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Flauptarchiv LNSDAP Guide to thc Hoovcr


MicrofiLn Collcction

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HLI\Z rrrd AG\ES I . l'llTERiO\

Tlre Iloover llstitulnrt on War, ltcvohrlnnr, $,d Perlce





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vii List.J Abbrewiati.ns

1- Collection NSDAP Hauptar.hiw Arrsngcd by Subject Gr 1. Hitler Pe!soenlicli

I 16? 63 ?5 r12
12? 128- 131

Ilitle.putsch part.i -Flhranzei.llcn und Mcdaillen Catre, Kr.isE, Ortsgruplen !ntcrgliederuDgen oder Formationen der Partei Rei.hsparreitag. und Aulmarscne Kirche, Religion, Frcimaurer, Rassenfrage Erlebnisbericnte von Natiodalsozi:listcn aus d.r Xampfzeit dcr B!wcglng XI. Wailen, Abstimmunse., SitzuDged . \d cnq.' t Xll. Pro--." iM.'l ,lbd.. P^rt".und'h xIII C.s{ hi.hi. und P.lihk xlv. Besatzunssz-it 191s/ 2,1 westsebiete, Danzis, Qberschresie, XV. Oestc rreich XVL Deutschtud im Ausland X\,11, F!eikorps und Buendc X1t1l. Einvohncr{ehren XIX. Politis.he PartcieD XX. Andcrc Parteicn urd Verbaende Xl<L K.ieASwereine nDd Ve.!aerde XXlL Ceserkschafte! XXIIL Ernacllrulg urd Lrndvirtschatt, AgrarFolitik aXIV. Presse, Verlag, Rurdfu'k XXV. Pnrteikanzlei XXVI. Stellvcrtrcier des Iuchrers X\Vl1 D_ r -i z 1od' xxvllt. Sowjet Russ land XXix. vcrs.hicdencs 2. Collc.tior NSDAP Hauptaichiv Arrangcd by Piovenance 1. Polizcr Direktion Muerchen. Pressakie lI- Polizei-Direkrioa Mtr.nch.n Bayeris.hc Politis.he Polizei III. Amtsg.ricllt Mucnchcn iY. dtsgcritLl Mucn.her. Registerakten v. Porizei Direltion Nnernberg ruerth Vl. Eaycriscties Staatshinisterium d.s Imca VlL nrichswenrministeii!h VIII. NSDAP HauptarcLiv 3 Collcctioq Streicher and Collcction Himtulei

iY. v VI\rll. Llll. IX. X.

I1L Die Paitei

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lNTRODUCTION h3ve an outtine of It may prove helPtul to thos corsulling thc "Collsction NSDrlp tlauptarchiw" to Partv (Natiolalsozialistiscbe the history and contents of the main .I the GermaD NalionaL So.ialist it reach'il its present Jorm on microDeutsch Aabeiterpartei or N6DAP) alit to know the sltrges wherebv

Hislory o{ th NSDAP HauPtarchiv lntheiakeofitstliudp]ralconsol]dationol!olver,tl]eNatioDalSocialistPartydecidedtocslan. 1 On lish an archiwe to lresene for Posterity rts oRn records and those ol the Deuts'he Arbertslro't f'r an arcniwe lcadquarters January 15, 193'!. at the suggestion of Reichsschulungsleiter Otto Gohdes and library under the name "NSDAP Haultar.hiw" {ere eslablished in Berlin' The Eaultarchiw was not vithout its lorerunners lt scems that in August 1926 Adof Hitler asked F.auMathildevonscheubnclRichter(thewidowolMaxvons.heubncrRichtel,killedilt]rePutschof Richter worked Noremt,e" 9, 1923) to start a Pless archiv for the partv in Muni'h Frau von Schdubt'r io her tb,ere, togcthcr witn HeiDri.h Himmle!, for one and a ha]J vears The Prcss archives' accolding r.collections, had !hr;e Jnnctiors: to collect material o! all hoslilc !ersonalilies' to cleck a'd clip the uE shole Communist press, and to cleck and clip the eheiging National Socialist Press' ArouDd 192a' copies organizalion {as taken ovei by the Reichsrropagandaleitung of the NSDAP which rlso collected Ii1' of for the us' of!oste!s, leailets, pamPhlts, and other Propaganda and election mateiial oI th parrv
warious National So.ialist organizations.

TheNsDAPdecidedatlhesametimetobolsteritspolitica]docuhcntationbyPu!chasinEa.ollec tion on coDtehpor:ry bistory started il 1914 bv Friedrich Maria Rehse a'd orgarizcd h Munich as the Rehsc Ar.Iiv. This coUection was rich iD matcrial concebilg ure NSDAp' He'ce' rhe rolenbon w's r' set up thc pictorial holdings a,d the rearia ol th. Rehse Archiw as a separate museum on National Sociali"-; t},e pii,t.,1 amalgamated vitb the NSD'Ap's osa archive Tr'es' Pr""" "'"" -"terial {a3 to be matcrialized. Tle Rchse,\r.hiw lemained a separate etrtily, andaJtrth' vartle bulL 'f the archive Iould ixs wtry to thc Library of Con8ress: some dnplj.ate items came'to the Hoover Instihrtior' The NSDI.P Haupiarchiv's tirsl wrs Dr. Ericn Uetrecht, lrom the Reichsschulul8saml' The archiwe moveil i! Octobe! 1934 from the Maerkiscnes Ufr in Be'1in t' its permancni l'' atiotr in Mrnich, 15 Barerstrasse, adjoirirg Ctrbelsbergcrstrasse, and tlle alreadv existile ar'njves oJ the Reichs plopagandaleitung were incorporated {ith it ln mid-1935 rhe e.tire organization was madc directlv
responsible to Stellvcitreter d.s Fuehrcrs ntdoU
1 -The

