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Tennisarm, tenniselbow, epicondylitis, Epikondylitis, Tendopathie, Golfe...


- gekauft: speziellen Bürostuhl, ergonomische Maus, ergonomische total verstellbare Tastatur,

Tischverlängerung als Unterarm-Stütze erstellt
you name it - I did it.

Jede der obigen Behandlungsarten habe ich meist während vielen Wochen konsequent ausgeführt.
Manchmal isoliert, d.h. nur jene Therapie um zu sehen ob genau diese etwas bringt und nicht etwas
anderes gleichzeitig ausgeführtes. Manches brachte Linderung, nichts brachte eine langanhaltende
merkliche Besserung. Ausgenommen von normalem Fitness und besprochenem Dehnen habe ich alles
aufgegeben. Das mühsamste an den meisten Therapien war der Zeitaufwand und die Einschränkungen
im Alltag, d.h. die merkliche Reduktion an Lebensqualität!

Links die ebenfalls auf Dehnen zur Behandlung hinweisen

Weitere Hausmittel & Geheimtips zur effizienten Selbstbehandlung

Die Arm-Operation

Diese Homepage ist nicht kommerziell und seit 31.03.1999 verfügbar. Ich habe die einzelnen
Therapiepunkte nicht erfunden, aber diese spezielle Kompilation, Kombination und die Anwendung auf
den Tennisarm kann man als meine "Erfindung" betrachten. Dieses Wissen muss kostenlos
weitergegeben werden und sollte möglichst schnell möglichst weite Verbreitung finden, wenn grossteils
kopiert, bitte mit üblichem Quellennachweis.

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The Problem = Tennisarm

The solution = Strechting
Do you really have a tennisarm? Diagnosis

Here is what to do: STRETCHING of the triggering muscle

and tendon.

How to do the exercise / fotos

the animated version

Use about 5-10 Minutes per day for that exercise, hold the
stretch at least 10-20 seconds at the maximum point, it
might hurt a bit. The pain sould be gone about 1-2 minutes
after the session, otherwise you do it to hard or too long.
Also the pain should not be stronger the next day, otherwise reduce the force while stretching a bit. More
force does not make the healing faster!

Do this 2-3 times per "session". Do a session about 4-5 times per day, you can also do that exercise with
arms on your back (less obvious, depending on situation) or in the car (hand upper surface between your
legs on the car seat) f.i. while waiting on a red light or in jam etc.

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Tennisarm, tenniselbow, epicondylitis, Epikondylitis, Tendopathie, Golfe...

Mosts important do not spare your arm of anything in your regular day (even tennis, only if the
paint is just too much to take) saving your arm will make the problem worse. That's why most of the time
turning in bed at night is a pain, because it has not been moving for some time.

Do that stretching extensively before, between and after tennis (or the Activity which might cramp
that muscle).

[Maybe you should also build up some of your muscles for the tennis in particular and ask a pro to check
your game for bad hand/arm-positions, I'm not an expert in that, most tennisarms or golferarms
worldwide are not caused by tennis or gold but by age (30-40 years old) a weak point that someday just
apears, maybe triggered by pc-work (moving the mouse/tipping) or some other repetitive manual work.]

With stretching you should notice a significant

improvement within days, even more in 2-4
weeks (have patience and consitance with the
exercises!). Then in 2-3 months all should be
gone, but you will need to continue the
stretching, with less sessions per day for a

The tennisarm is a cold inflammation, to cool it will make it worse, to warm it will not help either. That
tendon (muscle leading from middle finger over top of your arm to the elbow just got a bit shorter
because of a permanent cramp and no stretching. After some time the point where the tendon is fixed to
the bone gets sore/hurts which starts a never ending vicious cycle of pain = more cramp = more pain.
You cut that cycle by stretching which relieves the pull on the hurting point.

It is common that tennisarms "burn out" (the pain goes away and stays away) after 1,5 - 2 years
because the nervecells that send the pain information are transformed in other (hard) tissue, but
stretching will make that wait time easier, because that pain (and the sparing/saving most do, which does
not help but make worse!) takes away life quality and depresses often psychologically (constantly
reminded by pain, not beeing able to do your normal activities that make you feel good).

If you want to do some medical treamtment, go ahead but you will mostly just spend time, money and
nerves. Believe it, the tennisarm is the most common illness of the whole arm worldwide and 95% of all
doctors do not know how to treat it - you better believe what you always knew - they all cook with water
also. Besides you don't make much money giving the advice of stretching. Before I found out I did about
20 different treatments - none did any good.

Wishing you fast success, good health and God bless you, "the Tennisarm-Doctor".

"Hanging on the door Pole"

This exercise is very helpful to cure tennisarms or golfarms. Especially if
you have the problem on both arms at the same time. It will stretch the affected
muscle and cure the muscle cramp.
Do it 5-10x per day and hang about 30-60 Sekunden or hang longer if you can not
do it as often.

