - Is there a connection between the Draco and what
the Sumerians called the Annunaki?
CG - Absolutely. They presented themselves to surface
populations as though they were gods, until we reached a
certain sophistication level. After that point, they started CG - Some research shows that they were in contact and
representing themselves as aliens or ET's. After we became doing experiments on human beings a long, long time ago
sophisticated to a point where we didn't believe that - going way back. This is separate from the human type
everything that happens is magical, where we understand ET's that are in the Super Federation, which have 22
technology, they had to change their narrative from one of different genetic and social programs.
gods to extraterrestrials.
[In previous updates and Cosmic
DW - You said that their underground civilization was a Disclosure episodes, CG discusses that
very advanced city.. there are dozens of ET races in our
solar system, with some going back
millions of years. According to a Super
CG - Well, a network...
Federation Council meeting he attended
earlier this year, there are 22 different
DW - Oh there's a network of cities... experimental programs involving
genetic and social manipulation of the
CG - Right. surface population. See the below
linked article for more on this.]
DW - Do they have their own transportation system Related 22 Cases for ET Genetic
between cities? Manipulation of Humanity At
Conference, Psychic Abilities of Corey
CG - I haven't been there; I don't know. But they call it the and David Wilcock | Insider Corey
Agarthan Network. GoodETxSG

CG - This could be what Zecharia Sitchin was talking
about as the Annunaki. It was explained in detail to me
that Annunaki is just a Sumerian term, that to us today
means ET's; “those who Anu sent from heaven to earth”. It
refers to more than one group. But it seems pretty obvious
they are referring to some type of Reptilian in those texts.

Bird-like Annunaki figure holding a pinecone.

Zecharia Sitchin holding a rendition of a Sumerian tablet,

rendered by rolling a cylinder seal on wet clay.

Related Hidden History Revealed |

Zecharia Sitchin - Sumerians & The
Anunnaki played a major role in Earth's
History up until ~ 3,000 years ago
Bird-like Annunaki figure.
Related Evolution of Humans |
Everything You Know Is Wrong (about
Human Origins) - Lloyd Pye DW - Are you aware of there being other Avians out there;
besides the Blue Avians?
DW - When you actually look at the Sumerian carvings,
not only do you see these people that are at least twice as [In previous episodes, CG revealed that
tall as the humans around them, you also see Avians. the secret space program faction Solar
There are Sumerian carvings with human looking bodies Warden, broke away from the Cabal run
with a bird head on top; which is very interesting. So this program and made contact with an
would support what your saying, that Annunaki refers to extremely advanced group of beings
more than one type of ET. known as the Sphere Being Alliance.
This group is comprised of five races,
one of which is known in the SSP as the
Blue Avians. Click here to view an

CG - Yes, there's several different types. Some of them are

quite unfriendly. But they are more of the fourth density
kind of technological level. They are technologically
based, not higher density - etheric or spiritually based.

[The term 'fourth density' here refers to

a system of differentiating the types of
life found through out the universe, as
Sumerian carving depicting the Annunaki.
described within the Law of One series.
Simply put, density refers to the
concentration of consciousness energy
active within any given embodiment or
life form. Humanity is considered to be a
third density race. This system
accounts for attainment or evolution of
a species based on consciousness
itself; how well the will is able to DW - Do you think those Avian masks maybe related to
manifest desires. Density is different Avians having visited us in the past?
from dimension in this system, despite
the fact that the terms are used CG - Ancient Egyptians have depicted Avians like Thoth
interchangeably in many circles. For and Horus.
more on this see the below linked
Related Meeting With The SSP Alliance
Council And Raw Teir Eir Soon, Density
and Dimension Defined, Soft Disclosure
| Corey GoodETxSG


DW - When you see a creepy movie like "Eyes Wide

Shut" or other depictions of Cabal groups meeting where
they wear these masks. It seems like a lot of these masks
are Avian or bird-like, meaning that the person is human,
but they have a bird-like head. Egyptian depiction of Thoth or Hermes Trismegistus; alleged
founder of the Hermetic philosophies described in the The Kybalion.

Depiction of Horus and Isis.

CG - There's been talk of - maybe in the Law of One - that

a sixth density group came down and taught them certain
information. But as soon as they left, a group distorted it
and created a cult that became negative, and these
teachings became associated with negativity.

[This is exactly what the Law of One

describes. Ra is a sixth density social
memory complex, a planetary group
consciousness (not a hive mind), that
evolved originally on the planet Venus,
making contact with the Earth peoples
in Egypt and South America thousands
of years ago. They attempted to share
information about the law of one, but it
was corrupted and used against the
people. They call themselves the
'brothers and sisters of sorrow'
recognizing there failure and harm
suffered on to the people of Earth. As a
result of the damaged caused, they have
a moral duty to take actions in assisting
humanity if they are able, which

ostensibly is the reason the Sphere DW - Then you have the step pyramids of Mesoamerica
Beings are here; although CG has never where you have these Draco heads at the bottom of the
clearly stated that the Blue Avians are pyramid. Everybody thinks that's just a snake head.
Ra from the Law of One series.]

DW - Yes, that's absolutely right. How right do you think

Sitchin got? Do you think that the Draco spliced their
genetics with our own to create the "Adam"or the primitive
worker [described in the Sumerian texts] known as the

CG - I'm not certain that they were the group that did that.
I know that there is - and this is disturbing for some people
- but we have quite a few different races genetics spliced in
with ours. And there is a small amount of Reptilian DNA
spliced into the human genome.
Kukulkan Pyramid in central America.
DW - The Draco, to your understanding though, have been
here the whole time? They didn't go anywhere?

CG - There have been battles over Earth for some time.

There have been times where the Draco have been driven
back and left remnants here. There's been times when the
Draco came back and drove other ET groups away. There's
been pretty wild history, over hundreds of thousands of
years, on this planet.

DW - You see in the Sumerian records the Lamia, which

are the serpent people.

DW - Do you think that these are examples of where the

Draco had gotten a foothold on Earth?

CG - It could be. There are other beings, raptor kind of

beings, that some people confuse with Reptilians, that are
more bird like in the way they move. A lot of them have
plumes of feathers running down their backs.

DW - You have the Hindu Nagas. There's a temple for the

serpent god's [in that area].

CG - They are kind of a mix between Reptilian and an

Avian bird.

Angkor Wat Temple in Cambodia.

DW - Do you think that pretty much almost anything we CG - Yes. They looked more alike, the blonde hair and
can imagine, in terms of a humanoid-looking being is out blue eyes it kind of went along with the master race [idea]
there some where? ...

CG - Pretty much. DW - Are the Agarthans about the same height as us?

MODIVATIONS FOR CONTACTING DRACO AND CG - Yes, maybe a little taller, but pretty much within the
AGARTHAN CIVILIZATIONS: same height range.

DW - So now lets bring this back - your opening up other DW - And what would they be seen as wearing?
subjects, and I don't want to abandon those, but there's so
many different ways we can go when talking about all this. CG - They would wear unitards. The Germans later on
The Draco may have this connection to the Annunaki - the would wear the same uniforms, flying around pretending
Sumerian connection, etc. You said they've been driven to be ET's as well, making contact with people in the
away and then they came back... these are nasty folks, 1950's saying "we're ET's and we're here for the benefit of
right? planet Earth"

CG - Yeah, very much so. DW - Do you know whether the Germans made contact
with the Draco first, or was it with the Agarthans? Or, was
DW - The legends of when people are supposedly being it both kind of in the same window of time?
sacrificed at these step pyramids - did they want this kind
of tribute paid to them, human sacrifice, that kind of thing? CG - I believe it was with the Draco first. It could have
started with slow connections to the Agarthans, when they
CG - Yes. were doing a lot of their excavations in the east, looking
for ancient writings talking about Vimana, and that kind of
DW - So these are nasty guys. Why would anyone want to stuff.
work with them?
[In the previous episode, CG and DW
CG - Well they are pretty nasty themselves. discuss the Vimana devices described
in the Vedic texts and how the German
DW - The German occult societies? secret space program used them to
build their first prototype antigravity
CG - Yes, and later on, other western occult societies.
DW - Did the Agarthans welcome the Germans into their
DW - Why would anybody in Germany - or anywhere for society, bringing them underground for a dog-and-pony
that matter - want to work with a group that seems to be show, revealing all this sizzling technology and that kind
negative and clearly more powerful than they are? What of stuff?
could they possibly gain out of something so seemingly
CG - It was more towards the end of World War II that the
Agarthans invited some of the Germans to come to their
CG - Well technology and also an alliance with the group network. They showed them the ancient ruins underneath
that once they started going out into outer space, they the ice of Antartica..
started running into other groups; and they aren't so
friendly either. [The German occult group] decided to ally
DW - What ancient ruins?
themselves with the 'tough kid on the play ground.'

CG - There are some ancient ruins underneath the ice of

DW - What was the role of the Agarthans in the early
Antartica. And...
development of their transition from just having Bell craft
to actually starting to build a breakaway civilization?
Related Are there really Pyramids in
CG - The Germans really took more to (or worked better
with) the Agarthans.