1923I and 1I (Ree1s 96, 17A) of tLs aolr..tion NsD-r.P llauptar'hiv, ir vhich a lumber 'f irems Irom utc administrativ; It1s oI tnc Hauptarchiv, includins correslondencc wilh the slorrge depot in Neumrrkt_ st. veit, have beea pre"..,..l. laaitiontrl tacts or ih. early hisrory of tne archiwe turred uP idcidcntauy i! aolder 1263 (Rcci 53) under a report .I Frau Matitde von S.llcubner Richlcr' and jis eYentual transfer i' Amc 'icD F.r ftrther infoimation on thc hands, the coh.ilati.n .ontained in thc Na;ioDar arclivcs Captnrd Germe Documcnrs oicrofilmed ar tt" s".ti" o.".i-."t c"nre., T-5a0, ne.I 2?--mieht be c.nsultedj this i,cludes a 1951 rePorl bv the last dir.ctor of ihe Haupt chiv, Dr- Amold Brueema;n, and a rPort by D!. Ant.n Hoch, ar'hirist of th' hstitut {ucr zeirge;chi.hte i! Muai.h, pnt ar tlc disposal ol th. Bcrlin Docnmert Center in 1951'

Listolical inlormatioD given her' has been cu[ea Primarilv trom the mic!orilmcd ..rd'rs



aclintl as I cl:ntral cll:arnrshousc ot rhtrr trrrs !o l'ng'r T!. purpos. ol lLc ar'hiYc 'f,c1xsiv']v " idorm3t!onforlLc'ariouspartvorg'rizaiions'lnadditirnlo'01l'i'tinehoohs'r'psftrPcrr'"riodicals' gowcolridrl liEtr's' atrd s'rwicrr for parlv sort !f , DtrbhcaiLon 'nd 'crer!:n'c '..-n],allxlrl,rrs,t},.pJ1l)...]jiy.]\'trSr.]r.ilLnn]ind.P.sito.yl.Ido.uU)Cntsr.L:rcdr' jts davs' Urc p3rrt's historv frDm 'a11i':sl diJlicultics in finding {s a rc1zri!. lat. comtir in ln. f,r'hiv:l licld th' llauPtar'hiv h3d grtri a rcwolurion' Lut htr'lr't bother''1 orjgnral naterirl. Ih. !I d'e pariv had mrd' qxtstionDair's' thc i!!chiwists apPtrled to '1d part' Witn ihe nelp ;f'spa?.r adLcrtisi'g lc'Jl'ts, rnd ih.irPtrsonal recollt.iionsm.m]rtrs i. do,atc lheir m.rnola|i1ia of!] tolndays aldi. wli|{,doM crraLlished The ar.lrivc had still otlcr hattl.s lo fiSht i. its qucst lo' sDurct rntrl'rial ' Th 'ld

statealchiweswcl.unwi]lilgto!nrno'],onlytll.]vlunichpolicetrnd galc ur. lliuptar.lrL' ihcir ?rP_1911 docuin'nralion 'r lhe l'ISDAP' I! 1938' re B:'arian !.] Jr'hivcs Dr Eri.h U.rrc.hl wrot.r 2n.1trbo!ate mcm..ardun discLssLne ihe "organiz:iion of a1l Gt'Dm rt5ult of thit 'n'morandum \ras Th' and assierllg thc a ci,rtral pla.e 'w'ntual a.ircular sigrcd by Rud.U lless aDd s.:nt in Julv 19l9 to lhc 'a'iods slatc trg'n'ies dire'tiDg themto .olabo.rlc hlly {ith ttrc HauPtarchiv: in rcspoDst th'se '3tr'i's drev up lisls vhich cn3b1'd the Haupt_ archi!to asccrtai, th. l.cation.f fil(:s p.rtin.rt to NSDAP )ri5iDrv, rlth'uAh tnr d'cumtnts thcrnsrlv's ver! not lrarslerred, ln 1939, t]1e HaxPtarchiv was .l.signated as drPo'ltorv for rht St'llvc'rn'icr diis Fd!ltr!r; and ! Kanzlei.]cs!.uenreIs,aswcltasthcR.i.hslcjtungd.rNSDAP'It!!as:lsogiwlnjurisdi.tionovcrlht va.ions G3u ar.hives atrd tle archives oI the NSDAP "Clicd'runrl'!" (e-g" S A ' S'S" N'S'K K' HJ' N.S. Doztnterbund) ard th. 'anges.hloss.n.n V.rbaeds" (D.A'F and N'5'V ' among oth'rs)' atta'k r'd that th' B-rr 1943, it had be.omc:!par.nt that Munrc[ Fa5 no longcr s:!f! lron rtrial mo.. precious holdings of ihc {ould trav. t. br movcd' Thrcc Bav:rian sitcs !v!:rc sclect'd f.r storage: Pa5sau Feste_Obcrhaus, Ncutnrrtt-St. vtit, and Lcnggri's scllDss I'IohcrburA The und!ritsr'whcad >rrnonproP!r' T ' t1r':'i matcrialtransferr.d.onsis&dmrinlvofdrc.r.lrr\a] Dr. Arnold Brucgmann, .onti.u.:d to oPtralc ir Mlnich trDiiI wtrs *ipcil out !v bombing i! Janury 1945 Rc.ords lor mtrtcrial storrd at N.umarkt St. V.:it go uP to MJr'h 19'!5 Ar thr ':nd ol t1lr wrr' tbe '^lmricanarmyseizedtr[]rktSl.Vtit'(ThelatcoflheLcnEgli"s' mare.ial is ) Th. .o.Ji5cai.d documcnts wcrc rh.n r'asscmbl'd at th' B'rlin D'{ umcnt Ccltcr