How to: It is very important that the arms are fully stretched, no angle. The
muscles of the arms or shoulders/neck/back must not be tense/used but totally

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Tennisarm, tenniselbow, epicondylitis, Epikondylitis, Tendopathie, Golfe...

relaxed, only your finger muscles are tense to hold your weight. enlarge foto ]

It is a very effective streching of all arm muscles and thereby curing golfarm und
tennisarm at the same time. It is one of the best exercises to cure problems in
fingers, arms, neck, shoulders, back, pelvis and even hips and thighs.

Buy one for about 23 E:

It helps muscle cramps (which is one of the most common cause of backaches, shoulder or
neckproblems) can free squeezed or pressed nerves and positively influence blood circulation. Many
health problems in the upper body are solved by this exercise!

During hanging it should not hurt very much. Especially if the pain is stronger one day after the exercise,
you overdid and you should stand up with your feet a bit more to take more bodyweight off your arms.

You can buy this pole in sport stores or at wallmart / k-mart etc. It is pressed in the doorway by screews
and rubber washers etc. so the doorway is not damaged. It is also convenient to hang close. If you do the
exercise right, it will build horny skin (callus) within 2 weeks below the middle finger, if not you don't hang
enough or wrongly. Don't worry, once you stop the hanging, the horny skin will fall off and disappear.

Don't hang early in the morning right after you get up.

Stretching for the Golferarm

Detailed fotos stretching Golfarm
Stretching Golfarm animated
Alternative Golfarm-Stretching on table

(Problem on the inside of arm)

Hold the hurting arm stretched out with outside of hand showing upwards.
Turn the hand now that your thumb touches your stomach side. With the
other hand grab the hand of the hurting hand underneath the fingers and pull
it upwards. (The right kind of stretching will produce an unpleasant pull in the
muscle). Don't stretch far over the hurting point. Keep the stretch for about
20-40 seconds.

Enlarge picture on right side

Important: The hanging on the bar will also help the golferarm.

Doing Pushups will not help much.

Email / FEEDBACK to "Tennisarm"

704. Manoj Sha#rma, India, Eintrag 904 vom 05.08.2015, 15:16 Uhr Dear
Thomas, Just a quick update to inform you that my golfer's elbow is virtually healed ( 99 %)...I am
back to working out the way I used to except I'm going easy on the parallel bar dips as that seems to
aggravate my condition. So...Thanks again for your wonderful technique and for sharing it. (I still use it

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Tennisarm, tenniselbow, epicondylitis, Epikondylitis, Tendopathie, Golfe...

whenever I feel a slight discomfort or heaviness coming on in my elbow). Have a lovely day. Manoj. 45
Comment: Great Manoj Keep on stretching whenever you feel it. Also within the next years, chances are
you get it on the other arm and maybe also tennisarms (elbow outside). If you feel it coming, stretch and
you will be well much faster this time. God bless you and your family and have a sunny day, Thomas ---
On Tuesday, May 19, 2015 11:26 AM, Comment: Dear Manoj When hanging you will not feel much in the
elbow, you rather feel the therapeutic effect in the lower back, spine and maybe a pull in the shoulders
too. But it very effectively treats tennis and golfer elbow, all 4 at the same time! Have a sunny day,

Manoj: May 19th, 2015: It was really strange the way the pain progressed...I remember it all started when
I tried doing the Bruce Lee dragon flag exercise for my abs and after some days my elbows started
paining (since i was holding the bench for support)...I stopped the exercise, used ice and some pain gel
and gradually the pain went away. I would get this pain on and off...usually it was on the outer side
(Tennis Elbow) but after a few days of rest it would go away and I would get back to working out. I found
that doing hammer curls aggravated my tennis elbow so i stropped doing them.I restarted them after a
long break and i thought I was not gettibng any problem but thenI was also doing parallel bar dips and i
heavy tricep presses and elbows started hurting again. This time the pain was directly on the
elbow...they were so tender i needed a cushion to rest them on while travelling in the car or it would hurt
just to rest on them.The pain then gradually shifted to the medial epicondyle and turned into golfer's
elbow. The pain was mainly in my right arm and after a time it was so bad that straightening my arm was
a problem.I really thought I would have to live with it. To top it i hurt my right knee when i suddenly one
day decided to do jumping squats and even now I have pain in the inner corner of my right knee...i am
doing some knee circling exercises with an ankle weight strapped to my leg and it seems to be helping
...otherwise even putting on my pants was a real pain ;-). I am unable to do full squats anymore but hope
in time to resume them.

