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June - July 2006

Visiting Mercedes and

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In Your Pocket begrüßt in seiner Reihe der Stadtführer auch diese Getting there and oriented
schöne Stadt. History 6
Romans, medieval kings and football
Die In Your Pocket City Guides verstehen sich als kostenlose Stadt-
führer.Unsere Zielgruppe ist klar! Unsere Leser besuchen die Stadt Glossary 7
und wissen weder was die Butter in Hamburg kostet, noch warum The basics
die Münchner blasse Wurst essen und wo diese wirklich schmeckt. Events 8
What’s going on
Unsere Leser sind Touristen und Geschäftsreisende: sie möchten
sich die Stadt ansehen, Vorführungen genießen, Essen & Trinken, World Cup events 11
Postkarten schreiben, oder in ihrer freien Zeit Ausstellungen be- Have a ball
suchen und ein typisches Souvenir kaufen. Spa Culture 12
Taking a dunking
Aber unsere Leser sprechen kein Wort Deutsch!
Wine 13
Wir geben den internationalen Reisenden ausführliche Informa- Stuttgart’s viney surroundings SB
tionen über Ihr Unternehmen und präsentieren Ihre Leistungen in
englischer Sprache. Where to stay 14
From park bench to Park Grand
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Bars, clubs and general debauchery
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From fine dining to fast food
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Hotels Restaurants Cafés Nightlife Sightseeing Events Maps Hotels Restaurants Cafés Nightlife Sightseeing Events Maps Hotels Restaurants Cafés Nightlife Sightseeing Events Maps Hotels Restaurants Cafés Nightlife Sightseeing Events Maps Hotels Restaurants Cafés Nightlife Sightseeing Events Maps
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June - July 2006

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Football events

Win or lose, this is
Football events
Win or lose, this is
where to party
where to party

Football events
Win or lose, this is
where to party
Football events
Win or lose, this is
where to party

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June - July 2006

tel: +49 (0)30 27907981,,

Stuttgart has been described as the world’s

biggest village, and it’s not only this paradox that Europe In Your Pocket Arriving by car
makes it worth a visit. Nestled in the Neckar valley, Stuttgart is connected to the Autobahn network with the A8
one quickly gets the feeling of knowing the city, yet to Munich to the south-east and Karlsruhe to the north-west,
and the A81 heading south to Singen and the Swiss border,
it is the third largest metropolitan area in Germany. and north Heilbronn and Würtzburg. When arriving, follow
the S-Zentrum signs, and use P+R to keep your parking
Picturesque hills surround the city and parks fill costs low (see Transport). Keep an eye out for Mercedes
the calm centre, but the economy bustles with prototypes being taken for a spin on the Autobahns around
production in the automobile sector. Inhabited by Stuttgart or in the city itself. Areas to try to avoid during
rush-hour include Pragsattel on the route from the A81 from
a folk obsessed with cleanliness and tradition, Ludwigsburg to the centre; A8 direction Karlsruhe around
Stuttgart is also home to one of the most Pforzheim; A81 direction south from Stuttgart to Herrenberg
technologically and research-driven areas in on Fridays and holidays.
Arriving by plane
Though the German national drink is beer, Stuttgart Stuttgart airport is 13km from the city centre. From the air-
is Germany’s biggest winemaking area. Sausages port to the downtown, take the train S2 or S3. The one-way
are popular here, but Stuttgarters prefer the ravioli- fare is €2.90. A taxi to the centre will cost about €26.
like Maultaschen, inside which meat is hidden
when they shouldn’t be eating any. And after the Arriving by train
city’s team, VfB Stuttgart, survived a mediocre Stuttgart’s main train station, or Hauptbahnhof, is just east
and testing (2 coach changes) season, every of the city centre, a few minutes walk from all the action.
Stuttgarter is waiting for redemption during the FIFA Inside, the DB ReiseZentrum railroad travel agency (open
World Championships. 08:00-20:00, Sat 09:00-16:00, Sun 13:00-18:00, longer
during the World Cup) sells all tickets. The Arnulf-Klett-Pas-
sage is a large underground commercial centre that connects
Enjoy Stuttgart, and remember to write in with any the station with the VVS regional trains and trams; find the
comments about the city, or about this city guide, VVS-Kundenzentrum public transport customer service
at centre here (open 09:00-18:30, Sat 09:00-16:00, Sun
In Your Pocket continues to expand, launching no less 11:00-16:00). It also connects directly to Königstrasse, the
than eight new city guides in Germany, in time for the soccer main shopping mile and pedestrian artery of Stuttgart, with
Cover story World Cup. All World Cup host cities now have their own In the tourist information centre. SB
Your Pocket, in print and available locally at hotels, and also
Stuttgart’s gleaming new KunstMu- online as both browseable text and a free downloadable
seum building, known as the cube, PDF guide. Apart from that, there’s the free Football In Your
proudly forms a new highlight in the
city centre. See the Sightseeing
chapter for more information.
Pocket insert guide which can be found in all In Your Pocket
guides in Germany - the booklet has information on teams
and stadiums and has a nifty fixtures table. Elsewhere,
new guides will hit the streets of Kosovo, Macedonia and
Montenegro this summer. If you would like to be a part of

Get In Your Pocket!

the Pocket group, publishing your own guide, contact us at for more details. You can also
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Stuttgart In Your Pocket June - July 2006


During World War II, the city

centre of Stuttgart was nearly Driving Swabian food
completely destroyed during Germany has a brilliant network of Autobahn (motorways,
Allied air raids. prefixed A) and Bundesstrasse roads (major roads, prefixed Stuttgarters pride themselves on the culinary tradition.
by B. Traffic drives on the right with speed limits of 130km/h Several local specialities differentiate the cuisine from
In 1945, the Allied Forces or 100km/h outside built-up areas, and 50km/h in built- other regions in Germany.
took control of Germany. They up areas. And indeed, there are really no speed limits on Spätzle The most important word to learn if planning to
merged parts of the former Autobahnen which makes for some fun driving and some eat local, Spätzle are noodles made of egg, flour, water
German States of Baden and truly ghastly accidents. Keep a close eye on the rear mirror and salt. They are eaten as side dishes with meat and
Württemberg. if you’re planning to overtake or if you’re in the left lane, normally drenched in thick sauces. As a main course, they
as those headlights in the distance behind you may get are roasted with cheese and onions (Käsespätzle).
In 1952, the democratic uncomfortably close very quickly. Seatbelts must be worn Laugenbrezel The original pretzel came from the area,
state Baden-Württemberg (the at all times and children under 12 years can only travel in and once you’ve tried them here, all others will fade in
third largest German state) the front seat with a child restraint. German laws are strict comparison. The Laugenbrezel is produced by spraying a
with Stuttgart as its capital by many accounts when it comes to driving after you have lye or brine mixture onto the unbaked dough. In the mean-
was created by referendum. had a few pints, glasses or snifters full of booze. The legal time, the Swabian bakers have turned this technique into
The inhabitants of Baden felt maximum alcohol to blood ratio for driving is 0.05%. an obsession, producing Laugen versions of all baked
deceived and a (more or less) goods and pastries. A typical snack is a Laugenbrezel
friendly rivalry exists between with butter - also available from small booths directly
the two parts until today. Language on the Königstr.
The German language has been somewhat misrepresented in Gaisburger Marsch Known as the national meal, this
On 6 September 1946 an early the foreign media over the past decades, and when you hear it former peasants’ food is a casserole of Spätzle, pota-
concept of the Marshall Plan to spoken it’s not as harsh as you may expect. Although you won’t toes, beef, vegetables, broth, onions roasted in butter.
support the reconstruction and be able to learn it on a short trip, it’s always nice to memorise Linsen mit Saiten Lentils and sausage are a favourite
economic and political recovery a few key terms like thank you (danke), please (bitte), hello of the Swabians, most often eaten with Spätzle.
of Europe was presented during (gutentag) and goodbye (auf wiedersehen). You’ll notice Maultaschen Ravioli-like and filled with sausage and
a speech given by US Secretary that written German has some odd characters, such as the mince meat, spinach, egg, onions and parsley. Originally,
o f S tate Ja m es B yrn es at ß, the ü, ö and ä. Annoyingly, these are interchangeable with they were invented to cunningly hide meat on religious
the Stuttgart Opera House. combinations of letters and can (and often are) replaced by ss, fast days.
This speech led directly to the ue, oe and ae respectively – which explains why the website Schwäbischer Rostbraten Basically a good steak, but
unification of the British and of Cologne (Köln) is spellt with a thick gravy and a topping of fried onions.
About 950, Stuttgart was founded by Duke Liudolf of American occupation zones, resulting in the so called bi-zone. Zwiebelkuchen After the grape harvest and the first
Swabia, one of the sons of the Holy Roman Emperor Otto Two years later, the French also joined the bi-zone, creating mash has fermented, locals gather for outdoor festivals
I the Great, and used for horse breeding (especially for his the tri-zone and thereby paving the way for the foundation of Money to stuff themselves with this onion pie and wash it down
father’s cavalry, see Battle of Lechfeld). The original name, the Federal Republic of Germany. Stuttgart, like Frankfurt, The best way to get cash in Germany is to use an ATM with the low-percentage “new wine”.
“Stutengarten”, in English roughly “mare garden” or “stud was a serious contender to become the federal capital, but machine, of which there are plenty all over the country.
farm” and the coat of arms of the city, a black, rampant horse finally Bonn succeeded. German banks do not charge for using foreign cards in
on a golden field, come from this early settlement. their machines, so check with your own bank if you’ll pay
In the late 1970s, the district of Stammheim was centre any commission. Even if you do have to pay a euro or two Safety
About 1300, Stuttgart became the residence of the counts stage to one of the most controversial periods of German to use an ATM, it’ll be better value and easier than going to Germany is a very safe country to travel in, and other than
of Württemberg. In 1496, they were promoted to dukes by post-war history: the trial of the Red Army Faction terrorist one of the banks or train station exchange offices (like the the usual precautions against pickpocketing, there are no
the emperor of the Holy Roman Empire. After Napoleon’s group at the Stammheim high-security court and the Reisebank chain) as they have worse exchange rates and special preparations you should make. Although Germany
break-up of the Holy Roman Empire, they earned the title of subsequent suicides of Ulrike Meinhof, Andreas Baader, will charge a commission. has been in the news recently for racist attacks, these
kings and Stuttgart became a royal residence. Gudrun Ensslin and Jan-Carl Raspe (all imprisoned in the Germany ditched the Deutsche mark in 2002, adopting the incidents are quite rare and are by no means a purely German
Stammheim jail). The trial and the period thereafter were euro, pronounced locally as oi-ro. Germany’s economy is phenomenon. Germans are aware that their country is more
The name of the royal family of Württemberg and of the accompanied by several new terrorist assaults to liberate the largest in Europe, and therefore the majority of coins closely scrutinised than others when it comes to this, and
state originates from a steep Stuttgart hill, formerly known the inmates. in circulation now are German ones; you’ll see Berlin’s racism and violence is not tolerated, witness the impressive
as the Wirtemberg, nowadays called the Württemberg. On Brandenburg Gate on the €0.10, €0.20 and €0.50 coins, level of security around synagogues and Jewish institutions:
top of this hill, the mausoleum of Queen Katharina (daughter During the Cold War, the joint command centre of all and the German eagle flapping around on the €1 and €2. the sturdy barriers and round-the-clock armed guards.
of Czar Paul I of Russia) and King Wilhelm I of Württemberg American military forces in Europe, Africa and the Atlantic banknotes, if you’re wondering, are the same for the whole of
was built in 1824. was moved to Stuttgart (US European Command, EUCOM). euroland, and are adorned with generic European bridges.
EUCOM is headquartered there till today. Time
During the revolution of 1848-1849, a democratic pan- Germany uses the 24-hour clock system, known as military
German national parliament was formed in Frankfurt to Since the 1970s, a stable conservative government, Shopping practicalities time in some places, but as simply as ‘the time’ here. By doing
overcome the division of Germany. The members of this intensive R&D investment, and tradition for mechanical German retail laws were incredibly strict in the past, with away with all the am, pm, noon and midnight nonsense, it’s
parliament were driven out of Frankfurt, and the most radical and high-tech engineering have led to constant economic shops not even regularly opening on Saturdays a year just really quite useful for avoiding confusion, and Germany is one
members (those who wanted to establish a republic) fled growth and prosperity. Even as other German cities a decade ago, and still are not as flexible as elsewhere. On of the few places where the 24-hour clock is even used in
to Stuttgart. A short while later, this rump parliament was struggle with many issues, Stuttgart and the area around Sundays nearly everything shuts down, with perhaps just a spoken language. You may be told that the museum closes at
dissolved by the Württemberg military. have consistently had low unemployment, high educational few shops at the train station open, and on Saturdays you’ll sixteen-thirty, or that the train departs at twenty-thirtyeight.
standards, and a good distribution of wealth. see many smaller shops closing around 14:00. Though it
In 1871, as an autonomous kingdom, Württemberg joined may thwart your purchasing plans, it does result in a special
the German Empire or Kaiserreich, created by the Prussian relaxed feel to the Sundays, which is quite nice for a change. Visas
prime minister Otto von Bismarck through diplomacy and Credit cards are still to be embraced by most shops, much to Citizens of EU and EEA countries do not need visas to enter
several wars. City guides to 40 cities the annoyance to big-spending foreigners. This is due to the
system of electronic debit card payments that was in place
Germany; most others do. For more details, visit the website
of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs,
After World War I, the monarchy broke down and the Free around Europe online free: in Germany and other mainland European countries much Germany is part of the Schengen treaty, which allows free flow
State of Württemberg was established, as a part of the earlier; this is a safer and cheaper system than credit card as of goods and traffic between member states. This means that
Weimar Republic. In 1920, Stuttgart was the seat of the it always requires PIN identicication rather than a signature, your passport only gets checked when entering and leaving the
German National Government, since the administration had and is free of the 3% commission for the shopkeepers Schengen area, and once you’re in, you can travel overland from
to flee from Berlin. (eventually paid by you, dear shopper). Portugal to Finland without being stopped at the borders.

Stuttgart In Your Pocket June - July 2006


LKA (State Police Department) Heiligenwiesen 6, MWan- 50-Year Anniversary

Art Galleries gen Marktplatz, What’s in a name - here 13 June - 23 July 2006, Liederh-
Generally, all information is in German only. KunstNächte you’ll find mega-parties, excellent concerts and special events. alle,
is Art Night, held on the first Saturday of each month (3 Jun Unfortunately, it’s a bit out of town, so you’ll either have to take a taxi Th e Li e d erh all e is th e largest
& 1 Jul) when participating museums/galleries open from or wander through the industrial area where it’s located. downtown concert venue featuring
18:00 - 24:00. concerts, from classical to pop, by
Messe Killesberg Am Kochenhof 16, MKillesberg internationally-known performers.
Messe, Numerous special
Cinemas exhibitions, concerts, special events, conferences and, of UNESCO World Youth Festival
Corso Cinema International Hauptstr. 6, Stuttgart- course, trade fairs are held here year round, interesting for 2 - 10 July 2006, www.
Vaihingen, tel. 73 49 16, Germans business travellers as well as the general public. From 2007
have a nasty habit of wanting everything foreign dubbed, be the main exhibition spaces will move to the airport. A city wide festival with numerous
it on television or in the cinema. This is the main venue for even ts a n d sp e cial a c ti vi ti es,
undubbed films in Stuttgart, with two screens. Tickets €7.20, Musikhochschulturm (Music University Tower) D- in connection with the Football
€3.50 on Tuesday. 3, Urbanstr. 25, MStaatsgalerie, tel. 212 46 57, www. Championship. The postmodern concert hall of the Music
University forms the base of this tower. The university, as the LBBW Jazz open
Concert & Fair Halls Staatsgalerie, is designed by James Sterling and Michael 13 - 16 July 2006, www.lbbwjaz-
Die Röhre D-2, Willy-Brandt-Strasse 2/1, MStaatsgal- Wilford. Not only is the view great, but there frequent concerts
erie, A former tunnel excavation by the students and professors of the university. Numerous events about and around
that now serves as a concert venue for larger, more alterna- jazz music.
tive events (from punk to death metal to gay events). Usually Schleyer-Halle Mercedesstr. 69, MDaimler Stadion,
quite packed with the type of crowd that fits the event - so With a capacity of up to 13,000 ISCM World New Music Festival
get info first. spectators, this multipurpose hall is used for concerts, all “Grenzenlos”
kinds of sporting events and various performances. 14 - 30 July 2006, www.
Gottlieb-Daimler-Stadion Mercedesstr. 87, MDaim-
ler Stadion, Not only is Lots o f interesting events,
this the location for the FIFA World Cup matches in Stuttgart, Theatre, Opera & Dance p e r fo r m a n c e s a n d o f c o u r s e
but also hosts various other sporting events, and even large Friedrichsbau Varieté C-3, Friedrichstr. 24, MFried- concerts concerning new music.
concerts and gatherings like church activities. Considered erichsbau, In contrast to the bigger
one of the most modern venues, it can be flexibly adjusted and somewhat more conservative venues, here you have Mercedes Cup, Tennis Tournament
to bad weather. the possibility watch smaller more unusual and light-hearted Weissenhof, 15 - 23 July 2006
performances, usually involving mute acrobatic acts that are This is an important clay court tennis
Liederhalle B-3, Berliner Platz 1-3, MBerliner Platz, perfect for those who don’t speak German. Its central loca- tournament, taking place at a club With different halls, the tion makes it possible to combine a performance here with with a very long and lively tradition,
largest seating up to 1900 people, and its central location a restaurant or bar visit after. founded 1894.
this is a favourite for concerts for all kinds of music, events
and exhibitions, such as smaller trade shows. Staatstheater (Opera & Ballet) D-3, Oberer 13th Stuttgart Run
Schloßgarten 6, MSchloßplatz, www.staatstheater. 22 - 23 July 2006, www.stutt- Voted numerous times as one of the best
opera houses in Germany, Stuttgart’s Opera offers several Various events (marathon, hal f-
excellent opera runs per season. The ballet is home to several marathon, blading, etc.) for amateurs
world-renowned choreographers, mainly coming from the John and professionals alike.
Cranko school: John Neumeier, Jirí Kylián, William Forsythe,
Uwe Scholz. The building itself is an imposing neo-baroque Stuttgart Summer Festival
building situated in the Schlossgarten park. (Stuttgarter Sommerfest)
Schloßplatz (Palace Square), Eckensee, 10 - 13 The Old Castle is an interesting building to visit in itself, the
Theaterhaus Siemensstr. 11, MPragsattel, tickets@ August 2006 exhibitions always compliment the historical and cultural, A renovated This elegant open-air festival, featuring many music events, aspects of the building.
factory complex, the Theaterhaus has spaces for perfor- is considered to be one of the most beautiful of its kind
mances from intimate to huge. A constantly changing pro- in Germany. White pavilions, under streams of countless European Music Festival: Roads to Mozart
gramme of theatre, music, performance and other cultural decorative lights, as well as the aroma of southern European 3 - 17 September 2006, Bachakademie, www.
events all in an interesting building. spices and scampi, create a unique Mediterranean flair.
The famed institute for classical music offers regular
Dancing: German Open Championships performances and events.
Events 15 - 19 August 2006, Liederhalle,
Exhibition: Monet - Felder im Frühling (Fields in Spring) A dancing championship and event (standard, latin, boogie- IAAF World Athletics Final
Staatsgalerie, until 24 September 2006 woogie, etc.). 9 - 10 September 2006, Gottlieb-Daimler-Stadium,
The Staatsgalerie belongs to one of the architecturally more
interesting post-modern buildings in Stuttgart. The excellent The Stuttgart Wine Festival (Stuttgarter Weindorf) The finals of the IAAF competitions are to take place in
house collection is complimented with pieces on loan from Schillerplatz, 30 August - 10 September 2006 Stuttgart from 2006 to 2008.
other collections. Wine lovers and connoisseurs from all over the world, will
once again come together at the Schiller Square and around
Exhibition: Leuchtende Bauten (Glowing Buildings), the Old Palace, to indulge in tasting the fruits of summer. In
Night Architecture more than 120 decorated vine arbours, over 250 exceptional
Kunstmuseum Stuttgart (The Cube), www.kunstmuseum- Württemberg wines are on offer. Stuttgart’s telephone code is; 10 June - 1 October 2006
The Cube has been at the centre of an architectural dispute Exhibition: Württemberg Monarchy (+49)(0)711
even before it was built: some hate it and wish to have their 22 September 2006 - 7 February 2007, Landes Mu-
SB old Kleiner Schloßplatz back and some love it. seum (Old Castle),