s.oF ol th. NspAP Th. llanlltrrchja sas s!! !! lrimarilv is a d.Pos:t"v for sourct n:nriial 'n whi'h hisr'rians !f th. futnre lould draw t. v.ite ih.: hisr.ry .l ih! Partv. lis .nrphasis, rh'refor', lav on lh' v'ars b'!w!''n trnd 1919 trnd 1931- Materinl going 5ack as Jar as 1390 sas .ollccted. howcv'r' to "comlass tl1' Politjcal ils'11 id.ological forcrunn..5 o! National s.cialism, and alihough the spDtlight *a5 on thc !artv 'onsid'r ablc inportan.. \as atta.h.d ro Parall.l natior3lrst w!cll<isch" mo!'mlris and loliti'41 olpontnts__for exzmplc, ih.: cntirc Iiles.lrlrc D.ruts.Lri D!mokraliscIe Part.i w1r! rak'r 'vtr bv urc Flaultarchiv' With it.s!..ia1tn]].uPtar.hivhadlljglrPliorityasadclository flrih.ldocume,tsoltlrcFueh.|rlritnsell.(lhisvasnoitlt!.aScvi|hi!SPe.L1.oih..}iehlankingNa,i .ffr.rals, sn.h as Cocbbcls, C.cring, or rlimh1(r.) Around 1911. lhc Fl.uptarchiw undcrl"k a strics of



investigations !o make u! Ior its tardy a!rival in the lield ol pari)' historv bv gatherilg relorts from old party militants, parti.ularly on the subjec! o{ the !!ts.h !f Novedber 9, 1923. lt reccivcd tne lit'rarv eslates oI a Jcw prominent old parly_members, sn.h as Anton Drcxlcr and Dictrich EckiIdt rtalsocol Nazi ncwspaPers lhr'ughou! rhc lecled information on paity history from th. various Gatre a,d the

'ranv .ountry. As lhe p.inciPal deposito.y for the Glicdtrungen" and "angeschlossene Verbs'nd'" oJ the NSDAP, the Halptarcliv rccciwed a Nmber oI hisloricallv relevant filcs, but the liles of these organizn_ tiorsverenotc.llecledsystemtrtical]yJorlhePost-19:llvears,exceptshercwholdo'ument'ollections vere laken over whan an organization.losed do.m as in th!:.asc of the Natloralsozialistis'hcr Stud'nten th. Rcicllsptrrtcitage (1923-39) in fuIl organizatiola1 detail. It Presents extersiv. inlorhatioa on th' deplovmeni 'f tr' (jliedru,gen" and "angschlosse.t Vcrbaend." in rvrrtim.. lt tlcludes corr.spondcnce frorn Ge'manr alL ove. the glohc dnring the mLd thirli.s. scatlered r.poris sent in lrom ill! Cau archiwes, includ_ ing Atrstria, on party affairs, as ven as or thc atmosphere in rvar m. Cermrnv tior on the relation.f chur.h a.d statc duri'g the tnirhcs, th HauPtai.liv boasrs the p'i'atc ar'hiwc ol
As a.csu1t, na1rial for the y.ars 1933 45 is sPotty at besi.

