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Electrical Installation from A to Z

6th edition 4-2005

Siemens Arena Vilnius

Building Systems Engineering for Perfect Event

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Great deal of interest from consumers shows the need for consultation
Building System Engineering

Pushing the right buttons, even in the dark 3 Life-saving radio communication 3 High-grade electrical engineering 4 in the Colosseo Sports, Games and Fun 6 Berufsluft schnuppern 9 From the same mold 10 Easy dimming of large loads 10
Installation Equippement

User-friendliness and precision Live and error-free Tailor-made, combined protection Steckdosen 5TE6 8 Remote-controlled mechanism for RCCBs
Power Supply & Distribution

11 12 13 14 14

Regional wandlungsfhig Kurzschluss-Schutz mit Zollsicherung Einfach einschieben Gut aufgehoben Messwerte bersichtlich dargestellt
Service & Dialogue

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KNX/EIB all packed up Beratung tut Not Building on a solid basis

18 19 19

Liebe Leserinnen und Leser, Kleine Dinge entfalten oft groe Wirkung. Manchmal entsteht diese Wirkung aber auch, wenn kleine Dinge fehlen: Rauchmelder beispielsweise. Dies zeigen jngste Flle, bei denen zum Teil hohe Sachschden entstanden, leider aber auch wieder Menschen zu Schaden oder gar ums Leben kamen. Der finanzielle Aufwand fr die elektronischen Wchter erscheint im Nachhinein dagegen meist gering. Unsere neuen Rauchmelder mit Funkmodul machen es dabei noch einfacher, vor Ort zu warnen und den Alarm an eine zentrale Stelle weiterzuleiten (S. 3). Besser als jede Alarmvorrichtung ist es sicher, wenn erst gar nichts anbrennt. Hier kommt der modernen Installationstechnik eine auerordentlich wichtige Rolle zu. Denn zu den hufigsten Brandursachen zhlen immer noch fehlerhafte elektrische Gerte und Fehler in elektrischen Anlagen. Leitungs- und FI-Schutzschalter, die im Fehlerfall blitzschnell abschalten, knnen hier das Risiko begrenzen. Die Kombination von FI/LS-Schaltern in einem Gert erffnet darber hinaus neue Mglichkeiten da, wo umfassender Schutz bei gleichzeitig hoher Verfgbarkeit der elektrischen Anlage gefordert ist (S. 14). Auerdem blicken wir in diesem Heft zurck auf zwei Projekte, an deren Gelingen vor allem auch unsere Partner im Handwerk mageblich beteiligt waren. Viel Spa beim Lesen wnscht Ihnen

Market & Indutry


Electrical Installation from A to Z appears together with the Electrical Trade Guild at the Consumenta show in Nuremberg, Germany

Great deal of interest from consumers shows the need for consultation
Siemens Automation and Drives (A&D) presented its range of electrical installation systems at the Consumenta show in Nuremberg, Germany, for the first time from October 29 to November 6. On show were the possibilities offered by centralized switching of lights and blinds both inside and outside, as well as solutions for saving energy and protecting house and home, as well as expensive electrical equipment, from damage caused by lightning and overvoltages. Together with the Electrical Trade Guild (Elektroinnung) of the German region of Franconia, Siemens informed visitors to the consumer show about issues such as E-Check and the cross-vendor HEA Convenient installation campaign (HEA is the German Trade Association for Energy Marketing and Applications). Visitors with an interest in building and renovation were provided with information about the wide variety of possibilities opened up by modern electrical installation systems. Nowadays, builders and renovators often do not pay enough attention to the scope of their electrical installation equipment. On the one hand, this brings with it the risk that the number of sockets, communication terminals, aerial sockets, or light outlets will have to be changed at a later date, which can be expensive in terms of both time and money; on the other hand, it could even constitute a safety hazard, if insufficient sockets are provided for the number of devices. In any case, those wishing to construct buildings should plan the scope of their electrical installation equipment early on in the process, together with architects or electrical experts, says Godehardt Schneider, Head of the Electrical Installation Technology Division at Siemens A&D. We can put interested parties in touch with a local consultant electrician on request.

Siemens AG

Working in partnership with Phoenix Contact on terminal blocks and overvoltage protection

Mutual Protection
Siemens A&D has formed a strategic partnership with Phoenix Contact GmbH & Co. KG, thus strengthening its position in terminal block and overvoltage protection products in electrical installation technology. Under the terms of the partnership, from now on Phoenix Contact will take over the production and further development of Siemens range of terminal blocks, while Siemens will continue to provide existing terminal block screw-type connection systems. In future, Siemens will purchase screwless connection systems for terminal blocks and overvoltage protection products exclusively from Phoenix Contact and sell them under the Siemens name. This puts Siemens in a position where it can offer these sectors a full range of products and serve the market better with tailored solutions.

Godehardt Schneider, Leiter des Siemens-Geschftsgebietes Installationstechnik

2 E-Installation 4-2005

UP 22* pushbutton with LED for GAMMA instabus
UP 222 pushbutton with LED, Delta miro design, carbon metallic

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DELTA reflex battery smoke detector

Pushing the right Life-saving radio buttons, even in the dark communication
light to aid orientation. The pushbuttons can only function if used in conjunction with the UP bus coupling unit (not included in the scope of delivery) and an application program suitable for the application in question. Application programs are provided for switching, dimming with a STOP message or cyclic sending, shutter/blind operations, and slat adjustments. The opposite pushbuttons always form a pair that belongs together, for example, the left pushbutton is used for switching on and the right pushbutton for switching off. Associated adThe wave uni M 252 smoke-detector module makes the Delta reflex battery smoke detector suitable for radio transmission

The new UP 221 (single) and UP 222 (double) pushbuttons featuring LEDs can be combined with all components from the universal Delta i-system pool. They match the frames found in the Delta line, Delta vita and Delta miro switch ranges (not included in the scope of delivery). Both pushbutton versions are available in four colors: electrical white, titanium white, carbon metallic, and aluminum metallic. The LED built in next to the right-hand rocker's (or rockers') tactile touch can be used as a status indicator for the connected object or as a

UP 221 pushbutton with LED, Delta vita design, carbon metallic

UP 222 pushbutton, Delta line design, aluminum metallic

E-Installation 4-2005

Siemens AG

jacent pushbuttons are interlocked in the software, so that a malfunction will not occur if both are pushed simultaneously. The EIB Tool Software (ETS) can be used to select the application programs, which assign specific parameters and addresses and are transferred to the UP bus coupling unit.

The wave uni M 255 smoke-detector module extends the functionality of the Delta reflex battery smoke detector by adding the option of radio communication. When smoke is detected, this means that, in addition to a local alarm sounding on the smoke detector, an alarm is also output via radio. As well as the smoke alarm, which the module outputs via radio, a switching command is also sent to the radio-linked switch actuators, which then activate the connected alarm sensors, such as horns, sirens, warning lights, etc. If the battery needs to be replaced, the detector indicates this both visually and acoustically. This alarm message is also output via radio. Touch-Manager wave can then display the alarm message and command switching when smoke is detected, as well as information about the detectors battery status, or this data can be to the transferred

GAMMA instabus via the wave/instabus coupling unit, where they can be displayed and further processed on any display/alarm units you wish. The radio module is inserted in the available slot on the Delta reflex smoke detector and supplied with current by the smoke detectors batteries. Even with the radio module connected, the battery service life remains at five years.

