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Damen- und Herrenmode

Women's and Men's Fashions

Including Accessories and Fabrics
NOTE: Noun gender is indicated by r (der), e (die), s (das). The plural
ending/or! is in ( ).
accessories s Zubehr ("e)
apron e Schrze ("n)
attire e Kleidung
or!al attire e
baseball cap e #aseca$ ("s)
bathing cap e #adem!ze ("n)
bathing suit r #adeanzug ("zge)
bathing trun#s e #adehose ("n)
bathrobe r #ademan!el ("m%n!el)
belt r Gr!el (")
bi#ini r #i"ini ("s)
blouse e #luse ("n)
blue $eans #lue&eans (pl)
Note: Some Germans
use Jeans as a fem. sing. noun, but
it should be plural.
bodice s Mieder (")
boot r S!ieel (")
laced boot r Schnrss!ieel (")
bo% tie e Fliege ("n), e
Schleie ("n)
bo&er shorts e #o'ershor!s (pl)
bra r #H '(A)"*A+ r
Bstenhalter (")
bracelet s Armband ("b%nder)
bries r Herrensli$ ("s)
brooch e #rosche ("n)
button r Kno$ (Kn$e)
!ens%ear e Herrenbe"leidung, e
!itten r Faus!handschuh ("e)
nec#lace e Hals"e!!e ("n)
nec#tie e Kra)a!!e ("n) Also see
"tie" below.
nightshirt s Herrennach!hemd ("
nightie s (ach!hemd ("en)
nylon s (*lon
o,eralls r +,erall ("s)
The German word for "overalls" is
singular unless speaing of more
than one pair of overalls.
pa$a!as r -*&ama ("s)
panties r Sli$ ("s), r
Schl$er ("), s Hschen (")
panty liner e Sli$einlage ("n)
pants e Hose ("n)
pants suit r Hosenanzug ("zge)
panty hose e S!rum$hose ("n)
par#a r Anora" ("s), r -ar"a ("s)
pendant r Anh%nger (")
petticoat r .n!erroc" ("rc"e)
poc#et e /asche ("n)
cap e M!ze ("n)
clothing e Kleidung, e Klamo!!en
Kleider machen 1eu!e2
-lothes !a#e the !an.
coat r Man!el (M%n!el)
collar r Kragen (")
corduroy r Kord(sam!)
costu!e $e%elry r Modeschmuc"
cotton e #aum)olle
coarse cotton cloth r (essel
cu (pants) r Hosenauschlag ("
cu (slee,e) r 3rmelauschlag ("
schl%ge), e Mansche!!e ("n)
culin# r Mansche!!en"no$ ("
dirndl dress s Dirndl"leid ("er)
dress s Kleid ("er)
dress (,.) anziehen
dressed (ad$.) angezogen
get dressed sich anziehen
get undressed sich ausziehen
%ell dressed gu! ge"leide!
dressing go%n r Morgenman!el ("
dress up (costu!e) sich
dress up (or!al) sich ein
duds (clothes) e Klamo!!en
earring r +hrring ("e)
purse e Hand!asche ("n)
raincoat r 5egenman!el ("
ring r 5ing ("e)
sandal e Sandale ("n)
scar r Schal ("s), s Hals!uch ("
sea! e (ah! ((%h!e)
aus allen (%h!en $la!zen
to be bursting at the sea!s
shirt s Hemd ("en)
shoe r Schuh ("e)
shoelace r Schnrsen"el (")
shorts Shor!s (pl), e "urze
Hose ("n)
sil# e Seide
s#i pants e S"ihose ("n)
s#irt r 5oc" (5c"e)
slac#s e Hose ("n)
slee,e r 3rmel (")
short"slee,ed "urz%rmelig
slip r .n!erroc" ("rc"e)
slipper r Hausschuh ("e), r
-an!oel ("n)
4r is! ein -an!oelheld2
*e.s henpec#ed.
Caution! !n
German Slipper refers to "loafers"
or slip"on shoes.
German Slip means briefs or
snea#er, gy! shoe r /urnschuh ("
ear !us +hrensch!zer (pl)
e,ening attire (tails) r
Frac" (Fr%c"e)
abric r S!o ("e)
ashion e Mode
ashionable modisch
ashion plate, clothes horse (!.)
der Modegec" ("en)
ashion plate, clothes horse (.)
die Mode$u$$e ("n)
so!eone indierent to
ashion der Modemuel (")
lannel r Flanell
ly (pants) r Hosenschli!z ("e)
Hosenschlitz or Hosenmatz is
also slang for a "tot" or "toddler."
ol# costu!e e 6ol"s!rach! ("en)
See photo at top of page.
