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The Atlantic
101 min read

Trump's Interests vs. America's, Westchester Edition

According to a report by ABC News, the Trump Organization is looking for a tax break for the Trump National Golf Club Westchester in Briarcliff Manor, New York. The company is attempting to halve its tax bill on the golf course by arguing that the tax assessor’s $15 million valuation of the property is twice what the course is actually worth. If the appeal succeeds, the Trump Organization could see the property taxes it owes on the 143-acre club reduced by as much as a quarter of a million dollars. Contesting a tax assessor’s valuation of a property in the hopes of getting a tax break is a fai
New York Magazine
29 min read

Citizen Clinton

When I walk into the Chappaqua dining room in which Hillary Clinton is spending her days working on her new book, I am greeted by a vision from the past. Wearing no makeup and giant Coke-bottle glasses, dressed in a gray mock-turtleneck and black zip sweatshirt, Hillary looks less Clinton and more Rodham than I have ever seen her outside of college photographs. It’s the glasses, probably, that work to make her face look rounder, or maybe just the bareness of her skin. She looks not like the woman who’s familiar from television, from newspapers, from America of the past 25 years, but like the 6
9 min read

Inside Putin’s Campaign to Destroy U.S. Democracy

It was a few days after the start of the new millennium, and the U.S. Embassy in Moscow was holding a reception at Spaso House, for decades the elegant residence of the American ambassador. Russia’s tumultuous Boris Yeltsin era had come to an abrupt, shocking end on New Year’s Day, when the Russian president who had brought down the Soviet Union and turned his country into a chaotic, fledgling democracy announced his resignation. His successor was the man he had named his prime minister just four months earlier, a man barely known to most Russians, let alone to the outside world: former KGB of
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Alex P., Scribd Editor
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Nuanced perspective…

William D. Cohan uniquely sees both sides of the stock market: As a former investment banker and respected financial journalist who has frequently criticized the excesses of Wall Street, he nonetheless believes in the necessity of the institutions for a well-functioning society. It’s a fascinating and nuanced read that does a great job of countering the current waves of contempt without implying that the finance sector should have a free pass.