Stuttgart In Your Pocket June - July 2006


Under the motto “A time to make friends” the capital of Baden- with the Stuttgart Philharmonic orchestra.
It’s Brazil’s Cup to Lose Württemberg has put together an excellent programme of On 30 June, there is a premiere at the Stuttgart Ballet,
cultural and entertainment events accompanying the FIFA by Goecke, Lee and Spradling, called “New Pieces”. On 2
The idea that this could be World Championship games. Fifty-five thousand spectators July, the State Opera Stuttgart celebrates the premiere of
one of the most open and will enjoy the games live directly in the Gottlieb-Daimler “Aeneas in Karthago”.
fiercely contested World Stadium, the fourth largest World Championship stadium For the future, as the “European City of Sport 2007”,
Cup tournaments in history
has been doing the rounds
in Germany, along with countless other fans in Stuttgart Stuttgart will also host the Handball World Championships,
in the press – especially following the games in pubs, bars and open-air events. Gymnastics World Championships and Cycling World
the UK press – ever since While play is in progress in the stadiums during the World Championships as well as the World Athletics Final.
England beat Argentina in a Cup, people will also be celebrating in the centre of Stuttgart.
rather meaningless friendly For four weeks the great festival of nations will guarantee a
match, held in Switzerland tremendous atmosphere, lots of fun and all you need for a rip-
at the end of last year. (The roaring football party. And even the fans who have no ticket
match was also memorable for the matches in the stadiums won’t miss a single minute
for England captain David of the excitement. Stadium atmosphere is guaranteed at the
B e c k h a m’s p r e - ga m e Schlossplatz (Palace Square) in the heart of the city, where all
comment that ‘it is a neutral 64 matches will be relayed live on four large screens around
venue for both teams.’) the Jubiläumssäule (Jubilee Column).
Since then the idea that Fresh from Champions
the tournament is ‘open’, League success with To correspond with the 2006 FIFA WorldCup match schedule
in fact code for ‘England Barcelona, Ronaldinho
have a chance’, has been
and with the countries whose teams are playing in Stuttgart,
increasingly winning friends will be looking for another there will be a daily international football party with stage
and influencing people. World Cup triumph with shows, where the World Cup slogan can be experienced first-
To p u t a n y E n g l a n d Brazil.” © Mediafax Foto hand. Representatives from the 173 nationalities which make
SB up Stuttgart’s population and stars and starlets from the
supporters reading this
Porsche Tennis Grand Pris out of their self-induced hubris: England have absolutely local and international culture scene will take part. Stuttgart’s
30 September - 8 October 2006, Hans-Martin-Schley- no chance whatsoever of winning the World Cup; with or city centre will resonate daily from 11:00 until 01:00 with the
er-Halle / Porsche-Arena, without Wayne Rooney. Indeed, the now legendary Rooney all-round football party programme.
Top international women players battle it out to take a nice metatarsal injury has given the English press a ready excuse
Porsche home. when England do indeed crash out of the tournament. It Bad Canstatt also offers the possibility for all fans to enjoy
should not, however, hide the enormous failings that England public viewing. Canstatter Marktplatz (Market Place) will offer
Stuttgart Beer Festival (Cannstatter Volksfest) currently suffer from. They still lack a proper goalkeeper, they space for up to 3000 spectators to enjoy selected games
Cannstatter Wasen, 23 September - 8 October 2006 have little depth up front, no genuine left-sided wide man, and on a 12m2 video wall. All games from Stuttgart, all games
There is quite a lot of action under and surrounding the 24m in Steven Gerrard, Frank Lampard and David Beckham too with the German national team and the entire final round will
many square pegs in round holes. England lack balance.
“Fruit Column” - the symbol of the “Cannstatter Volksfest”, Other nations in this tournament do not, and Brazil is one
be televised. All games on a particular day will be shown – if
originally planned in 1818 as a celebration of thanksgiving. of them. Though the wealth of talent they have does – as it there are two games in parallel, then the more relevant game
With its innumerable rides and new attractions, it counts as has to – mask their own failings, there is no question of their (from Germany’s point of view) will be shown.
one of the greatest beer festivals in the world. This is the coach Carlos Alberto Parreira using all six of his best attacking
Stuttgart pendant to the Oktoberfest in Munich. players at the same time. Indeed. His decision to name his The UNESCO World Youth Festival will offer youngsters from WW
first XI as long ago as April was classic one-upmanship: the all over the world to take part in the World Championships,
German Masters International Equestrian Classics rest of the pack now knows exactly what it has to beat. as well as other related events. From 9 June until 9 July, the
15 - 19 November 2006, Hanns-Martin-Schleyer-Halle, England as we have discussed, are not qualified to do so. Fan Arena will be set up on the market place. Interactive World Cup Language Guide With their original tactic of ‘keep it tight at the back and hope features and the popular “S-City fit and fun” will offer
A top German equestrian event with different competitions Wayne knocks one in from 30 yards’ now out of the window. entertainment for the whole family, and a way to keep fit Tourist industry workers in Germany generally speak
and many activities around horse jumping. They have woken up to discover there is no plan B. Expect during the Championships. English well, but thanks to the annoying habit of dubbing
then, a variation on plan A: ‘keep it tight at the back and hope everything foreign on television and in cinemas into
Other events taking place at the same time include: German, the average local is not exposed to English very
Stuttgart Christmas Market (Stuttgarter Weihnachts- Frankie/Stevie/Becks knocks one in from 30 yards.’ Hardly The annual wine event, the Weindorf, will be extended to take
the stuff of legend. much. That’s why we’ve composed a little list of terms
markt) place over the entire length of the Championships. Between that may be of use during your trip.
Is any other nation prepared to meet Brazil’s challenge? Of
Schillerplatz, 30 November - 23 December 2006 the traditional ‘big guns’ Argentina looks frail and lacking in
the Schillerplatz and the Stiftskirche (Collegiate Church),
Mentioned in a document from 1692, the Stuttgart Christmas cohesion, Italy – amid scandal at home – look less capable numerous stands and open-air restaurants will offer local One/two/three/four/five Ein/zwei/drei/vier/fünf Bier,
Market with over 200 booths standing in Schiller Square, even than England of putting together a decent run in the wines, culinary specialities and a fabulous. beer, please. bitte.
belongs not only to the oldest, but also to the most beautiful tournament, the host nation Germany currently possesses With the motto “Haute Cuisine meets High Tech”, the best No thanks, I’ll have a Bit Nein Danke, ich hätte lieber
and largest of its sort in Europe. Mulled wine, sweets and the worst team in their memory, Spain – crippled by the bizarre gourmets from Baden-Württemberg are presented on the beer instead. ein Bit.
handicrafts are the specialities on sale. selection policy of its coach – will underachieve once more, Karlsplatz from 9 June to 9 July. So, who do you think will Was glaubst du, wer
and France are an ageing, wilting team hardly set for one last The museums in Stuttgart are also planning several win? gewinnen wird?
glorious hurrah. Only Holland, conspicuously absent from all events to run in parallel to the World Championships. At Where is the toilet? Wo ist die Toilette?
Cinemaxx football live talk of potential winners, look capable of mounting a decent the Staarsgalerie, “Claude-Monet – Fields in Spring” will Where is the stadium? Wo ist das Stadion?
challenge to Brazil. And even that will depend on their mood. be shown. The newly opened Kunstmuseum Stuttgart Where is the train Wo ist der Bahnhof?
The two Cinemaxx theatres in Stuttgart will be showing Indeed, the In Your Pocket prediction is that Brazil’s likeliest (the Cube) will show “Leuchtende Bauten: Architektur der station?
all World Cup matches live on their huge screens - an challengers will be an outsider. We – for no reason more Nacht” (Glowing Buildings: Architecture of the Night). In the That was offside. Das war Abseits.
excellent way to be in the middle of the action, with a scientific than a hunch – think the Ukraine will do well. We also Kunstgebäude, the Great State Exhibition “Kunst lebt! Die The referee is biased. Der Schiedsrichter ist
more detailled view than even fans with tickets will get! like the look of the United States, and if they can find the net Welt mit anderen Augen sehen” (Art alive! See the world with parteiisch.
You can sink away in a comfortable chair and be emerged often enough Portugal will do well. Yet none of these three He should have scored Das Tor hätte er schiessen
will beat an on-form Brazil. And Brazil are the best team in
different eyes) will feature works brought together from other
by the sight and sounds of the exciting games, cheer- institutes for this special event. there. müssen.
Germany. Not since Italy surprised even themselves to take He’s hit the post/ Er hat den Pfosten / die
ing along with everyone in the hall. Admission is free, the trophy in 1982 has the best team in the World Cup gone On 20 May, the new Mercedes-Benz World will open directly
though a minimum consumption of €3.50 is required. next to the Gottlieb-Daimler Stadium with 17 000 m2 over crossbar! Latte getroffen
home empty handed. Take off (player name)! (player name) abziehen!
The Cinemaxx theatres can be found in the SI Zentrum The cup then is Brazil’s to lose. We doubt very much that they nine floors of exhibits, all focusing on the history of the
and Bosch Areal complexes; for more information visit legendary car-maker from Stuttgart. Bring on (player name) (player name) einwechseln!
will do so. But as we said four years ago (while we were heavily
the theatre or tipping France) in a cup competition, anything can happen… From 13 June to 23 July, there is the opening of the Jubilee Penalty! Elfmeter!
Celebrations at the Liederhalle Culture and Congress Centre Goal! Toooooooooooooor!

Stuttgart In Your Pocket June - July 2006


one can take advantage of whirlpools, Kneipp basins, Talking about grapes in Stuttgar t is an exercise in
fitness room, solarium, steam bath, and various sauna superlatives. Stuttgart is the largest wine producing
opportunities. The swimming area, with its multi-purpose community in Germany and, consequently, a lot of activity
swimming pools, warm, cold and hot water basins, is supplied focuses on its production... and consumption. Most Stuttgart
from three state-recognized medicinal springs and a recently restaurants serving German or local Swabian food also offer
discovered thermal salt water spring. The mineral springs, a good selection of wines and most bars and clubs will have
are seen as fountains of wellness, constantly bubbling, and at least some local wines.
presiding as the most important assets for health awareness Historically, winemaking had its first large-scale success
and prevention in Stuttgart. here, when, in the third century, Roman emperors had
This bath and spa culture is something not be missed in vineyards built in the entire area. In the 16th century, the
Stuttgart, because sweating in the sauna is a favourite region Stuttgart was the largest wine producer in the Holy
way for locals to relax or treat themselves to some of that Roman Empire of the German nation. Today, reds are
wellness that Germans like so much. Baths and spas have produced mainly from the grapes of Trollinger, Spätburgunder
sprung up all around Stuttgart, even in areas where there and the exquisite Lemberger, and whites from Riesling,
is no mineral spring water. The SI-Centre for example also Kerner, Silvaner and Müller Thurgau. These plants are
offers a very posh spa, although without natural spring water, especially suited to the region and yield wines typical for
with all sorts of treatments influenced by every bathing the area: light to mid-heavy, dry to semi-sweet. And there
technique, from Japanese to Turkish. are several producers of excellent sparkling wines, known
Note that spas and baths have swimming areas, where as Sekt.
© Stuttgart-Marketing GmbH bathing suits are worn, but also have wellness areas,
A little known fact about the industrial centre, Stuttgart where men and women go naked. Germany is the home of
has the second highest amount of natural mineral spring FKK culture (Freikörperkultur, or naked recreation) and the
water in Europe after Budapest. This natural spring water traditional Anglo-Saxon embarrassment about the own body
bubbles out of the ground in the city’s largest and oldest is viewed with some curiosity. Once you get over the fact that
district of Bad Cannstatt, and in the adjacent quarter nobody’s body resembles anything you see in the ads on TV,
Berg, fed by an underground river running below the city. it’s easier to relax – so strip and have fun. In Your Pocket
Nineteen individual springs produce more than 22 million takes no responsibility for wrinkly fingers.
litres of healthy mineral water daily, containing dissolved
mineral salts and other valuable substances. You can see
the pressure release valves at the westernmost edge of Spas
the Schloßgarten near the Mineral Bäder station. These Bad Berg Pragstr. 9, MWilhelma, tel. 954 68 20, www.
conical structures allow the spring water to spout out if The traditional and original of Stuttgart’s mineral
it’s not needed for the baths. baths remains a bastion of the older generation – although
The city of Stuttgart benefits from this enormous natural many people choose this one due to its relative unfriendli-
resource. There are three indoor mineral spas, two outdoor ness to children. Outdoor and indoor pools are fed with the
mineral water pools, as well as three cure centres and 20 curing 21°C water, there’s lots of lounging space on the grass
public mineral water fountains. One, at the banks of the outside plus a sauna, food, drinks, chess, etc. Delightful. The best way to get to know the winemaking tradition is a Besenwirtschaften are open only for limited times, get
Neckar near the station Mühlsteg, offers constantly flowing QOpen 09:00 - 18:00. Admission €6.30/5.20. visit to the wine festivals, celebrated annually in Stuttgart but further information either at the tourist information
water, that you can bottle and take with you. also outside in the smaller villages where wine is produced. of fice or the Weinmuseum.
Twelve of the mineral water sources are state-recognized Spa Leuze Am Leuzebad 2-6, MMinerälbader, tel. 216 These usually start in the summer and continue through the There is a tour, Weinbaurundfahrt “Weinkundiges Stuttgart“,
medicinal springs, one namely, the “Stuttgart Cure”. 42 10, The modern version harvest until late autumn. Normally at the end of August, the organised by the Stuttgart Tourist Information (www.
In cooperation wi th doctors and h eal th insurance of mineral bath, this has a Centre Parcs look and feel, with “Stuttgarter Weindorf” (Stuttgart Wine Village) is the biggest, ). This is a great way to see the
organisations, an ambulatory therapy programme offers graded heat in various pools, a Kinderland for the kids and is wine festival in Germany and a favourite meeting point for vineyards, learn all about winemaking in the region, have
full treatment for a number of ailments for people in their a better bet for winter bathing as its indoor section is much amateur and professional tasters alike. In excess of 350 a typical Swabian meal in a quaint little inn and then try six
homes and places of work. It is based on the curative effect bigger. Plus sauna, table football, a riverside location and slide locals wines are offered, normally drunk in 250ml glasses, local wines. Unfortunately, until now this tour has only been
of the mineral water and is supplemented by a wide range into the pool. Great for all the family. QOpen 06:00 - 21:00. known as “Viertele” (quarters). offered in German – bring a translator along, ask the tour
of additional therapies, chosen according to the latest Admission €8.60/6.40. Another good way to let the winemaking atmosphere seep in guide frequently to explain again in English or just forget about
medical findings. is a visit to the Württemberg, a hill to the south east near the listening and concentrate on getting sloshed.
According to legend, “spa” comes from the quarters Untertürkheim and Obertürkheim. Here
Latin acronym, “Sante per Aqua”, meaning you can stroll freely through the vineyards, enjoy
“health through water”. Two thousand years the spectacular view over the Neckar valley. Don’t
ago, the Romans became progressively miss a visit to the Weinmuseum (Wine Museum)
aware of the mineral springs’ curative effect in Uhlbach near Obertürkheim, where you can get
and established a fortress, upon which the information about 2000 years of winemaking
foundation for the former spa of Cannstatt history, techniques and technologies as well as
was built. This spa came to be a meeting particular information about the local winemaking
place for aristocrats, the place to flaunt tradition.
wealth and indulge in elegance. This spa A special tradition is the Besenwirtschaften
tradition has continued (although on a bit (literally, “broom inns”). Wine-makers of fer
more humble scale), at two municipal health their own produce as well as local specialities:
spas, Leuze and Bad Cannstatt, and at the ver y delicious and ver y inexpensi ve. As a
mineral bath Berg, which has been family- signal to visitors that they are open, they
owned for over one hundred years. put a broom in front of the door. The variety
The public spa in Bad Cannstatt has of food is usually quite limited, but the focus
integrated a new cure and treatment centre, h e r e i s m o r e t h e e n t e r t a i n m e n t a s p e c t:
and both facilities are part of the Pannonia story-telling, singing, stand-up and of course
Hotel complex. A state-of-the-art health drinkin g are par t o f th e programm e. This
facility with a distinctive spa character and is a great way to get in touch with locals,
versatile, modern services are available however it can get quite crowded and it’s not
directly in the city. Among other things, © Stuttgart-Marketing GmbH normally possible to reser ve ahead. Since All photos © Stuttgart-Marketing GmbH

Stuttgart In Your Pocket June - July 2006


Hotel categories are based on the most expensive double restaurant has good local specialities. However, the highlight
room rate. Prices are rack rates, and are expected to go Symbol key €75-150 here is the location - try to get a room with a view of Feuersee
through the roof during the World Cup. Best Western Hotel Stuttgart 21 D-1, Friedhofstr. lake. Q38 rooms (29 singles N70 - 90, 5 doubles N90 - 130,
P Air conditioning A Credit cards accepted 21, MTürlenstrasse, tel. 258 70, fax 258 74 04, info@ 3 triples N120 - 160). AGKR hhh
O Casino H Conference facilities,
Over €200 Although past the cemetery and opposite a Hotel am Wilhelmsplatz C-4, Wilhelmsplatz 9, MÖs-
Hotel Am Schloßgar ten D-2, Schillerstr. 23, T Child friendly U Facilities for the disabled car showroom, the hotel is still very central. King size beds terreicher Platz, tel. 21 02 40, fax 210 24 99, info@ho-
MHauptbahnhof, tel. 202 60, fax 202 68 88, info@ R Internet W Wi-Fi L Guarded parking are available in standard BW rooms that have tea and coffee,, facilities, and minibar. A ‘superbly’ 1980’s decorated split level For a centrally located hotel, with decently decorated rooms
Elegant, classically decorated hotel with a modern feel in the F Fitness centre G Non-smoking rooms suite has two balconies, jacuzzi and fireplace. With an indoor and comfortable surroundings, this is surprisingly reasonable
heart of Stuttgart’s famous garden. Categories are decided K Restaurant M Nearest metro station pool and sauna, plus a lovely terrace from the restaurant that and offers good and friendly service on top. The bar in the
by view and all rooms are luxurious, spacious and with all serves dinner as well, this is a good option. Q90 rooms (50 cellar has a simple pub atmosphere, but for a beer before
the mod cons (plus fluffy robes) you’d expect from an Althoff D Sauna C Swimming pool singles N58 - 125, 38 doubles N75 - 136, 2 suites N140 - heading in, it’s perfect. Q2 rooms (15 singles N61 - 65, 11
Hotel. Gourmet restaurant, a wine bar and café are as five 290). ACFGKL6UW hhhh doubles N78 - 85). ALPR hhh
star as the rooms and services. Q126 rooms (57 singles
N204 - 292, 49 doubles N345 - 376, 10 suites N324 - 634). €150-200 Brita Augsburger Str. 671-673, MObertürkheim, tel. 32 IB-Gästehaus Cottastr. 14, MMarienplatz, tel. 64
ABGHKLPRTUW hhhhh Der Zauberlehrling D-4, Rosenstr. 38, MCharlot- 02 30, fax 32 02 34 00,, www.brita- 95 20, fax 64 95 99, ib-gaestehaus-stuttgart@interna-
tenplatz, tel. 237 77 70, fax 237 77 75, kontakt@ Yet another pleasant family-run hotel a bit outside, This is
Le Meridien E-2, Willy-Brandt-Str. 30, MStaatsgalerie,, The original the city where the rooms are simple but welcoming. A total of something between a hostel and real hotel. The location is
tel. 22 21 20 05, fax 22 21 20 69, www.lemeridien. nine-roomed designer hotel with individual themes from three restaurants offer a variety from simple snacks to gourmet not directly downtown but still central and quiet. The rooms
com. A world-class hotel with many rooms overlooking the Titanic to the British Empire, Japanese to Mediterranean are meals, all at extremely reasonable prices. Q70 rooms (singles are pleasant, but obviously not luxurious. Q (7 singles N56,
Schloßgarten. Standard rooms are luxurious with flat screen all minimalist in décor but sumptuous in luxury and bathtubs. N70 - 96, doubles N90 - 130). AGHK hhh 19 doubles N78, 5 triples N89). hh
TV, king size beds, LAN, minibar, safe, iron and fluffy robes. Some have balconies, others a love seat or whirlpool. Each is
The next level is executive with the same room but added unique and this is how guests feel too. Six new rooms have Hansa-Hotel B-3, Silberburg-
bonuses. Suites are large, some with a swivelling flatscreen been added in an adjacent building. Q15 rooms (15 doubles str. 114-116, MSchloss/
dividing the room. Bathrooms are granite, the top suites have N110 - 280). ABGKLPR hhhh Johanesstraße, tel. 62 50
jacuzzi, three TVs, 2 bathrooms and enclosed balconies. 83, fax 61 73 49, inf o@
Great spa, pool, bar and restaurant and impeccable service. Holiday Inn Mittlerer Pfad 25-27, MWeilimdorf, tel., www.
Q281 rooms (256 doubles N135 - 415, 25 suites N285 - 98 88 80, fax 98 88 89, hotel@holidayinn-stuttgart. Excellent
475). ACDFGHKLPRTUW hhhhh de, As is typical for a large value for money, the rooms
chain hotel, here you’ll find excellent and extensive facilities, are elegant and spacious, and
Steigenberger Graf Zeppelin D-2, Arnulf-Klett-Platz efficient service, several restaurants, comfortable rooms - all the atmosphere is surprisingly
7, MHauptbahnhof, tel. 204 82 77, fax 204 85 42, as perfectly standardised as a Big Mac, what’s missing is a luxurious. The restaurant is a, www.stuttgart.steigen- bit of character. The location is a bit out of town, with a half- well-kept secret: Italian food This building named in honour of the Schwabian hour train commute into town. also 1bed room reservations that impresses Italians. The bar
aeronautical pioneer has housed a hotel since before WWII Q321 rooms (singles N105 - 150, 321 doubles N150 - 270). has a long tradition of catering
and today its five-star elegance is a mix of traditional and ADFGHKLPTUW hhhh to fans of football games, and
modern flair. Rooms are sumptuous with all mod cons plus for those who want to escape
some extras (stereo, fax) and you can choose between classic Maritim Hotel Stuttgart B-3, Seidenstr. 34, MBerlin- there’s bike rental. Q78 rooms
or avant garde décor. Three restaurants (1 Michelin star), two erplatz, tel. 94 20, fax 942 10 00,, (20 singles N59 - 79, 54 doubles
bars plus sublime service and comfort. Q189 rooms (78 The hotel has it all - services and facilities N75 - 119, 4 triples N91 - 125).
singles N261 - 316, 96 doubles N317 - 357, 14 junior suite, to no end, the top suites are luxury pure (multiple bedrooms AGHKLW hhh
1 presidential suite) Breakfast €21. ABCDFGH and flat screens and a fireplace), the equipment is superb
KLPRTUW hhhhh and the army of portieres and attendees won’t allow you to Höhenhotel Seybold Neue
strain a muscle. The location is fabulous, too: five steps from Weinsteige 114, tel. 649 20
the Bosch Areal means you won’t need to take advantage of 21, fax 649 20 23, info@hotel-
the excellent restaurants and bars inside the hotel. Q250, www.hotel-sey-
rooms (singles N173 - 368, doubles N173 - 368, 3 suites Join past guests José
N398 - 423). ACDFGHKLPUW hhhh Carreras and Michael Schumach-
er and stay in this villa perched on
Wörst D-4, Hohenheimerstr. 28-30, MDobelstraße, tel. the hillside. Front facing rooms
236 70 00, fax 236 70 07,, www. have spectacular views up the Part family home converted into a hotel, valley and all rooms have TV and
part new four star wing. The original carved wood ceilings, minibar, while apartments also
doors and furniture remain, the wine cellar is huge (rooms are have a kitchen. It’s a converted
named after wines), there’s a well-rated gourmet restaurant, home, so rooms are simple but
a parrot, aquariums and chameleons in residence plus a clean, comfortable and airy. Taxis
terrace beckons for the summer. Rooms are well appointed recommended. Q18 rooms (11
and the new wing even has a Louis XXIV suite. Overall, slightly singles N40 - 80, 7 doubles N65 -
over the top in places but very welcoming. Q33 rooms (13 110). AGL6
41 60, hotel-am-feuersee@ ORSHOPPINGSERVICE
Stuttgart’s telephone code is, www.hotel-am- The rooms are
(+49)(0)711 bright, clean and efficient and
the dining facilities better than
SB average in the class. The hotel

