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AE483 - Introduction to Robotics

Practice Session 2 - MTAB MINI Manipulator

Angshuman Bhardwaj
VIIth Semester
B Tech, Aerospace Engineering
August 10, 2017

Description of the MTAB MINI Manipulator

The MTAB Mini Manipulator is a 5-axis serial chain robot. It is a kind of re-
gional mechanism that moves the end affector through a wide range of positions
and orientation within its 3-dimensional workspace. Here the end affector is a
two jaw gripper with revolute joints. The axis system of the robot is as shown
in figure 1.

Figure 1: Axis System of the Mini Robot

The dimensions of the robot are as shown in figure 2.

Figure 2: Major Dimensions of the Robot

Modeling in MSC ADAMS

Based on the specification of the MTAB Mini Robot given in the user manual,
an ADAMS model is made. At this stage, only the basic kinematics of the robot
has been modeled.

Figure 3 shows the front view of the model with appropriate labels.

Figure 4 shows the isometric view of the robot.

Figure 5 shows the robot in various stages of its demonstration motion, with
sample motions given to all the joints simultaneously.

Figure 3: Front View of the MTAB MINI Robot with labels

Figure 4: Isometric View of the Robot

(a) (b)

(c) (d)


Figure 5: Simultaneous motion of all joints - demonstration

Figures 6 and 7 show the position and velocity of the COM of the end af-
fector for this demonstration, with sample motions. For a real run case, these
graphs contain crucial information that need to be taken of when the robot is
made part of a bigger system.

Figure 6: Position of COM of the End Affector

Figure 7: Velocity of COM of the End Affector

Future Work on the Model

• Accounting for the limitations in movement of the joints.
• Making links with proper shape, size and mass.

• Simulating the model with appropriate motions.

Attachments with the Report

The ADAMS model is attached with the report by the name -
”SC14B003 MTAB MINI MANIPULATOR.txt”. To run it, the exten-
sion of the file will need to be changed to ”.cmd” instead of ”.txt”. It can then
be imported in MSC ADAMS 2015 or higher.