DW - They did? DW - For those who aren't familiar with this, most people
would think has just always been covered by glaciers. So
how do you build under a glacier?
CG - There are a lot of ancient ruins that are completely DW - I can hear the bleeding of some sacred cows being
crushed by glaciers. There's a of lot underground cities and slaughtered here <chuckle>
networks under glaciers. There is also a lot of thermal
activity that causes formations, a lot like lava tubes, in the [as in belief systems are being
ice itself - huge area's of domed ice, underneath there are challenged by CG's testimony.]
CG - Yes.
DW - The heat from the volcanic activity keeps it warm
enough so you can live their comfortably?
DW - Is this an ancient builder race ruin? Is it that kind of
old, like millions of years?
CG - Right?
CG - No.
DW - Well that's sort of like the Eskimo's building an
igloo right? It's really cold out side - I did this in boy
DW - Oh, so something in between.
scouts. You build a snow fort, it's called a lean-to. You dig
into a snow bank on the side of a tree, your breath
immediately starts to melt the snow, it starts to turn to ice, CG - Right.
and even though you're surrounded by ice, you're very
warm and comfortable in there. DW - What did the Germans see? First of all, how do you
get to Antartica? Had anyone been there before in modern
CG - Yeah, the stored up thermal energy in the ground times? I think Cook went there or something...
comes up [into the cavity].
CG - Yeah, I think there has been a few expeditions there.
DW - Just to clarify, are you saying that some kind of But there are three occupied cities under the ice. Two
Earth crustal displacement or actual physical movement of were...
the Earth's rotational axis took place, so that what we now
think of as Antartica at one time was habitable land [in a DW - Occupied? In Antartica?
different location on the Earth's surface]?
CG - Right.
CG - It was more like Australia, more than likely.
DW - When the Germans got there, they were already
DW - And your saying that there was some settlement on occupied?
that land before this event took place?
CG - Well one of the cities was somewhat in disarray, but
CG - Right, there's an ancient civilization there. it was perfect for their U-boats (submarines) to come up
under the ice in a cavern area. It was perfect for them to
DW - Is this the Atlantean flood, the 13,000 year old build out from there.
catastrophe; as far as you know?

CG - No, this is much older.

DW - This is much older than that.

CG - Right.

DW - Really? Do you know what the time frame was?

CG - No. I know that people at first thought it was the

Agarthans original home, but the information that I read
was that it was much to old to have been their home. It's
been a lot time since I read it. I don't know the age
difference that made it improbable for it to have been their
original home. But they were obviously aware of it's

ice. It pops up. And you say it's warm in there because of
volcanism. It's like a dome.

CG - Right.

DW - What do they see when they pop up? Is there grass?

Do you actually have a biome? Do you have some life
forms? Or is it all just really icy and cold?

CG - I'm not exactly sure about all the fine details, but I
know there were a lot of structures that were abandoned or
damaged - it was just in disarray. There was already an
underground complex that they could reoccupy, refurbish
CG - But there were two other cities further inland that and set up.
were already occupied by other groups. I don't know who
these other groups were, but they ended up allying with the DW - Structures could be almost anything, is this like
Germans. ancient builder race type of stuff; like pyramids?

DW - Really? CG - Not that old; no.

CG - <nods head> DW - What would these structures look like if we were to

see them now?
DW - Did the Agarthans tell them where to sail? As in, the
Agarthans had already identified this [area]? CG - I don't know. I have not seen images of them. I just
read text.
CG - Right.
DW - How advanced was this technology? Are we dealing
DW - Why would the Agarthans need the Germans to with pueblos?
develop something, when they have this vast Agarthan
Network of all these underground cities already? CG - It was advanced building structures, but there was no
advanced technology there. It was apparently already
CG - Well they invited some of the Germans into their 'picked over.'
Agarthan Network. In the treaty they had assisted the
Germans in locating areas in Antartica and the east part of DW - When you say advanced building structures,
South America to create underground bases and also above superior to what we have now with Manhattan skyline and
ground cities, that were almost entirely German. skyscrapers?

DW - So is this like a signing bonus that the Germans get, CG - Well, superior to what they had then, at least in the
like some of the things that the Agarthans knew about but reports that were written during that time period.
didn't like that much, maybe the less hospitable areas. And
they sort of gave it to the Germans as a 'carrot on a stick'. DW - How much of a detachment of personnel did the
Germans send down there to explore this? First of all, I
CG - I think it was just part of their treaty. guess do you know how big it was? How many square
DW - The Agarthans hadn't developed out these places
already before? They were largely abandoned like the one CG - No. They had a fairly large detachment - I don't
place in Antartica you were talking about? know how large - of people in Antartica and in Argentina,
Brazil - all spread out in South America, that would
CG - The Germans developed them out resupply the Antarctic base. They had infrastructure and a
network down there, they put quite a bit of effort in setting
[as in took what was there and built up.
installations on top of them.]
DW - Did they largely use submarines to get to this
Antarctic base so they could avoid detection from the air?
DW - You said when the Germans got there it was in
'disarray'. So talk us through it. The U-boat goes under the
CG - It had to be reached from submarine or their highly
advanced aircraft. EXPLORING THE MOON:

DW - Ok. The Agarthans, you said, also directed them DW - Where did the Germans go first? And what did they
toward South America. Is this ancient builder race type find that was interesting?
stuff, or were they just settling in the jungle?
CG - First they went to the Moon. They had a couple
CG - In the jungle and in caverns. failed attempts at building a base...

DW - Caverns from the ancient builder race? DW - How many Bell craft did they have?

CG - Not ancient builder race; just caverns that they built CG - Quite a few.
up themselves, with their own infrastructure...
DW - Thousands?
DW - So nothing ancient or interesting about it?
CG - No, no. Probably less than 100 at the beginning.
CG - Right. That was completely a building up of their
own resources. DW - Were any of them large enough to carry a decent
amount of cargo with them?
DW - Did Antartica happen before they were leaving the
planet? Before they were building any where else? CG - Yeah, they had several different sizes. I think there
were three different sizes.
CG - The Germans were already starting to leave the
planet. But Antartica came as it was becoming obvious DW - What was the largest size?
that the Axis powers were going to lose the war.
CG - I think 90 feed across.
DW - So they need a place to hide and that was their best
DW - So you could fit a lot of stuff in there.

CG - Right. They started building Antartica out years in

CG - Not a whole lot, with the amount of room they had in
advance. They knew that the war was going to go badly
the area of the craft. But in the 90-foot ones it was a lot
years ahead.
more than the 24 foot ones - I can't remember the exact
DW - With a combination of technological endowments
from the Draco and the Agarthans, the Germans perfected
DW - Now you said before that the Super Federation folks,
their Bell craft. Because you said they are not really Nazi's
who have been running 22 different programs to tweak our
right? It was the German occult societies.
DNA and mix their genetics with our own, that there's a
huge settlement on the dark side of the moon where
CG - And the Bell was not a craft, it was an engine. everyone has their own diplomatic region and boundaries...

[In episode 3 of Cosmic Disclosure:

Lunar Operations Command, CG and
DW extensively discuss this base and
the exopolitical climate there. Click the
below linked article for more on this.]
Related Summary and Analysis of
Cosmic Disclosure Episode 3: Lunar
Operations Command | Corey Goode
and David Wilcock

CG - Yeah, multiple settlements [on the Moon].

Image depicting German antigravity craft powered by the Bell
DW - So why wouldn't those folks just want to blow up
the Germans if there showing up, trying to find territory
CG - People couldn't get inside the Bell.

CG - Because the Germans built [there base] in a DW - What's their height?
diplomatic area with some allies they made.
CG - Around the 10-foot or 9-foot range.
DW - Really. Would that be the Draco?
DW - Wow.
CG - I believe it was most likely the Draco
CG - So there is a difference.
DW - So it was because of some sort of complex treaty
that the Germans were able to do anything at all? DW - Do the Agarthans meet with other intelligent
civilizations? Or do they pretty much keep to themselves.
CG - Right. What's their role in today's extraterrestrial geopolitics?

DW - You mentioned these Agarthans working with CG - They have alliances with other ancient breakaway
German occult societies in the 1930's and on into the civilizations, we're not the only one. And they have
1940's. Are these Agarthans still here today? alliances with ET groups.

MODERN AGARTHAN ACTIVITIES: DW - Well we're just getting the surface scratched here.
Obviously this question of the development of the space
CG - Yes, very much so. They presented themselves as program is complex. But as long as it's interesting, and it
ET's to the secret space program, and the SSP figured out certainly is, I am happy to keep this thread going. We've
that they were not what they claimed to be around the late talked about a lot of fearful stuff, could you just assure
1970's time period. They pretty much stopped pretending people who may not have seen other episodes. Do we need
to be ET's to the SSP because the 'jig was up.' But they are to worry about these Germans, Agarthans or Draco? Are
still presenting themselves as ET's to a lot of people on the we just filet mignon waiting for them to come and pick us
surface of the planet. up?

[In an extensive report, CG discussed a CG - No, the damage has already been done that they were
meeting with a council of ancient going to do. There has been a new group that's moved into
breakaway civilizations living below the the solar system. They are pretty much neutralizing any of
Earth's surface. Many of the groups these groups attempts to start any large-scale problems.
there are humanlike and have a general ANy type of fearful stuff you see on the news, I would just
distain for the 'impure' surface disregard. There is more of a positive future in store for us,
population of humans. They also say if the SSP alliance and the Sphere Being Alliance has their
that they have an active program of way.
disinformation used against the surface
population, so as to keep their DW - We don't want fear, right? This is what these
underground location secret. For more negative groups have been trying to do is generate fear.
on this see the below linked article.]
Related Ancient Earth Break-Away- CG - Right.
Civilization Subterranean Council
Meeting & SSP Alliance Debrief Part I - DW - And it turns out that there's now very effective
"Honeycomb Earth" countermeasures to stop them from being able to achieve
their goals.
DW - Do the Agarthans have a seat in this Super
Federation Council? CG - That's right.

CG - No. DW - Excellent. Well, Corey I want to thank you for being

here. As always I want to thank you for watching. I'm just
DW - Oh they are totally different? trying to get my head screwed back on. This is really wild
stuff. We'll be back next time with more of the history of
CG - Right. There's a different group that is very similar to the secret space program. More about the development of
the way the Agarthans look, but they are indeed very much colonies on the Moon and Mars. So stay tuned.
taller. They don't look like our average size. But they have
a little bit larger foreheads and have a Nordic appearance.

Cosmic Disclosure Season 2 - Episode 3: Special Report:
The Gonzales Enigma - Summary and Analysis
Corey Goode and David Wilcock
Wednesday, October 14, 2015

a dream of profound import, later

developing into a face to face meeting.