AbrJcnachleitet, a promirent N.zi and Calholic Church disnitarv. TIs's other sources of do.nmcntation racrt tne gov.rnm.!t ag.nci.s whi.n had ktpi lrack olth. party ard its membcrs as dangrrous oPPonents t. itrc 1{eimnr R'rpublic. Throuch cori'sP'nd encc wilh judicial and police audroritn:s a1lorr l]crmanv, tht HauPltrrchiv ascertair'd i}c l"ation ol files on individu:] party hcld 6y these aufioritics. lt was able io s"urc lh' Thes' ar' sid.rtrble nuftb.r of lilcs held by th. l\'iunich Poli.c and the Bavf,rian Miristrv ol th' h&:'i'r ol sp..ial signiticatce for the hist.ry.! thc Nazi party, since Bavaria and MunL.h in P"ti'u]trr _{as lIe cnter oI opcralions durjng thc party's .arlier years. otficial lilcs d'al lrimsrilv vith rh' NSDAp. but include to extcnt othcr "roelkisch" grouPs rnd political oPPoncnts (So'iatists atrd C!m_ murists). Since all thcsc fil.s wcre assLrmbl.d cor.urredtlv with thc cvents in qutslion:^i " ' ""t ''; j.ctcd to by tllc II.u! thev t.II a talc ofunvarnisheri, if Ljmiicd, t'uihfuhess- Thev ai' a particurarly rich storc ol i.f.rmtrtion about Nrzi acls .I violcncc and Pariv proFagtrnda at pubhc and closed meetings the :ssumption ol p.wc.. Orgaiz:'tio! of rhe NSDAP It must b. .]cir1y und!.siood th:Ll tI. .o1l..tion mi.r.fjlm.d al {h. ts.rlin D.curnrnt Ccnler d'!rs nir.l lhrt p:rt ol th. whi.h csc.P.d dcairu.rion- l\. .ntaLoC of thr original aachiwal holdidgs has be.n pr.s.ivcd, and thc only renanring .luc5 t! th!, .onltnls a.! 5!rv.vs and 1i5ts np bctwe.n t{1,12 3.d 1945. Ttr'sr ln.lnde ir.mizcd lists of h.ldingr .n ptrrh.ultrr l.?i.5 (n:tioulist Prrties, M.rxist prrlies), lists of do.uments, .o^iarD.rt iu rhc HarI)iar.niY'5 lvn tiles ( 192rr and 11). Th. hosr im!.riini.vid.r.. is cortrired ir lhe "A!strndbucL ]\r.l,iva1i.n, " {hi'h lists thr do.nm.nis, fL].s, arrl gr.!ps oJ fiL' (,\ktr'nko.r!.r) :LS tbty s.,r! rcc.i'.d ai U!. L,vn.uarion dc z !.t in N.uhrrlt sr. ]\ugusi 1, rc4r 1.i r4.,r.r

C.ngrr3r (Cafnlrrd C!rmJr mairri.l, o. . 1r'11 19,15, 11.. 1r,2ar). It i5 trlr. aYrrj_ D. t.. able on fticr.Ii1h ar lnc lroo'cr lns rrri.n, brt d..s n.t Iorm an iri.grf,l parr !f lnr C.!Lr.t!.n NSDAP
Bo. l3-




vas ol the H2uptar.liv's lasl dire.tor {Dr. Bru.em,nn), ir nu3t b' 'oncluded thal tle bulk of the mat'rial ile resctrcil. T1lcr,, art,oraLl..a.cPtions, snch as th' cxlensiv' files oJdlc WelrPolitisches Amt R.:.htslvahrerLrurd, rhe Allg.mcir.r detlscn.' (]cserkschaltsbnndi f,nd fte R'i'hs_r-lucchtlingshills{erk

20 1944' - 311 ol whi.h htrw. disaPP.arcd TIe t.m. hllis truri for lLe imp'*ant lile on the prot of JuLv .I rvhich tlicre rtnrins orty ine carerurlv it.mrzed .urai'r's list of 126 do'uments' lt s'a'ms 'erlain lhat s.m. ofl,.. indiwidnal !ic..s havc bce, destiov'd 'r purposelv 'lnainaled,}as.vitei\Pn de{i^ilivc lver-411 orgaiTation trl thc Hinpta.chiv itstlf, ala'twhic]l is not slrPrising i!viewof lhe a Lv ihe transfcrs to lhe storase rec.nt.lale of its ac{tui5ition, its rapid eaP2nsior, .nd ihc disarrav

Silcs,TheJnraltla,sl.rtoBerlinmusihavc.omrJ.und.dtbeconfusion.Consequcntl,,theRellinDocu. das done itr ment Ccntcr was obligcd l. nndcrlakc thc relrganizalion of the nateriat' Most of this vork the ide'tiJi 1946 and 1947i rin.r addili.nzl reorganizrlion ]v:s carrr'd out in 1959- I'he'evcr possible' ablc folders oJ thc' ver; rnaintained and tre 'r!gina1 headLngs uscd' No attmPt was made to usc fold.r5 of unif.rtn t..gth. Thus folder3 m.v .ortair 3 lev sncers 'r s'vern1 urousana Tle BerliD assitsncd rtrnlbers to .ach folder for casier handling Atthcsahetimeit Do.ume,t C.ntcr, oriis.{n, pro.eedcd io sct up a 6rDadcr schemc vhich took irl. accounr the ratur of the matcrial 't haDd' Thc rnatrrial trnrich lhe HauPtar.hiw its!U trad .ccciv'd from the wari'us NSDAP organization and {.onindjvidutrl.lonorS.rColt(]ct.donth!basisofqndsti.nnailcsand!es.arChwasdividedrotghl,into 23 gr.uls (or (]ruppcn, as th. B.rlin Do.umenl C.nt.r call.d rnefr), unde' topics such:s pr15onal Jo'u ncrtalion on Hit1.r, early NSD-{P history, rccol1..tLons oI old militanls, PoLitical Parties' cittzcns' militias, C.rmans ab.o?-d, and so forth. {Fo. a complc.e list of the gr'uPs see Ptrrt L in ure Table ot Contsnts, ) Group 29 srrvl)d as a catch a1l for insnfficilnlly ideDlified or mis'ellaneous ilems'
A diff.rcni pro.edurc *as adoptcd for lh. lcmaindcr of tle mat'rial, which had apParehtlv been stor.d in scparrte iiling.abincts at th., Thjs .onsistcd of documcnts supPlicd bv thc various gov.rnm.nti !o1i.., ard jrldicial ngencics- No rltenpt vtrs made t' inP'se toPi'al Aroupings od lhe