Stuttgart In Your Pocket June - July 2006

Ibis Am Löwentor Presselstr. 15, MEckartshalden- Mercure Fontana Vollmoellerstr. 5, MVaihingen, tel.
weg, tel. 25 55 10, fax 25 55 11 50, www.ibishotel.
com. The Ibis experience doesn’t change – adequate rooms,
with TV, phone and twin or queen beds are exactly what the
73 00, fax 730 25 25,,
fiche_hotel.shtml. Because of its midway location between
Enjoy your stay at the
businessman ordered. The 24hr bar downstairs aids sleep,
free internet in the lobby is nice, and the buffet breakfast
a great start to the day. Staff are multilingual, friendly and
airport and centre, this hotel caters more to the business
traveller, and not surprisingly offers all the facilities and fea-
tures that make a tired business person smile at the end of
NH Nürnberg-City!
helpful. Q132 rooms (2 singles N58 - 139, 130 doubles a long day’s meeting - the Turkish bath and secretary service
N67 - 139). AKLP6UW hh are especially nice touches. Q252 rooms (125 singles
N95 - 129, 145 doubles N110 - 144, 10 suites N170 - 354).
Ibis Marienplatz Marienplatz 8-10, tel. 12 06 40, fax 12 06 ACDFGHKLPUW hhhh
41 60, The most central of the Ibis hotels
in Stuttgart produces the Ibis product with some flair. Staff are Mercure Hotel Bad Cannstatt (Pannonia) Teinacher
very useful for hints on what to do about town and your room for Str. 20, MKurpark, tel. 954 00, fax 954 06 30, H1704@
the night is exactly what you’d expect. Q104 rooms (81 singles, Although this hotel would Close to the historic railway station and the pedestrian zones of „Breite Gasse”, „Königsstraße” and
N68 - 98, 23 doubles N77 - 119). AGLP6W hh normally disappear into the chain-hotel fog, its proximity to „Kaiserstraße”, the NH Nürnberg-City offers you a warm welcome. The city’s most lovely museums invite
the spa on the other side of the Kurpark makes it a highly you to a cultural experience. At christmastime, a visit to the famous Christkindlesmarket for Mulled Wine,
InterCityHotel Stuttgart D-2, Arnulf-Klett-Platz 7, desirable place to stay. So, on one hand the possibility to Lebkuchen and Nuremberg Sausages is a must. The trade fair and the airport are quickly reached as well.
MHauptbahnhof, tel. 225 00, fax 225 04 99, stuttgart@ enjoy the standardised luxury of a hotel of this class, and, The three on the other, the elegance and self-indulgence of the oldest
star version of the Steigenberger Hotels sits not prettily in the spa in Stuttgart. Q156 rooms (singles N105 - 135, doubles Our rooms are generously equipped and offer lots of room to relax. In addition
railway station - but as a transit type hotel, this is exactly where it N105 - 135). AGHKPW hhhh to a bath/shower and WC, all rooms have satellite TV, a mini bar, hairdryer,
wants to be. Large and busy, InterCity caters for the businessman air-conditioning as well as high speed internet access. In the fitness area with
with wireless LAN, TV, modem/fax link and minibar in every room, Mercure Stuttgart City Centre D-1, Heilbronner Str. its sauna, solarium and steam bath, you will find an opportunity to relax and
plus free transport round the city. Q112 rooms (17 singles N89 - 88, MTürlenstraße, tel. 25 55 80, fax 25 55 81 00,
138, 95 doubles N101 - 165). AGHL6W hhh, Local industry rejuvenate. Revitalize yourself for the day at our generous and healthy break-
showcased with Steiff bears, a toy Porsche and model rail- fast buffet.
Kronen Hotel Garni C-2, Kronenstr. 48, MHaupt- way (plus internet) in the lobby plus bar, breakfast and dining
bahnhof, tel. 225 10, fax 225 14 04, info@kronenhotel- rooms around the corner. All spacious rooms have king,, This hotel queen or twin beds, TV but no minibar (drink machines are on
is run by the diocese of Rothenburg and has a special happy each floor). Nice touches abound in this good, central hotel.
glow about it. The rooms are not luxurious, but well-equipped Q174 rooms (79 singles N73 - 169, 95 doubles N87 - 193). The various business services of our hotel are at your
and elegantly comfortable. The staff are extremely helpful, AGKLPR6UW hhh
demand whenever you require them for a seminar, mee-
and the breakfast buffet is fabulous. And all is packaged in a
crisp modern building. Q80 rooms (60 singles N99 - 118, 20 Millenium Hotel & SI-Suites Plieninger Str. 100, tel. ting or large event. 7 function rooms for up to 290 people,
doubles N133 - 175). ADGHKLW hhhh 721 10 50, fax 721 22 02,, www. fully air-conditioned and equipped with the latest in con- There are actually two hotels (Mil- ference technology offer ideal conditions. Our business
lenium Hotel and SI-Suites) here on the premises. The entire service team will assist you in every detail of planning and
SI entertainment complex offers musical performances, a
huge wellness area (hotel guests get reduced rates), a casino, organization.
shopping, bars, restaurants - this is where Stuttgart begins
to resemble Vegas. You might be tempted to indulge in this
somehow odd, luxurious world, and not leave to see the city.
The excellent staff, fine interiors, elegant rooms with all the Experience “nhube”, our new Discover the new multifunctional
convenience you can imagine, endless facilities, and infinite
ways to pass your time here make the choice hard. 464 guest restaurant idea that’s simply area created by Ferran Adrià and NH
rooms available Q (singles N120 - 170, doubles N129 - 235, made for watching TV, surfing Hoteles, where restaurant services,
triples N270). ACDFGHKLPUW hhhh the internet, enjoying culinary leisure and entertainment are com-
delicacies, reading or simply bined.
mo.hotel Hauptstr. 26, MVaihingen, tel. 28 05 60, fax
28 05 61 00,, relaxing. A subsidiary of DaimlerChrysler, this hotel owes its
philosophy to car-making: precision, elegance, technology and
so on. Although the ubiquitous mo theme can get a bit annoy-
ing, this design hotel certainly offers the facilities and minimal Enjoy the exceptional cuisine Feel the pleasure of reading,
aesthetics a contemporary traveller expects. The rooms are which Ferran Adrià has listening to music, having a
spacious, excellently equipped and exude the quiet perfection exclusively prepared for you. meal… in a setting which
of a Japanese garden. Q132 rooms (4 singles N126, 130 Varied, simple and exquisite. has been designed to cater
doubles N136). ADFGHLPUW hhhh
for all your needs.
Ochsen Weinstube Hotel Ulmer Straße 323, MIn-
selstr., tel. 407 05 00, fax 40 70 50 99, info@ochsen-, With an omnipresent
alpine chalet atmosphere, the excellent restaurant and
tastefully furnished rooms make the traveller feel at home.
The whirlpools in select rooms are an especially nice touch.
The flair is definitely different from other hotels in the area. NH NÜRNBERG-CITY
It’s a bit far from the centre, but very practically situated for Bahnhofstraße 17-19 | 90402 Nürnberg
the WorldCup. Q (5 singles N73 - 99, 16 doubles N99 - 130). T. 0911 9999-0 | F. 0911 9999-100

Stuttgart In Your Pocket


Royal C-4, Sophienstr. 35, MStadtmitte, tel. 625 05 00, Find C-4, Hauptstätter Str. 53b, MÖsterreicher Platz,
fax 62 88 09,, www.royalstutt- tel. 640 40 76 78, fax 640 94 17,, The rooms are spacious, elegantly furnished (if a bit It’s simple, the service mechanical,
1990s) with the standard conveniences one would expect for the interior more a hostel than a hotel - but it’s cheap and
a hotel of this class. The restaurant is very good, with a large the central location does make it easy to get around. Since
and delicious breakfast buffet. The conference facilities are the hotel is on the busiest street in the downtown, ask for a
excellent and the staff is very accommodating and friendly. room to the courtyard. The cheapest rooms don’t have en-
Q100 rooms (70 singles N85 - 140, 30 doubles N123 - 250) suite toilets. Q50 rooms (12 singles N43 - 69, 13 doubles
Breakfast €12. AGHKLPR hhhh N64 - 98). A hh

Sautter B-3, Johannesstr. 28, MSchloss/Johannesstr, tel. Mack D-2, Kriegerstr. 5-7, MHauptbahnhof, tel. 29 29
614 30, fax 61 16 39,, www.hotel- 42, fax 29 34 89,, www. Everything one would expect from a family-run hotel: Although this is a low-budget ho-
pleasant, clean, efficient - everything’s a little bit old-fashioned, tel, the rooms are surprisingly varied and comfortable if rather
but comfortable. The rooms are bright though a bit puritanical. basic. Depending where your room is you could be staring at
The excellent restaurant is worth a visit even if you’re not staying a concrete wall in the morning. The rooms can be a bit loud,
here. The prices are especially reasonable, though this hotel is a so try to get one away from Heilbronner Strasse. Q27 rooms
little further from the centre. Q50 rooms (28 singles N60 - 80, (11 singles N45 - 65, 16 doubles N55 - 75). A hh
28 doubles N85 - 108). AGHK hhh
Merit C-4, Tübinger Str. 17b, MStadtmitte, tel. 601
SB Unger Select Marketing Hotel C-2, Kronenstr. 17, 74 10, fax 601 74 160,, www.
MHauptbahnhof, tel. 209 90/209 91 00, info@hotel- The rooms are somewhat spartan and a bit
REGA-Hotel Stuttgar t B-4, Ludwigstr. 18-20,, The rooms here are almost gloomy, but admittedly larger than most rooms of this class.
MSchloss/Johannesstr, tel. 61 93 40, fax 619 34 77, painfully practical. Obviously all requirements for four stars Try to reserve a room towards the courtyard, as the Tübinger, The hotel disap- were met, but the rooms have absolutely no character - the Str. can get loud. Q (singles N46 - 81, 26 doubles N56 - 99,
pears in residential surroundings, but inside is comfortable saving grace is in the bathrooms, which are spacious and triples N77 - 128, 1 quad N102 - 160). A hhh
and surprisingly spacious. The staff is friendly and helpful, feature lots of stone. The location is extremely central but
and the restaurant facilities good. The restaurant feels more very quiet. The highlight of any stay here will definitely be
like a bistro because of the practical interior, but serves good the breakfast buffet. Q (67 singles N74 - 118, 28 doubles Airport hotels
local specialities. Q60 rooms (singles N80 - 115, 60 doubles N105 - 160). AGHPW hhhh Mercure Stuttgar t Airpor t Eichwiesenring 1,
N102 - 145). AGHKLR hhh MFasanenhof, tel. 726 60, fax 726 64 44, H1574@ac-, The modern building in close
Rieker C-2, Friedrishstr. 3, MHauptbahnhof, tel. Under €75 proximity to the airport and new exhibition halls is more suited
22 13 11, fax 29 38 94,, www. Berg F-1, Karl-Schurz-Str. 16, MMetzstr, tel. 997 80 for the business traveller than the tourist. The restaurant is Well located opposite the main railway 70, fax 99 78 07 29, hotel-berg-stuttgart@t-online. particularly good and offers fine French fare - an alternative
station, Reiker is a small, family-run, bed and breakfast de, This family-run hotel is restaurant has more down-to-earth German cuisine. The
type hotel. Rooms are not spacious but adequate with located close to the spas and wellness centres. The staff rooms are modern, spacious and well-equipped. Q148 Mövenpick Airport Flughafenstr. 7, MFlughafen, tel.
sound-proofed windows, cable TV, hairdryer and minibar; a are attentive and friendly. It is no-nonsense, but pleasant, rooms (56 singles N139 - 159, 64 doubles N159 - 179). 790 70, fax 79 35 85, hotel.stuttgart.airport@moeven-
safe is at reception. The lobby has a small bar and along bright and in a quiet location. All rooms have the basics and ADFGHKLPUW hhhh, If you plan on
with friendly staff and a breakfast room and that’s about it. are practically decorated. Q (singles N39, doubles N59, staying outside the city, especially close to the airport, come
Q66 rooms (46 singles N90 - 112, 20 doubles N100 - 142). triples N69). hhh here. The hotel manages to maintain its own character, even
AGL6W hhh though it boasts all the facilities of a world-class chain. It’s loca-
Deutsche Telekom Tagungshotel Universitätsstraße tion directly at the airport, certainly means convenience. The
Romantik Hotel Traube Brabandtgasse 2, Plieningen, 34, Vaihingen, MUniversität, tel. 80 03 30 42 15, fax 68 target traveller here is certainly the business person, however,
tel. 45 89 20, fax 458 92 20, info@romantik-hotel- 63 48 98, rezeption.tagungshotel-stuttgart@telekom. the extremely attractive weekend rates are certainly interest-, This is de, ing for the tourist. Q229 rooms (143 singles N79 - 124, 60
small, family-run hotel features rooms decorated in country dorte/stuttgart.jsp. This is mainly a conference and doubles N89 - 145, 3 triples N114 - 170, 23 suites N129 - 180).
style. The hotel is closer to the airport than anything else, training hotel, principally used by the German Telecom, but ADFGHKPUW hhhh
but travellers with a car won’t mind. In the small suburb of it offers good accommodation for everyone. The restaurant
Plieningen you could imagine that you’re far away in the coun- is cafeteria-style and the rooms are very practical. However,
try anyway. The gourmet restaurant is exquisite and probably the service is very friendly and efficient and the quality for Hostels
the best reason to come. Q (singles N85 - 135, 20 doubles the price is outstanding. Q (105 singles N42, 119 doubles Arche C-3, Bärenstr. 2, MSchloßplatz, tel. 24 57 59,
N105 - 195). AHKL hhhh N55). AGHKW hhh fax 259 96 02, Not a hostel but
it falls into this price category. Family run, basic hotel with 13
rooms that share bathroom facilities. Well located right next to
the Markthalle, the Arche also has a popular Mediterranean
restaurant. Rooms are in no way luxurious, just a bed and
sink but at this price and location, with friendly staff and good
food on tap, it isn’t to be sneezed at. Q13 rooms (10 singles
N45 - 60, 3 doubles N80 - 95). AK

Esplanaud D-4, Charlottenstr. 27, MOlgaeck, tel. 21

09 10, fax 210 91 55,, www. Not a hostel, but it fits into the price
category. The shabby, cramped lobby in the stairwell doesn’t
bode well, but staff are friendly, rooms have TV, are adequate,
clean and comfortable, breakfast is included, and for this price
and its location, allowances can and should be made. Ask
for any deals. Q29 rooms (14 singles N43 - 69, 15 doubles
SB N64 - 88). ALU

Stuttgart In Your Pocket June - July 2006


Stuttgart’s telephone code is African Symbol key

Ebony B-4, Herzogstr. 11 (West), MFeuersee, tel. 62 58
(+49)(0)711 34. The atmosphere is average and the service as well, but P Air conditioning A Credit cards accepted
good African meals prepared more or less authentically make E Live music S Take away
this a good alternative to all the Italian and Chinese places.
Hostel Alex 30 E-3, Alexanderstr. 30, MOlgaeck, tel. The location is also good - in a five minutes walk, you can T Child friendly U Facilities for the disabled
838 89 50/83 88 95 20, Lovely start your evening tour of the bars. QOpen 11:30 - 01:00, G Non-smoking areas L Guarded parking
spot, and still fairly central with maximum six beds in a room, Fri, Sat 11:30 - 02:00. (€4-12). B
two apartments with kitchen and bathroom, a terrace, 24 O Casino M Nearest bus station
hour bar (bottled beer only €2), TV, internet (€3/hr), laundry R Internet W Wi-Fi connection
facilities and a communal kitchen – a supermarket is round Asian
the corner. Friendly, clean, bright and airy. Buffet breakfast Floating Market C-3, Theodor-Heuss-Str. 14, MStadt-
€6, linen €3. Q (60 Dorm beds N19 - 29). B mitte, tel. 222 02 28. Thai food never looked this good: Calwer-Eck-Braü C-3, Calwer Str. 31, MRotebühl-
a Koi pond, various levels featuring everything from larger platz, tel. 22 24 94 40, Another
IB Jugendgästehaus E-4, Richard-Wagner-Str. 2, tables to cosy corners, fabulous and artistically presented microbrewer selling their bright (lager), dark and wheat beers
MDobelstr., tel. 248 97 30, jgh.stuttgart@internatio- meals served by dainty waitresses in silk dresses, a simple along with the staple food of the local beer drinking culture, As this is but harmoniously elegant interior, even a wine list that makes – Schwabian meals, sausages, Flammkuchen, etc. Lots of
a youth hostel, the best feature this one has is the location. an honest attempt to fit to Asian cuisine. Probably one of the stained glass, the requisite pine high and low tables, draped
On the southern hills overlooking Stuttgart, the views are best places for either a business dinner or romantic night out. hops and appropriately fuelled clientele. Q Open 09:00
something four star hotels are envious of. The facilities are QOpen 18:00 - 24:00. (€8-20). ABP - 01:00. Fri 09:00 - 02:00. Sat 10:00 - 02:00. Sun 10:00
ok, the staff friendly - lot depends on the luck you have with - 01:00. Hols 17:00 - 01:00. (€5-16). AK
who else is staying. Q (100 Dorm beds N16 - 21).
Australian Sophie’s Brauhaus C-4, Marienstr. 28, MRotebühl-
Jugendherberge Stuttgart E-3, Haußmannstr. 27, Sydney’s C-3, Calwer Str. 31, MRotebühlplatz, tel. platz, tel. 61 09 62, Brew-
MEugensplatz, tel. 24 15 83, fax 236 10 41, www. 226 117 07. Slightly tacky décor heralds this otherwise ery by numbers with standard wooden furniture, a mess A massive new hostel up on sophisticated Aussie restaurant (there are few bar stools of high and low tables, copper tanks and almost canteen
the hill overlooking the city. Slick and shiny with a glass lift, and high tables) that serves only Aussie wine, has Red Back style kitchen which does though churn out good Schwabian
plasma screens, a restaurant and bar, lounge areas (but no on tap, Bundy rum and VB stubbies. The Austrian owner lived dishes, Flammkuchen (kind of pizza from Alsace) and more.
kitchen) and 307 beds. This place was built to accommodate down under for four years and brought some Antipodean The brews – bright, dark and wheat – are pretty good and
the World Cup, and they are already coming. You have to be delicacies back with him – emu, crocodile and barramundi the atmosphere is raucous. A long bar accommodates many.
an YHA member to stay at: membership is €12 a year, €20 all devoured with relish. QOpen 11:00 - 01:00, Sun 17:00 - Sunday brunch offered too. Q Open 16:00 - 01:00, Fri & Sat
for over 27s; available at check-in. Q 309 beds. €20-23 per 24:00. (€8-25). A 11:00 - 02:00. Sun 10:30 - 24:00. (€6-14). AK
Beer houses Cafés
Brauerei-Gaststätte Dinkelacker Tübingerstr. 48, Acadamie Der Schönsten Künste D-3, Charlottenstr.
MÖsterreichischer Platz, tel. 60 37 97. With the brewery 5, MCharlottenplatz, tel. 24 24 36. Very cool, funky art
behind this oddly shaped beer hall and restaurant, this is deco inspired eclectic bric-a-brac literati cum glitterati café.
one of the better brew houses in the city with four beers on With large and small tables, an open kitchen, magazines to
tap including one unfiltered Kellerpils, excellent and hearty read, art on the walls and young pretty staff, this is a good place
portions of fine Schwabian cuisine to go with the beer and to hang out any time. Choose sandwiches, soup, sausages,
friendly servers. It’s all wood and stained glass behind the crepes (€2-6), tea, coffee, beer or cocktails (max. €8) from their
heavy carved doors with a mix of locals and tourists, young German only menu. Q Open 06:00 - 24:00. Fri 06:00 - 01:00.
and old. QOpen 11:00 - 24:00. Closed Sun. AK Sat 09:00 - 01:00. Sun & Hols 09:00 - 18:00.

Café im Königsbau C-3, Königstr. 28, MSchlossplatz,

Butcher and baker tel. 290 78. Here you have three possibilities for sustenance
while shopping: downstairs a small bakery with excellent cakes
Since Stuttgarters are usually stressfully heading from and pastries for take-away, a restaurant with good meals at rea-
job to Mercedes dealership to shopping, their breakfast sonable prices served in simple surroundings, and the upstairs
and lunch are usually enjoyed at a bakery or butcher. café decorated in Viennese style with a spectacular view over the
Several bakery chains (Lang or Kamps) offer inexpensive Schloßplatz. The crowd tends to be older here. QOpen 09:00 -
and somewhat more healthy fare than your average 19:00, Sat 09:00 - 18:00, Sun 12:00 - 18:00. (€4-10).
fast-food hunger-blocker. Even cheaper, there are several
“self-service” (SB) bakeries - the one in the pedestrian Café Nast C-3, Esslinger Str. 40, MCharlottenplatz. The
underpass at the main station has great pastries filled quality of German bakeries is renowned and Café Nast has
with cheese. Most butchers offer excellent and very been in business since 1902 and now has seven locations
reasonable lunch specials. The choice is somewhat around the city. Tantalising breads, chocolates, cakes, plus
limited and you normally eat standing up, but a complete sandwiches, soups and small dinner plates with wine in the
and delicious meal of some local specialities for under café proper. QOpen 07:00 - 18:30. Closed Sun. B
€ 4 is hard to beat.
Graf Eberhard D-3, Nesenbachstr. 25, MÖster-
reichischer Platz, tel. 24 20 25. A little secluded café
offering excellent cakes and pastry, a very delicious breakfast
and brunch menu, good and inexpensive lunch specials.
This is the perfect place to relax between shopping sprints between the Königstrasse and Tübinger Strasse with a
quiet and spacious terrace. QOpen 06:00 - 24:00, Fri, Sat
06:00 - 02:00. (€4-15). AB

Stuttgart In Your Pocket June - July 2006


Wiener’s B-3, Breitscheidstr. 10, MBerliner Platz, Zirbelstube D-2, Schillerstr. 23, MHauptbahnhof, tel.
tel. 284 53 45. It’s not a café au lait, but a melange, nor a Fine dining 202 60, A local or visiting
cappuccino, rather a gestürtzte Neumann. Here the coffee Der Zauberlehrling D-4, Rosenstr. 38, MOlgaeck, tel. gourmet’s delight. Chef Bernhard Diers has gained a Michelin
tradition is Viennese with excellent specialities from that 237 77 70, The delicious gourmet star with his inspired, regularly changing French and Mediter-
city. Don’t miss the great coffee and liquor combinations. restaurant and catering business from the designer hotel at ranean menu (Medallion of monk fish with potato celery puree
Evenings, this is only somewhat more of a bar, but can’t the same location. Dining is a limited affair with just a few and Périgord truffle jus). Semi private dining is possible with
really compete with the other offerings at the Bosch Areal. tables, but the kitchen produces exquisite dishes, has a fine various nooks and crannies in this 60-seater hotel restaurant.
QOpen 08:00 - 24:00, Fri 08:00 - 02:00, Sat 09:00 - 02:00, wine list and sets various themes such as Roll it Baby sushi. Reservations recommended. Q Open 12:00 -14:00; 19:00
Sun 10:00 - 21:00. B Vegetarians are well catered for too. Q Open 12:00 -14:00; to 22:00. Closed Sun & Mon. (€12-40). AB
18:00 - 24:00. Sat & Sun 18:00 - 24:00. (€10-30). A
Zur Weinsteige D-4, Hohenheimerstr. 28-30, MDobel-
Fast food La Fenice C-4, Rotebühlplatz 29, MStadtmitte, tel. 615 straße, tel. 236 70 00, A classic
Auszeit B-4, Augustenstr. 52, MFeuersee, tel. 505 11 44. Elegant ambiance meets a family-run Italian restaurant. Schwabian restuarant in an historical family home (converted
31 60. This is a little hidden bistro perfect for a quick snack Maitre d’ Vincenzo and staff make every guest feel like a VIP in the into the Hotel Wörst) with a huge wine cellar. Heavy wood and
during the day. The atmosphere is friendly and one is imme- elegantly decorated rooms, while sister Rosa manages the kitchen magnificent carvings surround the tables where diners enjoy
diately welcomed into the circle. They serve excellent soups and combines the best organically-grown local produce into works seasonal and regional delicacies from chef Jörg Scherle (Black
and sandwiches - the reason why this place is so popular with of art. The motto here is gusto. For imaginative Italian meals in Forest game, trout, seafood) while his brother Andreas ad-
locals on their lunch break. In the morning, this is practically sumptuous surroundings, this is definitely the best location in the vises you on one of their 750 wines. Q Open 12:00 - 14:00;
the centre of the quarter. QOpen 08:00 - 15:00. Closed city. Don’t miss the goat cheese soufflé. Q Open 12:00-15:00, 18:00 - 22:00. Closed Sun & Mon. (€12-35). AB
Sat, Sun. (€4-8). B 18:00-24:00, Sat-Mon 18:00-24:00. (€8-30). ABP