Show Description:

Corey Goode divulges never before exposed details

concerning the extent of his contact with Lt. Colonel
This week, Corey and David discuss Lt. Gonzales and how they work together to assist the Sphere
Col. Gonzales, who he is and what his role Being Alliance. Lt. Colonel Gonzales is an essential figure
is in the secret space program alliance. within the Secret Space Programs, but he is one who will
always remain enigmatic throughout the course of our
Gonzales has experience in diplomacy and tales. It is important to understand, that the qualities which
interspecies negotiation, providing a unique makes Gonzales and Corey ideally suited for working with
skill set in dealing with many of the issues the Sphere Beings may reside within you as well.
at hand in our area of the cosmos. This interview with David Wilcock was originally webcast
October 13, 2015.
There are over 40 extraterrestrial groups
The summarized notes will be in black, with my
operating genetic, social and spiritual
commentary in [Ariel bolded brackets].
programs operating on Earth. In one of the
more interesting data points revealed by
DW = David Wilcock, CG = Corey Goode
Goode, apparently one of the programs is
to incarnate on Earth as a human being.
Some of these ET souls are known WHO IS LIEUTENANT COLONEL GONZALES?:
contemporarily as starseeds or wanderers
and despite their former ET lives, are just DW - Welcome to the world of the shocking, the bizarre,
as human as the rest of us, says Goode. the seemingly unbelievable; Cosmic Disclosure. I'm your
host David Wilcock and we're interviewing Corey Goode,
Goode also delves into the initial contact the insider's insider. A man who has as much knowledge
experiences he had with one of races in the crammed into his brain as all the other insiders I've met put
Sphere Being Alliance, the Blue Avians, in together <chuckle>. Truly a fascinating conversation that
2011. Apparently the contact was made in we're having. Corey welcome to the show.

CG - Thank you. CG - No. There's no plan for him to be coming forward
(revealing his identity) at anytime in the future.
DW - We're talking about Lieutenant Colonel Gonzales, a
mysterious figure that has a aroused a great deal of DW - People on the Internet are thinking: "well we just
curiosity on the Internet. want to see another guy who knows what Corey knows [to
help corroborate CG's wild claims]. Why is it a bad idea
[CG has stated in the past that Lt. Col. for Gonzales to come forward."
Gonzales is a prominent figure in the
secret space program, acting as a CG - He has a cover life here on Earth. He is not down
diplomat to various extraterrestrial and here very often. If he was to expose himself at this point it
breakaway civilization groups. Prior to would be very dangerous for him and the operation. He
CG being selected as a delegate to the does not have any children or family, some would think
Sphere Being Alliance, the secret space that it would be safer for him to come forward then me,
program council intended to have since I have a family and children. I agree to a certain
Gonzales step into that role. point.

Related Gonzales Meets with Breakaway DW - The Blue Avians obviously have been assisting
Groups - Update Coming Soon, Solar Warden in trying to break out cosmic disclosure for
Avoiding Disinfo Traps Via Personal humanity - what's the history of that? What's the history of
Research & Discernment | GoodETxSG them contacting you? Because I certainly remember that
amazing day, February 27th 2015, when you told me in a
Related Summary and Analysis of Skype text that the Blue Avians asked for you by name;
Episode 7 - Special Report: Mars Colony from the secret space program alliance. So what's going on
Inspection | Cosmic Disclosure with here?
Corey Goode and David Wilcock
Related Solar Warden: Secret Space
The Sphere Beings are a group of five
extremely advanced guardian type races
that began making contact with the
secret space program in 2011. This CG - As you remember, I was telling you that I was in
group of beings is apparently here to contact with a being that I wouldn't go into detail about; I
help oversee an energetic transition of wouldn't even describe it to you.
the solar system, which is presently
being 'down-stepped' by the use of DW - And I respected you for that, but it was also
thousands of massive spheres (the something that made me extremely curious that with all the
largest being the size of Jupiter), really outrageous stuff you were telling me, why were you
distributed throughout the solar system holding back on this? About all I knew was that they [the
and beyond. According to CG, if these Blue Avians] were blue, and that was it. That's about the
spheres were not here, much more only thing you had ever said and that it had something to
violent shifts in climate and do with your family and your kids.
consciousness would take place.
CG - Right. And that much I still can't talk about. But
The Sphere Beings say that they are this..
here to help humanity free itself as well
as ensuring that all life in the solar COREY'S INITIAL CONTACT WITH SECRET
system has the opportunity to take SPACE PROGRAM ALLIANCE:
advantage of the coming energetic shift.
But to be clear, they are not here to save
humanity, only to advise and assist. DW - When did this contact happen with you?

Gonzales plays a key role in advising CG - It goes back four years.

CG as a delegate to the Sphere Beings,
as well as interacting directly with Raw- DW - Four years before 2015 would be 2011 or
Teir-Eir, a member of the Blue Avian thereabouts.
race, one of the groups in the Sphere
Being Alliance (SBA).] CG - And as it turns out, Lieutenant Colonel Gonzales has
been in contact with them for around the same time frame.
DW - Some people are saying he's about to come forward.
Is that true? DW - Around 2011 as well?
CG - Mhm. He was in a liaison role between the Blue CG - Right. I was being prepared, but I had no idea I was
Avians and the Solar Warden program, or more accurately, or what I was being prepared for. I was still coming to
the secret space program (SSP) breakaway faction. A lot of terms with a lot of my past, what I had been involved in.
people have come out saying that it was just Solar Warden, When I got to the point that I had come to terms with this,
but it's kind of a conglomerate of defectors from different I [began] dealing with the Blue Avians with some of that
space programs. Gonzales was presenting information information.
from the Blue Avians for some time [before I arrived on
the seen]. But all of a sudden, they give him my name and DW - When this contact first happened in 2011 for you,
information. He went to the SSP Alliance Council and did you actually see them like the Android Jones
said" the Blue Avians have chosen this guy to be there illustration that we have [see below images]?
delegate." They were not happy about it. They wanted
Gonzales to be the delegate; [not me].

DW - Without getting into any incriminating detail, what

would this cover life be like? Does he have a house? Does
he have a car?

CG - Yes. He lives in a house in a rural area.

DW - If he met somebody, he could say he has a particular

job and that job would actually exist, and he would go

Blue Avian illustration by Android Jones. Note: This image was

CG - Yes. I am very reticent to say anything more. created based on descriptions provided by Corey Goode
not photographs or a personal experience.
DW - Oh no. Absolutely. There's just been this current
[trend] on the Internet of people thinking he's about to join
us on a radio show or something, and we needed to specify
this is not going to happen. You're saying the Avians
contacted you and Gonzales in 2011. Was this before the
new influx of 100 or so visible spheres the size of the
Moon, Neptune and Jupiter? Was it around the same time,
or was it a little bit before?

[According to CG, massive spheres

ranging in size have been entering the
solar system as early as the mid 1980's,
when one sphere was spotted near
Neptune. For a summary of this aspect
of the narrative see David Wilcock Major BLUE AVIANS CONTACTED COREY IN A
Update: History of 'Old One's', Draco's, DREAM:
SSP, Plan for Disclosure in 2015, Cabal
Surrender, Sphere Beings, and Much DW - Were you seeing these beings, or was it like a blue
More. Since then, thousands of spheres sphere? What were you actually experiencing?
have gathered about our area of the
cosmos to apparently down-step highly CG - They initially introduce themselves to people in
coherent 'tsunami waves' of energy.] dreams. In a very lucid dream. And then they appear to
you physically after the have prepared you through
CG - The contact we had was occurring before and during dreams.
the influx.
Related Meditation, Mental Discipline
DW - Ok. It kind of seems as if there's a major push being and Lucid Dreams: The WILD Technique
made and that one of the initiatives was to move the for Induced Lucid Dreaming
spheres in and another initiative was to grab these
delegates starting with Gonzales, and then once you were DW - This is exactly what they say in the "Law of One."
apparently ready for this job, then you were also invited It's the same contact protocol.
CG - Oh.
DW - Yeah. Now they say in the Law of One that they DW - What would that involve? What's actually
discontinued most physical contacts, because the people happening?
that were meeting them would get a big ego and would be
worshiped by others as some sort of messianic figure. One CG - Usually a blue sphere - or spheres - appear to people,
of the things about your story that has really fascinated me, zip around or stop in front of them and pulse. People
is that the 'Prime Directive' (do no harm via interference receive either a message they remember consciously, or
policy) - a sort of free will clamp-down on in-person they just think they just saw a very cool thing and don't
contacts - seems to have been lifted for the moment, understand that they received a message subconsciously;
because we need to get a jump start into this golden age, that their higher self received the message. They are
and we need some help getting there. receiving a message from these higher density beings for
future reasons.
CG - After every meeting, I'm heavily warned about my
own ego, and the information becoming cultish or a DAVID'S BROTHER CONTACTED A BLUE
religion, which it's not supposed to be by any means. SPHERE IN 2001:

DW - Lets go back to that moment again, and tell us what DW - Well this is really mind blowing. We've talked about
did it start with? You said it started with dreams, at what [something] in the past privately, but I want to get this on
point were you aware you were in contact with what you camera. It is going to involve a little self-disclosure and
are now calling the Blue Avians. monolog from me, but it's very important.