Delta reflex battery smoke detector

Fotos: Siemens AG

Siemens AG

Building Systems Engineering

Building Systems Engineering

High-grade electrical engineering in the Colosseo

Electrical installations for hotel complex require the cooperation of specialized enterprises

The newly built Hotel Colosseo in the Europa Park in Rust has been creating holiday mood mixed with southern flair, even though it is to the north of the Alps, for more than a year now. The luxury hotel with around 1450 beds near Freiburg in Breisgau, Germany, is based on a typical Italian city silhouette. The most modern electrical engineering technology from Siemens is hidden behind the renaissance facades and the colosseum arches. Four partner companies have contributed with their special expertise in building technology, lighting and safety devices to ensure unrestricted comfort for the guests.

demands on technology with its product platforms Totally Integrated Power and Total Building Solutions, with integrated quality from a single source.

Up to 100 installation technicians at the construction site

The complete installation contract, i.e. the power supply from the substation all the way to the circuits, internal and external lighting, safety equipment, building automation with KNX/EIB, was awarded to EGT Gebudetechnik GmbH in Triberg. This was no small challenge even for the electrical engineering specialist and despite their experience in large projects: After all, the order was worth 3 million

Ideas for the optimization of the EIB installation: Electrical specialist Paul Joseph (right) and chief technician Viktor Weber (left)

The fact that the contract for the electrical installation was awarded to companies in the region was exactly what the engineering department of the Europa Park wanted. They attach great importance to direct contact with the specialized trades and to quick service. As a contract supplier, Siemens fulfils the high

euros and had to be carried out within a period of only eleven months, emphasizes manager Leonhard Hringer. According to the specifications of the planning department, extensive implementation plans were to be prepared based on the installation processes. Technical personnel, e.g. engineers, foremen and technicians of EGT, together with the purchasing department and construction managers, made sure that the materials were available in time and sufficient technicians were always present on site at the right time

4 E-Installation 4-2005




Project management by EGT: Behind the historic facade of the Colosseo in the Europa Park in Rust, state-of-the-art electrical technology ensures cost-effectiveness, comfort and safety

The type-tested Sivacon busways were equipped with circuit-breakers and in-line fuse switch disconnectors, wired, and punctually delivered to the construction site.

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for processing the material. Naturally, in detailed coordination with the building progress and the other services; even if we just considered routing and short-term changes; sometimes we had up to 100 technicians at the construction site, says Hringer as he describes the complexity of project management. Finally the electrical system could be delivered in time: according to Hringer, everyone the employees and the subcontractors - acted in concert. EGT assigned parts of the order to other specialists.


Ideas with KNX/EIB

When in the Colosseo the facade lighting of the Piazza is required to create a special mood, this is no wizardry for the electrician, Paul Joseph. The in-house electrician of the Europa Park, has implemented the complete installations in the technology-intensive areas, such as restaurant, hotel bar and the kitchen as well as the EIB control for internal and external lighting and helped parameterize many other functions. Our part doesnt end there, though. In the future, too, we will be looking after the entire KNX/EIB system with approx. 1200 stations, explains the electrical specialist, Paul Joseph. Since completion, there has been no lack of ideas regarding the optimization of functions. The flags are fully automatically secured, the frost protection device for palm trees is con-

Building management systems with over 1700 data points

ssg starkstrom systeme GmbH, Freiberg, has been responsible for the control of the fun rides at the Europa Park for many years. But this order included the challenge to integrate all the technical units of the hotel complex in a central building management system, i.e. heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC), cryogenics, swimming pool technology, electrical installation and lighting as well as the security systems. The system integrator integrated over 1700 data points via Ethernet, LON and KNX/EIB. This means efficient en-

Power distribution as a daily challenge

One such special field is the installation of low-voltage distribution systems. Due to the TV productions taking place in the hotel area, a high connected electrical load of 2,000 kVA via two transformers as well as an emergency



Thanks to perfect project management by EGT, the Colosseo lights up in the right light

Local workshop: Switchgear manufactured by SP Elektrotechnik

Flexible light scenes in the bar made possible by KNX/EIB

power supply of up to 630 A was required. Correspondingly two low-voltage distribution systems with 20 outgoing feeders from 250 A to 630 A were required. SP Elektrotechnik GmbH in Freiburg obtained the order, an almost every-day challenge for the switchgear manufacturer. The licensed Sivacon partner uses the tool Simaris design: Thus the number of components is quickly calculated and the field services plan displayed, taking the dimensioning into account, explains the head of sales, Hans Maier.

ergy management and cost-effective building management explains the Head of Sales, Gerd Glckler, referring to the purpose of building management. To ensure that no energy is wasted and the guests feel comfortable all the time, the temperature and air quality in the restaurant, in the conference area and in the swimming pool is checked and evaluated for further optimization at a central location. Error signals from technical systems can be quickly forwarded to the responsible maintenance personnel.

trolled or, if it is windy at the Piazza, the water pressure of the fountain is automatically throttled so that the guests can walk around without getting wet. At present they are searching for a visualization solution for manually creating lighting scenarios. Almost daily an EIB specialist is on site. Joseph enjoys the fact that his range of services offered has been expanded. In the future they will retrofit this impressive technology even in the older hotels of the Europa Park, to save energy and increase comfort", he predicts.

E-Installation 4-2005


Building Systems Engineering

Building Systems Engineering

Sports, Games and Fun

Modern technology enables perfectly staged events in the Siemens Arena

Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania, is home to the Siemens Arena, the largest and most modern multipurpose arena in the Baltic region. Like its Hanseatic counterpart, the Color Line Arena in Hamburg, the Siemens Arena not only stages sporting events, but also music, entertainment, and business events.

6 E-Installation 4-2005

Whether a basketball game or a concert, the lighting control system always provides the right lighting

E-Installation 4-2005

Schalter Systems Engineering Building & Steckdosen

Building Systems Engineering

More than 500,000 visitors annually from all over the Baltics are expected to fill the five floors of the 20,000-square-meter venue. The Rubicon Group, the arena owner and operator, managed to find a partner in Siemens who could supply the entire building technology from a single source, complete with products, systems, and solutions meeting highest quality and safety standards. Client specifications included the central building control system, ventilation and heating control, the lighting system, a video surveillance system, access control and a fire alarm system, further complemented by communications as well as low-voltage equipment. system automatically switches to the arenas independent power supply. Another feature integrated into the building management system is the Gamma instabus EIB lighting control system, which ensures optimal, glare-free visibility. With Gamma instabus, various scenarios, individually adapted to the respective event, can be called up at the push of a button. Lighting requirements for training sessions, for example, differ from those for internationally broadcast television events also in terms of power consumption. Thanks to sophisticated systems, the arenas entire lighting can be switched on and off at a central location, and individual lamps or the lighting of specific areas controlled from a PC. For the power supply which is also supplied from a single source huge batteries and diesel generators ensure that power is available even if the arenas power supply should unexpectedly fail. Here, Sikus universal HC low-voltage control and distribution systems, Alpha installation and floormounted distributors, and Beta circuit breakers were installed. An addressable fire detection system along with 900 smoke detectors handle fire

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Card reader in front of the VIP lounge: modern reader design of the Delta miro series with real glass frame. The VIP lounges offer the best views in the arena.