Bangkok Express C-3, Neue Brücke 8, MRotebühl- Olivo D-2, Arnulf-Klett-Platz 7, MHauptbahnhof, tel. 204 82 German
platz, tel. 280 47 91. Always busy Thai restaurant with a 77. A fabulous restaurant with Italian specialities prepared the way Alte Kanzlei C-3, Schillerpl. 5a, MSchloßplatz, tel.
good terrace for the summer months. Eat in or take away, Michelin reviewers like it. The creative menu is surprisingly reasonable. 29 44 57. Breakfast, soups, salads, wraps, steak, etc. plus
the Thai dishes are authentic, tasty and can be spiced up as Gorgeous food, extremely elegant ambiance and perfect service. If Schwabian specials for slightly higher prices than normal,
WW you like. Singha beer available too. QOpen 11:00 - 21:00. you have the time, try signing up for a cooking course. Q Open 12:00- but this location can’t be beaten with the delightful terrace
Closed Sun. (€2-6). BS 14:00, 18:30-24:00. Closed Sun, Mon. (€8-40). AP h next to the old castle. Inside, the atmosphere is refined
Grand Café Planie D-3, Charlottenpl. 17, MCharlotten- and the wall of wine is a welcome view. Open, airy and with
platz, tel. 29 25 53. This long yellow building was formerly China Wok Imbiß C-4, Eberhardstr. 18-22, MRathaus, Wielandshöhe Alte Weinsteige 71, Degerloch, MBops- impeccable service. Q Open 10:00 - 24:00. Fri & Sat 10:00
a military academy (Schiller trained here) and orphanage tel. 553 23 38. Surprisingly tasty Chinese and Thai cuisine er, tel. 640 88 48. Probably the best restaurant in Stuttgart, - 01:00. (€7-18). AB
before becoming one of the best outdoor sipping and people- from this functional eat in or take away restaurant. Bambi star chef Vincent Klink mixes up incredible creations drawing
watching spots in the city. The huge terrace overlooks the Goreng and more pedantic dishes are cooked up in the open from local tradition and the very best in international cuisine.
weekly flea market and is always packed when the sun shines. kitchen and come fast, friendly and as chilli hot (scharf) as It’s very, very expensive, and you’ll have to reserve at least a
Breakfast, soup, salad, pasta and some specials available you’d like. The chef wanders round making sure diners are week in advance, but it’s well worth it. Q Open 12:00-14:00, Stuttgart’s code is (0)711
(€6-15). Q Open 07:00 - 02:00. Fri 07:00 - 03:00. Sat 08:00 satisfied while the lucky cat waves, locals meet and eat 18:30-21:00. Closed Sun, Mon. (€20-50). AP h
- 03:00. Sun 08:00 - 01:00. AB before everyone gets a free shot. QOpen 11:00 - 24:00.
(€4-9). S
Panorama Café Jahnstr. 120, MRuhbank Fernsehturm,
tel. 236 32 40. 150m up Stuttgart’s TV Tower is this circular, Extra-Wurst C-3, Theodor-Heuss-Str. 24, MStadtmitte,
heavily windowed for the best views and thus extremely busy tel. 711 11. This is the place to go when your stomach begins
café. It serves up a rich and tantalising variety of cakes, growling whilst club-hopping on Theodor-Heuss-Strasse.
baguettes, beer and tea and coffee at slightly higher prices Young servers behind the counter will hand you Curry Würst
than its less-lofty brethren. QOpen 11:00 - 23:00. (or other German fast food specialities) with a smile. This
diner has managed to become a location in itself, and they
Penguin Eis E-3, Haußmannstr. 3, MEugensplatz. Take offer quite a selection of drinks in a bottle. QOpen 12:00 -
the tram up the hill, cross the street and sample the best eis 03:00. (€2-4). B
in Stuttgart at this small bistro then cast your eye from the
small park over the u-shaped valley that nestles Stuttgart Schlemmermeyer C-3, Königstr. 4, MSchloßplatz, tel.
between vineyards and forests. Sample another scoop or two 223 73 81. Fantastic local deli and pork grill on fast food alley
before taking one of the famous stäffele (steps) back down off the pedestrian Königstr. Choose from cuts of pork, pork
into the heart of the city. QOpen 08:00 - 23:00. knuckle or just bits of hot crackling, plus sausages, cold cuts
and cheeses, for eat in or take away. QOpen 09:00 - 20:00,
Stella D-3, Hauptstätterstr. 57, MÖsterreichischer Sat 09:00 - 18:00. Closed Sun. (€2-6). S
Platz, tel. 640 25 83. Although located directly on the main
8-lane express way through town, here you’ll find a surprisingly Subway C-3, Königstr. 31, MRotebühlplatz, tel. 120
relaxing and comfortable brunch and early afternoon retreat. 41 07. Catering for the slightly healthy late night partiers in
The breakfast menu is varied and tasty - try one of the freshly town, this Subway also has a good terrace for some Vitamin
prepared lassie drinks. Interesting interior decorating ideas for D with your fresh subs and salads. Q Open 10:00 - 23:00.
eager home improvers are a plenty. QOpen 07:00 - 01:00, Thurs 10:00 - 01:00. Fri & Sat 10:00 - 03:00. Sun 12:00
Sat, Sun 09:00 - 02:00. (€4-8). - 23:00. BS

Teehaus Hohenheimer Str. 119, Park der Villa Weißen- Udo’s Snack C-3, Calwer Str. 23, MStadtmitte, tel.
burg, MBopser, tel. 236 93 41. An insider tip, this Jugend- 226 98 94. The cult place to eat hamburgers, where locals
stil pavilion was built in 1913 in a park on the south hills above were stuffing themselves in days when McDonald’s was
Stuttgart. Those in the know gather here on comfortable unknown. The burger variations may seem a bit unusual
summer afternoons and evenings for the fabulous view. The (burger with an egg sunny-side up) but are tasty, filling and
food is good and drinks are reasonable. Sit in the pavilion cheap. When the nearby Theodor-Heuss club mile is in full
itself, at tables spread throughout the park and on a terrace swing, this is a good place to meet up with fellow clubbers.
overlooking the city. In the park feel free to bring your own QOpen 11:00 - 21:00, Wed, Thu 11:00 - 22:00, Fri, Sat
sustenance. QOpen 11:00 - 23:00. B 11:00 - 01:00. Closed Sun. (€2-5).

Stuttgart In Your Pocket June - July 2006


Ratskeller C-3, Marktpl. 1, MRathaus, tel. 23 97

80, In the cellar of the Decoding the menu
appropriately named Rathaus (City Hall) is this swarthy,
heavy wooden furnished and traditional local eatery. Try the Fleisch Meat
Auflauf casserole
spätzle (Schwabian pasta) with cheese or linsenteller (lentils, Braten roast
sausages, bacon and spätzle) or good ol’ fashioned suckling Bratwurst sausage
piglet. An old world feel with private dining rooms and friendly Brust breast
staff. Q (€7-20). AGT Eintopf stew
Eisbein knuckle of pork
Weinstub e Kachelof en C-4, Eb erhardstr. 10, Ente duck
MRathaus, tel. 24 23 78, www.weinstube-kachelofen. Gans goose
Hackbraten meatloaf
de. Weinstuben are small, homely restaurants known for Haxe knuckle
wine and traditional cooking and this is one of Stuttgart’s Hühnchen chicken
most popular. It’s big, busy and full of an older, suited and Kalb calf
booted crowd. Knick-knacks line the stained glass windows Kaninchen young rabbit
and hearty food is enjoyed. Q Open 11:30 - 01:00. Fri & Sat SB Kohlrouladen cabbage-stuffed beef
11:30 - 02:00. Sun 17:00 - 24:00. (€8-12). A Küken puisson
Lamm lamb
Empore C-3, Dorotheenstr. 4, MCharlottenplatz, tel. Leberkäse meatloaf
24 59 79, A fine selection of
Indian antipasti leads into a menu of fish, veal and Argentine Angus,
Delhi Palace Tübinger Str. 67, MÖsterreichischer all carefully selected from the seasonal delicacies of the Mark- Rind beef
Platz, tel. 601 22 30, thalle stalls this open plan café cum restaurant overlooks. Rippchen loin ribs
Authentic music and aromas entice customers into this Delicious espresso and tortes, Italian wines, flambé speciali- Rouladen thinly sliced beef
family-run and fantastic curry house where the owners speak ties and friendly, classy service. QOpen 09:00 - 22:00, Sat Schenkel, Schlegel, Keule leg
Schnitzel veal, pork cutlet
English, ask how hot you’d like your curry and really care 08:00 - 18:00. Closed Sun. (€9-18). A Schwein pork
that you are enjoying your meal. Indian families comprise the Steak steak
bulk of diners so join the throng and sample veggie dishes, Litfass D-3, Eberhardstr. 35, MRathaus, tel. 24 30 31. Weißwurst veal sausage
biryanis, tikka, vindaloos and more. Q Open 11:00 - 14:00; Although the opening hours and frequent special events would Wild venison
17:00 - 23:00. (€8-14). G imply a night club, this is more of a place to eat, drink and Wildschwein wild boar
move on. The menu offers something for everyone and the
Fisch Fish
place attracts a varied crowd. If it livens up, there are also
International good chances of mingling with locals. QOpen 10:30 - 06:00,
Ampulle B-4, Augustenstr. 31a, tel. 61 35 53. A cosy Fri, Sat 10:30 - 08:00. (€4-9). B Kabeljau codfish
restaurant with excellent international (emphasis on local Lachs salmon
Swabian) fare, in comfortable surroundings. The interior Meyer’s D-3, Eberhardstr. 37, MRathaus, tel. 553 26 Scholle plaice
is elegant, despite the reasonable prices and somehow 93. In concept similar to Litfass (in fact a spin-off), the style
reminds one of eating in a small French bistro. This is also a here is more upscale and elegant and the cocktails better. Beilagen Side dishes
Auberginen aubergines
great place for a delicious lunch, though a bit further away The crowd here is made up of loyal locals and people like us Blumenkohl, Karfiol cauliflower
from the downtown. QOpen 11:00 - 24:00, Fri 18:00 - ??. who mistakenly walked in but decided they liked it. QOpen Bohnen beans
(€8-15). A 11:00 - 06:00. (€4-12). B Bratkartoffeln roast potatoes
Brokkoli broccoli
Primafila Jahnstr. 120, MRuhbank Fernsehturm, tel. Brötchen bread roll
236 31 55. A more upmarket dining option for visitors to the Erbsen peas
Gurke cucumber
TV Tower and with a marvellous beer garden for the summer Karotten, Möhren carrots
months. Inside, it’s all the usual un-atmospheric wood tables, Kartoffeln, Erdäpfel potatoes
linen cloths and waist-coated waiters. Cuisine runs along Ital- Knödel dumplings
ian and local specialities with a good wine list and humidor. Knoblauch garlic
QOpen 11:30 - 24:00. (€8-20). B Nudeln pasta
Paprika pepper
Weber Food & Sound C-3, Calwer Str. 52, MStadt- Pfannkuchen pancakes
Petersilie parsley
mitte, tel. 253 63 38. This is another place that can’t Pfeffer pepper
really decided if it’s more of a restaurant or bar, but that’s Pilze mushrooms
ok because whether it’s a quick meal, coffee, a drink or a full Pommes Frites french fries, potato chips
dinner, you’ll be satisfied. Cool interior, simple but good menu Salz salt
and a lot of 25 to 35-year-olds hanging about most of the Sauerkraut sauerkraut
day. If you’re lucky, you just might see a football player from Senf mustard
Spargel asparagus
the Stuttgart team. QOpen 11:00 - 01:00, Fri, Sat 11:00 - Spätzle egg noodles
02:00, Sun 10:00 - 01:00. (€4-10). B Speck bacon
Spinat spinach
Zucker sugar
Italian Zwiebeln onion
Amici D-2, Lautenschlagerstr. 2, MHauptbahnhof, tel.
227 02 92. For fine Italian dining directly at the main station, Desserts Desserts
Apfelstrudel apple pie
this is definitely one of the best addresses in town and abso- Berliner/ Krapfen/ Kreppel doughnut
lutely packed at weekends (reservations recommended). In Bethmännchen almond paste cookies
combination with the lounge upstairs which serves excellent Bienenstich cake
cocktails, this is also a possibility for a night on the town. A Lebkuchen/Printen ginger bread
great place to meet the chic and well-dressed - or at least to Mousse mousse
look at them. QOpen 11:00 - 02:00, Fri, Sat 11:00 - 04:00, Rote Grütze red fruit jelly
SB Sun 17:00 - 01:00. (€8-20). AB

Stuttgart In Your Pocket June - July 2006


Come Prima C-4, Steinstr. 3, MRathaus, tel. 24 34 22, Mez zogiorno C-2, Kriegsbergstr. 55, MHaupt- Billy Joel, Tina Turner and Ayrton bahnhof, tel. 29 50 89. A restaurant with simple yet
Senna are among previous diners at this expensive but excel- avant-garde interior, known for closing their kitchen very
lent Italian, run by an appropriately flirty Maurizio. A small but late. Here you have a large choice of simple dishes with a
delightful menu of antipasti, pasta, fish and meat and nicely spark of creativity that makes them outstanding, as well
complemented by a fair selection of Italian wines. The mood is as an excellent three course menu. In summer, don’t miss
luxurious, languid and continues well into the night. Try pasta the Filleto di Manzo from the open grill. QOpen 11:30 -
stirred at your table in a large parmegiano cheese wheel. Q 01:00. (€6-25). AB
Open 12:00 - 14:30; 18:00 - 24:00. (€12-40). AB
Oggi C-3, Kleiner Schlossplatz 11, MSchlossplatz,
Da Franco C-3, Calwer Str. 23, MStadtmitte, tel. 29 tel. 284 59 90. Prime location opposite the Cube build-
15 81. Franco, the high-class Italian, owns two restaurants: ing and a very imaginative menu make this a must-try.
the fine one on the ground floor here and the super-posh one Because of the proximity to what’s important, this is a
hidden on the opposite side of the street on the first floor. perfect way of starting a night on the town or finishing a
Both offer food that is outstanding if somewhat overpriced, day stuffed with shopping and culture. QOpen 11:30 -
both have snobby waiters, both offer open-ended winelists 24:00. (€6-25). A
with bottles over €300, both are very elegant and popular.
Q Open 12:00-15:00, 18:00-24:00. CLosed Mon. (€8-25). Pane e Vino C-4, Steinstr. 3, MRathaus, tel. 24 84 74
ABP 37. After 20 years at Come Prima, Maurizio decided to spread
next door and this more relaxed, boozy but just as delicious
Goldoni A-4, Reinsburgstr. 151, MÖsterreichischer Italian. The flirtations continue from patrons and even the
Platz, tel. 659 98 89. A good balance of simple meals waiters and chefs, the crowd is affluent, young (at heart) and
(pasta and pizza) as well as a proper three course menu ready to party. Vegetarians are well catered for and the lunch
(Primo, Secondo, Dolce) along with great wines make this a specials a good deal. Q Open 11:30 - 01:00. Fri & Sat 11:30
very flexible restaurant. The seating is also varied, from simply - 02:00. Sun 18:00 - 01:00. (€8-16). ABT
elegant to chic. QOpen 18:00 - 01:00, Fri, Sat 18:00 - 02:00.
Closed Tue. (€4-18). A Vollare A-2, Silberburgstr. 62b, MHoelderlinplatz, tel.
300 00 56. A trattoria like it should be: an elegantly simple
Il Pomodoro D-4, Wilhelmsplatz 4, MRathaus, tel. interior, reasonably priced and delicious meals, friendly at-
236 20 57. Because of it’s central location and proximity mosphere. This family-run restaurant is sometimes host to
to banks, insurance companies and the like, this is a very spontaneous concerts when musician friends of the owner SB
popular place for lunch among the dark blue suits. The show up. Most nights it’s packed with locals, so come early
lunches are good, the service efficient, though dinner here or late. The service is not particularly efficient, but perhaps Japanese Swabian
is only so-so. Q Open 11:30-14:00, 17:30-23:00, Fri, Sat this only adds to the charm. QOpen 17:00 - 01:00. Closed Fai Sushi Kaiten C-3, Rotebühlplatz 18, MStadtmitte, Burhans Schlemmerstuben F-1, Heinrich-BaumannStr.
until 23:30. (€4-9). B Mon. (€4-11). B tel. 300 06 99. The first Kaiten-Sushi (sushi on a conveyor- 23, MStöckach, tel. 28 22 48. This family-run restaurant
belt rolling directly from the kitchen past all the greedy eyes of offers hearty and reasonably priced local specialities (don’t miss
diners) in Stuttgart. The location is perfect, the atmosphere the potato salad) in a pleasant atmosphere. The style is a bit old-
very minimally Japanese, the prices typical: expensive. This fashioned country elegance and the clientele tend to be a little bit
is a great place to meet for a talking-intensive dinner or, if you older, but the food is worth it and the good selection of inexpensive
get bored, watch Japanese fashion shows on the flat screen. local wines more than make up. Q Open 11:30-14.30, 17.30-
Great miso soup. QOpen 11:30 - 23:30. (€15). A 24:00, Sat 17:00-24:00. Closed Mon. (€8-18). A

Kübler B-4, Rotebühlstr. 69, MFeuersee, tel. 61 95 80. The

Mexican large butcher and meat company operates in the background, but
Coc@Inn B-3, Schloßstr. 77, MSchwab-Johanesstr, tel. also offers a restaurant and fast food focussing on their fresh meat
664 53 06. This could be a nightlife place, but it’s simply products. The restaurant feels a bit like Mom’s kitchen, the fast
too unpredictable whether or not a party will ignite here. The food stand is very good for what it is. Q (€3-9).
atmosphere is typically Tex-Mex with the usual decorations.
The music (not just Mexican folk and the Gypsy Kings) plus
excellent cocktails promise a good night out. Don’t miss the Turkish
steaks, forget about the dessert. QOpen 17:30 - 04:00. Perle B-3, Ludwigstr. 4, MBerliner Platz, tel. 615 10 67. This
(€4-16). AB small and authentic restaurant serves delicious Turkish specialities
in elegant and friendly surroundings. Young intellectuals love this
place, especially because of the fine balance between reasonable
Spanish prices and good quality. Definitely try one of their lamb specialities
Besitos C-3, Rotebühlplatz 21, MStadtmitte, tel. 489 and fantastic starters. QOpen 17:00 - 01:00. (€6-12). A
84 30. This large tapas bar also offers full meals and a wide
selection of drinks, cocktails and wines (a bit disappointing Taverna Yol B-3, Spittastr. 2, MSchwab-Bebelstr,
in quality). It is always full here in the evenings and normally tel. 636 32 56. A larger Turkish taverna with the seating
difficult to get a table, but with a bit of luck and a healthy dose spread out over several rooms with an interesting interior
of patience, the atmosphere makes this an exciting place for and authentic decorations. The service is very friendly and
an evening out. QOpen 11:00 - 01:00. (€2-12). AB will very patiently explain the merits of each point on the
menu. The starters are probably the best thing to choose
Cortijo C-4, Eberhardstr. 10, MRathaus, tel. 24 32 21. from: 2-3 per person to share is enough as a meal. QOpen
Authentic Spanish restaurant with good tapas, paella and 18:00 - 01:00. (€6-11).
more, plus live flamenco dancing every night in this spirited
restaurant where the family-run vibe spills out to incorporate
the diners. It isn’t very big, so reserve a spot for some Iberian
charm. Q Open 11:00 - 03:00, Fri & Sat 11:00 - 05:00.
SB (€7-17). AE