mrtcrial vas orgJni2.d r.nghly by provcnan.s__!hal is, bv vnatcvcr agercvhad ttrncd ihefil's ower to re Haultarcliv. Th' lilcs o' th' B'r1in !oli'e' vhi'b arc to b' found iD GrouP 29' constitute the onlv im_ portant e*..!tions. :ahe htrin aeencts ar.i rhe lluaich poli.e th. Bavarian Minislry o{ the lnterior' and tI. tribunrl. Cnfortunatcly, ailditio lmat.rial ol ilte Muni'h aDd Nuremberg Police' wlich vas locarcd in 195t .oxldro!L. lilmed rlong vitll ure bullofth. m.!c.ial from th'5e sdrces; itaPpcarsin 3lat.r pnrto!rn. ml.roJilms. Th.i llnuPt.rchiv's o'm{orklngfilcs bring t]rc mic'oJjlm t' a closc' (For list of,s s.r Part 2 .l tl,. Ttrble ol conf.nrs. ) Sinc. these are not arrang.d bfr iLrpic, tbd sade subject* l rcctrr in diflerent places' a.cording to illc agenct urdei whose, it fe11. Th. same incide,ts, Ior exadple, mav bc trcated i, ilc fil.s of tlle MDri.h p!1ice 3nd th. Rtrwtrria. Ministrv of lne ht.iior, The contcnts 'fthe {olders are' g.nera11y, in lhci. o.iEinal ordcr, and t]re hradings giwen arc cifter o, thc aBenci's or thosc suPPlicd by urc B{,rlnl Cenrer.
a comprt.

Grid.. ro

t!. cqll:ction N!!f!_I!t!


fit Collcction NSDAP HauPt:lrcnivi ofth' BerlinDocun'nt Cer_ te.. F.ldcrs 1 14zL .onstiiutc Pr.t 1 ol u,. Gtrid. and :r. arralgcd inro rhc 29 snbject ErouPS suPPlied bv lli. Berlin Docum.nt C.rn r. Wilhin cach group, tIc lordcrs ar Listed in.umerical scquence, logetLcr
Tnc Gujd,: follovs thc s.hemc

vith t]]e corrcspondinE microfilh reel numbcr. Where Jor .ctrsons parts or all o{ a foldei had t. be filmed bt ftat-6ed camera.r rcpioduced f!od photostats (sce Mi.rotilming Procedurcs, bclow), these tolders are listcd again al the end o! eacn Aroup, Folders 1426-1923 ll constitute Part 2 ard arc arranged by lrovcnance, tlatis, by the agen.y h.ading indi.ited at th. B.rlin Documcnt c.ter Here too the Iolde!s ar. ir numerical sequercc {ithin.ach agcn.y hf,dirg. Because no lramc numbers were assigncd at the time of rh. ftlmiag ard lhe Iolders are ol wcry unequal length, the Hoover lnstitutior has sulplied id approximal..ount ot fret! p!r toldcr
(usuarry onc sidc of a pase, sometimes boih sidcs).

The content liading lor each Jolder (in G.han) !v3s drtr{n nP by the B-Erlin D.cumtn! Cente. and is rclroduced int3ct as jt app.ars at $c beginnirg of.ach f.!d.r. WIere this llcading wis insnJl,.Mt o. mjsl.ading for thc microfila usr, mor. dctaild dcscriPtions {in Englis}t) havc bce.f,dd.d trlth! Hoovcr