Playing to the right light

Siemens installed the entire building technology within a very short construction time frame of only eight months, which is controlled and monitored by a building management system (Desigo Insight). A single computer is all that is needed to ensure that players and performers are effectively and reliably cast in the right light. The climatic conditions inside the arena are controlled automatically, even at high temperatures. And should the public power supply fail, the

protection duties. In the event of a fire, one of nine specially developed programs such as activate fire-extinguishing equipment or close fire protection flaps is set into motion, all depending on where the fire is located. A video surveillance system (CCTV), which reports events to the control center 24 hours a day via 27 fixed and five rotatable cameras as well as two digital recording devices, was also installed for safety and security reasons. The safety and security solution is supported by the CerPass integrated access control system. 45 non-contact card readers and seven controllers grant only authorized persons with VIP cards access to the VIP areas, the elevators as well as to the employee areas. The Siemens Arena is the first project of this size in Lithuania in which telecommunications and building management technologies for heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and lighting were combined for all areas.

8 E-Installation 4-2005

Berufsluft schnuppern
Kreishandwerkerschaft Essen bildet an SiemensGebudesystemtechnik aus

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Das Handwerk stellt in der Ruhrgebietsmetropole Essen, der sechstgrten Stadt Deutschlands, einen bedeutenden Faktor im Wirtschaftsleben dar. In rund 4600 Handwerksund handwerkshnlichen Betrieben mit mehr als 48.000 Mitarbeiterinnen und Mitarbeitern werden 3200 Lehrlinge ausgebildet. Das Spektrum ist breit gefchert und reicht von der unmittelbaren Versorgung der Essener Bevlkerung mit Gtern und Dienstleistungen des tglichen Bedarfs, ber die Deckung gehobener Ansprche bis zur Zulieferung fr die Industrie sowie zu Instandhaltungs- und Instandsetzungsarbeiten.
Im Haus des Handwerks in Essen werden im Auftrag der Handwerkskammer Auszubildende des Elektrohandwerks in berbetrieblichen Lehrgngen (BL) und in einer berbetrieblichen Ausbildung (BA) auf ihr Arbeitsleben vorbereitet. Elektronikerinnen und Elektroniker der Fachrichtungen Automatisierungstechnik sowie Energie- und Gebudetechnik erhalten hier whrend ihrer Ausbildung insgesamt zehn einwchige Unterweisungen. Sie bereiten sich so auf ihre Prfungen vor und legen diese auch im Haus des Handwerks ab.

Die Auszubildenden montieren mechanische Teile, elektrische Gerte und Komponenten und nehmen diese in Betrieb. In der Fachrichtung Energie- und Gebudetechnik setzen Sie sich mit der elektrischen Energieversorgung und anderen elektrotechnischen Anlagen in Gebuden auseinander. Sie planen und installieren Sicherungen und Anschlsse fr Hausgerte, Beleuchtungsanlagen, Torantriebe, Gebudeleiteinrichtungen, Datennetze sowie die Steuerungs- und Regelungseinrichtungen von Heizungs-, Lftungs- und Klimaanlagen. Sie erstellen Steuerungsprogramme, messen elektrische Gren und fhren Systemtests durch. Auerdem prfen sie elektrische Schutzmanahmen und Sicherheitseinrichtungen. Sie ermitteln Strungsursachen und beheben diese.

Kreishandwerkerschaft Essen bildet mit Gamma wave-Koffern junge Elektroinstallateure aus

Die Lsung
Um sich optimal auf das Berufsleben vorzubereiten, werden die Lehrplne immer wieder den neuen Anforderungen angepasst. Auch Verkaufsfrderung und Marketing stehen auf dem Lehrplan. Die Ausbildungsleiter treten hierbei als Partner, Berater und Motivator auf. Wichtig ist, immer wieder auf die aktuellen Anliegen innerhalb der Gebudetechnik hinzuweisen: energiesparende Elektroinstallation und qualitativ hochwertige Produkte. Die Ausbildung am EIB (Europischer Installationsbus) und in der Funktechnologie sind wichtige Schwerpunkte im neuen Berufsbild des Elektroinstallateurs. Auf Anfrage stattete Siemens das Haus des Handwerks in Essen mit EIB-Komponenten und Gamma wave-Funktechnik aus. Hierbei steht nicht das Verdrahten im Vordergrund, sondern das Programmieren. Eine Aufgabe fr die Lehrlinge ist beispielsweise das Umrsten von konventioneller Technik auf EIB. Dazu gehrt die Wechselschaltung in EIB-Technik wie auch die Temperaturregelung und Jalousiensteuerung mit der Funktechnik Gamma wave. Auch Prfund Testgerte werden von den angehenden Elektronikern selbst gebaut. Der Ausbildungsleiter kann die Arbeiten jederzeit von einer zentralen Stelle aus berprfen und Tipps geben fr die Fertigstellung der Projekte.

Auszubildende testen die Funktionsweisen von Gamma wave

bung macht den Meister

Kreishandwerkerschaft Essen
Die Kreishandwerkerschaft Essen ist eine Krperschaft des ffentlichen Rechts und ein Zusammenschluss von 32 Innungen des Essener Handwerks. Ihre Aufgabe ist es, in erster Linie die Interessen des rtlichen selbststndigen Handwerks zu vertreten. Neben der Mitwirkung im Bereich von Gemeinschaftseinrichtungen des Handwerks und der Gestaltung des Innungslebens liegt der Schwerpunkt der Arbeit bei der Beratung der Mitglieder in Fragen, die mit der Ausbung eines selbststndigen Handwerksbetriebs in Zusammenhang stehen, wie beispielsweise arbeitsrechtliche Angelegenheiten.

Vorteile fr die Kreishandwerkerschaft Essen

Gerade fr Elektroniker im Bereich Haus- und Gebudetechnik ist es wichtig, auf dem modernsten Stand der Technik zu sein. Deshalb bilden wir die jungen Leute an Produkten aus,

mit denen sie fr die Zukunft gewappnet sind. Was ntzt es, wenn Sie zwar die Standardarbeiten wie das Verdrahten beherrschen, jedoch mit EIB und moderner Funk-Technik nichts anfangen knnen. Die jungen Leute, die zu uns kommen, erwarten im brigen auch von uns, dass wir sie zu hoch qualifizierten Handwerkern ausbilden, die am Ende ihrer Ausbildung mit der modernen Welt der Gebudetechnik locker umgehen knnen. Siemens hat uns bei der Ausstattung unserer Schulungsrume untersttzt und uns die Produkte zur Verfgung gestellt, um diesem hohen Anspruch gerecht zu werden, Herr Schuster, Ausbildungsleiter Elektriker- und Installateur-Meister, Kreishandwerkerschaft Essen. n