CG - I was very aware in the dreams, but it wasn't... I read the Law of One and the "Seth" books [by] Carla
Ruekert and Jane Roberts [who] are two of the best
DW - Did they look the same as the illustration in these channels in modern times in my opinion. Both of them had
dreams? these blue orb visitations very clearly delineated in the
books. I was so aware of it, that I was frustrated [at the
CG - Pretty much, the illustration that is out isn't perfect time] and said, 'why haven't they done that with me?'
yet, but yes that's the way they appear in the dreams and in because one thing it says in the Law of One, is that they
person; when they finally do appear. will try to [in contact with] you telepathically [first]. They
don't want to have to do an in-person contact if they can
avoid it. [They would rather] can get you involved like
DW - Dreams will often times have very odd,
they did with me telepathically.
metaphorically symbolic, impossible things going on.
You'll look over to the left and then when you look back it
changed. So did these dreams seem to have that type of One day I'm in North Carolina visiting a friend. I'm
symbolic nature or was it more like a lucid contact? meditating in a field. I see a UFO - first time I'd ever seen
one. It goes behind a cloud and the cloud goes away - [and
the UFO was] gone. But because I'm meditating, I'm just
CG - It was very lucid, real and tangible. It was different
like "ok, well now I've seen a UFO. Big deal. The only
from any other type of dream that I have had before.
other thing I want" - and I said this as like a prayer - "is an
orb of light to appear in my room and give me an
DW - We're getting lots and lots of people on the internet intelligent message;" just like what happened to Carla and
who are trying to say - jumping right into this story line what happened to Jane Roberts.
with you - that they are having the same contact as you are
having, that they are trying to portray themselves as
authority figures, acting as if their information should be Then I call my father a couple of days later, and it turns
considered equally. What is the way in which most people out that my brother was on the other line at the same time.
He patches us both in together, and I tell him 'Dad you
are being contacted? Because it seems like a lot of these
realize this is a synchronicity, right?' He's like, "oh oh" [in
[others] are fraudulent, they don't really line up with what
a dismissive tone]. Then my brother says, after I talk about
you're hearing. What is a way that most people are being
my UFO sighting, 'that's funny, something weird happened
contacted? What is the type of experience that might
occur? to me too.'

I asked him, "what's that?"

CG - Most people being contacted are having experiences
with the Blue Orbs [beings]. The Blue Orbs are actually
the highest density race in the Sphere Being Alliance. He said, "this orb of light appeared in my room and gave
They're higher density then the Blue Avians, but everyone me an intelligent message."
seems to have locked on to the Blue Avian idea, there's
something romantic about it [I guess]. Most people are In his case, he was meditating and his head actually
having experiences with the Blue spheres. dropped back, and then he saw this orb appear near the
ceiling, it spread out to about four or five feet wide, and it
was like a vortex tunnel. It was an actual stargate on his Super Federation Conference, Blue
ceiling pulsing, and we have a whole article on my website Avian Meeting and SSP Alliance Council
from 2001 called "David's Brother Receives In-Person ET Events | Corey GoodETxSG
CG - But the second meeting was much more awe-
[The orb] gave my brother a message, and it said "the inspiring and pleasant for him. This was with the Super
ascension that your brother is writing about will not Federation of 40 main groups of ET's involved in 22
happen all at once. It will be a series of increasingly experiments with humanity. There were 20 other groups,
uplifting inspirational experiences. You have had the first totaling 60 [in addition to the previous 40], that are overall
of these experiences." [This] was mind blowing. involved in this grand experiment.

How do you think - or how did it strike you when I told DW - And this is some of your earliest experiences in
you that my brother had this experience back in 2001, that space, right, was being a part of this?
was already in print on my website?
CG - Right.
CG - I had no idea, but there are many, many tens - and
now hundreds of thousands of people having these COREY'S EXPERIENCE AN INTUITIVE EMPATH:
experiences right now.
DW - Just to briefly recap, what did you originally do
DW - Has Gonzales had this type of thing happen to him when you went to these super federation conferences?
too? Is that part of how it worked for him? How old were you, and what was your job?

CG - Yes. CG - I was very young, in my preteen and teenage years. I

was in an Intuitive Empath role, which now each of us,
MORE ON GONZALES: when we arrive [to meetings and conferences], we have
three Intuitive Empaths with us. Intuitive Empaths are
DW - What is Gonzales's role at this point? What's the there to detect deception or danger, and that's what I did.
difference between how he got contacted and how you got But now when Gonzales or I go to these meetings we have
contacted? He was in the secret space program when this this type of support for us.
DW - Were the beings in the super federation aware that
CG - The contacts happened exactly the same way. He has you were there to detect deception?
been named a secret space program delegate. He was the
delegate between the secret space program and the Blue CG - Yes, they all have this type of [support].
Avians. I have [since] been named the delegate between
the Blue Avians and the secret space program alliance and [In the TV series, Star Trek: The Next
all of the other groups they want to meet with [or] will not Generation, Captain Picard often brings
meet with one-on-one. I have been put in the situation [as a Counselor Troy, a half human half
delegate] in all these federation council meetings, with him telepathic Betazoid, with him during
accompanying me to several of [them]. diplomatic missions. Her job is to pick
up on the emotions of the beings they
DW - Have there been trips that you've taken up into are contacting to determine if they are
space, since this all started, that did not involve Gonzales, being genuine; amongst other things. In
where you never saw him? many instances during the series, Troy
will notify Picard that another being is
CG - Yes, but more recently, he's been very much apart of being deceitful or holding something
them. When I was out here doing the last shoot at Gaiam back, or that they are being genuine. It
TV Studios, there were two extremely important meetings, appears that this TV series is an almost
that were time sensitive, where he had to stand in [for me]. literal disclosure of the Intuitive Empath
One was with the Draco Federation Alliance, which was a function in the SSP.]
very traumatic meeting for him.
DW - Ok.
Related The Lt. Col. Gonzales SSP
Council Delegation Briefings Part 1 GONZALES MEETS WITH THE SUPER
Related The Lt. Col. Gonzales SSP
Council Delegation Briefings Part 2 |

CG - I've described [in the past] a large shuttle vessel that a main foyer area where people meet and greet before they
is modular. It can be changed for any type of mission. It's walk into the main hall. When you walk in to the council
about 50 or 60 feet long, and this vessel took [Gonzales] room there is a place where each delegation sits in their
and his support team out to an area around the gas giants. own horseshoe shaped area. In each section is a main chair
In between Jupiter and Saturn. This is an area that you that is elevated, with three lower chairs encircling it,
would not be able to see with a telescope; it's in a temporal bordered by a railing around the whole section.
distortion bubble. You enter in the distortion and you exit
the exact same place you enter from. DW - There's one horseshoe for each of these 40 groups?

DW - Just like the fairy ring. CG - [Yes]; for each delegation. The delegate sits in the
main chair with one advisor standing to their back left. In
CG - Right. this case [when Gonzales appeared as a delegate], the
room was extremely crowded. They knew that there was a
[In Cosmic Disclosure Episode 13: big announcement that was going to be made, so it was
Portals: Navigating Time, CG and DW like standing room only. They had extra delegation chairs
discuss the peculiar nature of time- for the 60 groups and they had seating and standing room
space distortions or naturally occurring area for a whole bunch of others. Gonzales said he was
portal systems in the universe. A fairy very excited to sit in this chair. [In an earlier meeting,
ring, is a portal phenomenon described when I was the delegate and he was my support] I sat in
in a fictional work that David brought up the chair, which operated like a universal translator, using
during the episode as an example of this strange universal ET language that was very
their mechanics. Apparently in these monotone, with no one else in the room hearing or
naturally occurring portals, one must understanding it [but me]. So, he sat in the chair and
enter and leave using the exact same expected some sort of weird sensation, but felt nothing. A
route or else travel to an alternative being came up and made the announcements. [This is] one
timeline in the past, present or future. of the beings that we're very familiar with [in the SSP],
See the above linked article for more on with pumpkin-colored skin, large blue eyes and a cranial
this.] ridge that goes from ear to ear across the top of their head.
This being was very tall and wore a kind of monk's style
CG - And when you enter into this distortion, it is robe. This being introduced Gonzales to the whole
completely black. You don't see the sun, stars or planets - assembly and announced for him to come forward.
nothing; it's completely black. Gonzales went to the front and made an announcement that
many in attendance there were hoping to hear. He said that
the inner barrier around the Earth was going to be relaxed,
DW - There's nothing visible at all? so that many of the ET's that were trapped on Earth - that
are 'benevolent,' here to study our oceans, jungles and
CG - All you can see is the station that the council could care less about humanity. [These types of ET's] are
meetings take place on. just here to study our ecosystem. These beings were
having a lot of problems being stuck on Earth.
DW - What about other ships?
DW - They were running out of supplies or...
CG - You'll see other ships going to the dual docking
arms. So, Gonzales's vessel docks [after entering this CG - They were having all sorts of problems. But as a
distortion between Jupiter and Saturn]. Him and his crew result of the development Gonzales was talking about, they
get off, and this is the first time that he had been could then rejoin their support teams that were waiting for
acknowledged, because he had been there in a support role them outside of Earth's orbit; far away. The Intuitive
before with him, and they had only acknowledged me Empaths said that when this announcement was made a
because I was there as the delegate. huge relief was felt in the room. Gonzales said they would
go back to the old style of grid patrols, kind of like an air
DW - Can you just help us out here - the visual - like this traffic control of allowing [personnel] to come and go.
is a movie. What are we seeing, is it like a whole city? Is it Gonzales then went back and sat in his chair. A typical
a structure that's just big enough to hold the council or thing that happened when I was at these meetings [before]
could there be a lot of other stuff going on in it? was for each of these 40 groups to go to the front and do a
very short two-minute synopsis of how they have
CG - It's an extremely advanced space station. As contributed to humanity, the 'grand experiment,' why they
Gonzales exited the ship and started walking down the are so great, what wonderful things they've done for us,
passageways towards the main federation council hall, etc. - and then they would sit back in their chairs. This
people were acknowledging him for the first time. There's happened [in a precession], one after another. After [series
of presentations], they went to their shuttles, returning
back [to their respective home bases] to debrief physical universe, specifically biological
[personnel]. bodies that can exist at material levels
of reality (our level) and super-material
DW - What is it that these beings think they've done that's levels; what we could call etheric.
so valuable to us? According to the film, countless races
have contributed to the genetic and
spiritual plan of evolution, overseen by
CG - They think that this 'grand experiment' has been a
guardian races of an extremely
great contribution to the entire galaxy.
advanced spiritual order. The narrative
CG has described in his work somewhat
DW - To the Galaxy? matches what is described in the film;
including the German Occult society
CG - Yeah, and beyond. The Blue Avians have stated that connection discussed in Season 2
even though some of these beings are very benevolent in Episode 1 and Season 2 Episode 2.]
our eyes, they are still agenda oriented, and therefore there
is still a service to self-aspect to them [that needs to be
[As in, they may act benevolently until
CG - Some of these beings [that are part of the 22
the point when an unethical action is
programs from the super federation] are incarnating as us.
required to further their agenda, in
which case they would rather perform
the immoral action even if it causes DW - That's one of the programs, you're saying.
harm. This is a morally relativistic
stance, the hallmarks of personality CG - Part of [just] one of the programs. Some of these
infancy and social immaturity; also people that are [considered] starseeds or wanderers, are
known as the 'ends justify the means' some of these [ET groups incarnating as humans] here.
philosophy or ethical justification.]
DW - "Are You a Wanderer" is our most popular Wisdom
DW - Are they seeing us as like a master race, like they Teachings episode on Gaiam TV. We have a questionnaire
are trying to mix up [create] the ultimate human? on there with details on [how to tell] if you have these
characteristics. If you can answer these questions, than
CG - There's like 22 agendas, and some of them are you're most likely an ET soul.
competing. And we also have the Draco agenda and all
that, so it's very complicated. CG - Most of the people that are being contacted by these
blue orbs are starseeds, wanderers. These "cabal groups,"
DW - How could we benefit the galaxy though? I'm not for lack of a better word, are very, very interested in
sure I'm getting this. starseeds, co-opting them and using them for, I guess, the
dark side.
CG - When we say "we," we're talking about this flesh and
blood. You know. This is also a spiritual and much larger DW - What is the Cabal doing to try and find these
experiment than most people realize. wanderers and starseeds? What is their modus operandi?

