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Weekly Journal in The School

Student Name: Aysha Ahmad HCT ID: H00283490

Week: Four

Main Focus: Students misbehaviour and strategies to reduce it


This is my Fourth week in teaching practicum; I learn that the time that students spent in the
school is more than the time that they spent with their parents. Whatever behaviour in the
classroom wither good or bad, the teacher is responsible for, because everything she did, the
students follow it direct. For example, one students was talking loudly and make problem with
his friend so she remind her about the classroom rules and said” is your teacher made that in
the class” the students stop misbehavior, feel ashamed and been quite. According to Bandura’s
theory children are copying others behavior by observing them. I would like from every teacher
to shows the good and the best of them between the children. When home time came, I tried
to make good relationship with students through sitting with them telling them a story. That
was so successful because children engaged with me, interact and discussed with me.

Summary of good strategies:

- Reminded students about classroom rules.

- Building good relationship between students and teacher impact positively in the
student participation in the entire class.

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