E-Installation 4-2005

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Building Systems Engineering

Building Systems Engineering

New housing design for switches and actuators

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From the same mold

It is now even easier and faster to configure and commission the new digital inputs, switch actuators and blind actuators, and it can also be done in a more consistent manner. This is because, in the new delivery condition, only the communication objects that are essential for minimum functionality are visible. This makes standard commissioning very simple. If required, other functions and objects can always be switched on using the ETS. To ensure problem-free parameterization, the system startup engineer has the choice to either parameterize all channels identically or to parameterize them individually. The new housing design supports this simplicity. Some new features have thus been implemented in the new devices, irrespective of the housand bus operation modes using a standard pushbutton with integrated LED. The LED indicates the current operating status. On the actuators, the outputs can each be controlled in direct operation via an integrated pushbutton (there is a separate button for each output). LEDs indicate the switching state here, too. Expanded bus interface
Siemens AG Siemens AG

Switch actuator with digital output: Toggle between direct operation and bus operation

ing width. For devices with a line supply, an LED indicates whether a line voltage is present (230 V). The user has the option to toggle between the direct operation

The bus interface to the devices has been standardized further and is now possible via bus terminals as well as via a contact system and data bus. This eliminates the need for a connector between the data bus and the connecting cable or a data bus with connector. If the data-bus contact system is not in use, the system can be covered using a plastic cover, which is supplied

Uniform housing design makes parameterization simpler

with the device. Overall, the new features mean that configuring and commissioning all devices is made easier, faster and more consistent.

5TC8 258 low-voltage rotary-dimmer insert8

Easy dimming of large loads

The 60 - 800 W/60 - 800 VA flush-mounting low-voltage rotary-dimmer insert is suitable for use as an off/gang switch for switching and dimming incandescent lamps, high-voltage halogen lamps and low-voltage halogen lamps with electronic transformers. The permissible load type is provided on the support plate (new load marking), where it can always be identified quickly. The device features an electronic, short-circuit-proof fuse as well as a self-resetting temperature fuse. The voltage at the connecting terminals can be tested once the cover plate has been removed, without having to remove the device insert. Screw terminals with anti-slip clamping parts hold both solid and flexible conductors in place reliably. The +/- claw screws for fixing the dimmer in the flush-mounting socket can be tightened using a flat-bladed or cross-tip be optimally adapted to the loads. Cover plates with a 5TC8... rotary button are required to operate the insert. The rotary potentiometers high-quality soft latching during dimming makes using it a pleasure. 5TC8 258 rotary dimmer for switching and dimming 60800 W incandescent lamps and high-voltage halogen lamps and low-voltage halogen lamps with 60800 VA electronic transformers
Siemens AG

screwdriver. A trimpot enables the insert to

10 E-Installation 4-2005

Switches & Sockets

User-friendliness and precision

Two new ranges of mechanical and digital time switches

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Siemens is now offering two new ranges of mechanical and digital time switches for the accurate switching of electrical devices and systems. All devices are characterized by very simple operation and excellent functionality and accuracy. The digital time switches feature integrated menu-assisted 4-key plain-text operation.
The new mechanical time switches are available in synchronous and quartz versions. With the synchronous time switches, the switch-actuating wheel is driven by a synchronous motor and is thus frequency-dependent. However, with quartz time switches, a quartz electronic circuit supplies the drive with a stabilized frequency so that the clock is not dependent on the line frequency. The device continues to run in the event of a power failure. The 7LF5 3014 and 7LF5 3015 mechanical time switches are easy to install using plug & play technology. The correct time (CET) and day are set automatically during commissioning using the fast mode. These models also feature an automatic daylightsaving adjustment, which means that the clock is always set to the correct season auto-

matically (manual setting/resetting is no longer necessary).

Simple digital
Mini, Top, Professional and Astro: These are the four new time switching device ranges. The clocks are as easy to program as those found in cell phones. The time switch (Top, Professional and Astro) guides the user through the text menu in five languages, using four programming keys. Each required entry is displayed clearly. The Professional and Astro models can also be programmed via a data key on the PC. To achieve this, the data key is connected to the computer via a USB adapter and programmed using dedicated software. Once programs have been created, they can be saved, edited, managed, and reused time and again. Even complex control programs can be created quickly and easily. Programs on the data key can be transferred by reconnecting it to another clock. The devices are available in voltage variants of 24 volts, 120 volts or 230 volts, depending on the model.

gram, which allows you to deactivate the clock for a specific period. The random program allows the switching times to be changed randomly on a daily basis, which simulates the presence of personnel within a building. The devices are offered with either one or two channels. The one-channel time switch can be used as a pulse clock with up to 84 start times and an optional pulse duration of between one and 59 seconds. It can be used to control the recess bell in a school, for example. A maximum of 56 control programs can be entered in the one-channel time switch, while a maximum of 28 programs can be entered per channel in the twochannel switch.

Astronomically good
Once the appropriate degrees of longitude and latitude have been entered, the Astro time switch calculates the sunrise and sunset times for every day of the year. You can also specify how long before or after sunrise/sunset the switching operation should take place. The switching operation is thus adapted to the building location automatically. In this way, lights can be switched on in the evening and off in the morning with incredible accuracy (i.e., to the very minute). Blinds can also be closed in the evening and opened again in the morning.

User-friendly switching
As well as daily and weekly programs, the digital time switches also feature many other user-friendly functions. The Professional model has what is known as a holiday pro-

7LF5 3014 quartz mechanical time switch with plug & play and automatic daylight-saving adjustment

The 7LF4 4310 Astro digital time switch always knows when the sun will rise and set

Easy to program: Create the control program on the PC and save to the data key via the adapter.

E-Installation 4-2005


Siemens AG

Installation Equipment

Installation Equippement

Live and error-free

Optimum plant availability thanks to all-in protection

The 5SU1 RCBO, part of the range of Beta built-in installation devices, provides combined personal, fire and line protection in a single device. In the event of an error, only the affected electric circuit is disabled by means of a switch, one of which is available separately for each electric circuit. The user benefits from increased operational reliability and plant availability.
Circuit-protection devices ensure that electrical energy can be dealt with safely. The increased use of residual-current-operated circuit-breakers (RCCBs) and miniature circuitbreakers has made a particularly significant contribution to improved safety. In modern installations, high availability is becoming increasingly important. The compact design and high functionality of combined RCBOs

offer new opportunities for a modern, userfriendly electrical installation. Comparing conventional installations with installations using RCBOs enables you to see the advantages.