[The notion of a grand spiritual CG - They have many different ways, but with me, it was
experiment is discussed in many using standardized testing in schools. They constantly have
extraterrestrial and spiritual works. In people out there on the lookout for people showing certain
the Urantia Book, our world is described signs and abilities. They find ways to further test them and
as an experimental sphere. In the Law of see if they meet criteria [suggesting they maybe a
One, Yahweh altered the genetics of starseed].
humanity in the distant past. In a
documentary series from the early 90's DW - These people don't consciously remember in their
called The Legend of Atlantis, they physical incarnation that their past life was extraterrestrial
discuss this in a narrative presented [in nature]?
within the first hour of the film. It says,
our galaxy has been slowly evolving CG - Right.
spiritually over the course of billions of
years. Part of the spiritual plan of
DW - They are bound by rules, where they have to play
progress is the development of the
human, seeming like they are just another ordinary person?
CG - Right. The Blue Spheres visiting these people is part [This might be the case, but one of the
of an awakening experience [for them]. These people are reasons the Sphere Beings brought the
going through an awakening right now as to what their role spheres into the solar system was to do
is, what their mission is in this lifetime, why they're here. everything possible to ensure the
maximum number of people would
DW - Is this super federation aware of the energetic transition; even including the 'negative'
changes going on with the sun, these Tsunami's of energy ET races. I would hazard to guess that
you talk about? the average person on Earth is much
closer to transition then these nefarious
ET races. If this is accurate and they
[In previous episodes of Cosmic
honor free will as an ultimate rule, then
Disclosure as well as in CG's work in
it stands to reason it would be our
general, he reveals that the solar system
choice at some level to empower
is being bathed in 'tsunami waves of
ourselves to further evolve and in doing
energy' as a result of our passage
so prepare for the transition. In other
through the galaxy and it's energetic
words, if you read that comment from
currents. These energies affect
David and felt a sense of urgency then it
consciousness at a fundamental level,
probably indicates you are ready
eventually enhancing all life that comes
seeking truth in order to evolve.]
under their influence.]
Related Science Of Ascension, CG - Right. A lot of what these ET's and Blue Avians -
Evolution and much more | Fractality: what they believe and work off - is Natural Law and the
What Makes a LIVE ENZYME - Alive? Law of One.
with Dan Winter
DW - What is Natural Law exactly?
Related All Life is Connected via EMF
Entrainment | Solar Revolution
Documentary (2012) - Reveals the CG - I am learning a lot of these things now. In the
Science of Entrainment, along with the beginning, when I first started contacting you, I had read a
Sun and Galaxies Influence on Human little bit about the Law of One, but I still need to learn
Affairs more about it.

CG - [They are] very much so [aware of these changes]. DW - Yeah, the Blue Avians told you to buy the book, and
I saw it in your room.
DW - What's their involvement?
CG - Yeah, and my wife had been reading it.
CG - Many of them planned on being out of here when
this [shift] happens; for what ever reason. That was the DW - And it hasn't even been cracked open yet <chuckle>.
purpose of the outer-barrier, to keep everyone that had
anything to do with tinkering in our biosphere and CG - No, my wife is almost through reading it.
humanity here; not to let them escape.
DW - Well she's a very clean reader then, because it looks
DW - There is a line in the Law of One, where it says that brand new <chuckle>.
when this quantum leap takes place, if you're not ready to
go to fourth density, your third density electromagnetic CG - I haven't even read it, so I'm not doing exactly as
body will fail due to incompatibility. This would suggest well as I should be doing learning some of these things.
that if these people are too heavily third density, and
they're not pure enough to be able to go through the
DW - Wow, but you've done an amazing job risking your
transformation, it would actually be like a death sentence
life to come forward. We're going to have a lot more to
for them - 'crispy critters.'
talk about. I'm your host, David Wilcock, and I think you
for watching; because you need to know the truth

Is Russia Using Weapons Developed With
Extraterrestrial Help In Syrian Civil War?
Written By Dr. Michael Salla
October 16, 2015

James begins “Putin’s Wild Card in Syria” by

distinguishing the sources he used from those making up
the military intelligence community associated with
Veterans Today:

Even though some of the Veterans Today

Directors may have Beyond-black Secret
Space War clearances, none of the Secret
Space War material in this article was sourced by
them or through them and comes from
independent outside sources.

James does not name his outside sources, but they do not
On October 14, Dr. Preston James, a columnist with include Corey Goode, whose information differs in key
Veterans Today, made startling claims about Russia using ways. Yet when it comes to Putin’s role in dealing with an
advanced weapons system developed through a secret elite control group manipulating humanity and suppressing
agreement with extraterrestrial visitors in an article titled, information about advanced technologies and
“Putin’s Wild Card in Syria.” extraterrestrial visitors, James’ and Goode’s information
align closely. This is either a remarkable coincidence, or
James’ article analyses the game-changing nature of important corroboration that Putin has indeed reached
Putin’s military intervention in Syria, and the nature of the agreements with extraterrestrial visitors, which have
extraterrestrial inspired weapons systems used to supplied advanced weapons technologies to the Russians.
devastating effect:
James describes the elite control group and its influence in
What exactly do the Russians now have as far as the Syrian Civil War as follows:
ultra high-tech weaponry? The list is long, but
includes supersonic torpedoes, which create It is now clear to the whole world that ISIS, ISIL,
their own ability to travel through matter Daesh, Al Qaeda and Al Nusra and the like are
surrounding their path using inter-dimensional little more than paid mercenaries of the Israeli-
cloaking. Russia has missiles which, after American Terror Machine, and are synthetically-
launch, operate as if they are “hived” and use created, engineered and deployed Gladio-style
inter-dimensional entangled communication to terror, all done to further the NWO Globalist
evade interception, to regroup and to re-target, Agenda of the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia
taking strange flight patterns which can change (*RKM).
from straight to spirals to semi circles and more.
Some insiders believe that the Russians now According to James, the RKM is associated with a
have the ability to generate inter-dimensional nefarious group of extraterrestrials called the “Dracos” or
cloaking of some of their stealth aircraft and the “Draconians”:
missiles, making them for the most part
undetectable in flight and even shut-off spy
satellites. The best information available suggests that the
RKM is basically directed and energized by the
Dracos, an incredibly evil race of cosmic
James’ analysis has some remarkable similarities to the predators that are large and powerful human
claims of Corey Goode, whose whistleblower testimony inter-dimensional cosmic parasites that love to
concerning multiple secret space programs has been the control, murder, torture and consume human
focus of a recently published book, and an online flesh.
television series.

Goode similarly refers to the Draconians as secretly associated with the BRICS nations, which is dedicated to
directing Earth’s elite control group, which he describes as overturning the plans of the Illuminati/Cabal/RKM.
the “Satanic/Luciferian Cabal.” Goode says that he and
another whistleblower using the pseudonym, Lt. Col. Goode describes Putin’s role as follows:
Gonzales, have attended meetings with the Draconians
organized by a positive group of military insiders called
Putin and other elements of the “Earth Based
the “Secret Space Program Alliance”.
Alliance” that make up the BRICS Alliance
among others that dove tail together are all
James refers to a Russian agreement with a positive group working for the common goal of defeating the
of extraterrestrials opposed to the Draconians and the “Satanic/Luciferian Cabal” that is now in control
Cabal/RKM: of the majority of the world and responsible for
not only amazing deceptions of his and other
Sources deep within Russia have reported that countries populations but also some of the most
the Russian Federation has signed a treaty with horrific Crimes Against Humanity that have ever
a certain Alien ET group, and this particular Alien taken place in known history. There are many of
ET group has a long conflict with the a certain these crimes that have become more and more
group that has allegedly been “advising and known through recent disclosures behind the
running” the top RKM Policy-makers who have scenes. This has only caused these groups and
served as their agent for taking over the whole people to want to bring down these Secret Earth
world. Government Syndicates now more than ever.