tnstitution, as have cross r.Lr.n..s and lechnlcal info.r.ation. \thcncwcr a refcr.ncc !o!id:nat.rral scemed nc.essary, th. vord c.ns!lt" vrs usPd. Th. Ccrmd wcrc PYdnvh.n in.onsistert, but ver! ! as th.y on the lilm. Microfilming Proc.d!r.s The pr.blems ol mic.ofilmi,g large anouDts ol matcrial widely as t. shaF., siz., state of prescrvatio!, ald prove nce are rPsdily aPparcnt, In order to sorw(: som. ol th.s. problems. differ.nt mctl,ods w.r. chos.i Thegre.t!.psftoathe mai.rla] was film,:d ona rotating camcra (flov.amera) which Iilmed automatic.lly both r.ont and back pag.s. R.tls 1-96, Folde.s l-1921 lvrr. film.d in numericat s.qncn.c in this m.Der. A consld.irb]! body of mrrc.ial, cithcr b.und .r too bulliy in size ro be filmed by the rotating cam.rai vrs filmed with a Ont-bcd ctrmcra whjch rcprodtrccd ea.h Page indi vidualtv. Therelore e,tirc f.ldcrs or parts ol lolde.s had t. bc itmov.d from the stquen.e and iilm.d by $e llat-!ed came.a. R.els lA 37A xe.e filmed in this manncr. In a Jcw is.lated cas.s thL: matrrLal vn. in snch bad condition lh.l it..u]d not b. rnicr.filmdi it w:s pliotostat.d instead and thc,ts w.rc marcriil wlrcncvlr mrlerinl lhetr mi.rolilmcd nndtr spo.ial condrtions was remov..l fr.m I q6 for t.chf,ical rdasons a ,otatiod vas made .s to its nc{ 1o.atioD, For exahple, lh. Dotation "Rc.1 1, F.ld.r 2: Bricfc an Hitier A Z/SPe rlso R..1 LA" indicnles thf,t ff,rt .f il,e mate.irl in thc lolil.r rvas shiticd i. Rccl 1A. Th. ni.ln.. of t1i. shiftrd material is idcntij,.d !n lhe Guide Rc.r 1r\, aotder z- ll the lntirc c rcmov.C, i!! Dotnlilr qonld ])e "R!!l L, Foldcr 5: Personaltrkte AdoUIlilltr.../Soe Rc.1 8." Onlhrrvcrtrge, r..]s.oltainb.twccn90rrdllsl..iof mi.rofilhs, wiih ap!.orinat.!y 2, OOO Jramcs 1.. tne .otatilg .rn.ra (Ree1s 1 96) and 600-1,000 J.rrncs tor the flat'bed cam..a (F.!ls 1A :l?A). lr.rust also b. notcd fiat in thc.ou.5e of microJit.ling r .on sideranl. nnm6e. of foldcrs se.e splii rh! c of one ,ee1 and dle b.gLnnLng of rtrc nexr. Ih. Hoowcr Institntion has 134 recls {1 96 1A 37A, B) of ncgtrtivt mi...films aad an.quar mmbrr .f positiyes. The National Ail1]iwes also hold J .omplete ser .I po5irives.




! t


a Pctcrson



(L Hjt1.r R..1


rs.cnlich, continncd) j'1"-. PD r , ..'S.l' .,'-. b,: .;^i Priwatc .orrcspondence, birih and dealh certificrtes of warioug relatives. See also Rcel 1,{.


l old! r

Contcnts and Observatrons


Gestapoberi.hte ueber Hirlc. Vcrschicdsnes, P.rsonalangabcn. In.tudes gn.atogy .f Hitler ard data on his fatle. comI,iled bv Nied-"roesl.rreichiscne Landesamtsdircktion 1yien, March 11,

. Erna Br1^d: "VDn dcr rindneil lrd .Ingend tnscrcs rucrlrers. Yortrag, Muni.n, 1941. lZ p. See also R.e1 LA.
1a 31

by Hitl.r outliring histo.y oI liis lif. Hitl.r's birtl! .ertificate.

1932 dravn up

a.r Bund.skanzlcramt. Letter (.opy)




Hitler I ..

Vcrschicdenes neber ihn.

Scc also Reel 1A.

t9 /13

-a.L.E.n.v2re.colors and skcr.he5. Various loldcrs rcprodu.c Folder 30 in.ludes 1935 n.goritrtilrs lor I oilpaintinBs hctd bv ' a Dr Schirmer, Mu.i.h, vlo giv.s an account .I his meeting wilh the in,poverish.d artist ir ]vlrni.l, 1912. Also o.ainatrcc draft .e
saleguarai.g Ftrch..r's pi.tnr.s. Folder 35 includes 1944 declaration 6y Hitl.r lo ProL Iroffmam lhat painting was jusi a vay oi earning his living, archi tectu.e his real lovc. For aolders 36/3? see arso R.e1 1A, For Folder ZL, sce also







"Das Haus das Ilillcr baute" won Slephen H. Roberts. Translation July 1938 oI English anli_Nazi book by an Australi:r

prolessor. T.anslation for H.A. and Goetrbels to Pcrmit lefutation

Matcrial g.gcn Flit1er. Konrad }]eidcn. Ernsl Ni.kisch am.uac.mcll of Nationaler Widcrstand metiag, O.t. 3-5, 1915. .{nti Na2i leaIlets 1935/36. Articles and speechss by RauschnirB, T. Mad, P. E.adrey, L. Feuchtwanger, 1937. Overseas radio propaganda program on Hitle.'s lil, April 1935- SPD remb.r's lctle. to NSDAP m.mber .riticizing Nazi !r.grao. April 1932. Anti-Nazi lcaflets august
1939. Sce also Reel 1A.

Hitlcrs Dcnhschriften.
Spea.hcs and mcmoranda 1922.

B-'.r .^b,.,r. t.,ar.'innD-J 8... r.rr"-d"'od"r Letters ol Jield conrailes sert to H A. around 1932.