or!al attire e
ur coat r -elzman!el ("m%n!el)
glasses (pair o) e #rille ("n)
glo,e r Handschuh ("e)
girdle s Mieder (")
hand#erchie s /aschen!uch ("e)
hat r Hu! (H!e)
hose, hosiery S!rm$e (pl)
$ac#et e 7ac"e ("n)
$ac#et (lady.s) s 7ac"e!! ("e)
soc# e Soc"e ("n), r
S!rum$ (S!rm$e)
sports coat r8s Sa""o ("s)
suede r Wildleder (")
suit (!an) r Anzug ("zge)
suit (lady) s Kos!m ("e)
sunglasses e Sonnenbrille ("n)
suspenders (/0), braces (/1) r
s%eater r -ullo,er ("s), r -ulli ("
s%eatshirt s S)ea!shir! ("n)
s%i!suit r #adeanzug ("zge)
synthetic (abric) e Kuns!aser ("
!ade o synthetics aus
tails, or!al %ear r
Frac" (Fr%c"e or "s)
tan# top r -ullunder ("s)
tennis shoe r /ennisschuh ("e)
tie, nec#tie e Kra)a!!e ("n), r
Schli$s ("e)
9ch )ill ihm nich! au den
Schli$s !re!en2
I don.t %ant to step on his toes.
tie clip r Kra)a!!enhal!er
tie pin e Kra)a!!ennadel, e
(nec#)tie re2uired
(der) Kra)a!!enz)ang
tights e S!rum$hose ("n)
top hat r Z*linder (")
trac# suit r /rainingsanzug ("
sports $ac#et s S$or!&ac"e!!
$eans 7eans (pl)
Note: Some Germans
use Jeans as a fem. sing. noun, but
it should be plural.
#nee soc# r Knies!rum$ ("
ladies%ear e
Damenbe"leidung, e
lapel s 5e,ers (")
leather s 1eder (")
leather $ac#et e 1eder&ac"e ("n)
leather pants (short) e
1ederhose ("n)
lederhosen e 1ederhose ("n)
linen s 1einen
lingerie Damenun!er)%sche (pl),
s Dessous (")
lining s Fu!!er (")
loaer, slip"on (shoe) r Sli$$er ("
or "s)
traditional costu!e e /rach! ("en)
trousers e Hose ("n)
t"shirt s /-Shir! ("s)
turn"up " See "$uff %pants&"
tu&, tu&edo r Smo"ing, r
Frac" (tails)
t%eed r /)eed
u!brella r 5egenschirm ("e)
underpants e .n!erhose ("n)
undershirt s .n!erhemd ("en)
under%ear e .n!er)%sche ("n)
,el,et r Sam! ("e)
,est e Wes!e ("n)
%aist e /aille ("n)
at the %aist in der /aille
%aistcoat e Wes!e ("n)
%aist si3e e #und)ei!e ("n)
%allet e #rie!asche ("n), s
-or!monee'-or!monnaie+ ("s)
%indbrea#er e Wind&ac"e ("n)
%ool e Wolle
%rist %atch e Armbanduhr ("en)
3ipper r 5ei:,erschluss ("e)
#eim Kleider"au
(uying -lothes
I need...
9ch brauche222
a dress ein Kleid
a pair o shoes ein -aar Schuhe
a belt einen Gr!el
shirts Hemden
I loo#ing or...
9ch suche222
a pin# blouse eine rosa #luse
a blac# s%eater einen sch)arzen
4hat si3e are you5
Welche Gr:e haben Sie;
I ta#e (a) si3e...
9ch habe Gr:e222
6ay I try it on5
Dar ich es an$robieren;
It.s/This is too...
4s is!8Das is! zu222
big gro:
s!all "lein
bright grell
long lang
narro% eng
short "urz
tight eng8"na$$
%ide brei! (tie)
%ide )ei! (dress, pants)
The %aistline is too big.
4hat color is the shirt5
Welche Farbe ha! das Hemd;
The shirt is light blue.
Das Hemd is! hellblau2
*e has a light blue shirt.
4r ha! ein hellblaues Hemd2
The shirt is plaid.
Das Hemd is! "arier!2
It (shirt) is plaid.
4s is! "arier!2
The tie is striped.
Die Kra)a!!e is! ges!rei!2
It (tie) is striped.
Sie is! ges!rei!2
4hat do you thin# o...5
Wie indes! du222;
the purse die Hand!asche
the s%eater den -ulli
I thin# it.s chic/ashionable.
9ch inde es8sie8ihn schic"2
I thin# it.s ugly.
9ch inde es8sie8ihn h%sslich2
I.! getting dressed.
Die #und)ei!e is! zu gro:2
It its...
4s $ass!222
perectly genau
%ell gu!
It doesn.t it.
4s $ass! nich!2
*o% !uch is the s%eater5
Was "os!e! der -ulli;
This s%eater is ,ery e&pensi,e/dear.
Dieser -ulli is! sehr !euer2
9ch ziehe mich an2
I.! getting undressed.
9ch ziehe mich aus2
I.! changing (clothes).
9ch ziehe mich um2
I.! putting on !y pants.
9ch ziehe mir die Hose an2
I.! putting on !y hat.
9ch se!ze mir den Hu! au2
*e.s putting on his hat.
4r se!z! sich den Hu! au2
4hat is he %earing5
Was ha! er an;
4hat is she %earing5
Was !r%g! sie;
4hat are they %earing5
Was !ragen sie;