Conventional installation
With conventional electrical installations (see Fig. 1), the incoming supply is routed via a back-up fuse, such as a meter fuse. For the subsequent RCCBs, several miniature circuitbreakers are connected in series for each external conductor. The RCCB is responsible for fault protection and also, in the case of rated residual currents of up to 30 mA, additional protection against dangerous shock currents in the event of direct bodily contact. Up to 300 mA, fire protection against electricallyignited fires caused by earth faults is also provided. The miniature circuit-breaker prevents conductors being damaged due to overload or short-circuit. Once an earth fault in one of the series-connected electric circuits has trig-

gered the RCCB, all other electric circuits, including those which are fault-free, are isolated from the supply. These devices cannot be operated again until the fault has been corrected. If an installation is designed in this way, the following factors must be taken into account: B In order for the plant to be dimensioned correctly in relation to the RCCB, you must ensure that the RCCB is not overloaded by load currents that are too high. To achieve this, you must ensure that: the rated current of the upstream fuse is not higher than the rated current of the RCCB, or the sum of the rated currents of the overcurrent protective devices connected in series after the RCCB does not exceed the rated current of the RCCB, or the rated current of the RCCB is not exceeded for a long period by taking into account the demand factors of the connected electric circuits. B The single-pole miniature-circuit breakers only isolate the external conductors from the supply in the disabled state. The neutral conductor remains conductive on the load side.

Installation using RCBOs

The compact RCBO unit combination, 1-pole + N version, facilitates a new installation



FISchutzschalter 300 mA








FI/LS 30 mA

FI/LS 30 mA

FI/LS 30 mA

FI/LS 30 mA

FI/LS 30 mA

FI/LS 30 mA

FI/LS 30 mA



Conventional installation using an RCCB and miniature circuit-breakers

Installation using combined RCBOs

12 E-Installation 4-2005

method: The incoming supply is still routed via a back-up fuse (e.g., meter fuse, SHU switch), but each individual electric circuit now has its own RCBO. In the event of a fault, only the affected electric circuit is disabled. The RCBO is responsible for fault, fire and line protection. This type of installation offers numerous benefits to planners and users: B The rated current of the upstream overcurrent protective device (e.g., meter fuse, SHU switch) is not restricted by the subsequent rated current intensities of the RCBOs (only factors such as conductor cross-section and shutdown conditions, are decisive). B The RCBO protects itself against overload, thus making it impossible for an undesired overload caused by load currents that are too high to occur. B In the event of an earth fault in an electric circuit, as for a short-circuit or overload, only the affected electric circuit is disabled. All error-free electric circuits remain live. Plant availability remains high accordingly. B The use of RCBOs for each electric circuit meets the requirements of DIN 18015-2 (Elec-

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trical installations in residential buildings Part 2: Nature and extent of minimum equipment). In accordance with this standard, the RCCBs should be assigned to the electric circuits in such a way that disabling one RCCB does not cause all electric circuits to fail. Selective RCCBs are exempt from this. B With RCBOs (1-pole + N), the neutral conductor is always switched at the same time. This means that all poles of 1-phase loads are isolated from the supply, providing optimum safety against vagabond voltages in the disabled state.

New range of RCBOs

Tailor-made, combined protection

The new 5SU1... RCBOs, part of the Beta range of built-in installation devices, is a compact circuit-protection device, which combines the protective functions of miniature circuit-breakers and RCCBs in a single device. This makes configuring and installing electrical plant much easier. The user benefits from a modern electrical installation with high plant availability. An advantage of this device type is the rear-mounted port for the standard pin busbar, as found on miniature circuit-breakers, which makes it much easier to connect pin busbars and conductors at the same time. It is easy to check whether the connecting lead has been mounted correctly. The version for a rated switching capacity of 10 kA is also characterized by a particularly distinctive touch guard. The reach-round protection ensures that fingers are protected even in the terminal area and when conductors are connected. The devices can also be removed from the standard mounting rail or released from a busbar network without the need for a tool. Proven add-on components from the miniature-circuit-breaker range, such as auxiliary contact blocks, fault-signal contacts, undervoltage releases, shunt releases, and remote-controlled mechanisms, can be used, meaning that the devices can be employed in a wide range of applications, from those in residential buildings to those in non-residential buildings and industry.

Technical data: RCBO 1+N, type A


current: 6 A to 40 A residual current: 10 mA, 30 mA, 300 mA Miniature-circuit-breaker tripping characteristic: B and C Rated switching capacity: 6 kA and 10 kA Discrimination class: 3

5SU1 RCBOs with rated switching capacities of 6 kA (left) and 10 kA (right)

E-Installation 4-2005


Siemens AG

Schalter & Steckdosen Installation Equippement

Installation Equippement

Stromversorgung fr Wartungszwecke in Verteilern

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Steckdosen 5TE6 8
Die Steckdosen 5TE6 8 fr Verteilereinbau runden das Beta-Spektrum ab. Sie sind sowohl ohne Deckel fr 55 mm Bautiefe als auch mit Deckel fr 70 mm

Einfache Handhabung: Deckel kann im geffneten Zustand fixiert werden

Einbautiefe einsetzbar und nach den Standards VDE, CEE7, CEI und UL verfgbar. Alle Steckdosen knnen mit einem Deckel nachgerstet werden. Der Deckel kann mit einem Winkel von mehr als 180 nicht nur geffnet, sondern auch fixiert werden. Durch das Herausziehen der Scharniere bleibt der Deckel im geffneten Zustand stehen. Das hat den Vorteil, dass die Gerte z. B. bei Servicearbeiten problemlos und wenn ntig, nur mit einer Hand gesteckt werden knnen. Die berhrungsgeschtzten Anschlussklemmen L, N und PE sind auf einer Seite der Steckdose angebracht und erlauben so eine einfache Montage. Der Anschluss erfolgt generell von unten. Die Steckdosen nach den Normen VDE, CEE7, CEI und UL sind die fr den Einsatz in Deutschland, Belgien, Frankreich, Italien und

den USA geeignet. Sie sind in Schutzart IP20 ausgefhrt. Die kompakte Bauweise betrgt auch mit Deckel 2,5 TE. Einer der Anwendungsbereich der Steckdosen 5TE6 8 ist die Stromversorgung von Montagewerkzeugen oder Servicegerten in den Verteilern von Gebuden und Schaltanlagen. Um sicherzustellen, dass bei Spannungsausfall im Verteiler gearbeitet werden kann, empfiehlt es sich hier, die betreffende Steckdose von der Einspeisung mit einer kurzschlussstromfesten Leitungsverlegung und gesonderten Absicherung einzuspeisen. Weiterhin dienen die Steckdosen zum Anschluss von steckerfertigen Kommunikationsgerten in Kommunikationsverteilern oder in privaten Anlagen fr gelegentliche Nutzung fr Gerte mit Schwerstanlauf und gesonderter Absicherung.

Siemens AG

Fast remote switching

Remote-controlled mechanism for RCCBs

The 5ST3 051 remote-controlled mechanism for 5SM3-range RCCBs supplements the range of remote-controlled mechanisms for miniature circuit-breakers. Preferred locations of use for the mechanisms are spacious operating sites, which are not always occupied, such as water treatment plant or radio stations, and automated plant for energy and operation management. Using a remote-controlled mechanism for the Beta circuit-protection devices provides the user with direct and immediate access to the plant even if it is remote or in a location that is hard to reach, as well as fast restarts following a fault. Benefits: a reduction in both the time required and costs involved. The remote-controlled mechanism is operated via a mechanical function switch. When in the OFF position, the remote-controlled mechanism is disabled and can also be locked. RC OFF prevents remote switching and only allows the RCCB to be operated manually. For example, in the event of a service job, this ensures that illegal remote switching is prevented. When in the RC ON position, Remote ON and Remote OFF" switching is possible, as well as on-site operation. If a fault is triggered, the connected RCCB and remote-controlled mechanism handles move to the OFF position. The switch may only be restarted once any hazard has been eliminated. Following shutdown, the user also has to acknowledge this for the remotecontrolled mechanism by means of a RESET (OFF) command. With its mounting depth of 70 mm, the remote-controlled mechanism matches the Beta product range. The remote-controlled mechanism can also be equipped with 5ST301 auxiliary contact blocks in order to signal the RCCBs switching state.