Manoj: I work out with weights and somehow hurt my elbows got worse and despite massage my
right arm became so painful even applying shampoo became a problem. Eventually I had acute golfers
elbow and the area around the humerus became extremely tender and painful...I would also keep
banging my elbows against the wall or furniture and it was really painful. I tried different stretches,
electronic acupuncture, DMSO , Homeopathy but didn't really get much relief. Using your two stretches ,
the pain has reduced by 50 % in a matter of days. TRULY AMAZING !! And the fact that you are sharing
these exercises for free in this day and age is even more amazing. I am hoping to be a 100 % better
soon and getting back to working out.

Jeff Sabino <jsabino>

Email Donnerstag, 12. Maerz 2009, 15.36 Uhr

Hi Thomas, I can't believe it but your simple method of stretching the arm REALLY WORKS! Like
you, I tried almost everything (and invented a few things myself), some of which helped reduce the pain
for a short time but the pain always came back (I'm a passionate golfer, I play and practice several times
a week if I can.) I was dealing with severe pain for almost 2 years and was considering the radical 'last
step' of surgery when I happened to see your web site. Yes, I was completely sceptical but at that point I
was ready to try ANYTHING to avoid surgery and to get rid of the pain. I stuck with your method for a few
weeks and to my amazement I really felt my arm getting better! After a few months of regular
'hanging' I was almost completely pain free (this was last year) and I could play as much golf as I
wanted without any discomfort at all. Truly unbelievable! God bless you for this! Your, - jeff sabino
P.S. - I passed on your "secret" to a couple of guys I golf with, one is a physio-therapist for a professional
soccer team and the other is a medical doctor. They were both impressed. Thanks for sharing this with
the rest of us!

14 von 16 01.10.2019, 21:06

Tennisarm, tenniselbow, epicondylitis, Epikondylitis, Tendopathie, Golfe...

13.03.09, 15.36h Lieber Alex. Dear Jeff, thank you for your good feedback about the golfarm. Very glad I
could be of help. God surely didn't want you to go through the unnecessary and unpleasant operation,
that I'm sure, so he sent you here. Super, that you pass the information on, help others really is our main
purpose and very satisfying too. Keep up the stretch and hanging on and off you you feel it, if you get the
golfarm left in a few years or a tennisarm (probability exists) you know already what to do and it will be
under controll within days almost. Enjoy golfing and have a blessed day, Thomas
Protect yourself and your family financially in those perilous times: my free advice blog

milo, malaysia <milo_lo@yahoo.mail>

Eintrag vom Freitag, 15. September 2006, 05.16 Uhr:

i have been in pain for a month. and in pain while sleeping. luckily i know of this article from a badminton
forum. already on the 3rd day, i an feel the pain gone and straighten my arm which i could not do
without pain previously. good thing should be spreaded, i will pass on this article to all my playing
buddies. many thanks to contributor of this article and this website.
15.09.06, 07.51h Dear Milo. Happy to have helped you. Perfect how it went with your recovery. Keep on
stretching whenever necessary especially before, in the middle and after cramping activities (like
badminton etc.). Yes please tell it to your friends. Lot of people get the same between 30-40 years old
even when not playing sports, its just an age-thing. Stay well and God bless you and your whole family.
Greetings from Thomas - Switzerland

Martin Wiemers, Port Moresby (Papua New Guinea) <>

Eintrag vom Montag, 22. Dezember 2003, 00.37 Uhr:

Your method saved my life! I am 37 years old and was diagnosed with epicondylitis after intensive use
of a computer trackball and suffered from numbness and pain in the hands. Doctors did not know a
cure. Eventually I found your website and tried your method. It worked and I can only recommend it to
anyone with symptoms of epicondylitis (= tennis arm = mouse arm) which might also have been
diagnosed as RSI (repetitive strain injury). I am now able to control the symptoms which recur only
when I forget to exercise your method.... And it worked! With the help of your method I regained
full use of my hands within a few days.... Your method saved my life! Within three months only I
managed to write my thesis (200 pages) and immediately afterwards I started my current
profession in my field of expertise. Martin (cut out all ‘B’ characters in the email above / Spam)
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Sjak van Hoesel, Eindhoven/Holland sjakvanhoesel@freeler.nlEmail of 26.08.02, 01.04 Uhr

I read your website, I did immediatly believed in it. Because it contained all the information from all other
websites I could find. In 2 weeks I lost my problems and even after 3 weeks I have no complains. ...
Thanks thanks thanks, Sjak van Hoesel
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Alternative stetching exercise Nr. 2

You can also practice the same stretching exercise standing, on your back f.i.
walking around, which is not so obvious as an awkward position/action.

Also, you can do the stretching exercise on your office chair or driving a car, f.i.

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Tennisarm, tenniselbow, epicondylitis, Epikondylitis, Tendopathie, Golfe...

in traffic jam or in front of a red light. You could even do it driving (at your own
risk!) Your arm fully stretched, inside of ellbow showing away from you. The hand
between your legs, fingers showing upward. This stretching does not afford a
second hand to pull up because it is done against the resistance of the chair.

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