James goes on to say that the Russians have been given Goode has said that during Putin’s ten day disappearance
advanced weapons technologies by the positive from March 6 to March 16, 2015, he or his representatives
extraterrestrial group that neutralize the best technologies very likely attended a secret space program meeting held
available to the CIA/Mossad/Saudi equipped Islamic State on the Moon where the use of advanced extraterrestrial
groups backed by the Cabal/RKM: technologies for defensive purposes was discussed:

At this time it is unknown what their long term The timing of his 10 day disappearance occurred
agenda is, but so far they have equipped the exactly during the time of the SSP
Russian Federation with some astoundingly Alliance/Sphere Alliance Conference that was
powerful weapons, especially ultra-high tech taking place on the LOC [Lunar Operations
electronics which can temporarily shut off the Command – a secret moonbase] along with
electrical systems of whole ships or carriers and many Earth Politicians (Non Cabal) and Regular
even aircraft and all group, air and satellite radar Earth Citizens. I did not personally see him or
systems. Putin has allegedly been told that he have I been briefed that he was there. I was not
should go ahead and checkmate the RKM and its involved in that portion of the conference. I do
Terrorists cutouts in Syria and Iran and not strongly suspect that he or his representatives
worry, because this Alien ET group now has his were present.
Regarding the Donald Cook incident, Goode replied to the
James refers to an incident involving the U.S.S. Donald following question:
Cook as an example of these advanced extraterrestrial
technologies being developed and used by the Russian Q7. On April 12, 2014, the USS Donald Cook
military: equipped with an Aegis Combat System was
allegedly disabled by a Russian Su-24 tactical
Some of Putin’s secret space war weapons are shocking in bomber deploying a sophisticated electronic
their actual capabilities. One was tested on an America jamming system. Was this an example of the
ship, the USS Donald Cook, last April 2014. As two kind of technological assistance given to Solar
Russian fighters flew over, the ship’s electric supply was Warden and its earth allies to change the
disrupted, shutting down all radar and Aegis defense military/political balance of power on Earth?
systems. It was reported that the top officers were so upset [Goode] I have been told this is the case by
that some of them resigned their commissions and left the several SSP Alliance members, but I have not
Navy, feeling they could not even defend their own ships seen any briefing reports personally to be able to
and crews anymore against such ultra high-tech weapons. vouch for that 100% myself. Other insiders have
reported this as well so it is probably a safe
James information dovetails with Goode’s own revelations speculation.
of Putin’s association with an “Earth Based Alliance”

There is compelling circumstantial evidence supporting found to be very credible. Furthermore, the 2014 Donald
both James’ and Goode’s remarkable claims. Currently, all Cook incident and the puzzling disappearance of all U.S.
U.S. aircraft carriers have been removed from the Persian aircraft carriers from the Persian Gulf does lend support to
Gulf according to a CNN Report. According to James, this James’ incredible claims.
is because U.S. aircraft carriers currently have no effective
defense against Russia’s superweapons: If James and Goode are correct, then Russia’s military
intervention in Syria using advanced technologies
The last US Carrier group in the Mideast was developed with extraterrestrial help is a game-changer. As
called home, and this alone has confused many James claims, it will checkmate the attempt by nihilistic
who thought the American nuclear carriers and forces (Cabal/RKM) to use Syria as a means of spreading
their state-of-the-art Aegis missile defense shield discord and violence throughout the Middle East and
were invincible and should stay put in order to beyond, and bring about a fulfillment of Biblical End
stop ISIS…. . Some top weapons experts Times prophesy.
consider these carriers sitting ducks because of
all the new Russian ultra high-tech weaponry
recently deployed, which can temporarily
deactivate their electrical supply systems and
electronics, including their radar and sonar
systems as well as their Aegis missile systems.

James concludes his article by claiming:

What few realize is that President Putin and the

Russian Federation have now been “authorized”
to checkmate the RKM in Syria and Iran and take
it down if they don’t start backing down. Putin is
also well aware that the RKM has infiltrated and
hijacked much of the Pentagon and the US
Administration, as well as NATO.
Cabal/RKM control of the planet appears to be coming to
Preston James’ “Putin’s Wild Card in Syria,” contains an end with Putin’s bold intervention. If so, not only will
incredible claims which lack the necessary corroborating Russia put an end to nefarious plans to bring about a
hard evidence that many will demand to take it seriously. fulfillment of a devastating End Times World War, but also
Yet his claims have remarkable similarities to those of vindicate famed American prophet Edgar Cayce who in
another independent whistleblower, Corey Goode who has 1935 predicted that Russia would, after the collapse of
been rigorously investigated by several researchers and communism, become the “hope of the world.”

Recent Meetings, Earth Alliance Agenda &
Progress In Part 2/3 Article
Mini-Update: 10-16-2015
16 Oct 2015

Some may be interested to know that I do an audio/video Syria & Bible Prophecy About Damascus in the Book
interview today with Sean Stone from Buzzsaw News. of Isaiah w/ Megyn Kelly -
Sean believes it will air next Friday 10/23 on their website 9Q After my extremely busy
trip to Gaiam TV, where we shot 20 episodes of Cosmic
Disclosure and an episode for a new project that one of our
producers started my wife and I flew home to recover from
exhaustion and a stomach bug we picked up in Boulder

It has given me some extra time to do a few tweaks to my

part 2 article which will be titled: Ancient Earth Break-
Away-Civilization Subterranean Council Meeting &
SSP Alliance Debrief Part II - "Hall of Records &
Uncomfortable Revelations”.

I have really wanted to look deeper into some of the raw

data and research certain information and consult others I I was told several things a few weeks ago (Intel that most
trust on what was shared with me about an influential write off as "fear porn") about the dynamics occurring on
author and researcher that the "priestess" mentioned by the planet which include the (“controlled implosion”)
name. This person is no longer alive and cannot debate or demise of the western controlled financial system, the fall
defend their point of view so I want to be as fair as of the leaders of certain syndicates as well as infiltration
possible being that their work has been accepted and by other syndicates into various Earth Alliance Groups to
respected by so many in this field and many belief systems push for an agreement that would allow the east to have
are firmly rooted in the information they presented as fact. their one hundred years of financial rule. If this heavily
I have never put so much into an article and this pushed plan were to win out over the SSP Alliance Full
experience alone is one that was so profound in scope that Disclosure Event and Data Dump plan, we would start off
some people would/could write an entire book on it alone. with a limited disclosure that would slowly unfold into full
I am in the process of completing the article (part 2 of 3 it disclosure and transition the world into new technologies
appears) and moving on to other data since there have been and social programs that would make the transition into a
a couple of recent contacts and communications that have “Star Trek” type society more manageable and less of a
provided more data to this evolving number of physical shock to society. There is talk of limited trials of certain
experiences. syndicate leaders that are the most well-known while
others may receive a pass of sorts.
Some of the more troubling data has to do with the
desperation of the Secret Earth Governments, Their This is all still under fairly fluid of course but with the
Syndicates as well as their current and former allies. It infiltrations of some ground based alliance groups, a
appears that some of them are pushing for their agenda for general anxiety of completely giving up a monetary system
WWIII. I was always told to keep my eyes on Syria even and beginning a new system of living on top of the
when everyone focused on the Ukraine and other regions. disturbing information contained in the databases that
These negative groups are trying to make the prophesies would be “dumped”, this plan seems to be gaining more
about the destruction Damascus and huge displacements of and more popularity in “think tanks” on both sides. This is
its people prior to a world conflict and the rise of a great not at all how the SSP Alliance Council wants to see things
leader unfold before our eyes on television using our joint unfold but cooperation of the ground alliance (Combining
co-creative mass consciousness against us yet again. essential resources and infrastructure) is essential in the
SSP Alliance Councils plan coming into fruition. This has

been cause of consternation between Earth Alliance groups I have been told twice now (By beings not from the surface
as well as quite a lot of anger and frustration within the of Earth) that WE as a people are in the process of co-
SSP Alliance Groups. The uncomfortable fact is that there creating a new future. What that future will be is still up to
are compromised people in both alliances and it is causing us and is a wet piece of clay that each of us have our hands
trust and fragmentation issues throughout. Infiltrating on. We as individuals, each a portion of the mass
organizations, creating conflicting agendas and ideology consciousness, have the power to make a difference. We
between its members is something these syndicates seem need to make sure we do the inner work and make sure we
to do almost effortlessly. are not looking outside ourselves for an alliance group or
non-human savior race to intervene in our affairs and fix
I was hearing some of the usual things that sounded pretty them. If a being does intervene it will most likely be to rule
fearful and I wasn’t about to speak about them publicly us and not to free us.
being that the info came from some now in question
ground alliance sources. What has unfolded in the news We truly are the saviors we are waiting for. Why else
and in the background over the last two weeks though has would the opposition focus so hard on this community to
caused me to look closer at some of the other information fragment it by spending decades infiltrating it and creating
that I was leery of. I am still using discernment on some of competing belief systems that would cause us to enter into
the information as should everyone else. I had not only intellectual circular debates instead of focus inwardly and
heard about the threats of the weakening secret earth locate that co-creative power, unite and use that power
governments to launch WWIII by fueling and taking part during the most important time in our history? There is a
in both sides of the initial conflicts but also details of small lot of speculation and beliefs about where these energy
and large scale false flag terror attacks in Israel and the changes are coming from or what they actually are. We
West by Syrian ISIS groups, fake shoot downs of western should focus only on that they are occurring. These
craft or NATO/UN ground targets by Russia and a “wink energies are effecting people in different way.
and a nod” for those who control Israel to attack Iran’s
nuclear sites. All of these things are actively being tracked Depending on the degree of polarity... Negative people are
and focused on as much as possible to attempt to prevent OBVIOUSLY becoming more so, Positive people are
them. OBVIOUSLY becoming more so and Mentally Ill people
are OBVIOUSLY becoming more so. Whether you
There have been other threats by these syndicates that believe in an energetic change or not the change in
include triggering the eruption of one of a few classified people’s behavior around you is pretty obvious.
super volcano’s that are at crushing depths of the floors of
two oceans. There are two of these super volcanos in the As a mental exercise we should each focus inwardly at the
Pacific Ocean and one in the Atlantic Ocean that have dark or negative things we do not like to acknowledge
been monitored for decades and have scientific instruments about ourselves and work on them. We should forgive
from various nations navies placed all around them. These ourselves and others and determine what in us is being
fear tactics show how desperate these groups are feeling. amplified and broadcast to others during this time. If we
All they know is blackmail, threats and fear tactics as a have been in a reactionary fit maybe we can have a
part of the way they do business. They are heavily moment of clarity to do so and stop the wheel of Karma
negotiating right now and they do not believe in and come together to focus our co-creative consciousness
negotiating out of weakness whether it is perceived or on the right side of the scale. I have seen the "Wheel of
actual weakness. Karma" roll heavily over the lives of a number of
people recently.
They are now behaving like a spoiled child that will break
a toy instead of giving it up or sharing it with the rest of Nothing is set in stone yet. The clay is still wet and we can
the class. Right now more than ever they are using make of it what we desire, we just have to participate.
disinformation, misinformation, fear porn, infiltration There are many trying to make a new reality for us without
tactics and the power of our co-creative consciousness our consent. These are people in the various syndicates,
against us (The true power of their black magic) to attempt subterranean groups, non-terrestrial groups and even the
to create a reality friendlier to their agendas. With all of various alliance groups. People often ask “what can I do”?
the disinformation we are all sifting our way through They feel small and insignificant. That is how the
currently I think we need to focus on becoming more opposition wants you to feel. They have worked very hard
Service to Others, Loving, Forgiving and focus more to hide your co-creative power from you. It is only after
inwardly now than ever. We need to meditate and imagine we deprogram ourselves of belief systems and reclaim that
a near future with a Full Disclosure, a full release of Data power that we will prevail. When that occurs is up to us to
(Data Dump) and World Tribunals of those who have make the changes within and without, we will not be able
committed crimes against humanity. We need to co-create to blame others for our fractured state of Mind/Body/Spirit
a future of peace and love that also releases the birth right for ever (Even as outside influences continue to deceive
of the technologies that have been hidden from us for over us.)
70 years.
Thank you for your patience with the Part 2 and 3 of the background.
article, there has been quite a lot going on in the