Stuttgart In Your Pocket June - July 2006


Bravo Charlie D-2, Lautenschlagerstr. 14, MHaupt- Mash B-3, Forststr. 7, MBerliner Platz, tel. 120 93 30, Mos Eisley C-3, Fritz Elsass-Str. 20, MStadtmitte, tel.
Bars bahnhof, tel. 620 29 66, Owner This large restaurant/bar/club in 284 29 57, This is place
Ackermanns B-3, Bebelstr. 20, tel. 636 55 22, www. Basti, after being involved in other locations in Stuttgart and the Bosch Areal offers basically everything. An all-day restaurant is popular with DJs, students and younger artists (no connection A magnet in the West Quarter, this is the Berlin, has managed to develop a truly innovative concept fo- featuring local and international specialities and their own brews. with Tatooine). The food is surprisingly good and the brunch pos-
place to be for sporting events - many eyes will be glued cusing on an airport theme. Three levels (bar, lounge and club) The elevated and lit tables in the centre of the large space make sibilities varied and delicious. It gets very packed in the evenings
to football games here. Additionally, a good selection of provide the stage where young intellectuals come to show off sure you will be seen. The outdoor seating covered by the spec- and though this is not usually a problem in Stuttgart, beware of
whiskeys (served correctly), diverse beers, a comfortable their Prada. Here you’ll also find probably the best cocktails tacular sweeping glass wave suspended 15m above is perfect pickpockets here. The atmosphere is friendly, if it only weren’t for
classic “American sport bar” atmosphere, special events, in the city. QOpen 07:00 - 02:00, Mon 07:00 - 01:00, Thu for hot summer as well as rainy days. CDs from house DJs are those yellow windows that give the place a strange glow during
live concerts from local bands and a mixed crowd guarantee 07:00 - 03:00, Fri 07:00 - 04:00, Sat 10:00 - 04:00, Sun available. QOpen 09:00 - 02:00, Fri, Sat 09:00 - 03:00. B the day. QOpen 10:00 - 01:00, Fri, Sat 11:00 - 02:00.
a relaxing evening. QOpen 17:00 - 01:00, Fri 17:00 - 02:00, 12:00 - 01:00. B
Sat 19:00 - 02:00, Sun 19:00 - 01:00. E Mata Hari C-4, Geißstr. 3, MCharlottenplatz. A long strip Oblomow C-4, Torstr. 20, MCharlottenplatz, tel. 236
Café Heller B-4, Herzogstr. 4, MFeuersee, tel. 62 of a lounge bar full of eclectic folk playing cards, reading and 79 24. Oblomow’s almost bone-like stone interior is always
Bar Waranga C-3, Kleiner Schlossplatz 15, MStadt- 58 74. This is a pleasant place to drink coffee during reclining on similarly eclectic furniture between its two doors. packed with hedonistic young things perched on the lofty
mitte, tel. 997 99 26. Following in the tradition of bars the day and for a leisurely dinner. A constantly changing Great bowls of pasta (€5) and soup (€3) comprise their food chairs or tucked into tight corners while the bar throngs with
coming and going on the Kleiner Schlossplatz, this is now exhibition of paintings and photographs from local artists menu while the drinks list is handily scrawled above the hard- a more fluid crowd and the sportsters play table football out
the scene location next to the Cube. Anyone who has even a decorates the practical interior. The food is decent but working bar folk. DJs spin a varied roster of chilly tunes. Q Open back. Loud and late, this bar funks on into the early morning.
mediocre opinion of themselves should be seen here at least somewhat overpriced, but the wines offered are all good 15:00 - 02:00. Fri 15:00 - 03:00. Sat 12:00 - 03:00. K Q Open 15:00 - 05:00. Fri & Sat 15:00 - 06:00.
once a week. Excellent cocktails, cool interior (check out the quality. After dinner time this becomes a lively bar. QOpen
jungle room in the toilets), and an artsy crowd certainly do 09:00 - 01:00, Fri, Sat 09:00 - 02:00, Sun 10:00 - 01:00. Mezzanin C-3, Bolzstr. 8b, MSchlossplatz, tel. 284 68 Rohbau C-3, Theodor-Heuss-Str. 26, MStadtmitte, tel. 222
provide atmosphere. QOpen 11:00 - 01:00, Thu, Fri, Sat BEW 78, / During the day this is a quiet 08 88. In the evenings, the pervasive aesthetic designed by Markus
11:00 - 03:00. B place to smoke a cigar (a large variety of fine Cuban cigars is (of Deli and Switzerland fame) makes this the place for twenty-to-
Deli D-3, Geißstr. 7, MRathaus, tel. 236 02 00, www. available), drink a cognac and have a light lunch Spanish-style thirty-something architects, designers and media artists. The live
Barcode C-3, Theodor-Heuss-Str. 30, MStadtmitte, Around the Hans-Im-Glück fountain, this in the middle of the city. In the evening, this becomes a hot DJs usually produce an excellent mix of sound and the well-mixed
tel. 887 81 04, This is the is an institution in Stuttgart. The waitresses are pretty, the meeting spot and often is completely packed, both down- cocktails a charged atmosphere. Come early or you won’t fit inside.
favourite place for the mid 20 to mid 30 crowd, dressed up food on the constantly changing menu is good, and imagi- stairs at the bar and upstairs in the almost hidden lounge. If you’re an insider, have a booth reserved so you can be admired by
in their weekend best to engage in courtship rituals, dance native (especially since Harry’s taken over as chef) and the QOpen 08:30 - 01:00, Sat, Sun 12:00 - 03:00. B jealous others. QOpen 20:00 - 02:00, Fri, Sat 20:00 - 04:00.
to heavy beats from DJs, and to drink cocktails. The concept terrace is the most comfortable place to enjoy summer in
here is pretty much similar to other places lining the Theodor- town. In the evenings, the place fills up quickly (get in before Mojito C-4, Hirschstr. 27, MRathaus, tel. 414 73 04, Schaufenster Mitte C-3, Theodor-Heuss-Str. 4, MStadt-
Heuss, although somehow Barcode seems to attract more 20:00 if you want to sit). QOpen 09:00 - 01:00, Fri, Sat Upstairs is a cool, welcoming café serv- mitte, tel. 358 57 38, If
pretty and handsome things than the others. QOpen 11:00 - 09:00 - 03:00. B ing breakfast, salads, tapas, ciabattas while downstairs is you’re more into the student atmosphere and not the made-up
02:00, Fri, Sat 11:00 - 04:00, Sun 18:00 - 02:00. B the cocktail bar, resplendent in comfy seats, well stocked and pretty crowd of the rest of the Theodor-Heuss scene, come
Dilayla D-3, Eberhardstr. 49, MRathaus, tel. 236 bar, DJs at the weekend, but sadly few patrons. Bring your here for a different atmosphere. It’s of course not as elegant
Barista Café C-4, Geißstr. 13, MCharlottenplatz, tel. 95 27, One of the few late-night bars party with you and get a seat here then dance to the rhythm or well-dressed, but there are interesting exhibitions, concerts
553 23 05. A tiny bar with cool tunes and weekend DJs from in Stuttgart, this is the best place to either chill out after of the night. €6-9 for a mojito. Q Open 08:30 - 01:00. Fri & and other events. Don’t bother with the food. QOpen 18:00 -
the owner of Deli opposite. With just a few seats and a short a hard night of dancing or the last chance to meet a take- Sat 08:30 - 03:00. AK 01:00, Fri, Sat 18:00 - 03:00. Closed Mon. BE
bar, you have to be lucky to get a table here, but it’s worth it home friend before the sun evaporates you. Local DJs, a
for the coffee, cocktails, beer and meeting new friends due comfortably chaotic ambience and an easy-going crowd
to the proximity of neighbours. Q Open 09:00 - 01:00. Fri from all walks of life make this a great place to spend the
& Sat 09:00 - 03:00. first few hours of the day. QOpen 23:00 - 04:00, Fri, Sat
23:00 - 06:00.

L’Oasis C-3, Theodor-Heuss-Str. 21, MStadtmitte,

tel. 300 04 81, Could be yet another
Beer or Culture?
bar on Theodor-Heuss, but the Arabic atmosphere makes
it a little different from the others in the area. The big
In Prague, you don’t have to choose. We have it all.
plus here is a ver y comfor table outside terrace with
lounge chairs. In the summer when it gets dark, this is
And we have it all in Prague In Your Pocket.
absolutely packed, so come here with a group and oc- Keep it where it belongs.
cupy an area, otherwise it’s standing room only. Q Open
11:00 - 02:00, Thu 11:00 - 04:00, Fri, Sat 11:00 - 05:00,
Sun 13:00 - 02:00. B

Lush B-4, Augustenstr. 70, MFeuersee, tel. 0172 622

29 76, A little off the beaten track
and hidden in the West Quarter, the bar aims more for the
alternative crowd. Here’s where to meet locals who wouldn’t
be caught dead in the trendy locations. Various local bands
perform, though the line-ups are often spontaneously put    $   ! 

together. The interior takes a bit getting used to; easily
ignored once the place fills up. QOpen 18:00 - 01:00, Fri,

Sat 18:00 - 03:00. E

Marshall Bar C-3, Bolzstr. 8a, MSchlossplatz, tel.

284 68 78, The sibling bar to the  

Mezzanin, this is the successor of the legendary Radio Bar.



A favourite among students, here you can get an inexpensive

meal during the day. In the evening this becomes a popular

place to meet before and after a film (four cinemas are within
spitting distance) or as a starting point for a night bar-hop-
PIYP s.r.o., V Jámě 1, 110 00, Praha 1, tel. (+420) 224 947 601,
WW ping. QOpen 11:00 - 03:00. B

Stuttgart In Your Pocket June - July 2006


Scholz C-3, Marktplatz 12, MRathaus, tel. 860 28 55, Directly on the Marktplatz, this Beer gardens Pubs
is a great place for either a short stop during the day or a Biergarten im Schloßgarten D-2, Am Schloßgarten Amadeus D-3, Charlottenplatz 17, MCharlottenplatz,
place for over-35s to spend an evening. With a good selection 18, MHauptbahnhof, tel. 226 12 74, www.biergarten- tel. 29 26 78, A massive
of wines and well-made cocktails, this elegantly designed In the green heart of the city sits this beer keller of a restaurant and bar but with some sophistica-
bar over three floors also offers a great place to while away fantastic but functional beer garden that has a big screen for tion. Dark wood and leather stools line the long bar, with low
summer evenings with a good view of the central square and the football, serves breakfast on Sundays till 11:30, has live tables at the other end of this large space making more of
who happens to be walking by. QOpen 10:00 - 01:00, Fri, music 4-5 times a month, and from 23:00 you get a two-for- a pub feel. Schwabian specialities, soup, salads plus burg-
Sat 10:00 - 02:00. B one deal on food – mostly of the sausage/schnitzel variety. ers, pasta and some Tex Mex make up their tasty menu of
There’s a €2 returnable deposit on each glass. QOpen large portions. Try käsespätzl for a great base for a night’s
Soho A-4, Schwabstr. 16a, MSchwabstr, tel. 62 61 60. 11:00 - 24:00. BEK drinking. Low tunes, good conversation and friendly staff.
This is almost a 24-hour place - great for an early morning Q Open 12:00 - 24:00. Fri & Sat 12:00 - 02:00. Sun 10:00
breakfast, efficient lunch, a coffee while on the go, or a place Zum Paulaner C-3, Calwerstr. 45, MRotebühlplatz, tel. - 02:00. (€7-15). AK
to start an evening. The crowd tends to be a little bit different 22 41 50, The 280 seat beer garden
to strange, depending on the time of day or night - but they’re also has a three floor building for rainy days. Private dining rooms Biddy Early’s C-4, Marienstr. 28, MRotebühlplatz, tel.
mostly harmless. QOpen 07:00 - 02:00, Fri 07:00 - 03:00, upstairs add space to the old world charm of the bar. For the sum- 615 98 53, Named after a witch
Sat 09:00 - 03:00, Sun 09:00 - 01:00. mer though, enjoy the five famous Munich Paulaner beers plus or wise woman (depending on your POV) Biddy’s provides
one unfiltered one they have on tap next to the fountain outside. a good old Irish craic. Bands play loud and live from 22:00
Zotti D-3, Geißstr. 14, MRathaus, tel. 24 16 45. Yet Try some weißwurst and pretzel with your stein. Q Open 10:00 at weekends, Wednesday is karaoke night, and happy hour
another café/bar around the Hans-Im-Glück fountain, here - 24:00. Fri & Sat 10:00 - 01:00. (€5-7). ABK attracts the early birds. Toasted sandwiches, €1 pool table,
you’ll find a bit more older and classier crowd. The lunch WW Irish, English and German brews on tap, 2 TVs, a big screen,
specials are excellent, as is the choice of wine (French owner, spit and sawdust ambience and great staff make another
of course). In the evening, this becomes a gathering place Clubs The Paris B-3, Forststr. 7, MBerliner Platz, tel. 284 88 winning Irish bar. Q Open 17:00 - 01:00. Fri & Sat 15:00
for the cooler dark blue suits. QOpen 11:00 - 01:00, Sat Laboratorium E-3, Wagenburgstr. 147, MEugens- 84. The crowd here varies strongly depending on the event - 02:00. Sun 14:00 - 01:00. AE
10:00 - 02:00, Sun 15:00 - 24:00. platz, tel. 505 20 01, or theme of the evening: after work parties for the suits, “the
A Stuttgart institution, Laboratorium opened its doors in the Love Academy” for party-goers, and so on. You might also get George & Dragon E-2, Willy-Brandt-Str. 30, MStaats-
swinging sixties and hasn’t looked back. Their classic line up food here, also depending on event. The interior with baroque galerie, tel. 280 49 69,
Live music of mostly Americana (rock, blues, country, jazz) also produces leanings is interesting, the DJs usually top notch, and the se- Small, cosy English pub behind Le Meridien (the
Rosenau A-4, Rotebühlstr. 109 b, MSchwabstr, tel. some roots bands and of course their famous Local Heroes, curity with their watchful eye friendly. QOpen 22:00 - 03:00, limited menu comes from the hotel kitchens) with resident
661 90 20, This restaurant- which showcases home grown talent. QOpen 19:00 - 02:00. Thu 18:00 - 03:00. Closed Mon, Tue, Wed, Sun. E golden retriever, darts, mixed clientele, popular quiz nights and
cum-cabaret-cum-theatre cum-small-concert-venue has an Program starts 20:30, Sun 20:00. E TVs for the football. The owner is a Jack Daniels connoisseur
extremely varied programme of events as well as good food Universum Pfaffenwaldring 45, MUniversität, www. with the only license in Germany to sell Green Label. Guinness,
at reasonable prices. The reason to come here is definitely Rote Kapelle B-4, Feuerseeplatz 14, MFeuersee, tel. Cool university bar and club with Strongbow, Newcastle Brown, John Smiths on tap (€4), plus
the former and it has been a classic entertainment location for 620 54 54. The Red Chapel faces the Feuersee (Fire Lake) live music in either the small adjacent room or in the club pitchers (€11), snakebite and Black & Tans. Q Open 18:00
ages, attracting cross-section through all layers of Stuttgart and the Gothic Johanneskirche. Against this picturesque proper, where DJs spin at other times. It’s on campus but - 01:00. Fri & Sat 18:00 - 02:00. (€6-9). AK
society. Q Open 12:00-14:30, 18:00-01:00, Fri, Sat 18:00- backdrop, one can enjoy tapas and other Spanish speciali- welcomes anyone into fairly hardcore punk, rock, hip hop
02:00, Sun 18:00-01:00. E ties, lounging about on heavy chairs and staring at the huge and even bluegrass. With an industrial look, long bar, lots of
bull’s head hanging from the wall. In the evenings, local DJs seating areas and a big stage and dance floor, it’s no wonder
transform this relaxed bistro into a completely packed and this place has been rocking for 17 years. Admission €7-18
very loud little club. QOpen 09:00 - 01:00, Fri 09:00 - 02:00, depending on the band. Q Open Wed 21:00 - 02:00. Sat
Sat 10:00 - 02:00, Sun 10:00 - 01:00. B 21:00 - 05:00 only. E

Schocken C-4, Hirschstr. 36, MRathaus. A slightly Zapata Pragstr. 120, Cannstatt, MRosensteinbrücke,
seedy bar that is an excellent live music and DJ venue. tel. 956 15 44. Sprawling over several halls in a former
When a gig’s on, downstairs is mayhem while the upstairs warehouse complex, this is a mega-club featuring all varieties
chill out area with balcony down to the stage may even have of music (with the emphasis on Latin) with concerts thrown
seats free. Check out flyers and posters for other gigs and in for good measure. The crowd is usually very mixed, from
clubs here. Admission €8-15 depending on the band. Q thirty-something dance-course participants in suits to teens in
Open 11:00 - 02:00. Fri & Sat 11:00 - 05:00. Sun 17:00 tank tops looking for a good time. The drinks are OK, the music
- 01:00. E (depending on line-up) very good. QOpen 22:00 - 03:00, Thu
19:00 - 03:00. Closed Mon, Tue, Wed, Sun. E
Stereo B-3, Fritz-Elsas-Str. 60, MBerliner Platz. Various
DJs, bands and other special events spice up the typical Zwölfzehn (1210) C-4, Paulinenstr. 45, MRotebüh-
weekend line-up. Here the stretch between a bar where you lplatz, tel. 658 17 99, DJs keep
come to sit down for a drink and chat, and a club where you the beat while pretty young urban-grunge things smooze
dance and can’t hear yourself breathing, is somehow more and booze at the bar, play table football or, on nights when
or less successfully achieved. Go upstairs to retreat and it does kick off, dance their socks off. The vibe is retro and
get something small to eat. QOpen 20:00 - 03:00, Fri, Sat the music meanders wildly from rockabilly rock n’ roll, swing,
20:00 - 05:00. hip hop and metal. Good long bar in a single room. Q Open
17:00 - 02:00, Fri & Sat 17:00 - 03:00.
Suite 212 C-3, Theodor-Heuss-Str. 15, MStadtmitte,
tel. 645 68 98. The granddaddy on the Theodor-Heuss
entertainment mile, here the good-looking (still) come to see Jazz clubs
and be seen. The relaxed café offers inexpensive snacks Romeos Kiste D-3, Hauptstätterstr. 35, MRathaus,
during the day. At dusk, party seekers fill both floors until the tel. 23 31 48, Successor to Rog-
glass walls burst. A constantly changing programme of local er’s Kiste (box), this is the institution for live jazz music. Local
DJs spin everything trendy: lounge during the week, a little bit and international artists play here regularly. The flair comes
harder at weekends. Live jazz on Tuesdays and Thursdays. from the small venue atmosphere, where you can drink a beer
QOpen 11:00 - 02:00, Thu 11:00 - 03:00, Fri, Sat 11:00 - and chat quietly, as long as you don’t disturb nearby listeners.
WW 05:00, Sun 14:00 - 02:00. BE QOpen 16:00 - 02:00, Sun 19:00 - 02:00. E WW

Stuttgart In Your Pocket June - July 2006


Landtag D-3, Konrad-Adenauer-Str. 3, MCharlotten-

Main sights Tourist information platz, tel. 206 30. The state parliament building was built
Altes Schloß C/D-3, Schillerpl. 6, MCharlottenplatz. Stuttgart’s code is (0)711 by Erwin Heinle and Horst Linde based on designs from Kurt
Originally a 13th century moated castle (see the museum i-Punkt Tourist Office D-2, Königstr. 1A, MHaupt- Viertel, strongly influenced by Mies van Der Rohe. A tour of
models) for the ruling counts, the building was not deemed bahnhof, tel. 222 80, fax 222 82 53. Fantastic informa- the building can be arranged. There’s also a restaurant where
worthy to be the residence of the dukes who came to tion, hotel bookings, reservations and tours from this oh- tion - an exhibition documents this inside the tower (open one can hope to rub shoulders with local politicians.
power in the 15th century, so was transformed into this so-central mine of Stuttgart information. Get the Stuttgart 10:00-18:00, Thu 10:00-21:00, closed Mon). The café with
magnificent Renaissance castle and courtyard. Also here is card here (but check your vouchers to make sure you have great views is an alternative to the rather characterless food Markthalle C-3, Dorotheenstr. 4, MRathaus, www.
the first Protestant church north of the Alps dating to 1562 them all – the free beer ones tend to disappear…) There and drink possibilities at platform level. Contact TurmForum Exotic food (pasta, hams, fruit, veg, etc.)
(reformation occurred in1534) and the equestrian statue is also an office at the airport. QOpen 09:00 - 20:00, for tours of the tower. QOpen 10:00 - 21:00. Closed Mon. plus great interior design shop upstairs, and café and restaurant
is of the well-loved Eberhard V, first of the dukes. Check Sat 09:00 - 18:00, Sun 11:00 - 18:00. Admission free. that uses the fresh, organic and delicious wares from the market
out the fluted columns in the courtyard, they are actually it overlooks. Try the samosas from the Indian shop. Beautiful Art
fluted with flutes, and the bucks on the clock head-butt Killesbergturm Am Kochenhof, Höhenpark, MKilles- Nouveau building built by architect Martin Elsaesser in 1913. Q
each other on the hour. The four granite blocks behind the Fernsehturm (TV Tower) Jahnstr. 120, MRuhbank berg Messe, In the middle of Open 07:00 - 18:30. Sat 07:00 - 16:00. Closed Sun.
building were shipped from Brazil and form the Memorial to Fernsehturm, tel. 23 25 97, www.fernsehturm-stuttgart. the Höhenpark, this 43-metre tower offers fantastic views,
the Victims of Hitler. com. Designed by bridge-builder Prof. Fritz Leonhardt and built like all towers built on the hills surrounding town. However, Neues Schloß D-3, Schloßplatz, MCharlottenplatz. In
to its 217m height in 1956, this was the daddy of them all this one is constructed with tensile steel cables and ex- 1744, the 16 year old Herzog demanded this 365 roomed new
Bismarckturm B-1, Am Bismarckturm 36, MKillesberg – the first in the world. A viewing terrace at 150m is speedily panded metal platforms (designed by Jörg Schlaich), and palace to be built, but 60 years later when it was completed,
Messe, tel. 256 02 37, serviced by two ear-popping lifts and gives great views over is very light - and rocks back and forth in the wind. Fun for he had four other palaces and it wasn’t needed by the Kings of
site/ebene4/bawue/stuttg.html. On the Killesberg north the city and across the fertile fields growing, among other an adrenaline rush. State. Four architects participated in its design, including a French
of the centre, this tower was built in honour of Bismarck by things, filderkraut (a strange cabbage unique to this area). one, hence the French architectural overtones in its U-shaped
students of the former Technical University in 1904, a part On good days you can see the Swiss and Austrian Alps. Pri- Klösterle Marktstr. 71, MBad Canstatt, www.proalt- body. Almost totally destroyed in WWII, it was rebuilt and today
of a large Bismarck student movement of the time. The view mafila restaurant at the base and Panorama Café below the This is the oldest residential building in Bad holds the Ministries or Finance and Education. The Marble Hall
is excellent and makes for a nice walk when visiting the other platform. QOpen 09:00 - 22:30. Admission €3. Canstatt, built in 1463. The name Klösterle means “little in its centre welcomes visiting heads of state and the building
sights at the Killesberg. monastery” and comes from a free order of nuns who lived is not usually open to the public. Visiting days are announced in
Flea Market D-3, Karlsplatz, MCharlottenplatz. Wander here until reformation. This is a good place to start exploring the newspaper and are heavily oversubscribed.
Bohnenvier tel (Bean Quar ter) D-4, Between round items from the sublime to the ridiculous with bargain- the old part of Bad Canstatt.
Charlottenstr. & Holzstr., MCharlottenplatz. Originally hunters, tourists and the curious in the square named after Rathaus (City Hall) C-4, Marktplatz 1, MRathaus,
a settlement outside the city walls, this is currently the Duke Karl Eugen. Another equestrian statue, this time of Königsbau C-3, Königstr. 28, MSchlossplatz. This mid- After destruction in WW2, the city hall
oldest part of the city, laid down in the 14th century for the Emperor Wilhelm I. Q Saturdays 08:00 - 16:00. 19th century building was originally used for court purposes, was rebuilt in simplified form (though the original tower is en-
town’s craftsmen, winegrowers and Jews. The name was but now it’s an altogether happier affair, filled with cafés and cased in the new one) between 1953-56. A monthly changing
cultivated because of the beans grown in their gardens as Fruchtkasten C-3, Schillerpl. 1, MSchloßplatz. Next shops. Behind the Königsbau, a large commercial complex programme of tours and special events are offered here - a
the food staple. The only surviving building from this time to the Stiftskirche and now housing the Musical Instruments is now opened, the largest city centre mall in Stuttgart. It good place for a unique insight into the city. Exhibitions from
is the Schellenturm (1564). For a long time, the quarter was Museum, this house was originally a granary and wine press was destroyed during the war, rebuilt, and housed the stock special projects and themes are also shown here. QOpen
infamous as the red light district, but widespread renova- – see the statue of Bacchus on its apex. The building was exchange in Stuttgart. QOpen 10:00 - 18:00. Closed Sat. 08:00 - 18:00. Closed Sat, Sun.
tions and intensive gentrification have lined the cobbled almost totally reconstructed after suffering heavy damage
streets with boutiques, designer hotels and wine bars. A in the war but keeps its late gothic heart and renaissance
trace of naughtiness is still left near the petrol station and façade.
the small alleys southwards.
Grabkapelle auf dem Württemberg Württembergstr.
340, MUntertürkheim, tel. 33 71 49. This tomb was built
by Wilhelm I for his young wife Katharina who died at the age of
30 in 1819. Designed by Giovanni Salucci, it has also served
as a Russian Orthodox chapel and is still in use on special
occasions. This is a great destination when going for a walking
through the picturesque vineyards of Untertürkheim. The view
over the vineyards and Neckar valley to Stuttgart should not
be missed. Q Open Wed 10:00-12:00, Fri, Sat 10:00-12:00, A nicer daytrip is hardly imaginable:
13:00-17:00, Sun 10:00-12:00, 13:00-18:00. Simply board somewhere* and
Hauptbahnhof Tower D-2, Arnulf-Klett-Platz 2, enjoy the landscape, the ride
MHauptbahnhof, tel. 20 92 29 20, www.turmforum. and a quart of wine.
de. The 58m high tower that topped off the main station in
1927 offers excellent views over the centre as well as the • scheduled trips
massive Stuttgart 21 development project behind the sta-
• event trips
• chartered trips for families
Discount cards and companies
STUTTCARD, tel. 222 80, www.stuttgart-tourist.
de. This €12 card gives free admission to most museums,
reduced prices for tours, boat rides, etc. and on food and *Detailed schedule information:
drinks. The STUTTCARD plus (€17.50) comes with the Neckar-Käpt’n
above and a transport ticket allowing the holder (and two Anlegestelle Wilhelma
children up to the age of 17) to travel free all over the city. A
brochure explains all in German and English, and do check
70376 Stuttgart
your voucher book is complete. The discount cards can Phone (07 11) 54 99 70 60
also be obtained at the airport tourist office. QOpen Fax (07 11) 54 99 70 80
09:00 - 20:00, Sat 09:00 - 18:00, Sun 11:00 - 18:00.
... mehr als Leinen los!

