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My Mom Loves Snoop Dogg, And Other Testaments To A Quarter-Century Of Relevance

When Vince Staples releases his sophomore album Big Fish Theory next month, he won't be the only lanky rapper from Long Beach, Calif. with new music in the marketplace. Big Uncle Snoop Dogg, whose solo debut Doggystyle dropped the same year Staples was born, released his 15th studio album this week. And like the title Neva Left not-so-subtly suggests, his ubiquitous industry presence over the last quarter century is unprecedented in hip-hop. Snoop's ancillary hustle is nothing to bark at. The chronic smoking upstart is a cannabis startup funder now, with a Hollywood resumé full of starring rol
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By Any Name, Alice Coltrane Turiyasangitananda Was A Force

The music of the late Alice Coltrane Turiyasangitananda, the wife of the jazz giant John Coltrane, has always rested somewhat in the shadows. It didn't help that she gave her career up — to become a spiritual leader. But some of her Hindu-inspired recordings by this composer, pianist, organist, harpist, keyboard player and singer have just been released commercially for the first time. A concert featuring some of that material is taking place tonight in Brooklyn, as part of the Red Bull Music Academy Festival. Alice and John Coltrane were only together for four years before he died of liver ca
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Pop Culture

‘Despacito’ And The Revenge Of Reggaeton

The last time a song sung primarily in Spanish hit No. 1 on the U.S. pop charts was in 1996, with Los Del Rio’s “Macarena.” Now, that dance-craze-causer has a successor in Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee’s “Despacito,” whose remix featuring Justin Bieber has claimed the top spot on the Hot 100. Prior to Bieber’s involvement, the song was already a sensation in the Spanish-speaking world, dominating charts after Puerto Rico’s Fonsi released it in January. In the tune, Fonsi’s romantic singing—“despacito” means “slowly,” referring here to the pace of seduction—pairs with rapping from his fellow Puer
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The Boss is back…

Bruce Springsteen’s much-anticipated memoir is especially intimate in his self-narrated audiobook. Written with his characteristic lyricism and honesty, it’s a memoir as much about an American rock star as about America itself.