Cosmic Disclosure Season 2 - Episode 4: Breakaway Begins
- Summary and Analysis
Corey Goode and David Wilcock
Tuesday, October 20, 2015

began to spread across the planet and into

the stars.

Corey and David discuss the creation of

secret space program, which began during
the World War II era.
Show Description:
According to Goode, an occult group within Corey Goode describes the inception of the great military-
the German government began to develop industrial complex which endowed its power holders with
a secret agenda after realizing the war was the capability to form the first breakaway civilizations. He
not going to end in German's favor. This tells how advancement in early space-bound technology
select group settled in South America, and put unprecedented power in the hands of a few who wasted
later Antartica, after developing advanced no time in acquiring even more power. Operations
space age technology. This occurred as a Paperclip and Highjump were just two of the initial steps
result of contact between the Agartha which led to the consolidation of technology corporations
Network and Draco civilization, which saw that became known collectively as the military-industrial
the formation of alliances during the 1920's complex.
and 30's; as discussed by Goode
in Episode 1: Contact Is Made. This interview with David Wilcock was originally webcast
October 20, 2015.
Goode says a power play ensued between
the American and German breakaway The summarized notes will be in black, with my
groups, eventfully leading to the breakaway commentary in [Ariel bolded brackets]. Alterations to the
group infiltrating the highest levels of the transcript for ease of reading will be in [brackets]. The
American military industrial complex, images with black letter boxing were captured from this
government and intelligence. episode on Gaiam TV.

The secret space program, as described by DW = David Wilcock, CG = Corey Goode

Goode, is the genesis of this parasitic
merger between the German breakaway THE AGARTHAN INFLUENCE IN ANCIENT
group and the American cabal. Once TIMES:
unified, a vast amount of advanced
hardware staffed by millions of people DW - I'm jazzed up for this episode, welcome back. I am
your host David Wilcock. We are delving deep into the

world of cosmic information. The most highly classified DW - But as Corey said, the Agarthans are in fact people
stuff you can possibly get your hands on. It's been that originated here on Earth, but due to catastrophic
jealously guarded behind so many compartmented layers events, had to go underground. Now what we've been
of secrecy, it was never available before now. If you have discussing is how this alliance formed. And how the
been following our narrative ark in previous episodes, we Agarthans and the Draco allowed the Germans to be able
already covered some really incredible stuff. We discussed to have the little extra help they needed in order to make
how German secret societies as early as the 1920's and their way up into space. We were just starting to get into
1930's formed diplomatic and political relationships with really good stuff last time, and now we're back to continue
two different intelligent civilizations, one known as the the story forward. Corey welcome back to the show.
Draco, which appears to be a confederacy of reptilian
looking humanoids... CG - Thank you.

Related Cosmic Disclosure Season 2 - DW - I'm just trying to keep my brain in my head here.
Episode 1: Contact Is Made - Summary What is it like to get brought into this world and learn all
and Analysis | Corey Goode and David these things. If you are walking around in society and you
Wilcock know all this stuff, what's it like to see people that think
we're alone in the universe and this is all there is and
Related Cosmic Disclosure Season 2 - there's no life after death. What's it like to be brought into
Episode 2: Agarthans: Advancing the this world?
Frontier - Summary and Analysis |
Corey Goode and David Wilcock CG - You get used to it. I see people looking up at the
Moon, but when I look up at the Moon it is totally different
Related Cosmic Disclosure Season 2 - [what] than other people [perceive]. You grow accustomed
Episode 3: Special Report: The to it.
Gonzales Enigma - Summary and
Analysis | Corey Goode and David
Wilcock DW - We were talking about the history of how our space
program got developed. This subject of the Agarthans is
really fascinating, it seems to connect so many dots. When
Graham Hancock wrote Finger Prints of the Gods, his
hypothesis was that you have these blonde-haired, blue
eyed, Ayran-looking people who show up in boats, to all
these various indigenous cultures all over the world,
present themselves as gods, and teach them things like
how to make a water wheel to grind grain, how to do
metallurgy, mathematics, astronomy, etc.

[According to accepted archeology, at

the end of the last ice-age there was a
massive cataclysm, recorded in myth
and legend as the great flood.
DW - And the other being, the Agarthans, which are Approximately 11,500 years ago, as
Nordic looking people. In other words, blue eyes and described by Graham Hancock and
blonde hair, humans about are height, maybe a little bit many other researchers, an object
taller, that revealed themselves as being not from this smashed into the Earth's surface
world... forcing most of the civilizations at the
time to go underground or be
destroyed. Many cultures were in fact
irrecoverably damaged and fell into a
deep forgetting as a result. What this
earthbound object was that crashed into
the surface remains a topic of debate in
many truther circles, but one intriguing
account claims that the catastrophe was
caused by warring factions of a once
unified Atlantean civilization. For more
on this see Atlantean Technology and
History | A Very Detailed Story of the
Fall of Atlantis and their use of Crystals.
According to CG's recent
report, Civilization Subterranean CG - Well, the bell was actually the engine component
Council Meeting & SSP Alliance Debrief that [created] the electrogravitic field. The craft were
Part I - "Honeycomb Earth", the actually larger saucer-shaped in the beginning.
Agarthans witnessed the fall and
contacted the surface population at DW - What were the craft called in the documentation you
various points through out history, saw?
offering technology and knowledge as
DW describes. This could explain the
CG - When the Americans actually got their hands on
oddities found in many ancient cultures
them, they termed them ARVs; Alien Reproduction
that emerged seemingly out of no
where, such as the Sumerian culture,
which had civil law, money, technology,
astrology, agriculture and so on, with no
'slow development' period before hand.
This culture literally arrived fully
complete and within their own writings,
claimed to have been inspired by beings
from the heavens, the so-called

DW - Do you think the Agarthans had a lot to do with

rebuilding our societies in the aftermath of some sort of

CG - Yes. That ancient breakaway civilization [the

Agarthans] did help and there were others that did the A Diagram of ARV
same thing.
DW - Well, just to loop back to my original question -
DW - You said these Agarthans were more favorable to because some people are going to be left hanging if you
the Germans because the looked more like us, and this is don't answer this, did the Agarthans ride with the Germans
where they got the master race concept from - you believe? in these craft?

CG - Either that, or they were favorable to them because CG - Yes.

of their proclivity to a master race. I don't know what came
first. DW - Really?

CG - Yeah.
DW - Was this a frequent thing? Were they usually
supervised [by the Agarthans], [they] didn't just go by
DW - Did the Agarthans fly with the Germans in their Bell themselves?
CG - In the beginning [they were flying with the

DW - What was the size you would estimate, of the

Agarthan population? Are we talking maybe 10,000 or
100,000 people? How big is it?

CG - I don't know, but I do know it was very large because

it was a network [of cities or settlements].