Stuttgart In Your Pocket June - July 2006


Weißhofmuseum (House of Le Corbusier) Rathe- KunstMuseum (The Cube) C-3, Kleiner Schloßpl.
Fast cars naustr. 1-3, MKillesberg Messe, www.weissenhof. 1, MSchloßplatz, tel. 216 21 88, www.kunstmuseum-
de. The 1927 architectural building exhibit for modern city In 1925 Silvio della Valle di Casanova donated
The Stuttgart region is home to approximately 150000 dwellers, the Werkbund Estate, comprises 33 houses and his collection to the city and the Cube was built in 2005 to
companies and the area is known for its high-tech, mechani- 63 apartments from 17 architects, including Le Corbusier, become the bad boy of the Stuttgart art world – very glass,
cal engineering and automotive industry. Some of its most whose entire oeuvre has been given World Heritage status very modern and with automatic doors the Heart of Gold
prominent companies include DaimlerChrysler (Mercedes by UNESCO. Strict budget guidelines meant Le Corbusier used would be proud to boast. Otto Dix joins myriad modern art (in-
Benz automobiles), Porsche, Bosch (components supplier and cheap materials (brick, stucco and tile) characterised by flat, cluding a balled up bit of paper) on the two permanent floors.
mechanical engineering), Celesio (pharmaceuticals), Hewlett- grass-covered roofs and linear windows. This building houses The other three are for special exhibitions such as Luminous
Packard (computer and peripherals) and IBM (software), all of the new Museum which opened April 2006. Buildings: Architecture of the Night (9 Jun - 1 Oct). Guided tours
whom have located their international or German headquar- on Wednesdays at 18:00 and Sundays at 15:00. QOpen
ters here. Stuttgart is the place where the motorbike and the Wilhelma Neckartalstraße, MWilhelma, tel. 540 20, 10:00 - 18:00, Wed 10:00 - 21:00. Admission €5/3.50.
four-wheeled automobile were invented, hence the statement Enter Rosenstein Park via Lion’s Gate
that Stuttgart is the birthplace of individual mobility. The car © Stuttgart-Marketing GmbH near the Messe and wander through the English style park Lindenmuseum B-2, Hegelplatz 1, MLindenmuseum,
was first developed by Gottlieb Daimler and Carl Benz, and laid out by Wilhelm I down to the Moorish gardens and build- tel. 202 23, Built in 1889 as trade
industrialised production began here in 1887 by Daimler est in Germany (only behind Frankfurt) and important financial ings created in the style of La Hambra which today house the and geography museum, it got its current name from Karl Graf
and Wilhelm Maybach in their Daimler Motoren Gesellschaft. companies have headquarters in Stuttgart. numerous animals, birds, plants and mammals of the city zoo. von Linden who collected artefacts from all over the world and
Famous and prestigious brands (Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Visit the aquarium, the sub-tropical terrace, the Amazon, the transformed it into a ethno-cultural museum. The collection
Maybach) are produced here. The very first prototypes of Mercedes-Benz Museum Mercedesstr. 137, MDaim- palace (nocturnal house) and gardens (with giant water lilies), ranks as one of the best in Europe - a must see for anyone in-
the VW Beetle were fabricated in Stuttgart, based on a ler Stadion, tel. 172 25 78, www.mercedes-benz. monkeys, penguins, basically all the usual suspects waiting terested in archaeology or ethnology. QOpen 10:00 - 17:00,
design by Ferdinand Porsche. Proving the links to the region, com/welt. The close connection between Mercedes-Benz to entertain … or bite. QOpen 08:15 - 20:00. Admission Wed 10:00 - 20:00. Closed Mon. Admission €6/4.
the Porsche logo has Stuttgart depicted in the centre, and and Stuttgart, the birthplace of individual mobility, can be €10.80/5.40 (after 16:00 €7.40/3.70. ABKTU
the horse and stag antlers are derived from the symbols witnessed best here. This breathtaking concrete and glass Museum am Löwentor Rosenstein 1, MLöwentor,
of Stuttgart and Baden-Württemberg. The region currently spiral, designed by UN Studio van Berkel & Bos, has something Wilhelmspalais D-3, Konrad-Adenauer-Str. 2, MChar- tel. 893 60, Baden-
has Germany’s highest density of scientific, academic and for anyone just remotely interested in cars: 17,000sqm of lottenplatz. Originally built as the personal residence of the Wüttemberg is a literal dinosaurs’ graveyard, and the Am
research organisations, and has the most patent applica- exhibition space, 90 cars, 40 race and record automobiles, as Württemberg king Wilhelm II between 1834-40 by the Italian Löwentor building of the natural history museum is home
tions. More than 11% of all R&D-expenses in the Germany are well as 40 commercial and transport vehicles and countless master Salucci, it now houses the city library. This forms the to skeletons and life-size models of the Schwabian dragon
generated here (approximately €4.3 billion yearly). In addition related exhibits including assembly robots, technology and southern most building in the palace and castle complex at and other dinosaurs. Take a walk through prehistory in this
to several universities and design exhibits. The museum is connected with Mercedes the Schloßplatz. QOpen 09:00 - 17:00. Closed Sat, Sun. purpose-built museum with dinosaurs remains from the
colleges, the area has six Center, where the full product range can be admired. Special oceans, in amber and the ice ages. Re-opening on 1 July
institutes of the Fraunhofer tours (free) can be arranged by appointment. Don’t miss the with the exhibit Dinosaurs – The success story of evolution.
Gesellschaft, four institutes tour of the Untertürkheim factory. Museums Q Open 09:00 - 17:00. Sat & Sun 10:00 - 18:00. Closed
for collaborative industrial Art lovers should look out for the KunstNächte (Art Nights), Mon. Admission €6/3 (free on Wed from 13:00), also valid
research at local universi- Porsche Museum Porschestr. 42, MZuffenhausen, held on the first Saturday of each month when participat- for Schloß Rosenstein. TU
ties, two Max-Planck insti- tel. 91 12 56 85. Although a new super-futuristic museum ing museums and galleries are open from 18:00 - 24:00.
tutes, as well as one large- for Porsche is in the works, the current one is cerainly worth
scale research centre: the a visit. With a collection of over 50 cars, prototypes and Carl-Zeiss-Planetarium D-2, Willy-Brandt-Str. 25,
German Aerospace Centre race cars as well as numerous miscellaneous exhibits, a car- MStaatsgalerie, tel. 0180 51 10 44 522. Offering two to
(DLR). The Stuttgart Stock lover’s heart will definitely beat a little faster here. QOpen three various shows daily (see the website), as well as general
Exchange is the second larg- 09:00 - 16:00, Sat, Sun 09:00 - 17:00. Admission free. information about astronomy, this is a good rainy-day place. Or
© Stuttgart-Marketing GmbH
see the late show for an unusual beginning to an evening. The
planetarium is also host to numerous symposia and is intensively
Schillerplatz C-3, MSchloßplatz. The old castle Tagblatt-Turm C-4, Eberhardstr. 61, MStadtmitte. engaged in various European and international projects. Q
square is now named after Friedrich Schiller (1759-1805) Built in 1928 for the local newspaper by the architect Ernst Open 09:00-11:30, 14:00-16:30, Wed-Fri also 19:00-21:30, Sat,
and has an imposing statue of the poet and dramatist Otto Oßwald, this modern exposed-concrete tower is an early Sun 13:00-19:30. Closed Mon. Admission €6/4.
in its centre (executed by Danish sculptor and friend to skyscraper, and an architectural landmark. The tower now
the poet, Bertel Thorwaldsen). Schiller’s position was houses theatres, a museum, art school and more. QOpen Haus der Wirtschaf t C-3, Willi-Bleicher-Str. 19,
previously filled by a fountain, the water for which was 09:00 - 17:00. Closed Sat, Sun. MFriedrichsbau, tel. 123 26 46, w w w.hausder-
housed in the water tower concealed as the Hermes This massive classical building was inaugu-
column behind the Alte Kanzlei, which used to be the rated on 6 June 1896 with the exhibition “Electrotechnology
castle kitchens. This and other squares host the various and Artistic Handicraft”. Now the building serves as exhibition
markets of the city. space for a variety of events but is interesting also for its archi-
tectural merits. QOpen 09:00 - 17:00. Closed Sat, Sun.
Schloss Solitude Solitude 1, tel. 69 66 99, www. The former pleasure palace Hegel-Haus C-4, Eberhardstr. 53, MRathaus, tel. 216
and gardens of the Duke Carl Eugen were built between 67 33, As the birth house
1764-1775. There’s a fine restaurant and café here, of the philosopher Hegel, here you can view various docu-
museum with the original interior and furnishings, as ments and exhibits relating to that famous son of Stuttgart.
well as an academia for young ar tists. Don’t miss the Tours are available. QOpen 10:00 - 17:00, Thu 10:00 -
spectacular view from the terrace over the valley lead- 18:30, Sat 10:00 - 16:00. Closed Sun. Admission free.
ing to Ludwigsburg and the arcade axis. Get here on
bus no.92. Kunstgebäude (Art Buildings) D-3, Schloßplatz 2,
MSchlossplatz, On Schloßplatz,
Schloßplatz C/D-3, MSchloßplatz. The heart of the city this building closes the square to the north-west and leads
for relaxing, meeting, greeting and people watching. Concerts, to the Schloßgarten. The tower features the stag, the state
Frisbee, juggling, buskers, performers, radio stations, it all symbol of Württemberg, and the gallery spaces have innova-
goes on here especially when the sun shines. The Jubilee tive and contemporary exhibitions from local and international
Column was given to Wilhelm I in 1841 and topped with the stars. In the summer, the popular café in the portico is a
Concordia statue in 1863. This is one of the public big screens popular meeting point and makes a great stop for a salad
spots for the football. WW and people-watching. Q Admission €4/2.

Stuttgart In Your Pocket June - July 2006


renowned names. A Claude Monet exhibition, Fields in Spring, runs Model Railway Höhenpark, MKillesberg Messe,
until 24 Sep. QOpen 10:00 - 18:00, Thu 10:00 - 21:00. Closed tel. 258 92 22. Trainspotters and kids galore on this
Mon. Admission €4.50/3. Free admission on Wed. ride-on vintage railway that shows you around the blooms,
rocks and valleys of the park that houses it. Q Open
Städtisches Lapidarium Mörikestr. 24/1, MÖster- 13:00 - 18:00. Wed, Sun & Holidays 10:00 - 18:00. Fare
reichischer Platz, tel. 216 44 48, www.stuttgart. €2.60/2.10.
de/stadtarchiv. A fascinating outdoor exhibition of statues
originating from collection of romantic statues from Karl von Schloßgarten. The Upper, Middle and Lower Palace
Ostertag-Siegle, and remnants of Stuttgart buildings salvaged Gardens form part of the 8km of green space in the centre
after WW2. Get a feeling for the architectural history of the of the city – the parks connect with one another so you can
city. The park lies at the foot of the Karlshöhe, also one of walk from the Höhenpark (with a vintage model railway, at
the most beautiful areas in Stuttgart. Killesberg Messe) via Rosensteinpark & Wilhelma (the typical
English garden and Moorish zoo) through the Schloßgarten
Weinbaumuseum (Wine museum) Uhlbacher Platz and finally into Schloßplatz. With a massive beer garden,
4, MObertürkheim, tel. 216 28 57, u230038@stuttgart. bridges, the planetarium, lakes and miles of walkways, this
de. For those interested in the wine-making tradition in and is the recreational heart (and lungs) of the city. City planners
around Stuttgart, this is a great place to get general informa- kept about half of Stuttgart’s area green to ensure clean air
tion as well as particularities of the area. Learn about local but with the continuing rise in industry, even this ratio might
wine-makers and wine-related events, and take part in wine- not be enough.
tasting before staggering back to the S-Bahn. Q Open Sat
14:00-18:00, Sun 10:00-12:00, 14:00-18:00.
Sightseeing tours
Wür ttembergisches Landesmuseum C/D-3, City Coach Tour D-2, i-Punkt Tourist Office, Königstr.
Schillerpl. 6, MCharlottenplatz, tel. 279 34 98, www. WW 1A, MHauptbahnhof, tel. 222 80. This three and a half Housed in the Altes Schloß, hour tour in German and English takes you all around the city,
the state museum holds an astounding collection of art, playing cards featuring birds, dogs, stags and ducks and a from a short walk around the historical centre to the vineyards
WW design items, jewels, statues, weapons, glass, games (old 17th Century backgammon board) that make you say wow, and Messe on the slopes and the TV tower. An excellent way
eugh, laugh out loud or shake your head in wonder. Explore the to learn more about the city and good to do on a rainy day.
Musical Instrument Museum C-3, Schillerpl. 1, castle, the towers and don’t miss the Crown Jewels. Fantastic. Advance booking necessary. Q Daily at 13:30. €17/8.50.
MSchloßplatz, tel. 279 34 00, www.landesmuseum-stutt- The point of landscapes QOpen 10:00 - 17:00. Closed Mon. Admission €3 (includes Musikinstrumentensammlung is quite a mouthful but the Musical Instrument Museum entry).
visit is worth it, even if you aren’t an avid musician. The beautiful old The dotty genius Claude Monet and his peers were accused
building that houses the museum was almost totally destroyed in of being “painters of mere impressions” by critics around Bauhaus architecture
the war and photos show the damage and reconstruction. Instru- 1874, after the group came up with a revolutionary new Churches
ments galore plus a 1948 Wurlitzer, wireless radios, phonographs way to depict natural lighting and incorporate freshness Evangelische Hospitalkirche C-3, Hospitalstr. 20, Weissenhof Siedlung MKillesberg Messe.
and concerts on Fridays. Lovely. QOpen 10:00 - 17:00. Closed in their paintings. Now, 132 years later, the Staatsgalerie MStadtmitte, Built in Stuttgart’s Killesberg is home to a fascinating part of
Mon. Admission €3 (includes Altes Schloß entry). Stuttgart has organised an anniversary exhibition around 1471-93, and rebuilt after the Second World War, this Prot- architectural history, the Weissenhof Estate, one of the
Monet’s Fields in Springtime painting that has been the estant church houses some interesting works of art. The most important developments in modern architecture. It
Schloß Rosenstein Rosenstein 1, MWilhelma, tel. star exhibit in the museum for 100 years, since 1906, and atmosphere is quite interesting with parts of the courtyard was designed in the late 1920s by prominent architects
893 60, A good array that was purchased despite having been slagged off in the still lying in rubble. Don’t miss the frequent concerts, ranging of the day as part of a 1927 competition and exhibition
of taxidermed animals, models and film showing the history press as “polka dots” and “colour study”. from good amateurs to excellent professionals. for “Die Wohnung” by 17 architects from five European
of nature in the Rosenstein Palace, built between 1824-1829 The exhibition unites the painting with 45 superb other countries, including Walter Gropius, Mies van der Rohe,
by Florentine court architect Giovanni Salucci. A creationist’s paintings, on load from the world’s most famous col- Stif tskirche C-3, Stif tsstr. 12, MRathaus, www. Le Corbusier and Hans Scharoun. Eleven show houses
nightmare of human and chimp skeletons standing side by lections, including the Museum of Modern Art (New stif Also named the Collegiate from the exhibition have survived and are still occupied
side, plus corals, dolphins, birds, butterflies, eggs, an el- York), Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza (Madrid), Musée Church, the main Protestant church in Stuttgart was originally today. In the summer of 2006, the Weissenhof Museum
ephant, tiger, shabby giraffe and lots more to educate and thrill d’Orsay (Paris) and the State Hermitage Museum (St. built in the 14th century and enlarged by the dukes (along will reopen in the renovated Le Corbusier House, a semi-
kids and adults, with environs ranging from the Galapagos Petersburg). Together, they form a unique combination with their castle) in the 16th century, hence the uneven detached house built by the architects Le Corbusier and
to your own backyard. Q Open 09:00 - 17:00. Sat & Sun of paintings, cunningly used by the Staatsgalerie to towers and mixed early and late gothic look. The nave was Pierre Jeanneret in 1927. Architecture historians describe
10:00 - 18:00. Closed Mon. Admission €6/3 (free on Wed from illustrate one of Monet’s most important themes, the destroyed in 1944, reconstruction was completed in 1958 the building as an icon of modern architecture. As well as
13:00), also valid for Museum am Löwentor. TU depiction of fields and meadows. with conversions continuing today. The renovation revealed having an opportunity to view this iconic building, visitors
Claude Monet: Fields in Springtime Until 24 Septem- archaeological findings from 950, dating back to the original will find an interesting information centre documenting
Staatsgalerie D-3, Konrad-Adenauer-Str. 30-32, MSta- ber 2006. Staatsgalerie Stuttgart, Konrad-Adenauer-Str. settlement of the Stutengarten (stud farm). Art works inside the Bauhaus tradition.
atsgalerie, tel. 47 04 00, Part of the 30-32,, open 10:00 – 20:00, Thu date back to 13th century.
Cultural Mile, this fabulous gallery has boomed since opening in 10:00 – 21:00, closed Mon. Admission €8/6.
1984. Built between 1838 and 1843, the old section holds the
masters, while the James Stirling designed new wing (1977-1983) Parks & Gardens
holds 20th century art. Head for the post modern pink pipes Kid’s Park D-4, Katherinstraße & Pfarrstraße. If you
and enjoy old masters to modern oddities from a huge array of want to tire out the kids in a safe zone where you can sit and
relax, head to the corner of Katherinstraße & Pfarrstraße
by the English Church in the Bean Quarter where there is a
Walking & Bike tours great adventure playground or take the 15 to Bopser and
walk just up the hill.
City Walk D-2, i-Punkt Tourist Office, Königstr. 1A,
MHauptbahnhof, tel. 222 80. This hour and a half
walk in German and English shows the historical centre
and green centres of Stuttgart, giving a good overview
of the city from which you can continue your own explora-
tions. Advance booking necessary. Q Daily at 11:00 (&
17:00 Fri only). €7. © Stuttgart-Marketing GmbH
Fields in springtime by Monet

Stuttgart In Your Pocket June - July 2006


get into the primordial heart of this region (or at least as

primordial as you can get in Germany) take the exit at Cycling Stuttgart’s districts
Donaueschingen and follow the signs in the direction of Unusually for Germany, Stuttgart is not really well-adapted
Freiburg or Titisee-Neustadt. This most spectacular region is to cyclists. First, there are lots of hills. Secondly, Stuttgart’s The City of Stuttgart is subdivided into 23 city districts,
the Hochschwartzwald (High Black Forest) around the Titisee roads are designed for big fat cars. Although there are a few among the most well-known are:
(Lake of Titus, named after the Roman emperor who swam in cycle routes, it’s still tricky getting around, especially when
it) and the Feldberg (at over 1400m the highest “mountain” the SLK behind you is getting nervous about not being able • Bad Cannstatt (Western Europe’s largest mineral spas
in the Black Forest). The whole area is dotted with charming to apply all 300 HP. However there is a nice cycle route start- / Zoo Wilhelma / beer festivals “Cannstatter Wasen” and
small towns, and with tourism being the main industry, it’s ing in the Schloßgarten, continuing toward Bad Canstatt to “Stuttgarter Frühlingsfest”)
usually not a problem finding a bed & breakfast, since almost Rosenheim Park, and then along the Neckar either toward • Moehringen (Musical Theatres)
every inhabitant offers rooms for rent. The central town here Esslingen and Plöchingen, or in the upriver direction towards • Stammheim (High-security court & jail)
is Neustadt ( The Titisee, Schluchsee (www. Remseck and the Max-Eyth-See, a large lake along the river. • Untertürkheim (DaimlerChrysler HQ and Original Mer- and countless smaller lakes make this an It’s a flat route and offers wonderful scenery: vineyards, cedes-Benz plant)
excellent summer escape from the city - for a cool dip, a quaint garden settlements and the Neckar valley. • Vaihingen (One of two campuses of Stuttgart’s
hike, camping or a civilised five-course meal on a terrace university)
overlooking the rolling hills covered in pine forest. Close to • Zuffenhausen (Home of the Porsche Sports Cars
© Stuttgart-Marketing GmbH
Neustadt there is an excellent inn, the Jostalstüble (www. Driving & Car rental Company)
Stuttgart has a blessed location when it comes to planning, with fabulous and reasonable cuisine and a Although the city itself is best explored on foot and by public • Feuerbach (Home of original Bosch plant)
trips around town: to the east there’s the Schwäbisches Alb very comfortable wellness hotel with golfing possibilities. transport, car rental is at hand for daytrips and further forays
(Swabian Alps) and Bavaria (two hours to Munich, traffic The area is known for the excellent food and drink. A regional into Stuttgart’s celebrated surroundings. Parking in the city
allowing); to the west, the Schwarzwald (Black Forest), speciality is schnapps distilled from cherries, pears and centre is not cheap at €3/hour, so it may pay off to leave
and Alsace in France; to the south, the Bodensee (Lake of whatever other fruit the locals can get their hands on. your car at one of the commuter train stations around the for the centre and immediate surroundings (€5.10 for 2
Constance), the Alps and Switzerland. Generally, the souvenir bottle will be cheaper and of higher city, where parking is cheap or free. zones - this does not include the airport), or for the entire
quality from the Edeka supermarket in Neustadt, than if network stretching more than 50km around Stuttgart
The Swabian Alb is a chain of hills stretching north-south, you buy it at a tourist shop. The famous and heavy Black (€10.50). As a group it’s cheaper to buy a group day ticket
about 50km east of Stuttgart. Take the A8 towards Munich, and Forest Cake can be found at every bakery and is flavoured Public transport (€8.50 for 2 zones, €13.50 for the whole network). The
you’ll see the area that produces a substantial amount of wind- with Kirschwasser (cherry schnapps). Black Forest ham With buses, trams, U-Bahn and S-Bahn and DB trains useful 3-day-ticket is valid for three consecutive days for
generated energy in inland Germany. The area around Blaubeuren is smoked and dried, the best available from the butcher zipping around town, Stuttgart’s public transport is a one adult and two children (age 6 - 17 years) for an un-
sits on top of a complex system of underground rivers and lakes, Kopfmann in Neustadt. The Glottertal, a valley in the direction delight - and often the fastest way to get around. Most limited number of rides on all busses and rail lines within
and features several caves as well as the Blautopf, an incredible of Freiburg from Titisee, offers quaint inns and fabulous services run every 10-12 minutes during the day. Tickets the specified territory. This ticket costs €9 for Stuttgart
pool fed by an underground spring with (naturally) turquoise blue restaurants, the two best being (each with Michelin stars) can be bought at the orange machines at almost every including Fellbach, Korntal and the airport, and €12.30
mineral water. Another attraction is the Panorama Therme in Engel and Hirsch. stop (credit cards accepted), and on buses at the driver for the entire VVS network. The 3-day-ticket is for sale at
Beuren, where you can relax in hot mineral spring water. Smaller towns that lie around the Black Forest, like Villingen- (cash only). A one-way ticket costs €1.80 (1 zone) for at hotels and the tourism information centre, and is only
Schwenningen ( and Freudenstadt the centre, with the €1.00 Kurzstrecke ticket available available for people who can prove they’re staying in a
The Black Forest, famous for clean air, endless green (, also offer excellent possibilities to if you’re going 3 or fewer stations. There are day tickets local hotel - the bill will do.
meadows, cows and dark pine forests, was originally a get away and back to nature. Although there are several
chain of volcanic mountains later reworked by the glaciers legends describing how the main square came to be (from
of the last ice age. Take the A81 direction Singen. To feuds to untimely aristocratic deaths), today, this market
place is the biggest in Germany, and the city’s most popular
and luxurious stores, cafés, bars and restaurants are
situated around this square in the arcades.
Baden Baden ( is an ancient spa town
lying between the Black Forest and France. Here you’ll find
probably the most luxurious spa and wellness landscape
in Germany, the nation’s oldest and certainly most elegant
casino, and high-class restaurants and hotels to no end.
Not surprisingly, Baden Baden is the playground of the
independently wealthy.