De. Iriederswille Fueh.ers.

land und IraDlrich

Verhaeltnis z$ischen Deuls.h-

Ercrlts from Hiller 's 1933 35 speeches o. this theme.

stichvorte unc Entwlerfe zu Hitlers RedenHaldwrittcn notes lor sp.echcs on Versailles Trcaty. I1920?l
The toll.wing speeches aDd stitements by date and plac. when



givcn are in the lorm either ol typed copies (some based or re*s -.i.pP'trt,: p.P- - " ourr.\o. ",.u"".q.p"P 3 Aneust 1929 (37 pp. ).
2 6

selt. 1913 (23 pp.). 193,! (23 pp. ).


Eitler Pe.soe.ricrr, .ortinued)

I order -65


l_C@tc.ts add Obse lvations Hitlers Muttei. Krankdngeschichie -Berichte der Aerzte erc. Hitlers Schulzeit in Linz, seine Schuelerz.ichnungen. See Reet 13A, last itcm, For l,inz school, eore rateriar in Fatdea 653, ReeL 34,


Hiiler Hitlcr

Consnlf aildiri.nal haterial ! o1d.r 1501, Reel 69. EaftenlassuDg.

aestun! Ladds6erg/Lech.{e an Hitler A z.


Mrirly 1923 1etlers to l.ritlcr. Also ircludes +-page typed reter Hitler with Hiller's sig4ature to Gemlich, 16 sepr. 1919, elab orating Hitler's siand on Jewish quesii.r.


Hitlers Lazareltzeit. 1916/17 docments o, Hitter's war record.

Uebe. Hitler. zeittrngsa!ss.haitte Versamalungsle!ichte 1931,1939. No white s1i! at b.giDning ol lolder. lieqspa*rs clilpi,gs on rlitlcr's speecnes, 1931/Maich 19 33_



Hitlers A!stammung. Fdili. Schicklgruber. 2.lippings Iroh Austrian newspapers re Hitler's origin.
Gestapo Barichte uebr

Ne-spapers clippings and Hirter's ae4ealogy.

}{itLr -Yerschiedenes.



Hitle.. Verschiede!es ueber ihn. Hitlerrs altomobile insurance policies. Frirz w, Trurzs.hter: !o i qLhDsphd.rd b-i hij.ers aro-, t9tolp.:. -.d. t9)t).
AuJstellldg. Koli.n Dach Originale! des Iuchrers, Muenchser Bilde..



Hil]ers Aquarclle19

39 newspaper



Material sege! Ilitler. Newspapea clippines.



Kassetta enthalrend Forokopien. Familiengeschichie, s.hute, xranke!geschiclt, elc. zeicrrtungen Bii1ere, G.burrshaus erc. !,il ver

ltcmized lisr oI c.ntents at begiming of f61der. Inctudes hany

personalakrc Adof Eitter, Reg. Rat/Bratnschweis, Staatsminisreriuh {Iotokopien, .Eraedluns.n, ctc.)Comhunications by various'!raunschweig oflicials and gitte! from his alpoi.tment t6 post as Braunschweig Regieiungs Ra!! reb. 25, 1932 till terhinatio! oJ his service, Feb. 24, 1933.

More comunicali.ns in .ome.tion r h Eraunschveig posr.


Hitle.s Aqua!e11e ud Zeichoungen. letter regardi4s sale oI one Ficture, May 193?.



Folder It 90

Frames n41

.11.... d.' 9. r1.1923. velbot de r c.dc!-kJere--fn;t d-di-c:--f From Folizcidirektion Muenchen, 2 Nov. 1925.
ve.botzcit dcr Partei, 1923_1925. Includes photostat o{ text suppressing party and "Voelkischer
Eeobachte!, " 5 Dec. 1923.
See Reel

Contents and Observations

90A ! 9\ 15

verbotzei! der Pa.tei 1923 1933 (Braunschveig).



Mtrencnen (Loeschuns 1935). Fornded by Hitlcr, F.X- Schwarz, He.mam Schleider, Munic!, 21 Aug. 1925. Includes party stabtes. See also Rel B.

92 93 91 95 96

42 17 41 Zl 4a

Landsb.rger Ehr.nbue.ger 1925.

Die BlutJahne lad ihre Traeger. Concerrs CompaDy 6 of SA in Murich, Now.9, 1921. Diverse ausweise und Mitgtiedskartea.

Mitteilungsblacttcr der Pa.tei aus den J3hler 1921,


Ansstellurs belrcflend (Fot.s) Historie. H. A. piclorial exhibit of parry history lor years 1919-1941.

For complete list of picturps, see !o1der 1923 IL Reel 96. Includes photostat ol Hitlcr letter, Sept. 1919, on Jewish qucsrion

97 98

32 2

Rundsclreiben der Pa.tei aus den Jahre! 1921, 1922.{t Hitlers AusPeisu,g. Party henbei varrs oI ir]]mincnt depo.tation by Bavarian g.v ernment, appeals l.r pr Bayeris.h!s Staars;rn'st.rium ueber dre Parte' (1c22).
SA Rcsiment Muenchen. slosskupp

99 100

1l 319 -

Hitle. (1923 MaPPen). lndividlal repolts or evcnts Now, 3/9, 1923 (mosily sert in 19,10) and lists of membets companies. For additional material, consnlt !'older 1603, Reel 80. See also Recl B.

lO1 102 103

104 30 10?