The 5ST3 remote-controlled mechanism gives direct access to the plant.

Siemens AG

14 E-Installation 4-2005


Wandlerschrnke Alpha ZS-400

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Regional wandlungsfhig
Das Zhlerschrankprogramm Alpha ZS-400 wurde jetzt um Wandlerschrnke und Wandlerschnellmontagebaustze (SMB) erweitert. Die aktuell eingefhrten Typen haben einen Bemessungsstrom von 250 A. Es handelt sich dabei um drei Varianten fr Energie Baden-Wrttemberg (EnBW) und einer Variante fr die Mitteldeutsche Energie AG (enviaM) und die Stadtwerke Leipzig. Des Weiteren wird es Versionen mit Bemessungsstrmen von 160 und 400 A geben. Wandlerschrnke und Wandler-SMB kommen dann zum Einsatz, wenn eine 63-A-Direktmessung vom VNB nicht mehr ausreicht. Dies trifft vor allem fr kleinere bis mittlere Gewerbebetriebe mit einem hheren Strombedarf zu, wie beispielsweise in Bckereien. Die neuen Wandlerschrnke und SMB sind typgeEnergie AG RWE Energie AG
Westd. Stw. Dsseld. AG AVU L.-u. NLK Kreisw. KW. Heinsbg . EWVEnerg.-u. GEW Kln AG Wasser- Vers. STAWAG KreisE.-Vers. Schleiden GmbH

Stw. Kiel AG e . dis Nord Stw. Neumnster Stw. Lbeck

Westmecklenburgische HEW Hamburg AG berlandwerk


e . dis Nord

Energieversorgung AG

Nord-Hannover AG EWE Aktiengesellschaft Stw. Bremen AG


EW Dahlenbg. AG

Stromversorgung Osthannover GmbH RWE Energie AG

Stw. Osnabr. AG Stw. Bielefeld GmbH Stw. Mnster GmbH


e . dis Stw. Hannover Stw. AG Braunschweig Bewag SWM

e . dis

e. on Westfalen Weser

Av acon

Harzenergie EnergieAktiengesellschaft

VEW ENERGIE Aktiengesellschaft


Mitteldeutschland EAM VEW

Std. Werke Kassel AG Stw. Eschwege

ELEKTROMARK Lister- u. Lennekw.

Waldec k EnergieAktiengesellschaft Mitteldeutschland EAM berOberhess. landw. Versorgungsbetr. AG Fulda


RWE Energie AG

Kraftvers . Rhein-Wied AG

W Rhn GmbH
Stdt. W. W Cobg.

Stw. Wiesb. Rheingau EW. W Stw. Mainz Gro-Gerau Eletrizittswerk Rheinhesse n AG

EAM Stw Ffm. E.Vers. Offenbach AG

Kreisw. Gelnhausen GmbH


Thga AG

RWE Energie AG



e.on Bayern Regionalleitung Unterfranken

berlandzentrale Llsfeld


HEAG VersorgungsW Schftersheim

Swag Energie Bammertal

e.on Bayern Regionalleitung Oberfranken


Stw. Mannh. AG

Pfalzwerke AG


e.on Bayern Regionalleitung Ostbayern

rantiert dem Elektroinstallateur, dass alle eingebauten Teile, wie der Hochstromteil und die Messpltze, alle Anforderungen, hinsichtlich Kurzschlussstromfestigkeit sowie der zulssigen Erwrmung erfllen. Da die Wandler-Messstze auch als Schnellmontagebaustze angeboten werden, ist der Einbau in normale Zhlerschrnke mglich. Messeinrichtungen fr 63-ADirektmessung und Wandlermessung knnen so in einem Schrank untergebracht werden. Vorausset-

zung ist die Zustimmung des zustndigen VNB. Die Typenvielfalt wird je nach Bedarf weiter ausgebaut. Zwei weitere Typen fr enviaM stehen kurz vor der Einfhrung. Typen fr die Hamburgische Electricitts-Werke AG (HEW), OVAG, die Mainova AG und die Energie Nord AG (e.dis) befinden sich in der Abstimmungsphase mit den VNB. Ziel ist es, mit den AlphaWandlerschrnken die gesamten Anforderungen der VNB in Deutschland abzudecken und somit ein flchendeckendes Programm bundesweit anzubieten.

Stw. Saarbr.

EW Wrth/Donau Stw. Karlsr. REWAG R. Heider & Co. KG

Z WrthAltheim AG

e.on Bayern Regionalleitung Ostbayern


zu Stw. Mnchen Stw. Erding Semt-EW KW Haag GmbH

EnBW und TAB 2000 gleiche VNB

Stw Ulm/ Neu-Ulm W Krumbach GmbH

Stw. Augsburg

Thg a

Neue Sicherungsklemmen 8WA1

Elektrizittswerke AG

Stw. Frstenfeldbruc k

Stw. Mnche n

e.on Bayern Regionalleitung Oberbayern

EW Tegernsee

Stw. Lindau


Allguer AW berlandw. EW Reutte EBT GmbH VKW

Gem.-W. GarmischPartenkirchen

Thg a AG


Kurzschluss-Schutz mit Zollsicherung

In der Reihe der Sicherungsklemmen 8WA1 wird zum Schutz von Steuerstromkreisen bei Kurzschluss jetzt auch eine Variante fr Zoll-Sicherungseinstze der Baugren 1/4 x 1 und 1/4 x 1 1/4 mit Bemessungsstrom 6,3 A angeboten. Die Klemme ist wahlweise fr Spannung AC/DC 24 V bzw. AC 120 V/DC 110 V mit Leuchtdiode (LED) zum leichteren Auffinden des fehlerhaften Steuerstromkreises oder, spannungsunabhngig, ohne LED erhltlich. Das Angebot ist vornehmlich auf den amerikanischen Markt und damit an exportorientierte OEMs gerichtet. Die Klemme hat einen herausziehbaren und schwenkbaren Sicherungshalter, sodass der Sicherungseinsatz bequem, schnell und gefahrlos zu wechseln ist. Der beidseitige Schraubanschluss bietet Platz fr je zwei Leiter: feindrhtig 2 x 0,75 mm2 bis 2 x 1,5 mm2 mit Ader-Endhlse und eindrhtig 2 x 1 mm2 bis 2 x 2,5 mm2. Es knnen auch Leiter mit unterschiedlichen Querschnitten am Doppelanschluss sicher angeklemmt werden.
Reihenklemme 8WA fr Zollsicherungseinsatz

prft nach DIN EN 60 439-1 (VDE 0660 Teil 500), DIN EN 60 439-3 (VDE 0660 Teil 504) und, soweit zutreffend, VDE 0603-1. Dies ga-