DW - Really?
Alleged photograph of German antigravity vehicle with an artist
rendition of the Bell engine superimposed over it.
CG - This was a network of underground cities. In the
Himalayas, that is the closest-to-the-surface city, and this

seemed to be where they came and went from the most the earth, the temperature steadily increases. So wouldn't
from the surface. these people just be burned alive in some kind of super
DW - Wow. So, the Agarthans introduced the Germans to
this ruined area underneath the ice in Antartica? CG - That is the case for certain areas and depths, [but
going deeper past these areas] it begins to reverse.
[In Episode 2: Agarthans: Advancing the
Frontier, CG reveals that the Germans DW - You actually get a cooling effect?
encountered several enormous ancient
ruins in Antartica left by another CG - Right. There's exponentially less pressure and heat
civilization they built a base in after [past a certain point], just as the pressure and heat go up
realizing they were going to loose World exponentially as you go down [from the surface]. It
War II.] reverses [after a certain depth, which varies across the

[In other words, starting from the

Earth's surface, as one moves down
into the crust, heat and pressure rise
exponentially. But after a certain point
there is a terminus or boundary where
heat and pressure actually begins to
lesson, 'reversing' the trend above this
point. This model of the Earth's interior
is highly suggestive of Hollow Earth
theories, an aspect of an Electric
Universe model. On the Earth's surface,
interactions between the negatively
charged solar wind an the positively
Old German map of Antartica; Neu Schwabenland. charged ionosphere induces
an electromagnetic field on the surface
produces lightning and contributes to
DW - And you said that there was some underground
weather systems. In this model, the core
development as well as on the surface. Are we talking like
of the Earth is a highly energetic
basement cellars <chuckle>? How much underground
and electrically active plasma that acts
infrastructure did [the German breakaway group] have
as a type of inner sun. Below the
down there?
surface, this inner core is negatively
charged interacting with the positively
"HONEYCOMB EARTH": charged surface, creating a reverse
density gradient of electrical pressure
CG - It was basically the same kind of underground (higher pressure on the outside with
caverns that were built out by another civilization in lesser pressure on the inside),
ancient times. becoming less intense as one moves
below the boundary of interaction. If this
DW - It's pretty extensive? model is correct, there would be a point
below the surface where electrical
CG - Yes. energy lessons, most-likely contributing
to the formation of huge cavern systems
as the Earth's surface expands like a
DW - We're talking [about going] multiple levels down balloon from electrical pressure. Finally,
[below the surface]? there may even be an 'inner' Earth
surface lit by an 'inner sun' of some type
CG - Right, just like the description I gave you one other (the electrically active plasma core), all
time about the further you go down you have kind of a made possible by electromagnetic
honeycomb structure of caverns deeper under the Earth. interactions of the Earth-Sun system.]
Related Cosmic Disclosure Episode 9:
DW - Let's just jump to that for a second because I think a Electric Sun - Summary and Analysis |
lot of people are going to have some trouble with that, at Corey Goode and David Wilcock
least in the idea that, in conventional scientific terms,
there's an understanding that the further down you go into
Related Electric Universe (Plasmology) DW - Is it always the same delegates that they send to
Encoded in Ancient Egyptian these conferences or does it rotate?
CG - It's usually the same ET delegates [from these 40 to
DW - Do you think that these areas deep under the Earth 60 groups]. The Earth delegation [from the SSP Alliance]
that have vegetation and their own parallel evolution a of a rotates.
biome, [complete with] animals and plants and so on - do
you think this is evidence of intelligent design? Doesn't it DW - So Corey, we're going to have to devote whole
seem like the planet is 'rigged' to have intelligent life that episodes to what happened with the building out of the
can live on the surface and then maybe more advanced Moon and what happened with the building out of Mars.
intelligent life [develops] that can live underneath to But for the viewer, it's going to be a really difficult thing
supervise [the surface] while being undetected? for them to understand how Germany, which was really
the main industrial engine behind World War I and World
CG - Life springs up wherever it can. War II - they were arguably the great industrial power of
Europe, and then America became their main counterpart
DW - Even in such a complex form as a whole biome, in this boxing match that created World War I and World
you're saying? War II. That very strong industrial power seems to have
been crushed. When we see the aftermath of World War II,
CG - Right, even in interstellar space. the Germans had to pay enormous reconstruction
settlements - financial settlements, that essentially
bankrupted their economy. Just like what happened after
DW - Right, we talked about before, the Solar Warden World War I where you got the Weimar Republic, and
people analyzing these plasma beings out there. people have to have a wheelbarrow with money just to go
buy a loaf of bread. So look, Germany seems to have been
[CG has discussed in the past that flattened out and had nothing left [to develop this program
during his time in the Solar Warden you are talking about.]
program, on a research vessel tasked
with studying the cosmos, he CG - Well at this point, Germany had already been
encountered gaseous life forms near abandoned by the German breakaway civilization.
Jupiter, which are a type of organized
living plasma. These beings were
enormous in size and the team CG DW - Really?
worked with attempted to take a sample
of the life form aboard the research CG - Yes.
vessel but was unable to keep it alive
for study.] DW - When did that start to happen?

CG - Right. CG - It started to happen well before the end of the war.

They saw the writing on the wall, the war was going to go
REVISING POST WWII HISTORY: badly; and they knew it. So they started, as we discussed,
creating enclaves in South America, Brazil and then down
DW - Ok, let's walk through how the Germans got up to in Antartica.
the Moon. We kind of covered this a little bit last time, but
you said that the super federation meetings you talked DW - This is all in preparation for them losing [the war]?
about, where there are 22 genetic programs that are being
run on humanity, part of which involves the sharing and CG - Right.
splicing of genetic material. You also mentioned, we're
programed to seek out and worship god-like figures and DW - What were they [planing] to do if they lost?
transfer our power to gurus, leaders and politicians, that
kind of thing?
CG - They wanted to continue their breakaway civilization
and leave all the regular people behind.
CG - Correct.
DW - Is the apparatus that's developing the breakaway
DW - And these people that run the super federation - I civilization in its own separate compartment, different
think you said there's 40 that are normally like the main from the government apparatus that's actually fighting the
ones? war?

CG - 40 to 60. CG - Yes, they were totally separate by this time.

DW - Really?

CG - <nods head in affirmation>

DW - I think that's a widely misunderstood concept what

you're saying there.

CG - Yes. What happened is, during Operation Paperclip,

America had obtained quite a bit more scientists than
Wernher von Braun (front right).
DW - What is Operation Paperclip for those who may not

CG - Operation Paperclip is an agreement where we (the CG - So we brought them in, and after the war, we took
United States) obtained German scientists and technology these German scientists and put them into our fledgling
that was highly advanced; these people were 20 and 30 space programs, into our infrastructure and started giving
years ahead of us technologically; as far was what was said them quite a bit of power as they started proving
on paper. themselves as valuable assets.

DW - Why in the world would be trust them?

CG - They were making the U.S. money.

DW - <shakes head disapprovingly> It doesn't seem like a

good idea.

CG - Well, it wasn't. In 1947 our intelligence agencies

discovered the breakaway German groups created enclaves
in South America and Antartica. And we knew that in
Antartica, there was a very large military base. What the
DOD [U.S. Department of Defense] decided to do was
send a very large fleet under the command of Admiral
Byrd, called Operation High Jump. Many people are
[probably] familiar with the name of that operation.

Wernher von Braun (middle) John F Kennedy (right)

DW - This is after World War II though. You said 1947?

CG - Yes, 1947. They made it all the way down to

Antartica and ended up running into quite a bit of high
technology that they didn't expect. There were highly
advanced [German breakaway] aircraft coming up out of
the water, from mainland Antartica, that were shooting
down [the American] aircraft and major damage was done
on several destroyers - lives were lost and the [Americans]
really had their rear ends handed to them.

CG - I can't remember the exact number, but it was a war


DW - Battleships, destroyers...

CG - Battleships, destroyers, aircraft carriers, submarines,

the whole nine yards.

CG - But [the Americans] ended up getting in contact with
some of these Paperclip German scientists, and some of
them came clean, and said 'yes we know about some of
these groups.' The Americans said 'can you get us in
contact with them; [the breakaway German group in
Antartica']. So these Paperclip scientists [working for the
Americans] started a dialog between the Americans [and
the German breakaway group]. And then, I believe it was
President Truman...

DW - [The Germans were] shooting them down with DW - Did they do this over radio; some sort of encrypted
rockets and machine guns? radio communications?

CG - [No], advanced weaponry. Energetic weaponry of CG - It started out as radio communications, [where] they
some sort. arranged a meeting between Truman and the breakaway
[German] group.
DW - Wow. How destructive were these weapons? What
would happen if they fired one? DW - No kidding.

CG - It was destructive enough to get the job done. So the CG - This breakaway group started making some pretty
Americans, turned around, retreated, came back and heavy demands that Truman didn't like.
Admiral Byrd appeared before the DOD, the President, the
Join Chiefs, to give a closed report about what he ran into. DW - So if High Jump happened in 1947, when [did these
His log, the Captain's log is still under lock and key to this communications start happening]?
CG - Immediately after [High Jump. After this
[I did find a 'secret diary' of Admiral communication] there was a period of contention. The
Byrd during my research, that article German breakaway civilization [learned] through the
can be found here]. Paperclip Germans, that after [the] Roswell [UFO
incident] and [earlier] crashes by extraterrestrial craft, [the
Some of his comments made it out into the public, where Americans] created a policy above top secret, above
he said 'the next war we will be attacked by aircraft that nuclear weapons, that made the existence of
can fly from pole to pole in a matter of minutes.' [not a extraterrestrials and certain technologies [highly
direct quote]. A couple small comments got out like that. classified]; never [meant] to be released to mankind. This
This [account by Byrd] caused the DOD and intelligence was because [doing so] would destroy society and [the
agencies to go to the Paperclip scientists... socioeconomic fabric of the planet], that was their
reasoning [anyway]. [After] the German breakaway group
that was down in Antartica [learned about this policy to
DW - But wait a minute. I was a geek and I read about 300 hide the existence of ETs from the public, the Germans]
books on Atlantis. And they say that Admiral Byrd saw the started to take advantage of this and [did] sorties over the
[Hollow] Earth and [this kind of thing], that there were United States; [flyovers of advanced aircraft that the public
mammoths and cavemen [there]. would mistake for ET craft]. This includes the [well
documented] 1952 flyovers of [UFOs spotted over]
CG - That's a bunch of stuff that came out later, which has Washington DC, which were two weeks apart.
nothing to do with the actual mission he was on.

DW - Was it disinformation? Was it planted


CG - It was either disinformation or somebody with a

large imagination. I don't know which.

DW - Ok. <motions to proceed with the story>



would diminish the need to work for a
living, making free time available to
discover the truth and become more
free as a result. This is something the
Cabal would try to, and does, stop at all
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Suppressed Free Energy Science



CG - Right. So this was happening at the end of Truman's

Presidency and the beginning of Eisenhower's time in

DW - I always thought that was extraterrestrials; they flew

right over Congress.

CG - Those were the German breakaway group [aircraft].

[This move] was their way of saying, 'agree to our terms,
sign a treaty with us or we're