Stammrollen des SA Reginenis Muenchcn 1923. Stamm.ollen der 1. Batteric'd.s 5A"t"


U....r,.". mrlcrial in Folder 234, ReeL 2A. See atsD ReeI E.

Hitler). DiD Toten dcr Bewcgung und'CedenkJeiern (Srosshup! ^.lolJ Munich ln.ludes list ol dead {150 in aU) Nos. 1923- M:mori2-1 Now. 1915 Con5uLt dl5o lrst rn Iroldei 1.1r], PecI 1.!A. Sc. also Rc't lA. D.r r'. :vra, r9;: i, M,"."r,.,. .\ulmirsch der Pa.tei nnd S.A. Polizeidir!kti.a MDcn.h.n. Rcgulations of d.monstrrtions reports .f poLicc to public prosecutor.
Deuts.hcr Tag in 1. und 2. Stspl




105 106

10 ?

Hitters Dclks.h.ift Uebe. dje Moegli.nleir eincr A.rdcrung dlr Stclh,B,ahm ae. NSD-{P zu vicllcicht bcvorstchEnde. Reichstaos _ ".h1<n Dated 17 Jnly 1922.


({xix. Verr.hlcdcncs. conrinxEd)


Iolder 121.




Cnrt.sPondence about E6!rt busr

1213 50

?9/31) material. Sim.n is Dictrich Ec13!t's .ousia.



Elmn! ton Es.h$cge,

See also Re1



Mainry 1933/35 cort6srohdence and 1925 documertation rc

1923 NSDAP

Dchbcrship list.


Biograplical data,

Hein cI cacrtle r. Rport or NSDAP activtties. Ilc1trdcs cxccrpts ol leitcrs dressE.l td him by Ilihmrr 1923l24.


Dr. Edil Canssei. In.lndcs copy ol 'Uricil d.r militaerisc!en Vorg.setzt!n ueb.r adou I{iiter" (oberlenharl l-uen.sclloss and GcDerarbajor F. 'Petz) sEt do@ in Murich, Ife!. 1922 (L p.).

Dr- J.seI GoebblsIncludes vry detailed repori {Berlin Polizeipracsidium ?) on . cocb6.1s' po1iti.a1 a.tivilies lrom 19aB io 1932 a reporrs on meetidgs :t which ne sloke, rllso handviitten dlaft of "Das krcire ABC des Naiional6ozialisis" {1925, 20 !p. ). see arso Rcel 1IA.
l]ermaDn Gocting,


hcltrdes dettled ielprt on 1924-32 poDtical a.tivitics as wcll l'on on 192. s4 o. riv ('-., dnd l9 r2 rr:,1:n \run.,

sec also Rc.r E.



Gaqleitei G.eifc r.
Jakob GrimFiger.


hcUaei detailed surwey of Das CoettiDger Archiv fuer bertrfsiaerdische Rassenstaristik! whi.h was to hawe a fiI on rD cerlzz9

Mainly miscelta.eous do.uretrtatior o4 rightistIrolitical.organiz.tions, 1900 1914, collected by HerinE. Consult also Folders 352, 8ri5, a34/4, Reers 42,,13.

Eiasr forler - Max Hoe1z. Letters from and io Max Hoelz in cross Strelitz prison 1926/ /S h.'uo^" iod-\ or '" -.5. V"a, te -rs oy Tott, I
Withelm Hoers].ens.



Arti.les and political aurobiography by Hoeskehs. Articles and political atrtobiography ly Hofienrorh,







-t s, n'dc-tF -. Material re Scnlageter's comhemoiarion.

see also Reet 11A,

Contedts and Olserwarions



ID.ludes rlolt oa potiticat larricipation, 19ZZ-23.


Mehoir o! poltical a.liwities 191? 35. tncludes lerter to Ge. eralstabskommissar v. Kahr, Ocr. 20, 192j, asking perhissioa to Jo!m !aramilitary srudeat orgalizario. and app."r io" r.""tring (compare Folder 125a) u4iiirg all National sociaList groups.
7210 52

Perso,al docnments.


Schulte wom Bruehl.


1917/LB hateriat in.tuding ctipling trom ,.Die Tat,. Dec. m.eing of svasti]<a.




Pro Nazi political essays


Ieltow-teutonic counrries.

Fiftcen-page letter by Schwann's tarhc. ro ex,king of Bavaria, Now. 9, 1925, adwocatrng ctose! ties to Erglaod and Aherica as

Pro{. E.nst Schwartz.



Blutfahae Trambauer.

Documentatjor otr Trambauei s bsarirg flag or N.v. 9, 7923.


Wessel rhotos aid lertrs as well as tne personar recollection6 oI Walte. Rcinharr v1i. kncw Wesset.luri.g his sray ir Vienna.

Prozess Ernst Niekiscn.

Not fiLned.

See Reer 11A.


Dcr Dcuts.he Hcrrenclub. Mtrterial collccted as .,Sonderidormation Iuer Amtswalter d.r RciclsleitDg u_ ftrcr caulciier" includcs.reDie.ship tis!s, 1929,



Di. Arbeitswehr (ce.ra.ticr zur cruerduns).