Das Programm der Wandlerschrnke Alpha ZS-400 wird schrittweise erweitert

Siemens AG

E-Installation 4-2005


Siemens AG

Power Supply & Distribution

Power Supply & Distribution

Neue N-/PE-Steckklemmen

Installationsverteiler als Zentrale fr Kommunikationstechnik

Einfach einschieben

Gut aufgehoben
blicherweise sind die Installationseinrichtungen fr die Kommunikationstechnik wie Telefonanschluss, ISDN und DSL, Fernseh- und SAT-Verteiler mehr oder weniger bersichtlich im ganzen Haus verteilt. Durch den Einsatz von Telekommunikationsfeldern im Installationsverteiler ergibt sich die Mglichkeit, neben der klassischen Installationstechnik auch die Kommunikations- und Datentechnik dort bersichtlich und gut geschtzt unterzubringen. Hinsichtlich der Abmessungen sind die Telekommunikationsfelder auf die Alpha DIN-Installationsverteiler abgestimmt und lassen sich mittels einer Aufnahmevorrichtung leicht integrieren. Die Stromversorgung der Telekommunikationsgerte erfolgt ber Steckdosen, die im benachbarten Verteilerfeld eingebaut sind. Auf Montageplatten mit Gitterstruktur werden die einzelnen Gerte bohrungslos mit Einlege-

Siemens AG


E-Installation 4-2005

Siemens AG

Die neuen N-/PE-Steckklemmen mit Push-in-Technik fr die 1- bis 4-reihigen Unterputzvarianten des Kleinverteilers Simbox 63 bringt rund 20 Prozent Zeitersparnis bei der Verdrahtung. Bei der innovativen Klemmtechnik werden massive, abisolierte Leiter oder feindrhtige Leiter mit gecrimpter Aderendhlse einfach bis zum Anschlag in die Klemme gesteckt. Ein Werkzeug ist nicht erforderlich. Damit herrscht nun im Kleinverteiler Simbox 63 die gleiche Montagephilosophie wie in den Zhlerschrnken. Durch PE- und N-Leiteranschlsse von 1,5 bis 4 mm2 knnen alle Leiterarten sicher und schnell angeschlossen werden. Grere Leiterquerschnitte bis 16 mm2 werden durch die bewhrte Zugbgelklemme zuverlssig verbunden. Die neue Steckklemme bietet deutlich mehr Klemmstellen als von der Norm fr Kleinverteiler gefordert und erfllt so den Wunsch der Praktiker nach mehr Anschlussklemmen. Zustzlich zu den in den Zhlerschrnken Alpha ZS-400 sowie den Verteiler-Schnellmontage-

Steckklemmen fr die Kleinverteiler Simbox 63 1- und 2-reihig (oben), fr Simbox 63 3- und 4-reihig (unten) Das Telekommunikationsfeld im Zhlerschrank ist der ideale, zentrale Platz fr die moderne Kommunikationstechnik

baustzen mit Reihenabstand 125 mm integrierten Steckklemmen ist auch eine Steckklemme mit getrenntem N-Potential lieferbar. Diese kann ebenfalls in Zhlerschrnken und Alpha DINVerteilern eingesetzt werden, wenn eine Verdrahtung von zwei Fehlerstromschutzschaltern innerhalb eines Verteilerfeldes gefordert ist. Die Klemme ist ebenfalls mit der innovativen, zeitsparenden Push-in-Technik fr eindrhtige oder Leiter mit gecrimpter Aderendhlse ausgestattet. Es knnen jedoch auch mehr- und feindrhtige Leiter konventionell mit Schraubendreher in diesen Anschlssen montiert und demontiert werden. Die 30 -Schrgstellung der Klemme gewhrleistet die gute Zugnglichkeit des Verdrahtungsraumes und ermglicht damit eine schnelle und komfortable Verdrahtung.

muttern und Schrauben befestigt. Die einfache und schnelle Montage macht auch das Erweitern, den Austausch oder das Umrsten zu einem Kinderspiel. Mit Alpha-Leitungshaltern ist eine saubere und ordentliche Leitungsfhrung sichergestellt. Ab Herbst erweitern neue Telekommunikationsfelder das bisherige Spektrum. Diese Schnellmontagebaustze verfgen zustzlich ber eine Abdeckung fr die fertig montierten Gerte und Kabel. Passend zu den Abmessungen der Verteilerschrnke, betragen die Hhen der Baustze 900 mm, 1050 mm, 1200 mm und 1350 mm. Fernvisualisierung fr Photovoltaik-Anlagen Der Wechselrichter ist das Gehirn einer Photovoltaik-Anlage. Netzgebundene Wechselrichter wandeln nicht nur den Gleichstrom der Photovoltaikmodule in netzkonforme Wechselspannung um und speisen ihn ins ffentliche Netz, sondern berwachen auch die gesamte Anlage. So wie die Wechselrichter Sitop solar, die beispielsweise in PV-Anlagen von Wohnhusern eingesetzt werden, oder wie die Zentralwechselrichter Sinvert solar fr PV-Kraftwerke ab 30 kVA. Die innovativen Wechselrichter speichern alle relevanten Daten und liefern eine Vielzahl zustzlicher Informationen. Das Mastergert von Sitop solar verfgt ber einen Historienspeicher, der die Messwerte und Daten der letzten 28 Tage abspeichert. Darunter die DC-Spannung am Solarfeld, die aufgenommene DC- und abgegebene AC-Leistung, der Tagesertrag und eventuelle Fehlermeldungen. Auch die Gesamtdauer und -leistung seit Anlagenbetrieb wird kontinuierlich erfasst. ber einen Taster am Display knnen alle Werte nacheinander abgerufen werden. Wesentlich komfortabler lsst sich das allerdings ber die Visualisierungs-Software Sitop solar log bewerkstelligen. Verschiedene Werte knnen gleichzeitig betrachtet und grafisch dargestellt werden. Der Einspeiseverlauf ber den ganzen Tag wird bersichtlich als Kurve abgebildet. sitop-solar-downloads

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Messwerte bersichtlich dargestellt

Wechselrichter Sitop solar 2300

Verschiedenste Tagesmesswerte lassen sich mit Sitop solar log einfach auswhlen und anzeigen

E-Installation 4-2005


Siemens AG

Power Supply & Distribution

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KNX/EIB all packed up

New Gamma training case gives a detailed insight into the world of KONNEX
The whole Gamma instabus world in case format: Siemens has been marketing this instabus-KNX/EIB (now Gamma instabus) demonstration system for training and presentation purposes since 1995, and it has come to be known in the industry as the EIB dollhouse. Now, the Gamma training case (GTC) has been adapted to customers' new requirements and many functions have been added to it. Using the case, users can experience all the Gamma instabus modes of operation, while taking up a minimum of space.
All devices, displays and operator functions have been arranged in a clearer manner and can be reached from the front. The design components (pushbuttons, switches, sensors, and displays) are located on the panel, which folds out to the right. They are grouped around a model floor plan, which clearly shows a living/dining area, a staircase and a study. The system devices, such as the powersupply unit, USB interface controller blocks and actuators, are situated on an integrated Alpha distribution board panel.

modules do not have to be removed in order to press the programming key.

