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POWERHOUSE ORCHESTRATIONS PRESENTS . Words & Music by ma VAN MORRISON on MOONDANCE Tere! Apt Mepium Swing (As recorded by Michael Bublé) ‘Shaun Byme_ J. 19 (Deums) gin aes g7do grin Gréném of7_c7do - => A — tt ES 5, Ful aur , Fu? Gu? Fu? Gu Fu? Gu? ar = baw = bee = =] (F Dorian To [Z]) Al 47 Gy? Fu Qu? Fu? Gy? Ful Qu? = ze ae Fu? Gu? Fu? Gu Fu? Gu? = == eee} oy? Fu? Gu? Fu7 Qu To Cooa Ful Qu Ful Gu? Ful Fe? a SSS =A Bu Ful ou? gbT gtd) Fy ye L aE prs gy? eT Ful 41d endo I, a en es pp SSS LA Fu? Qu Ful Gu a? ou? Fu ce AE AFT pa} 70 Caleta Soul MancWareTanbatare Pb, WarerTChappel Ms Ld London WE 8S. Repaid by palo tM Lid “This Atangement © POWERHOUSE ORCHESTRATIONS -7 Brenigovel Steet, Buy St Edmunds, Sufosk P39 1EB Tet (01284) 760714 Fax: (01284) 724850 Jntenationl copyright secured. Al ight reserved. i (© Dorian) El Ful Qu? Fu? Gu? Fu? Gu Fu? Gu? ee =e =z Ful Gu Fu a Ful Gu Ful ye 4 -fe z = — = a Ela wt Ful Gul? Fu? Qu? Buu? Co 4 =F = = | Fu? Qu? Ful Qu? Ful Qu cidn ie = ZI SAI Gey ev Ful ou? eT Fu? be ae = =| hy? ee” Fu? B47d 7d 3 A aw Gu? Fu? Gu? Ful Gu? Fu? 047d pe ia Fab e= =A 4 Ful Gu? cu? Fu? By? etd Fe? gird pe ae care = Se] Opt. TACET * f ae DO 7) #7 ot oF gies gy” 7 chin prTénd > A > Guirae 3 Glin grin G74 gprdio G7ésd% ob7 7d Fu7 DS. a Coon a> = > A => 4 Ful Gu F749 F7d» DD gndn A765 to Se SF ; 1g arti gs g7dy qros py? oh? By? TD ee =e = Al t T t t etd c+ Elin ot at gut hu oI oI a5 AA Ea ct a? cathh it att atlh ready Ful Qu? By? cH Ful pad — aes eS = Zz |