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New York Magazine
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Best Bets

CLUSTER New technical-apparel shops Aday’s Simplicity Store (268 Elizabeth St.) and Mizzen + Main (452 W. Broadway) join Soho’s sweat-wicking district. Lululemon: Moisture-removing gray zip-up hoodie ($118); olive-green lightweight jacket ($118); gray post-workout pants ($118). Mizzen + Main: Quick-drying red chinos ($135); performance-fabric dress shirts in madras and gingham ($125). Aday’s Simplicity Store: Pilling- and UV-resistant silk culottes ($105); high-necked navy pullover with a mesh back panel ($110). Sweaty Betty: Flared yoga pants ($115); cactus-print crop top ($70). MOVING
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Fashion & Beauty

More Health Problems Reported With Hair And Skin Care Products

We rub, pour, sprinkle and spray them all over our bodies, so you'd hope cosmetics would undergo serious safety oversight before they get into our hands. But in fact, the cosmetics industry is largely self-regulated, with no requirements for approval before going on the market. And once on the market, there are few systems in place by to monitor the safety of personal care products. "You can start making a cosmetic and start selling it the next day without any kind of permission from the FDA," says Steve Xu, a resident physician in dermatology at the McGaw Medical Center of Northwestern Univer
Bloomberg Businessweek
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The Asian Jobs Ladder Is Broken

Thirty minutes by car into the scrubby desert outside Korla, in China’s remote Xinjiang region, a textile manufacturer owned by Jinsheng Group is building its latest factory complex. Inside the 16 billion-yuan ($2.4 billion) facility—a collection of stark white warehouses surrounded by an enormous expanse of pristine artificial grass—are rows of huge cotton spools, more than a million bright red and blue spindles, and almost no people. A few German engineers wander around, making sure the equipment runs at peak efficiency. This is the depopulated future of an industry that’s lifted millions of