Long-lasting and rugged

The developers were particularly anxious that no, or as few as possible, mechanical and other parts that are subject to wear were used, in order to prevent malfunctions, particularly during the blinds simulation. In place of the mechanical parts, maintenance-free LEDs demonstrate the corresponding function in the model floor plan. The case itself is made from impact-resistant material reinforced with an aluminum frame and its trolley design ensures excellent mobility.

presence simulations and connecting to Ethernet (LAN) can also be demonstrated. The training version also contains a main-line module, which is required for a certified KNX/EIB training session.

You can order the Gamma training case from your regional sales coordinators: Standard version (E20001-Y2950-P400) Full version (E20001-Y2960-P400) Training version (E20001-Y2960-P400)

Various equipment versions

As well as the standard equipment version, there is also a full version, which expands the range of functions offered by the GTC. This gives you the option of demonstrating how a motion detector is activated, as well as the heating and cooling simulation temperature control. Conditional operations, alarms or

Further information: Siemens AG, A&S ET S CSC Siemensstr. 10 93055 Regensburg, Germany Fax: +49 (0) 9 41 7 90-27 19

Standard equipment with various functions

Even the basic version of the GTC has all the features required for use in certified training, including switching, dimming, and setting lights to a specific value, moving blinds/shutters, proportional control, central functions, and alarm sensors. The N524 blind actuator is used for blind control, with two electronic simulations demonstrating the blinds hanging height and opening angle. The bus coupling units and application modules are also mounted separately so that the application

18 E-Installation 4-2005

Siemens AG

Berufsgenossenschaftliche Vorschrift BGV A3

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New KNX/EIB courses

Beratung tut Not

elektrotechnisch unterwiesenen Person Prfungen zugestehen. Kommt es zum technischen Versagen, kann diese Begriffsdefinition zu rechtlichen Problemen fhren. Der Anlagenbetreiber, als zweites Beispiel, kann Prfungsfristen gem Betriebssicherheitsverordnung nach eigenem Ermessen in bestimmten Bereichen verlngern. Zur eigenen Sicherheit kann der Installateur nicht darauf vertrauen, dass der Betreiber automatisch die richtige Entscheidung trifft. Im Zweifelsfall wird heute vom Installateur eine Beratungsleistung verlangt, die mit zustzlicher Verantwortung verbunden ist. Hier bieten die BGV A3 sowie entsprechende VDEVorschriften mit konkreten Angaben zu Prfungen die grere Rechtssicherheit. Der Installateur sollte den Betreiber hierauf aufmerksam machen und ihn nach einer Gefahrenanalyse dahingehend beraten.

Building on a solid basis

Building-management systems applications are becoming ever more advanced and market interest in them is growing. Someone who is aware of and uses these possibilities can be assured of new business opportunities. We offer support in this area in the form of training courses on the latest trends and developments, which are held in our training center in Regensburg and are based on KNX/EIB. The courses offered can also always be held at the customers premises on request - either in German or English. You can keep up to date regarding the courses on offer, and register online, at any time via the new Sitrain portal at instabus KNX/EIB basic course (G = German E = English) ET-KNXBK December 1216, 2005 G Regensburg January 1620, 2006 G Regensburg G Regensburg February 1317, 2006 E Regensburg March 1317, 2006 March 2024, 2006 G Regensburg instabus KNX/EIB continuation course ET-KNXA1 January 01February 03, 2006 G Regensburg March 0610, 2006 G Regensburg March 2024, 2006 E Regensburg KNX/EIB Web visualization EIBnet/IP ET-KNXVIP January 2426, 2006 G Regensburg

Seit Anfang des Jahres mssen Installateure mit zwei unterschiedlichen Regelwerken arbeiten, die sich teilweise berschneiden und unterschiedliche Definitionen gleicher Begriffe verwenden: Zum einen die berufsgenossenschaftliche Unfallverhtungsvorschrift Elektrische Anlagen und Betriebsmittel, die seit Januar 2005 die Kurzbezeichnung BGV A3* trgt, und zum anderen die Betriebssicherheitsverordnung, die auf einer EU-Richtlinie beruht und 2002 in Kraft getreten ist. Hierzu zwei Beispiele: Die Betriebssicherheitsverordnung spricht von einer befhigten Person, die Prfungen an elektrischen Anlagen und Betriebsmittel vornehmen darf. Der Anlagenbetreiber kann unter bestimmten Voraussetzungen entscheiden, wer eine solche befhigte Person ist. Die BGV A3 will nur einer Elektrofachkraft oder

BGV A3: Betriebssicherheitsverordnung: bundesrecht/BMA_index.html

* In der Ausgabe 2/2005, S. 6, Neue Neozed-Sicherungssockel mit Berhrungsschutz nach BGV A2 und in Ausgabe 3/2005, S. 11, Kurzschlussschutz pur wurde versehentlich noch die alte Bezeichnung verwendet.

Herausgeber Siemens Aktiengesellschaft, Bereich Automation and Drives (A&D), Gleiwitzer Str. 555, 90475 Nrnberg Bereichsvorstand Helmut Gierse, Hannes Apitzsch, Dr. Peter Drexel, Anton S. Huber Presserechtliche Verantwortung Peter Miodek Verantwortlich fr den fachlichen Inhalt Gabriele Felder Konzeption Christian Leifels Verlag Publicis KommunikationsAgentur GmbH, GWA Corporate Publishing Zeitschriften Postfach 32 40, 91050 Erlangen Tel.: 0 91 31 / 91 92-5 01 Fax: 0 91 31 / 91 92-5 94 Redaktion: Robert Engelhardt Layout: Herbert Haida Schlussredaktion: Regina Severing DTP: Doess, Nrnberg Druck: Strtz AG, Wrzburg E-Installation erscheint vierteljhrlich Auflage: 32.500 2005 by Siemens Aktiengesellschaft Mnchen und Berlin. Alle Rechte vorbehalten. Diese Ausgabe wurde auf Papier aus umweltfreundlich chlorfrei gebleichtem Zellstoff gedruckt. ISSN 1438-2504 Die folgenden Produkte sind eingetragene Marken der Siemens AG: DELTA, GAMMA instabus, NEOZED, SIKUS, SIMARIS, SITOP, TOTALY INTEGRATED POWER Wenn Markenzeichen, Handelsnamen, technische Lsungen oder dergleichen nicht besonders erwhnt sind, bedeutet dieses nicht, dass sie keinen Schutz genieen. Die Informationen in diesem Heft enthalten lediglich allgemeine Beschreibungen bzw. Leistungsmerkmale, welche im konkreten Anwendungsfall nicht immer in der beschriebenen Form zutreffen bzw. welche sich durch Weiterentwicklung der Produkte ndern knnen. Die gewnschten Leistungsmerkmale sind nur dann verbindlich, wenn sie bei Vertragsschluss ausdrcklich vereinbart werden. IWI: iein Bestellnummer: E20001-M3405-B100

Schalter & Steckdosen Service & Dialogue

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