The Lake of Constance is a great place to visit in summer.

A must is the island of Mainau (still under aristocratic rule)
with it’s palace and botanical gardens. Constance is a pretty
university town, with a young night scene and plenty to see
and do. The best way to spend several days here is a bike
tour around the lake - contact the tourist office in Constance
( for more information. The
Swabians may call the lake the Swabian Sea, but on a bike you
have the possibility to ride through Swabia, Bavaria, Austria,
Switzerland and, back into Germany, through Baden.

Strasbourg ( is about an hour and half from

Stuttgart by car and is the capital of the Alsace region, the home

Dreams can come true

of the Council of Europe and the European Court of Human
Rights, and co-host of the European Parliament (assembled
here for a few days a month, wasting just enough money to make
the French feel important). The sights include the cathedral and
medieval centre, Grande Île, as well as the EU buildings, however, Football mural, East Belfast.
most Stuttgart inhabitants visit the city to do some culinary
© Stuttgart-Marketing GmbH shopping and for dinner in French surroundings.

Stuttgart In Your Pocket June - July 2006


Taxis Internet cafés

Taxis in Stuttgart are safe and reliable – any car with the taxi- Call Centre C-4, Eberhardstr. 14, MRathaus. These
light is an official taxi and drivers must have their ID displayed. call centres litter many streets in Stuttgart with the almost
You won’t be ripped off, although if you’re only going for a short standard €2 per hour surfing but this one gets special men-
ride within the downtown, the driver may try to take a scenic tion for its late hours in case you’re waiting for the first tram
route. The normal short distance price is €2,40 base fee, plus and can’t face another drink… QOpen 09:00 - 04:00, Sun
€1,50 per km. You can catch taxis at stations, large hotels, and 11:00 - 04:00.
the taxi-stand at the end of Königstrasse near Rotebühlplatz.
To order a tai, call tel. 55 10 000. Although it is technically Level One C-3, Konigstr. 22, MSchloßplatz, tel. 240
possible to hail a cab, it’s not usually done. 46 65, Stuttgart’s glitziest cyber café is
smoke free, has connections for laptops, four terminals with
English language operating systems, distributes the English
Trains magazine Accents and serves snacks and drinks. This luxury
DB (Deutsche Bahn, German railways) uses a number of isn’t cheap though, €4.50/hr. QOpen 09:00 - 24:00, Sun WW
train types on long-distance routes. The supersexy, delux 12:00 - 24:00. G
highspeed ICE trains (InterCity Express; ‘eeh-tsay-ay’) rip
through the countryside at up to 300km/hr on purpose-built Parscom Tübinger Str. 25, tel. 70 02 63 50. Call shop
City codes
tracks. Every seat has a headphone plug for eight music and internet café. The phone codes for the World Cup host and other cities.
stations, and you may get a TV screen too. Table seats have The longer the code, the more piddly the town.
220V plugs for laptops, and some carriages have amplifiers
to enable clear mobile phone conversations. EC (EuroCity) Mobile phones Berlin 030
Cologne 0221
and IC (InterCity) trains are less swank, but still very good, Several companies offer nation-wide GSM coverage in Dresden 0351
connecting international and German cities respectively. Germany. Travellers with a mobile phone can choose to Munich 089
Seat reservations on InterRegion Express and InterCity © Stuttgart-Marketing GmbH roam using one of the networks, but be aware of relatively Dortmund 0231
trains are optional and cost €3; they are free if you buy your high charges for phoning, and even accepting a local or Frankfurt 069
ticket from a vending machine or book it online. The DB’s German and European online train timetable at international call. If you’re planning to be in Germany Gelsenkirchen 0209
All kinds of tickets can be purchased at all train stations. All major is so good that it’s often easier to use for for a while, consider buying a pre-paid SIM card for one Hamburg 040
railway stations have counters with semi-English speaking staff. planning trips within neighbouring countries than the relevant of the networks, so that you have a local number with Hanover 0511
Although the station queues are efficiently organised, you may be national websites. It can handle complicated international which you call for local rates and don’t pay for incoming Kaiserslautern 0631
in for a wait when it’s busy, and it’s good to know that tickets can connections and lists prices for trips within Germany. calls. The amount on the card can be topped up easily by Leipzig 0341
also be purchased from machines placed in the halls that also Smart travellers book train tickets online via DB’s purchasing credit at any kiosk, tobacconist, bookshop or Nürnberg 0911
have instructions in English; pay with cash or credit card. excellent website Good reductions of up to phone card machine. Make sure that your mobile phone Stuttgart 0711
50% are available for a limited amount is not blocked for using other SIM cards. All German
of return tickets bought online, especially
if you choose a ticket that is valid for a mobile phone companies offer SIM card packages, with
particular departure. You can pay by small differences in rates. Count on paying about €10 for
credit card and print out your ticket at the SIM card number, with any extra cash going to phone
home – that plus your credit card is all credit. There’s no need to bring ID. The best places for
you need to take along. The cardholder buying SIM cards are the generic phone shops, which will
must be among the travellers though offer all cards and can advise on which is best for your
– else, you must opt for having a normal calling habits.
ticket mailed to you, which is free but
takes a few days. This is also the
only way to book international tickets Post
online. Deutsche Post ( offers quick and
efficient mail services, and also happens to own DHL if
you want to send something larger than a letter. Mailing
Buses a postcard within Germany costs €0.45, €0.65 to Europe
Intercity bus transport is a cheap way and €1 to other countries. A letter under 20 grams costs
of getting around Germany and abroad. €0.55 to mail within Germany, €0.70 within Europe and
Departure times are not as frequent €1.70 further afield. Colourful stamps are for sale at the
as trains however, and the journey may post office, from stamp machines (that have instructions
© Stuttgart-Marketing GmbH take much longer. Major operators in in a dozen languages) or from tobacconists. Note that the
Germany include Berlin Linien Bus (www. euro-denominated stamps are only valid for sending mail, which has a dense national network and some from Germany.
Smoking international destinations, and Eurolines (Deutsche Touring,, part of the Eurolines international
Stuttgart is not a non-smoker’s town. If you sit indoors bus network. Phones
(necessary in winter), you will smoke passively. A few Phone numbers in Germany are mental, with subscriber
numbers ranging from three to eight digits – so you’re never
tourist-oriented restaurants offer separate smoking and
non-smoking sections, and restaurants with a complete
Cycling really sure if you have the complete number. Companies will
smoking ban (the Cube restaurant on top of the new Most German cities are well-equipped for cycling, with plenty often have a main number consisting of a set of digits, and
gallery) are a very rare exception. Bars and clubs after of safe bike paths, and patient traffic that is used to sharing add on extra digits for fax numbers, etc.
22:00, depending on the performance of the ventilation the asphalt with bi-wheel transport. In summer, perhaps the To call abroad from Germany, dial 00 (the international
system, would be considered a threat to public health in bet way to enjoy yourself is to get a picnic together, rent a access code) followed by the relevant country code, city code
many other countries. Try asking your neighbour politely bike and head out into the countryside along well-marked and subscriber’s number. To phone Germany from abroad or
- but remember, smoking is considered normal and non- bike paths to enjoy the good times while they last. The tourist using roaming on your mobile phone, dial 0049 (Germany’s
smoking somehow exotically strange. information office will have further details on possible routes code) followed by the city code (dropping the first zero) and
and destinations, cycle maps and bike rental addresses. the subscriber’s number.

Stuttgart In Your Pocket June - July 2006


Geschwisterliebe C-4, Alte Poststr. 5, MStadtmitte.

Department stores For really cool and rare labels like the local Blutsgeschwister
Breuninger D-4, Marktstr. 1-3, MRathaus, www. and to meet the young intellectual fashion elite, this is a All the big names for your designer wardrobe good place to start.
– Jimmy Choo, Chloe, Dior, Armani, Bally plus a sinful café.
QOpen 10:00 - 20:00, Sat 09:30 - 20:00. Closed Sun. Horst Wanschura C-3, Kronprinzenstr. 28, MStadt- Feinkost Böhm C-3, Calwer Str. 18, MStadtmitte,
mitte, tel. 29 67 20. Wanschura is a fashion icon in Stutt- A fine delicatessen with a large
Galeria Kaufhof D-2, Königstr. 6, MHauptbahnhof, tel. gart, with his own collection as well as collections from mostly range of excellent wines, organic produce, meats, cheeses,
203 60, Germany’s most prolific Japanese designers. if it’s edible and expensive, you’ll find it here. Don’t miss a
department store has all the names you need for all your snack at the bistro.
fashion and home needs. QOpen 09:30 - 20:00, Sat 09:00 - Laufwerk C-4, Am Wilhelmsplatz 7, MRathaus, tel.
20:00. Closed Sun. Also at Eberhardstr. 28, tel. 164 70. 860 21 58. If you’re looking for handcrafted shoes made of Flea Market D-3, Karlsplatz, MCharlottenplatz. Wander
the best possible leather, to fit only your special feet, come round items from the sublime to the ridiculous with bargain-
in for a chat with owner Rainer Obenaus. hunters, tourists and the curious in the square named after
Fashion Duke Karl Eugen. Another equestrian statue, this time of
Abseits C-3, Kleiner Schlossplatz 13-15, MStadtmitte, Lockstoff C-4, Breite Straße 4, MÖsterreichischer Emperor Wilhelm I. Q Saturdays 08:00 - 16:00.
tel. 62 14 51, For the newest Platz, tel. 887 83 28, WW
of new trends and the craziest outfits, ask owner Winni, who’ll A cool store for vintage and second-hand clothes and Gagarin B-4, Silberburgstr. 145a, MFeuersee, tel. 414
make sure you leave the store feeling like a statement. accessories not really at flea market prices. Best of 42 41, A little shop and Merz & Benzing C-3, Markthalle, MRathaus, tel. 23 98
all, it doesn’t look like second-hand, but rather like a showroom with a huge catalogue of classic and vintage furni- 40. This is a place to go when you feel like spending money
Azar C-4, Nadlerstr. 14, MStadtmitte, tel. 259 98 90. boutique. ture and interior accessories from the 20th century. but don’t know what to buy. Excellent choice of interior acces-
A nice variety of reasonably-priced smart formal labels from sories, gardening ideas and seasonal decorations.
Italy, with excellent service and consultation in an elegantly Modedesign D-4, Wagnerstr. 37, MRathaus, tel. 238 Jacques’ Wein-Depot B-4, Rotebühlstr. 87a, MFeuer-
renovated medieval building. 48 74, Fine materials are see, tel. 61 02 35. Located in the courtyard of the block The Body Shop C-3, Schillerpl. 4/Königstr, MCharlot-
transformed into tailored clothes for the rich and famous in next to Augustenstrasse. However, an excellent selection tenplatz, tel. 226 40 01. Anita Roddick may have sold
Boots by boots C-4, Gerberstr. 5F, MÖsterreichischer Stuttgart - as well as for normal people. of wines, from inexpensive to the upper-range varieties are out to L’Oreal, but the kind-to-animals, aromatic lotions
Platz, tel. 649 89 55, For cowboy para- worth the search. Don’t miss the truffle salami and other and potions continue. Q Open 09:30 - 19:00. Thu 09:30
phernalia (especially boots) that will combine with any outfit, Night Delight C-4, Sophienstr. 15, MÖsterreichischer fine delicacies. - 20:00. Closed Sun.
spend a bit of time here looking through endless varieties of Platz, tel. 633 84 33. Lingerie and bedtime accessories
these fashion classics. with taste, this is a great place to buy high fashion made of Markthalle C-3, Dorotheen Str. 4, MCharlottenplatz.
very little pieces of fabric. Exotic food (pasta, hams, fruit, veg, etc.) plus great interior Supermarkets
Caro Kipp C-4, Torstraße 17, MÖsterreichischer Platz, design shop upstairs, and café and restaurant that uses the Lidl D-4, Blumenstr. 7, MOlgaeck. Just one of the super-
tel. 726 98 00. The designer Caro Kipp sells her own collec- Outlaw Boots C-4, Gerberstr. 5F, MÖsterreich Platz, fresh, organic and delicious wares from the market it overlooks. markets in case you want to buy your own food and booze for
tion here as well as clothes mainly by French designers. tel. 649 89 55, For all your Q Open 07:00 - 18:30. Sat 07:00 - 16:00. Closed Sun. a picnic or whatever. QOpen 08:00 - 20:00.
leather (be it cowboy or Harley inspired) leather goods
for feet mostly but jackets etc. are on sale too, come to
this udderly cow-unfriendly shop. QOpen 10:00 - 19:00.
Closed Sun.

Polyester Pop C-4, Gerberstraße 17, MÖster-

reichischer Platz, tel. 620 76 53. The costumes and cool
accessories as well as the collections by small independent
designers from Stuttgart and area are perfect for the young
fashion conscious.

Sigrun Woehr C-4, Hirschstr. 4, MRathaus. For shoe

shopping in architecturally stunning surroundings, don’t
miss these shops. Obviously, the newest trends and best

Standard A-4, Ludwigstr. 106, MSchwabstr, tel. 636

38 55, You won’t find
anything standard here - collections in limited number from
all over Europe are regularly change, guaranteeing no else
will be wearing your top.

Flower Market C-3, Schillerplatz, MCharlottenplatz.
Every Tue, Thu & Sat sees Schillerplatz light up with colourful
blooms. Worth a look around even if you don’t want a cactus
with you on the plane home. QOpen 07:00 - 13:00.

Speciality shops
Alte Tabakstube C-3, Schillerpl. 4, MCharlottenplatz,
tel. 29 27 29, A humidor featur-
ing some of Cuba’s finest, plus tobacco and accessories for
the as yet not ostracised smokers of Germany. Q Open
WW 09:30 - 18:30. Sat 09:00 - 16:00. Closed Sun.

Stuttgart In Your Pocket June - July 2006


Adolf-Kröner-Str. E/F-3 Feuerbacher Heide A-1 Höscheleweg F-2 Neue Straße E-4 Sonnenbergstr. E-4
Business information Embassies Albert-Schäffle-Str.
Feuerbacher Weg
Neues Schloß
American Chamber of Commerce, tel. 166 71 56, Albrecht-Goes-Platz E-4 Feuerseeplatz B-4 Hugo-Eckener-Str. F-3 Nikolausstr. E-2 Spittlerstr. E-1/2 Although some German cities have consulates of certain Albuchweg F-2 Firnhaber Str. B/C-3 Im Himmelsberg C-1 Nordbahnhofstr. D/E-1 Sporerstr. C/D-3
American German Business Club, countries, most only have a diplomatic representation in Alexanderstr. D-4/E-3 Forststr. A/B-3 Im Kaisemer C/D-1 Nußklinge A-1 Staatsgalerie D-3
Contact Peggy Stinson at tel. 248 60 78 or stuttgart@ Berlin. Below are all the details of the Berlin embassies Alfred-Lörcher-Str. E-2/3 Fraasstr. E-3 Im Schellenkönig E-4 Oberer Hoppenlauweg B-2 Staatstheater D-3 of the participating World Cup countries. The city code Altes Schloß D-3 Frauenbergweg B-1 Im Schüle B-1 Oberer Reichelenbergweg Staffelstr. E-2
for Berlin is (+49) (0)30. Am Fruchtkasten C-3 Friedensstr. E-2 Jacobstr. D-4 D/E-4 Stafflenbergstr. E-4
British Chamber of Commerce, tel. 25 54 04 60, Am Hauptbahnhof D-1/2 Friedhofstr. D/E-1 Jägerstr. C-2 Oberer Schloßgarten D-3 Staibenacker F-2 Angola Wallstraße 58, tel. 24 08 970, botschaft@ Am Hohengeren E-3 Friedrichsplatz C-2 Jean-Améry-Weg B-4 Olgastr. D-3/4 Stälinweg F-4, Am Kriegsbergturm C-1 Friedrichstr. C-3 Jobstweg B-3 Osloer Str. D-1 Steingrübenweg E-4
Argentina Kleiststraße 23-26, tel. 226 68 90, info@ Am Neckartor E-1/2 Fürstenstr. C-3 Johannesstr. A/B-3/4 Ossietzkystr. C-2 Steinstr. C-4
Local consulates, www.argentinische- Am Reichelenberg D-4 Furtbachstr. B/C-4 Josef-Hirn-Platz C-4 Panoramastr. C-2 Stephanstr. C-3 Am Schloßgarten D-2 Gablenberger Hauptstr. Kammertheater D-3 Pariser Platz D-1 Stiftstr. C-3
Canada Lange Str. 51, tel. 0711 223 96 78. Am Tanzelwurm B-1 D-4/F-3 Kanalstr. D-3 Parlerstr. B-1 Stitzenburgstr. D-4
Australia Wallstr. 76-79, MI, tel. 880 08 80, www. Ameisenbergstr. E-3/F-2 Gablenberger Weg F-4 Karl-Dammdorf-Weg E-2/3 Paulinenstr. B/C-4 Stöckachplatz E-2
Beauty Brazil Wallstrasse 57, tel. 72 62 80, brasil@brasember-
Karl-Georg-Kiesinger-Platz D-2
Karlspassage D-3
Stockholmer Platz
Sauter Beautypool C-4, Christophstr. 8, MÖster-, Aspergstr. F-3 Ganghoferstr. A-1 Karlsplatz D-3 Pfizerstr. E-4 Stotzstr. E-1/2
reichischer Platz, tel. 640 77 70. This is a place to see Costa Rica Dessauer Strasse 28/29, tel. 26 39 89 Athener Str. D-1 Gänsheidestr. E-3/4/F-3 Karlstr. D-3 Pierre-Pfimlin-Platz C-4 Straßburger Platz D-2
Atzenbergaufgang A-1 Gebhard-Müller-Platz D-2 Karoline-Kaulla-Weg D-2 Pischeckstr. E/F-4 Straußstaffel F-3
not only for the architecture, but also for fashionable cuts and 90,, http://www. Atzenbergstr. A-C-1 Geißstr. C-4 Katharinenplatz D-4 Planckstr. F-3/4 Straußweg F-3/4
colours as well as a complete wellness programme. Augustenstr. A/B-4 Gellertstr. E-3 Katharinenstr. D-4 Planie D-3 Sünderstaffel E-4
Croatia Ahornstraße 4, tel. 21 91 55 14, info@ Barcelona-Platz D-1 Georg-Elser-Staffel E-4 Keplerstr. C-2 Platz der Deutschen Einheit B-3 Theodor-Heuss-Str. C-3 Bardilweg F-4 Gerberstr. C-4 Kernerplatz E-2 Poststr. C-3/4 Thouretstr. C/D-2/3
Cultural institutions Czech Republic Wilhelmstr. 44, tel. 22 63 80, Bärenstr.
Children’s English Library Etzelstr. 25&#8209;27,
Bebelstr. A-3 Gerokstr. E-3/4 Kirchstr. C-3 Rechbergstr. F-2 Torstr. C-4
tel. 358 22 15, Q Open Tue Ecuador Kaiser-Friedrich-Str. 90, tel. 800 96 95, ale- Bebenhäuser Hof C-3 Gerokstr. E/F-4 Kleine Königstr. C-4 Reinsburgstr. B-4 Traubenstr. A-2
16:00&#8209;18:00, Fri 15:00-18:00, Sat 14:00-17:00., http://www.embassy- Bergstr. F-3/4 Geschwister-Scholl-Platz C-2 Klett-Passage D-2 Reitzensteinstr. F-2 Traubergstr. F-4
Deutsch&#8209;Amerikanisches Zentrum Char- Berliner Platz B-3 Goerdelerstr. D-3 Kloppentalstr. B-1 Relenbergstr. B-1/C-2 Tübinger Str. C-4
lottenplatz 17, tel. 22 81 80, Library open France Pariser Pl. 5, tel. 590 03 90 00, www. Beyerstr. D-1 Goethestr. C-2 Klüpfelstr. A-2 Reuchlinstr. A-4 Tunzhofer Platz C-1 Birkendörfle C-1 Gottliebstr. F-3/4 Königstr. C-3/D-2 Richard-Wagner-Str. E-4 Tunzhofer Str. C-1
Tue&#8209;Thu 14:00-16:00. Birkenwaldstr. C-1 Grafeneckstr. F-2 Konrad-Adenauer-Str. D-3 Richtstr. C-4 Tunzhofer Str. D-1
Ghana Stavangerstr. 17-19, tel. 547 14 90, consular@ Blumenstr. D-4 Grillparzerweg A-1 Kopenhagener Str. D-1 Rieckestr. F-2 Türlenstr. C/D-1, Bolzstr. C/D-3 Gröberstr. E-4 Kornbergstr. A-2 Robert-Bosch-Platz B-3 Turmstr. C-3
Doctors Iran Podbielskiallee 65-67, tel. 84 35 30, iran. Bopserstr. C-4 Grünblickstr. E-4 Kriegerstr. D-2 Robert-Bosch-Str. A/B-1 Uhlandshöhe E-2
If you need a doctor for a house call, contact tel. 262 80 12., Braunweg F-4 Grüneisenstr. E-4 Kriegsbergstr. C-2 Robert-Koch-Str. F-2 Uhlandstr. D-3
Italy Hiroshimastr. 1-7, tel. 25 44 00, w w w. Breite Str. C-4 Gustav-Heinemann-Platz C-3 Kronenstr. C/D-2 Robert-Mayer-Str. C-1 Uhlbergstr. F-2
Breitlingstr. E/F-4 Gutbrodstr. A-3 Kronprinzstr. C-3 Rosenbergstr. A-3/B-2 Ulrichstr. D-3
Laundry Ivory Coast Lützowstrasse 33-36, tel. 590 02 30.
Krumme Str.
Unter der Mauer
Unterer Schloßgarten
Hersener Marta Waschsalon Bebelstr. 52, tel. 63 Japan (Consulate General) D-3, Kleiststr. 23-26, Bronnäcker F-2 Hackländerstr. F-3/E-4 Landhausstr. E/F-2 Roßbergstr. F-2 Urachplatz F-2
24 65. tel. 21 09 40, Brüsseler Platz D-2 Hackstr. F-2 Landtag D-3 Rößlinweg F-3 Urachstr. F-2
Maisch Otto Wäscherei Kreuzotterweg 4, tel. 86 Mexico Klingelhöferstr. 3, tel. 269323 0, mail@ Büchsenstr. C-3 Hallberger Str. E-2 Lange Str. C-3 Rotebühlstr. A/B-4 Urbansplatz E-3
Budapester Platz D-1 Hangleiterstr. C-1 Lautenschlägerstr. C-3/4 Rotenbergstr. F-2 Urbanstr. D-3/E-2
53 62., Bunsenweg C-1 Härtsfeldweg F-2 Lazarettstr. D-4 Rötestr. A-4 Viktor-Köchl-Weg A-1
Trieb Qualiltäts- und Textilreinigung Arnulf-Klett- Netherlands Klosterstr. 50, tel. 20 95 60, www. Buschlestr. B-4 Hasenbergstr. A-3/B-4 Lederstr. D-3 Rothebühlplatz C-3 Villastr. F-2
Platz 3, tel. 29 41 66. Bussenstr. F-3 Hauffstr. E-2 Lembergstr. F-2 Salzmannweg A-1 Vogelsangstr. A-4
Waschsalon Treiber D-2, Königstr. 3, MHauptbahnhof. Paraguay Hardenbergstr. 12, tel. 319 98 60, em- Calwer Passage C-3 Hauptmannsreute A-1 Lenzhalde A-1 Sandbergerstr. E/F-4 Vordernbergstr. C/D-1 Calwer Str. C-3 Hauptmannsreute A-2 Leonhardplatz D-4 Sängerstr. E-2 Vorsteigstr. A-2
Opposite the Galeria Kaufhof is this central launderette. €4 Cannstatter Str. D/E-1 Hauptstaatsarchiv D-3 Leonhardstr. D-4 Saphirweg B-2 Wächterstaffel D-4
per wash, €1 for a dryer. QOpen 05:00 - 24:00. Poland Lassenstr. 19-21, tel. 223 13 20, www. Cäsar-Flaischlen-Str. A-2 Hauptstätter Str. C-4 Lerchenstr. A-3/B-2 Sattlerstr. B-2 Wächterstr. D-4 Charlottenstr. D-3/4 Hauptstätter-Str. D-3/4 Lessingstr. A/B-2 Schellingstr. C-3 Wagenburgplatz F-3
Portugal Zimmerstr. 56, tel. 590 06 35 00. Christoph-Str. C-4 Haußmannstr. E/F-2 Leuschnerstr. A/B-3 Schickstaffel D-4 Wagenburgstr. E/F-3
Religious services Saudi-Arabia Kurfürstendamm 63, tel. 88 92 50. Daniel-Stocker-Weg E-2 Hegelplatz B-2 Libanonstr. E-2/F-3 Schickstr. D-4 Wagnerstr. D-4
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, tel. Serbia-Montenegro Taubertstrasse 18, tel. 895 Danneckerplatz D-4 Hegelstr. A/B-2 Lichtensteinstr. F-2 Schillerplatz C-3 Warschauer Str. D-1
77 00, Danneckerstr. D-4 Heidehofstr. E/F-3 Lindenspürstr. A/B-3 Schillerstr. D-2 Weberstr. D-4
341 92 40, Deyhleweg F-4 Heidewinkel B-1 Lissaboner Str. D-1 Schlosserstr. C-4 Weimarstr. B-3
Church of the Na zarene Friedenskirche, Bad South Korea Schöneberger Ufer 89-91, tel. 26 06 50, Diamantenweg B-2 Heilbronner Str. D-1/2 Londoner Str. D-1 Schloßplatz D-3 Weißenburgstr. C-4
Cannstatt, tel. 55 11 47., Diemershaldenstr. E-3/4 Heilmannstr. E-1 Lorenzstaffel D-4 Schloßstr. B/C-3 Werastr. E-1-E-3
City Chapel Marienstr. 12, tel. 614 29 56, www. Spain Lichtensteinallee 1, TG, tel. 254 00 70, www. Dillmannstr. A-2 Heinrich-Baumann-Steg E/F-2 Ludwig-Hofer-Str. B-1 Schmale Str. C-3/4 Werderstr. F-2 Dobelstr. D/E-4 Heinrich-Baumann-Str. E-2 Ludwig-Pfau-Str. A-2 Schmalzmarkt F-3/4 Werfmershalde E-2

