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What Gary Vaynerchuk Learned by Experimenting on Himself

Gary Vaynerchuk arrives at his Manhattan office at 8 a.m. There’s no slow ascent -- no sipping coffee while scrolling through emails, no idle chitchat to forestall the onslaught of responsibility. Instead, as he does every morning, he quickly huddles with the two people who will accompany him throughout the day: his personal assistant, which is typical of most executives, and his personal videographer, which is, let’s just say, a profoundly Gary Vaynerchuk kind of role. The assistant, Tyler Schmitt, runs Vaynerchuk through the day’s schedule. There are 24 meetings, including check-ins with the
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The Most Brilliant Business Ideas

Entrepreneurship is about ideas. It is the foundation of everything -- an insight into how to improve something, or what consumers want, or what they don't even know they want. Consider it: A business is an idea come to life; an entrepreneur is an ideas-driven person. And if you want to truly learn from the smartest people around you, and calibrate to their way of thinking, you have to ask, What's their core idea? Below we have some of the most insightful ideas from Entrepreneur's "Brilliant Ideas" series in the June issue of our magazine. Why MailChimp's Insane Fake Ad Campaign Paid Off For E
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Bringing Silicon Valley to a Town Near You

A crappy cup of airplane tea and the rise of Donald Trump led to the launch in May of an outfit with the wacky name of All Turtles, which might usher in a new way to think about tech startups around the world. The All Turtles story began with Phil Libin, who used to be CEO of the app company Evernote and lately has worked as a partner at the venture capital firm General Catalyst in Silicon Valley. Last fall, Libin boarded a JetBlue flight from Boston to San Francisco. As the plane leveled off, he ordered tea. Libin plopped the tea bag in the hot water, then got distracted for about 10 minute
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