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New York Magazine
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Donald Trump Is Not Invited to the Wedding

IT WAS JOE SCARBOROUGH’s 53rd birthday, April 9, 2016, and his youngest child, an 8-year-old boy named Jack, was trying to tell him something. “Dad, look at the birthday cake,” he said. The cake was in the shape of a small mammal, resting on a bed of artificially green coconut shavings, its body frosted vanilla white and its floppy ears studded with Smarties. Fourteen candles stuck out of its back, with another stabbed into the center of its head like some kind of sugary acupuncture experiment. Scarborough’s girlfriend, Mika Brzezinski, had baked it from a boxed Duncan Hines mix and then, bein
6 min read

Behind the Facade

Just months after Donald Trump proposed to Melania with a $1.5 million Graff diamond that he got half-price in exchange for publicity, Don Jr. stole his dad’s idea—and took it a step further. On Nov. 11, 2004, Trump’s oldest child, then 26, proposed on bended knee to Vanessa Haydon, a model he’d met through his father. He did it in front of cameras at a jewelry store in the Mall at Short Hills in New Jersey. Don Jr. got his $100,000 ring free, but he paid a steep price. “Trump Jr. is the cheapest gazillionaire heirhead,” mocked the New York Post, and Don’s role model publicly expressed his dis
New York Magazine
20 min read

Who Is Betsy DeVos? And How Did She Get to Be Head of Our Schools?

BETSY DEVOS USED to have more friends. Way back in 2016, a coalition of reputable, fair-minded education reformers—some of them Democrats—got together to vouch for her. Sure, she was inexperienced in the policy realm. Also, an outsider to Washington. Also, naïve to the demands of living under the internet’s ever-watchful eye. Still, it seemed to these surrogates that in choosing a secretary of Education, the president-elect might have done a lot worse. DeVos, a Michigan billionaire and Republican stalwart, had been pouring her energies and her fortune into education for years. Besides, she had