International Baptist Church Stuttgart&#8209;Vaih Sweden Rauchstr. 1, tel. 50 50 60, www.schwe- Dornstr. C-4 Helfferichstr. B-1 Ludwigstr. A/B-3/4 Schoderstr. C-1 Werlinstr. A-2
Dorotheenstr. D-3 Helmholtzweg C-1 Marienstr. B/C-4 Schönbühlstr. F-2 Wiederholdstr. B-2
ingen, tel. 687 43 65, Dürrstr. A-2 Herdweg A/B-2 Marktplatz C-3 Schönleinstr. E-4 Wilhelm-Camerer-Str. F-2
St. Antonius Church Paracelsusstr. 87, Stuttgart&#8 Switzerland Otto-von-Bismarck-Allee 4 A, tel. 390 Eberhardstr. C-4 Hermannstr. B-4 Marktstr. D-4 Schottstr. A/B-1 Wilhelm-Hertz-Str. C-1
209;Hohenheim, tel. 459 71 52. Catholic Mass in English 40 00,, www.botschaft- Ecklenstr. F-3 Herzogstr. B-4 Marquardtstr. F-4 Schubartstr. E-2 Wilhelm-Hoffman-Steg D-3
every first Saturday of the month at 18:30. Eduard-Pfeiffer-Str. B-1/C-2 Heubergstr. F-2 Marstallstr. D-3 Schulstr. C-3 Wilhelmsplatz C-4
St. Catherine’s Church (Anglican) Katharinenplatz Togo Grabbeallee 43, tel. 48 47 64 71, Bbotschaft- Eduard-Pfeiffer-Str. C-1 Heussstr. C-3 Metzstr. F-2 Schützenplatz E-2 Wilhelmstr. D-4
Ehrenhalde B-1 Heusteigstr. C-4 Mittlerer Schloßgarten D-2 Schützenstr. E-2/3 Willi-Bleicher-Str. C-3
5, tel. 07151 68 97 3,, Eichstr. C-4 Heusteigstr. D-4 Mohlstr. E-4 Schwabstr. A-2/4 Willy-Brandt-Str. D/E-2
United Methodist Church, tel. 25 19 84, www. Tunisia Lindenallee 16, tel. 36 41 07 0. Einkornstr. F-2 Hillerstr. E-3 Mönchhaldenstr. C-1 Schwarenbergstr. F-1-F-3 Wolframstr. D-1 Ukraine Albrechtstrasse 26, tel. 28 88 72 20, Elisabethenstr. A-4 Hirschstr. C-4 Mönchstr. D-1 Sedanstr. F-2 Wullestaffel E-2, Esslinger Str. D-4 Hoffmannweg F-4 Moserstr. D/E-3 Seestr. B-1/2 Wunnensteinstr. F-2
United Kingdom Wilhelmstr. 70-71, MI, tel. 20 45 Etzel-Str. D-1 Hohe Str. B/C-3 Moskauer Str. D-1 Senefelderstr. A-3/B-4 Zeppelinstr. A-2
Eugensplatz E-3 Hohenheimer Str. D-4 Münzstr. C/D-3 Seyfferstr. A-4 Zur Schellbergstr. E/F-2
Eugenstr. D-3 Hohenstaufenstr. B-4 Nadlerstr. C-4 Sickstr. F-2
USA Neustädtische Kirchstr. 4-5, MI, tel. 830 50, Falkertstr. A/B-2/3 Hölderlinplatz A-2 Nagelstr. D-4 Silberburgstr. A-2/B-3 American Citizen Services: tel. Färberstr. C-4 Hölderlinstr. A/B-2 Neckarstr. F-2 Silberweg F-4
832 92 33. Farrenstr. F-4 Holzgartenstr. B-2/3 Neefstr. D/E-4 Silcherstr. B-3
Feinstr. C-4 Hoppenstr. B-2 Nesenbachstr. C-4 Smaragdweg B-2

Stuttgart In Your Pocket June - July 2006





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rb ang f
S6 Bie



44 Killesbe
ran n

Ma kn dor
S Plo
S Sch chin
Stuttgart ve dio Rem

S4 Bac orn gen

roß ta en
i G ler-Sning


Russische Kirche

U5 Mönc
U2 1 F

U6 Gerlinhfeld
U7 Killes gen
15 Stamm
U17 Killes heim
U4 N ellba

(nur bei Grberg Messe

U9 U eug ch Lu
r b aim grö n Bf
Innenstadt U1 H nter ereu ther

U1 4 N ede türkh t
(nu 1 D eckar lfinge eim



H eg Krie 40,


. 40,42 -
Hegel-/ Katharinen- 42,44 92


Seidenstr. hospital Arnulf-Klett-Platz bl
40 Ga rg
Vo Staatsgalerie 42 be

ge 40

lsa 40,42,44 42


40,42,44 U9,U14,U11

Hölderlinplatz Hegelplatz


Honoldweg (Linden-Museum)


r. Rosenberg-/




41,42 Seidenstr.













sen Friedrichsbau U5,U6,U7,


Ro U2 41,43 15,U17




Fichtestr. loss




U rba




41 Berliner Platz 42,44 44,92


Schlossplatz U1,U2,U4,



43 U11




41 Charlotten-

ckstr U4,U9


Klo r. 42 platz
r. sst

Berliner Platz

st los

er g Sch (Hohe Str.) 44,92
enb 42

Ro s

eid str. U2,U4,U11,U14









Fo Johannesstr. Dorotheenstr.


Stadtmitte 43,44,92


Schwab-/ Ch


U4 Botnang ot

U4,U9 te
U9 Vogelsang


Bebelstr. Rotebühlplatz


Spittastr. 43,44,92
str. k
Bismarckplatz wig 41 an
Lud 41 U1,U2,U4,U11 Olgaeck hb -
S1-S6 Rathaus Ru len
15 Gabrg
tr. U2,U4,U11,U14 Wilhelmsbau 42 be
43 eb ühls
r. Rot
gst Feuersee 43


Gu Tor



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str Sene- 43 .
Pa str


felderstr. ul
in en
sm rin 43


44 en Marienstr. tha

r. Ka


büh 44,92

Rote ße


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stra 44,92



Bf )


h eimer

n Bf


Schwabstr. Au

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Leipziger Marien-/

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bu Silberburgstr.


ins Platz
ra ße


Seyfferstr. 92 Wilhelm-/

oßv str ern ihin elde

Olgastr. Dobelstr.
r lb l a

i G A tfi – V ein

ll rin ge

92 Leonber

be ch Os f ( – L

ur rlo n B f (


U 5


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7 N h in


U 6 M

U1 7 Mö öhr

Rotebühl-/ ss tr.

g Schwab-/ hlo igs


ch en

ber Reinsburgstr. Sc us
t Reinsburgstr.

illes nrains
sla ng

92 He

Her stad

He hi

S1 Filder afen

4 Vai

42 rstr.
43 KLerche

© April 2006


S2 Flugh
U1 1


Korntaler Str. Heutingsheimer Str. Suttnerstr. Freiberg Mühlhausen Hornbach Brückenstr.

Stammheim U14
Stammheim Himmelsleiter Mönchfeld Mühle Remseck

Wimpfener Str. Auwiesen


Rathaus Neckar-
ig h

et ac

Hofen gröningen
Bi arb

Fürfelder Str.
Schozacher Str. Wagrainäcker
Kirchtalstr. Hauptfriedhof

Zuffenhausen Kelterplatz Elbestr. Steinhaldenfeld Neugereut

Stuttgart Zuffenhausen Rathaus
Freibergstr. Obere Ziegelei
Neuwirtshaus Hohensteinstr.
Korntal Porscheplatz Münster Rathaus
Friedrichswahl Gnesener Str.
Stadtbahnen Zuffenhausen Münster Viadukt
S-Bahnen und Weilimdorf Kraftwerk Münster
Wilhelm- Sieglestr. Schorndorf
Mühlsteg Daimlerplatz
Geiger- Sommerrain Backnang
Straßenbahnen Ditzingen Platz Maybachstr. Pragsattel Löwentor Rosensteinpark Glockenstraße Bad Cannstatt
Wilhelmspl. Fellbach
Stand: Dezember 2005 Sportpark
Feuerbach Rosenstein- Uff-Kirchhof
Höfingen Feuerbach brücke
Krankenhaus Feuerbach Bf Nordbahnhof Bad Augsburger Friedrich-
Feuerbach Mittnachtstr. Wilhelma Platz List-Heim Beskidenstr.
Löwentorbrücke Cannstatt
Leonberg Pfostenwäldle
Milchhof Nürn- Höhenstr.
Landauer Str. Killesberg Mineralbäder Mercedesstr. Kienbachstr. berger Str.
Weilimdorf Messe Blick Esslinger Str.
Eckartshaldenweg Türlenstraße
Löwen-Markt Pragfriedhof Metzstr. Cannstatter Wasen
Bürgerhospital Eszet
a dt Schwabenlandhalle
St Rastatter Str. Stöckach
er Hölderlin- Rosenberg-/ Berliner Platz Friedrichsbau Karl-Olga- Daimler-Stadion Schlotterbeckstr.
ld platz Seidenstr. Hauptbahnhof Krankenhaus Fellbach
ei Wolfbusch
W Arnulf-Klett-Platz Lutherkirche
Russische Bergfriedhof Daimler-Stadion
Bergheimer Hof Kirche Schleyer-Halle Untertürkheim Bf
Schloss-/ Neckartor
Johannesstr. Raitelsberg
Salamanderweg Staatsgalerie
Schwab-/ Schlosspl. Ostendpl.
Bebelstr. Schlachthof
Arndt-/ Rotebühlplatz Charlottenplatz Tal-/
Giebel Spittastr. Landhausstr. Obertürkheim
Breitwiesen Eugenspl. Heide- Gaisburg Landhausstr.
Vogelsang hofstr.
Siedlung Österreich. Olgaeck Stafflenbergstr. E
Herderplatz Platz Rathaus Brendle Pl ssli
oc ng
Dobel- Bubenbad Großmarkt Inselstr. hi en
Marienpl. straße Wasenstraße ng
Gerlingen Lindpaintnerstr. Payerstr. Im Degen
Schreiberstr. Bopser
Schwabstr. Geroksruhe
Bihlplatz Liststr.
Beethovenstr. Waldau Wangen Marktplatz
Sonderlinien der SSB bei Großveranstaltungen: Stelle
Südheimer Platz Wein-
Hauptbahnhof – Daimler-Stadion/ Schleyer-Halle Heslach Pfaffenweg Hedelfinger Str.
Millöckerstr. steige
bzw. Pendelverker Mineralbäder - Daimler-Stadion Vogelrain
Universität Nägele- Ruhbank Fernsehturm
Feuerbach – Daimler-Stadion/ Schleyer-Halle Eltinger Str. Wielandshöhe Haigst str. Hedelfingen
Waldeck Silberwald
Degerloch Albstraße – Killesberg Messe Waldfriedhof
Vaihingen – Waldau Botnang Österfeld Kaltental Zahnrad- Sillenbuch
Degerloch bahnhof
Engelboldstr. Schemppstr.
Touristiklinien der SSB Vaihingen Viadukt Degerloch Albstr. Bockelstr.
Zacke (Zahnradbahn) Heumaden
Rohr Vaihingen Schillerplatz Peregrinastr.
Vaihingen Bf Ruit Scharnhauser Techn.
Wallgraben Vaihinger Str. Möhringen Bf Park Akademie
n Oberaichen Sonnenberg
ge rg
in e Jurastr.
bl enb (nicht U6) Zinsholz Parksiedlung Kreuzbrunnen Ostfildern
Bö err
H Riedsee Nellingen
Unteraichen SSB-Zentrum
Leinfelden Bf Plieninger Str. Landhaus
Leinfelden Möhringen Rohrer Weg Plieningen Garbe
Frank Freibad Sigmaringer Str. Salzäcker
© VVS Echterdingen Filderstadt
Flughafen Bernhausen
Acadamie Der Schönsten Haus der Wirtschaft 35 Primafila 25 STUTTCARD 32
Künste 21 Hegel-Haus 35 Rathaus 33 Subway 22
Alte Kanzlei
Höhenhotel Seybold
Holiday Inn
REGA-Hotel Stuttgart
Suite 212
Europe’s leading publisher
Altes Schloß 32 Hostel Alex 30 20 Rieker 18 Tagblatt-Turm 34
Hotel am Feuersee
Hotel Am Schloßgarten
Romantik Hotel Traube
Taverna Yol
of locally produced city guides
Ampulle 24 Hotel am Wilhelmsplatz 15 Romeos Kiste 31 The Paris 31
Arche 19 i-Punkt Tourist Office 32 Rosenau 30 Udo's Snack 22 Hotels Restaurants Cafés Nightlife Sightseeing Events Maps Hotels Restaurants Cafés Nightlife Sightseeing Events Maps Hotels Restaurants Cafés Nightlife Sightseeing Events Maps Hotels Restaurants Cafés Nightlife Sightseeing Events Maps    $   ! 

Auszeit 22 IB-Gästehaus 15 Rote Kapelle 30 Unger Select Marketing Hotel 18 TIRANA BUCHAREST TALLINN ST. PETERSBURG 

Bad Berg 12 Ibis Am Löwentor 16 Royal 18 Universum 31 2005 - 2006 April - May 2006 April 2006

Bangkok Express 22 Ibis Marienplatz 16 Sautter 18 Vollare 26

Barcode 28 IB Jugendgästehaus 20 Schaufenster Mitte 29 Weber Food & Sound 25
Barista Café 28 Il Pomodoro 26 Schillerplatz 34 Weinbaumuseum 36 A New Look
We‘ve never looked
better: In Your Pocket

Bar Waranga 28 InterCityHotel Stuttgart 16 Schlemmermeyer 22 Weinstube Kachelofen 24 gets a makeover


Berg 18 Jugendherberge Stuttgart 20 Schloßgarten 37 Weissenhof Siedlung 37 Bucharest

Our guide to the best
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Besitos 27 Kid’s Park 37 Schloßplatz 34 Weißhofmuseum 35 Easter Greetings

Best Western Hotel Stuttgart 21 Killesbergturm 33 Schloß Rosenstein 36 Wielandshöhe 23 Boom town
Tirana‘s new face
Touring Narva

Russian in Russia

Cool sights at the EU‘s   

On the road
15 Klösterle 33 Schloss Solitude 34 Wiener's 22 Driving around southern
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IYP gets a new

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Biddy Early’s 31 Königsbau 33 Schocken 30 Wilhelma 35
N°40 - 8.00 lei N°47 - 35kr

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Biergarten im Schloßgarten 30 Kronen Hotel Garni 16 Scholz 30 Wilhelmspalais 35
Bismarckturm 32 Kübler 27 Soho 30 Wörst 14 Hotels Restaurants Cafés Nightlife Sightseeing Events Maps Hotels Restaurants Cafés Nightlife Sightseeing Events Maps Hotels Restaurants Cafés Nightlife Sightseeing Events Maps

Bohnenviertel 32 Kunstgebäude 35 Sophie’s Brauhaus 21 Württembergisches WARSAW BELFAST RIGA   

Brauerei-Gaststätte KunstMuseum 35 Spa Leuze 12 Landesmuseum 36
April - May 2006 April - May 2006  "

Dinkelacker 21 L'Oasis 28 Staatsgalerie 36 Zapata 31

Bravo Charlie 28 Laboratorium 30 Städtisches Lapidarium 36 Zirbelstube 23
Brita 15 La Fenice 23 Steigenberger Graf Zeppelin 14 Zotti 30
Burhans Schlemmerstuben 27 Landtag 33 Stella 22 Zum Paulaner 30 Poles You
Should Know:
Dwarves, Eccentrics,

Café Heller 28 Le Meridien 14 Stereo 30 Zur Weinsteige 23 Exploring

Café im Königsbau 21 Lindenmuseum 35 Stiftskirche 37 Zwölfzehn 31 South Central

Café Nast 21 Litfass 25 The local legacy of the
Belfast-born legend
Hockey Fever
Revamped In Your
Bangor Everything you need to
Calwer-Eck-Braü 21 Lush 28 & Holywood
Seaside towns worth
know about IIHF World
Championship in Riga

exploring The river tour season
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Carl-Zeiss-Planetarium 35 Mack 19 N°32 - 5zł
N°6 - Free copy
N°60 - 1.20Ls
Take a day trip to
the seaside towns of

Jūrmala and Liepāja

China Wok Imbiß 22 Maritim Hotel Stuttgart 14

City Coach Tour 37 Markthalle 33
City Walk 36 Marshall Bar 28
Coc@Inn 27 Mash 29
Cortijo 27 Mercedes-Benz Museum 34
Da Franco 26 Mercure Fontana 16
Delhi Palace 24 Mercure Hotel Bad Cannstatt 16
Deli 28 Mercure Stuttgart Airport 19
Der Zauberlehrling 14, 23 Mercure Stuttgart City Centre 16 FRANKFURT GDAŃSK HAMBURG KAUNAS KLAIPEDA
Deutsche Telekom Merit 19
Tagungshotel 18 Meyer's 25
Dilayla 28 Mezzanin 29
Ebony 21 Mezzogiorno 26
Empore 25 Millenium Hotel & SI-Suites 16 KRAKÓW KYIV LEIPZIG PÄRNU MUNICH
Esplanaud 19 mo.hotel 16
Evangelische Hospitalkirche 37 Model Railway 37
Extra-Wurst 22 Mojito 29
Fai Sushi Kaiten 27 Mos Eisley 29
Fernsehturm 32 Mövenpick Airport 19 POZNAŃ PRAGUE RIGA RIJEKA ST. PETERSBURG
Find 19 Museum am Löwentor 35
Flea Market 32 Musical Instrument Museum 36
Floating Market 21 Neues Schloß 33
George & Dragon
Ochsen Weinstube Hotel
Goldoni 26 Oggi 26
Grabkapelle auf dem Olivo 23
Württemberg 32 Pane e Vino 26
Grand Café Planie 22 Penguin Eis 22
Hansa-Hotel 15 Perle 27
Hauptbahnhof Tower 32 Porsche Museum 34

Stuttgart In Your Pocket

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